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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  November 22, 2017 7:00am-9:00am PST

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have a wonderful day. good morning to our viewers in the west. it's wednesday, november 22nd, 2017. welcome to "cbs this morning." there is breaking news. a u.s. navy transport plane crashes into the philippine sea with 11 people onboard. at least eight have been rescued. ben tracy has the latest. he flew on one of those planes just last week. cbs news fires charlie rose less than 24 hours after a report accused him of multiple cases of sexual harassment, and three cbs employees now say he also harassed them. plus dramatic video shows a mad dash for freedom by a north korean defector. his fellow troops chase and shoot him before south korean
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soldiers drag him to safety. and we remember david he has died at the age of 67. ♪ i think i love you but we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. the navy says that there are 11 passengers and crew members onboard and that a search and rescue operation is currently under way. >> a u.s. navy aircraft crashes off the coast of japan. >> eight of the 11 passengers have been found. >> three more women come forward with claims of sexual misconduct against charlie rose. >> you want to say anything to the people accusing you of all these wrongdoings? >> it's not wrongdoings. president trump broke his silence on alabama senate candidate roy moore. >> he says it didn't happen. you have to listen to him also. >> uber admitting to covering up a massive hacking attack. it compromised 57 million riders and drivers. >> fans are mourning the death of former teen idol david cassidy. >> cassidy is best known as
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keith partridge in the partridge family. >> new video showing a north korean soldier being shot while defecting to south korea. >> all that -- >> officers doing pushups with a canine named nitro. >> -- and all that matters. >> you are here by pardoned. >> the president pardoned two turkeys and immediately criticized them on twitter for not being grateful enough. >> i feel so good about myself. >> -- on "cbs this morning." >> monday your world is one way and then in 24 hours charlie has been suspended and then he has been fired. charlie rose who is an icon in this country. i'm still wrapping my brain around that. but if anything changes in this, what i do hope is that people will speak up and that companies are sending a message that we have zero tolerance for this kind of behavior. that is a very important thing. >> this morning's "eye opener" is presented by toyota.
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let's go places. welcome, welcome to "cbs this morning." norah o'donnell is off for the thanksgiving holiday with her family. as you may have heard, charlie rose is no longer with cbs. we will get to the latest on his firing in just a moment, but first we begin with this. we are following breaking news in the western pacific. a rescue mission is under way right now after a u.s. navy plane crashed with 11 people onboard. >> the c-2-a transport went down in the ocean south of japan. eight crew members have been found so far and are in good condition. ben tracy flew in one of these planes just last week. he's with us from beijing. ben, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the c-2 cargo plane crashed while returning to the uss ronald reagan on wednesday afternoon, and this happened while the u.s. and japanese forces were conducting joint naval exercises. now, the plane went down just
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southeast of okinawa, which is one of the southernmost parts of japan. japan's defense ministry says an engine malfunctioned and the c-2 cargo plane seems to be the cause. last week we were on the uss ronald reagan was it was engaged in a rare military exercise near the korean peninsula that involved three u.s. aircraft carriers. we flew on and off the ship in a c-2 cargo plane, and i can tell you they do require you to wear a life preserver around your neck while on that plane. that could be why they were able to finding these eight people so quickly. this has been a deadly year for the u.s. seventh fleet in the pacific. in two other incidents earlier this year, 17 members of the navy lost their lives. gayle. >> very sad story. thank you very much, ben tracy reporting from beijing. now to the latest on charlie rose. cbs news has fired our former co-anchor over allegations of sexual misconduct. cbs news president david rhodes cited extremely disturbing and intolerable behavior as he
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announced the firing yesterday. the first reports centered on rose's interactions with staff and job seekers at his program that aired on pbs. now in the course of reporting this story, we have learned of new alleged misconduct here at cbs. >> three cbs employees say rose's unwanted sexual advances continued after 2011, later than previously reported during his time at cbs news. we learned about these cases not from the hr department, but from our own investigation of his behavior. the three cbs employees spoke on condition of anonymity. o one says she's not ready for details to become public. the other two described unwanted encounters with rose at work-related events. one claims he groped her rear. the other says he grabbed her inappropriately an whispered a sexual innuendo in her ear. our cbs news communications office issued a statement saying this is new information. beyond that we have no comment at this time.
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>> this is charlie rose. >> it came a day after reports surfaced on rose's treatment of women who worked or wanted to work for his pbs show. "the washington post" published the accounts of eight women who described rose groping them, exposing himself or placing lewd phone calls. pbs has terminated its relationship with him. >> do you want to say anything to those accusers, the people accusing you of all these wrongdoings? >> it's not wrongdoings. >> rose's defiance monday night was at odds with an earlier statement in which he said i deeply apologize for my inappropriate behavior. i am greatly embarrassed. though he added, i do not believe that all of these allegations are accurate. former charlie rose show producer rebecca carroll tells us she witnessed inappropriate behavior at the charlie rose show but there wasn't anybody to talk to, she says, there wasn't anybody to tell. >> a lot of times victims feel like they can't say anything. they don't say a word. >> an employment attorney
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explained why people in their situation might hesitate to come forward. >> given a choice between the star and an underling, of course the underling will think they'll pick the star, they'll get rid of me. i'm replaceable. they want their life, they want their career. >> a source with knowledge of charlie rose's firing says cbs news didn't know the specifics of the allegations in the initial "washington post" report before monday. the source said, quote, everything that needs to be investigated we're investigating. rose hasn't responded to our request for comment. it's surreal over the past 24 hours to be in that tracking booth recording these lines and these allegations about someone you know so well and care so much about, but we keep saying as tough as this is, it makes it even more important that we continue to follow this story and tell these women's horrific details and their own stories. >> and you're right, it is very tough that now we are all part of the story. i never in a million years
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thought that we, charlie rose, cbs, would be involved in the story in this way. i also think we're not shying away from reporting and it's still important for the women to speak up. we encourage that. >> it's positive in your piece. i keep thinking about the number of talented women who have left media and entertainment because of an abuser's power over them. the loss of talent these industries have suffered. >> i think things are changing and that is a good thing. president trump said he would rather have controversial republican roy moore in the senate than a democrat. alabama's former chief justice denies allegations of sexual misconduct that have been made now by nine women. in his first extended comment on this matter, the president made it clear that he is giving roy moore the benefit of the doubt. margaret brennan is at the white house with the latest on this. margaret, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. as sexual harassment scandals rock washington, president trump broke from his own party and from his own daughter in choosing to endorse alabama senate candidate roy moore.
