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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  November 16, 2017 4:00am-4:31am PST

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morning. from the broad kats center in new york city. i'm elaine quijano. captioning funded by cbs it's thursday, november 16th, 2017. this is the "cbs morning news." today the house is expected to pass its version of the republican tax overhaul bill with know problems, but the senate bill may have run into a snag. two more women come forward accusing senate candidate roy moore of unwanted advances as the embattled republican remains defiant and tries to discredit an accuser. and sold, a rare painting by leonardo da vinci breaks records on the auction block.
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good morning from the studio 57 newsroom at the cbs news headquarters here in new york. i'm anne-marie green. today they plan to pass the bill but the senate bill may be in trouble. wisconsin's ron johnson says he opposes the tax bill and he may be just the first. hena doba is here with more. good morning. >> good morning, anne-marie. senator johnson believes the bill favors corporations over small businesses and became the first republican senator who says he opposes his party's tax bill, while the democrats insist this is a plan to make the wealthy wealthier. the house is expected to pass today the most comprehensive tax bill in decades. >> we're cutting taxes from low to middle income families. the typical median house of four
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gets an 1$1,182 tax cut. that's good news for one who thinks they're one tax cut away from disaster. >> unlike the senate republicans' proposal which brings health care in by eliminating the obamacare mandate the house bill doesn't touch that. like the senate bill, the house bill would permanently slash the corporate tax rate and cut individual rates across the board. house minority leader nancy pelosied a a the changes are aimed at the pelosi at a rally against the bill wednesday insisted the changes are aimed at the wealthy, not the poor and middle classes. >> the list of disgraceful cuts go on and on. why? to give tax breaks to the corporations in america. >> president trump, who will be on capitol hill talking with representatives today responded via twitter. why are democrats fighting massive tax cuts for the middle class. and business. jobs. the reason, obstruction and delay.
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some do away with deductions for state and local taxes. those will hurt those in high tax states like new york and california. there don't appear to be enough republicans against the measure, though, to sink it. a vote on the senate's bill is expected after thanksgiving. the two chambers would need to reconcile the bill before sending them off to the president. mr. trump has been pushing a final version to hit his desk by the end of this year. anne-marie. >> hena doba in new york. thank you so much, hena. two more women have come forward with allegations concerning roy moore. state officials met last night but did not vote on whether to pull their support. in answer to senate republican leader mitch mcconnell who said moore is not fit to serve, moore tweeted, dear mr. mcconnell, bring it on. and as weijia jiang reports, moore's lawyer is challenging evidence by one of his accusers. >> is it genuine or is it a fraud? >> reporter: an attorney for roy
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moore held a press conference, calling for the release of a yearbook moore's latest accuser claims he signed decades ago. >> judge moore said there's no way in the world that's his handwriting. >> reporter: the woman claims he signed her yearbook calling her a sweet beautiful girl as she detailed how the assistant district attorney tried to rape her when she was 16. late wednesday two more women had issues with moore, one who said he grabbed her in 1991 when he was married. another claims he tried to take her out in 1982 when she was in high school. >> not one time have i ever seen him act even remoely inappropriate against any woman. that's the man that i know. >> nelson's attorney gloria allred is now demanding moore testify before congress about the allegations against him. republicans here on capitol hill just want him to drop out of the upcoming alabama senate race.
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>> clearly this candidate cannot be an effective senator if they were elected. >> reporter: moore's democratic opponent, doug jones. >> they have much more credibility. >> should roy moore resign, mr. president? >> reporter: so far mr. trump has remained mum on the incident. roy moore has begun to take civil action. weijia jiang, cbs news. a sheriff said neighbors repeatedly complained about kevin neal. they say he killed his wife and that might have been what started the incident. her body was found under the floor of their home. the sheriff's office says neighbors complained several times about neal firing hundreds of rounds, but when he went to the house, he wouldn't answer
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the door. a dangerous patient who escaped from a psychiatric hospital from hawaii has been captured, but authorities haven't figured out how saito was able to buy an airline ticket from the hospital. anna werner reports. >> reporter: hawaii's governor david ige admitted -- >> -- his escape should never have happened. >> reporter: his flight to freedom ended when california sheriff's deputies took him into custody. the 59-year-old man authorities call a psychopathic predator escaped from the hospital sunday morning. he was last seen heading to breakfast. instead saito somehow walked to a park and called a cab. >> oh, my god. what a walk. >> reporter: dash cam video obtained by our honolulu
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affiliate showed him getting in, carrying a backpack with supplies including a cell phone. >> what time does your plane leave? >> 10:30. >> reporter: he took a chartered flight to maui where he was able to get through security under an alias and board a hawaiian air flight to san jose, california, with a ticket apparently booked online from the hospital. it wasn't until two hours later on sunday night that the hospital reported him missing. in 1979 saito shot a woman directly in the face with a pellet gun and then stabbed her to death. he was found guilty two years later and sent to a mental hospital. they say he fit the classical description of a serial killer. in 2016 it successfully prevent him from getting day passes out. hospital administrators can't explain how he escaped on sunday. also hard to explain is how he managed to get ahold of a back pack and cell phone he was carrying and the money to pay for two airline tickets.
