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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  November 14, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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we have new information about the suspect. the district attorney releasing the name of the suspect and the picture. he is kevin jansen neil. he is 43 years old. he's the suspected gunman and is definitely -- he has been known to law enforcement. this is a mugshot from a previous arrest. we learn the motive may have started because of a dispute with the neighbor. authorities say the shooter open spire -- opened fire at seven separate crime scenes. sarah gonzales was one of the targets. >> he shot through his front windshield. >> reporter: at you directly. >> yes. >> reporter: what was going toward your mind. >> nothing until he left and i saw he was going toward the school. >> reporter: her daughter was inside. >> he crashed into the fence and was inside the schoolyard and was loading the gun up.
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>> reporter: authorities say a child and adult were shot as they were on their way to school. both are now in the hospital. one of them was area on his classmate. tonight there is a story emerging of school officials quickly jumping into action and saving lives. >> there was a series of gunshots about a quarter mile away that alerted the staff and they went on an immediate lockdown without having to be told to do so by law enforcement. after that series of gunshots the shooter took his vehicle and ramps their fence because he could not get access to any of the rooms because they were locked. he gave up and reentered the vehicle. at that time of the morning people are bringing their children to school. i just can't say to you how monumental it was for the
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school to take the actions they did. >> reporter: after they passed the school where he was firing shots he continued along this two lane road heading into town. tiffany heard the gunfire from inside her coffee shop. >> i heard about 30 more rounds. at that point i could hear children screaming and somebody yelling get down. i could see a gentleman yelling for help and screaming help me. >> it is a tragic event. i personally am grateful to those been for engaging such a terrible mass murder. he is a mass murder. >> reporter: five people were killed including the gunman. no children were killed. 10 people were injured and they are in hospitals tonight. areata had told me when she was in the classroom she recalled hearing a teacher say get inside the classroom. all of the students ran inside. they were instructed to get underneath their desks. all of them did that and the
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teacher had put a cabinet in front of the door to keep it bolted and locked. it was very quick thinking on the part of the administrator and teachers during this horrific rampage. >> thank you. we will have another update on the story in the next half hour. time is running out for bay area cities to decide where they stand on recreational pot. >> it is legal on january 1. we have two reports for you tonight. we begin with len ramirez in san jose which just gave a one -- green light to pot sales. >> reporter: there was very little opposition to this measure that essentially opens up pot and pot sales for adults only over the age of 21 as of january 1. jesus had to show a
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medical card in order to be able to buy marijuana in san jose this afternoon. soon, just like anyone else who wants to use pot recreationally he will just have to show an id proving he is over the edge of 21. >> it's the same way they do for alcohol. it took a long time for alcohol to get legalized essentially. i feel like it is the same way for marijuana.>> reporter: the city council approved recreational pot sales for adults inside the city limits citing prop 64 in which voters legalized nonmedical marijuana use in 2016. >> the voters have spoken. regardless of how i feel about that particular the decision we are going to make sure that it is real -- well-regulated and tax so we can use proceeds to support the basic services and needs of our city. >> we have to abide by the voters but i have to voice my dissent. i think the voters negative -- a mistake. >> reporter: at city council
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there was minor dissension. >> please do away with these dispensaries. >> reporter: the vote was unanimous. two years ago there were 120 medicinal dispensaries in san jose. today there are only 16 which are strictly regulated including where they can operate. unlike before they are limited to a few industrial pockets not in neighborhoods or near schools. the police chief cited an increase in teen pot experimentation and states with open pot loss one councilmember hopes it cuts down on illegal pot use. >> i hope it drives down use. i would rather see people getting it legally. >> reporter: this will take effect on january 1. it will only be for the 16 people that are already in business. the 16 dispensaries that were already approved and are regulated by the city. >> len ramirez in san jose tonight. thank you. jackie ward is
