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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  November 10, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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>> they disqualified five out of six women and i feel that it is a little bit biased and there is some discrimination. >> reporter: the union says candidates are required to be in good standing, current on their dues as well as having attended half the monthly meetings over the past year in order to run for office. two of the women missed several months of work one after a car accident and the other after surgery but both say they should not stop them from running. >> i think it is because i'm a woman. there have been five women disqualified. i think it is because i'm a woman. >> reporter: they have filed an appeal saying they did not get as far as they have by taking no for an answer. >> we are strong and knowledgeable. we are movers and shakers and we get the job done and they know it. >> reporter: we made several attempts today to get in contact with top leadership in the union but they did not return our repeated phone calls and email questions today.
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the women said they plan to attend the union meeting next wednesday at which they will try to get the members present to approve their candidacy. devin fehely kpix 5. a judge says abbe area woman whose -- bay area woman whose adopted son killed a sheriff deputy can keep her home. she put up her home for her sons bail but he failed to show up in court on drug and weapons charges. and months later he got into a shootout that killed the deputy. the suspect later died of his wounds. today the judge said the mother and attorney went to great lengths to help authorities track down her son and there's no evidence she had a role in his decision to skip bail. a group of men are filing a lawsuit against san jose police accusing the department of singling out gay men during sting operations. len ramirez on white lake -- on why they claim cops cross the line. >> reporter: this has been a case that is ongoing in san
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jose for the last three years. the federal lawsuit is now including -- accusing the san jose pd of unlawfully targeting gay men. >> reporter: and page after page the lawsuit describes how in 2014 and 2015 san jose police officers posed as decoys and solicited men they perceived to be gay to have sex with them in a ballfield back from -- bathroom at columbus park. when they agreed the officers arrested them for loitering near a bathroom to commit crimes. about two dozen men were caught up in the sting. >> a prominent gay-rights attorney filed a suit including the san jose pdf treating the men differently because of their sexual orientation and denying their constitutional right. >> the decoy automatically makes every arrest invalid. do you want to know how many decoy arrest they have made for mail female lewd conduct? zero. >> reporter: the restaurant has
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been -- the restroom has long been known as a cruising work amen meet each other for sex. the restroom a small with only one urinal and one private saw -- stall. last year a judge dismissed charges against several men and criticized the department for singling out gay men. one san jose lgbtq leader said san jose pete mishandled the case. -- police mishandled the case. >> they need to have a dialogue and discussion about -- okay we have two different kinds of people using the same space. what are we going to do about that? >> reporter: the restrooms remain open all day but were disclosed at sunset. as for the san jose police department and the city's attorney's office they have yet to comment on this lawsuit. reporting live in san jose len ramirez kpix 5. a sub dunning -- a stunning
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admission from comedian louis c.k. he said that the accusations from women are true. he released an apology letter saying the power i had a these women is that they admired me. i wielded the power irresponsibly. so far five women have come forward with sexual allegations against the comedian. the distributor of his new film has scrapped its release. new at 6:00 betty yu caught up with actor will ferrell in napa to get his take on the misconduct claims rocking hollywood. >> reporter: i am here at the lincoln theater in napa where will ferrell is being honored tonight for all of his work in hollywood. i caught up with him moments ago on the red carpet. we spoke about a number of topics, including hollywood's problem with sexual harassment and assault. >> you are an industry veteran and it seems like these days
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every day we hear of a powerful man in hollywood being accused of sexual assault or harassment or something of that nature. louis c.k. today said that they were true. jeremy pippin denied them. where do things stand in hollywood now? >> you know, i don't really have a comment on where they stand. at least in terms of what is going on. i think -- i just think in terms of the circumstances i am just glad that people are feeling safe enough to come forward. >> reporter: i think we are seeing consequences -- people are losing their jobs, powerful people are being denied opportunities. as somebody who has been in the business for a long time what do you want to see more of? >> obviously there needs to be openness, accountability, obviously there needs to be a lot more respect out there.
