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tv   CBS Overnight News  CBS  November 15, 2017 3:12am-4:00am PST

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you've seen, but now is the time to act. you really can save the lives of many, many children. you can bring healing. you can answer the prayers of the hungry. you can give the little ones a chance to realize their dreams. jesus said, "for i was hungry, and you fed me." i'm hoping you've seen jesus in the eyes of these children, and that you will answer their cries for help. it's so simple. it takes so little. so pick up the phone or go online now. and may god bless you for following your heart. >> our work here is saving people's lives. it's saving the lives of innocent little children. so it's very important not to procrastinate. do something right now. you can save lives. what a joyous feeling this will bring to your heart. what a feeling of satisfaction,
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of doing the right thing, of doing what is good, of doing what god commands. >> we have the capability to help them. that's why we should help them. >> every day that i don't reach out and help is another day that a child is literally going hungry. >> i just want to make a difference, you know, and not just say it, but do it. >> the amount doesn't matter that much. it's the action of giving, the action of being concerned. >> i feel like when i give, i truly understand on a deeper level what jesus truly meant when he said, "it is better to give than to receive." >> when you make someone feel that they're not alone and they're not forgotten and there are people who care and love, that you've changed the world. >> announcer: right now, you have the power to save the lives of children who may die from starvation and disease. children are waiting for your help today. please, call now.
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the preceding program was sponsored by food for the poor. the preceding program was
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complaints against them include, victims having their private parts grabbed on the house floor. >> spear herself had to fend off advances when she was a hill staffer. the chief of staff held my face, kissed me and stuck his tongue in my mouth. >> since she shared her story, other current and former female law makers have said, me too. a wake-up call for their male colleagues. >> it has been startling to me. there are that many pigs out there. don't know huh to put it. spear blames a byzantine reporting process on capitol hill that requires victims to wait at least 90 days before they can file a sexual harassment complaint.
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>> the senate voted last week to mandate sexual harassment training for senators and their aide and house speaker paul ryan said he would require the same thing in the house t this after 1500 former staffers signed a petition saying that congress needs to be held to the same rules anthony as the rest of the federal government. nancy cordes at the capitol hill. thank you, nancy. the cbs "overnight news" will be right back. that cough doesn't sound so good. well i think you sound great. move over. easy booger man. take mucinex dm. it'll take care of your cough. fine! i'll text you in 4 hours when your cough returns. one pill lasts 12 hours, so... looks like i'm good all night. ah! david, please, listen. still not coughing. not fair you guys! waffles are my favorite! ah! why take 4-hour cough medicine?
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0% weight new pantene foam conditioner. senate republicans said today their tax plan would eliminate obama care individual mandate. which requires most americans to have health insurance or pay a penalty on their tax returns. with fewer americans insured the government would spend less to subsidize health plans helping to pay for tax cuts. the house bill would not repeal the mandate. >> we have new individually tonight of a failed rescue
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attempt in the mediterranean. at least five african migrants drowned and 58 others were injured last week, when their rickety boat cap sized en route to europe. it appears their supposed rescuers, members of the libyan coast guard, were trying to capture them to return them to north africa. here is seth doane. >> reporter: he watched as the migrants fell between the flimsy dinghy and libyan coast guard boat. >> it felt like chaos. >> beyers in charge of the german aid boat, cwatch which scrambled to film the botched rescue. >> it is not a rescue boat. military patrol boat. not made for rescues. the libyans are hitting the people with ropes. they shouting the whole time. they put a lot of chaos into the situation. >> reporter: with european union
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backing italy has been training the libyan coast guard to boost capabilities to stem migrant crossings. the libyans can be too aggressive in trying to turn migrants back. at one point a migrant hangs off the side of the ship and is kicked. he clings to the ladder as the libyan vessel takes off. on the radio a desperate plea. the voice says, "you are killing a person. you are killing a person." more than 19,000 migrants have been rescued or intercepted in libyan waters so far this year the but with the libyan coast guard taking an aggressive stance, international aid organizations have stopped their rescue operations in the mediterranean. deeming it too dangerous to continue. anthony. >> seth doane, thank y ♪ if you wear a denture, you not only want a clean feeling every day, you want your denture to be stain free. did you know there's a specialty cleanser that's gentle enough for everyday use and cleans better than regular toothpaste? try polident cleanser. it has a four in one cleaning system
