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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  November 23, 2017 4:00am-4:30am PST

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for others check back later for the morning news and cbs this the morning news and cbs this morning from the broadcast captioning funded by cbs captioning funded by cbs it's thursday, november 23rd, 2017. this is the "cbs morning news." the countdown is on to the annual thanksgiving day parade. the balloons are filled, the crowds of people along the route are growing, and security is tight. a nude photo scandal hits capitol hill. a long-time texas congressman is issuing an apology. ♪ and this sweet dog is getting his workout in the floor duty.
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good morning from the studio 57 newsroom at cbs news headquarters here in new york. good to be with you. i'm anne-marie green. well, security officials will be on high alert as millions of people fwagter to watch the 91st annual thanksgiving day parade in new york city. armed officers will patrol the crowd and sharpshooters will watch from the rooftops. authorities say there is no confirmation of a credible threat. laura podesta is here at the start of the parade. you are in new york. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, anne-marie. people coming out to ouachita parade can expect to see hundreds of police officers lining the streets. they're part of the spectator security. if you see something, say something. it's one of the nation's largest outdoor events, new york's macy's being thanksgiving day parade fan. >> we're here to see the balloons. this guy is a big charlie brown fan. >> reporter: security is on the
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top of mind. there will be a massive security -ppositioned at every blockalon the parade route, canines, and cameras. there will also be trucks filled with sand blocking intersections. the parade comes just about a month after a terror attack where a man drove onto a bike path on management's west side killing eight people. >> we have people at high post, people at observation teams. there will be sniper teams in and around. we will have undercover assets in a lot of building. there will be a lot you see and a lot you won't see. >> reporter: cbs news has learned nypd has been working with hotels on and near the route. a gunman was in a hotel in las vegas when he killed 58 people. 3.5 million people are expected to turn out for this year's parade. the mayor of new york city says there are no credible or specific threats right now. now, in addition to monitoring
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any potential threats, police will also be escorting each balloon and monitoring wind speeds to make sure the inflatable does not go off course. reporting live in manhattan, laura podesta, cbs news. anne-marie? >> laura, thank you very much. texas republican congressman joe barton is apologizing for a nude photo of him that has been circulating on the internet. the photo was posted on tuesday from an anonymous twitter account. barton had threatened to report a woman to capitol police if she released sexually explicit photos he sent her. barton said he had consensual relationships with women when he separated from his wife in 2015. he said when he ended a relationship with one woman, she threatened to publicly share his pretty photographs. capitol police are investigating. in a statement the 68-year-old barton said i'm sorry i did not use better judgment during those days. i'm sorry that i let my
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constituents down. john rogers, the communications director for alabama candidate roy moore has resigned. he's accused of sexually assaulting and molesting two teens while he was in his 30s. he said he appreciated the president for defending him. president trump did not officially defend moore but he said moore denies it, that's all i can say. attorney general jeff sessions is ordering an extensive review of the background check for gun buyers. this comes after the air force said the texas church gunman name ithe system. they should find out whether anyone else has not reported information. investigators are still looking for those missing after
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the crash yesterday. eight others rescued shortly after the crash are in good condition. david martin has the latest. >> reporter: according to initial reports the plane suffered a rare twin engine failure 575 miles south of okinawa. near the end of a routine run out to the carrier "ronald reagan." the fact that eight aboard survived suggests the pilot was able to make a controlled landing in the water. the plane was near the end of its flight to the carrier, so helicopters were on the scene a half hour after it went down. the search for the three missing continued into the night. the plane is called a c-2 greyhound but is widely known as a c.o.d., which stands for carrier onboard delivery. for more than 50 years the navy has used it to deliver people and parts to aircraft carriers at sea. last week ben tracy of cbs news was a passenger on a similar flight out to the "reagan" and all passengers were required to wear life vests. the "reagan" recently completed rare weekend operations to show
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force to north korea and was midway through an exercise with the japanese navy when the accident occurred. the c.o.d. has a good safety record. the last mishap was five years ago and there were no fatalities. but the navy's seventh fleet which operates in the western pacific has an atrocious safety record so far this year. collisions involving the destroyers "fitzgerald" and "mccain" caused the death of 17 sailors, and in each case, the crew was at fault. the cause for this accident is under investigation, but earlier this month the navy said the high tempo of operations in the pacific has led to reduced safety margins. david martin, cbs news, the pentagon. there's a new clue in the search for an argentine submarine. an unusual noise was heard before it disappeared last week. the argentine navy did not say if the noise indicated an explosion or another emergency. the search for the "san juan" is entering a critical phase because oxygen may be running
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low. russia joined a list of other countries including the u.s. to look for the submarine and 44 crew members onboard. the deaths of 12 nursing home patients after hurricane maria may have been ruled homicide. they lost air conditioning. the elderly patients were forced to stay in the stifling hot facilities for days before they were evacuated. no arrests have been made and the investigation is ongoing. former usa gymnastics team doctor larry nassar pleaded guilty to molesting seven girls. he faces at least 25 years in prison. more than 130 other women including olympian aly raisman have accused him of abuse. she responded to his plea on instagram, writing, it's about time that larry pled guilty and owned up to his actions. i'm disgusted that an olympics
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and usa doctor was allowed to prey on so many for such a long period of time. jericka duncan has more. >> guilty as stated, your honor. >> reporter: for nearly 20 years, larry nassar of michigan state university admitted to penetrating the vaginas of seven minors, six of whom he worked with. >> you violated the oath which you took, which is to do no harm, and you harmed them. >> reporter: alexis alvarado says nassar sexually abused her. >> i know he'll never do it to anyone else again and that's reassuring, i think, for all of us. >> reporter: the victims were 15 or younger when the abuse started. >> i'm known as jane doe and i'm 15 and no longer want to wear this mask. >> reporter: kaylee lorincz spoke publicly for the first time. >> i was sexually assaulted by larry nassar shortly after my 13th birthday.