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i think it is a great wake-up call for all of us in the industry. >> reporter: in the wake of the devastating fires, this film festival initially was almost counsel. organizers said the show must go on and they wanted to prove that napa is indeed open for business. will ferrell said this is one of his favorite places to visit with his family. the napa valley film festival runs through sunday and a portion of the proceeds will go to help victims of the northbay fires. live in napa betty yu kpix 5. a key figure of the california state assembly is accused of groping a female staffer years ago and now something more needs to be gun to get harassers out of leadership positions. when raul was a staffer at the capital he was ordered to stay away from a female staffer after she claimed he followed her at a work event and grabbed her breast. he later went on to be arrest -- elected to the assembly.
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now the women's caucus is calling for independent investigations into misconduct williams disclaims. >> this is an american problem and the has to be a bipartisan solution. >> the women's caucus is also calling for a victim centered crisis hotline to report allegations of sexual misconduct at the capital. tonight senator mitch mcconnell said the republican tax plan could raise taxes for middle-class workers. >> the new york times has found about a quarter of middle-class families with the higher taxes next year. california democrats are pointing their fingers at california republicans. >> reporter: that is right. earlier this year all 14 california republicans in congress voted to repeal the affordable care act, even though there were loud protests in their district. now on the issue of tax reform nancy pelosi says once again california republicans are
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betraying their constituents. >> shame on the republicans in california for selling their constituents down the river. >> reporter: house democratic leader nancy pelosi said that republican support for the tax plan is bad for california. >> this tax scam that the republicans are foisting on the congress is very destructive to california. >> reporter: three weeks ago california republicans could have stopped a bill to eliminate the state and local tax election. they did not. californians rely heavily on the deduction as to other states like new york and new jersey. the big difference is most republicans in new york and new jersey tried to stop it. >> i do not know that we think new yorkers and new jersey people are smarter and faster to see the light but apparently the republicans in those states understand what this does to their constituents. >> reporter: pelosi says that because california republicans are putting donors before
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constituents. >> one of our colleagues said that his donors said if you do not pass this bill do not call me back. lindsey graham said the financial contributions will dry up for them. this is not about their constituents. it's about their donors. >> reporter: it is not just a tax issue. when governor brown sent a letter to president trump asking for $7.6 billion in federal aid for the wildfires only one california republican agreed to sign it. the other 13 said no. east bay congresswoman barbara lee said the more people know about the overall republican tax plan the more they will turn against it. she is incensed that republicans are eliminating with -- deductions for people in need to give tax breaks to businesses. >> it is a slap in the face to the american people. part back --
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>> reporter: earlier we reached out to several republicans in the california legislature for comment but they have not returned our calls. house speaker paul ryan said that several factors will mean overall lower taxes for the average american at every income level. melissa kane kpix 5. >> the republican tax plan could add to the price tag of the raiders new stadium in las vegas. the team is expected to break ground on monday on their new stadium one mile west of the strip. part of that will be paid for with tax-exempt bonds. the exemption could go away under the house version of the tax bill. they say it could ask -- added extra $3 million to the cost. the raiders hope to start playing in vegas as early as 2020. it is high school football tonight. we are live in mountain view. the showers are moving out just in time for your weekend. we will talk about when they
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return coming up. a mountain lion captured for the first time ever in san francisco. the hours long standoff in a surprising place. a family his surprise -- who survived the wildfires victimized again while enjoying music. the message to thieves who stole what little they have left. white a bay area bakery is charging nearly $30 for a loaf of bread.
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a san francisco neighborhood. kpix five's andria borba is in diamond heights... where the big cat was finally cornered. a mountain lion showed up in a surprising place, right in the middle of the san francisco neighborhood. we are in diamond heights with a big cat was finally cornered. >> reporter: it was on that hill behind me with a big cat was for about four hours before it was finally captured. the bigger they are the harder they fall at least if we are talking about this mountain lion in diamond heights this morning. >> i have seen coyotes before but never mountain lions. >> reporter: there it was trapped between two apartment complexes on diamond heights boulevard. >> it is very common for mountain lions at a young age. they try to find their own territory and it is not uncommon for them to go through cities.
