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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  November 23, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PST

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thursday morning. it is november 23rd, happy thanksgiving, i'm kenny choi. >> mannheim michelle griego. it is thanksgiving. i can't wait to -- and i'm michelle griego. it's thanksgiving. i can't wait to eat turkey later. >> it's day to relax and eat! with family and friends. >> it's work for people who have to cook. it's going to be hot in the kitchen but not as hot outside. so we have that. san jose broke a record yesterday. reaching 76 degrees again. today temperatures will be slightly cooler. a couple of degrees cooler so we went break any records today not likely and we have some rain to track on our hi-def doppler across the north bay this morning. our next storm will be arriving on sunday which could impact a lot of people's travel plans so i will time that out for you coming up. tense moments at sfo. two flights thrown off course in back to back emergencies. the chaos caused by turkey
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vultures. betty yu reports. >> reporter: the united express skywest plane taking off for redmond, oregon, hit a bird, sucked into one of its two engines. the plane was in the air for 30 minutes before making an emergency landing at sfo. >> no one on final just to let you know. would you like equipment standing by? >> affirmative. >> okay. how many souls on board? >> we got 74 and then we have about 3 others. looks like we hit a bird in the engine. >> reporter: after that emergency land, a united 737 bound for seattle had to aboard its take-off roll when it hit turkey vultures. here's an example of what the species looks like. turkey vultures are very large birds that average 2.5 feet with a 6-foot wingspan and can weigh up to 5 pounds. both planes were taken out of
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service and passengers were put on other planes. [ radio chatter ] >> reporter: here's a photo tweeted by a passenger showing emergency trucks on the runway. the runway had to be shut down while crews cleaned up debris from what was left of the birds. >> nature has to live around this place. this is the bay area. and there are big bodies of water. so i feel like that's probably going to be wild animals around something you have to account for. >> i think it's the least of my concerns a bird. i don't know how airplanes work, but i think that a bird is, like, a really small thing and i don't think it can happen to me. >> reporter: no match for a many? >> no. >> reporter: the most famous bird strike was the miracle on the hudson in 2009. the bay area's own captain sully sullenberger landed his
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u.s. airways strike after a bird strike disabled both engines moments after take-off. everyone on board survived. betty yu, kpix 5. the holiday rush is on but drivers on 580 weren't getting anywhere fast last night. take a look at this. nearly 51 million americans are traveling for thanksgiving this year. it's the most in 12 years. maria medina spoke to families at mineta san jose international airport. they say that they will be thankful if they can avoid one topic of conversation. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: on thanksgiving along with the turkey, ham, mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie, some of us may also get a healthy serving of politics. >> we try to avoid it. >> reporter: for others the table talk isn't allowed to go there. >> there are people in our family with different opinions and sometimes there might be an argument. so we just stay away. >> reporter: dennis and his family who are flying into the
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very busy san jose mineta airport are far from alone. cnn just came out with a report that says last thanksgiving, after president trump's win, families spent 20 to 30 minutes less with each other than the year before. and republicans who traveled to democratic areas shortened their visits by an average of almost 45 minutes. do you have family members with very strong opinions with things? >> yes. >> incredibly. >> particularly the ones who are conservative. >> reporter: the snows say their political discussions get heated. but for ken, if politics comes up with his now adult children, he wants to hear their opinions. >> they are the future, right? and so, you know, i think it's as parents we should be listening to them because they are going to be taking over the world. >> reporter: ken may be thankful for their viewpoints but some are thankful for turkey without the side of political rancor. >> they have a right to their viewpoints. but we don't want to put them down but we don't want to sit and listen to it when we're supposed to be thankful for what we have.
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>> reporter: maria medina, kpix 5. bart will be running fewer trains today for the thanksgiving holiday. riders can expect the train service to operate on a sunday schedule. that means trains will start running at around 8 a.m. one perk, parking is free all day at all stations. something to chew on this thanksgiving morning. a new report shows the cost of the holiday feast is the lowest in five years. if you need help cooking this year, butterball offers 24/7 support. once again, you can text or call their staff or experts with questions about what size turkey to buy, how to thaw it, and much more. >> you're in charge of the turkey? >> it's been three years since i cooked it, so i was looking up how to make the perfect bird. >> i don't know what brining is. >> a lot of people will be
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spending time in the kitchen today. the good news you is may want to get outside and fake a break from all the cooking because it's going to feel good out there. across the north bay right now, we're watching some showers that are coming through so this is from all the storm system that's been bringing a lot of rain to washington, oregon. as they push in close, you can see it's just a few areas of showers over by ukiah, just north of clearlake. so it's expected to work its way down into the north bay and could impact healdsburg, napa- sonoma areas but very, very light showers not much measurable precipitation. look at this view at this hour. across the bay it's nice and clear. there are some areas where fog is an issue right now. look at san francisco, 62 degrees. it is already that warm out there. 57 for concord and oakland so a warm start to your thanksgiving day. and this afternoon will be warm. it won't be as warm as yesterday. look at the records we broke for san jose, 76 degrees. that broke a record that was set in 1959.
