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tv   CBS Weekend News  CBS  November 19, 2017 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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captioning sponsored by cbs >> more rejection. alabama's top newspapers run a front page editorial slamming the embattled senate candidate weeks before the special election. also tonight african dictator robert the mugabe ousted by his party but refusing to resign. days after a 200,000 gallon oil leak, a key vote comes tomorrow for the controversial keystone xl pipeline. >> good morning to you. >> quijano: learning in the dark. school children in storm-ravaged puerto rico and we first met them six years ago. >> waw see all the dirty water that was there. >> quijano: four girls that set out to help families a world away. look how they and their charity
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have grown. >> that's a pretty big accomplishment. >> yeah, it was pretty dawnting to start. >> in i this is the "cbs weekend news." >> quijano: good evening i'm elaine quijano. a special election three queenings from tuesday could change the balance of the u.s. senate. today the top three newspapers in alabama ran a front page editorial rejecting republican candidate roy moore. he is fighting off multiple allegations of sexual misconduct. the newspapers call the election a turning point for women in the state that has silenced them tor too long. dean reynolds is there. >> thank you, thank you, thank you. >> doug joans is the democrat in this race and often overlooked candidate without is hoping a new day is dawning in alabama. >> when you are on the right side of history, when you are on the right side of juses tis, when you are on the right side of equality, you can accomplish great things.
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>> . s of today jones is on the right side of the most influential newspaper in the state winning the endorsement of the birmingham news which simultaneously and poantedly attacked his republican opponent roy moore. every day said the editorial new allegations arise that illustrate a pattern of a man in his 30s strutting through town like the cock of the walk courting and praying on young women and girls. including tina johnson. >> he proceeded to ask me about my two small children and how, what their age was. and i told him. and then he asked me was her eye color like mine. and then we got up to leave and when we did, my mother went first and he grabbed me from behind on my butttocks. now 70 moore and his team have attacked the women and "the washington post" which first published their stories.
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>> scurrilous, false, charges, not charges, allegations which i have emphatically denied time and time again. >> reporter: michelle holmes is on the editor qual board. >> this is a clear cut case. we have opposed poor before, we will oppose moore in the future. roy moore is bad for alabama. >> reporter: turnout will mean everything in this race. the deadline to register to vote is november 27th. elaine? >> dean reynolds, thank you. >> quijano: we turn now to our chief washington correspondent and "face the nation" host john dickerson. so john, what are the chances roy moore can win the alabama senate seat in the december? >> well, we don't know. the polling shows that moore is a little bit behind but given all the kompleg of this race and the moral baggage that it's taken on you have to be highly sceptical of state polling just anyway but also in this condition where people might not just say they're going to vote for him and ultimatedly end up
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voting for him. he has a core constituency who really loves him and the question is whether will are enough democrats white house raged by this behavior to actually turn out. but i think it's anybody's guess at this point. >> another issue, house republicans passed a tax bill earlier this week. a few republican senators still have questions about the senate version of the bill. will the senate, you think, be able to pass it before the end of the year. >> the legislative days are drawing short. there are sort of a handful of republican senators who have issues and the question is whether those issues can be addressed with changes in the bill. that's the normal process or whether when they change the bill it knocks other senators off it. but the big questions are really who gets the breaks and whether it creates too much of an impact on the debt which a lot of senators still believe is an important issue. if you make the debt too big, it will hurt the economic growth. >> quijano: john dickerson in washington, thank you. >> thanks, elaine. minnesota democrat al franken kept a low profile this weekend
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after being hit with sexual misconduct allegations. frankin and fellow senators from both parties have called for an ethics investigation into charges that he made unwanted advances toward radio host leann tweeden. new sexual misconduct allegations surfaced this weekend in show business. among the accused producer brett rattner, music executive russell simmons, tv host ryan seacrest and actor jeffrey tambor. john blackstone now on the growing fallout from the harvey weinstein scan scanneddal. >> the class action ought filed again harvey weinstein and his movie production companies also seeks to hold responsible the private detectives, attorneys and others who helped weinstein cover up his behavior for years. the suit describes these others as members of an organization, the wynnestein sexual enterprise. whose job it was to harass, threaten, extort and mislead his victims and the media to prevent their prosecution, reporting or disclosure of his sexual misconduct.