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>> reporter: this cat may have been on quite the adventure this week making two cameos at salesforce ceos home security camera. wildlife officials do not know for sure if it is the same animal. >> frequently than -- when they go through the cities people do not spot them. they discover they are in a bad area and they find their way out. sometimes they cannot find their way out. >> reporter: that led to today's standoff with two tranquilizer darts. after a bad hangover and a little road trip this cat will find itself in a new home at crystal springs reservoir in san mateo county. >> mountain lions are living with us and it is our job to live peacefully with them. >> reporter: we learned a short time ago that the mountain lion is in fact very young. it is only 18 months old and it is an 82 pound male. fish and wildlife will be looking at the surveillance
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images and compare them to the cafi transported to see if it is the same animal. andria borba kpix 5. a santa rosa family devastated by the wine country wildfires has been devastated again. they were attending the wildfire relief concert in san diego -- in san francisco when somebody ransacked their car. >> it was the last thing this family was expected to happen during the bands together concert at at&t park. jason and his wife came outside after it was over to find the windows smashed on their suv. the thief took off with their computers containing digital copies of all of the photographs that were destroyed when their home burned to the ground. it is not just wedding and vacation photos but pictures of their young daughter as well who survived a painstaking surgery that saved her life. >> my daughter had biliary atresia which is a collapsing
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of the bile ducts in the liver. she was diagnosed at four months old. normally that is diagnosed at four weeks. >> he says after all they have been through the past several weeks he was just hoping for a nice night out with his wife. he is now begging the thief to have a heart. >> what little we have was stolen and whatever you can do please give our memories back. >> so far san francisco police say they do not have any leads on who is responsible. as for the bands together benefit concert it proved to be a big moneymaker for wildfire relief. we are told that they raised $17 million for the fire victims. more than half that money was raised before the show even started. >> that is some good news. a special delivery coming for
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tomorrow for families who lost everything in a wine country wildfire. marin county firefighters have been collecting bikes for weeks. the are for families whose bikes were destroyed in the tubbs family -- in the tubbs fire last month. >> we still need more. we want to give 1000 bikes away. we have 500 now so we are looking to collect more and we will take them at any fire station or the cal fire station at santa rosa. >> what they have collected so far will be delivered to victims tomorrow. it was a soggy start to the weekend. off and on showers through the early part of the day you can see making the drive on highway 101 a little more challenging. will the rain spoil high school football playoffs? >> reporter: the rain is not going to stop any type of football activity in the month of november but the rain is
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winding down and football is heating up. we have the jv game going right now. sarah is taking on st. francis. they are two very good football program is having both very good seasons. the varsity teams are both on a five-game winning streaks. it is the fourth quarter. they have eight minutes to go. let's take a look at doppler radar. we are just about clear. there are a few showers out there with a few new ones popping up right around highway 237. please watch out for that. there is a tiny chance of an isolated shower this evening. things will calm down just in time for the weekend. highs today were 63 for half monday at san francisco. santa rosa was 62 degrees. the picture i want to show you here is from suzanne johnson. she took the shot of a rainbow so many of you on social media said you saw this this morning with a mixture of showers and sunshine. this was south san jose but a
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number of folks said lots of rain those out this morning. the veterans day parade tomorrow in san jose at noon. a beautiful day mostly sunny 64 degrees. they get to all who are watching./sunshine and mid 60s over the weekend. a little bit milder on sunday. mountain view will have 66 for a high on sunday. low pressure will move away after giving us a front and scattered showers since then. your whether headlines have showers ending tonight. the weekend is looking dry. the rain is returning early next week like monday morning. san rafael is 62 tomorrow san jose is 66. vallejo, fremont, and napa are all 64. we are rain free event for the north bay. showers or light rain returns on monday. we get a break on tuesday and the next weather maker and
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potentially a whether one will move in on wednesday before clearing out on thursday. it is jacket weather. it is getting pretty chilly out here. we will have the varsity guys getting ready for kickoff set at 7:00. they are both 7-2. only one team will go to 8-2. it is a bionic suit that gives you super arms. >> i want to show you how this technology will likely change how your next car will be built. that is coming up in a news report. last month the nba open for business. last night the door opened for college basketball. it was a huge honor in the south bay for one of the 49ers best known great.