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your toilet is germ-ridden with mineral buildup. clorox toilet bowl cleaner with bleach is no match against limescale. but lysol power toilet bowl cleaner has 10x more cleaning power against limescale. so switch to lysol. what it takes to protect. in a first, the food and drug administration approved a so-called digital pill. it contains a sensor that lets the doctor know when it has been taken. dr. jon lapook joins us now. who is this for, how does it work exactly? >> right now for people with psychiatric illness, schizophrenia. a chip, size of grain of sand. combine with medication. swallows it. hits the stomach. a signal to the patch. send it to the iphone, i have taken medicine. >> what are possibilities, implications, jon? >> big problem. 50% of people don't take
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medicine the way they're supposed to. hopefully give the patient the ability to get a reminder. also, send a signal if they want to the doctor or to other people that the patient chooses. that's very important to say, that, that the patient has to agree to do this. not, forced on the patient. >> are there potential uses for this for other diseases? >> no doubt. okay. people have diabetes, hypertension, chronic illnesses. when you have to take a medicine. same medicine every single day. do the same thing. forget whether or not you did it. i forget whether i shampooed. shampoo second time. lather up. say i shampooed. ham pens with a pill. imagine over time. useful for this population. >> it does raise concerns, doesn't it? >> it does you heard people talk big brother issues. data out there. device inside of a person. so there are as you imply privacy, use there once you have information going through the air. people could see it, could hack it. but really we see those same issues when you have, electronic medical record, big hospital,
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and somebody could hack into that. >> bra
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>> dr. stanley: remember this: cannot change the laws of god. when he has visited you in some form of adversity and he brings you through that, that's like he has increased the strength of the foundation of your life and your faith in him. [music]
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three of the cla basketball players can thank trump. liangelo ball, jalen hill and cody riley detained on suspicion of shoplifting sunglasses at a louis vuitton store. released after president trump spoke with the chinese president. ma tell coming out with a barbie doll dressed in a hijab. it is modeled after an american fencer who wore hijab while competing in the 2016 rio olympics where she won a bronze medal. up next, health care for pandas.
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we end with one of best health care plans washington has ever seen. chip reid now with panda care. >> more and more, a good name for him because he is the father of all three surviving giant pandas born at the national zoo. two are now in china and 2-year-old bei-bei wowing the crowds here in d.c. at 20 years old, tien-tien could father more cubs. when he shows signs of ill health he is treated like a national treasure. today, good news, chief veterinary said his sore arm is not the result of arthritis.
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a more worrisome issue. tien-tien has been losing weight though his relationship with bamboo is as passionate as ever. so they took blood to check kidney and liver functions and felt for other clues. >> lot of cancers will be firmer. than the surrounding normal tissue. >> they finished with acupuncture to stimulate growth of muscle mass. >> used to think it was a bunch of hooey. >> not anymore. he has seen it work. in the end, the panda pass his exam is with flying black and white colors. its your health care this good? >> no. no. he has no co-pay. no. >> if only all humans had health care this good. chip reid, cbs news, washington. and that's the "overnight news" for this wednesday. for some of you the news continues. for others check back a little later for the morning news and cbs this morning. from the broadcast center in new
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york city, i'm anthony mason. thank you for watching. welcome to the "overnight news." i'm michelle miller. a manhunt is under way in and around tampa for a possible serial killer. swat teams and police dogs are patrolling the neighborhood of seminole heights after a fourth victim was gunned down in cold blood. police have few clues. mark strassmann is there. >> reporter: just before 5:00 a.m., witnessed reported hearing five gunshots. 60-year-old ronald felton shot from behind and killed. tampa's seminole heights neighborhood shuttered again. four murders in five weeks. and a suspected serial killer, still on the loose.
