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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  November 20, 2017 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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at sfo. that's. coming up next. what if the measure of working, was that you never had to think about it. ♪ what if it was so easy to use, you actually used it. [alarm] you have 3 minutes to exit. what if it gave you time, and what you really need from home security. a sense of security. ♪ the hells angels. tonight: the case involving murder... now at 11:00t fbi raids this bay area saloon. their target? the hells angels. the case involving murder, maiming and intimidation. >> joe is in the news room with the details about the bust. >> the fbi just wrapped up a three-year investigation with a massive sweep against the hell
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angels. the largest was in sonoma county. >> reporter: this weekend at the wagon wheel saloon in santa rosa, fbi agents swarmed in and began putting people in cuffs. one of 16 fbi busts across the country of the hells angel motorcycle gang. a federal grand jury indicted a total of 12 people. several from california. >> racketeering charges including murder, maiming, home invasion robbery, extortion and witness tampering. >> reporter: 4 of the 11 defendants are wanted if were a july 20 -- for a july 2014 murder in fresno where a man was lured into their clubhouse and killed. during the bust the fbi seized 10 motorcycles, drug, clothing with blood on it, and more than a dozen weapons. >> everything from hand guns to automatic weapons. >> reporter: one is charged with conspiracy, assault, and witness intimidation. >> they're really strong and
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tough and big and mean until they have handcuffs on. >> reporter: jeff harp is a former fbi assistant special agent in charge in san francisco. he says the hells angels, despite their insistence that they're simply a motorcycle club, are a crime sinned cat. >> they're not -- syndicate. >> they're not out of sight or out of mind, and when you put someone away federally they'll go away for a long time. >> several defendants appeared before a judge today. the rest are scheduled for tomorrow and next week. tonight a new detail for president trump. a federal judge permanently blocked the president's order to cut funding for sanctuary city. the judge ruled federal funding that bares that meaningful relationship to law enforcement can't be threatened merely because they choose an immigration enforcement
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strategy from the president disapproves. in a statement, san francisco's city attorney called the decision quote a victory for the american people and the rule of law. he also said this executive order was unconstitutional before the ink on it was even dry. the case that put sanctuary cities in the national spotlight is now in closing arguments. motor suspect jose zer ate is accused of playing a game of russian roulette with kate steinly's life. he claims the gun fired accidentally, but admits he did shoot and kill her. and the president is taking aim at marshawn lynch after he turned the anthem issue upside down. >> reporter: tonight limp is getting -- lynch is getting
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support from his teammates and the oakland mayor for his decision to sit during the national anthem but stand for the mexican anthem. today the o line gave out thanksgiving turkeys to families in need. >> i'm in a position to give back, and i like that. >> reporter: offensive tackle donald penn giving back and also a piece of his mind tonight calling out president trump for urging the nfl to suspend lynch. >> so many other things he could worry about besides marshawn, man. it's like he's so jealous. >> reporter: pictures show lynch sitting during the national anthem for yesterday's game against the patriots in mexico city, and standing for the mexican anthem. president trump was quick to blast lynch on twitter calling it great disrespect. he said next time nfl should suspend limb for remainder of season. oakland's mayor hit back. >> i'm not going to stand by while anybody, not even the
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president, picks on a great oaklander like lynch and continues to bully people that have been attacked over history. i'm not going to stand for that. that's not who oakland is, and in oakland we know the first amendment gives us the right to protest even our government, even our president, and i am with him in this. >> reporter: lynch and other professional players have been sitting or kneeling in the national anthem to protest police brutality and racial inquality. penn says lynch is probably not concerned can president trump. >> probably just laughed it off. >> shortly after the criticism, the wife of the raiders coach tweeted quote president trump i voted for you, which i now regret. football is a powerful platform. here's the charitable work we did in mexico city nfl proud. she then attached photos of her
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charity in mexico. we're learning it happened again and again. federal investigators looking into two more incidents at sfo where planes narrowly avoided colliding on the runway at night. according to the ntsb a sky west jet failed to stay behind a painted line at another aircraft took off, and a compass aircraft had to abort a landing when a plane was in the way. they're still looking at an incident in july where pilots on an air canada jet almost landed on a taxiway. they pulled up just in time. since the air canada episode, sfo changed the control tower staffing and the procedures pilots must follow at night. tonight a settlement has been reached in the deadly balcony collapse in berkeley. it happened in a party in june of 2015. more than a dozen people fell
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five stories. six of them died. tonight an attorney for the victims' families says they've reached a settlement with the owners of the apartment complex. terms haven't been disclosed. all those that lost their lives were in the early 20s, including five irish nationals visiting berkeley for the summer. there was a separate settlement earlier this career with the designers and -- year with the designers and builders. some families just scored a legal victory, and kpix's betty yu explains they sued their apartment complex because it wouldn't let their kids play outside. >> reporter: for years kids were not allowed to play outside in this gated complex.