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around... before st. mary's could get started....they took care of its own... randy bennent, college basketball up top.
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regular-season openers are all around. before st. mary's got started they took care of one of their own. head coach randy bennett. the university gave him a new 10 year contract extension. he will be with them until the 2027 season. in a preseason poll they are the first team in 17 years picked to win the west coast conference. >> a cardinal in black struck big in columbus. randy mcveigh half-court number. stanford could not find a scoring rhythm. they are massively outplayed by the buckeyes. kelson -- kelsey mitchell had 30. stanford men fans were ready against cal poly. and the first half robert cartwright they stand in for
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the opener 78-62. former cardinal richard sherman is visibly upset after he tore his achilles tendon on thursday's game in arizona. some of the seahawks play -- claim that thursday night games make them more exposed to injuries. eight injuries last night. sherman is out for the season and that hit him hard. >> i got to stay positive. >> we play a very physical game and to have to turn around and be ready after sunday and turn around and have the bodies okay on thursday is really tough for us to do. >> five new names enshrined in the senate -- san jose sports hall of fame. one was dwight clark who is
6:26 pm
battling als. last month he appeared here at levi stadium i gave a halftime speech in front of his former teammates. he was unable to attend in person last night but taped these remarks. >> my condition, als, is a tough opponent i am battling every day. like the 84 bears defense. it hits you from all directions. i am praying for another catch. a cure for this dreaded disease. i am praying for a research doctor out there with the arm like joe montana. >> the 49ers empire will always remember the catch. coming up in the next half hour. it's an environmental hazard and white -- wine country. the massive job of telling thousands of burned-out cars. why one man has offered to do
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it for free. the comedy world reacts to the stunning admission from louis c.k.. a luxury loaf. $29 for bread. the baker explains why it costs so much.
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skeletons of hundreds of burned out cars... finally being pulled off of streets in santa rosa. it's a big job... and one man has taken it upon himself.. our top story at 6:30. skeletons of hundreds of burned- out cars being pulled off the streets and santa rosa. it is a big job and one man has taken upon himself to do it all for free. emily turner is and santa rosa. she explains why she -- he has made this his mission. >> reporter: there are 248 burned-out cars in the streets of coffee park. they sit in a jurisdictional no man's land in a neighborhood that is no longer habitable. the santa rosa police department has called in joe to come clear the cars out. >> there's no oil or gasoline or breaks. everything is burned in the cars. it is a massive job that extends beyond the park and also hits home. >> reporter: joe stawder lost her home in the fire so he his
6:31 pm
clearing and scrapping for free. >> we are doing this for the county and the cities go we are doing it for free to help the community because we are in a turmoil right now. we want to do right with everybody. sonoma county needs us. >> reporter: he answers a call by taking them and loading them on his truck one by one. the go to his yard where they get smashed into scrap and sent to a recycling center clearing the way for debris cleanup. all of the cars being towed away have been photographed for the police department. they have also written the address where they found the car and they market with a circle and an ex-so that he knows this is one of the cars that he needs to tollway. we have gotten a lot of questions about insurance. all of the insurers tell us they have handled most if not all of the insurance claims on automobiles within the first 36 hours of the fire.
