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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  November 22, 2017 4:30am-5:00am PST

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about mashed potatoes, turkey, stuffing? i am! [ laughter ] >> it's wednesday, november 22nd. we're hungry. i'm kenny choi. >> i'm michelle griego. >> dreaming about it. >> skin, butter. >> i like the sweet potatoes with the marshmallows. >> my thing is stuffing. >> yeah. >> so now that we know what y'all like -- [ laughter ] >> we'll be talking about food a lot over the next couple of days. >> and we can also talk about warm weather. we are having a very california-like thanksgiving week. we broke a record in san francisco, 76 for a high yesterday. we are expected to do the same again today so if you thought it was warm, it's going to happen again. near record-breaking temperatures. we are going to be a little cooler for your thanksgiving tomorrow, just a few degrees cooler than today. and then guess what? there's a storm system coming in. it will be allowed in once the high pressure moves coming on sunday. jaclyn? if you thought would you get a head start and get away from traffic today, you thought wrong if you are trying to get across the bay bridge.
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this is a live look at eastbound 80 -- actually, this is northbound 101 as you are transitioning towards eastbound 80 getting on to the lower deck of the bay bridge. and we have one lane open for traffic to get by due to an earlier accident that happened overnight. and the chp has a couple of those lanes close the while they investigate. so a big backup. it stretches just close to vermont street northbound 101. give yourself some extra time. just pack your patience this morning. that's not looking good. so we are tracking delays in that direction eastbound. westbound, we see a backup over at the toll plaza in the cash lanes, 10 minutes from the maze into san francisco. an escaped bay area inmate is back in custody this morning but another man remains on the run. joe vazquez reports from stockton with details on the arrest and where police are looking for the second escapee.
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reporter: the gunshots rang out here on trinity parkway after police cornered a suspect following a high-speed chase. just after 5:00 yesterday afternoon, chp units tried to pull over a car on interstate 5 but then it sped off. officers followed it to a walmart, where the driver bailed out, took off running and was arrested. while that was happening, the passenger took the wheel and took off. officers later cornered him on trinity parkway. then gunfire. [ gunfire ] >> reporter: a witness captured the shots being fired. officers screamed at the man to stay down, but he didn't. he got away again. the two men are the inmates who escaped from the courthouse in palo alto. john bivins and tramel mcclough were charged with two violent robberies. they have been on the run ever since using a key to escape handcuffs two weeks ago. the santa clara county sheriff's department said that mcclough was arrested in
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stockton. he is the guy who bailed. bivins is still on the run. these are new surveillance photos of bivens taken at a convenience store. he may be driving this green 1999 ford explorer. here he was earlier tonight standing next to it. license plate number 7tyy505. i immediately. in stockton, joe vazquez, kpix 5. the santa clara county sheriff's department is expected to provide more details on the case this morning. a high-profile san francisco murder trial is now in the hands of the jury. jurors will resume deliberations this morning after hearing closing arguments yesterday. jose inez garcia zarate has admitted to firing the shot that killed kate steinle in san francisco two years ago. the defense argued that the stolen gun went off by accident. prosecutors say it was deliberate. >> intentionality. that's the question here. why did he do this?
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was this an accident? was it absolute recklessness with no dare for human life or was it intentional by focusing on miss steinle? >> the jury could find him guilty of first- or second- degree murder or involuntary manslaughter. he could face up the life in prison if convicted of first- degree murder. 57 million customers and drivers of san francisco-based uber had their personal data stolen by hackers. but the ride hailing company didn't say anything about it for more than a year. more now from betty yu. reporter: uber is coming clean revealing that hackers have stolen personal data from 57 million uber customers and drivers. the stolen information includes names, email addresses and phone numbers. the breach also exposed the driver's licenses of 600,000 uber drivers. the hack happened in october of last year. and uber acknowledges it paid hackers $100,000 to destroy the
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information and keep the breach quiet. tech expert russell hancock: >> yes, confounding to me. if you knew who the hackers were, why wouldn't you report them to authorities? >> between sexual harassment and they are not hiring women and now this, they don't have a great reputation as a company. >> it's becoming worse, yeah. i'll look into lyft more. >> reporter: uber's new ceo criticized how the company handled the matter in a new blog post writing: >> i lost trust for them. >> it's disappointing. i had no idea this was going on. i'm worried. >> reporter: uber fired its chief security officer joe sullivan for the data breach cover-up.