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when a family petitioned to change the rule they said they were threatened with more fines. the settlement now requires the homeowners association to rescind the rule. >> i am so happy, so happy. >> reporter: as part of settlement the homeowners association must post signs letting parents know children can play outside and provide fair housing training for all board members. betty yu, kpix 5. a class action lawsuit brought by probono council. tonight people are suing a senior living facility claiming they were abandoned in a blaze. they said quote when the fire approached the facility, staff members did not evacuate any of the residents and instead waited for the executive director of the facility who
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never arrived. the fire burned the building to the ground. the residents said the only way they made it out is because their families made efforts. the department of social services is investigating. tonight another small earthquake in monterey county. at least 134 of them in just the last week. the latest, a magnitude 3.0 just before 7:30 this evening. the shaking hasn't stopped since a 4.6 earthquake last monday. the usgs say they're all along the san andreas fault and could continue for several weeks. tonight a highly criticized energy company is stopping work in puerto rico two weeks before their contract is up. white fish says puerto rico owes them 83 million dollars. the governor there came under
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fire for giving such a big deal to a montana company with only two full time employees. allegations - from hollywood to ust hit cbs ne the wave of sexual abuse allegations from hollywood to washington just hit cbs news. tonight cbs suspended correspondent charlie rose. veronica de la cruz tells us now rose is apologizing. >> that's right, guys. ever since the story broke, five more women came forward with interviews in the new york times and business insider bringing the total of alleged victims to 13. the washington post first reported 8 women associated with the charlie rose show from the late 1990s to 2011 accused him of sexual harassment. they worked for charlie rose inc. the allegations include rose making lewd phone calls, unwanted sexual advances,
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groping, and walking around naked in front of the women. he says a deeply apologize for my inappropriate behavior. i'm greatly embarrassed. i behaved insensitively at times, but i don't believe all the allegation are accurate. cbs said charlie rose is suspended immediately while we look into the matter. the allegations are extremely disturbing and we take them very seriously. in addition tonight pbs suspended distribution of his program. tonight the u.s. justice department is suing to stop at&t from buying time warner. the government claims the 85 billion dollars deal would mean higher monthly television bills and fewer of the new emerging innovative options that consumers are beginning to enjoy. >> when we announced this deal, the best legal mind in the country agreed this transaction would be approved since our companies don't even compete with each other, but here we
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are. >> at&t said see you in court. and in piedmont tonight a big crowd turned out to stop a cell phone site from being built right next to an elementary school. at city hall the final vote came down just about an hour ago. >> reporter: the council unanimously approved the new cell site, but some residents were hoping it would hang up on the idea all together [ inaudible ] >> reporter: residents packed piedmont city hall as they took up a cell site near widewood elementary school. it works like a tower, but it's smaller. the antenna, no more than 24 inches would be on top of a lamp pole enclosed in a cabinet at the park. some residents protested the plan. >> we all use them, but we feel
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there's more appropriate places to place them. they don't belong in the schools or somebody's front yard. >> they will drive the prices of homes down. >> reporter: the site under consideration tonight is the last of nine proposals from crown castle who builds wireless infrastructure so businesses like verizon can meet the growing demand. >> there's a concentration of data in the area, and they need more there. >> reporter: one of site social security in peter harvey's neighborhood. even though they say they meet the state standards, he's not taking a chance having his grand children nearby. >> i said it was clear i'd never send them to these schools, and we'd move elsewhere. >> reporter: they approved the site, but the fight is far from over now that one wireless
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company will be expanding its network, others might want to follow. a 14-year-old high school student in richmond is under arrest tonight for bringing a loaded gun to school. an administrator spotted the barrel of the 357 magnum sticking out of the student's backpack last week. the staffer grabbed the bag. police arrested the student. a campus resource officer had gotten a tip that the student might have a gun and alerted the staff. charles manson's death is the final chapter of his evil legacy, but for some victim's families it does little to heal old waits. we spoke with the grandson of two of manson's victims, a grocery store owner and his wife. >> reporter: he was the face of evil, and with his demise there might be some relief for the families of the victims. tony is the grand son of a couple murdered in their home
