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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  November 12, 2017 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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the major concerns this evening: now at five, new risks in the north bay as rain returns to the area. the major concern this evening, sinkholes flooding and mud slides in santa rosa. >> we are live in fountain grove where residents are bracing for the worse. >> reporter: this area is trying to recover from the fire that burned down thousands of homes but those lucky enough to have their homes a new threat exists, one that is lurking underground. this is what many areas look like, charred hillsides with remnants of a family's home.
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>> it feels like a nightmare. >> reporter: those that live here are coping with the fire and now have to worry about the rain. >> there are layers and layers of complications. >> reporter: rainfall is expected this upcoming week and santa rosa officials are concerned about the possibility of flooding and mud slides. >> it looks like it is normal, where we are it looks normal but it is not normal anymore. >> reporter: the fire melted the plastic pipes that run through fountain grove and they are dealing with 8 active sinkholes and keeping an eye on 20 other areas. worse-case scenario the residents may be forced to leave their homes once again. >> we don't want to frighten people but we want them to be ready in case there is enough rain and it feels like it will slide, if roads are developing sinkholes, we may have to ask people to get out of there. >> now the city has about 140 miles of its classic pipe
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running through fountain grove. what they will do is stick a camera in there and see where the damage is and then go from there. i just got fire marshal stopped by a few moments ago and he told me that cross creek road is closed between silver fox court and bridal wood court. it is going to be closed throughout the the night because they have covered some classic pipes that have been damaged in the area and they are concerned about a sinkhole right at that intersection so they have closed cross creek road for now and they will not open it until tomorrow at the earliest. reporting live kpix 5. a little bit of good news, it will rain but not that much. the rain is on the north coast and it will sink south overnight with a weak cool front moving through to a quarter inch and focused on the north bay and showers will develop tonight and spread in the rest of the bay area and wet and north up north and down south and the details coming up
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in the forecast. right now police are looking for a driver that slammed into a woman and left her for dead. it happened last night on el camino in south san francisco after midnight. when police got to the scene, they found the woman laying in the middle of the street. her belongings scattered across the road. paramedics rushed her to the hospital but she did not make it. and now police need your help. they are looking for a black car between the years of 1998 and 2000. a toyota or lexus with damage to the front end. water flooded the bottom floor of a nearby house. john ramos says people along cedar street are worried that it can happen again. >> it was very impressive and not in a good way. >> about 7:30 jorge rico heard something big outside his
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berkeley home. >> i heard a loud moaning sound and in the five seconds it took me to run out there was water gushing out. >> an 8-inch cast water main pipe blew open in front of jorge's house and the water blasted for hours before being turned off and its force was so great it had lifted portion of the sidewalk and street. >> in some places the street is higher than the curb. >> mary ann's house took the most direct hit. a river of water and mud flowed past the site of her home and in her backyard and her downstairs rooms were flooded. the damage will be fixed but mary ann wonders when the city will do something about what caused the pipe break. >> the trucks coming up and town the streets during the week. >> cedar street is narrow and a sign at the end of the block prohibits trucks from using it but a safe way about half a
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mile up the road and neighbors say that trucks by here at all hours of the day and night. they say the homes literally shake when the trucks pass by. >> this is the first time there is indication of the traffic and the damage that is done. by noon, eb mud was digging up the street preparing to pass this latest break in its aging infrastructure, neighbors say if it is true that heavy traffic caused the pipe to fail there is no reason to think it won't happen again further down the line. in berkeley, john ramos, kpix 5. the utility department says the broken pipe caused the water to be turned off for 25 customers and it will take 8 hours to fix. a crash and diesel spill caused a big backup on a free way. a safety free rig collided with a honda near university shortly after five a.m.
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then about 40 gallons of oil gushed out and down an embankment. and it took more than 9 hours before the lanes could be fully reopened. the oakland library targeted and tagged. you can see most of the cement walls are covered in spray paint. not the first time either. the library was defaced back in september and a number of times before that. it appears this time the murals were left untouched. no word on a motive or who did it. tonight, police in oakland are continuing efforts to stop illegal side shows. police tweeted three photos of cars that were towed overnight. they say some of the vehicles came from outside the bay area including one from long beach. and late last night drivers were screeching tires and doing donuts a few streets from spectators at international boulevard. officers rolled up and shut
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things down. developing right now. a big earthquake near the iran iraq border with 300 injured. 7.3 in the iran border. video shows the moments that people in iraq felt the shaking and weren't sure what happened. people ran to evacuate. check this out. ceiling fans swayed 180 miles away in baghdad. people ran from their homes fearing the buildings would fall. iran and iraq are prone to frequent earthquakes. president trump is sitting down with the president of the philippines who is accused of fighting the war on drugs in his country by killing drug users. cbs reporter laura padosky has
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more. >> wearing philippines clotting president trump greeted the president and his wife. it was the celebration of southeast nations. >> it is my pleasure to welcome you to manila. >> mr. trump and the president of the philippines sat side by side and were talking. the president of the philippines has been on fire because of his war on drugs. he told reporters that president trump has praised his handling of the issue. >> he said something about you know you handle it well. >> reporter: this comes after encounters with russian president vladimir putin. president trump believes that russia did not mettle in the 2006 election.