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tampa police chief, brian dugan. none of the victims knew each other. there its no ties to the victim. killer on the loose. fair amount of pressure to get this solved asap. >> this is what i dreaded. dreaded having to face a fourth family. and tell them what happened. >> reporter: investigators say this security video last month shows a suspect. a black male, 6'2", dressed all in black. the three other victims were gunned down within 11 days of each other. swat teams did a-to door search of more than 100 homes here. >> the second killing, monica hoffa killed half a block from the house. this last killing. two blkz await. >> stan lassiter is president of the seminole heights neighborhood association. >> you have added police presence yet it happened again. does that create added anxiety? >> it does. the thing 'tis, we have said all along who ever is doing this lives among us. know the back alley ways. know where to hide how to hide.
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>> felton, an unemployed construction worker was walking to a neighborhood food bank to feed the homeless. tampa mayor, bob buckhorn has a message for the killer. >> we are going to find you. hunt you down. and then the courts are going to take care of you. then you are going to rot in hell. >> a gunman went on the shooting spree in northern california when the smoke cleared, at least five people were dead. including the gunman. many others were wounded including young children. mireya villarreal has the details. >> reporter: assistant sheriff phil johnson says he crashed a pickup truck. stole a car and started shooting. >> we know of no real connection to any of the victims. a mother and one of her children were hilt. >> she was -- transporting i believe her children to school.
3:33 am
the spree ended at the elementary school where he shot several rounds from outside. one bullet hilt a student through a window. this man works at a nearby convenience store. >> 200 round. not kolt cocommon out here. >> reporter: the gunman's name is not release heed was involved in a standoff before being shot by two officers. the neighbor recently complained to law enforcement about the shooter. >> the neighbor has been shooting a lot of bullets lately. hundreds of rounds. >> reporter: at one of seven different shooting scenes being investigated. deputies recovered one semiautomatic assault rifle and two handguns. multiple students were air lifted from the scenes and transported to local area hospitals. including a 6-year-old with gunshot wound. we now know the atf and fbi are
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working along side local law enforcement on this investigation. attorney general jeff sessions was back before congress trying to explain his shifting accounts of his and others contacts with russians during the presidential campaign. jeff pegues reports. >> i have always told the truth. >> is was clear from his opening statement that attorney general jeff sessions knew what was coming. >> i will not accept and reject, accusations, that i have ever lied. that is a lie. >> reporter: when committee democrats started questioning hem he was not so certain. >> i don't recall. >> i don't believe so. >> i don't know. >> reporter: sessions troubles began in january when he told senator al franken he never communicated with russian operatives during the 2016 election. >> i di not have communications with the russians. and i'm unable to comment on it. >> sessions since acknowledged meeting with then russian ambassador, and it was also
3:35 am
revealed that sessions was in this campaign meeting where adviser george papadopoulos offered to go to russia on behalf of the trump campaign. prosecutors say, guilty, had prd meeting but between mr. trump. >> there are reports that you shut george down, unquote, when he pro posed the meeting with putin. correct, yes or no? >> yes the high pushed back. i will say it that way. >> so you. yes, answer is yes. >> yes. >> when asked if mr. trump or any one else expressed interest in meeting putin. sessions again replied. >> tawe i don't recall. republicans pressed sessions to investigate hillary clinton over a controversial our an yum deal involving a russian company.