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anna werner, cbs news, new york. tampa police released new videos of a man they say is the suspect in four shooting deaths. the unidentify man is seen where two of the four shootings took place. the photos match the description of an african-american male 6 feet tall and a thin build. the three victims killed in october were either getting off or on a city bus or were at a bus stoop when they were shot. the reward is up to $91,000. and a pilot for southwest airlines was arrested for having a loaded handgun in his carry-on luggage. the pilot was scheduled to work yesterday as first officer on a flight from st. louis to las vegas. he was detained at the tsa check point. the pilot did not have a concealed weapons permit. southwest said they're aware of the situation and trying to gather more information. coming up on the "morning news," the army pushback.
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you are looking at the most expensive painting ever sold. leonardo's painting went up for $450 million yesterday at an auction in new york. it shows christ in renaissance-style robes withes he right hand forming a blessing and the left hand holding a sphere. da vinci painted it around 1600. he bought it as a copy he thought. >> when i realized what it was, i was frightened. this was such a momentous object and there was one in my
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hands. yeah, it was scary. >> the painting is the only known da vinci in private hands. the others are all in museums. the movie "titanic" is set to sale again and the army drops an important recruitment change. those are the headlines on the morning newsstand. "usa today" reports the army says the paper on sunday says it dropped waivers for recruits. it caused them to rescind it. the army's chief of staff said the memo was issued by a person who did not have the thought to change poll. the "los angeles times" reports charles manson is back in a california hospital but the severity of his illness is not known. the 83-year-old cult leader and mass murderer was rushed to a hospital in bakersfield. it's the second time he's been in the hospital this year. the "atlantic" ports on the
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first man who had his genes edited inside his body. the 44-year-old man underwent the procedure on monday in california to treat hunter syndrome. they do not know if it worked. twitter has revoked the verification of alt-right leader richard spencer. it's part of its updates to its rules and guidelines. they include a ban on promoting hate and violence. and "variety" reports "titanic" will be released in theaters to mark its 20th anniversary. >> open your eyes. >> the remastered version of the film will be shown in dolby vision in 87 amc theaters across the country starting december 1st. it will only be shone for a week though. "titanic" grossed over $22 billion and won 11 academy
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well, pictures of treasury secretary steve mnuchin and his wife posing with a sheet of one dollar bills are getting huge reaction on social media. a lot of people commenting how they l and posed for this photo. the newly minted bills are the first to bear the mnuchin signature. they've come under criticism before because of their lavish spending. on the "cbs moneywatch" now, the fcc is set to vote on net neutrality and amazon offers turkey discounts. diane king hall is at the new york stock exchange with that and more. diane, good morning. >> good morning, anne-marie. let's start with this. investors continue to keep a close eye on tax reformests here in washington. the market suffering its biggest loss since early september. the dow slumped 138 points, the s&p 500 fell 14 point, and the
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nasdaq finished 31 points lower. the federal communications commission is expected to vote next month to overturn the net neutrality rules. the 2015 net neutrality order classifieded them as if they were utilities and limited providers' abilities to block, slow down, or fasten websites. it would spark billions of additional prospects. they say it would hurt consumers. the companies are trying to avoid massive recalls. both automakers petitioned safety regulators to escape recalls involving more than 3 million vehicles. they contend the inflater problems don't affect their cars. if you're an amazon prime member, amazon is lowering prices at whole foods. amazon is e-mailing prime
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members a coupon for turkeys 50 cents cheaper than others. other products will also be on sale. keep in mind amazon bought whole foods about three months ago. you may hit travel delays to travel to eat that turkey. nearly 51 million americans are expected to travel this thanksgivinging the most in a dozen years according to aaa. that's more than a 3% increase from last year. 89% of travelers will hit the road. they'll pay the highest holiday gas prices in three years. nearly 80% will fly. the thriving income is behind the travel surge. >> diane king hall at the new york stock exchange. thank you, diane. >> thank you. still to come, water break. the president had some awkward moments yesterday during a speech at the white house. use. there's only one national orange juice brand
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morning... beginning at 4:30. good morning. it's thursday, november 16th. here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country.