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but some were confused by president trump's comments. >> it is clear that russians interfered in the election and i don't know why mr. trump downtown -- doesn't acknowledge it. >> people are protesting mr. trump's visit to the nation. trump's visit to the philippines is the last leg of his five nation tour of asia. >> that small church the scene of a horrific massacre hired a service tonight. senator cornen came to sutherland springs. it was in a baseball field and other mourners gathered where there is a white cross for each victim. >> we want to express certain condolences and to him and to his family and to the community
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so they don't stand alone. something like this can tear one individual up but it doesn't tear up a family and it doesn't tear up everybody. last sunday's killings killed a pregnant women and 27 others. the church is back open to serve as another memorial site. coming up. some scary moments, indoor play center after a platform collapses and sent several children to the hospital. a power boat crashed and where it all happened coming up. s
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gency more than 20 children hurt when a stairwell and platform collapsed in a play center last night in san diego. emergency crews say some of the injured were 10 feet above the
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ground and some below it when the platform gave way. >> it was really scary and everybody was crying and bleeding. >> i fell and luckily i landed on a cushion, a pad and luckily i did not get hurt. >> the kids were taken to the hospital did not suffer serious injuries. two adults were also hurt in the accident. no word on what caused the platform to collapse. >> we have new video tonight showing a dramatic power boat crash at a florida race. it happened on the second day at the key west world championship on friday. take a look as one boat bolts over another and lands upside down. the boater miraculously made it out alive. >> the 49ers have their first win beating the giants at levi stadium. featured two of the worse teams in the nfl. we look at the subdued atmosphere at levi stadium. >> reporter: this is not just
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a bad match-up but historically bad match-up. two teams meeting this late in the season week ten with one win between the both of them. the giants are one and seven and the giants are 0-9. >> marquis goodwin fell to his knees after the touchdown reception says it all. no showboating or chest thumbing. just a long hug. holding a lead for the first time in a long time felt good. >> cheers rather not seen on tv. the stands are empty and hub stub seats were going for $25 and 7 rose before the home seat 77 bucks. >> they are both crappy but cheap tickets.
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>> out here in the infamous empire road, the kings of tailgating say it is still a party but not as much as it used to be. >> they may look bad on the field but we look good at the tailgate. >> this is the best game, two worse teams in the nfl, they go toe-to-toe. >> that's when it hit us, the league's two worse teams go at it and some days are just as much about friends and family as they are about hope and faith that better days are ahead. why do you think it is important to watch 9er games still even though they are losing? >> you have to stay faithful to the team. >> touchdown 49ers. >> in santa clara. kpix 5. more than 250 dancers descended on willie mays plaza in the name of kindness.
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>> it is part of a world wise flash mob. dancers in fifty countries and 120 cities came together to perform the same dance on the same day at the same time. >> the dance is about kindness. it is revolution of love and it is about spreading kindness and love across the globe. >> the event welcomed performers of all ages and it kicks off a week of worldwide celebrations. tomorrow is world kindness day where everybody is asked to do at least one random act of kindness. brian. all right. good advice and some fairly good rain coming down from northern california. we will show you the latest on the high desk topper showing it clustered around men do sinno county. it will get the north bay wet and the higher amounts in the north bay. pressure off of the northwest will kick up winds from 10 to 20 miles per hour. and drop about a quarter of an inch in the north bay and lesser amounts south of the
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golden gate bridge and this is an overnight event. it will begin but won't end until tomorrow evening. lingering showers bay wide for tomorrow. here is how it looks as we gaze towards the bay bridge. a night site and not bad of the site of the golden gate. things warmed up but clear skies towards sunset. out the door tomorrow, there will be showers in the north bay, south of the golden gate will wake up with cloudy skies and temperatures begin in the upper 40s and low 50s. it is wider in the day and will spread to the golden gate. we have low pressure off of the north coast every couple of days, we will get a chance of rain because there is more coming in later in the week. and that's why already there is winter weather advisories for the mountains with heavy wet snow, six to ten inches above 6000 feet and gusty winds but again, that's for wednesday and thursday for the next system