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looking at the heated debate over pot in san francisco. you are hearing the city may not be ready by january 1. >> reporter: san francisco will not have those laws ready by january 1. that is not the news that former supervisor scott weiner and david compost wanted to hear. the majority of supervisors said they need more time to get this right. >> not only is the entire city watching us but i would mention the entire country is watching what is going on in san francisco. >> reporter: after weeks of brainstorming, discussion, and debate the board of supervisors came to the meeting prepared introducing several amendments to the agenda items regulating cannabis. supervisor said she and her colleagues have made significant progress but they need more time. they do not want to rush the legislation. >> we need to continue to do our due diligence. >> reporter: the supervisor wants something passed out. he proposed allowing current medical dispensaries to apply for a permit that would already
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-- that would also apply to adult recreational use. he said this will make it more difficult to buy on the street. >> it will be harder to get on january 1 if we allow existing retailers to convert to adult use. otherwise we risk disintegrating the industry. >> reporter: the supervisor passionately urged them to not allow this and instead come up with loss to regulated. >> we will still be on target to be in place and issuing permits. but is not forget that the department of public health also has the ability to implement her meds. we have not talked about that because we have not talked about it. >> reporter: the supervisor ended up rescinding his amendment and said he does not that much to get resolved until the land use issue is settled. >> you can get cannabis today and you will be able to get it on january 1. it will continue to be black market.
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>> reporter: if they bow and pass a new set of regulations at the next meeting which is two weeks from now new businesses still will not be able to be up and running on january 1. they will have to wait. that is if the board of supervisors passes regulations in two weeks. jackie ward kpix 5. other bay area cities have taken steps to ban recreational pot sales including palo alto combo --, campbell, and martinez. the city of oakland has a duty -- it -- a judge just ruled that the city of oakland had a duty to keep people safe inside the warehouse during the fire last year. the victim's family documented the dangerous conditions within the artist collective. they allege that the city knew about the unpermitted uses and fire risk. records show police, firefighters, and building inspectors checked on the building before the fire and saw the mazelike nature of the
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warehouse. it was packed with furniture, extension cords, and personal belongings. the city can appeal the ruling. oakland along with the landlord alameda county -- there is a course that state is being decided tonight by the marin county board of supervisors. that is where susie simo is for us tonight. >> reporter: the meeting on the sale of the san geronimo golf course started four hours ago. deponents -- opponents of the sale say they feel deceived by the process. supporters said they feel like they are gaining ground
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tonight. they are pressured to make a decision sooner the deal could fall through. >> reporter: it is a room divided between those who want them to buy the golf course and those who say not with my tax dollars. most of the opponents are golfers. >> it is like a cathedral for me. it is a holy place. >> reporter: on the other side are environmentalists who wanted to become a public park. >> [ inaudible ] >> reporter: a wraparound line of the community made public comment last several hours today. they are missing the point. >> it is tearing the community apart. he does the fish against the golfers. >> reporter: she lives on the golf course and does not want to see it sold. her main concern if this many people care why was the decision rushed. >> this is a huge community issue. we heard about it three weeks ago. >> we had hoped there would be
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more time for this. >> reporter: the director of the park is here to convince the board to spend nearly 4 million taxpayer dollars to buy the golf course. he said they have no choice but to act quickly. >> the risk is that a private developer could purchase it and it could end up with something that is out of character in the community. >> reporter: it's a decision many golfers feel was made without them. >> it is a very deep and beautiful game. it is a wonderful pastime for people. >> reporter: if the sale goes through the full price tag is 8.85 -- $8.85 million. taxpayers will be on the hook for about half of it. the small silver lining for golfers the county says is is open to keeping this is the golf course on a short-term basis but only if they could find a vendor to run a. right
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now they cannot. a man described as a violent psychopath escapes a hawaiian hospital and now he may be in the bay area. how he managed to get on a flight. micro-pad living. a bay area city shows off a 160 square-foot solution to house the homeless. we are at the whole foods market in santa rosa where shoppers here and that any bay area whole foods can donate food to feed bay area families. i will tell you how you can get involved coming up. there are some showers just to the west of santa rosa right now. there is significant rainfall moving in in less than 24 hours. coming up how much snow on the mountains and which so specific spot is under a flash flood watch.