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it's a clear signal that the president's first priority is gaining yet another republican vote for his own agenda. >> i never dated underage women and i never engaged in sexual misconduct with anybody. >> reporter: sitting beside his wife, alabama republican senate candidate roy moore again denied the multiple allegations of sexual misconduct against minors. >> roy moore denies it. >> reporter: hours earlier, president trump argued that moore's conservative credentials should be the deciding factor for voters. >> we don't need a liberal person in there, a democrat. >> reporter: mr. trump also cast doubt on moore's accusers. >> he said 40 years ago this did not happen. >> reporter: yet also said he welcomed recent scrutiny of misconduct allegations against other men. >> women are very special. i'm very happy it's being exposed. >> reporter: mr. trump has characterized allegations about his own misbehavior as fake news. >> i moved on her like a [ bleep ] and she was married.
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>> reporter: and dismissed his comments on the now infamous 2005 "access hollywood" tape. >> grab them by the [ bleep ], do anything. >> reporter: now president trump is willing to overlook the multiple allegations against roy moore and may even campaign for him. an endorsement at odds with leading republicans, including senate majority leader mitch mcconnell. >> i believe the women, yes. >> republican speaker paul ryan. >> he should step aside. >> and ivanka trump, whose criticism of moore is now featured in an add r run by his competitor. >> ivanka trump says there's a special place in hell for people who prey on children. >> reporter: during the campaign more than ten women accused president trump of sexual misconduct. the official white house position is that all of those alleged victims are liars. >> all right, margaret brennan, thank you. the fbi is offering a reward of up to $25,000 for information
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leading to an arrest following the death of a border patrol agent. rogelio martinez died in texas sunday. david beg nnaud is outside the hospital where martinez died and a second agent is being treated. >> reporter: the border agent who survived is in critical but stable condition here at the hospital in el paso. the national border patrol council, who is the border agents union, has said these two agents were ambushed and attacked with stones, but no other agency is saying that, including the fbi, which is investigating. >> there are a number of possible scenarios. >> reporter: the fbi special agent in charge of this investigation, emerson bowie, says finding out exactly what happened to rogelio martinez and his partner is now the most important investigation for the fbi's el paso division. the 36-year-old border patrol agent's death is being treated as a potential assault on a federal officer. >> why call it a potential assault and not an assault? >> we call it potential because we do not have the full picture yet as to what transpired.
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once we get closer to that, then we'll be able to present those facts. >> reporter: the agents were found around 11:20 saturday night in a culvert next to interstate 10 right outside the town of van horn. both men had broken bones and severe head trauma. a law enforcement source tells cbs news agent martinez radioed in earlier that night that he was getting out of his vehicle and following a trail of possible footprints in the dirt. the border patrol agents union said the two men were ambushed and attacked with rocks. texas governor greg abbott, senator ted cruz, and president donald trump have all described what happened as an attack. >> until we have the facts, we shouldn't jump to those conclusions. >> reporter: a congressman from el paso spoke with the border patrol's acting sector chief on monday. >> they are following all leads, but at this point they don't know in all certainty what has happened. >> reporter: we went back to the national border patrol council to find out exactly where they got that information that it was
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an ambush and the agents were attacked with stones. an agency spokesman told us the national border patrol council got the information from agents who were at the scene the night the wounded agents were found. when we asked them if they still stand by their statement that it was an ambush, an agency spokesman told us absolutely, 100%. >> david, thank you. new york's attorney general is launching an investigation this morning after uber admitted it failed to disclose a massive data breach for more than a year. the ride-sharing company said yesterday that hackers stole the personal data of more than 57 million customers and drivers. that includes names, e-mail addresses and phone numbers. carter evans is in los angeles with how uber handled the breach. carter, good morning. >> good morning. you may be wondering why it took uber a year to disclose the stolen data, which it was legally required to report. well, the company's new ceo had the same question and decided to come clean after recently learning about the breach, which
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the company's previous ceo reportedly kept under wraps. uber decided to steer clear of federal regulators when it learned of the widespread hack in 2016. instead of reporting the incident, the multi billion dollar company chose to pay hackers $100,000 to delete the stolen data. it's not known whether the hackers followed through. technology reporter eric newcomer broke the story for bloomberg. >> the crazy thing is definitely that uber didn't tell anyone for more than a year. their belief was, okay, we'll pay them, they'll delete it, everything will be fine. >> along with the names, e-mail addresses and phone numbers, hackers also obtained around 600,000 license numbers from uber drivers. in a statement, uber says it's outside forensics experts have not seen any indication that trip location history, credit card numbers, bank account numbers, social security numbers or dates of birth were downloaded. >> this incident is going to
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give any sort of reasonable person pause about how much they can trust the company. >> at the time of the hack, uber was already under investigation for privacy violations, while dealing with the troubled tenure of embattled ceo travis kalanek. uber's new ceo wrote none of this should have happened and i will not make excuses for it. we are changing the way we do business. >> the new ceo is trying to clean things up, but it's going to take time. he needs to recruit new leaders and really change the culture, and that's a big project. >> now, uber has fired a security executive and one other executive. we reached out to former uber ceo travis kalanek but have not heard back. >> thank you very much, carter. the thanksgiving holiday travel period is officially under way this morning. pack your patience, people. aaa projects nearly 51 million americans will travel 50 miles or more over this period.
