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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  November 28, 2017 5:00pm-5:29pm PST

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suspect as not been seen or heard from since the early morning shooting at 4:00 a.m. here at booksen elementary school. reporting live, len ramirez, kpix 5. north korea has launched its first ballistic missile in ten weeks. the pentagon says the intercontinental ballistic missile was fired before splashing into the sea of japan. president trump was briefed on the launch while it was still in the air. >> i will tell you that we will take care of it. we have general matis in the room with us, and we've had a long discussion on it. it is a situation that we will handle. >> secretary of defense, general james matis says the weapon went higher than previous launches. >> it only covered 600 miles
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over land and sea. if it had been launched on a normal trajectory, the calculations say it basically could have reached anywhere in the united states. >> north korea began firing ballistic missiles at a rate of two or three a month, starting in april. president trump using two empty seats to make a point today after the top two democrats pulled out of a white house meeting. cbs reporter on the political theater and the tweet that sparked yet another feud. >> reporter: ken, president trump fired off that tweet this morning aimed at the democrats. that's when their scheduled talks about funding the government fell apart. the president bashed the democrats for ditching them, and added if there is a government shut down, it will absolutely be their fault. president trump criticized democrats chuck schumer and nancy pelosi for failing to show up for a meeting at the white house. >> they've been all talk, and
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they've been no action. and now it's even worse. now it's not even talk. >> reporter: the congressional leaders were supposed to sit down and discuss solutions to avoid a government shut down. >> there are serious issues in front of us. we don't have time to waste. we don't have games to play. >> reporter: schumer and pelosi pulled out after president trump attacked them on twitter, and wrote, i don't see a deal. the president was on capitol hill earlier today, to rally republicans around a tax overhaul bill. >> i wish you could have been inside the room. it was very, very special, the camaraderie. it was somewhat of a love fest. they want to see it happen. >> reporter: the gop is still trying to win over hold outs. >> we do have a few members that have concerns, and we're trying to address them. >> reporter: the gop can only lose two votes. democrats say they'd be willing to help if republicans were willing to negotiate. more than a dozen democrats insisted they could find common ground. >> we're saying why work on
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getting 51 votes. why don't you work on getting 60 votes. 70, we can get you up to 70. >> reporter: the tax bill to the full senate for a vote is expected this week. sitting right next to the president are the two top republicans in congress. also slammed the democrats for not joining them. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell saying he doesn't recall a time that he ever ditched a meeting at the white house. >> given this growing tension between the two parties, well, it's been there for a while. what are the chances of a government shut down next month? >> you know, they only have until next friday to reach a deal. so the time really is running out. some side has got to budge, but both have sticking points. for example, the president is demanding funding for his border wall. chuck schumer says he is
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willing to come to the table when the president shows he is serious about negotiations. how and when that will happen is to be determined. >> authorities have now tracked the mailing address of package womans sent to two bay area families. two people were hurt in the blast. a father and a police officer's wife. law enforcement sources have confirmed to kpix 5, the mail bombs were sent from a fake jewelry store at a fake address. we've also learned the bombs were triggered when they were hoped past 3 inches. one of those packages was delivered to a police officer's home. the other bomb was sent to a home in east palo alto back in october. investigators worked to reconstruct the package to find the mailing label. >> these things are dissected very carefully. they look for all the pieces and parts, and they'll do dna
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analysis. they'll do fingerprinting analysis. they will construct as much of that back together as they can. they'll look where the parts are made from. >> investigators are searching post office surveillance video to see who dropped the packages off. they're also looking into the possibility the officer was targeted as a form of pay back. last summer, the officer testified in a case involving gang members. a second full day of deliberations in the kate steinle murder trial, and still no verdict. the six men and six women deciding if jose inez garcia intentionally killed her. he's charged with second degree murder. but the jurors could consider first degree murder and involuntary manslaughter. san francisco city leaders deciding where they stand on recreational pot. crowds gathered, holding signs reading cannabis equality first. they hope the board of supervisors will pass an ordinance tonight, so that dispensaries can get into the
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recreational market in january. >> there's been a lot of up and downs over the past couple of months inside of city hall, around passing this ordinance. we are very hopeful that we get all of the primary components that we've been looking for. >> if the board votes on a famework this afternoon, businesses will not be able to sell recreational pot on january 1, when it becomes legal statewide, instead, they will be delayed by at least 2 to 3 days. a holiday vibe in san francisco's union square is competing with a problem that's gone from bad to worse. a business owner telling us, the homeless situation is out of control. kpix 5 reporter, sue steinle is in union square, with a story that includes video that is tough to watch. >> reporter: well, liz, this salon owner we talked to says he's worked in union square for 32 years. he says he no longer feels
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safe, and many of his clients are refusing to come here. we're showing you this video that is difficult to watch, so you can see what this business owner is experiencing every day. >> this is getting out of control. >> reporter: this is video the salon owner took yesterday. unfortunately, it's not an uncommon scene in union square. >> she just undressed herself, starts scratching herself with horrible nails. >> reporter: he says multiple clients refused to order the salon, because this woman was defecating in front of it. >> when you call police, they say there's nothing that can be done. >> reporter: he says union square felt magical then, it's the reason he stayed. >> union square was the center of of san francisco, and became something that nobody wants to come anymore. >> reporter: he feels like he's watching the city center die, and wants mayor ed lee to do something now. >> wake up. bring back union square. bring back safety to the city.