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>> reporter: after the judge accepted the plea, she allowed nassar to speak. >> i think this will help move the community forward. i have no animosity. i just want healing at this time. >> what did you make of this apology? >> he's manipulative and an abuser. he will take every opportunity to shift the attention back onto himself to try to make himself as less evil. >> reporter: rachel dough hospo. nassar began abusing her when she was 15. she said she was motivated to come forward after reading an "indianapolis star" investigation on lax policies by usa gymnastics for reporting sexual allegations. >> larry has been taken care of hopefully forever but the others haven't. until the dynamics change, we're going to continue to see different stories with actors every time.
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>> reporter: in a statement michigan state university said they're grateful for how they handled the investigation. usa gymnastics said it is very sorry that any gymnast was harmed by nassar. he faces 25 years to life in prison. jericka duncan, "cbs morning news," lansing. joo well. well, coming up on the "morning news," a bosnian arm armying director is convicted of war crimes. and turkeys swarm down in the bay area. this is the "cbs morning news." grows all of our oranges in florida. great taste. naturally.
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have come out of the hills and taken up residence in the neighborhoods. their bold walking through traffic takes place when people feed them. the butcher of bosnia is convicted of war crimes and news on al frank ken. "the huffington post" reports two more women accuse senator al franken of inappropriate touching. they claim he touched their buttocks during campaign events in minneapolis during 2007 and 2008. in a statement franken said it's difficult to respond to anonymous accusers, he also said he didn't remember the campaign events. two other women say franken had groped them as well. price commissioner says an s a - officer was expected to testify. officer sean suiter was shot in the head last week while investigating a suspicious person in the neighborhood.
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authorities say there's no reason to suspect it was related to higgs upcos upcoming testimo. the man known as the butcher of bosnia was found guilty of war crimes in genocide yesterday by a u.n. tribunal in the hague. during the bosnian war in the 1990s, mladic organized genocide of thousands. the "sacramento bee" reports state attorney general is planning on hiking the national park fees. they sent a letter to the national park service asking it to drop its proposal to more than double the entrance fees to 17 national parks. still ahead, shoppers beware. tips on counterfeit merchandise flooding into the u.s. market.
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effortlessly... for touchably smooth feet. salon quality results you can see... and feel immediately. amope pedi perfect, the diamond among electronic foot files. the perfect gift... for that special someone on your list. amope. love every step. here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. the majority of americans will go shopping over the thanksgiving holiday weekend. some big box stores like kmart open as early as 6:00 a.m. today. the national retail federation estimates 164 million people are planning to shop or considering shopping during the five-day
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period from black friday to cyber monday. black friday will be the busiest day. 115 million people plan to shop then. as you shop for the holiday, customs officials have a word of warning. watch out for counterfeit goods. fake merchandise floods into the country at this time of year from counterfeit hadesigner handb handbags, shoes, and watches. they might look real, but they're not. >> when you look at a buffalo bill's jersey and you see the fabric bleeding so that the lines cut across, that's pretty obvious to our officers. >> federal investigators say most of the knock-offs have been coming from china and hong kong, but recentetly distributors have changed the countries they're shipping from, trying to fool inspectors. customs officials say shoppers should avoid buying from nonreputable retailers, and if the price seems too good to be true, it probably is.