3:36 am
sessions cleared the way to see if a special counsel its needed. >> mitch mcconnell said sessions would be a good write in candidate to replace, moore in the senate election in alabama. moore accused of molesting teenage girls years ago, while he was a local district attorney. manuel bojorquez has the latest. >> reporter: do you believe these young women? >> i am -- have no reason to doubt these young women. >> reporter: attorney general jeff session tuesday sided who wants his old senate seat, roy moore. moore is accused of sexual misconduct with teenage girls in his 30s. including with beverly nelson. >> mr. moore reached over and begain groping me. >> moore denied allegations. his wife by his side. >> these things are false. and it is ugly. it is the ugliest politics that i have ever been in my life. >> today after house speaker paul ryan joined the long list of republicans calling for him
3:37 am
to step aside. moore was once again defiant. saying on twitter, the people of alabama, not the washington elite, will decide this election. senate majority leader, mitch mcconnell who wants moore out acknowledged republicans are in a tight spot. >> we would hope to -- save the seat and that might require a write-in. all those things are under discussion. >> luther strange who lost the primary to moore could be a write-in option. that could split the republican vote and provide an opening for democrat doug jones. >> i can't vote for roy moore. >> who released a campaign ad, capitalizing on the moment. republicans are already thinking about what they will do if moore wins. one option, try to expel him, something that hasn't been done since the civil war. that would require 2/3 of the senate. 67 votes. cuffed face a legal challenge. tonight, moore will rally fundamental christian base at a revival here in jackson,
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alabama. but he upset pastors whose names appeared in a letter supporting him ok, let's try this. it says you apply the blue one to me. here? no. have a little fun together, or a lot. k-y yours and mine. two sensations that work together, so you can play together. trust #1 doctor recommended dulcolax. use dulcolax tablets for gentle dependable relief. suppositories for relief in minutes. and dulcoease for comfortable relief of hard stools.
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dulcolax. designed for dependable relief.
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there are new calls on capitol hill for president trump's son, don jr. to testify publicly in the russia investigation. the younger trump now admits he was in contact with wikileaks during and after the election including the time the website was releasing hacked e-mails damaging to hillary clinton's campaign. jeff pegues reports. >> donald trump jr. wasn't believe this new information proves anything. his lawyer said there is nothing to worry about. but congressional investigators tell us they see revelation as potential evidence of possible coordination between the trump campaign and russian operatives.
3:41 am
>> this has been an election for change. >> the president's son was in direct communication with wikileaks from 2016 until july of this year. wikileaks initiated contact. trump jr. released screen shots of what he claims are all twitter private messages between him and the controversial website. candidate trump praised wikileaks during the campaign. >> i love wikileaks. >> amazing the stuff that is coming out. >> the day after the comments on october 12, on october 14th. donald trump jr. sent out the link saying all the wikileaks e-mails are right here. same day, vice presidential
3:42 am
nominee, mike pence was asked about trump campaign contact with wikileaks on fox news. >> some something jeed esugges about hillary not trump. your campaign is in cahoots with wikileaks. >> nothing could be further from the truth. >> reporter: u.s. intelligence officials determined wikileaks was used by the russians to disseminate material stolen from democrats. there are three open investigations into russian campaign meddling on capitol hill. congressman -- >> he demonstrated he and other campaign members were willing to do whatever it takes to work with the russians to get dirt on their opponent hillary clinton. >> vice president pence said through a spokesperson last night he was never aware of anyone associated with the campaign being in contact with wikileaks. donald trump jr.'s attorney accused congressional investigators of leaking the messages and adding we have no concerns about the documents. >> the u.s. navy wrapped up a
3:43 am
massive naval exercise off the coast of korea. it included three aircraft carrier battle groups, dozens of ships and hundreds of war planes. it was a not so subtle show of force to north korea's leader kim jong-un. ben tracy reports from seoul. >> the u.s. navy says the exercises are about training and preparedness. but this was also a massive display of military might, right in north korea's backyard. while president trump was in the region. the u.s. navy flew us out to the uss ronald reagan to see it in person. we boarded a navy cargo plane at the air force base south of seoul. we were told the flight would last 90 minutes. when we reached the deck of the uss reagan -- we saw f-1 fighter jets, one after another. being lawn. ed over t ed -- launched. if needed the jets could strike
3:44 am
military installations in north korea in just minutes. if there was a conflict with north korea they could launch a fighter jet off the carrier once every 20 second. but of course they then have to get all of fighter jets back on board. this is how they do it. but what the u.s. military really wants the world to see is this. three u.s. aircraft carrier strike groups, the reagan, t theodore roosevelt and nimitz. together they celebrate 200 aircraft and combined air power simulates what could be brought to bear in a war with north korea >> why do you think the exercises are important? >> we can't be ready without that. and to stop the kind of exercises. it would reduce our ability to defend the united states and our allies. and main taint peace and stabilitien the region for so many decades. >> the naval exercise infuriated
