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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  November 18, 2017 2:07am-2:37am PST

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the fatal collision produced a traffic mess on this busy travel night. several southbound and northbound lanes closed for hours as the truck was hoisted upright. 40 minutes to go a mile? >> yeah, it was pretty bad. i'm trying to go to walnut creek for dinner. maybe tomorrow night. >> it's frustrating, especially for a nice weekend, it's friday. >> reporter: once traffic is lighter, heavy questions remain for detectives. the cause of the accident is under investigation. in san francisco, kpix 5. >> the deadly crash caused this back up on the bay bridge tonight. bumper to bumper traffic as far as you can see. cph says all lanes reopened about 8:00 p.m. shot, robbed, and left for dead all for $20 and a fake gold chain. it happened nearly 10 years ago and the case is still unsolved.
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we spoke with the bay area man who survived, but his life will never be the same. >> it's like it just happened yesterday. >> reporter: one single bullet. >> went through my chest and both lungs. >> reporter: and arthur would see his life. >> it shattered my spine. >> reporter: it would never be the same. >> i was shot december 2nd, but i didn't wake up until december 23rd, and the doctor came in and told me i suffered a spinal cord injury, and i said what does that mean? he said i'd be paralyzed and i'dly the rest of my -- i'd live the rest of my life in a wheelchair. >> reporter: at just 20 years old he was paralyzed from the waist down, and in the meantime the attacker was still out there. he was attacked walking outside
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of a club in san francisco. >> i don't even know who the shooter is. he was never found. >> reporter: arthur says he fell into a depression, but he says as he lay in his hospital bed, one of his mentors told him life goes on. that's when he turned to one of his passions. basketball. >> you know, this is a court where i first learned how to play basketball. >> reporter: but he didn't just go back to the sport. he returned to the boys and girls club as a coach and became a semi-pro wheelchair basketball player. he inspires other paraplegics to play ball. >> i want you to be a part of this movement. >> reporter: he created a nonprofit called life goes on, inspired by the three words by shooting. soon after the if>> lfoundation, it's a motorcycle aj to overcome obstacles and
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injuries in life. >> reporter: he travels mostly to schools and juvenile halls to talk about bullying and his injuries. >> i wasn't always in this chair. >> reporter: and he takes to others who just learned they're paralyzed. >> let them know that life is going to be okay, things will get better, and to see the smile on their face is so rewarding. >> reporter: his message reached hollywood celebrities and professional athletes. kevin durant has worn a life goes on bracelet in many games. but this season is especially difficult because it's the tenth anniversary of the shooting without any sign the man who almost took his life will be caught. >> there are times i feel like i could be at the grocery store or mall or concert and this same guy would be next to me. >> reporter: if you think it will slow down arthur, think
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again. right now he's gearing up for his tenth anniversary life goes on gala. the money raised will go to money causes, including finding a way for arthur and other paraplegics to walk again. doctorstold him he'd never talk again. he proved them wrong. he says he wants to prove them wrong again. >> i do believe one day i will walk again and get back on my feet and really try to inspire the world to make a difference. life does go on. you can't give up. you have to stay positive. a pit bull attack in oakland under investigation tonight. animal control responded to the scene about 10:00 this morning near 63rd and took custody of the pit bulls. the two dogs ran over from a nearby home and mauled a woman out walking her dog and the pit
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bulls killed her dog and injured a man who stepped in try to help. they're both in stable condition tonight. animal control is trying to determine what to do with the dogs. >> >. tonight the lights are still out at a luxury high-rise in san francisco. studios there go for $3,000 a month. it's on howard street. tenants tell us they can't get a straight answer about when the power will be back on. >> reporter: more than a thousand tenants at the towers are in the dark in more ways than one. their power has been out since early tuesday morning and they don't know why. >> it's challenging. you take some things for granted. >> reporter: it poses challenges, but it's the lack of accurate information about the time line for restoring power that's the biggest inconvenience.
