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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  December 1, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PST

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>> i'm anne makovec in for michelle griego. 4:30. brand-new month. welcome to it. happy friday. >> it feels good that it's friday. >> ready for the weekend. the weekend is going to feel good. no rain in sight. no chance of rain. instead, just some clouds, that's it. so should not disrupt any of your plans. patchy fog and cool conditions this afternoon, temperatures nearing 70s so we are going to see more of that sunshine. it's been our friend all week long and then those clouds are going to move in for your saturday. i'll explain your temperatures and what's in store for us next week here coming up. >> sounds good. good morning. happy friday. if you are getting ready to hit the roads, we are seeing slowdowns on westbound 580. nothing too out of the ordinary. it's about 22 minutes between 205 and 680. a hit-and-run crash on 13. it shouldn't be slowing anyone down. speeds in the green, it's on that off-ramp there. not blocking any lanes.
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over at the bay bridge toll plaza, a few cars backing up in the cash lanes. 10 minutes into san francisco. the verdict of the trial of the man who murdered kate steinle, he was acquitted on murder and manslaughter. he was convicted of being a felon in possession of a firearm. kpix 5's andria borba reports. >> reporter: six days of deliberations in the case of jose ines garcia zarate ended with a hug between the suspect and his public defender matt gonzalez. two years after kate steinle was killed on pier 14, the only guilty verdict for zarate was for being a felon in possession of a firearm. >> the verdict that came in today was not one we were hoping for. >> reporter: public defender matt gonzalez argued that the gun went on accidentally before a bullet ricocheted off the concrete pier and struck steinle in the back.
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it was the first time a ricochet bullet case was charged as a first-degree murder in san francisco. >> this case made its way to a trial courtroom for a reason. it made it its way to a trial courtroom because at every stage, there was sufficient evidence necessary to go to court and go to trial. >> reporter: the gun used to kill her was the secondary weapon of an employee of the bureau of land management. it was stolen from his car in san francisco where it was not properly secured. zarate said he found the gun wrapped in a t-shirt under a bench and admitted he was responsible for steinle's death. outside the courtroom, the jurors didn't speak to the throngs of reporters covering the case which sparked a national debate over sanctuary cities and immigration. in the courtroom, the judge sealed the names and addresses of those jurors. >> although this case was a terrible tragedy, our greatest
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fear is that mr. garcia zarate wouldn't get a fair trial. >> reporter: president trump used her death to tighten immigration policy. >> they may themselves soon avail themselves of the presumption of innocence and beyond a reasonable doubt standard and so i would ask them to reflect on that before they comment on disparage the result in the case. >> reporter: andria borba, kpix 5. >> the steinle family was not in the courtroom. kate's father told the "chronicle" we're shocked, saddened and shocked, no other way you can coin it. justice was rendered, not served. a uc-hastings law professor told us the big challenge for jurors was to agree on what was happening inside the suspect's mind. >> it is always very difficult in cases like this to figure out what the defendant was thinking. whenever we're dealing with intent you have to imagine what another person wanted or thought or expected and since we are not that person, that is
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very, very hard to do. >> the verdict drew swift condemnation from the president and attorney general jeff sessions. we reached out to the san francisco's mayor's office. they told us, no comment. a final vote is expected today on the republican tax bill in the u.s. senate. but the exact details of the plan haven't been made public. at the center of the senate plan a huge cut to the corporate tax rate. republicans say it will help u.s. workers. >> the reduction in rates on businesses means that they have more to invest in their businesses and one of the by- products of that is, it goes into higher wages for their employees. >> but democrats said it is only one step of a longer range gop plan that will harm the middle class with cuts to social safety net programs. >> you will not support any cuts to social security, medicare or medicaid. do i have that word from you? >> i am not going to support any cuts to people who are on the program and need the expenditures. >> there it is! he just told you! >> according to a new analysis by the nonpartisan joint commission on taxation, the tax
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plan will add a trillion dollars to the deficit over the next ten years. that projection has republican leaders scrambling to find ways to satisfy the concerns of senators worried about increasing the national debt. one possible solution would be to raise the corporate tax rate over time. that option is not likely to be popular with house leaders or president trump. if the bill does pass, the senate plan would have to be reconciled with the house version passed earlier this month. cbs news confirming that the white house is moving to force out secretary of state rex tillerson. this follows months of growing tension between the former exxonmobil ceo and the president. sources telling us that white house chief of staff john kelly already signed off on the plan. and according to the "new york times," the staff shake-up could come in a matter of weeks. the white house had this response. >> when the president loses confidence in someone, they will no longer serve in the capacity that they are in. the president was here today with the secretary of state. they engaged in a foreign leader visit and are continuing