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>> no social security numbers or credit card numbers were taken. 4:35. let's check the forecast. >> a lot of people may be leaving for the airport today and keep in mind, we have a bit of fog out there. so fog is forming. there's in fact a dense fog advisory in sacramento. a lot of the fog is creeping towards the napa-sonoma areas. the airport at the moment seems to be doing all right. this is obviously very early in the morning. so not much flight activity. 51 in concord. oakland 52. at this time yesterday, we were already in the mid- to upper 50s. san francisco it is a little warmer at 58 degrees. san jose 54. santa rosa at 52. so here's that fog that's forming impacting visibility for hayward, oakland down to 5- mile-per-hour visibility. hopefully it won't impact flights. petaluma 3-mile visibility. santa rosa it's tough to get around there right now as the fog settles into the pockets there in the valleys. but you can see it coming in from the sacramento area.
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we are getting an east wind blowing the fog towards our area. satellite and radar shows no clouds in sight. not much of that until later on today. these clouds will be coming through this afternoon. and by tomorrow morning, there's a chance we could see some green on the screen there for the north bay. so here's a look at your forecast for this wednesday. maybe a lot of you are off today already, starting your holiday off early. so morning fog. once that clears up, our temperatures will be warm right along the coastline. and around the bay down into the 70s today, as well. a few clouds this afternoon. near record-breaking for inland areas especially if you're in the south bay. so we could see it again some records shattered. jaclyn? >> thanks, neda. we are tracking a big backup and this isn't just holiday traffic. this is all due to an accident that has shut down two out of three lanes on the skyway of the bay bridge.
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this is northbound 101 as you approach the 80 split. and you can see that backup, it stretches beyond cesar chavez at this point. so we are tracking a 10-minute ride from 280 to the 80 split and then slow on the lower deck speeds dropping below 20 miles per hour. that traffic looks even slower than that. over at the bay bridge toll plaza, heading westbound, the usual slowdowns in the cash lanes. fastrak no problem into the city. about 10 minutes ride into the city. 580 into the altamont pass usually see delays here? we are in the green, 22 minutes. hat's a check of your traffic; over t o you. a daring dash to freedom is caught on camera. the video shows the moment when a north korean soldier makes a run for his life. watch as he speeds down a road before crashing his jeep. soldiers from the north fire 40 rounds at him chasing him across the border using night vision. south korean soldiers crawl up
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and drag him to safety as north korean troops closed in. this happened last week. the u.s.-led u.n. command just released the video. the defector is in the hospital having surgery. u.n. command says north korea violated international law by firing across and physically crossing the border president trump seems to be saying it's better to center roy moore than a democrat. >> roy moore denies it. that's all i can say. he denies it. i can tell you one thing for sure. we don't need a liberal person in there, a democrat. >> roy moore is accused of sexually abusing several underaged girls four decades ago. others say that he pursued relationships with them while they were in their teens. and he was in his 30s. the republican is running for the alabama senate. more than a dozen senate republicans have called for him to drop out. moore denies the allegations against him. cbs news has fired correspondent charlie rose over accusations of sexual
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misconduct as new accusers come forward. this time, women who worked at cbs. hena doba has the latest from cbs headquarters in new york. reporter: just hours after cbs anchor charlie rose was fired, three women who asked not to be identified said they experienced unwanted sexual contact from rose while working at cbs news. two of the women said they were not ready for the details of their allegations to be made public. but a third woman alleges rose whispered a sexual innuendo while culturing her inappropriately at a work- related event. >> please welcome gayle king. >> reporter: last night, "cbs this morning" anchor gayle king sat down with stephen colbert on the late show. >> oh, stephen, i came this close to canceling. >> reporter: it was an interview scheduled weeks ago. she didn't cancel but she did address the controversy surrounding recent allegations against rose. >> it's still very painful. it's still very hurtful. you know, charlie and i -- we've worked together, been friends, but when you think about the anguish of those women despite the friendship, you still have to report the
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news. >> reporter: cbs fired rose tuesday, one day after eight women spoke to the "washington post" alleging sexual misconduct by the legendary broadcaster. they accused him of groping them and walking around naked while they were either working at his home or traveling on business. rose returned to his new york city apartment last night. >> you want to say anything to those accusers, the people that's accusing you of all these wrongdoings? >> it's not wrongdoing. >> reporter: in an earlier statement, he did apologize for his inappropriate behavior and said he was greatly embarrassed. although adding, i do not believe that all of these allegations are accurate. hena doba, cbs news. >> pbs also fired him, host of his long running interview show. holiday shopping season is about to get under way. why you shouldn't expect a bargain on christmas trees this year. >> plus an outpouring of emotion as a bay area father reunites with his family after six months in immigration detention. another 2am stroll, huh?
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i'm worried. i have this medical bill... dave, you have anthem and they have people to talk to who are empowered to help any question you... is, is he okay? real people? living and breathing. hopefully not breathing like that. for all the things that keep you up at night, anthem blue cross has a solution.