6:32 pm
joe is also contracted to take the cars cleared by the army corps of engineers for properties. there are about 600 and coffee park alone and is estimated 9000 in the entire county. >> it will take us a few months. we will just try to do our best for everybody. >> reporter: back out here you can see from looking in the inside of this fan there is nothing left to scrap. what there is is ultimately this gets shredded and sent to china where it is made back into cars and sent back over here. emily turner kpix 5. 10 eight said that the tubbs fire may have been caused by a power line that is owned by a third party. they say that the powerline was not owned by pg&e. they are facing 15 lawsuits for
6:33 pm
not maintaining equipment and failing to trim vegetation. authorities have not yet released the official cause for the fires. a man was taken into custody with homicide charges. he appeared in surveillance images near a shooting scene in late september. another man is still at large. san jose police arrested three men on the night of the shootings. investigators say the apartment where a male victim died was operating as a awful. they believe the suspects also committed robberies and sexual assaults around the bay area. the latest actor to be accused of hollywood harassment that the stories are true. comedian louis c.k. admits he's -- exposed himself to several women's. -- several women. >> it was a non-apology apology. he did not say he was sorry. >> reporter: melissa silverstein is talking about
6:34 pm
louis c.k. admitting to the allegations of sexual inappropriate conduct. >> remember up until yesterday he was about to release a movie where the male lead character is 60 with a 16-year-old girl. everybody knew about these rumors just like they knew about weinstein and they laughed them off. >> reporter: five people accuse the comedian of inappropriate sexual behavior in an exposi released yesterday. >> louis c.k. is one of the biggest names in comedy so they felt like they were not sure if they could speak out. >> reporter: the new york premiere of his new movie was canceled later than i. the distributor now says the movie won't be released. -- that night. the distributor now so the movie won't be released. >> reporter: this morning the comedian known for crude and dirty jokes responded with this statement. at the time i said to myself what i did was okay because i
6:35 pm
never showed a woman might have it part without asking first. what i learned later in life is that when you have power over another person asking them to look at your private parts is not a question. it's a predicament for them. the power i had over these women is that they were -- they admired me and i will do that power irresponsibly. >> i think this is a move designed to take some of the oxygen out of what could be a raging fire. if he kept denying what could be proven as true. >> reporter: steve is a former sex crimes prosecutor. we asked him what could be next? >> criminally probably nothing. i am guessing the statute of limitation would have already run on what would be a misdemeanor indecent exposure. civilly he could be subject to lawsuits if the statute of limitation has not run in new york on those cases.
6:36 pm
>> we have heard a lot of apologies from celebrities who have been accused of sexual misconduct. at stanford lot professor who teaches about scandal said the one from louis c.k. is effective. >> he seems to have much more insight into the ways that this behavior took advantage of his position of power. that level of acceptance of culpability is refreshing especially after seeing so many botched apologies. >> reporter: the professor also claims that louis c.k. will not likely face criminal charges because the alleged incidents happened so long ago. a fireball at a bay area gas station. new video of the moments after a driver slams into a pump. backlash that just killed plans for a bay area hotel geared toward millennial's.
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to honor vietnam vets. one of my best honors is to present the people standing right behind me. great great warriors and veterans of the vietnam war. our veterans are a national
6:39 pm
treasure and i thank them all for their service, sacrifice and patrioti ident was in v president trump took a few moments during his vietnam trip today to honor vietnam veterans. >> one of my great honor sister -- is to honor the people standing behind me the veterans of the vietnam war. veterans are a national treasure and i think the mall for their service, sacrifice and patriotism. >> the president was in vietnam taking part in the annual aipac economic so make -- summit. you can see president trump and russian president vladimir putin shaking hands. the meeting only lasted a few minutes. president trump heads to the philippines tomorrow and then it is back to the white house. this was the scene earlier this morning at the nation's capital. soldiers took part in the wreath laying ceremony to pay tribute to everyone who served at world war ii. it took place at the memorial dedicated to their honor.
6:40 pm
>> the list of names on california's vietnam memorial continues to grow. 14 names have been added to the memorial wall in sacramento. many of them because of chemicals the men were exposed to during the war. chemicals that would take a horrible toll decades after they returned home. >> he went from a healthy guide to skin and bones. he suffered at the end. >> this veteran took it upon himself to see that his friend and fellow veteran would get the honor he deserved. the years long struggle to exposed agent born -- agent orange and honor james brady is will -- is tomorrow night. national parks are free tomorrow for veterans day. it looks like something out of iron man. we try out the exoskeleton
6:41 pm
designed to give factory workers soup your herman -- super her -- superhuman for strength. 25 years ago there was a famous football player who played for one of these teams who got beat out as quarterback for the jv team. he could not even start on the jv team but he turned out okay. the answer is coming up next. accused of obstructing justice to theat the fbinuclear war, and of violating the constitution by taking money from foreign governments and threatening to shut down news organizations that report the truth. if that isn't a case for impeaching and removing a dangerous president, then what has our government become? i'm tom steyer, and like you, i'm a citizen who knows it's up to us to do something.
