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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  November 9, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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the bay area innovations that could transform america's defense. bay area bands together. tonight: the tremendous show of support... following one of the the bay area bands together, a tremendous show of support following one of the biggest disasters in bay area history. >> some of the biggest names in music came together at at&t park to raise money for the victims of the wine country wildfires.
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betty yu was there.>> reporter: at&t park is filled with thousands of people, bounded by their love of music, tragedy in the north bay and the willingness to help rebuild the area. -- [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: dave matthews and metallica, among the headliners at band together bay area. firefighters and first responders, who in many cases lost their own homes while they save lives. >> it's a big responsibility and they did an amazing job. we are so grateful for it. it's overwhelmingly clear that everyone supports them.
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>> reporter: victims who lost the most were also in the crowd tonight.>> none of us lost our homes but we are grateful there is such a big event for all the people who did lose their houses. it's astronomical. >> reporter: 100% of ticket sales are going to an emergency fund led by tipping point and sports legends made an appearance throughout the show. including john montana -- joe montana. the bay area was obvious tonight particularity for jay easy. >> like i said, i was already waiting to see how i could help and figure out what i can do and the opportunity to play here, at the stamey -- stadium i played with metallica, these are bay area super legends.
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>> reporter: even before the show, tipping point collected $50 million in donations [ indiscernible ] the money will be distributed to nonprofits in the north bay. >> tonight the wrapper had a message for president donald trump. >> these fires are completely devastating, a lot of people lost everything. the president of the united states never said anything about it. my feelings are this, -- [ bleep ] >> reporter: for the record he said the federal government will stand with california. we are getting a break from the rain, there were scattered showers earlier today. more rain is in the forecast tonight. here is paul deanno. >> don't let the lull full you,
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we have scattered showers -- fool you, we have scattered showers this evening and a few showers on the radar but the rain will pick up overnight tonight and early tomorrow. i heavier shower south of center -- santa rosa. that is about it. future caste is showing an increase of showers in the north bay we see showers in marin, sonoma and napa county. they will push east by lunchtime tomorrow. another change in the forecast for the weekend, and other weather systems that will bring us rain. a new twist tonight in a case that terrorize the bay area. the infamous gypsy hell murders. five young women brutally killed for 40 years, the fbi believed the same man killed them. until now. we have information on the suspect just arrested in one murder.
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>> her name was denise wimpey, a victim in the gypsy hill killings, five murders over five months on the button -- peninsula in 1976. most involving stabbings and sexual assault. >> if that the community on edge, the idea that there was a sexual serial killer out there. >> the night she was killed she left her job here to meet a friend. she never made it, her body was later found stabbed to death here in the parking lot. for decades they thought the same suspect was behind the murders but in 2014, dna evidence linked rodney how bauer 22 of the murder victims. paula baxter and veronica casket. and a sixth murder victim. and other district attorney's office has linked another man to her murder, leon melvin seymour. a sexually violent predator who has been in custody for 35 years or other crimes.
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he was arraigned yesterday. authorities interviewed him in the 70s but could not connect him to the murder. now, two of the murders remain unsolved. it is unclear whether another killer could be responsible. >> there is not enough dna for us to be able to prove beyond a reasonable doubt. a short time ago president donald trump said he believes alabama's senate hopeful roy moore will quote do the right thing and step aside if the sexual misconduct allegations were true. veronica de la cruz tells us it's a sentiment echoed by many top republicans.>> that is right.>> reporter: vice president mike pence said if the allegations against him are true, this will disqualify anyone from serving in office. roy moore is calling it fake news, the gop senate hopeful is fighting off allegations of sexual misconduct with minors dating back decades.
