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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  November 21, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PST

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november 21st. i'm michelle griego. live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. good morning. it's tuesday, november 21 and i'm michelle griego. >> let's start with a live look outside. taking a look at traffic and oakland, 880 looking decent at this hour. a nice shot of the tower and san francisco with nice conditions and warming up. >> we were talking but air conditioning for thanksgiving. are you ready for that? especially if you are driving around, sunshine today and on the south bay, north of us, you
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should see this moisture won't be working its way down to san francisco san francisco by any means with hi-def doppler showing at right there. eureka, that is about it. it won't move further south past ukiah. southeast wind at sfo, 7 miles per hour and 10 for oakland and berkeley, non-miles-an-hour. usually, a lot calm her with the wind picking up a little bit. to plan your tuesday, warm with some clouds and temperatures, low 70s around the bay. mid-to upper 70s for inland areas and it is going to be a warm one. get ready for it. >> you may have to open up your door and turn on that ac. >> at the bay bridge toll plaza, we have backups developing in the cash lanes. it might set you back a minute or so. good to go, 10 minutes across the bridge into san francisco. is shore freeway getting crowded but in the green for
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drive times. on to the maze, under 16 minutes. 580 in the yellow and the interchange will take about 25 minutes. looking fantastic and in the green. back to you. >> a 3-year federal probe ended with the rest of members of the hells angels motorcycle gang. we are in san francisco and find out what lies ahead for those arrested. anne makovec? >> reporter: they will appear in federal court in san francisco this morning. these guys were arrested over the weekend up in santa rosa at the wagon wheel saloon. fbi agents swarmed in among the motorcycles and began putting people in handcuffs. it is one of 16 fbi busts across the country of hells angels motorcycle gangs. the u.s. attorney and the federal grand jury indicted
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some of the sonoma county hells angels chapter. one was from fresno and another from boston. the charges include racketeering, murder, maiming, robbery, extortion and witness tampering. >> this is a message to the hells angels that they are not out of sight or mind and the bureau will work to outlaw motorcycle gangs. they will work with state and local agencies to put these guys away. when you put someone away federally, they go away for a long time. >> reporter: four of the 11 are wanted for a murder in fresno back in 2014 when a man was lured into the hells angels clubhouse and killed. the fbi seized 10 motorcycles. drugs, clothing with blood and more than a dozen weapons were seized. the president of the sonoma hells angels, raymond foakes, is charged with conspiracy, assault and witness intimidation. the court hearing is an
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arraignment beginning at 9:30. live in san francisco, anne makovec, kpix5. >> more disturbing incidents at the san francisco international airport. investigators are looking into two more cases where airplanes narrowly avoided colliding on the runway at night. the ntsb said a skywest jet failed to stay behind the painted line as another aircraft took off and a compass airlines jet had to abort the landing one of an airplane was in the way, lining up to take off. investigators are looking into an incident from july where an air canada jet almost landed on a taxi we were four other airplanes were position. since that close call in july, they have changed procedures that pilots must follow after dark and control tower staffing. >> whether flying or driving, it's busy for travel across the country. jessica flores joins us with what you need to know before you leave home. jessica? >> reporter: good morning. for those in the bay area, i-80
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is always congested. well, it's expected to be one of the most congested freeways this thanksgiving holiday in the country. aaa expects 50 million americans will travel this thanksgiving season and most of those, 89%, will hit the road's. a lot of people are coming to san francisco, a popular place, among the top 10 destinations for thanksgiving in the country. if you are going out of the area, the worst time to travel and san francisco is 4:00 to 5:45 p.m. monday through sunday and the worst time to sfo via 101 south is 5:00 through 7:00 p.m. we all know that but it will be worse in the holiday. aaa said to plan ahead and give yourself plenty of time to deal with traffic and long lines. >> you have to be able to go with the flow in complications. this is the busiest thanksgiving travel time since
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2005, according to aaa with 1.6 million more traveling. in part, airfare is lower and even with high gas prices, the highest since 2014, aaa expects car travel to grow more than 3% this year. 89% of those traveling this thanksgiving holiday will hit the roads and they defined thanksgiving holidays as wednesday through sunday. jessica flores, kpix5. >> president donald trump's order to cut funding for sanctuary cities has been blocked. the president cannot withhold funding that has no meaningful relationship to immigration enforcement because of jurisdiction. they have a strategy not approved. in the statement, the san francisco city attorney called the decision a victory for the american people and the rule of law. he said the executive order was unconstitutional before the ink was even dry. the defense will make their closing arguments in the case that started a national debate over sanctuary cities. during closing arguments,