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by manson's followers. he learned of manson's death when a prison worker called him. >> by initial reaction is somewhat indifferent as a matter of fact. you'd think that there would be some sort of oh, okay, there's some closure now, um, but there really isn't. we're glad that any which -- nature took its course. >> reporter: he says any time manson or his followers make the news, it reopens a wound that never heals. >> it's like putting a band-aid on a cut that just about heals and you rip it off and it tears open again. >> reporter: he's been trying to process the savage murders since he was a young boy. >> from a 10-year-old's perspective, you lay in bed at night and, you lay in bed at
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night running through what happened, what was going through my grandfather's mind. and that's hard to process even to this day. tonight sutter health care is accused of manipulating prices and destroying the evidence. according to a lawsuit they forced patients in california to pay more for health services and after the suit was filed sutter destroyed 192 boxes of evidence in connection with the case. >> sutter was attempting to cover up its conduct. >> sutter says it was all a big mistake, but the judge didn't buy it calling it decidedly odd. sutter says the information will be forth coming through e- mails and other things they
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arrived. it's a -- archived. it's a growing form of identity theft, change of address fraud. julie watts discovered it maybe bigger than the postal service might be willing to admit. >> reporter: a few ding at this times and a street name -- digits and a street name hold the key to your identity, and the key can end up in the wrong hands. just ask frank and rebecca. >> they need to do a better job of protecting our mail. >> reporter: it wasn't until they discovered someone had forwarded their mail to a new address without their knowledge that the family learned of a growing form of identity theft. >> it's got to be stopped. >> reporter: a crook fills out a change of address form, rerouteing your mail to a po box or address of their choice. >> can you tell us where it's being sent? no we can't, i was like seriously. >> reporter: along with frank's forwarded male they got his -- mail they got his social security number.
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>> what surprised me the most was how easy it was to change an address. >> reporter: donna henry discovered her address had been changed when her gas pump declined her card because of the wrong zip code. >> they wouldn't change the address on my word, yet the post office could do it. >> reporter: at issue a weakness in the post office's change of address process. it only takes an address and signature to change someone's address, and if left unmitigated could contribute to identity theft. now more than a decade later, kpix learned the problem is widespread. the postal inspection service claimed it received only 750 reports annually of possible fraud nationwide, but following a freedom of information act request, the agency now admits it actually received more than 17,000 complaints over the past year alone. and the u.s. postal service got
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tens of thousands more. >> it's a federal offense. >> reporter: the postal inspector says they're investigating dozens of complaints in san francisco. >> all over the here. >> reporter: people fraudulently changing addresses? >> that's correct. >> reporter: he said there are safeguards, they require a credit card with a matching address to change an address online, but no identification is required to fill out a hard copy change of address form and pop it in the mail. they also send the change of dress notification to both the old and new addresses, but crooks can get around that putting mail delivery on a vacation hold. >> really anybody can change my address by simply filling out a form. what's being done to prevent it? >> we're constantly assesses security. >> reporter: in a statement the postal service says it's consistently enhancing the
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change of address process. >> i think without identification you shouldn't automatically send the mail. it's crazy. >> reporter: requiring an i texas for an address -- an id for an address change seems like an obvious solution. >> nobody's mail is safe. >> the postal inspector says the bad guys already know about the scam, so it's important we educate you too. be on the lookout for a decrease in mail. you may still get some after its forwarded and report fraud immediately. >> it's also worth noting, even if one person's mail has been forwarded, other people in the household may still be getting theirs which may make it harder to realize that's actually a problem. rain showers in the far north bay all day long. parts receiving over an inch, but nothing in san francisco and points south. mainly clear south of santa