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>> abortion, sodomy, sexual perversion, sweep our land. >> reporter: we have confirmed a washington post report that for woman accused him of pursuing them when they were teenagers and he was in his 30s. she says she was 14 when moore asked for her phone number, picked her up in his car and kissed her. on a second visit he took off her shirt and pants and removed his close. he touched her and guided her to touch him over his underwear. >> if that is true, i don't believe there would be a place for him here. >> reporter: he has weeks until the special election where he will face the jones. according to alabama law it is too late for the gop to nominate another candidate. even if he dropped out, his name will still appear on the ballot. >> it is possible for another candidate to enter the race as a write in candidate but no other name will appear on the ballot. besides judge roy moore and doug jones.>> reporter: he said
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he will never give up the fight and he calls the allegations false and he is asking god- fearing conservatives to fight back against the forces of evil. and a move on thursday, the u.s. senate approved mandatory anti-harassment training for all members. moore has drawn the eye of the democrats and republicans including the suggestion that muslims should not serve in congress and the 9/11 terror attacks may have been god's punishment.>> reporter: louis ck also accused of sexual misconduct. five women told their story to the new york times, among the accusers are fellow comedians, writers and performers. the cases go back to 2002. >> we kind of saw it coming because there have been hints. they preemptively canceled the premier of his movie, all before the story actually broke.>> reporter: the film written by him is called i love
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you daddy, about a father who tries to prevent his 17-year- old from having a relationship with a 68-year-old filmmaker. it was supposed to premier in new york tonight. a representative from the distributor of the film tells us in light of the allegations, the canceled. so far, no comments from his publicist. he also canceled tonight's appearance on the late show with stephen colbert. one note on this, the los angeles district attorney's office has it is starting a task force to look at sex abuse cases in the entertainment industry. there are new safety rules for uber and lift. we have learned there is a loophole that could let drivers with criminal records slip through the cracks. according to new rules, no fingerprinting is required. they can continue to use commercial background checks with the new requirement to run a check for each driver every year but we have learned the
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company lyft uses to not have access to criminal records in 4 states. >> your duty is to protect these women. you don't have any meaningful way of doing this. except, by doing the fingerprint check. >> the record before us demonstrates the process currently employed does result in properly screening driver applicants for past offenses. >> by contrast, taxi drivers have to submit fingerprints, that kind of check is run through the fbi database which has the participation of every law enforcement agency in the country. a bay area city is considering giving people the power police have. arming them with radar guns to catch speeders. is it really a good idea? that's what maria medina asks
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tonight. >> reporter: the mayor says this is one of the problem areas , the speed limit is 35 but people go faster than that. >> in the middle of the night you can hear speeding, tires screeching. >> reporter: this drive is so dangerous, he doesn't allow his children to play in the front yard. >> i have two kids and it's a concern. >> reporter: his neighbor, agrees. >> i would never let my kids play in the front yard supervised or unsupervised, that is how bad it is. >> speeding is happening all over the city and we cannot hire enough police officers to do enforcement.>> reporter: the gilroy mayor may have a solution. arm certain residents throughout the city with radar guns like traffic officers to catch speeders and turn them in. >> they would be able to check out a gun, work in pairs. >> reporter: police would give the registered car owner a warning, emphasizing this is
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just one of several ideas. >> i don't think it would work. you have to be certified to have a radar gun.>> reporter: weather it speeds through city hoops but the way it could improve the speed. >> i think it's a good thing, trying to find a solution, i'm not sure it's the right one but we need a solution.>> reporter: the mayor and city council plan to discuss this on monday during the regular meeting, the mayor admits the police department may come back and tell them this idea won't work. president donald trump just arrived in vietnam , the first step in his agenda is the speech at the is up -- asia- pacific general counsel. he landed about two hours ago, right now he is delivering remarks to a gathering of ceos.
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he just told them he won't let the west be taken advantage of anymore on trade. he says he is always going to put america first. earlier, he tried to turn on the charm in china, he lavished praise on the president and blamed past american presidents for a large trade imbalance.>> i don't blame china after all, who can blame a country for being able to take advantage of another country for the benefit of its citizens. i give china great credit. >> he is seeking their help with north korea, urging the president to act faster and cut off financial aid. one of the most powerful woman in the democratic party is telling all. about russian hacking, clinton campaign money, and the moment at a beyonci concert.
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>> reporter: she said she found herself as chair of the dnc, who wasn't allowed to control spending all while she says the russian were releasing's weapons of mass disinformation against hillary clinton. on stage at the memorial theater was audrey cooper, she broke down the election and promotion of her new book. >> they corrupted data, what you didn't know is that they got into our voter files. >> reporter: when she was briefed by the fbi about the extent of russian hacking into the democratic national committee, she didn't want to go back.>> they should put some yellow tape around. i wanted to go to the pentagon. >> reporter: russian hackers were inside the dnc for over a year but she didn't find out until this moment. >> i was at a concert. a beyonci concert.