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together, we're building a better california. psychopath is thought to be in the area... after escaping from a state facility in hawaii. e at south bay authorities on high alert. a man being called a violent psychopath is thought to be in the area after escaping from the state facility in hawaii. we are at another international with the elaborate escape. >> reporter: a press conference just ended and hawaii were hospital officials refused to answer questions.
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we are getting some details trickling in from law enforcement sources say the escape he used an alias to board a flight to san jose. that suggests a certain level of sophistication. >> the client suffers from a mental disorder involving a fantasy to kill women and have sex with the bodies. >> reporter: this is news footage from the early 80s showing him leaving the courthouse after he was acquitted of murder by reason of insanity. these are surveillance photos from sunday showing him leave the state -- psychiatric hospital. he strolled into a waiting cab. then he somehow got onto a charter flight to maui and hopped onto a second plane. police sources tell us he boarded hawaiian airlines flight 46 to san jose where he arrived sunday around 7 pm. he has been in the psychiatric hospital since 1981 after stocking a woman in a shopping mall parking lot and shooting her in the face with a pellet gun and stabbing her to death. he was also diagnosed with
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necrophilia a sexual attraction to corpses. two years ago the das office fought to keep him from leaving hospital grounds unsupervised. >> he still has the inherent ability to commit another murder. >> reporter: he is described as confident and charming which earned him the right to freely roam hospital grounds only to check in with staff periodically. when he failed to check in that i they alerted police. by then he was already halfway across the pacific ocean. the hawaii department of health says they have safeguards in place to prevent escapes like this. the fbi and us marshals are hot on the trail. they are certainly not saying if they know where he is. they do believe he has family here in california. he is six feet tall 150 pounds described as a violent psychopath. if you see him your advice to not approach them and call 911. every year we tree -- team up with a local food bank
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to team up with those in need -- for those in need for the holiday season. >> emily turner is in santa rosa where the need is especially great after the wildfires. >> reporter: this is certainly a community that was hard-hit. know you guys played a vital role in the aftermath of the fires. why did you think it was important and what to do do. >> we have been with us community for many years. it's time to get back to the community that has supported us for so many years. we started giving products to the evacuation centers to feed the first responders. we set up a donation at the registers and we raised about $142,000 through the generosity of our customers to supply the red cross here to help folks in the community. we matched $100,000 of that donation. that was directly to the folks that were in need. the other thing that we did was a spaghetti dinner where we
6:19 pm
brought 2000 people from all around napa and sonoma county. they came and eight. right now what we are doing is we have four local brands. they are donating $.25 for every unit that they sell to the sonoma county resilience fund. we are matching $10,000 of that donation as well. the last thing i want to mention is a project with catherine catch that is the director. they typically supply meals for folks who are in cancer treatment. we supplied $5000 in food donations to them so they can produce meals for first responders and folks that have been displaced and have no place to cook. >> reporter: that is clearly very important. for the folks at home if they want to donate what do they need to do? >> they can come to whole foods market and bring their nonperishable packaged goods and throw them in the bins. we will have them all throughout the stores in the
6:20 pm
bay area or you can make a direct donation at the registers and donate through that as well. >> thank you so much. you can donate money or food at any whole foods in the bay area. or you can go to emily turner kpix 5. >> the community will respond. they do every year. a flash flood watch has been issued for the north bay burn area starting tomorrow afternoon with more rain on the way. a big concern is mudslides but another potential threat is sinkholes because the fires actually melted some of the underground storm drains in santa rosa. >> how much rain is in the forecast? >> not enough to cause a flash flood watch under normal circumstances but certainly the past month or not normal circumstances. there are thousands of acres with no vegetation so it will turn to mud and possibly to reflow radical -- debris flow rather quickly.