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coming in. for us, tomorrow, it looks wet. not a lot wet. showers south overnight and wet on monday and dry on tuesday and wednesday. and then more showers come in wednesday night and thursday. thursday looks a little bit wetter. sf oafternoon showers and winds out of the southwest to ten and a high in the mid-60s and elsewhere, a little bit of rain in seattle and thunder and in new york, some showers tomorrow morning and then 49 degrees and la looks okay and so does chicago. cool in chicago. overnight lows, readings in the 40s and low 50s. 43 at santa rosa and the same for napa. and then forecast highs for tomorrow, we are looking at mid- 60s for much of the bay area. san jose balmy at 69 and south bay is going to take awhile for the rain to get there later on monday and when you get it, there won't be much. temperatures in the mid-60s, ditto for the east bay. not going to be wet tomorrow in
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the early going but later in the day showers and north bay, yes. more of the target such as it is. quarter of an inch of rain and 63 in santa rosa and they will get rain in rennard park and forecast looking for wet tonight and a little wet tomorrow and tuesday and wednesday dry and thursday wet again and friday we clear up and sarred we clear up and next sunday rain and on and off again and the 49ers were on today. dennis. how about it? stop the presses. on the verge of the first victory of the season. the rookie quarterback delivers the best game of his career. but was it enough? kickoff is next. mbered...but if
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today, was, indeed, beathard's turned in c ever since the 49ers acquired jimmy garoppolo c j has been an afterthought but if today was indeed his last start, he turned in a command performance that lit up levi stadium and made a winner out of kyle shanahan. peyton manning talking with brother eli. last time peyton was there he won super bowl 50. new york winning 6-3. c j bedford trying to keep the job away from jimmy g. goodwin hung onto it. touchdown and the 49ers led 10- 6 and the joins answered back. manning to evan ingram, this guy is red hot. nine yard touchdown pass. new york retakes the lead at 13- 10 and the shoot out continues.
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30 seconds left and back to garrett selling gets a block from goodwin. 47 yards to make it 17-13. bedford would finish the game with 288 yards and two touchdowns. first play of the 4th quarter on 3rd and 2, bedford takes it diving in. 49ers put it away through the new york defense. look at that man go all the way 33-yard touchdown. 49ers ran for 288 yards. they win 31-21 snapping a ten- game losing streak and gaining back to last season, first win of the shanahan, john lynch area. >> i feel good. didn't know it would take this long but it is special for the guys and i was real happy for them. they have been working real hard. and we got a chance to win
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today and real happy for them. >> does it feel like you got a huge monkey off of your back? >> got that monkey off of my back and now i have to get my second winner. that will be a monkey too. >> jerry cot were they and the rams out of the end zone. then they scored three touchdowns. jerald goth. a 94-yarder to roberts. goth finishes with 355 yards and three touchdowns and the rams destroy the texans 33-7 to improve to 7-2 and they remain in control of the nfc west. the raiders have the week off and at four and five you can bet some of them are doing a little scoreboard watching. saints running back, mark ingram spent time in the buffalo crowd after running for three touchdowns. new orleans ran for 298 yards and six touchdowns.
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count them, six. 38-year-old drew brees showed off his wheels and he gets to the end zone. 47-10. that's the 7th win. buffalo is 5-4. raiders are two games behind the lead. warriors rookie jordan bell will join us in the studio. you can see that interview at 11:30 right here on the big five. joaquin jones looking for his big win. coleman has scored at least 30 points in each of the bears first two games. 90 seconds, cal leading by five. off of the missed layup.
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bears win 85-82. stop ranked u-conn in columbus huskies in the 2nd quarter. u con led by as many as 32 points and they win. stanford is 0-2. nascar in arizona. chris busher will need more than clorox to clean up that mess after spinning out in the wall. matt kensick chases ken elliot and kensick knocks elliot from the final spot and in the week it was brad keselowski getting the 4th and final spot. i feel so good for tj
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betford. he has been reaching the headlines about johnny garoppolo and he has his best game. >> nice job. we'll be right back. if she lves
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well it and finally tonight a family of bears broke into this los angeles home and helped themselves to a snack. cat food to be exact. one of the bars was munching on
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the kibbles and his mother in a the doorway. and that's it for tonight thanks for watching. >> quijano: trump and duterte, ameramerican president meets the philippine strongman known as the trump of the east. will he confront rodrigo duterte over his brutal drug war. also tonight we take you inside the philippines controversial drug crack down that has left thousands dead. >> we're seeing results of duterte's war on drugs and his pledge to kill, to slaughter all drug users. sacruijano: one week after the texas church massacre, the healing begins with an emotional sunday service. the overwhelming moment a widow looks into the face that used to belong to her husband. and vietnam graffiti, the messages of young men heading off to war, for some it's an ot


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