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now, this is the highest number since 2005. about 89% of those travelers will be driving. kris van cleave is in a car in washington. kris, good morning. but you are not behind the wheel. >> reporter: well, good morning. here is the good news. th is ys the very worst of the over. tuesday night is typically the worst in most major cities. take a look at this video from los angeles last night. that was bad. now, the bad news today, it probably won't be a lot better this evening. aaa estimates the worst time to leave is the evening between 3:00 and 7:00 p.m. so your best bet, if you can, leave midday today or the very best time to drive is actually thanksgiving morning if you can make it to your meal in time. whenever you leave, you will be paying more to drive this year, as gas prices are at their highest level in three years. the national average price is $2.54 this month. that's 37 cents higher than last year. the price spike is due to hurricanes irma and harvey which
7:17 am
damaged the gas and oil industry. the economy is better and that's why people are driving. >> kris van cleave, thank you very much. former teen idol david cassidy is being remembered this morning for his contributions to the music world. ♪ love it. the partridge family star and grammy nominee died yesterday at age 67. cassidy had dementia. he was hospitalized in florida with organ failure. anthony mason is here. anthony, good morning. >> good morning. david cassidy was born in new york city and had performing in his genes. his dad won a tony award. after his own brief appearance on broadway, cassidy moved to los angeles in 1969 and hitched a ride on a star. ♪ i think i love you david cassidy got his big break and a number one record as keith partridge in "the partridge
7:18 am
family" where he starred alongside his real-life stepmother shirley jones. but the pure magic happened in front of his adoring crowds. >> ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, david cassidy! >> his shows were described as packed. ♪ i woke up in love this morning ♪ he was the teenage dream for teenage girls of the 1970s. >> what's so special about david cassidy? >> he's gorgeous. >> if you're a girl you look at him and love him. i don't know. >> in 1972 he posed naked for a "rolling stone" cover and inside discussed his drug use. ♪ i think i love you >> all told, cassidy sold more than 30 million records and managed to pack big venues like madison square garden. in 1974, the hysteria led to tragedy when a teenage girl died after a stampede at his london show. ♪ i write the songs
7:19 am
cassidy continued to tour in recent years, but his health made performing difficult. >> to watch your mother disappear is very painful. >> he stopped in march after he shared his diagnosis of early dementia, a condition that was hereditary. through it all, his fans never left him. >> i think you try and stay with your strengths, which is for me to go out and connect and entertain and make people laugh and get them stomping and clapping and walking out with a smile on their face. >> two notable tweets on the news, first from mickey dolenz of the monkees who called him a formidable talent and a really, really funny dude. and maureen mccormick, marcia, marcia, marcia, who wrote deep down i dreamt of being a partridge. >> gone way too soon. anthony, thank you. and coming up, ikea issues a massive new recall after a
7:20 am
dresser crushed another child. ahead, how the toddler's family says ikea failed
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newly released video reveals how a north korean defector made a daring escape. ahead, a video shows how he escape and was fired on while crossing the border. >> you're watching "cbs this morning." >> announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by brous finan brighthouse financial, established by metlife. introducing shield annuities, a line of products that allow you to take advantage of growth opportunities. while maintaining a level of protection in down markets. so you can head into retirement with confidence. talk with your advisor about shield annuities from brighthouse financial established by metlife.
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remains on the run -- while another is in custody after a shootout with police. good morning, it's 7:26. i'm michelle griego. one escaped bay area inmate remains on the run while another is in custody after a shootout with police. tramel mcclough was arrested last night in stockton. his partner john bivins is still on the run. they escaped this month from a palo alto courthouse. a high-profile san francisco murder trial is now in the hands of the jury. jurors will resume deliberations this morning after hearing closing arguments yesterday. jose inez garcia zarate has admitted to firing the shot that killed kate steinle in san francisco two years ago. stay with us, traffic and weather in just a moment.
7:27 am
good morning. time now 7:27. we are tracking slowdowns for drivers heading through
7:28 am
oakland. if you are heading over to the oakland airport, you better give yourself some extra time. here's a live look. northbound direction is very heavy on the right side of your screen there. 22 minutes between 238 and the maze. an accident southbound near high street starting to cause a bit of a backup. speeds drop just below 40 miles per hour. and your ride miking your may along the eastshore freeway 80 at gilman, moving but some brake lights towards the toll plaza. no delays at the bay bridge. neda. >> sure are seeing fog across the east bay and the north bay in fact we still have this dense fog advisory for the next 30 minutes or so. livermbia half. it's a lot less though in fairfield if you are head there is and santa rosa about a quarter mile visibility. so dense fog advisory for the north and east bays at 8 a.m. also we are going to see some afternoon clouds.
7:29 am
7:30 am
mercy. remember how we said pack your patience? this is why. this airport happens to be chicago's o'halloran but chances are this is what your airport looks like in your town. you're going to be waiting in very long lines this morning. this is one of the heaviest travel days of the year. john, how many people did you just tell me are going to be traveling? 1.3 at o'hare alone. 1.3 million, of course. 1.3 million at o'hare alone. get ready if you're going to the airport. >> that turkey had better be worth it. >> i'm happy to be here with you guys. >> i'm happy to be getting on a plane in two hours but i'm happy to be here right now. welcome back.
7:31 am
here are three things you should know. president trump is looking to win the cooperation of russian president vladimir putin. the white house said during a phone call yesterday both leaders explored ways to fight terrorism. >> we had a great call with president putin. we're talking about peace in syria, very important. we're talking about north korea. we had a call that lasted almost an hour and a half. we just put out a release on the call, but we're talking very strongly about bringing peace to syria. we're talking very strongly about north korea and ukraine. >> this came after he discussed serious ending of ongoing syrian war. former team usa gymnast tick's doctor larry nassar will appear in court. more than 125 women and girls accuse him of sexual abuse in lawsuits.
7:32 am
olympic gold medalist gabby douglas is the latest to come forward. she posted yesterday on instagram, quote, i didn't share my experience as well as many other things. for years we were conditioned to stay silent. honestly it makes things extremely painful. and ajit pai speaks on net neutrality repeal. pai said, quote, under my proposal the federal government will stop mike crow mainaging the internet. he plans to release his entire plan today. doctors say a wounded north korean soldier who was shot appeared on video.