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we have a significant weather maker coming through. we will get 1 to 3 inches of rainfall for the north bay. looking at radar right now showing a few showers off shore. this is in the warm sector of the storm. the heavy rain comes with a cold front arrives tomorrow. there will be some scattered overnight showers in the north bay. san francisco could have a few drips as well. upper 60s in san jose concord and livermore. fremont a 65 and napa is 64. the burn areas in the northbay mountains and valleys watching out for the possibility of debris flows and/or mudslides if the rain remains heavy tomorrow evening into tomorrow night. why are we talking about heavy rainfall? we have a storm coming from the pacific northwest teaming up with tropical moisture coming in from the central pacific. these will merge on northern california causing what is called an atmospheric river to move through. that will give us increased
6:22 pm
rainfall totals. the thing that jumps out to me is that everywhere in the bay area is forecast to get at least an inch of rainfall. obviously more in the northbay and more for the mountains. for the fires were and that's where we have the problems. partly cloudy skies overnight tonight and a chance over rain shower. overnight lows in the 40s to low 50s. 48 in oakland and san jose and napa. the wettest will be for the evening commute tomorrow as the rain moves out of the northbay into san francisco and oakland. rain will turn to showers on thursday and then we get a break. friday and saturday we are dry with sunshine and highs in the mid to upper 60s. another chance of rain moving in sunday night into monday though it will not be as let. tomorrow at least an inch of rainfall moving through with several hours of soaking rain. back to you. a bay area war hero went unrecognized for decades. now a fitting tribute from his own hometown. the permanent memorial for his
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extraordinary service. president trump comes to the rescue of three ucla basketball players. and who is the king of new york? ♪ ♪
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does your bed do that? right now our queen c4 mattress is only $1499. save $300. ends sunday. visit for a store near you. shoplifting in shanghai last week, were released from custody and arrived in l-a moments ago thanks to an assist from president trump, who helped the the three ucla basketball players arrested for shoplifting last week were released and arrived back in the states moments ago thanks to an assist from president trump. >> two days ago i had a great conversation with the president of china. what they did was unfortunate. you're talking about very long prison sentences. they do not play games. hopefully everything will work out. it should not have happened.
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>> before the big game this weekend cal and stanford got after it today. they were in san francisco for the big sale but they had to cut it short because there was no wind. >> every now and then you have a light air day. it is like watching grass grow. he is not too far off sometimes it's a little bit boring but we know the intricacies you have it so it is a lot more entertaining for those of us that partake in the sport. >> the band and the cheerleaders showed up to liven it up a little bit. and the 14 year history the cardinal has one of 13 straight times trash talk is always a little tasteful. >> allegiant sailors have the highest gpa of all collegiate athletes. while there is a rivalry it is always very healthy and clean- cut. >> there is no four letter words or anything. >> there is no value in that. >> the giants coach will
6:27 pm
reportedly interview with the yankees on friday for the head- coaching vacancy. he may remember that the a's manager was denied to interview for the same job. he played for the yankees back when george hw bush was in the oval office. lebron james announced himself the king of new york after the cavs come back when against the next. the big man on his counter took offense to lebron trying to intimidate one of his younger teammates. >> i do not care who you are whatever you call yourself. king, queen, princess whatever you are we are going to fight. >> i am the king and my wife is the king -- queen and my daughter is the princess so we have them all covered. >> he may be the king of hardwood but the throne is up
6:28 pm
for grabs out of the water. >> that is a huge fish. >> i will put this one in the early bird -- gets the word this warm. this was one fisherman's just reward. the commercial guys show up one day later and it looks like a marina. send us your pictures. i have been out there fishing for crab. >> it can be rough. coming up in the next half hour a tiny solution to a housing crisis. how a bay area city can use stackable homes to house the homeless. jaw-dropping testimony on capitol hill. a bear area lawmaker says two sitting members of congress have engaged in sexual harassment.
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6:30 - a bay area city is looking to take people off the streets... by creating tiny homes for the homeless. but some say it won't even make a our top city -- story at 6:a bear area city is looking to take people off the streets. with tiny homes.