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concord reached 72 tying a record. and salinas also tied a record 86 degrees as a high. visibility now out on the roads, most likely a lot of people staying home on thanksgiving. for those of you traveling around to family or friends, half moon bay is 4, clear at the airport. so fog not impacting flights for this hour. but that could always change. napa visibility down to less than a mile, half mile for santa rosa and petaluma. we are getting very light west winds pushing some of the fog off the ocean down to the valleys and it's just settling in a lot of north bay hills and the valleys there. so that's a look at your current conditions. i will talk more about what we can expect for this weekend if you have travel plans for your sunday, listen up. so i'll get into that coming up in a bit. two escaped inmates are on the run. they are now down to one this morning, rather. the bay area fugitive who escaped from palo alto court
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got away a second time but his counterpart was arrested. andria borba reports. >> reporter: gunshots on this cell phone video are the shootout between this man, john bivins, and the california highway patrol. [ sirens ] >> reporter: moments earlier, bivins and this man, tramel mcclough, had led the chp on a high-speed chase on i-5 through stockton exiting the freeway onto the busy commercial district of eight-mile road. mcclough had been behind the wheel but pulled over and ran. two days before thanksgiving, at 5:15 p.m., this super walmart was filled with holiday shoppers and soon, police officers and a suspect. >> i was actually at the exit doors about to show my receipt to the teller up front and i saw a man run through really fast, i got out of the way and immediately the cops running behind him with guns ready
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going after this guy. >> reporter: the flight or fight response kicked in. >> we ran behind for safety behind the customer service desk. we just waited for walmart to say go ahead, you can leave. >> reporter: while officers put palo alto escapee mcclough back into handcuffs for the first time since november 6th, a shootout was happening on trinity parkway followed by bivins pulling off another narrow getaway this time on a dead-end street. >> he escaped from our custody. he was involved in a high-speed chase. and he is determined not to be captured by law enforcement. >> reporter: hours after bivins' second run from the law, he was captured on surveillance video at a convenience store in san joaquin county and is believed to still be driving the green 1999 ford explorer from the earlier chase. >> he is armed and dangerous. >> reporter: in stockton, andria borba, kpix 5. big pot bust in contra costa county. sheriff's detectives raided a
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home in discovery bay after getting tips about a marijuana growing operation. inside, they found about 600 plants estimated value $450,000. no one was home when the detectives showed up and their investigation is ongoing. ♪[ music ] coming up, a kpix 5 investigation uncovers people cheating the affordable housing system in san francisco. how the mayor wants them to pay. >> a surprise wedding at a hospital. how a bay area woman pulled off the perfect walk down the aisle with her terminally ill father. was that you never had to think about it. ♪ what if it was so easy to use, you actually used it. [alarm] you have 3 minutes to exit. what if it gave you time, and what you really need from home security. a sense of security. ♪
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the millions of people exposed to russian propaganda during the election. facebook created a new feature to help you see if you are one of the millions people exposed to russia propaganda during the election. critics say facebook didn't do enough to stop it from spreading. now the company says it's creating a new portal. users will soon be able to see if pages or accounts they liked or followed were created by russian operatives. >> i think we need to know that
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they are catching this stuff as it's happening, right? and if they aren't and we just find out a year later, then that means we can't really trust everything that's on their server. >> facebook has said that nearly 150 million people may have had the russian content reach their accounts on either facebook or instagram. attorney general jeff sessions is ordering a review of the federal gun background check system. he is concerned about people slipping through the cracks. sessions cited the shooting in texas where the gunman got a military-style rifle because information about his prior domestic abuse conviction was not shared with the feds. sessions directed all law enforcement agencies to review and report back in 60 days. months after the republican effort to repeal obamacare failed, more americans are signing up for it. 2.3million people enrolled in individual health plans using during the first three weeks of signup. that's 900,000 more than at
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this time last year. one possible reason for the higher numbers, the open enrollment period is shorter this year. last minute change in venue would normally ruin a wedding day but not for one bay area bride. kpix 5's christin ayers shows us how one couple ended up in the halls of a hospital and wouldn't have changed a thing. >> reporter: denise stanton always knew when she got married, her father, preston roland, would walk her down the aisle. it was something she and preston dreamed about. >> we knew we wanted that to happen for sure. >> reporter: but in february, preston was diagnosed with leukemia and by october, the doctors told denise wasn't going to get better. the wedding she and her fiance had planned for next spring would come too late. >> didn't know if he would make it that far. >> reporter: denise had six weeks to come up with a backup plan. >> nurses got word of it and made it an official wedding at the hospital. >> reporter: the team of nurses at ucsf hospital pulled out all the stops transforming a
