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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  November 16, 2017 4:30am-5:00am PST

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november 16th. i'm kenny choi. >> and i'm michelle griego. neda -- [ crosstalk ] >> who are you? [ laughter ] >> yes. with you neda, you werebut neda, were you spot on. >> the rain came later so overnight tonight through the morning we'll see a lot of it. so it's going to be pushed back so we'll continue to see it throughout the morning hours. and we are going to get those scattered showers in this afternoon. but the morning commute is really -- look at the rain and the satellite-radar imagery giving you the view of the widespread rain that's coming off of the ocean right on us. it's an atmospheric river. that's why we're seeing all kinds of rain on the roads and yes, the windshield wipers will be put into overdrive. overnight, heavy rain especially as it moves south. sunshine saturday and sunday. we'll have more coming up.
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and we are already tracking a very busy start to your thursday morning commute so be prepared. be careful out there. a crash blocking all lanes right now in antioch. this is westbound 4 at "a" street. quite a bit of debris from that accident in the lanes, as well. and they are hoping to get some of those lanes reopened here any minute so we'll keep you posted. in the meantime, you will need to use an alternate route. if you want to use somersville or kent street, you can get around that area. over at the richmond parkway, we are seeing slowdowns in both directions. eastbound 80 at mcdonald avenue, this crash has been out there for a while. two lanes are closed but speeds are dipping just below the limit there. so not too bad. but please be careful. lots of ponding on the roadways. we'll have more in traffic coming up. back to you guys. people in areas scarred by the wine country wildfires are concerned the storm could cause
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more problems. among the major concerns, flooding and mudslides. all along the storm drains in the fire zones, there are long socks filled with straw known as wattles to prevent contaminates from washing into the water supply. >> we hope they will filter and catch the debris and it doesn't run off in the creeks. >> they are looking for weaknesses and blockages. researchers are looking into the effect of toxic chemicals on the men and women who fought the wine country wildfires last month. more now from kpix 5's betty yu. >> reporter: 175 firefighters from the bay area and northern california, including about 60 from san francisco who battled the north bay fires for days, will undergo testing to find out if they were exposed to out of the ordinary levels of toxins. >> that's why we're worried, because here you have a fire where almost 8,000 structures burned to the ground. all of the elements of those structures became airborne. these guys are up there for 10 days breathing that air in.
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>> reporter: the san francisco firefighters cancer prevention foundation is committing $100,000 to the research project led by uc-berkeley. a board member and firefighter adam wood says firefighters who fight wildfires haven't been studied as much as the urban firefighter. they also wear less cumbersome gear so they have less personal protective equipment like facemasks that would have at the present time out toxic fumes. >> we have a lot of stories from our people as they come back from those deployments where they felt lethargic four or five days after the fight, stomach doesn't feel right, unusual aches and pains and we don't know why. >> reporter: researchers will be looking for evidence of heavy metals, chemicals and pollution from blood and urine samples. chief joanne hayes-white is especially concerned about the health of firefighters who worked for days without any rest. >> particularly with the north bay fires, we have some wildland-trained firefighters but this was a very fast-moving dynamic fire that was part
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wildland but part urban. and just the sheer volume and quick spread of the fire was different than most deployments. >> reporter: betty yu, kpix 5. >> the firefighters foundation expects to get results back in april or may of next year. a lot of rain going on this morning. my commute in was not fun. >> yeah. it's definitely -- drive slowly this morning. give yourself some extra time which jaclyn will let you know all about, of course, with the road conditions. but i want to show you the strongest rain right now is all across the bay area from the south to the north. at this hour we are going to see continued rainfall rates at about a half inch per hour. and as i was checking those rain totals, we saw a lot in the north bay. venado, areas like that got the most of it. in the north bay, let's show you where the rain is coming down heavily. right near eldridge, yountville as well, so these areas of orange are half inch. yellow would be a quarter inch of rain per hour. st. helena now getting a little break. but it certainly was coming
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down really good there for the last few hours especially overnight. while a lot of were you sleeping, that's when the storm really came down. american canyon right now along the 29 and 12, it's slick. further south, san ramon, this is now coming down really good on 680, walnut creek also. and as it moves towards the east, we are going to continue to see more rain coming off the ocean. so places like oakland, you're not in the clear yet. you're going to continue to see more of that intense rainfall. redwood city now, sunnyvale, portola valley. in the north bay, look at the totals: the burn scars do exist so mudslides, rockslides, all a major concern as the heavy amounts of rain push all that debris around. we'll continue to track this for you throughout the morning
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and let you know when this rain will finally wind down coming up. all right. white knuckles heading into work this morning. we're tracking a number of problem areas. we'll begin in san francisco where there's a ramp that shut down right now. the northbound 101 connector ramp to northbound 101 on the central freeway there. that's closed while crews are working on clearing a crash as well as clearing some of those drains. there was quite a bit of flooding there. not too bad of a backup. here's 280 the connector ramp from 101 and we are tracking an accident northbound 280 near cesar chavez. i drove through this and it was very flooded in those roads. water was spraying up on both sides of the vehicles and people were hydroplaning so please be careful. we do have many accidents out on the roads. you will need to reduce that speed this morning. hat's a check of your traffic; over to you.