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it seems like a serial criminal. >> it would be, yes. >> captain bill hayes leads the division of the los angeles police department that investigates serious sex crimes now including those allegedly committed by weinstein. >> we have at least one investigation at this point in time that appears to be in statute where he is the suspect. >> the revelations about other prominent hollywood names have been keeping hayes department busy. >> we've gotten a significant number in the city of los angeles right now. we have 22 active investigations that are related to this. >> 22 active. >> investigations. >> what we're doing is we're putting the emphasis on those cases first because obviously some of them can fall out of statute. >> 22 cases against a prominent hollywood names? >> there are a number of names that are involved, some of them have more than one victim alleging a crime against them. >> are your investigations telling hollywood predators we're coming for you. >> i believe they're telling any
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of the predators we're coming tor them. >> since the winstein accusations surfaced in october the lapd received on average at least one call a day alleging sexual assault in the entertainment industry. john blackstone, cbs news, los angeles. >> days after a massive oil leak in the keystone pipeline a key vote comes tomorrow for the controversial keystone exxl expansionment here's roxana saberi. >> what appears from above to be a small spot staining the south dakota farm land is an estimated 210,000 gallons of oil from a leak in the keystone pipeline. >> transcanada the condition dan company running the pipeline says its crews shut it down after noticing the leak thursday morning. >> we have the right personnel here to do the job and we're going to be here and aggressively do this. >> local land owner ken moeckly is worried about contamination. >> i don't want it to happen anywhere but of course i don't want it to happen on us. >> the keystone pipeline delivers oil from canada all the way to illinois and texas.
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the leak in sowt dakota came just four days before nebraska regulators are set to announce whether to let transcanada build another pipe-line thraw their state. prot posal called the keystone xl sparked kres civil from neb neb. >> what gives a foreign komption the right to come in and take land away from nebraska farmers. >> reporter: in march president trump paveed the way for the project by reversing former president obama's rejection of it on environmental grounds. and granting transcanada a federal permit. >> transcanada will finally be allowed to complete this long overdue project. >> reporter: nebraska officials say the spill in south dakota won't affect their decision on whether the expansion can go ahead. but critics say the leak is proof of the perils posed by pipe-lines. >> if regulators approve the keystone xl expansion monday the new pipeline would carry about 830,000 barrels of oil a day from canada through three states.
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it would connect with the existing keystone pipeline that just leaked. elaine, the cause of that leak is under investigation. >> quijano: roxana, thank you. robert mugabe the long time dictator of glim bab we yas ousted by his political party yesterday, mugabe first took control of zimbabwe months before president reagan was first elected. debora patta has mr on the political crisis. >> robert mugabe stands isolated, his once ironclad grip on power ebbing away. but still he is digging in his heels. it was widely expected weigh stand down in an address to the nation this evening. >> the congress dn. >> instead he gave a rammabling speech with no hint of resignation and appeared to think he was still in charge. >> i will preside over this. >> but today his party rejected
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him. >> mugabe should resign. >> with zanu their leader, they also said he resign as president of the country by noon on monday or face impeachment. his controversial wife brace has been permanently expelled from the party. for 37 years mugabe is the only president zimbabwe has known. he has ruled as a brutal tyrant, detaining opposition leaders and returning the economy. and he unleashed thugs, calling themselves war veterans to seize white-owned farms and leave the land fall owe. but now the leader of the powerful war veteran's association chris mutsvangwa has turned on mugabe. >> he better give in in to them now. if he doesn't, we take over. >> reporter: and yesterday in unprecedented scenes, nearly four decades of fear melted
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away. as the people of zimbabwe took to the street. they want mugabe gone am but stubborn to the end, he is insisting as remaining president until next year's election. particle am reconvenes on tuesday. if mugabe has not stepped down by then it's expected it will move to impeach him, elaine? >> debora patta, thank you. >> coming up next, he followed his father's tire tracks into racing. today he reached the end of the road. and later school children and storm raffaged puerto rico get a lesson in persevereance.