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hospital ward into a chapel. >> a little cake there they brought us and even had party favors for us and it was just, like, this was beyond more than i had asked for. >> reporter: when an unsuspecting preston took his daily walk through the hospital november 16th, she met him in the hall in her gown. >> everybody here just set me up! [ laughter ] >> even in some of the pictures, you will see his eyes are like super huge because he is so shocked. >> i'm just happy for my daughter. >> reporter: after the ceremony, preston even serenaded his daughter. ♪[ music ] >> i'm so happy ♪ >> reporter: since last week, her story has gone viral on facebook, something she had to explain to preston. >> all his nurses now told him he is famous. >> reporter: she says her father will go into hospice soon. his time is limited to just a few weeks. she is still processing it. >> i'm getting ready for my father to pass way very soon so that plus people just sending
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so much love and prayers our way, this is so bittersweet. >> reporter: christin ayers, kpix 5. >> should i go grab the kleenex? awesome. cool. [ crosstalk ] >> after all this news, it's nice to have that. needed to a pickup. >> loves her dad so much. >> the staff at the hospital! >> amazing. >> great job. >> oh, man. congrats on their wedding, too, whoo! oy-oy-oy! >> here's our hi-def doppler. you can see where some of the rain is coming down right now on interstate 5 and highway 101 there across the north bay is where it's headed. right now we are seeing a decent amount of rain coming down parts of north of ukiah. it just passed through willits. so coming down a quarter inch per hour in the area. so if you are heading north,
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interstate 5, it could be raining this morning. so here's your futurecast. get an idea of when it may be working its way down to the north bay. santa rosa, possibly by 8, 9:00 this morning. could see some light showers if there is measurable precipitation from this, a few hundredths of an inch. by 10:00 it could linger around santa rosa, napa, healdsburg, a few areas of some light showers. then by noon, it all winds down. the rest of the bay area will stay dry possibly drizzle this afternoon. but that's it. mostly cloudy conditions though for your afternoon on this thanksgiving. by early tomorrow morning, things should clear up. temperatures will be very similar today as they will be tomorrow. so get ready for that. a lot of people may be coming into and out of the airport this morning. temperatures 62 degrees so a warm start to the day. i'm going to keep checking on visibility throughout the morning because this could impact people driving around.
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half moon bay 5 miles. petaluma half mile. napa quarter mile. so it's dropping there for the north bay. and the fog forecast looks like things will burn off by about 9 a.m. so once it gets warmer, you'll start to see all of that fog moving off the coast. calm across the south bay, san rafael west winds at 5 miles per hour and that's pushing some of that fog in. so the chance of light rain today for the north bay, it's all we'll see. temperatures will be a couple of degrees cooler than what we had yesterday. very slight cooldown because this high is not as intense as what it has been the last couple of days. but there's still plenty of rain coming down for our friends in washington and oregon. they have had back-to-back-to- back storms. in redding a chance of showers as we have been showing you. sacramento also slight chance about a 20% chance of rain. tahoe looking clear, temperatures in the 60s. for us here at home, across the south bay, temperatures will be in the mid- to low-70s. across the east bay also it's
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going to be in the low 70s. for san francisco, we will be about 10 degrees above average today. let me hop through that seven- day forecast and show what you can expect for the weekend. no significant cooling until sunday when the high pressure moves out and a storm comes through. that could bring us widespread rain up to a half inch. over to you. a new sign this morning of just how hard it is to buy a home in the bay area. last month, pending home sales fell more than 10% compared to a year ago. the steepest drop was in san jose, 51%. low inventory is one reason. sky high prices is another. we have been reporting on problems with a city-run affordable housing program in san francisco. it's supposed to provide help for people trying to buy a home. but we discovered people are gaming the system. only on "5," susie steimle on how the mayor is vowing to crack down after our investigation. >> they are going to pay for it
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and i want them to be punished. i want any monies that they collected but also i want that practice to stop. >> get away! >> reporter: for the past few months we have been chasing down cheaters. >> stop recording, okay? i'm going to call my attorney right now. >> reporter: these people are accused of abusing san francisco's below market rate housing program for low to middle income families in san francisco. we found cases of people lying on their applications, renting out their units on airbnb, or just leaving them empty, all of which are illegal. mayor lee's office of housing oversees the program. today he admitted it's not being run very well. do you think that it's being run adequately? >> oh, no. i -- i think we can do a better job. >> reporter: bmr owners are supposed to live in their units but we found caroline novaks miles away at a home she purchased two years ago for $2.25 million in the exclusive redwood city community of