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president trump is calling his trip to asia a success. he held his first speech yesterday since returning home and said the trip was defined by three core goals. >> first, to unite the world against the nuclear menace posed by the north korean regime. second, to strengthen america's alliances and economic partnerships in a free and open indo pacific. and third, to finally after many years insist on fair and reciprocal trade. my fellow citizens, america is back and the future has never looked brighter. >> north korea is also weighing in on president trump's visit to asia. pyongyang state media slammed the president for insulting kim jong-un. it called president trump a hideous criminal and said he deserves the death penalty. a violent psychopath captured and taken back into custody. authorities nabbed the escapee in northern california after 72
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hours on the run. kpix 5's maria medina has new details on his short-lived getaway. >> this escape should never have happened. >> reporter: the san joaquin sheriff's office released randall saito's booking photo hours after taking this photo of deputies capturing him in stockton. >> they all swarmed in from, you know, both sides of the driveway. >> reporter: saito's luck ended when a cab driver who picked him up recognized him. as the man wanted by authorities. saito planned to take the taxi to reno. >> he said when he got surrounded by the police, the only thing the guy in the back said was, they got me. >> reporter: a law enforcement source tells kpix 5 they had received information saito was in stockton on monday where several of his relatives live. a day before, the man described by authorities as a psychopathic predator escaped the hawaii state hospital on oahu where he called a cab from a nearby park. [ inaudible ] >> reporter: he then took a charter flight to maui before getting on a hawaiian airlines
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flight to san jose. a source says he used an alias. he never boarded his return flight for monday. his mother, who lives in stockton, didn't answer the phone. saito was in a state hospital with minimal security after his 1981 acquittal for murdering a woman and using the body for sex. >> i'm deeply concerned that such a dangerous person was able to escape from the hawaii state hospital and remain undetected for such a long period of time. >> reporter: maria medina, kpix 5. >> several staff members at the hospital in hawaii are on paid leave as investigators try to determine just what role they might have played. saito is now being extradited to hawaii where he will face felony escape charges. one of the most notorious mass murderers in the u.s. is in a bakersfield hospital. the celebrity website tmz reports charles manson is in grave condition. manson and his followers
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committed a series of murders almost a half century ago. they killed nine people at four locations in 1969 including actress sharon tate in los angeles. prison officials have no comment on the 83-year-old's condition citing privacy rules. manson is serving multiple life sentences. he has been denied parole a dozen times. time now 4:40. we're learning more about the violent history of the man who went on a shooting rampage in a small northern california town. >> plus, some bay area residents are looking for a new place to live after learning of a plan to install cell towers close to homes and schools.
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near vallejo, and was stranded for three days. aaro a 21-year-old man is recovering from injuries after he fell 200 feet down a cliff near vallejo and was stranded for three days. aaron clark was hiking near 80 saturday when he stopped to look over the edge of a peak. that's when he slipped and fell. for three days, he was on a hillside by himself in the cold and rain. tuesday, two men on horseback
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finally heard him yelling and called for help. >> the guy told me, hey, help me, help me. he told me many times, thank you, thank you. no problem, it's fine. >> i can't thank them enough. if it weren't for all their efforts, you know, this could have turned out a lot worse. >> emergency crews airlifted clark to safety. mourners gathered in tehama county to remember those killed in this week's shooting rampage. the small community still in shock after five people were killed and 10 others were shot and wounded. the first person the gunman targeted was his wife. authorities found her body hidden under floorboards. kpix 5's juliette goodrich reports. reporter: the discovery of the wife's body brought the death toll to six including the gunman. the gunman had been out on bail on previous charges and he was ordered to surrender his firearm. >> mad man on the loose. >> reporter: it's no secret tehama county law enforcement
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has had previous run-ins with kevin neal even going as far as to say he is not law enforcement-friendly. >> we have had had history with him are on at least two occasions. officers put the house under surveillance. >> reporter: out on $160,000 bail, he was due back in court january 2018 on assault charges. court documents show neal was prohibited from having guns as part of a restraining order. but that didn't stop him. >> these firearms are manufactured illegally we believe by him at his home. so they were obtained in an illegal manner, they are unregistered. >> reporter: it wants unusual for neighbors to hear neal fire off rounds of ammunition from his home here on bobcat lane. but authorities say on monday, the day before the deadly rampage, neal shot and killed his wife. authorities found her hidden body after serving a search warrant at the home yesterday.