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prosecutors accused jose ines garcia zarate of playing a game of russian roulette with kate steinle's life. the undocumented immigrant admitted shooting her in san francisco two years ago but claims the gun fired accidentally. the jury could begin deliberations as soon as today. >> president donald trump will speak with vladamir putin today, following the meeting vladamir putin had with syrian leader, bashar l side to discuss ongoing conflict in that country. the kremlin said vladamir putin will call president donald trump along with other leaders involved in the fighting and there's no official word on what they will discuss. >> more questions about president donald trump's first temporary travel ban imposed in january. is, after homeland security inspector general said two court orders were violated. >> sandra osborne is live from the santa rosa airport with the latest. >> reporter: the inspector
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general for homeland security said he notified lawmakers of the violations but is afraid his findings in a report filed in october may be hidden from the public. shortly after president donald trump took office, he signed the executive order temporarily banning entry in the u.s. by citizens of seven majority muslim countries. in the bay area, we are protesting that order. the inspector general turned in a report six weeks ago about the confusion that ensued after. the report, yet to be released, allegedly claim sr. managers at custom and border protection recalled by surprised by trump's orders and they claim two court orders were violated. the report shows serious reductions right now and it's slow to be released. reportedly, a letter was sent to lawmakers. the washington post said cbp, customs and border patrol action, was compliant with the port of entry with travelers already arriving.
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cpb was aggressive to prevent travelers from boarding airplanes out of the u.s. and took actions that violated separate court orders that enjoin them from these activities. the question john roth poses about the report, is why hasn't it been released? it was just yesterday that the trump administration asked to impose a new type of travel ban pending that appeal. more details this december. live, sandra osborne, kpix5. >> the time is 5:09. two months after hurricane maria, much of puerto rico is still without power. the country -- the company contracted to restore electricity has stopped. >> evidence was destroyed? get ready for warm weather this tuesday. what about the thanksgiving forecast? the full story is coming up. if you are heading out of
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town, better leave now. the roads are looking good heading out of sfo and we will tracker drive times, coming up.
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cbs has suspended
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correspondent, charlie rose, after 13 women accused him of sexual misconduct. the washington post first reported eight women associated with the charlie rose show from the late 1990s through 2011 accusing him of sexual harassment. those women work for charlie rose inc., not cbs, pbs or bloomberg. the include unwanted sexual advances in the form of lewd phone calls, groping and walking around naked in front of the women. after the reports, five more came forward and interviewed with the new york times and the business insider. they told the -- rose told the post he deeply apologize for his behavior and is greatly embarrassed. he said he accepted responsibility that he behaved inappropriately. he doesn't believe all the allegations are accurate. cbs said charlie rose is suspended immediately while we look into this matter.
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the allegations are extremely disturbing and we take them seriously. in addition, pbs and bloomberg have suspended distribution of his program. >> it's been a couple of months since hurricane maria heavily damage puerto rico. power generation in the territory is only 50%. as reported, the company hired to restore the energy has halted its efforts. >> reporter: whitefish energy pulls the plug on the puerto rico project. >> we took a huge leap of faith in coming here when others were doubtful or scared to come because of the bankruptcy issues with the island. >> reporter: the contract of the company will end december 1. financial issues have caused whitefish to stop prematurely. >> we were never getting paid on a weekly basis of what we were spending. at some point we had to stop. >> reporter: whitefish ceo, andy tech former trump campaign chairman, paul manafort, said the power authority owes $83 million. >> we came to do something positive for the people of
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puerto rico, and many people in puerto rico aren't back on their feet. there are problems with food and supply distribution and san juan, the capital, still loses power occasionally. >> the barbershop lost power and water and i have four children to feed, he said. i'm trying to make money on the street. >> reporter: puerto rico is trying to rebuild but maria destroyed many lives. the official death toll is 55 hurricane related deaths. >> it's accurate based on the factual information. >> reporter: many have questions for the way of counting by the government. >> it appears that the death toll is much higher than what has been reported. >> reporter: part of the reason is there is no consensus as to what should count as an official hurricane death. sean lawrence reporting.