7:33 am
he was chased and shot befill low north korean soldiers. there's video that shows how he barely made it out alive. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this is the first time in a decade a north korean soldier crossed the border. his escape looked like something out of a hollywood movie. this extraordinary video shows an army jeep racing down a road. north korean soldiers aware something is wrong run from their checkpoints and begin to chase their defleeing comrade. his truck gets stuck and he literally runs for his life. the other soldiers follow and open fire, shooting at him approximately 40 times. the defector was racing to cross the military demarcation line, the official boundary between the two countries inside the dmz. the u.n. command said north
7:34 am
korean army violated the armistice in their pursuit of the fleeing soldier. >> they violated the agreement by, one, firing weapons across the mdl and, two, by crossing the mdl temporarily. >> you can see this north korean soldier briefly crosses the line and hurries back. the heat-seeking missile shows the south korean soldiers dragging the lifeless body to safety. doctors removed at least five bullets from his body. doctors say they found several parasites in the soldier's body which gives you a sense of how bad conditions are in north korea. apparently since he's woken up in the hospital, he's been riveted by movies including csi. ikea is recalling chests and
7:35 am
dressers. the recall involves mom and other dressers. they admit they're unstable and can tip over if not anchored to the wall. don dahler has more. >> their toddler had gone down for a nap but less than an hour later their son was pinned under the three-drawer dresser and they say it's something that never should have happened. >> reporter: joseph dudek is the latest victim. crushed under a dresser. his parents say they had no idea the furniture posed a deadly risk or that it had been recalled earlier. they recalled dressers after
7:36 am
they fell on three other victims. >> there was no reason to make dressers which ikea knew had a tendency to tip over. >> reporter: coconsumer product safety commission has received 160 reports of incidents. mar than 90 children have been injured from them. >> they're used predominantly in children's bedrooms. children should be safe in their own bedrooms. >> reporter: in a statement the swedish company says they've done an extensive youtd reach. however, there is still more work to be done. feldman said they never received the notifications. >> ikea should devote the same energy, time, an money to the recall of this product that they devoted to selling the product. >> reporter: according to the cpsc, a child is injured every
7:37 am
40 minutes. 60% of tipover fatalities involve children between the ages of 2 and 5. ikea is urging parents to anchor their dressers to the wall. >> it takes very little time. it takes very little money. but it's an effort that is tremendous as far as saving lives or injury to your loved ones. >> customers can also request a refund if they purchased chested or dresser drawers involving in the recall. they still sell them, albeit with a clear warning about the tipping risk. >> it really is important to read the instructions. >> it is. it can't be overstated that these anchor kits can save lives. if anything can be toppled over by a toddler, they should be anchored. >> toddlers love to climb. >> they do.
7:38 am
everyings is an obstacle course. a rising number of new cars do not come with a spare tire and many drive eers have no idea. ahead, why automakers are leaving it out and how that could impact calls over the holiday-week-old. and we invite you to subscribe to our "cbs this morning" podcast. we love them. you get the news of the day, extended interviews. find them all on itunes and apple's ipod apps. you can do that while waiting in line at the airport. right now you erie watching "cbs this morning."
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millions of americans hitting the roads for thanksgiving could have an unpleasant surprise. 28% of new cars do not have a spare tire. safety advocates say many dri r drivers have no idea it's not in their cars. aaa pre go, but no
7:43 am
spare tire. if this car gets a flat, we're going to be on the side of the road waiting for a toe. so there's no spare tire in here. a flat tire stranded michelle stevens on the side of the road for hours because her cadillac does not have a spare. >> it's no fun. they're honking at you and you're tying up traffic. >> there's nothing you can do about it because you didn't have a spare tire to fix it. >> exactly. >> they have looked to reduce waits swapping a spare. >> the space where it should go. >> aaa says 28% of new models are sold without a spare as
7:44 am
standard equipment. the list includes cars from more than two dozen auto brands from economy to luxury, though some pricier cars come with run flat tires. >> the truth is no one knows what's in their trunk until they need it. >> if the repair kit in the trunk can't fit the flat, those drivers are facing a long delay and a tow to a tire shop. >> our records show that an it flighter kit can rarely get a flat tire back on the road. >> do you worry about getting stuck in a pothole? >> i do a little bit. it crosses my mind every once in a while. i try to dodge the potholes but it's hard. they sneak up on you. >> cadillac said they put inflater kits in all of their vehicles and they make small spares available.
7:45 am
aaa acknowledges they still get calls because one in five don't know how to change a flat tire. >> chris, you took the words out of my mouth. i don't know how to do it. >> call me, gayle. >> do you guys know how to change a tire? >> i have. i have. very badly. >> you, bianca? >> nope. >> okay. >> i have not. >> you know how to change a tire. call aaa. coming up next, a look at this morning's other headlines including investigations into reports that aaa deleted reviews about injuries and death. plus survivors of sexual assaults tell us how they feel about growing
7:46 am
>> announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by jcpenney. it's here. the jcpenney hollywood change. 4 thanks for calling unitedhealthcare. hi, i need your help. i've been trying to find a knee specialist... but nobody has an opening for months! you can't always control your feelings... oh, i found one in-network next tuesday. but unitedhealthcare can help you control your care. thanks, stephanie. unitedhealthcare
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. welcome back to "cbs this morning." john conyers denies sexually harassing a female employee as a congressional ethics probe begins. he agrees to paying a settlement back in 2015. meanwhile three other employees accuse the michigan democrat of sexual harassment. bloomberg reports that president trump's barbs on the merger says it could fuel the company's defense. he commented again to reporters yesterday. >> i'm not going to get involved company.
7:51 am
>> they're sugar over the mer r merger. "usa today" says it's looking into reports f trib adviser. the ftc also wants to know whether there's a lack of transparency. users have no way of knowing how many negative reviews the company withheld. secret algorithms show which reports appear. they apparently pay them for user clicks and bookings. "the wall street journal" reports that mall owners are ramping up holiday spending to attract more commerce. individuals often spend $150,000 to $500,000. preparation orders are up 8% this year. it includes new lighting fixtures and wall paint, putting
7:52 am
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are due today, for folks in sonoma county whose properties were damaged or destroyed by wildfires. good morning. everyone it's 7:of 56. i'm kenny choi. private clean-up application forms are due today for folks in sonoma county whose properties were damaged' destroyed by the wildfires. residents who choose not to participate in the government debris removal program are required to have qualified personnel clean up their properties. police say that it appears someone is trying to poison dogs in san francisco. a warning on the next door website says that poison has been found in the bernal heights neighborhood. police say that someone may be leaving the poison out to get owners to clean up after their pets. raffic and weather in just a moment. ♪ ♪ lend him a helping hand, ♪ put a little love in your heart.♪ ♪ you'll see it's getting late, oh 't hesitate...♪
7:57 am
♪ put a little love in your heart.♪ ♪ in your heart... ♪ in your heart... ♪ in your heart... ♪ in your heart. (vo) going on now, our subaru share the love event will have donated over one hundred fifteen million dollars to those in need. good morning. >> time now 7:57. and we are tracking delays along 880. if you are getting ready to head out the door, here's what
7:58 am
your ride looks like in the southbound direction. an earlier motorcycle crash right near mowry avenue has traffic backed up to about whipple at this point. expect about a 35-minute ride from 238 down to 237. even slower in the northbound direction through oakland. you can see traffic on the right side of your screen there 35 minutes from 238 on up towards the maze. and the bay bridge toll plaza, looking much better. back in the green. no metering lights. and it's about 14 minutes into san francisco. we have visibility impacted in the east bay and the north bay. livermore, it's a little better as far as visibility goes. down to a mile now instead of near zero. santa rosa though still about a quarter mile visibility. that fog advisory for the north and east bay and then 8:00 so in the next few minutes, sacramento, san joaquin valleys, fog sticks around until 11 a.m.