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>> he had literally cut a hole in the floor. we're confident that he murdered her, shot her at some point, probably late monday, and literally just put her body in the floor and covered it up. >> all of a sudden bullets were pow, pow, pow, pow. >> reporter: chuck lives across the street from the school and saw neal try to drive through the school ground fence. >> but when i came out the door, his truck was tangled up in that gate on the right. and he started trying to back up. and he started tipping his truck over because he was caught on the gate. so then he just drove on through it. >> reporter: the county's superintendent says its schools practice lockdown drills frequently a sign of the times. >> the reason that i'm standing here today and i'm able to speak to you without breaking down and crying is because of the heroic efforts of our school staff. love and kindness and
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selflessness paired with the ability to professionally do what they did defeated evil yesterday. >> reporter: school officials are crediting a custodian for helping to get those kids inside. they say the gunman was almost frustrated he couldn't get inside the building and then took off. in tehama county, juliette goodrich, kpix 5. some people in piedmont are trying to stop a plan to put up cell phone towns close to their homes and schools. >> no cell towers! no cell towers!! >> peter harvey has lived in the same house for 25 years but was so angry about the idea that he decided to move. >> i bought a house elsewhere, where it's going to be far from any curb, far from any microwave tower they could ever put in. >> nine cell towers have been proposed. three have been approved and five have been rejected. the city council is expected to decide on the final tower on monday. the chinese company that
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bought volvo wants to build flying cars. take a look. they announced plans to acquire a boston-based startup that's currently working on a car with foldable wings. it has a top flying speed of 100 miles an hour. they hope to get it in the skies in two years, but it's not cheap with an expected price tag of $279,000. >> wow. >> in two years your life could change. that would be the perfect commute from the east bay where you live over to kpix 5. >> going that fast? that would be nice. >> zip right over. $279,000? >> i'll have to wait. >> we need to start saving. [ laughter ] let's talk about what's going on out there this morning because it's going to impact a lot of folks out the door. grab that umbrella again. ponchos, galoshes, whatever you have to protect you from all this rain because we're not going to see it ease up until later on this afternoon. here's a look at our hi-def doppler. look at all the rain that's basically waiting to come on to the land from the coast. so that's what we're going to continue to see throughout the
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morning hours. we are already getting a lot of it. we got a lot of it overnight, several inches of rain coming down over the past 12 hours or so. let's take you to the north bay right now. eldridge, sonoma, now seeing increased rain showers right there on highway 12. yountville as well as. it went from the green to the yellows and oranges so it's picking up as far as the intensity goes this morning. san rafael, mill valley seeing more rain on 101. it's going to impact a lot of people on the roads. take it easy. go slow. south san francisco it was lighter but over the past 15 minutes or so, i just saw this pick up. a lot of what's coming off the ocean is going to impact the coastline and then the storm system is moving out east. it's an atmospheric river. so it's packed with a lot of moisture. it's bringing all that moisture in right off the ocean coming right towards us towards the bay arth. we'll check the south bay, san jose, now a little bit lighter
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rainfall there. but it's still going to continue throughout the day. here's the totals for the area: that's a lot of rain. in the higher elevations, ware seeing snow coming down across south lake tahoe, looks like carson city, as well. so there is this winter storm warning in effect. and that's in effect until friday early morning because of the amount of snowfall. the wind advisory is eased up but we are still seeing stronger winds. sfo west-northwest winds at 10. oakland 13. we got most of the stronger winds last night. by 10 a.m. , most of the rain will be to our south santa cruz especially
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expected to get most of it today. most of the north bay got it overnight and it's moving south. later on by 7 p.m., scattered showers, it should be a lot lighter tonight. early tomorrow morning, cooler and sunshine. in the futurecast showing the next 24 hours or so, you will see most of that intensity right there to the south. santa cruz mountains really could get over 3 inches of rain as we continue throughout the day. our temperatures will be in the low 60s today. they are going to be cooler tomorrow down into the 50s for the bay and coast. that's a look at your forecast. over to you. >> it's going to be a busy commute out there. please be careful. we are tracking a couple of new problems as well as some backups from some earlier accidents. we are still seeing delays on northbound 280 due to a crash right near cesar chavez. there is quite a bit of flooding on the roads there. some of those lanes were very deep in water so please be
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careful. 101, this is near vermont, the vermont exit approaching the 80 and 101 split heading into san francisco. you can see a backup with flashing lights. we have an accident that had shut down the connector ramp from northbound 101 to the central freeway of northbound 101. so do expect delays. we can see slowdowns in both directions but primarily in the northbound direction as you head towards the lower deck of the bay bridge. and just speaking of the bay bridge, we have the backups. you can see all that water on the roadways. it's going to be very slippery and slick. so again, reduce your speed an increase the space between you and the car in front of you. hat's a check of your traffic; over to you. time now 4:51. surveillance video is giving us a good look at the would have been thief who hatched a plan to steal from a bay area jewelry store. really?
