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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  November 17, 2017 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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they call it -- a safer oakland. city leaders are outliningts..n after the deadly ghost ship warehouse fire. now at noon, they call it a safer oakland. city leaders are outlining improvements nearly one year after the deadly ghost ship warehouse fire. good afternoon, i'm kenny choi. >> and i'm michelle griego. the deadliest single fire in oakland's history has led to sweeping changes. kpix 5's jackie ward on the
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steps taken to make sure there's never another tragedy like it. >> reporter: it's been almost one year since 36 people were killed in oakland's deadliest fire. over the course of 11 months, city officials say they have collaborated to form long-term sustainable solutions. >> oakland is safer today than it was a year ago. >> reporter: december 2nd, 2016, it's a date that none of these city officials will ever forget. since that fatal night, oakland leaders have focused on six key areas. bring buildings into compliance. increase inspection capacity and enhanced protocols, improve interdepartmental communications, strengthen tenant protections, streamline special event permitting and identifying housing resources. they are working to get information on an online database when some records were kept on paper. >> how do fire inspectors collect data, firefighters when they're doing inspections, and how does that relate to the inspections that are done by the building department?
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>> the use of mobile devices and tablets and a database will provide our individuals with some very important tools conduct inspections efficiently, effectively and comprehensively. >> reporter: 135 properties have been identified to have multiple hazards. 32 warehouses or commercial properties that have unpermitted residential occupancies were suspected, 11 cases have been resolved. five cases have ended with tenant evictions. all but five of the victims' families have filed lawsuits since the fire. the defendants include pg&e and the building manager, derick almena. in oakland, jackie ward, kpix 5. pg&e says it plans to cut down about 25,000 trees that were damaged in the wine country wildfires. they say it's part of an effort to protect power lines in the area. pg&e is facing multiple lawsuits alleging responsibility for last month's fires but so far, there has been no determination on the cause. state lawmakers are pushing new regulations on the marijuana industry before
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recreational marijuana use becomes legal. but some local governments like the san francisco board of supervisors say they need more time. here are a few of the details of what might happen at the state level. the size of cannabis farms would not be limited but every plant would be required to be tracked from farm to sale. security would be required at all farms and dispensaries. and cannabis marketers would not be able to advertise to minors. san francisco is not on pace to have new laws ready to gone an january 1st. they need time to determine how close dispensaries can be to schools and daycares and other issues. berkeley's mayor is at the center of a probe about campaign funds. a commission will discuss whether mayor jesse arreguin violated local election laws and why his campaign manager, who spent her own money on supplies was not reimbursed within the required 45 days. the committee could fine him
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$18,000 for the violation. new at noon, jesse jackson reveals today he has parkinson's disease. the 76-year-old says he has been seeking outpatient care for two years after a 2015 diagnosis. jackson says he won't stop working but is making some lifestyle changes and plans to dedicate himself to physical therapy. in a letter to supporters, jackson said family and friends noticed a change in him about three years ago and he could no longer ignore symptoms. senator al franken has avoided the press since a los angeles talk radio news anchor publicly accused him of sexual misconduct while on the tour in 2016. weijia jang looks at what's next for the minnesota democrat. >> reporter: the picture alone says plenty. >> there's never an excuse for it. there's never, um, any way that you can defend it. >> reporter: but then talk radio news anchor leeann tweeden described what happened. behind the scenes at a rehearsal for a skit on a uso tour in 2016 -- >> he grabbed the back of my
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head and just sort of comes in and puts his lips right on mine and just sticks his tongue in my mouth. >> reporter: senator franken hasn't answered questions since the allegations surfaced. but he did issue a statement saying: >> reporter: lawmakers from both parties are referring the incident to the senate ethics committee. and mr. franken says he will cooperate with an investigation. some say that's not enough. >> he should resign. >> i think that's appropriate. . >> reporter: president trump weighed in on twitter saying: >> reporter: during the campaign, at least 11 women publicly accused president
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trump of sexual misconduct in the past. weijia jang, cbs news, capitol hill. a number of women who work for al franken in the past have come out in his defense saying that in a statement that he treated them with the utmost respect and was a champion in legislation for women. investigators are trying to figure out why a pennsylvania nursing home burst into flames injuring 20 people. flames poured from the roof and spread to other buildings. patients were evacuated. then buses moved them to save and warm locations. >> it was burning. as soon as you got close you could smell smoke and see flames. >> none of the injuries appears to be life-threatening. it is a busy travel day at bay area airports. people getting an early start on the long thanksgiving holiday as the week approaches. the biggest crowds we saw at san jose's mineta international airport this morning were outside the terminal.