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>> the number of deaths linked to maria could be nearly 500, according to a report by cnn. >> according to a lawsuit, sutter paste health services and after the suit was filed, sutter allegedly destroyed 192 boxes of evidence in connection with the case. >> sutter attempted to cover up the conduct. >> sutter said it was all mistakes but the judge called it decidedly odd and said there is no good explanation for the specific and unusual destruction. sutter said the information will be provided through emails and other documents in the archives. >> it's 5:15 and a busy day for travelers. let's check in with jaclyn. if you have getaway plans, get away early. later on, it will get worse. over at the 101, the south bay, still in the green.
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looking fantastic in both directions and going through san antonio, you should have no troubles through the area. on the 101 into san mateo, no delays. we are starting see more commuters join the tuesday morning drive. 16 minutes from burlingame to palo alto and at the golden gate bridge, a few cars with headlights making their way into san francisco with no delays and an easy drive in the north bay, so far. novato, 101, a 10 minute ride down through 580. the east shore freeway looking good. the bay bridge toll plaza, you know what, it is busy. in the green in 10 minutes and it will likely jump up in the next few minutes into the yellow. let's get a check on the forecast. >> the forecast is looking clear. don't expect travel delays because of weather. at least we have that.
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the golden gate bridge looking clear with no fog obstructing that drive. sfo, don't expect to see trouble for any kind of marine layer blocking airplanes going in and out. for weather delays, we should be good for today, at least. temperatures in the 50s. upper 50s for san francisco already. santa rosa, 52 degrees and it will be warm with high pressure building from southern california and we are feeling the effects of it. warm weather all week long with storms pushed north. washington and oregon getting a lot of rain with more moisture and no snow levels dropping. they are those getting it. futurecast shows this. through the day on tuesday, sunny conditions and by wednesday morning, we start to see more clouds coming through. high pressure is strong with temperatures warm and partly cloudy conditions for wednesday. thursday, at 1:00 in the
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morning for your thanksgiving early morning hours, a slight chance of rain coming down. possibly santa rosa could see rain showers early thursday morning before 8:00 or 9:00, before the turkey is cooked or anything like that. the chance of rain could work down from the pacific northwest and the north bay. the atmospheric river, they are getting pushed north because of this high pressure to the south and there's a lot of moisture continuing to bring heavy rainfall down across portland and seattle and even eureka and redding with some rain. it won't work down to san francisco. for thanksgiving day, we have a chance of showers from the north bay and early morning thursday with temperatures staying warm, 10-15 degrees above average and low 60s for this time of year. low 70s across the bay area and high pressure will move out
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with clouds coming in as early as thursday and friday and on saturday, we will see a shift in the weather pattern with high pressure easing up and that is when we could get another chance of rain in the forecast. monday, some rain out there and temperatures will drop from the mid-70s down to the mid-60s by the time we get to next week. let's check in to see about sports. >> for tuesday morning, the georgia dome was imploded yesterday, built in 1992. the oakland coliseum is still open and was built in 1966. no wonder they are headed to las vegas. the top ranked college teams in the country, a chance for a huge upset. tipoff, coming up. >> what is cool about your school? email your nominations to and we may feature your school on our thursday morning show.
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the oakland coliseum is still open and was built in 1966. no wonder they are headed to las vegas. basketball teams took on two of the top teams in the country last night. a chance for a huge upset with tipoff, coming up. what is cool about your school? email your nominations. it's and we may feature your school on our thursday morning show.