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>> quijano: off the coast of argentina this weekend possible signs of life from a missing sub marine. the argentinee navy sub the san juan disappeared on wednesday with 44 crew members on board. on saturday authorities received seven satellite signals, blips believed to be from the sub but
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no contact was made. the u.s. navy and nasa are helping in the search with aircraft and underwater rescue equipment. in homestead florida today deal earnhardt, jr. drove the last lap of his racing career. earnhardt was 26 when his father, the ledge enary deal earnhardt sr was killed as they raced together toward the finish of a daytona 500. junior hangs up his helmet with an impressive 26 career victories, including two at daytona. britan's queen elizabeth 2 and prince fill lip are celebrating their 70th anniversary with a new portrait. the photo was taken earlier this month inside their home, windsor castle. the queen now 91 and the prince now 96 are planning a private celebration tomorrow with other members of the royal family. up next they are puerto rico's future. school children learning in the dark.
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>> quijano: former hamilton star lin-manuel miranda lead a march in washington dsm krvment for hurricane-ravageed puerto rico calling on congress to address the crisis still unfolding in the american territory. nearly two months after the storm, about half of the island is still in the dark. as david begnaud reports, school children are getting lessons in patience and persevereance. >> good plorng to you. >> by daylight these first graders are practicing english at julyio henna elementary school in san juan. >> today is a cloudy day. >> reporter: but no matter what the language, the struggles are easy to see. meals come in ready to eat packages, from the one gas stove but at least this school is open. >> about 400 of the island's
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1100 public schools are still closed. including juan hernandez's school where he had been cleaning up after the hurricane. >> we wait and we are ready. >> the contractor hired to inspect the schools are safe was fired so the national guard has taken over. >> anything-- at another school. >> any other areas? >> no. >> the principal deborah hernandez has a list of hazards. >> will is a leak that is very important to fix. >> but six weeks after the storm many of her students have left the island. >> we lost 25 students con frmed. some of them moved to the states. others to private schools. >> education secretary julia keleher told us maria devastated the school system already in trouble. but she refuses to send kids back to unsafe schools. >> some school communities are willing to open their schools
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even though those schools have conditions that would not meet a minimum standard in the states. >> it doesn't meet your bar. >> no, i think some of the conditions are unacceptable. >> for her and a lot of parents, where the school has been without power for nearly three weeks but are still open. 56 students from here have gone to florida and enrolled in and across the island about 6400 students have left and are now attending schools on the mainland. david begnaud, cbs news, san juan, puerto rico. >> quijano: still ahead, nearly two dozen nutribullet users say they were injured when the powerful blender malfunctioned.
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>> quijano: at least 22 people are suing the maker of the nutribullet blender. they claim the powerful blender malfunctioned causing serious injuries including burns. the maker of nutribullet maintains the blenders are safe. here's mireya villarreal. >> pot we are of the nutribullet
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completely breaks everything down. >> it is billed as a high speed appliance that can pulverize food better than an ordinary blender. >> the secret of a nutribullet is its powerful 600 watt user. >> but some users claim the device is also dangerous. >> i mean just came flying out all over me, all over the kitchen, the ceiling, the walls. >> cheryl said she used her nutribullet daily for years to make smoothies until one morning it exploded after about 20 seconds causing second degree burns. >> your arm felt on fire. >> on fire, on my chest and hit me in the face as well. >> she is one of at least 22 people now suing nutribullet. the latest spoke out tuesday says her face was badly burned. >> i want to tell the people don't use this product no more. because it is dangerous. >> attorney danny represents both women and claims a manufacturing defect can cause pressure to build up inside the blender. >> it creates heat and pressure
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inside the cannister. and the cannister can blow up. >> nutribullet is contesting the lawsuit filed. in a statement the company says reports about blenders causing injury are extremely rare. we typically find customers have failed to adhere to the operating instructions and warnings provided. >> the company says that these cases are very rare and this is all a publicity campaign. >> we have 22 cases. we are one firm in los angeles. >> had i known that that device, that nutribullet could hurt me, i wouldn't have used it, that is what i want people to know is that those can hurt you. >> mireya villarreal, cbs news, los angeles. >> quijano: when we return, we first met them six years ago. my how they and their charity have grown.