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emerald hills. so is this not your house? >> um, just staying here. >> reporter: you're just staying here? >> for a couple of days, yes. >> reporter: unit 90 in this building or potrero hill belongs to margarita popova. no one answered her door. instead she was in the avenues at a nearly $1.5 million home. neighbors say she has been living in this house for years. still, she insisted otherwise. you still live on 18th street? >> yes, i do. >> reporter: but we found an ad on craigslist asking for $3,100 a month to rent margarita's bmr. then there's amy, the investment banker was illegally renting her below market unit for years without getting caught while living in a multi- million dollar condo she owns in the millennium tower. we created a list of complaints about bmr owners, most obtained through a public records request. in a random door-to-door survey we found cheaters in almost
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every building months after anonymous neighbors had ratted them out. >> i think in any instance where you have somebody who is gaming the system, when we're talking about affordable housing, it's substantial, it's wrong, and it shouldn't happen. >> reporter: a spokesman for the city attorney's office john cote says his office is cracking down. it has filed three lawsuits and just reached a settlement with one person. >> we are working with the city attorney. >> reporter: but one of the three cases the city filed could have been prevented. one woman is being sued by the city for owning two bmrs. the mayor's office of housing allowed her to illegally purchase the second one, now they are spending city resources to prosecute their own mistake. how do you defend that? >> you have to have a staff that's paying attention. >> reporter: can you promise this abuse will stop and there will be fewer cases in the future? >> well, paying attention to it on your reports, on other reports, we have to do it better and we have to do our best and you're right, i mean, um, people who want to support
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these will get frustrated when they hear these stories so i hope we hear less and less. >> reporter: i asked mayor ed lee what his office plans to do to avoid scams like this in the future. and he said they don't plan to add any resources to the mayor's office of housing but that, quote, his staff needs to work smarter and savvier to avoid being tricked again. susie steimle, kpix 5. it is 4:54 right now. christmas came early for some california walmart shoppers. this morning, the secret santa. >> in a la-la-la really?
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really? really? really? really? really? see zero in a whole new way. get zero down, zero deposit, zero first month's payment, and zero due at signing on select volkswagen models. now with the people first warranty.
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and some wal- mart shoppers got a sweet surprise.. after they found out their christmas gifts were already paid for! 'tis the season of giving and some walmart shoppers got a sweet surprise after they found out that christmas gifts were
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already paid for. >> reporter crystal cruz on the secret santa. >> yeah! >> reporter: riley has no idea she is getting something super special for christmas. >> i got her a bike. an actual real bike now that she is turning 4. >> reporter: her mother stephanie giles put it on layaway at a walmart in corona, a store employee recently called to say her layaway had had been paid for. >> i was literally almost in tears. i couldn't believe it. i kept saying what? no way. really? are you serious? everybody wants to win the lottery. i felt like i won the lottery that day. >> reporter: a lot of people felt the same way because a secret santa paid off $20,000 of layaways in kids clothes and toys for families. >> i got this for my grandson. >> reporter: tracy got the same phone call. >> i got a message on my phone and it said that $135 was paid. and my balance was only 62 cents. >> reporter: what can be a stressful time of the year for
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so many made a little easier by a secret santa with a big wallet and even bigger heart. >> i would like to say thank you so much. your generosity is out of this world. it's unbelievable. >> i would love to shake her hand. i would love to at least send her a thank you card and maybe, you know, have dinner or something. >> reporter: we still don't know who this person is. all we know is that she is a woman and possibly paid off 70 layaways. i'm crystal cruz in corona, kpix 5. time now 4:57. tense moments at sfo. one plane makes an emergency landing, another forced to abort take-off. the culprit turkey vultures. we'll explain. >> reporter: and we are hanging out with the black friday campers here at best buy folks hoping to score the doorbuster deals. how do you know if something is really a deal? we have it coming up.
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and happy thanks giving.. it's thursday november 23rd..
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i'm michelle griego. and i'm kenny choi. let's st tside... good morning, everyone. and happy thanksgiving! it's thursday, november 23rd. i'm michelle griego. >> happy thanksgiving. i'm kenny choi. let's start with a live look outside on this thursday morning. hey! look at that! oakland! 880 hardly anyone out there! >> where is everyone? >> thankful for no traffic this morning. >> yes. >> wish it were like that every day. but, of course, on the left we have a great shot of the bay. >> people are home in their beds probably cozy and warm. >> watching tv, watching kpix 5. >> while they're cooking, yes. getting ready for the big day. happy thanksgiving to everybody. i'm glad to report our weather will be feeling pretty good out there today. already it's feeling kind of warm for this hour. this is a live look at san jose. there's going to be a lot of people possibly starting their shopping early today. so 59 in san jose today. and your high will be in the mid-70s again. you broke a


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