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from the n-b-a... oklahoma city at new orleans. " it unreal." the pelicans' anthony davis the bears and cardinals took on the top 10 teams. to see north carolina take on sanford, tar heels kenny williams knocked down one of his six, three pointers. 61-46, second half. joel berry scored 29 and north carolina easy over sanford, 96- 72. head coach, king jones, dressed appropriately for the maui invitational. 35 and they lead wichita by 18
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points. then, three minutes left, moore came back and they won 92-82, a low hall. corey perry wished it was this easy to score goals. shootout with anaheim's burnett scoring the game-winner passed. martin jones and the ducks beat the sharks 3-2. richard sherman on the scooter instead of the field with a torn achilles. first quarter, matt ryan made a one-handed catch. look at this! atlanta wins 34-31 and seattle will be at levi's stadium on sunday. we still don't know who will start at quarterback with the san francisco 49ers. maybe we will find out tonight in the second clock -- in the 6:00 forecast? onnell, have a great day. in the third, anthony davis
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got it! [buzzer] nice footwork and handwork by the big man, anthony davis, the former kentucky wildcat using his hands and nice job. the alley you. new orleans one -- new orleans had a win, 114-117. busy in the bay area. >> a government watchdog claims two court orders were violated after trump's initial travel ban earlier this year but he's afraid some of his findings are being hidden from the public and we will explain.
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president trump blasted the raiders star running back. and holiday shopping season is fast approaching -- we'll show you how to score the best deals... weather ad libs traffic ad libs good morning. it's tuesday, november 21st. i m michelle griego. and i'm kenny choi. today, the thanksgiving holiday rush is on with many hitting the roads. kpix 5's jessica flores joins us live with what you need to know before you leave home. jessica?
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we are in front of what's expected to be the most congested freeway i-80 in pinole... aaa predicts 50 million people will be traveling for thanksgiving this year...and at weather and traffic. here's neda iranpour live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news.
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the city of oakland sticks up for marshawn lynch after president donald trump blasted the raiders star running back. >> holiday shopping is approaching. how to score the best deals out there. we are watching rain on our satellite radar and it is pushed well to the north. what it means for the forecast, coming up. >> it's that time again. the metering lights are on. off hard as a backup stretch? find out. >> tuesday, november 21st and i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. the holiday rush is on with many hitting the roads. jessica flores joins us. what do you need to know before you leave home? good morning, we are in front of one of the busiest freeways this holiday season that is always congested, highway 80 in pinole. it will be one of the most
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congested in the country with 50 million traveling this thanksgiving holiday and most of the folks will be hitting the road. one busy place the aaa said will be san francisco, the top 10 -- one of the top 10 destinations this thanksgiving. if you are going out, the worst time to travel and san francisco san francisco is between 4:00 through 5:45 p.m. the worst travel times to sfo on 101 south is 5:00 to 7:00. bottom line, plan ahead and give yourself plenty of time to do with traffic and long lines. back it beats christmas and any other holiday for travel. >> reporter: according to aaa, this is the busiest thanksgiving travel since 2005 with 1.6 million people traveling. -- 1.6million more people traveling. they expect car travel to grow
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more than 3% this year, even with higher gas prices. people traveling will do so on the road's, driving, and gas prices are a little bit higher this year but aaa expects travel to be very busy this thanksgiving holiday. live in pinole, jessica flores, kpix5. >> let's get a look at the weather. thanksgiving will be warm? it will be very california. [laughter] pretty much what we are used to for the holidays. 's sunny and a good day to throw a football out there. we have rain in the satellite forecast but you can see it is well to the north of us. what we will see is mostly sunny conditions with hi-def doppler showing where the rain is right now and in eureka and redding, a continued chance of showers in the morning. most of the moisture is well to the north in washington and oregon, well above san francisco. the san francisco airport doesn't expect whether delays and it will be busy. come early if you are going
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out. temperature-wise, we are in the 50s for concord and oakland and 57 for san francisco. san jose, 54 and we will be inching near the 80s. the south bay will be warm for this tuesday and the warm weather will stick around through the holidays. wind speeds, 7 miles per hour at sfo and oakland out of the east, east wind in concord, 7 miles per hour with dry air coming out and no moisture in the skies. not only because of dry air, but high pressure is building to the south. three things to remember, all those showers will stay across the northwest. sunny for us with high pressure 10-15 degrees above average and it will feel very warm with air conditioning probably needed. no cooling insight until the weekend. right now, we are tracking backups over at the bay bridge
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toll plaza. metering lights were turned on about 13 minutes ago and the backup quickly stretched beyond the 880 crossing. travel times are in the green and it should jump into the yellow any minute. definitely getting slow out there. a live look at the macarthur maze, interstate 80, 580 joining together. in the green and 17 minutes from highway 4 through the maze with the golden gate bridge traffic moving well in both directions. headlights are heading into san francisco and the san mateo bridge, the tail lights are westbound at hayward into san mateo with a 14 minute ride and no delays east bound. that is a check of your traffic. back to you, kenny. >> a 14-year-old high school student in richmond is accused of bringing a loaded gun to school. they said an administrator at the school spotted the barrel of this .357 magnun sticking out of the student's back pack last week. the staffer grabbed the bag and police arrested the student.