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>> i would totally understand why he would be off, if you will. >> reporter: does san francisco need systemic change to address the homeless problem? >> well, we need to do better, and we need to do moore. >> reporter: mayor lee says this is clearly a mental health issue. >> if i will personally inquire to help them out, because for someone who is experiencing that kind of activity in front of their establishment, it is certainly unacceptable. >> reporter: but he doesn't trust it. he wonders how much longer he can hold out. >> this is not something that any business can stand. >> reporter: mayor ed lee also talked with us about his plan to get 100,000 homeless people off the streets, and reserving bed shelters for people with mental health issues. for now, live in union square, susan steinle, kpix 5.
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coming up, sky drone five takes us over the oroville dam. why state officials are calling the cracks no big deal. >> plus, a bay area city comes up with a plan to stop rideshare pickups right in the middle of the street. why? it could only escalate tensions. >> and try getting around this. what caused this ssive hole in a san francisco street.
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discovered in the new concrete spillway at the oroville dam. and now federa new at 5:00, well, some small cracks have been discovered in the new concrete spill way at the oroville dam. now federal regulators are asking for an explanation. >> jackie ward has that story. >> reporter: liz, and ken, take a look for yourself. this is video of the oroville
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dam that was taken just a couple of hours ago. the department of water services first noticed the crack in the brand new slabs of the dam on october 2. a month later, they asked to explain why they appeared, and if they pose a danger. >> all concrete has this kind of result, and placement. it's just physics of how concrete works. >> reporter: dwr says an assessment they completed last week proves that the cracks should not make anyone panic. last february, the oroville dam split, causing mass chaos, and forcing nearly 200,000 people to evacuate. phase 1 was finished at the beginning of the month. >> the hair line cracks that are visible actually many times not visible. do not cause concern, are not abnormal, and do not need repair. >> reporter: dwr says the
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cracks can form when anchoring. interlocking the slabs with key waste and a continuous bottomless layer of steel. they say the rest of the repair work will be done next year, and end up costing at least $500 million. >> we reached out to a professor at uc berkeley, but he wasn't able to talk to us today. agreed with dwr's findings, and don't believe there is a problem with the repair work. thank you for that. a rough commute in san francisco. crews are hard at work, fixing a water main break in the soma area. chopper 5 live over that huge mess at 2nd and harrison streets. bad this time of the day anyway. the leak caused a massive sinkhole. they're making the cleanup even more difficult. the break happened just after 6:00 this morning. and you can see drivers just going through wet pavement
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there. navigating through waters. the pipes there date back to the 1930s, and likely ruptured due to old age. other bay area headlines, a mother amend child are hospitalized after being hit in a crosswalk in san pablo. police say the woman was pushing a stroller near mission bell when a westbound car struck them. it happened around noon. both suffered serious injuries. the driver is cooperating. san leandro police officer has resigned, and is being charged with statutory rape. investigators say he admitted having sex with a 17-year-old girl. she was participating in a program for teens aspiring to work in law enforcement. the san leandro police chief released this statement, quote, these actions are inconsistent with the ethical standards of the department, and we will not tolerate this type of behavior. san francisco drivers, or anybody whose been downtown lately knows this frustration
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well. getting stuck behind a double parked uber, or lyft driver and no place to go. they blocked the whole lane. now the city is doing something about it. ann mackavick shows us. >> reporter: vernon brent knows how challenging passenger pickups and dropoffs can be. >> you've got traffic constantly going. the parking spaces are all taken up. >> right now, many are breaking the law. stopping in lanes of traffic, or swerving to load or unload. >> if i see a car doing something a little weird, looking around, and not following the rules of the road, usually, there's an uber or lyft sticker on the car. >> reporter: including areas of hayes valley, the inner richmond, the inner sunset, the marina, north beach, and south of market. the loading zones would replace what is now street parking.
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in exchange, the city would get more data from uber and lyft on the driver's trips. >> i'm asking them to use their data, share it with us, so that we could figure out where are good drop off points for their customers, and for ours as well. but safe ones. >> reporter: in order to actually enforce these new loading zones, the ridesharing companies may have to make changes to their apps. specifically steering drivers, and passengers toward the designated zones. there's no set start date for the program, but lyft confirms it is working with the city, focused on improving street safety for cyclists, and pedestrians, reducing congestion, and improving convenience for drivers and passengers. in the meantime, brent says he'll continue circling the block until he finds a safe spot. >> sometimes the people are requesting a ride, can get a little upset, and they'll cancel on you, even.