7:59 am
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♪ good morning to our viewers in the it is wednesday, november 22, 2017. welcome back to "cbs this morning." ahead, what holiday travelers on the roads and in the sky can expect over the thanksgiving holiday. our dr. david egges tells us what to keep in mind when we sit down for dinner tomorrow. he's in the studio today. plus, the new push to build tall buildings out of wood. developers like the look but firefighters wonder how safe they are. first here is today's eye opener at 8:00 the rescue mission is under way right now in the western pacific after u.s. navy plane crashed with 11 on board. >> a c-2 cargo plane crashed while returning to the uss ronald reagan on wednesday afternoon. >> cbs news has fired our former
8:01 am
coanchor over allegations of sexual misconduct. >> i never in a million years thought we, charlie rose, cbs would be involved in this story in this way. president trump broke from his own party and from his own daughter in choosing to endorse roy moore. may be wondering why it took uber a year to disclose the stolen data. the company's new ceo had the same question former teen idol david cassidy is being remembered this morning. >> he was born in new york city and had performing in his genes. >> gone way too soon, 67. president trump put his presidential pardon power to work on tuesday, sparing two lucky turkeys, wish bone and drum stick, from the thanksgiving table this year. >> that's ominous. those names don't sound like you're pardoning them. it is like naming your fish, flushable. >> this morning's eye opener at 8:00 is sponsored by blue buffalo. ♪
8:02 am
i'm gayle king with valid mere duthiers and bianna golodryga today. three people are missing after a cargo plane crashed in the western pacific. the c-2 transport called a greyhound went down 600 miles southeast of okinawa, japan overnight. >> rescue crews pulled aut out of the water. all in good condition. the plane had a malfunction and was bringing passengers and cargo to the aircraft carrier uss ronald reagan. >> three cbs employees say they experienced sexual misconduct duct by charlie rose. he was fired yesterday after eight women told "the washington post" he harassed them. cbs news president david rose said in a statement despite charlie's important contribution to our news division, there is nothing more important in this
8:03 am
or any organization than ensuring a safe, professional workplace. a supportive environment where people feel they can do their best work. we need to be such a place. >> the three cbs employees say rose's unwanted sexual conduct occurred during his time at the network. one accused him of groping and another said he whispered sexual innuendos in her ears. we learn this from independent reporting, not hr. a statement was issued saying, this is new information. beyond that we have no comment at this time. the original claims came from eight women who worked or wanted to work for charlie and the charlie rose program that aired on public tv. rose apologized on monday but said he didn't believe all of the accusations were accurate. pbs also ended its relationship with rose yesterday. he has not responded to our request for comment pixar cofounder and walt disney animation chief john lassiter is taking a six-month
8:04 am
leave of absence. he is recognized as the creative force behind films such as "toy story" to "koko" being released this week. complaints were made about interactions with the movie executive. in a memo to staff, he said, i want to apologize to anyone who has ever been on the receiving end of an unwanted hug or any other gesture they felt crossed the line. no matter how benign my intent, everyone has the right to set their own boundaries and have them respected president trump is not convinced that roy moore's accusers are telling the truth. nine women claim the alabama senate candidate assaulted or pursued them, some when teenagers years ago. moore denied the allegations. again last night he did the same. mr. trump says the republican is a better choice than his opponent doug jones. >> i mean roy moore denies it. >> what about the women. >> by the way, he did say total denial. >> what about the women? >> i have to say 40 years is a long time.
8:05 am
he ran eight races and this has never come up. we don't need a liberal person in there, a democrat, jones. i have looked at his record. it is terrible on crime. it is terrible on the border, it is terrible on the military the president faces a series of sexual misconduct allegation also during last year's campaign. he dismiss them as fake news. >> the largest u.s. organization fighting sexual violence estimates more than 800 american also are victimized every day. that works out to one sessionual assault, get this, every 98 seconds. it is one of america's most underreported crimes. asked sexual assault survivors at the cleveland rape crisis center how they handled the recent claims of sexual misconduct in hollywood, politics and the media. >> reporter: why is it so important to talk to people like you, everyday americans who have been sexually assaulted, harassed, considering where we are right now in this moment? >> because at the end of the day we're all human beings, and i
8:06 am
think that it doesn't matter what your position or status is in life. >> my first experience is being sexually violated goes back at the age of five. >> i was molested by my mother's boyfriend. >> i was abused by a family member. >> i was raped by a co-worker at my old job. >> i was sexually assaulted five-and-a-half years ago by a co-worker of my husband. >> i'm a survivor of childhood sexual abuse and rape. >> i was abused by a man who lived in my neighborhood. >> i'm grateful for people starting to speak up and speak out. >> sometimes it only takes to hear from one person, you know. >> none of us are like tv personalities, so that's a beautiful thing. >> the way people are responding to the celebrities and people who have a name, i really wish society would respond to our everyday survivors the same way. >> they had some position of power in sexual assault and abuse and rape is really about the power and control, not the
8:07 am
sex. we're not going to keep pushing it under the rug or throwing a carpet over it or turning a blind eye because you have a title. >> i think we need to just make sure that we give a voice to all survivors, and that's where i'm really excited in looking at who is here with us today because i think so many times we think we're alone, but we're not alen. >> we should note those are some brave survivors for speaking out. last year more than 36,000 people turned to the cleveland rape crisis center for help the state department is defending secretary rex tillerson over criticism from his own employees. some officials are upset about tillerson's decision to leave afghanistan, iraq and burma off a list of countries using child soldier also. all were included in a line-up of 11 companies black listed by department bureaus. the decision propted state department officials to take the unusual step of sending a dissent memo accusing tillerson of promising u.s. credibility.