3:45 am
north korea calling it a deliberate military provocation. china and russia have tried to get the u.s. to freeze these military exercises. in exchange for north korea freezing its missile launches. neither country seems interested in doing that. >> the cbs "overnight news" will be right back. because your carpet never stops working there's resolve carpet care. it lifts more dirt and pet hair versus vacuuming alone. resolve carpet care with five times benefits
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the revolution sweeping the nation would not be possible without the secret ingredient. american grown hops, the craft business produces 12% of the beer sold, but consumes 40% of the domestically grown hops and 3/4 of the hops come from the valleyen washington state. dana jack onson took a tour. >> reporter: this is the mecca of hops, the yacama valley in heartland of washington state hem to hops farms as far as the eye can see. each fall destination of choice for legions of craft brewers who make their pilgrimage not for the sights but for the scents. >> really nice arema. like sierra nevada founder, ken grossman and team of scentologists. >> pecked we watched selecting the crop. >> 50 varieties. 50 uniques aromatics. >> megan pelts has a masters in
3:49 am
sensory science. >> similar. little more intense in the middle one. >> we smelled hops, harvested september 1, 4th, 7th. markedly different. >> grossman is a pioneer in the craft beer movement. >> this has to be different from what it was look when you came here in the 70s. >> when he first came, grossman says it was pretty much a one hop town with the crop used. >> what changed? >> well, we started focusing on a hop, the hop behind us. cascade. in our pale ale. in the decades to follow. craft brewers began to focus on the potential of other hop varieties. >> there is literally thousand of different varieties of hop. these vines will emerge. go from mid may to 1 feet tall. >> farmers like eric demerey has been growing crops to meet the greg demand. >> we tripled our size over five years. >> amazing. in five years. >> yep. >> cls isn't the only farm to
3:50 am
benefit from the industry's unquenchable thirst for hops. >> would you say it helped save some of the farms in the area. >> absolutely. hop industry would have exist ford sure in the, yacama valley. vibrant, healthier industry now with more players, farmers. >> a far cry from the industry that's fourth generation hops farmer chose to enter in taking on the family business. >> was it something that your family want you'd to be in. >> hop industry in the 90s when i graduated from college was in a 40 year decline. so, i think they would have preferred if i would have did something else. i didn't let them have that, have that option. i kind of the nosed right in there. >> what we are really after its that yellow substance. its term is lupeland. get heat in it. and that. >> wow. wow. >> so, every variety has a unique aroma to it. and so, some are, express themselves as pine.
3:51 am
some express themselves as citrus. >> that's my flavor i may taste goes in end of the beer. >> yep, exactly. >> we caught up with him during the busy fall harvest which lasts 40 days. in that time, the farm is in production, 24 hours a day. seven days a week. >> 15 years ago you would never see a brewer. we were, we would never have a visitor here. >> call in an order. >> yeah, that is really dramatically changed in six years. >> now brewers like adam schmidt out of michigan make the trip from all over the country. >> for us imperative that we come out here. >> why? >> the hops we are using this year, need to match the hops that are on the vines right now coming down. >> so that my founders always taste mike my founders. >> exactly. >> not all bitzness. thanks to the month long party at sportscenter, a bar in downtown yacama. chance for brewers and farmers to enjoy bruts of tharl labor
3:52 am
and talk shop. >> getting done to business during the day. hop selection. checking out farms. that night going and hanging out together and seeing what we are come up with. not everybody was interacting with the farmers getting to know the people that were growing in dpre ingredients they felt the connection with the hops. kind of where everything grew. well we are putting thesen our beer. so we need how to, come out and see what is going on. and, and, meet these people. >> the dramatic growth they have seen over the decade, slowed down a bit. >> nothing really to do with hops but make beer. when there is excess hops it is problem eight. too many hops. the price crashes quickly. effective. send the messages to stop producing. >> but he says there are indications the craft beer phenomenon will go global. >> we see, four, five years, of a little bit of ruggedness. in the market. it appears there is going to be a nice runway there for, for a
3:53 am
lot of years. >> so, yacama washington and the valley center of it all. >> yes, absolutely. this will continue to be the dominant growing region. >> dana jacobson, washington. hundred of art work stolen by the nazis during world war ii were put on display in a pair of exhibitions in germany and switzerland. charlie d'agata took a tour. >> reporter: an art collection like no other because it was collected like no other. 450 masterpieces by artists including monet and rodin. all of the exhibits in the simultaneous shows in germany and switzerland were seized by the nazis during world war ii. a methodical program of hoarding directed by german dealer, who led the task of poaching art from jewish families and selling art defamed as degenerate overseas. a display, shed light on the darkest chapters of nazi germany. says the art director.