6:32 pm
>> we are in richmond where there was an inside look at the micro beds. >> reporter: vernon says he makes about $20 in aid panhandling if he is lucky. >> i do not have any place to live. sleep outside. >> reporter: he has lived on the streets for a year as he sits on a waitlist for low income housing. >> there is a 1 to 5 year waiting list just to get on the waiting list.>> reporter: just a few streets down from where he begs for money. >> we are excited about doing something like this micro pad. >> reporter: a plan was announced to build these stackable 160 square-foot micro beds for the homeless. they have a bed, kitchen, and bathroom. who ever gets one will pay 30% of their income. >> they will stay in the housing as long as they needed. >> reporter: where exactly are they going to go? city leaders say they are looking at pieces of land like this but when pressed about
6:33 pm
whether they have possible locations they said no. >> we have not identified any locations. we do not know but we will start looking. >> reporter: once they find a location they say they have plans to build up to 50. >> do you think that is enough? >> that won't even start to fix the problem. >> reporter: vernon says of course he would love to call one home but he wants to know how much longer he has to wait. >> the money that they give me you could barely live on that. either you pay rent and you don't eat or you eat and you don't pay rent. >> reporter: what you choose? >> i choose to eat. >> reporter: maria medina kpix 5. >> -- the debate on rent control continues tonight. landlord say they need to be able to increase rent over time
6:34 pm
to adjust for inflation an upgrade living conditions. tenant the rates are unaffordable and putting people on the street. >> the tenants need this really badly. the tenants are suffering and this is what is right and just. we are hopeful that the council will stand up and do the right thing. >> reporter: the city council is hearing arguments right now. a vote is expected on whether to allow a rate increase of 5% each year or impose strict rent control. we have an update on the story we brought you earlier. the marin county board of supervisors has voted unanimously to allow the county to buy the san geronimo golf course. the plan would be to convert the course into a public work. jaw-dropping stories about sexual harassment happening in the halls of congress. a bay area lawmaker speaking out. our political reporter melissa kane has more on the dramatic testimony. >> there are two members of
6:35 pm
congress republican and democrat right now who serve who have been subject to review -- who have not been subject to review but have engaged in sexual harassed. >> reporter: stunned silence as a congresswoman said two sitting members of congress what -- did this. >> like proposition such as are you going to be a good girl and perpetrators exposing her genitals to victims having their private parts grabbed on the house floor. >> reporter: a virginia congresswoman also told a story about a current member of congress who asked a young staffer to bring documents to his house. >> the young woman went there and was greeted with the man in a towel who invited her and. at that point he decided to expose himself. she left and then she quit her job.
6:36 pm
>> reporter: women called for changes to the current system. right now there are no sexual- harassment protections for interns or students at the capital. for employees the process is slow and accusers have to sign a confidentiality agreement. comstock pointed out that there is not even a role that prohibits members are seniors -- senior staffers from having relationships with them. >> you know the george costanza role. where he gets fired because he did not know it was inappropriate to have sex on the desk in the office with the staff. i think that is something that we duty to make clear.>> reporter: melissa kane kpix 5. schoolchildren targeted in a shooting rampage into hannah county. new clues to what may have triggered the gunman. here at the whole foods market in santa rosa i have a clear call to action. donate food. i will tell you why and where it goes just after the break.
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at stanford health care, we can now repair complex aortic aneurysms without invasive surgery. if we can do that, imagine what we can do for varicose veins. and if we can precisely treat eye cancer with minimal damage to the rest of the eye, imagine what we can do for glaucoma, even cataracts. if we can use dna to diagnose the rarest of diseases, imagine what we can do for the conditions that affect us all. imagine what we can do for you. tonight... we're learning new
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details about the gunman. our elizabeth cook joins us now from the newsroom. liz? this evening investigators are still processing multiple crime scenes... g on search tonight we are learning new details about the gunman in tama county. >> reporter: this evening investigators are still processing multiple crime scenes and are waiting on search warrants to get into the suspects home. the tehama county district attorney is confirming that the suspected gunman is 43-year-old kevin janson neal. police say he had a running dispute with a neighbor. the most recent incident happened yesterday. today police say he killed two people where the rampage begin. he then went on a shooting spree randomly picking targets killing two more people and spending 10 to the hospital. at one point he drove to the elementary school and began -- and tried to ram his way and. quick thinking staff locked the school down when they heard shots in the distance.