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it's why i'm funding this effort to raise our voices together and demand that elected officials take a stand on impeachment. a republican congress once impeached a president for far less. yet today people in congress and his own administration know that this president is a clear and present danger who's mentally unstable and armed with nuclear weapons. and they do nothing. join us and tell your member of congress that they have a moral responsibility to stop doing what's political and start doing what's right. our country depends on it.
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super human strength. kpix 5s da lin shows us what we are getting a look at it by -- a bionic best that can give factory worker superhuman strength. here is what they can be used for and the bay area company that makes him >> reporter: it is like putting on an empty backpack strap the best to your back and arms. >> now i feel like my hands are flowing. >> there is no electricity going through. it works through the six. >> reporter: ford has been
6:45 pm
testing this out for the last six months. be provided a video of assembly- line workers wearing it and doing overhead tasks. they say the workers with their arms an average of 4600 times a day. that is more than 1 million times a year. ford believes the best will reduce injuries and were -- increase productivity. >> the workers at the end of the day were complaining to their wives about having neck pain and back pain. we saw this was a solution for that. >> reporter: they started out making medical products to help paraplegics walk. now they are branching out to industrial products like this zero gravity arm. i can lift this piece of metal that weighs 34 pounds with a finger. >> this allows me to perform my work all day long.
6:46 pm
>> reporter: this is not designed to replace workers, rather than -- to help them do their jobs. >> this is basically robotic. i can feel that this tool is a lot later and it kind of forces my arm up. if i were to work underneath the car i can do this for a lot longer. the engineers say that this absorbs the load. you will not be working as hard. there are four fests right now. they cost thousands of dollars each. new video shows moments before at -- a car smashed into a gas station. a gas pump was destroyed. firefighters got the flames under control within 20 minutes. nobody was hurt. a new poll
6:47 pm
shows most california voters want to get rid of the gas tax hike. the los angeles times poll shows about 54% of voters would cancel the hike and vehicle be increased. two separate groups are working to put a repeal on the 2018 ballot. the group which helped pass the tax hike says they want to tell a different story. they say when they are confident that when drivers see the benefits they will oppose any repeal. plans for a hotel geared toward millennial's has been scrapped. they say the late-night activity on the proposed roof deck and bar would be a disruption for people living nearby. the last physical remnants of the old bay bridge are about
6:48 pm
to be demolished was an implosion set for tomorrow. look at that. the implosion has been happening in stages for the -- for a couple of years. the last two peers are about to be taken down. the engineer overseeing the process -- projects said they are very cautious to minimize impact on sea life. >> we will not implode unless the area is clear. we have literally a navy of trained specialists that know how to observe harbor seals, porpoise, elephant seals etc. >> the implosion is scheduled for between 6 am and 8 am tomorrow. when it is about to happen they will halt traffic for a few minutes. we are live at a big high school football matchup in mountain view. i think the name tom is on your mind. >> that was the trivia question back in 1992 which quarterback
6:49 pm
was beat out to be the starter on jv but turned out just fine. answer it for me. it is tom brady. that jv team did not score a touchdown the entire year. tom brady turned out just fine five super bowl rings later. we are here at st. francis high school. they had a home team today and this is basically a defective west catholic league championship. both teams are at the top of the standings. both teams will make the playoffs. both teams are getting fired up because we are only 29 minutes away from the varsity game. it is a big matchup this evening. let's check the radar. very widely scattered showers. you can see the unstable atmosphere just in the form of thicker clouds outside your house earlier today. things are calming down now. the low-pressure area is leaving. there may be an isolated shower. currently oakland is 58 and livermore is 57.