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newly released police body camera video shows the moment an officer was hit by flames in a gas explosion. it happened in august in california. it happened when the officer smells gas coming from a house. the officer suffered second degree burns to his right arm and the man inside the house was killed. some awkward moments for a very thirsty president trump. he was speaking about his asia trip. during the speech, mr. trump he couldn't find any close to a podium. someone pointed out there was some on a nearby table and the president took a moment and took a ship. it drew comparisons to marco rubio who stopped to take a drink of water during an event. yesterday rubio had a little fun.
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tweeted simply, but needs work on his form. has to be done in one single motion but eyes should never leave the camera. but not bad for his first time. and another earth-like planet has been discovered by astronomers. it's called ross 128 b. it has temperatures that may be like ours. it's 11 light years away though. the planet is about the size of earth. a year there lasts just ten days. coming up on "cbs this morning," director, producer, actor tyler perry joins us in the studio with his new book, "higher is waiting," a collection of inspirational stories. i'm anne-marie green. this is the "cbs morning news." it's a book of inspirational stories. i'm anne-marie green. this is th "cbs morning news."
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our top stories this morning, the house is expected to vote on and pass a republican tax overhaul bill today. president trump is scheduled to meet with house republicans before the vote, but the first republican senator has come out against the gop plan. wisconsin's ron johnson says that he won't support the plan because it is too generous to corporations at the expense of other businesses. and two more women allege republican senate candidate roy moore made unwanted advances including one who claims moore groped her. moore refuses to step down. last night leaders of the alabama republican party met, but they did not vote on whether or not to pull their support. three ucla basketball
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players have apologized for shoplifting in china. the incident spurred a high-level international effort to secure their release from china. danielle nottingham reports. >> i want to start off by saying how embarrassed and ashamed i am for disappointing my family. >> reporter: a contrite cody riley, lee angelo ball faced the cameras wednesday. they returned from china thursday evening after being detained there for shoplifting. all three men admitted to breaking the law. >> what i did was stupid and i'm not that type of person. >> president trump spoke to his chinese counterpart directly while he was visiting. the young men were facing ten years of jail time under chinese law. >> i'd like to thank president trump and the united states government for the help that they provided as well. >> reporter: riley, ball, and hill are suspended indefinitely
4:27 am
while the university conducts a review process. the three student athletes will not be permitted to travel with the team or suit up for home games either. >> my expectation is they will work hard to demonstrate why they deserve to be part of the program. >> reporter: school officials remained silent while the students were detained. the student athletic media say the theft occurring during the players' free time. >> they used that free time to visit several stores adjacent from the hotel. it was at that time they took items from the stores without paying for them. >> reporter: they're still determining who pays for the expenses while they were detained in china. danielle nottingham, cbs news, los angeles. coming up this morning on "cbs this morning," u.s. senator kerstin gillibrand talks about her plan on how to deal with
4:28 am
sexual harassment on capitol hill. and a college football team where most of the players are either deaf or impair and how they're bridging languages and culture. and director, producer, actor tyler perry joins us in the cbs studio with his new book "higher is waiting." that's the "cbs morning news" for this thursday. thanks for watching. i'm anne-marie green. have a great day. -- captions by vitac -- waiting." that's the "cbs morning news" for this thursday. thanks for watching. i'm anne-marie green. have a great day. -- captions by vitac --
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all right. as we start this thursday morning, a live look at the san mateo bridge. and we have rainy conditions. did neda tell us that the rain was coming? yes, she did! [ laughter ] >> good morning, it's thursday,
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november 16th. i'm kenny choi. >> and i'm michelle griego. neda -- [ crosstalk ] >> who are you? [ laughter ] >> yes. with you neda, you werebut neda, were you spot on. >> the rain came later so overnight tonight through the morning we'll see a lot of it. so it's going to be pushed back so we'll continue to see it throughout the morning hours. and we are going to get those scattered showers in this afternoon. but the morning commute is really -- look at the rain and the satellite-radar imagery giving you the view of the widespread rain that's coming off of the ocean right on us. it's an atmospheric river. that's why we're seeing all kinds of rain on the roads and yes, the windshield wipers will be put into overdrive. overnight, heavy rain especially as it moves south. sunshine saturdaan


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