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>> not knowing, the communication hasn't been perfect. >> the biggest frustration is that every step of the way they're promising an a lot earlier time frame for water to be turned on. >> reporter: today we confirmed the main water line burst and flooded an electrical panel here. the power was cut for safety reasons. they say they're working diligently to restore power as soon as possible and should know more on monday morning as to the extent of the water damage. for tonight residents can stay for free at a couple of hotels downtown. they've been given free meals via food truck every day and showering at the ymca. employees hear here are doing -- employees here are doing the best they can. >> i have to commend them. >> reporter: one of the biggest unanswered questions is what caused the water main break in the first place that. is something that officials say they're hoping to be able to
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address on monday. in san francisco, kpix 5. tonight president trump is backing offer on his decision on -- off on his decision on big game hunting at least for now. yesterday u.s. fish and wild life said it would allow hunters to import trophies from africa into the united states, a reversal of an obama-era policy. the administration faced immediate backlash. tonight the president tweeted put big game trophy decision on hold until such time as i review all conversation facts. under study for years. will update soon. remember the sexual misconduct allegations against president trump? we will, veronica de la cruz tells -- well, veronica de la cruz tells us they're coming back to light tonight. >> yes, president trump blasted senator al franken for his sexual misconduct allegations,
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but today media reporters pressed the white house about the allegations against president trump. he was caught talking about groping and kissing women, and during the campaign more than a dozen women came forward to accuse trump of misconduct. the trump campaign denied all claims. >> senator franken admitted wrong doing and the president hasn't, that's a clear distinction. >> president trump hasn't commented on alabama's senate candidate roy moore who's accused of sexual misconduct against minors. the white house says moore should drop out of the race if the allegations are true. judge moore denied all of the allegations and called it a political employ. east bay road hit with a big land slide last winter is finally ready to open. it's the only way out for some people in clayton, but repairs were delayed after the slide in february because the ground
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kept moving. work finally began in july, and now a county contractor finished a rebuild including new walls and drainage. it reopens at 5:00 p.m. tomorrow and there's a ribbon cutting celebration on december 2nd. dmv is about to get even more challenging because millions of people in california will have to show up in person to get a new kind of driver's license. here's what we'll have to do. we'll give you a tag to go the window, ok?" california residents can start applying for a new federally compliant - "real- id" on january 22nd. jessica gonzalez/dmv spokesperson "people actually physicall into our fi >> reporter: there aren't many smiling faces in this line except this one. the lines could get much longer at the start of year. >> fill it out and come right back. >> reporter: california residents can start applying for a new federally compliant real id. >> people physically coming
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into the offices, re- establishing their applng for a they choose to, it's not mandatory. >> reporter: right now the state expects 60 percent of people with a california driver's license to apply for the real id. translation, 20 million people will try to make an appointment at a dmv office in the next two and a half years to get the new federally compliant card. the state estimates it will need $200 million and 700 more workers to handle the applications. to apply residents have to go in person to the dmv with proof of identity like a birth certificate or passport and a mortgage statement and crew [ unintelligible ] bill, and proof -- utility bill and proof like a social security card. >> i made an appointment and stood in line 20 minutes just to get the paperwork. >> it's already a grid lock.