8:08 am
margaret brennan is at the white house. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the secretary is being accused of vimting u.s. law meant to stop the use of child soldiers. this memo means that tillerson reject advice of top state department officials when he kept three countries off a black list, effectively making it easier for the u.s. to provide those countries with military aid. under a 2008 law, the u.s. is required to publish a list of countries whose forces use child soldiers. any country on that black list is barred from receiving weapons or military aid unless the white house issues a waiver, which has been done in the past. but in this case tillerson chose not to use that legal method. yesterday state department spokesperson heather nowart defended tillerson's decision saying he reviewed all of the facts. state department officials argue in the dissent memo tillerson disregarded the evidence he was presented and they raise concern his omission could weaken u.s. attempts to stop child
8:09 am
trafficking. it also lays bear once again the divide, bianna, between america's diplomats and the secretary of state. >> yeah, margaret, i bet it is first time many americans are hearing about such a law. thank you more people are expected to fly this year for the thanksgiving holiday. is that good or bad? airlines say 28.5 million passengers will take flights over the 12-day holiday period, up 3% from last year. demarco morgan is at newark liberty international airport in new jersey with more. demarco, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. today is one of the busiest travel days of the year. the tsa expects to screen more than 26 million people during the 12-day travel period. according to aaa consumers are paying around 23% less for flights this year. a round trip flight averages around $157. the cheap usseest since 2013. but travelers won't be so lucky if renting a care.
8:10 am
89% of travelers will drive, and the rental price is up 34% from last year. drivers will pay the highest thanksgiving gas prices since 2014. a tank of gas averages $2.54 a gallon, up $0.37 from last november. tsa tip for folks planning to fly with food. you can take your turkey in your carryon but you have to check the gravy. so they can't go together, at least when it comes to travel. vlad. >> i will remember that, demarco. thank you, demarco. thanksgiving may be a time to indulge in favorite foods, but can the holiday derail your health? ahead in our series, grand rounds, we will look at some dining truths and myths to sta
8:11 am
this morning's eye opener at 8:00 is sponsored by blue buffalo. you love your pets like family so feed them like family with blue.
8:12 am
do you swing when you do your swiffer? one way or another, concrete and steel might face new competition is high-rise construction. to tony dokoupil shows us the trend. >> reporter: some architects believe wood is the future construction in america. can it be built safely? that story coming up on "cbs this morning." ♪ i love you still ♪ i need you ♪ more than anyone, darling ♪ you know that i have from the start ♪ ♪ so build me up ♪ buttercup, don't break my heart ♪ s then we found out how many years that money would last them. how long do you think we'll keep -- oooooohhh! you stopped! you're gonna leave me back here at year 9? how did this happen? it turned out, a lot of people fell short, of even the average length of retirement.
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8:16 am
builders in oregon will break ground early next year with the tallest structure made primarily of wood. it's part of a national boom in wood construction, but critics worry timber buildings could go up in flames. tony dokoupil is in long island, new york, with a growing movement to move away from traditional high-rise construction. >> reporter: good morning. this building behind me is not
8:17 am
made of wood but concrete and steel. for more than a century that was the only safe way to build. but now architects are using compressed wood for its strength and beauty, but it's sending off alarms. >> this is the tallest. >> wow. it's hard to tell from the outside. but inside portland developer walked us through the latest milestone in wood construction. a nearly finished eight-story condominium with apartments and picturesque views. the building known ads carbon 12 is part of a global boom in construction including major projects in vancouver, minneapolis, and london. but glen corbett says it may be
8:18 am
hard to fight fires. >> you think some of these new wood high-rises could go up in place the way granfeld did in london? >> yeah. because once it's over 10 or 15 feet, there's no way to put water on it. it's unstoppable. >> any projects we're looking at that are wood-base sthad there are wood models. >> reporter: he helped build the tallest building in dubai. more wood could mean more fire if codes aren't strictly enforced. >> we've got a responsibility to think about all of those things. i'm glad there are advocates for timber, but there needs to be reasonable control and understanding. >> reporter: thomas robinson is the lead architect of framework. this is expected to surpass the
8:19 am
tallest wood building. it's designed with cross laminated timber that robinson is actually fire-resistant. to get a building permit, it had to survive two hours in a furnace at 2,000 degrees. he showed us what remained of the wood. >> so fire bushed it down to there. >> exactly. >> at this level, would it hold? >> it would hold. it shows you how durable. >> do you think there's going to be an explosion, people building these buildings all over? >> they're already building a number of them in portland. you're going to see them all over. >> i should mention that these new wood buildings, they fit together like premade furniture. framework won't be done until about 2019, but, bianna, the other building we showed you, carbon 20, that will be ready any day and when it is, it will
8:20 am
be a record holder. >> i don't know, tony. i think i like the concrete and steel. i'm not convinced yet, but fascinating piece. thank you. >> reporter: there's a lot happening in the city. coming up, german police just recovered historic memorabilia once owned by john lennon. ahead a look at the stolen items incliegd his last diary entries. you're watching "cbs this morning." ♪ you are ever happy there daddy, it's christmas! ♪ childhood's joy land never let go of your dreams. the mercedes-benz winter event is back. lease the e300 sedan for $569 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing.
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i'm worried. i have this medical bill...oll, huh? dave, you have anthem and they have people to talk to who are empowered to help any question you... is, is he okay? real people? living and breathing. hopefully not breathing like that. for all the things that keep you up at night, anthem blue cross has a solution.
8:24 am
a piece of the stolen history is returned to new york. police recovered 86 items belonging to the late singer john lennon. they included two pair of his circular glasses, handwritten scores and three diaries. including the last entry from the day he was murdered in december of 1980. his writings includes his photography appointment with annie leibovitz. she became emotional when they confirmed the authenticity of the items. they've arrested one man in berlin for the stolen objected. >> what a treasure that is. >> they came to national attention when she won the best new artist grammy. ahead, the jazz artist tells us
8:25 am
why she's releasing just 7,777 the f-b-i is searching for a member of the hells angels motorcycle gang. a reward up to five-thousand good morning, it's 8:25, i.j. michelle griego. the fbi is searching for a member of the hell's angels motorcycle gang. a reward up to $5,000 is offered for information leading to the arrest of russell lyles, jr. he is part of a group accused of running a racketeering operation. marijuana ads will be banned from muni vehicles. they want to limit exposure to young transit passengers. no ads at stations or bus stops, either. stay with us, traffic and weather in just a moment. ♪
8:26 am
♪ put a little love in yt.♪ ♪ in your heart... ♪ in your heart... ♪ in your heart... ♪ in your heart. (vo) going on now, our subaru share the love event will have donated over one hundred fifteen million dollars to those in need.