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>> quijano: we end tonight with a remarkable group of girls we first met in 2011 they are
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from long a land new york, they have been helping families more than 87-- 8700 miles away in cambodia. we paid the girls a visit to see how they an their charity have grown. >> the little kids just kind of live like on the street. >> back when emmy specht was 8 a family trip to cambodia opened her eyes to a nation's needs. >> to see it as a kid. tell me, how does that change you when you saw the poverty. >> when we just noticed how much we all have, that we kind of take for granted every day, something as small as clean water that other people need and we use it every day. we don't even notice it. >> so emmy, her sister rae and their friends took notice. starting the charity four girls for families. their first project was funding and delivering 600 water filtration systems to cam bodia. >> i-- cambodia. >> i thought it was really a great cause. >> that is maddie join niedz at age 12. >> in cambodia you would see the
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dirty water. >> and maddie today. >> so we delivered almost 300,000. >> improving the water splie helps prevent death and disease but impacts so much more says 17 year old rae specht. >> a lot of young women in the villages because we did not have access to clean drinking water, it would affect their whole lives, like you would have to walk for miles anticipate day to get clean drinking water so it would prevent them from going to school. so we went from doing water till-- filters to wells, so that kids could bring water back to their family. >> while we're on the topic of school. >> we also just finished a new project that we're really happy about. >> it is a pretty big accomplishment. >> yes. >> it was dawnting to start. >> high school junior. >> visiting that school was probably one of the highlights of the trip. talking to the students, really
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making a personal connection, and seeing first hand what we have done. >> do you think about them when are you here? >> i do. sometimes when i just get a class of water, i think you know, i wonder what that girl at that school i talked to, i wonder what she is doing now and i wonder if she now has clean water because of us. >> i love it. >> they now sell cambodian craft to raise funds. >> and a second school and second generation of siblings and other vl tears for the project. >> and you think will you keep working with four girls for families. >> yes. >> why. >> it is the right thing to do. when someone is in need, you should make a difference. >> the girls have raised more than 300,000 dollars in seven years. they say every penny goes to those in need. no donation money is spent on travel expenses. they are planning to go back to cam bodia next winter. remarkable group of young ladies. that's the cbs weekend news for this sunday, i'm elaine quijano in new york.
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thank you for j rd of a live from the cbs bay area studios this is kpix5 news. >> we begin with breaking news out of san jose where a small plane has gone down in the front yard of a home sending three people to the hospital. good evening. >> it happened a little less than three hours ago on evelyn avenue. we're there now with the latest. >> reporter: we spoke with the owner of the plane who actually came here to the scene. and he tells us that the three people on board, two of them were pilots but we don't know which of the two. there were two men and one woman. he tells us the plane was rented through a third party called squadron two. whoever was in control of the plane at the time dropped it right on the house essentially
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threading a needle. besides the fact that this is a plane crash into a house what's remarkable is nothing else is damaged or destroyed. the only thing we can see for now is the plane clipped and dented the top of this car before impacting this house. the pilot dodged trees, and power lines and came straight down. [ indiscernible ] >> boom? >> yeah. >> initial s say the plane had just taken off about a quarter mile away when there was a mechanical problem. the pilot turned the plane around but couldn't make it back into the runway and crashed into the garage. the two men, one woman aboard were all hurt. one of them suffered critical injuries. this woman was inside the home at the time and was not hurt but didn't want to talk on camera. >> thankful it hit where it did instead of people on the road or a car


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