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>> reporter: but the dmv says california residents can keep the current driver's license or id card and renew it online or by mail. >> customers have to make the choice. do i need a real id and do i want to come in and get one or do i not need one? >> reporter: dmv representatives say they know the offices will be crowded, so some will be open on saturdays from 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. others could stay open later during the week. it's important to note that undocumented workers are not eligible for real ids but can get a standard driver's license or id card. tonight bart police identified a man seen on video committing a hate crime. >> i hate you [ bleep] [ bleep] >> excuse me! >> say that one more time [ bleep] >> this happened monday night on a train headed to warm springs. the man in a blue shirt yelled racial slurs at an asian man
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and slapped him. the victim later said he didn't want to pursue charges. now bart police say they have the suspect's name. they also say they're taking legal steps to ban him from the transit system. the new shelter in oakland will soon take in girls who have fallen victim to human trafficking. kpix 5's christin ayers shows us the goal is to give them a safe place to heal. >> reporter: it doesn't look like much now. a series of rooms still under construction. but in a matter of months this will be home for young women escaping sexual exploitation on the streets. it's based in east oakland. a hub for child sex trafficking. they'll call it clair's house. >> you have nowhere to go, and i want them to say i can go to clair's house. >> reporter: until now she says the fight to end child sex trafficking in the bay area has been missing one crucial piece. >> we need partners able to
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intervene but we have a housing crisis. >> there just aren't house ors safe place for our people to be placed after they've been rescued away from a trafficker. >> reporter: the numbers are astonishing. on gaven night there are -- given night there are upwards of 1500 homeless young people in alameda county. the number reserved for children trafficked are zero. >> nationally there are more animal shelters than they are shelters for young people what have been exploited. >> reporter: this advocate for sex trafficking survivors says with nowhere else to go young women often return to their pimps. the hope is clair's house will disrupt the cycle. with 12 beds it will be the first of its kind in the bay area. a place where young women can come and stay for as long as they need. >> when someone is being
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exploited their life is dimmed, shut off. covered with all type of black paint and put on top of it so one cannot thrive. and we just want them to find their light. >> reporter: in oakland, christin ayers, kpix 5. berkeley police say a robbery crew is behind a string of crimes and they're still on the loose tonight. police say the robbers targeted five pedestrians in the past week. all of the crimes happened at night, and all of them happened near the cal campus. truant last year, according to 10 percent or more than 200,000 of california elementary school kids were truant last year. alameda is taking a tough love approach toward parents whose kids miss too many school days. now the adults get dragged into court. >> reporter: in this criminal court, the defendant is a parent facing charges because her child was absent too much
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from school. >> i thought i was just going to jail the first day i came. >> his teacher herself made attempts to call you. >> reporter: truancy court is a last resort for parents of chronic absentee mostly 6 to 12 years old. in california, a student with three or more unexcused absences or tardies in a year are considered truant, but when days turn to weeks, parents can end up in court for violating the state education code. >> he thought mommy wouldn't come home, so i was scared. >> reporter: the program was started 13 years ago to help moms and dads. in the worst cases if parents don't comply they can take for serious steps, even issue a bench warrant, but those are rare. >> we don't want to send people to jail or fine parents. >> reporter: each year about
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parents of 150 kids go through truancy court, and 90 percent improve attendance. take unica's daughter who missed two months of school because she was bullied. >> i told her i might have to go to jail if she doesn't go to school, and that pushed her. >> reporter: often they uncover family struggles like lack of transportation, abuse, violence, and homelessness. >> i didn't know where we were going to sleep that night, and the last thing on my mind was school. >> reporter: but they connect the family with services, counseling, and other resources. >> this is life and it shouldn't take away the opportunity for these little kids to succeed. >> reporter: the consequences are far reaching. the sheriff says there's a correlation between chronic absences and crime. >> studies show if kids aren't
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reading by third grade they'll drop out of school, and 80 percent of those end up in our custody. >> reporter: the alameda jail office offers inmates a chance to take classes and earn a high school diploma or ged. they partner with key charter schools. 125 students are in the program, including makayla white. >> i just wanted to have fun when i dropped out. >> reporter: she just earned her high school diploma behind bipartisans and eventually -- behind bars, and eventually wants to start her own business. >> it feels like actual true happiness like i can do something to follow the dreams i used to have. >> reporter: the sheriff says the educational program gives inmates a second chance for success. >> we're not a hotel. we don't want them to return. >> reporter: but with truancy court, the hope is fewer young people will check into the jail in the first place. >> you still have a chance, and
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that's, i think that gives a lot of people hope. >> it really is our way of combating crime before the crime ever occurs. >> reporter: a court date for parents now in hopes their children won't get locked up later. we've been talking all evening about temperatures overnight and tomorrow morning dropping into the 30s. it's already in the 30s in sonoma county. santa rosa currently 38 degrees. widespread frost is possible away from the water. concord chilly 46, san francisco 53, santa rosa only 3 degrees above freezing tonight, and outside the city it's more like 33 or 34 leading to frost. vallejo cold for you, 39. concord 39. that said tomorrow great weather for the big game. cal and stanford on the farm this year. clear sky, temperature at 5:00 is 60 degrees, and the ice
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rink. we were down there for the building lighting, sunshine, 62 degrees. things certainly changed today compared to the last several. the tropical moisture is nowhere to be seen. not a huge ridge of high pressure out there. we'll have mild and dry weather for the upcoming weekend. if you want sunshine, tomorrow is the better choice because futurecast says not a cloud in the sky from ukia to gilroy. sunday afternoon some cloud cover, filtered sunshine. still pleasant, just not as perfectly sunny. and then on monday here comes some rain fall, only the lightest shade of green. less and less rain fall is predicted as monday arrives. clear and chilly tonight with areas of frost. rain returns monday. highs tomorrow close to average. exactly average for san jose. sunshine for you and 65.