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massive homeless problem.
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according to the chronicle newspaper... mayor ed lee is negotiating with the ent, to there's a new plan to put a dent in the homeless problem. mayor ed lee is negotiating with the transportation department to open two new navigation centers. one would be at fifth and bryant streets. the other at 13th and division streets. san francisco currently has five navigation centers. transitional shelters also provide services to the homeless. so far no source of funding has been found for the new centers. a bay area father who went to work and was met by immigration agents has been trying to be released for months. he was released in time for thanksgiving. [ crying ] reporter: his wife and children are now embracing hugo mejia for the first time in six months. >> my kids, they always jump in my neck and hug me and kiss me.
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and i miss that a lot. >> reporter: his friends and family paid his bond after a federal judge ordered him released from immigration detention just in time for thanksgiving. [ speaking spanish ] >> i happy. i happy. i going to see my family again. this is a most important thing in this moment. >> reporter: federal immigration arrested him and a friend both illegal immigrants in may after they tried to work a construction job on travis air force base. hugo has spent the last six months in the federal holding facility in oak grove. >> i am a good guy. >> reporter: the air force guard checked his identification, which led to a background check with i.c.e. he had a 10-year-old deportation order but no criminal record. his friend was deported. neighbors and family members worried the same would happen to him. they have been rallying on behalf of the 37-year-old father of three children for
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six months. this morning an immigration judge ordered his release on bail in time for thanksgiving. he is now heading home to san rafael to reunite with his family and friends. long term, he says he wants to be able to get back to work, to stay in the country where he lived for 17 years. >> i am hard worker. you think i am a criminal? you see my face, you see my reported. i'm not a criminal. i just want the opportunity to stay here. >> reporter: joe vazquez, kpix 5. a san jose runner is back on his feet after a medical scare that nearly killed him. he will be honored tomorrow at the annual silicon valley turkey trot. it was at last year's thanksgiving day run in downtown san jose that mike collapsed as he nerd the finish line. the 49-year-old was having a major heart attack. a nurse who was also running jumped into action to save him. he will be part of the opening
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ceremony for tomorrow's race, which he calls another important step in his recovery. >> it's been a journey for me mentally and physically to come to terms with what happened. it's not something i would have expected to have happened. but i live with a lot more gratitude and a lot more perspective than i did before. >> thousands of runners are expected to hit the streets of downtown san jose tomorrow morning for the charity events. holiday shopping season is about to get under way, no deal this year on christmas trees. we explain why your fresh cut tree could cost you a lot more green. reporter: we're days away from the busiest time of year for christmas purchases. >> beats having a fake tree. >> reporter: he has run chad's christmas trees on jefferson boulevard for the last 15 years. >> we try to go through 15 or 1600. >> reporter: all his trees come from oregon and the price is up. >> we do our best to keep our
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customers happy. obviously compete with everybody else. >> reporter: in 2007 tree farmers planted fewer trees during the economic downturn, now the demand is up. but the supply isn't keeping pace. customers will likely pay more. >> price versus gone up 25% for the trees that we bring in. >> reporter: according to the california christmas tree association, 90% of the trees sold in california are brought in from out of state. >> that's definitely going to impact everybody's pocketbook coming out to get a christmas tree. >> reporter: billy's tree farm also sells locally grown trees that you can cut yourself. >> we keep expanding the varieties we bring in and try to make sure we have plenty of trees. >> reporter: he says the price of choosing cut trees hasn't fluctuated in recent years. but they are dealing with other issues. >> the drought has impacted us because we have had higher mortality rates. >> reporter: trees are a slow growing crop which makes predicting supply and demand a difficult task. >> we're planting today for five years from now. ♪[ music ]
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>> it's always amazing how pricy those christmas trees get every year. >> add that to the list of expensive things in the bay area, right? >> my tree is already up. >> is it? >> it's been up for almost two weeks. >> before thanksgiving? >> yes. >> we wanted to -- [ crosstalk ] >> it's fake but we wanted to enjoy it as long as we can. >> okay. is it okay to call it a fake tree? are we calling it like something else? >> it's fake. [ laughter ] >> but it still looks good, i heard? >> looks great. >> you make the most of the holiday. extend it as long as we can. so a lot of people may be going out and chopping trees looking for trees this weekend perhaps? it is, you know, of course a tradition for most people after thanksgiving and the weather will be cooperating so we are not going to have any wet weather to deal with at least not for tomorrow or for friday. but by sunday, we could see a storm coming through and that could impact the bay area. so if you are doing any of outdoor activities, do it before sunday rolls around because we do have nice warm weather in store for today and tomorrow and again on friday