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i'm a single lady and she was just as grooving as she wanted to be and i'm trying to take a picture and i'm like, what's wrong with my phone? >> reporter: when she took over, she says she also found out about how money was being spent and by whom. courtesy of a memo from the clinton campaign. >> i found no evident -- evidence that the primary was rigged but what i found evidence of which made me very upset, i found evidence that in addition to the fundraising agreement, there was an addendum, a memorandum of understanding that in exchange for relieving the dnc of its debt by helping them pay off its debt, the clinton campaign would run certain parts of the dnc and my reaction to that was, oh hell no. >> reporter: she also said the
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victory parties can be replicated. >> those candidates won this week because we funded them. because we gave money to those races which helps people at the top. >> reporter: she is concerned that hacking and tempering is not done yet. >> ladies and gentlemen get ready, more is coming.>> reporter: she said voting systems and tax must be cleaned up before the midterm elections in 2018. a new warning about weapon nice drones and the threat to aviation. the department of homeland security just issued this bulletin, that some terrorist groups overseas continue to pursue new technologies and tactics including unmanned aerial systems and chemical agents. it goes on to say that terrorize -- terrorist continue to target aerial agents.
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they say they continue to face one of the most challenging threat environment since 9/11. from drones to artificial intelligence, commercial technology raising -- racing ahead. the pentagon is turning to silicon valley for help. glenn ramirez with the special unit set up in the bay area, finding the best technology to address growing threats in the shortest amount of time. >> reporter: while he works out for 20 minutes, he wears a special high-tech headset. a device called halo sports, simulates the part of the brain responsible for weapon movement. once they turn it on they sense a mild electrical current. with it, athletes are learning new skills remarkably fast.
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they are showing improvements in power, explosiveness and endurance. >> when you move your learning the movement and accelerating the process. >> what would normally take two months you can achieve in less time. >> reporter: the u.s. department of defense is tapping into it as well as a number of other cutting-edge commercial technologies many developed by bay area startups. from a communications device that clips onto your tooth and allows you to here without years in noisy places to unmanned when powered drones that sailed but -- the high seas. >> it can do different kinds of surveillance.>> reporter: high- tech products like these can better protect the nation, boost national security and provide troops with the technological advantage. >> these companies get to solve some of our nation's toughest problems. >> reporter: he is the chief operating officer.
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>> we have been in operation for two years.>> reporter: he flew f-16s for the military and cessna's as a commercial pilot, he remembers only the cessna and the moving act gps. to bridge the disconnect between silicon valley and the pentagon, it was created. the headquarters are right here in mountain view, close to high- tech giants and across the street from moffitt federal airfield. the location is a deliberate decision. >> this is globally known as the innovation hub of the world. we wanted to be in the middle. >> reporter: they move quickly, entering into pilot contracts with commercial technologies, usually in under 90 days. >> if we were going to work here with startups, we had to work at the speed startups work at. >> reporter: they fund products
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across all technologies from drones, artificial intelligence, micro satellite and advanced analytics. in the past 18 months, they have awarded $180 million to 60 pilot projects including the makers of halo sport. >> maintaining national security in light of all the current events, it is important to us.>> reporter: recently, james madison paid them a visit, he made it clear he supports the effort.>> we will use this teamwork in order to make the military more lethal and capable of defending our experiment that we call the united states of america.>> reporter: u.s. special ops forces are trying it out, assessing its effects on marksmanship, close quarter combat and overall strength training. he is convinced. >> it is a great tool for the u.s. and the military. >> instead of reinventing the wheel, they are investing in projects that are already
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developed. that is saving taxpayers money. the companies get to hold onto their patents and intellectual property. getting closer to the weekend, there is one lonely shower out there but it is heading towards santa rosa. it will get soggy once again, an inch and a half of rain over the last 36 hours made -- may add another 10th of an inch. it has been mainly dry since 2 pm with isolated showers. it will pick up overnight tonight into tomorrow. la niña is back, it became official today. it is a week la niña likely to persist through winter. what does this mean for northern california? minimal impact, it is not a good leading indicator for the winter weather. it usually means drier weather in southern california, whether in the pacific northwest and northern california and we are caught in between. we have been wet, dry, there is not much of a leading indicator