6:40 pm
>> economic access to any of the rooms that were locked he gave it up and reentered the vehicle. remember thinking at the time of the morning what is happening. people are bringing the children to school. i just can't say to you how monumental it was. >> deputies killed the gunman in a shootout near the school. we are told the two children who were shot are expected to be okay. no word on the condition of the other people that were injured. we will have more at 10:00 at 11:00. san jose state students want to wear their spartan gear with pride. there fight against sweatshop labor. we are predicting
6:41 pm
three feet of snow at donner summit. rainfall around here. it is the most when we have seen in any storm so far early in the season. how much we can expect coming up. ♪ ♪ it feels good to be back. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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in their fight against sweatshop labor. today th president' a san jose state student group is calling it a step in the right direction in their fight against sweatshop labor. say the university president death -- met with them and is looking into the concern that their apparel is made in sweatshops. they want san jose to join the list of nearly 200 other schools such as santa clara university and uc berkeley and partnering with the workers rights consortium. >> we only think it is right to fight for that and to walk around with integrity knowing that the wrc has an ethical eye on the factories that make our apparel. >> the school says barnes and noble college distributes the clothes and they will look into the groups accountability
6:45 pm
practices. we are kicking off our annual food for bay area families holiday drive. >> this year we are teaming up with the redwood valley food bank which has been a crucial resource for victims of the wine country fires. emily turner is at whole foods market in santa rosa. >> reporter: this is the time of year where it is the time to give. food is such a basic an important need. it's a great way to get back to people that really need it. >> reporter: this is what shabana gary's neighborhood looks like on the night of the tubbs fire and just one day after their wedding. >> i will never miss an anniversary because of that day. >> it was quite a change. we were so happy and to have this happen was incredible. >> reporter: they left on foot walking through smoke and embers. because they left with nothing but the clothes on their backs everything they had burned. that is why they are here at
6:46 pm
redwood empire food bank. >> just to have somebody be nice to me and it is like a small thing. just putting the food in my car and telling me that things will get better. >> reporter: they give away food from sonoma county all the way to the oregon border. when three of their counties caught fire they went into emergency response mode. >> we typically distribute 13 million pounds of food per year. >> it is going to many people who never needed assistance before. they say that are simply not enough ways to express their gratitude for it. >> it is a healing process. they really stepped up. the people are really generous. >> it is really hard to do simple things or interact with strangers. to be able to go someplace like this where people are so kind.
6:47 pm
when i get back on my feet i will be donating. >> reporter: not only can you donate by giving food, you can also donate money. i am joined with sean and his brother patrick from gnc autobody. you feel like it is so important to get back to the community. >> they are our neighbors. they support our family and our business and it's important to give back. >> reporter: you guys make it fun. you donate your time and also some money but what you do to get everybody involved. >> we do a food drive every december. the stores compete at all of our locations of how many barrels they can fill up. for every barrel we fill we match it with the $100 donations. there's a lot of trash talking going on and calling people out. the managers and staff college other out. it is a fun competition. >> reporter: the shop chooses what they want as a prize?
6:48 pm
>> yes. >> reporter: be sure to tell whoever wins that i will be happy to be invited to the next one. >> okay. what do you want? >> pete sack. -- pisa. >> reporter: know you love working with these guys. >> they are a great corporate sponsor. they give us $1000, $10,000, they raise food, they volunteer their time, the company matches the employees. what can be better than that. >> reporter: they are super well-rounded. if you want to get involved he can it is really easy. while we present this check you can give money or you can go to /gift to find out more. emily turner kpix 5. >> doing a great job. >> that sounds good.