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facebook will show users if they followed russians in the campaign. they'll tell them which accounts they followed on instagram. it won't show them which posts they followed on facebook and instagram. they won't show them what posts they saw or liked. facebook said as many as 150 million users may have seen ads from russian agents. still to come, a feast for the eyes. we will meet a mom who's found a creative way to feed her picky daughter. will meet a mom who's found a creative way to feed her picky daughter. (grunts of effort) can we do this tomorrow? if you have heart failure symptoms, your risk of hospitalization could increase, making tomorrow uncertain. but entresto is a medicine that was proven, in the largest heart failure study ever, to help more people stay alive and out of the hospital than a leading heart failure medicine. women who are pregnant must not take entresto. it can cause harm or death to an unborn baby. don't take entresto with an ace inhibitor or aliskiren. if you've had angioedema while taking an ace or arb medicine,
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[trumpet playing] some make you move to jazz, funk and bounce. some of our stories aren't quite as straightforward. blocked by the saints! [crowd roaring] while others prove that great things can happen... even on a monday night. cause for three hundred years, great stories have started the same way. one time, in new orleans. [crowd applause] here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. ♪ that is nitro, a police dog in gulf shores, alabama, doing
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pushups with two officers at the song "eye of the tiger" routine. it's a nightly routine to remind residents to remove valuables from their cars and lock their doors. the video has become an internet hit. how adorable is he. pumping me up. getting kids to eat can sometimes be a monumental challenge, but one california mom has found a creative way to feed her finicky daughter. chris martinez has that story. >> i could do this all day. >> reporter: kim an chang sees every meal as a chance to create something new. >> i pull all my stuff out and just start playing with food. >> reporter: kim is the mom of a very picky eater and getting her daughter sam to try different foods was a constant struggle. >> i didn't know what to do anymore, so this was my attempt to try something different and new. >> reporter: so kim unleashed her imagination, transforming sam's meals into whimsical works of art. >> the first i did was a tree.
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rice with carmelized pork meat. >> reporter: it worked. sam starting designing new meals like this chicken made of rice and herrera pun made her a social media sensation. her bit her rapunzel noodles. her posts online have made her a social media sensation. her biggest fan still her little girl. >> she makes all kinds of these reactions that is so priceless. it gives me another boost of energy to continue. >> reporter: kim's food isn't always homemade. it's often takeout, even leftovers. she's teaching parents online how to re-create their work. hoping they try something new. chris martinez, cbs news, anaheim, california. >> i'd eat it. coming up on "cbs this morning, cbssports analyst and former nfl coach bill cowher joins us with a thanksgiving day matchup between the chargers and
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our top stories this morning, security will be tight at the 91st annual thanksgiving day parade in new york city. armed officers will patrol the streets and snipers will watch from above. police worked with hotels near the parade route. they trained staff on what to watch for after a gunman killed 58 people from his las vegas hotel room last month. there is no confirmation of a credible threat. and representative joe barton apologized for not using better judgment after a nude photo of him appeared on twitter. the "washington post" says the texas republican had threatened to report a woman to capitol police if she released sexually explicit photos, videos, and messages he sent her. capitol police are now investigating. well, president trump is
4:26 am
spending the holiday in palm beach, but he's not taking a break from twitter. errol barnett has more. >> reporter: on the first morning of his thanksgiving vacation in florida, president trump lashed out at lavar ball, the father of a ucla basketball player who was detained in china for shoplifting. it wasn't the white house, the state department, or father lavar's so-called people on the ground who got his son out, the president wrote. it was me. liangelo ball and two teammates were arrested in china earlier this month. president trump had visited beijing at the time and spoke to the president of china about his predicamen predicament. >> i'd also like to they president trump. >> reporter: the three men were released after several days and upon their u.s. return helped a press conference apologizing for their actions. they were suspended from the team indefinitely. in a series of interviews, lavar ball has refused to thank mr. trump for his intervention.
4:27 am
>>. >>. if i was going to thank somebody, i'd probably thank president xi. >> reporter: that led the president to call ball an ungrateful fool and called him don king referring to the long-time boxing manager. >> he totally denies it. >> reporter: the twitter attacks the notable for who the president did not mention. he continues to defend republican candidate roy moore against multiple allegations of sexual misconduct. >> he says it didn't happen. you know, you have to listen to him also. >> reporter: a white house official said this will be a working holiday for president trump. he'll be making calls for tax reform and other issues, but he did find time wednesday to spend almost five hours at his west palm beach golf club. errol barnett, cbs news, west
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palm beach, florida. on "cbs this morning," we'll speak to this neighborhood nanny. she's opened up her home in a poverty-stricken neighborhood caring for dozens of children free of charge. >> plus cbssports analyst and nfl coach bill cowher joins us for a thanksgiving day matchup of the game. and in "a more perfect union," we'll look at the tradition of an iowa hawkeyes trapz tradition involving a nearby hospital. that's the "cbs morning news" for this thursday. have a very happy thanksgiving, and thanks for watching. -- captions by vitac --
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i'm kenny choi. elle griego. a live look outside at the embarcadero center in san francisco. pleasant temperatures and conditions as we start this
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thursday morning. it is november 23rd, happy thanksgiving, i'm kenny choi. >> mannheim michelle griego. it is thanksgiving. i can't wait to -- and i'm michelle griego. it's thanksgiving. i can't wait to eat turkey later. >> it's day to relax and eat! with family and friends. >> it's work for people who have to cook. it's going to be hot in the kitchen but not as hot outside. so we have that. san jose broke a record yesterday. reaching 76 degrees again. today temperatures will be slightly cooler. a couple of degrees cooler so we went break any records today not likely and we have some rain to track on our hi-def doppler across the north bay this morning. our next storm will be arriving on sunday which could impact a lot of people's travel plans so i will time that out for you coming up. tense moments at sfo. two flights thrown off course in back to back emergencies. the chaos caused


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