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>> it is more quiet than i expected but the traffic around the airport is heavier than i thought for this time of the morning. >> meanwhile, sfo says that this is one of the busiest travel days of the year. 169,000 passengers are expected to pass through. but they say that next friday will be worse. tesla is getting into the big rig business. the electric carmaker says it's shaking up the $700 billion trucking industry with the unveiling of its first electric semi tractor-trailer. with the pomp and circumstance of a big tech unveiling, elon musk showed off tesla's new electric semi truck. >> it's unlike any truck that you have ever driven. >> reporter: he says the semi has a 500-mile range on a single charge and contains many of tesla's signature features including the autopilot system. to meet demand, tesla says it's building a network of solar- powered mega charging stations which need to be ready when the truck becomes available in
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2019. but the announcement comes as tesla faces major challenges. it lost a record $619 million last quarter and has struggled with production. >> you will not be able to buy a better car for $35,000. >> reporter: it is way behind on orders for its low cost sedan, the model 3, with some customers waiting 18 months or longer for delivery. cnet's tim stevens attended last night's event and says production is one of the issues tesla needs to address. >> they are struggling to get those out the door and to meet all preorders they have now. they need to get that revenue flowing to pay for the products like the tesla 10. >> reporter: the automaker needs to shake the reputation that some of its vehicles are unreliable. >> when you're talking about a commercial truck that businesses will depend upon, you need them to be absolutely bulletproof. tesla is going to have to absolutely prove to the industry that their trucks will be even more reliable than the trucks that are already on the market today. >> tesla also showed off a new roadster. the company says it can go from 0 to 60 miles an hour in 1.9 seconds.
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it has a top speed of 250 miles an hour and can drive up to 620 miles on a single charge. and it's pretty. you can reserve it for $50,000 deposit but it won't be available until 2020 at a starting price of $200,000. still ahead, emotions in the end zone. a 49ers wide receiver pushes through personal tragedy just hours before the game. now he and his wife are talking about it. >> plus, amazon announces a fix for the flaw in its home delivery system. >> and a picture-perfect kind of day with these clear skies out there. when we're going to see our next chance of rain. sfx: tinny headphone music
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an emotional celebration in the end zone... after 49ers wide receiver marquise wide open for the speedster! goodwin is gone! a 49er touchdown! [ applause and cheers ] >> an emotional celebration in the end zone after 49ers wide receiver marquise goodwin scored an 83-yard touchdown on sunday. he blew a kiss to the sky as he crossed that goal line. then he dropped to his knees. what fans didn't know at the time is that just hours earlier, he was dealing with a personal tragedy. his baby boy died following pregnancy complications. his wife and he opened up about the experience. >> imagine having something that you want more than anything in the world and you get it and it just is stripped away from you.
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>> reporter: marquise and his wife don't have to imagine. their baby boy was delivered stillborn sunday morning after morgan went into premature labor at 19 weeks. >> i would give my life up if i could have a boy. that's the one thing i wanted more than anything in the world and now i don't have that opportunity right now. >> reporter: despite his grief, hours later, marquise was playing in the 49ers game against the giants. at morgan's insistence. >> it was actually morgan's idea that i go play in the game. for me, my intentions were to be with her the whole time. >> morgan, why did you want him to go play this game? >> we had our baby boy. we spent time with him. i said i want you to play in the game because i want your son to see you. [ crying ] >> play. >> reporter: marquise goodwin didn't just play. >> wide open for the speedster! goodwin -- >> reporter: he caught this pass for an 83-yard touchdown. it would lead san francisco to
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its first win of the season. >> as i'm running -- [ applause and cheers ] >> -- i just blew a kiss to god and to my baby and i dropped down on my knees and, um, give god the glory because i'm thankful. i still am thankful for the opportunity just to be alive for my life. >> even after all you've been through? >> even after all i been through. >> you're watching this. what's going through your mind, morgan? >> i was in the hospital on the bed watching and i was crying. and i immediately said [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: only two 49ers teammates knew the pain he was playing with. it wasn't until their social media post after the game that the world was let in. >> got some really supportive responses especially from a lot of women who have been through the same exact thing and not even once but twice sometimes and three times. >> a lot of people that i've
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never been in contact with have cents messages, have sent gifts and flowers and also told us that, you know, we're inspiring them because they're going through something without all the love that everybody showed, i don't know if we would be as good as we are right now. >> i'm sure you wanted to share football with your son. do you think their son will always be part of football with you in when you're out there? >> my son will now always be a part of football because of the experience i experienced on sunday. i'll try to take that enthusiasm and passion i play with each game from now on. >> they met at the university of texas at austin where they were both track stars in college. they credit their bond and faith for carrying them through this difficult time. amazon will fix a flaw in its new amazon key delivery system that allows workers to put packages inside your home monitored by a wireless in home
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camera. but "wired" magazine says the security firm found a way for thieves to freeze the camera and get inside undetected. amazon says it's updating the system to keep doors locked and notify homeowners if the camera goes offline. a big day for san francisco-based stitch fix. the online clothing styling service raised $120 million in its initial public offering for stock. shares were set at $15 but jumped to more than $18 during the morning opening. right now, it's trading at about $16 a share. let's take a look at the big board. see how the markets are doing. the dow is down about 88 points. it's a sure sign the holidays are right around the corner. >> yeah. the lighting ceremony at san francisco's embarcadero center is a few hours away. [ fireworks ] >> michelle and i will be there tonight to flip the switch as more than 17,000 lights illuminate the embarcadero buildings. the day's festivities start at
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4:00. the fun includes a carnival, a disney on ice performance with characters from "frozen" and, of course, fireworks. we hope to see you out there tonight. >> yeah. the ceremony actually starts at 6:00. but you can ice skate before this. olympic figure skater kristi yamaguchi will be spreading holiday cheer in the south bay taking part in the season opening of downtown ice in san jose. that celebration starts at 6:00. as of today the rink will be open from 11 a.m. to midnight daily. it's at the circle of palms along market street. . it's going to be 50s. hot cocoa or a hot toddy sounds good. here's the ice rink, tonight clear cool 56. similar tonight in san jose, as well. let's show you what's going on right now. we talked about how the airport is very busy.