6:49 pm
we have some rain moving in. this is the appetizer before the main course coming up tomorrow if i may need -- use a food analogy. the heavy part is in the warm sector. when the cold part arrives you can see some scattered showers. sonoma county in and around santa rosa. you will likely see some showers overnight tonight. we are partly cloudy currently in san francisco. upper 50s for you and everywhere else with santa rosa being the exception. santa rosa is 54. flash flood watch and the burn zones. we will be watching this all winter long anytime we see heavy rain in the north bay. we will have a risk of much flights or debris flows -- mudslides or debris flows in all the areas that lost vegetation due to the fires. we will have moderate to heavy snowfall in the sierra.
6:50 pm
some areas above 10,000 feet near the sierra quest could get four feet of snow. we did this area of low pressure were -- for this rainfall heading to the south and east. merging the is a lot of tropical moisture coming in from a different direction. those are coming together tomorrow. you also have ample moisture in the atmosphere which you need for heavier rainfall which we will see tomorrow. tomorrow morning we will have just light rainfall for the morning commute and it is all north of the golden gate. tomorrow at lunchtime and shortly thereafter heavy rain for the northbay still dry san francisco and south. that will change this time tomorrow night. ride along the i 80 corridor pushing south. we will continue to see scattered showers. up to an inch of rain for you
6:51 pm
and the south bay and santa clara valley. one or two inches in the east bay and city and peninsula. higher elevations will have up to three inches. soaking rainfall likely in the northbay tomorrow afternoon. it will work its way south. pittsburgh -- pleasanton will be 79. nevada is 62 sausalito 62. what in santa rosa. cloverdale is 58. we are wet tomorrow, showers thursday, a two or three days dry break. he saved lives in world war ii but a bay area veterans heroic acts were not recognized for decades. a clever scam
6:52 pm
tricking strangers into buying worthless rings. tonight how our own reporter caught him in the act and what he had to say for himself. hi, we're alaska airlines.
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area city honoring one of its war heros. menlo park will be remembering a navy veteran... by renaming a city park. kpix five's devin fehely on an a bay area city want honoring one of its war heroes. >> menlo park will be honoring a veteran by renaming the city park. here is the honor well- deserved. >> mr. clark was an amazing man. waited 66 years to get congressional recognition for the lives he saved during world war ii. >> reporter: for decades his heroism went unrecognized. in may 1945 he saved sailors and helped prevent his ship which was under attack from, causing bombers from seeking. >> reporter: his exploits were unsung until 2012 when clark at age 95 was belatedly awarded a commendation medal by the navy. >> it is a fitting benefit
6:56 pm
>> reporter: the city council voted to rename marketplace park after the war hero who died this past march at 100 years old. >> reporter: -- >> it was difficult being a black man in the military at that time. >> reporter: typically the city waits five years after someone's death but decided to make an exception for the veteran whose extraordinary service was ignored for so long. >> it is nice to have a city that recognizes him. tonight the owner of a construction company accused of preying on undocumented workers.
6:57 pm
>> have a good night. ♪
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[cheering and applause] let's go meet the clay family. how y'all doin'? like these bowties y'all got. what's going on? val: thank you, sir. steve: biggest bowties i done ever seen. [laughter] what do you do for a living, patrick? patrick: i'm a fireman for dekalb county. also-- [cheering and applause] steve: that's good. patrick: captain with the united states army and a captain with the dekalb county fire department. steve: you're a captain with the army? patrick: yes, sir. [cheering and applause] steve: man. and a captain at the fire department. patrick: yes, sir. also was in a firefighter calendar, "hot atlanta." [cheering and applause] and it just happened to be the hottest month, july. steve: oh, you was july in the firefighter calendar? val: show 'em your pose. show 'em your pose. nicole: no. yeah, honey, i guess you can. val: ha ha ha ha! nicole: aah! [laughter] [cheering and apse


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