8:27 am
good morning. 8:27. your wednesday morning commute busy out there we are seeing action on the roads southbound direction at 242 just south of highway 4. an accident has one lane blocked slowing things down for your ride heading into concord just below the limit there. 51 miles per hour. your ride making your way around the bay we are tracking slowdowns along the eastshore freeway but the bay bridge toll plaza looking fantastic. no metering lights. speeds in the green. look at the space out there head into san franciso. about 10 minutes. not too bad. we are dealing with mass transit issues. if you are planning on using
8:28 am
capitol corridor, we have a train that hit a car. this is in san leandro. so delays between fremont and hayward there. we have trains impacted 523, 524 and 528. neda. we are seeing some clearing right along the bay right now. but the fog is spilling into the east bay and north bay. here's a look. livermore getting a little clearer slowly but surely as that fog burns off. clearing up in santa rosa. the dense fog advisory has ended for the north and east bay but still hanging around in the valleys. temperatures 51 in oakland. we are going to stay warm across the bay area until the weekend. that high pressure still large and in charge bringing your record-breaking conditions for a lot of us. upper 70s inland today. tomorrow rain in the north bay for your thanksgiving. but looking dry for the rest of the bay area.
8:29 am
8:30 am
this is time lapsed video seen in maine. aurora borealis are visible at least two or three times a year, usually in the winter months. they're caused by parts of the eric. the particles interact with the gases of our upper atmosphere to make them glow. tony said i pronounced it correctly. >> it never gets old. >> never gets old at all. very pretty stuff. welcome back to "cbs this morning." didn't know we get a science class from professor gayle. >> you never know. >> i do remember that.
8:31 am
right knew it's time to show you this morning's headlines. lavar ball and de angel le and two other basketball players came home last version on don king. ball said president trump did not help bring them back. >> this is north dimensional chess on a level we have never seen. >> one of them happens to be the president. >> that's true. "a very ity" reports u.s. officials have charged an iranian man for hacking into hbo with a $6 million extortion scheme. he allegedly threatened to release the information unless hbo paid the money in bitcoin.
8:32 am
messry remains at large in tesla's shares rose yesterday to $317.81. >> a lot of pressure on elon musk. t"the boston globe" reports on the shutdown of an investigation. it looked at the shuk. the sugar industry responded saying the paper was based on speculation and it was funded by known critics of the sugar industry. the new report says the sugar industry has a history of
8:33 am
downplaying sugar's link to disease. the new york time reports on the grow egg number of wild turkeys across the country. it's due in part to confirmation efforts. now that number is more than 6 million. but it has led to more unsettled human/turkey encounters, especially in the burbs. rounds." our david agus is in town. good to have you at the table, dr. agus. >> great to be here. starting off with human/turkey interactions. >> 4,500 calories, what a
8:34 am
relief. i know i do more than 4,500. i'm thinking one day you should go crazy at thanksgiving meal. i would imagine you don't think that's a great idea. what's the strategy? >> the average person has 2,000 caller ers a day. having one meal is probably not the best thing. >> it's so good and i'm a believer in that. e i'm a believer that being kwaz ian strict on a diet in the long run doesn't make sense. we're seeing gobs of books, gluten, eat this, eat that. the bottom line is we were designed to eat the equivalent of a mediterranean diet and it's not what you eat and when you'd. >> mediterranean isn't something you should do on thanksgiving. what you do think? >> moderation. have your turkey, your dressings, maybe drink a glass of water before hand so you're a
8:35 am
little full. to me the most important thing, again up and move. we were designed to move. walk around. don't sit after the meal. put calories out. >> so having your meal earlier in the day may be a good idea. >> yeah. it gives you time to walk around and do things. meals are social and this is one of the great social meals we have with our family and all of us look forward hopefully of spending time with our family and interacting. >> does exercise counter the calories? >> it does. >> it's not an in/out balance. one of the problems of obesity in this country, three quarters of the country is obese is because we're stag snanlt all day, sitting all day. we need to get up and move. we need to look at have gone gl. we love bread, potatoes, glueden
8:36 am
at thanksgiving. is that a problem? >> a trial was done and they gave them a glut p-free die yet and some felt better. that then repeated with the same group of peep. they felt weak, tired, headaches and they gave them a high-gruten diet and they felt better. so that was debunked. for most of us it's not a big negative on the diet. >> it's become a big fad. ee. not suggesting people who are not -- who have the celiac disease. >> many say i'm gluten-free. >> eat like a caveman, don't eat gluten, carbs are bad, fat is bad, you're going to see these trends go up, go down. again, in the diets, mediterranean beat all. >> i heard you say time you eat is important. >> yes. >> it's not just what you eat
8:37 am
but when you eat. our bodies are designed. the kitchen cab ned is 100 years old. the people who graze, grab an apple between meals or grab almonds in the afternoon, they have a significant rate of diabetes and they gain more. so eat your meals the same time every day and nothing in between. >> that's terrible advice. terrible advice. >> vending machines across -- that you're saying eat your three meals a day. only three meals and no snacking. what country are you from, david agus? >> our bodies were designed for regularity. that's it. we weren't designed to graze and eat all day. they were meant to be social. the whole village went together and ate. get together with your family, have three meals a day, and that's critical. >> we can have turkey. we don't have to have tofu. >> yes, you can have turkey.