5:36 am
the resource officer on campus had gotten a tip the student might have had a gun and alerted staff. >> the city of oakland is showing support for marshawn lynch, the raiders star, after president donald trump blasted him on twitter. he sat during the star-spangled banner during the game in mexico city. they had been sitting or kneeling to protest police brutality and racial inequality. he did stand for the mexican national anthem and president donald trump called for lynch to be suspended for the rest of the season. his teammates are rallying behind him. >> so many other things to worry about beside marshawn, man. >> the oakland mayor, libby schaaf, said lynch has her full support. >> i'm not going to stand by while anybody, not even the president, picks on a great oakland are like marshawn lynch and continues to bully people that have been attacked over history. i'm not going to stand for
5:37 am
that. that's not who oakland is. the oakland we know, it has the right for us to protest our government and our president and i'm with marshawn lynch on this. >> shortly after the criticism, jack del rio's wife took to twitter saying she regrets voting for president donald trump. >> a major government watchdog claims homeland security is protesting president donald trump's travel ban. they said two court orders were violated. >> reporter: this is homeland security's watchdog, inspector general john roth. they said he filed a report on this six weeks ago and it has yet to be released to the public. he said it's unusual according to other things and other reports he's filed. since then he reportedly sent a letter with findings to lawmakers. shortly after president donald trump took office, the president signed an executive
5:38 am
order temporarily banning order -- entry into the u.s. that inspector general said he turned in the report about confusion and soothing -- ensuing after that lead federal agents to volley two court orders. political quotes a letter saying during the early period of the implementation of the order, neither cbp, customs and border protection, northern department, was sure of answers to basic questions as to the scope of the order, such as weather the order apply to lawful residence. a significant percentage of the travelers and the fundamental question that should have been resolved early in the process. in the bay area we've seen protesting for that travel ban. questions about the report and why it hasn't been released, it was an interesting time. just last night the trump administration asked the supreme court to implement a new travel ban pending the appeal, and we will know more details in december. sandra osborne, kpix5.
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a case involving a deadly balcony collapse at a brooklyn apartment complex ended with a settlement. in june 2015, more than one dozen people fell five stories during a party. six people died and an attorney for some of the injured and families of those killed said they reached a settlement with the company that owns the complex. terms of the settlement are kept confidential. those killed were in their early 20s and included five irish nationals visiting berkeley for the summer and a woman nearby -- woman from california. before the holiday shopping season, many want to know how to score the best deals out there. jill schlesinger joins us with answers. what should you do now if you plan to shop this weekend? >> reporter: look, don't feel compelled to get all your shopping done in just a few days. you want to identify some ideas
5:40 am
right now and then check prices in the next couple of days and multiple outlets. and those items to your wish list or shopping cart so you can see how much the prices change between now and cyber monday. frankly, a little work over the next few reveal how big of a discount the sale price is. of course, we know retailers offer deep discounts on electronics. you may want to check out the scene at holiday guide for inspiration and where to find some of the deals on phones, tvs and other much sought after devices. >> doing research is well advised. what are some of the must-have money-saving apps this holiday season? >> i have three, there is a big collection of in store coupons on snip snap. it converts to a mobile friendly offer and it's kind of cool. pick up your phone and redeem it with your screen and there's another called shop kick that rewards you with free cards for shopping you wanted do -- you
5:41 am