3:54 am
nina zimmer. >> persecuted artists and, art they didn't like. and, how, how they did the system atticly. >> the works here, might never have seen the light of day. had it not be in stumbled upon during routine tax investigation at an address in germany. hildebrand's son, cornelius hidden away a trove. the priceless rodin here a potted plant. the monet hanging on the wall. it raised more and elt cal issues over the plof nens and whether a collection including peas likely looted from jewish owners ought to be on display at all. and the director says the show can act as something of a lost and found. >> through it, the broad media coverage of the exhibitions, of course, the wider public is reached. maybe some body recognizes something. >> each cover estimates of the collection run into the hundred
3:55 am
of millions of dollars. and less than half of the pieces discovered, have been
3:56 am
hi, we're alaska airlines, and we give you more than just peanuts. we give you all sorts of amazing stuff, like european biscoff cookies. hundreds of free movies and tv shows, that you can watch for free, right on your phone. and our rewarding mileage plan that gets you to over 900 mind-expanding destinations. if you want peanuts, check out our prices.
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alaska airlines. that's how we fly. we end in south africa where high flying dogs are taking a bite out of the poaching problem. deborah patta is there. >> reporter: meet aeroand his handler, henry olthazen. together they take off across the vast wildlife preserve. seems unperturbed. even as they hurl themselves out of the helicopter. falling more than 6,000 feet to
3:58 am
earth. landing in the middle of the poaching wars. getting the dog on to the front lines, as fast as possible. is always a challenge. parachuting, rappelling one of the ways, getting the dog, boots on the ground where they need it. these dogs are trained to sniff out the poacher rushing to attack. pinning him to the ground. until more help arrives. this may be a training exercise. but of the dog's bites are real and special bite proof suits are needed. the dog are up against highly trained, poachers who run a multimillion dollar industry trading in elephant and rhino horn. in the past, seven years alone, a third of africa's elephants have been wiped out. 100 skydiving dogs placed in
3:59 am
game reserves across africa. in one region they caught over 100 poachers in 18 months. and he told us one dog killer, nabbed more poachers than rangers equipped with the latest high tech weapons. >> that its the most effective tool against the fight against poaching. technology. low cost. other technologies. it works. >> man's best friend, may turn out to be a poacher's worst enemy. debora patta, cbs news, johannesburg. that is the "overnight news" for this wednesday. for some of you the news will continue. for others we hope you will check back a bit later for the morning news and of course, cbs this morning. from the broadcast center here in new york city, i'm michelle miller. .
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it's wednesday, november 15. 2017. this is the cbs morning news. a man goes on a shooting spree in a small rural northern california community. killing at least four people and wounding several others. speaking out, alabama republican senate candidate, roy moore holds first major public appearance since being accused of inappropriate behavior with teenage girls. and says there's a spiritual battle going on in american politics. and the attorney general is in the hot seat on capitol hill. >> i will not except and reject


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