6:50 pm
san francisco is 59. the low-pressure area is moving inland over the state of oregon as it passes to the north and pulls away tomorrow the atmosphere was stabilized. we will get more sunshine and there is no rain in the forecast for the weekend. let's rock you can -- futurecast from now till monday. showers are ending. most of the cloud cover will be gone. i am expecting a mainly sunny afternoon tomorrow. we will still be dry on sunday although a little bit cloudier. as soon as next week starts it will come back -- the weekend will be dry and partly sunny with rain returning on monday. we will take a tour of the bay area was high temperatures tomorrow. not that much of a temperature spread nor do we expect when. palo alto 66 morgan hill is 65.
6:51 pm
dublin and vallejo have a high of 64. alameda will be 62. petaluma 63 napa 64. we are sunny and dry this weekend with a little bit cloudier coming up on sunday. there will be some rain for the northbay. tuesday we will dry out and then wednesday through friday we are looking at dry conditions after some rainfall in on wednesday. two very good football teams getting ready for a matchup tonight. somebody will when the eighth game of the season and have a six-game winning going into the playoffs. you can see your breath and it is time for almost playoff football. back to you and the studio. there is a new bakery in
6:52 pm
san francisco charging nearly $30 for a single loaf of bread. coming up at 10:00 the plot thickens over the oakland police department involvement in an i.c.e. raid. the new allegations from the city leader. also your chance to win tickets to a concert with taylor swift.
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we sent kpix 5's jackie ward to find out what's behind the hefty price. pkg: ã san francisco bakery is selling a loaf of bread for $29. >> we sent jackie ward to find out what is behind the hefty price. >> reporter: you can smell it before you even step inside the bakery. the fresh, out of the oven smell wafting through the open door. this is the $29 loaf of brioche that caught our attention. >> it is the same price as any big city if you are looking for artisan bread with the real ingredients. >> reporter: the bakery has only been open for six weeks. it's their latest business venture after moving here from normandy france. the business owner and their
6:56 pm
parents and apprentices have no experience in baking. nevermind traditional french bacon. >> i tried working at oracle doing sales for a while and i had some success but corporate life just wasn't for me. >> i want to open up my own place to call my own and i feel like here i can learn it all. >> reporter: and they get paid to learn it. some of the profits from the nearly $30 loaf will read are used to fund -- of bread will are used to fund a training program to teach them the ways of traditional french bacon. >> the recipes come from the business owners grandmother. they are just getting started. >> there is no excuse. >> do not say i cannot train people because it is to at pensive. it is not true. >> reporter: jackie ward kpix 5. at 11:00, people who
6:57 pm
learned their air b&b hosts were convicted felons. >> good night.
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
announcer: it's time to play "family feud." give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] [cheering and applause] steve: thank you. appreciate you all. thank you very much. appreciate you all, now. thank you all very much. appreciate it, everybody. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man, steve harvey. [cheering and applause] hey, we got another good one for you today. returning for their third day with a total of 20,515 bucks, from detroit, michigan, it's the champs, it's the wildt family. [cheering and applause] and from boston, it's the patel family. [cheering and applause] everybody's here trying to win theirself a lot of cash, and somebody might drive out of here in a brand-new car.
7:00 pm
[cheering and applause] give me bobby, give me bonnie. ["family feud" theme plays] top 8 answers on the board. fill in the blank. grandma said her date was terrible because he forgot his what? bobby: dentures. steve: dentures. [cheering and applause] bobby: we're gonna play, steve. steve: they're gonna play. [cheering and applause] all right, you ready? bhavini: i'm ready. steve: grandma said her date was terrible because he forgot his what? bhavini: car keys. steve: car keys. audience: ohh... steve: all right, let's go. grandma said her date was terrible because he forgot his what? archi: his glasses. steve: his glasses. [cheering and applause] hey, nisha, how are you? nisha: i'm good. how are you? steve: all right, let's go.


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