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but you will hear more about la niña. vallejo 52, fremont 51, redwood city 50, san francisco 55, a front came through last night and we got a good soaker. the front is gone, why isn't the rain? there is an area of low pressure behind it and as it happens the rain chance will pick up tomorrow. tomorrow morning, the north bay, lunchtime tomorrow future caste says over the bay area, nothing too terribly heavy but it takes very little rainfall to have a large impact on the commute and we will have that around lunchtime. it will push to the south by 4 pm and about 5 pm before it's gone. saturday, weekend is dry and mainly sunny. sunday dry, but that is a. all of the weekend for the bay area should be rain free. shower chances increasing tomorrow, the chance for shower later on tomorrow afternoon and the weekend looks dry. mid-60s tomorrow for concord, fremont 66, pacifica 62,
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showers in and around danville and pittsburgh. vallejo 66, berkeley 64, mill valley 62, high of 63 in lakeport with morning showers and 58 degrees. dry and sunny saturday, dry sunday but there is more rain coming, showers on monday and light to moderate rainfall possible by next wednesday. we are easing into the rainy season. nothing crazy or absurd. a good way to start. a 10-year-old boy is missing -- a 10-year-old boys mission is to say thank you to police.
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to give every police officer in america... a free donut! he's handed out 34-thousand of them so fa a 10-year-old kid in florida who is making it his mission to give every police officer in america a free doughnut. >> he has handed out 34,000 so far, he has to go. over the past 14 months tyler has delivered donuts to officers in 24 states he visited police in las vegas not long after the shooting rampage at mandalay bay. he also went to houston following hurricane harvey. he has a long way to go. it is estimated there are about 900,000 officers in the u.s. >> it makes me happy. because i get to make them happy and they protect my family.
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>> his mom says she has seen the officers tear up when he hands the madonna. can you guess what he wants to be when he grows up? a police officer.>> salivating mlg. is this the time of year justin wilcox darts to get hounded by references to the big game? even at a 7-11? the memorable and painful night on the field for richard sherman.
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football giants... tonight, the seahawks beat the cardinals...but lost a nfl up top, raiders off this weekend, the 49ers will host the giants.
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tonight, the seahawks beat the cardinals but lost a heavyweight presence, richard sherman. the corner tore his achilles tendon, out for the year. but check out russell wilson and this videogame like play, with the move, fired doug baldwin went up and got it and he's gone. not really. made it inside the five, the set of the touchdown the seahawks have one 5-6 and starting the season 1-2. the 49ers have lost 18 place to injury -- players to injury this year, one guy who is probably healthy is reuben foster. number 56, got hurt at the season opener and missed the next five games. how did he cope? he watched game film, a lot.>> the panthers, i watched that
11:31 pm
game over and over and over again. i still got a. i got hurt the first game so it was hard. >> college football, stanford hosts the huskies. to keep their hopes alive, lose, forget about it. they are long gone but the bears can look up -- lockup a bowl win with another win at stanford or ucla. next week, justin wilcox will have his first experience with the big game. he may not know what to expect. how do folks treat you? hey coach, hey big game this week. >> i don't really go to 7-11, i go here and go home and come back and i do that over and over and over. i can't answer that. >> more the interview this weekend on our inside the five show. >> he had to of had a slurpie though.
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>> who likes to have one of those?
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the late show with stephen colbert is next, have a great night. captioning sponsored by cbs >> cbs news learned the justice department is pushing at&t to sell cnn as part of its merger with tierm warner but with mr. trump's repeated bashings of cnn questions are raised by political interference. >> does theup's feud with cnn have anything to do with this? >> okay, settle down. i want to put an end to the rumors that the justice department is holding up the at&t time warner merger over president trump's feelings about cnn. that is just bad reporting. something cnn would know. now, that said, the justice department does have a few other simple requirements before this merger can go forward. first, don lemon mus a


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