8:38 am
the message is you're allowed to splurge, have a hot dog, a piece of cake. do things once in a while. >> but every day at 1:00 p.m. >> moderation, regular, and schedule. >> happy holidays? and exercise. tomorrow's thanksgiving feast will with followed by black friday's friday sales. the latest cbs news poll found 36 million americans plan to shop over the thanksgiving weekend. over 14% plan to spend more than they did last year. they predict shopters will spend an average of $967 this holiday season. sales are expected to hit 682bility. jazz artist esperanza spaulding, you remember her, she made an album within 72 hours. she gave anthony mason a
8:39 am
preview. ♪ who do you think you are? you are who you really are ♪ ♪ deserve a speaking part in the role ♪ ♪ fine, but our budget's tight. >> that's great. that's ready great. >> thank you. >> love her hair. love her too. love her voichls ahead,
8:40 am
8:41 am
8:42 am
8:43 am
the grammy for best new artist goes to esperanza spaulding. >> i take this honor to heart fully and sincerely and do my damn deft to make music for all of you. it's such an honor. thank you. >> i remember that. jaz bassist and singer esperanza spaulding won, the first to win the award. she received formal training at the prestigious berkeley college in boston. she released five albums and appears to push the boundaries farther with each one. her sixth one is called "exposure." anthony mason learned how she made it from start to finish in
8:44 am
just over three days. good morning. >> good morning. what if you started from scratch and wrote, arranged, and recorded one epic improv session in 17 hour. that was her idea. if that wasn't daunting enough, she decided to let the whole world watch. for 77 straight hours in september -- >> give me four beats. >> reporter: every second of the writing and recording process, the good, the bad, and the ugly was streamed on facebook live. >> the recording studio is usually such an intimate private place. >> i like this place right now. >> you opened it up with cameras so everybody could be watching. >> yeah. >> how did that feel? >> in theory before we wentz in, it felt awesome.
8:45 am
>> wow. i don't know about you, but i didn't sleep a wink last night. >> then on day one when i walked into the studio, i was like, this was a stupid idea. esperanza called the project exposure. she was seeking pull spontaneity. >> you have to have a lot of confidence to do that though. >> yeah. or just foolishness. i think they're closely allied in the psyche. the fool and the hero. you have to be willing to be heard not being cool, smart, on it, or brilliant. a big element of this was accepting that wholeheartedly. >> reporter: growing up in portland, oregon, is spesperanz emily spaulding started playing violin at the age of 4.
8:46 am
>> not because i was into it but because i saw oa performer play on mr. roger's neighborhood. >> esperanza released in 2008 spent 78 weeks on the billboard jazz chart. she was invited to the white house. >> thank you to the academy for even nominating me. >> then she won the best new artist category beating out among others including justin bieber. >> were you surprised? >> of course. my brother cried. that was the best part. >> your brother cried. >> he's so stoic and it opened so much stuff in such a
8:47 am
ridiculously major way. >> reporter: she'll release just 7,777 cd and vinyl copies of her new record. they were sold out before the session even started. >> i put that in place to kind of keep me committed because i knew i was going to get scared right before it was time to jump. >> did you get scared? >> hell, yes. yes. >> what were you afraid of? >> of being a loser. >> reporter: she'd taken inspiration from her idol, the great saxophonist wayne short. >> somebody asked can you define jazz for us, and he said, yeah, jazz means i dare you. >> that's a great line. >> and that's what we did for 77 hours. we just dared. >> she sure did.
8:48 am
spalding's new album will be shipped to those 7,777 customers very soon. >> i like that way of thinking. i dare you. so even if we want to get it because it's sold out? >> i think in the end it will be made public but in the beginning it was shared with an intimate group. this is a fiercely intelligent creative woman who's so impressive. she's someone you met where you want to know what she'll do 350 ye 30 years from now. i'll be 90 years old. >> and she's got the best hair. >> i love it, love it. >> learn why the number 7 has a very special meaning for spalding and this project. you can find it on itunes and apple's ipodcast. >> there's no wishbone in drum string on the white house
8:49 am
thanksgiving menu. ahead, what president trump had to say before the annual turkey pardon. you'll see how he thoroughly enjoyed it. ♪
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that's a big bird. how big? >> 36 pounds. >> 36 pounds. that's a big bird. i feel so good about myself. are you ready, drumstick? okay. drumsticki in drumstick, you are here bkszy
8:53 am
pardoned. >> i'm not sure i saw someone pet a turkey.
8:54 am
8:55 am
one escaped bay area inmate remains on the run -- while another is in custody after a shootout with police. . good morning, it's 8:55. i'm michelle griego. one escaped bay area inmate remains on the run while another is in custody after a shootout with police. tramel mcclough was arrested last night in stockton. his partner john bivins is still on the run. both escaped earlier this month from a palo alto courthouse. a high-profile san francisco murder trial is now in the hands of the jury. jurors will resume deliberations this morning after hearing closing arguments yesterday. jose inez garcia zarate has admitted to firing the shot that killed kate steinle in san francisco two years ago. more ski resorts will open today and tomorrow in the
8:56 am
tahoe/truckee area. among them, north star and kirkwood. so far no chains required. stay with us; weather and traffic in just a moment.
8:57 am
good morning i'm_ one of two inmates who good morning. 8:57. an accident leaving one lane of traffic open in the southbound direction of 101. so any getaway holiday traffic, traveling south of gilroy, be prepared for slowdowns. this crash turned into a car fire. and so emergency crews remain on the scene.
8:58 am
only one lane again getting by southbound 101 right near highway 129. and 880 looking a lot better. we are out of the red and in the yellow, 25 minutes heading northbound from 238 to the maze. bay bridge toll plaza, a ghost town. nice and wide open. neda? a sign of people ready for vacation. here's a look right now at the bay, looks very pretty. nice clear skies. we see fog forming from the north bay and east bay. temperatures are feeling good in the 60s for consumer report. 56 for san francisco. 58 in san jose. we are going to stay warm today. temperatures in fact for the east bay may be warmer than what you experienced yesterday. we broke some records across the south bay and that may happen again. for san jose and santa cruz, all the rain to the north. pacific northwest getting dumped on again. for us temperatures, like, this 27 fairfield, 70 for san francisco, 10 to 15 degrees above average today.
8:59 am
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wayne (high-pitched): oh-oh! jonathan: it's a trip to australia! tiffany (australian accent): it's a diamond ring! wayne (in french accent): you said that before. say it again. - going for the big deal, baby. wayne: you got the big deal! jonathan: ha, ha. tiffy: hello? open the box! wayne: you won a car! you did it! - (screaming) jonathan: i'm vanilla pudding. wayne: dreams do come true! jonathan: it's time for "let's make a deal." now here's tv's big dealer, wayne brady! wayne: what's up, america, welcome to "let's make a deal." this is our thanksgiving episode, happy thanksgiving. i'm thankful for you, thankful for you, thankful for you, the three people i don't know, i'm thankful for you, too. speaking of three people, let's get three people on stage right now. let's make a deal. let's see, let's start with you. the macaroni and cheese, come on. you, lady in-- i don't know what you are, but you.


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