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there it is. clear skies at sfo. so hopefully no weather delays. right now 62 degrees in concord, 58 oakland. livermore 59. san francisco 57. it's picture-perfect out there. winds picking up just a little bit at sfo coming out of the north at 10 miles per hour. 7 for redwood city. hayward 6. oakland 8-mile-per- hour winds. a lot calmer to the north in novato and napa. northwest winds at 6. here's what you can expect. so we are seeing some lingering sierra snowfall across the higher elevations. but all of that will be long gone. and we are going to be dealing with some chilly mornings next saturday and sunday. also, dry through the weekend so if you have outdoor plans this weekend here in town, you are in luck. it's a bluebird kind of day if you are heading out to tahoe because the snow came. they got about two feet of snow at many of those ski resorts so they're welcoming skiers. here's your snow report:
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>> here's your futurecast. there is a chance of rain but we are going to have to wait for it. clear skies through your whole weekend and then by monday, at around midnight, early-morning hours, that's when that chance of rain will be arriving. so your seven-day forecast looks like this. nice sunny skies and then there's that hint of rain ahead of thanksgiving. temperatures will be warming right up. i'll send it over to you guys. or no. i'll run over to you guys. [ laughter ] >> run over. >> there we go. hey hey! still ahead keeps your pets safe around the thanksgiving table. >> awww. >> how some holiday food could pose a threat to pets. >> and what's cool about your school? email your nomination to us at cools, and we may feature your school on the thursday morning show. you may be starting your
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thanksgiving preparations this weekend. and it's important to keep your pets in mind, when you're putting out that feast. dr. jill chase joins us -- alon with you may be starting your thanksgiving preparations this weekend and it's important to keep your pets in mind when you're putting out the feast. dr. jill chase joins us. >> yeah. so typically, thanksgiving usually the next day or the day or two after that we see a lot
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of cases of pancreatitis, inflammation of the pancreas because thanksgiving has a lot of very fatty foods, butter, skin, yams and stuffing, everything has butter in it. i of course enjoy that but not good for the pets. so the best piece of information i can give you if you want to keep your veterinary bills down is to avoid your pet eating any of those types of foods. then people say, what can i feed them? you probably could safely feed them the turkey white male as long as you haven't cooked it in garlic or onions, which is very toxic for dogs. >> don't give them bones. >> i'm not a big advocate of bones has people know because it can lead to stomach and intestinal issues including perforating the intestines. so if you follow those rules, also alcohol, we'll talk about alcohol. alcohol is never okay for pets. and their liver is not designed
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for processing alcohol so any alcohol-drenched foods, desserts, things like that be mindful of where your pet is at all times. garbage cans, sometimes people use string on the turkey and put it in the garbage can and the dog eats it and it leads to a horrible situation. so just pay attention to your pet. >> good tips. dr. chase, thank you so much. if you have a question about your pet's health and well- being, we want to hear from you. just just email us at and we'll have our pet expert give you an answer every friday right here at noon. we'll be right back.
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says she tried to stop a passing car for help.. but the driver turned her down. her story of survival.. to
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a young mother shot five times by the tehama county gunman said she tried to stop a passing car for help but the driver turned her down. her story of survival tonight at 5:00. we got a couple of exciting things tonight. >> we do! you guys will be at the ice skating rink. >> right. the embarcadero lighting ceremony. >> then if you stay up until midnight, look up at the sky. there's the leonid meteor showers. we have prime viewing midnight through dawn. >> have a good weekend. ♪[ music ] we're the generation that had it all.
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