already do and flip creates versions of circulars from retailers and combines coupons with local flyers for lots of savings. when you've ordered online, you may want to use the ups mobile app, designed to avoid missing a delivery. you can send instructions about where to leave packages even after you set the delivery schedule. happy thanksgiving. i'm not working on thursday, the markets are closed. thanks to all of my bay area pals. it's great to work with you and you send me great questions all the time. happy shopping and happy thanksgiving. >> we appreciate the advice and happy tooth -- happy thanksgiving to you, as well. jill flush center -- jill flush center, thanks so much. >> blue whales are coming to the coast and they say it's unusual. >> members of the hells angel
5:42 am
motorcycle club are due in court. coming up, more about their alleged crimes. some members of the hells angels motorcycle gang are in serious hot water, after a three-year federal investigation. k-p-i-x five's anne makovec is
5:43 am
live in san francisco... with more on the charges the arrestees face. this week has been a blue whale bonanza out in monterey bay. up to 50 of the massive creatures
5:44 am
good morning. temperatures are in the mid-50s and this is a live look at san jose. warm weather is on the way across the south. get ready for near 80s today. 78 will be the high and san jose and hotter in morgan hills. some members of the hells angels motorcycle gang are in serious hot water after a 3- year federal investigation. anne makovec is live in san francisco with more on the charges they face. >> reporter: these guys are set to face a federal judge this morning here in san francisco. they were arrested over the
5:45 am
weekend in santa rosa. a big bust at the wagon wheel saloon. fbi agents swarmed in among the motorcycles and began putting people in handcuffs. it is one of 16 fbi busts that went on across the country. they were of the hells angels motorcycle gang. the u.s. attorney's office said they've indicted a total of 11, and eight are members of the sonoma county hells angels chapter and one is from the fresno chapter and another from boston. >> they have racketeering charges including murder, maiming, home invasion robbery, extortion and witness tampering. >> reporter: four of the 11 defendants are wanted for murder in fresno from 2014 when a man was lord into the hells angels clubhouse and then killed. the fbi seized 10 motorcycles, drugs, clothing with blood on it and more than a dozen weapons. the former president of the sonoma hells angels is among the arrestees, raymond foakes
5:46 am
charged with conspiracy, salt and witness intimidation. today's hearing is an arraignment and starts at federal court at 9:30. anne makovec, kpix5. >> this week has been a blue whale bonanza in the monterey bay. up to 50 of the massive creatures has been spotted -- have been spotted. we just jumped into the yellow at the toll plaza with another 15 minute ride into san francisco. that is a check of your traffic. we will now get a check of the forecast. >> let's show you what's going on with hi-def doppler. green is on the screen but well to the north and that will be the story pretty much all week long. plenty of moisture is moving toward the west coast but it's not dropping toward the bay area, by any means. it is staying just north of
5:47 am
ukiah and most likely will stay north of ukiah all week long until thursday, thanksgiving with a slight chance of rain dropping to the north bay. some of the rainfall totals that we got yesterday, we got about 1 inch of rain for places like manado. .25 inches for places like santa rosa. wind speeds are picking up, 7- 10 miles per hour and san francisco. novato, 6 miles out of the southeast. or vallejo, 9-mile per hour winds. the east winds stay clear. high pressure will linger through at least thursday and then start to move east and while it stays around, the warm weather will stay around in the storms will stay well to the north. satellite radar gives a good glimpse of what's going on. we have all of this moisturein
5:48 am
the pacific ocean but the wet pattern is definitely going north of us because of what's happening across southern california. warm weather for los angeles and warm weather for us, as well, because of this high pressure building and building. it literally will stay strong until thanksgiving. when it moves further east, we will get a little dip in the precipitation and then we will see a chance of rain for the north bay and when it gets out of here by the weakened, the temperatures will cool off a little bit with more chances of rain in the forecast. high temperatures, santa rosa, 72 and warm. 71 for napa. low 60s for san francisco and that is not the case with 10 degrees and 78 expected to be the high today. it could be even warmer in places like morgan hill. we could break a record. the warmest on this day, it was 76.