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really? really? really? really? really? see zero in a whole new way. get zero down, zero deposit, zero first month's payment,
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and zero due at signing on select volkswagen models. now with the people first warranty. intended to make a busy road safe let's show you what's going on here in our hi-def doppler. seeing intense rain coming down along the coast. look at this for half moon bay, san mateo, south san francisco, a lot of this moisture coming right off the ocean and it's impacting highway 101 there, mill valley, san rafael. as i move along on our hi-def doppler, give you an idea of what neighborhoods are really facing the most amount of rain right now. it's calmer in the north bay. they really got a lot of it this overnight into the early- morning hours. but it has not let up for yountville yet. but up to three inches of rain for some of those hills across the north bay. we'll keep tracking this throughout the day. jaclyn. expect delays heading in or out of san francisco. right now, 101, this is right as you approach the 80 split
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there, and we have closed lanes, quite a bit of flooding in the lanes and so caltrans is out -- crews are out there clearing the drains so that the roads won't be so flooded. so do anticipate delays. we have reduced speeds and traffic is backed up to about cesar chavez at this point. back to you guys. san francisco has a plan intended to make a busy road safe for bicyclists. crews will start recording video of valencia street between market and mission streets. the goal is to see how often vehicles especially lyft and uber drivers stop in bike lanes. the study could potentially change rules for ride hailing services and loading rules for businesses. newly released surveillance video shows a failed effort to rob a pleasanton jewelry store. kpix 5's christin ayers explains what stopped the would- be robbers. >> reporter: the 7 would-be thieves walk into the diamond ring company at stoneridge mall wearing hooded sweatshirts and masks. some had pepper spray.
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watch as one of them blasts the area behind the counter with spray. another pulls out what appears to be a hammer and strikes the display case again and again. but the case is made of shatter-proof glass. when one of the suspects gets tired, another takes over and then they all run empty-handed leaving the grounds in two dark sedans. >> this is a surprise at what looks ache peaceful place. >> reporter: this couple is touring the bay area and never expected this here. but they were relieved to see the jewelry shop was prepared. >> they had shatter-proof glass so they clearly expected something. >> it's way over the top. >> reporter: cindy says she regularly hears of thefts at stoneridge mall and it's making her increasingly cautious. >> when i go to that mall, if i have to go for a reason, i lock my doors, i look over my shoulders, i never used to do that before. >> reporter: a mall spokesman wouldn't talk to us on camera but said on the phone the safety and security of our shoppers and employees is our
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highest priority. in pleasanton, christin ayers, kpix 5. we're learning more about a quadruple shooting in richmond that left a man and woman dead. it happened around 7:30 tuesday night. it was a targeted attack. the victims are both 24. their names haven't been released yet. police have not released a description of the shooter or motive. the two other victims are currently in the hospital. ♪[ music ] it's 4:57. despite an apology from uc president janet napolitano, the findings into an investigation into her office are expected to be released today. >> reporter: and a warning to several bay area cities from the feds when it comes to sanctuary city policy. some of the strong words exchanged, coming up. - grocery outlet
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let's start with a live look outs good morning, it's thursday, november 16th. i'm michelle griego. >> good morning, i'm kenny choi. let's start with a live look outside on this thursday morning. a live look at the traffic in oakland, 880 on the right and look at all that rain, that shot near san francisco city hall. rain is definitely coming in. hi-def doppler showed us coming in. it doesn't lie. >> it's happening right now. south san francisco seeing a lot of it. san francisco just got a ton of rain coming off the coast. satellite and radar imagery gives you a kind of wider view of what's happening. it's really a lot of the moisture right off of the coast that is being ushered right on into san francisco. so the coast, of course, first in line to face all of this. but overnight tonight, the north bay really got a lot. you know, right now still not


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