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>> reporter: in san francisco, ann mackavick, kpix 5. >> lyft is among 45 other companies to receive that type of permit. a legendary actress is raising eyebrows with her remarks on sexual harassment. angela lansbery said women must quote take the blame sometimes for sexual harassment. domestic violence experts say victim blaming is why so many women stay silent. >> all the stories that are coming out, the common thread is that a person of power abused that power to sexually harass, or assault someone who had less power. we're not hearing stories about an intern sexually harassing
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their boss. coming up tonight at 6:00, we'll take a look at the state assembly's public hearing on sexual harassment policies. this after misconduct allegations prompted a member to resign. 49ers made a decision. listening to their fans for a change, they put quarterback jimmy garrapolo in the game. he will start this sunday, when the 49ers take on the chicago bears. head coach kyle shanahan made that announcement via twitter this afternoon. garoppolo made a brief appearance on the field sunday, and threw a touchdown pass right away. the team lost however to the seahawks 24-13. we now know when and where britain's prince harry will marry american actress meghan markle. the two will wed next may inside the st. george's chapel at windsor castle. it's about 20 miles west of london. prior to the big day, markle will be baptized into the
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church of england. harry's sister-in-law, says the royals can't wait. >> we're thrilled. it's a really happy time and we wish them all the best. >> who pays? you know who pays. the royal family will foot the bill. factories across the uk are already rolling out engagement souvenirs, while brits and tourists around the world are ready to celebrate. the grammy nominations are out, and already, they're making history. jay z's 444 album leads with 8 nods. kendrick lamar is behind with 7. if either wins record, or song of the year it will be a first for a rapper. every lead artist nominated for record of the year was a person of color. i don't want you to go anywhere, i want you to keep watching kpix 5. but if you have access to a window, go
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outside, and just look up. or we can do it for you, because this is a live chopper picture of one of the more stunning sun seats you're going to see in a very long time. the sky is lit up like fire. i'll have your forecasttoo coming up in a few minutes. >> an uber bombshell. the company accused of using a team of ex-cia agents to spy on their rivals. the explosive allegations of a top secret investigation. >> first, a record close for the dow. the s & p 500 and nasdaq also landed at all-time highs.
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heavy, labored breathing heavy, labored breathing
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heavy, labored breathing coughing breathing through oxygen mask breathing through oxygen mask breathing through oxygen mask breathing through oxygen mask covered california. it's more than just health care. it's life care. we're alaska airlines. and we don't just fly lumberjacks to glaciers. we fly app developers to mexico city. novelists to nashville.
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and pilates instructors to palm springs. sure, we love a good glacier. but we also like a little cocoa butter. chopper 5 always shows us beautiful pictures. tonight, it's out doing itself. look at what's behind the city of san francisco right now. just enough color in the sky. just enough cloud cover to give
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us a spectacular sunset. as we look forward the golden gate, it's golden tonight. looking gorgeous. i'll give up some of my weather time, just so we can keep panning around and showing you. this is where we live, folks. there's alcatraz. it is 59 degrees in concord. upper 50s everywhere throughout the bay area. san francisco 58. livermore, 58. did have a weather system pass by to the north. thank you for the cloud cover. didn't get any rainfall. that is fizzling out. tomorrow, if you're planning on heading to the beach, it will be a beautiful day to do such. increase risk of sneaker waves, rip currents, and swells 12 to 14 feet. so a beach hazard statement is in effect if you're heading to the beach tomorrow. tomorrow, overnight lows will be chilly, but not cold in santa rosa. san jose, 45. san francisco 50 degrees.
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interesting set up. there's no huge ridge of high pressure super close to the bay area, but we do have one south of los angeles, and one south of hawaii. both of these are flexing their muscles enough to keep the next three or four storms out of northern california, and up toward the pacific northwest. so this will be the first of many storms that will miss us to the north. you may not notice much of a discernennable change. just know the pattern's active. future cast shows tomorrow morning, we are cloud free. into thursday, we're also cloud free. likely not much changing until the weekend, when one of the storms will make its closest pass, and may give us a few rain showers. morning stating on the chilly side. afternoons will be sunny, comfortable, and mild. the weekend will be sunny, and cloudier. warmer tomorrow. 67 in santa rosa. 64 for redwood city. your extended forecast. we stay mild, and sunny, and
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dry through friday. tiny chance of a north bay rain shower. the big change will be an increase in cloud cover. get outside, and look at that sunset, we'll be right back.
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about calls for her resignation... only because we aske allen and veronica are back in 30 minutes. ahead at 6:00, uc president janet napolitano speaks publicly about calls for her to resign, because we asked her. >> back with much more in 30 minutes. captioning spons ♪ ♪ captioning spons cbs
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>> mason: north korea te missile. pr and the president's patience... >> we will take care of it. s mason: also tonight, a feud wntween the president and democrats threatens a government veutdown. >> they've been all talk, no action. >> we're not going to sit down just for a photo-op. >> mason: a reality tv star who -eesn't like vladimir putin is challenging him for re-election. wweinstein accuser speaks out. >> he was groping me while i was >>tting there. >> mason: and meghan markle n.epares for the biggest role of her life, on location in britain. >> america's loss is our gain, and we're all absolutely delighted. this i"c


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