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all because of this high pressure that's going to bring us more heat similar to yesterday for today. so that high pressure is nudging any kind of storm action up to the north again. so it's building from baja, california, causing record- breaking heat for southern california. l.a. is going to be possibly in the 90s for some of those areas. and we will most likely be in the upper 70s low 80s. there's flooding possible for the pacific northwest. they are continuing to get back to back to back storms bringing a lot of precipitation for them. for us, though, we are getting a lot of sunshine. highs for today, temperatures down to 61 but instead in the 70s. nine to 13 degrees above average today. san jose in the mid-70s today. yesterday 76 a record for san
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jose. here's the travel forecast. eureka 60s slight chance of showers if any of the storms move south but most likely the rest of northern california in the clear and sunshine in the future. chance of rain saturday night into sunday and that's when it could impact all the bay area, some widespread rain that will reach our area. your seven-day forecast looking like this. tomorrow temperatures are slightly cooler, a couple of degrees cooler than today. it will stay that way for friday and then we open up some cooler air for the weekend and that storm coming in for sunday. jaclyn. >> thank you. we are tracking speeds in the yellow now. things are looking better for drivers holding towards the bay bridge on the lower deck. we had an earlier accident that had all but one lane blocked and they just reopened those lanes so we are no longer seeing that big backup. this is 101 right at the interchange as you are heading towards 80 and heading towards
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the lower deck of the bay bridge. so traffic moving much better now. and as you can see, we have a few slowdowns just as you approach that earlier accident. it was right at 4th street. but chp canceled the "sig alert." eastshore freeway looking a- okay. we do see a few slowdowns along richmond parkway, nothing to write home about. you have a 14-minute ride from 14 to the maze. at the maze about 10 minutes into san francisco, a few cars backing up in the cash lanes. 580 the usual slowdowns but not even that usual because we are still in the green, 23 minutes between 205 and 680. 4:52. the annual list of the most dangerous toys is out. we'll show you which is items have the distinction this year.
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speeds in the green in oakland, 580 at high street. but we have first reports of an accident along highway 13 as you're just passing 580. so we'll have more on that coming up. a transit bus collided with a box truck in san francisco. chopper 5 was over the scene yesterday evening on courtlandt avenue. photos shot from street level show the muni bus was smashed in near the front door. the windshield was also cracked. it was serving the 24 line. there were no reports of major injuries. it appears that muni isn't on board with recreational marijuana at least on the side of its buses. the muni board voted to keep pot ads off buses, trains and cable cars and out of stations and bus stops. they say there are too many young people on muni and wants to limit their exposure. some ads are already running on
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muni. that will end when the contract expires. parents are being advised not to buy the kiddies certain toys as the holiday shopping season approaches. yesterday the consumer group calpirg unveiled its list of dangerous toys. it includes my friend kayla, a talking doll that's been banned in germany over privacy concerns, also some fidget spinners that calpirg says are sold at target and have high levels of lead, and there are toys like these stacking blocks which contain tiny magnets that kids could swallow. a pediatrician advises parents to read labels. >> my best advice for parents when they are looking for toys is to heed those warnings and age limits. most of the time they are accurate. >> calpirg says overall toys are safer and there are fewer dangerous toys on the list. hewlett-packard enterprise ceo meg whitman is stepping down. whitman says she plans take time off when she leaves next
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year. she will remain on the board of hewlett-packard enterprise. the former gubernatorial candidate also says that she has no plans to seek public office or join a competing company. the company president antonio nary will take over as ceo in february. 4:57. we could know today the fate of the man who killed kate steinle two years ago. the jury is deliberating. a look at where the case stands coming up. this morning, we are continuing to look at the hack into uber that happened last year. their bizarre cover-up next.
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and i'm kenny choi. let's start with a live look outside... good morning. , everyone. it's wednesday, november 22. i'm michelle griego. >> good morning, i'm kenny choi. let's start with a live look outside on this wednesday morning as we take a look at some of the traffic in oakland, 880 on the right and we got a shot of sfo this morning.
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it's going to be a very busy travel day for a lot of people out there. get ready. >> my dad is coming in today just a minute. so hopefully no delays. >> we hope not. there's a little bit of fog. hope in that won't impact the airport right now. right now looks like oakland airport seeing an impact from the fog. so we'll see. here's hi-def doppler. there's a little bit of rain across california but only impacting crescent city, eureka. it's not going to move down south to our area whatsoever. the rain will come down from 101. temperatures already 58 degrees. could break a record in san jose today. so sfo michelle you're good for now. dad should be fine to fly in this morning. nice and clear at the airport. oakland airport 5-mile visibility. santa rosa


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