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rosa this evening. rain fall so far this rainy season. not bad. not great but not bad. santa rosa 99 percent, almost actually normal, and we're in the 70s for livermore and san jose. not much rain this week, but a decent amount of cloud cover that keeps the overnight lows milder. san jose 52, and santa rosa 51. complex weather pattern. big strong ridge of high pressure, strong enough that portions of southern california for thanksgiving will likely be between 90 and 95 degrees. we're on the fringe of the ridge, so we're going to get warmer weather. the 70s and low 80s which is 10 to 15 degrees above average. but also the cloud cover. a lot of moisture hitting this wall up and over the ridge carrying some cloud cover into the bay area. so it may look like rain, it may be 75 degrees outside without a drop of rain. tomorrow the sunniest day of the week. cloud cover increasing wednesday afternoon, and thanksgiving if you're traveling up to lake county you
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could get a few rain showers, but here in the bay area cloudy, but warm as 75 degrees. futurecast keeping all of the heavy rain north of ukia where it could rain for five or six straight days, but we stay dry to the south. tomorrow 78, sunnyvale 75, 80 in morgan hill. union hill 74, and 70s in kentfield, petaluma 74. we stay mild through the week. minimal chance of a north bay rain shower on both thursday and saturday. next chance of widespread rain not until a week from today. so it's thanksgiving, start shopping for christmas, why not have temperatures in the 70s to low 80s? >> there you go! why not? it's happening! >> not our choice there. >> thanks. coming up, this sports stadium goes boom.
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reduced to rubble. tonight see why a camera crew exploded with frustration. ♪
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♪ think of your fellow man, ♪ lend him a helping hand, ♪ put a little love in your heart.♪ ♪ you'll see it's getting late, oh please don't hesitate...♪ ♪ put a little love in your heart.♪ ♪ in your heart... ♪ in your heart... ♪ in your heart... ♪ in your heart. (vo) going on now, our subaru share the love event will have donated over one hundred fifteen million dollars to those in need. nothing but rubble tonight. demolition crews used nearly 5-thousand pounds of explosives down the dome the georgia dome in atlanta is nothing but rubble tonight. demolition crews used nearly 5,000-pound of explosives to bring down the dome. here's another angle of the implosion. fascinating to watch. it opened in 1992, now replaced by the $1.6 billion mercedes-
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benz stadium next door. a camera man for the weather channel had the perfect spot to live stream the implosion. >> then this happened. just as the building comes crumbling down, a public bus pulled in front of the camera. by the time it drove away the building no longer standing [ laughter ] >> and you mentioned that dome was built in 1992. when was the oakland coliseum open? >> before that. >> 1966! no wonder they're headed to las vegas! a local basketball team took on two of the top ranked college teams in the country tonight. one of them had a chance for a huge upset. highlights next.
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tour rs only november, but today cal and stanford both had a chance to boost their acaa standings. playing north carolina. kenny williams knocking down one of his six three pointers. 61-46 in the second half. joel berry scores, north carolina, easy for them. they win. the bears coleman, deep three. he had 35 points. cal led by 18 over sixth ranked wichita, but morris scored to give wichita the lead, and they win 92-82.
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perry wishes it was always this easy to score goals. the knights in a shoot out. anaheim scores the game winner past martin jones and the ducks are winners. a lot of patriots fans in mexico city for what was supposed to be a raider home game. the coach doesn't seem interested in hosting more teams south of the border. >> when you travel four hours it's not a home game, it's a great atmosphere, but it's not a home game. >> sea hawks richard sherman on a scooter with a torn achilles. first quarter, matt ryan, one handed catch, atlanta wins 34- 31. seattle at levi sunday. we'll be right back after this time out. ♪
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to start your the late show is next. our next newscast is tomorrow morning at 4:30. >> all the news you need to start your day. have a good night. captioning sponsored by cbs >> a special election three weeks from tuesday could change the balance of the u.s. senate. today the top three newspapers in alabama ran a front-page editorial rejecting republican candidate roy moore. he is fighting off multiple allegations of sexual misconduct. >> here are some other alabama newspaper headlines. ♪ ♪ ( laughter ) ♪ ♪


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