5:49 am
if we had the 78-degree mark, it could be record-breaking. in the moderate range, if you are unusually sensitive to the particulate matter, the particulate matter is increasing today. it will stay in that range for tomorrow, as well. sunrise today at 6:56 with beautiful skies and a few clouds. sunset at 4:54 on the 7 day forecast, thursday is a chance of rain for the north bay, only. not expecting it to dip beyond the santa rosa area. that is only in the early morning hours and then it should be mostly clear skies for thanksgiving and friday, more clouds and saturday and sunday, the temperatures drop. mid-70s to the mid-60s by the time we got through monday. i will send it over to you. >> the time is 5:49 and a group of bay area families claim victory in their battle against a condominium complex that
5:50 am
banned kids from playing outside. >> a group of seniors and wine country said they were abandoned during the peak of the wildfires last month. details of the new lawsuit. another 2am stroll, huh? i'm worried. i have this medical bill... dave, you have anthem and they have people to talk to who are empowered to help any question you... is, is he okay?
5:51 am
real people? living and breathing. hopefully not breathing like that. for all the things that keep you up at night, anthem blue cross has a solution.
5:52 am
big legal battle. good morning.
5:53 am
temperatures are low 70s for the coast and low 70s around the bay. well above average inland with areas reaching the mid-70s. it's going to be a hot one and you may need some sunblock. we don't always say that during thanksgiving week, but that is the case. >> that's right! and maybe warm upside -- outside, but no hotspots. >> 101 and in and out of santa rosa shouldn't be a problem, at least right now. >> fremont families one -- one a big legal battle suing homeowners association for not letting kids play outdoors. management has to pay up. residents send notices were sent out for bidding kids from under 14 to go outside to play, or to skateboard in the complex at sequim common. the homeowners association said it worried about the safety of
5:54 am
everyone. the notices warned of fines and one homeowner moved her family to brentwood. >> it was a lot of harassment, and they didn't have a place to go to play. >> each member of the affected families will receive about $2300. >> senior living facility in santa rosa is being sued. residents claimed they were not properly evacuated during the tubs wildfire last month. the lawsuit claims as the fire approached, the staff members did not evacuate the residents from villa capri and instead waited for the executive director of the facility, who never arrived. the wildfire destroyed the affiliate -- destroyed the facility. plaintiffs said they made it out with efforts of families and the state is investigating. the facility is operated by oakmont senior living, and they haven't responded. >> the piedmont city council approved a controversial near cell site near an elementary
5:55 am
school. there was a packed council meeting about this. it's at the entrance of piedmont park near wildwood elementary and the antenna would be on top of a lamp pole enclosed in the cabinet at the park. they said there is a demand for better broadband. some residents protested. >> we all use them but there are more appropriate places to place them. they don't belong in schools or someone's front yard. there is a more concentrated use of this data in that area and that's why they are looking for some way to handle it. >> the approved cell site was the last of nine proposals from crown castle, a company that builds wireless infrastructure for verizon. the city council already approved other sites. >> montrey county had an unusual rash of small earthquakes. there were more than 130 in the past week including a magnitude 3.0 jolt last night 15 miles
5:56 am
east of sola dead. most recent, there was one in little lake, 1.9. there was one monday of last week, also. the u.s. geological survey said the quakes have been along the san andreas fault and could continue for weeks. >> up in flames, massive fire after a gas main burst overnight. hells angels in handcuffs. coming up, how the arrest went down and what we can expect in federal court today.
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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. a huge bay area take down, three years in the making. a biker gang targeted and arrests made. new questions being asked about president donald trump's first temporary travel ban. >> it's tuesday, november 21 and i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi.
6:00 am
let's start with traffic and weather. jaclyn is tracking our commute. how is it looking? >> it looks typical with normal commuters and most people still going to work. later today, it is expected to get much worse and slower and we will deal with the normal commute and the holiday getaway. if you have plans, i would say that earlier, the better, to get out the door. that is our motto. 37 westbound with usual slow downs, 35 minute ride between 80 and 101 with delays south on 10 through petaluma with the live look at your ride along the shore freeway near carl stone. 25 minutes and we are dealing with a crash and they are working on clearing this on the shoulder. at the toll plaza, they are have the metering lights on and traffic backed up well beyond the maze and a 20 minute ride into san francisco. let's check with


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