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cupertino 64, half moon bay 60 with sunshine. low 60s in the surrounding areas. san francisco 62, napa 63, andextended forecast. dry weekend, little rain on monday. next week travel day and thanksgiving, not only warm, not only dry, how about the mid- 70s away from the water? if you have that family or neighborhood football game after an early thanksgiving dinner, that was a tradition when i was a kid, maybe sweating a little. >> turkey ball. >> i like it. >> thanks paul. tonight the bay area fight to save this neon sign of a dancing pig. ve a neon landmark.
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they are worried it could be in t. some people in san jose are trying to save a very important neon land mark. >> worried it could be in the path of redevelopment. the sign is known affectionately as the dancing pig. a company called steven's meat put it up in the 1950s, and it's in the same area where google plans to build a new village. they want to fix the light and power supply so the pig can dance again. >> these are hand done signs with the bent tubes of neon forming the pig and causing it to dance, so we're hopeful a company as progressive as
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google will find it of interest on their campus. >> the assessment is under way for the restoration cost. macy's unveiled their holiday windows tonight including these adorable little puppies and little kitty cats. >> aww. >> all up for adoption. the display is in partnership with the san francisco aspca. i've taken my kids there. unbelievable. it's helped provide homes for more than 9,000 little animals over the years. >> it's so hard to go and see them and not want to just adopt them all. they're so cute! >> that's what they're counting on. [ laughter ] >> just don't go. [ laughter ] all right, stanford women looking for their first win of the season in the home opener, and the giants make a big move to bring a
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san francisco is reportedly one an of the giants have a few needs to address in the off season, and getting a big bat is one of them. san francisco is one of the first teams to put in an offer for giancarlo stanton. they submitted a trade proposal to the marlins. several other teams have made offers or plan to.
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stanton come windshield a heavy -- comes with a heavy price tag, 295 million over the next 10 years. and the stanford women at home against river side. carrington strong to the hoop and one. she led with cardinal with 13 points. 3rd quarter, stanford up by 16. smith in the pink with the left- handed lay up. stanford cruises past uc river side 53-43. and cal visiting number one uconn. the steal and up ahead to nurse for the lay autopsy. the bears -- lay up. the bears committed 29 turnovers as the huskies out scored them 22-3 in the third. uconn rolls. and on the farm, stanford
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hosting northeastern. the cardinal go up by 9. later in the second, the cardinal leading by just two. light steps out on the perimeter and then knocks down the three to cushion the lead. he finished with 17 points as stanford wins 73-at. and a big -- 73-59. and the big raiders game coming up sunday in mexico city. vern is there . >> and usc. >> what does that stand for? the late show is next.
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own for your car. >> we've all had experiences with reckless drivers, road rage, fender-benders, or, god forbid, a more serious accident. so, what's the first thing people start doing? >> pointing fingers. >> [ laughs ] right. because no one wants to admit fault and take the chance of getting sued or having your insurance rates go up. before you know it, you could be out thousands of dollars in legal fees, hospital bills, car repairs, insurance deductibles, and rate hikes. >> yikes. >> well, that's why the first time you use the hd mirrorcam, you're going to love it because it's gonna capture everything. >> everything. >> can you imagine the power of being able to show the police exactly what happened? >> people are driving crazy these days. they're running lights, they're cutting you off. now with hd mirrorcam, you capture it all. you not only capture the video in hd, but you also capture the audio of anything that's happening inside or outside of


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