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to work together. >> be the leading candidate to replace tillerson is current cia director mike pompeo. that would of course leave a vacancy at the cia. arkansas senator tom cotton is the leading candidate to go there. >> 4:36 now. it looks like a sunny start to december. >> it will be another day of sunny and 60s and we are going to see some patchy fog. across the san joaquin valley, and eastern portions of the bay area, east bay and north bay could see a little decrease in visibility. half moon bay right now at 9. the rest of our area is looking nice and clear. santa rosa now visibility just dropped to 3 miles. so you're seeing some of that fog around the bay and, of course, near fairfield, vacaville area. it could intensify in the next couple of hours. variable winds between west- southwest and east-northeast. so they are coming from different directions here. pretty soon though we are going
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to get an offshore wind event for next week. and that means warm air is on the way, more sunshine also on its way. here's a look at our current conditions. temperatures in the mid-40s for concord and oakland. livermore you're cool at 36 degrees. san francisco 50. santa rosa 36 degrees which is definitely near the dew point there and that's why the visibility is impacted by that fog. so we'll talk more about your afternoon conditions and what you can plan for this weekend. jaclyn. thank you, neda. right now we are tracking speeds in the green for drivers heading along westbound 580. actually just jumped into the yellow. 22 minutes between 205 and 680. this is right near tassajara and those headlights are making their way westbound. we'll take it over to 880. the nimitz freeway, heading through oakland, the northbound side on the right side of your screen there. and we're starting to see a few slowdowns. caltrans still has some lane closures in the new york direction. that's between 29th and 23rd. and it looks like they should have all that wrapped up by the
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6:00 hour. in the meantime, you may be tapping those brakes as you make your way through that stretch. 45 miles per hour, that's your cruising speed. eastshore freeway still moving at the limit although getting crowded for this friday morning. this is 80 at powell street right as you are approaching the berkeley curve there. over at the bay bridge toll plaza, no delays. hat's a check of your traffic; over to you. fremont plus looking for suspects after -- police looking for suspects at after patrol car was damaged at a sideshow. at one point people wearing masks surrounded the damaged patrol car near page road and milmont drive. the attack left dent and broken rear view mirror. the suspect car a1995 nissan was recorded by the the dashcam. police towed the car on tuesday but they are looking for the driver and others involved. newly released video shows a driving stunt in san francisco that went wrong. as kpix 5's da lin reports, the
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car was doing donuts on wednesday when a passenger suddenly flew out the door. >> reporter: a black camaro spinning donuts. pay attention to the passenger side. [ donuts tires screeching ] >> oh, [ censored ] ! >> reporter: here's another look. somehow the passenger is ejected from the moving car. the teen is on the ground screaming in pain. >> broke something, ran over, blood, [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: the driver put the attorney in the car and fled. it happened about 2:00 at the intersection of excelsior avenue and maple street in front of don chues mexican store. >> you know. >> he was crying. >> oh, yeah. it hurt. >> reporter: the store owner says the teen is around 16 or 17 years old. his store surveillance cameras captured bystanders' reactions. people running over to help. one person in the store was
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terrified. they know the teen. they say he recently came into the store with crutches from another injury. >> that's what happens when you play with fire. you get burned. >> reporter: neighbors say the roundabout installed at the intersection this year is having the opposite effect. they believe the city put it in to prevent sideshows and speeding. >> it's like an obstacle course. without it, it was no fun. that was fun for them, more challenging. >> reporter: san francisco police did not know about this incident until we showed them the video. they don't have information about it. in san francisco, da lin, kpix 5. time now 4:40. starting today people in one california county will be able to text 911 during emergencies. we'll explain how this system works. >> plus, we'll have an update on a pair of formerly conjoined twins who were separated in an 18-hour surgery at a bay area hospital. i'm worried. i have this medical bill... dave, you have anthem and they have people to talk to
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home invasion robbery in piedmont. investigators believe it shows one of three armed men, who entered a home on oakland avenue in october.
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police say surveillance video helps lead to suspects in a home invasion robbery in piedmont. investigators think it shows three armed men who stole cash, electronics and other valuables. fremont police are trying to find a carjacker. investigators say that a man approached the landscaper in the city's irvington district on wednesday and asked for water. they say that after the landscaper gave him a bottle and turned away the man slapped him with a glove and climbed into the landscaper's truck. after a struggle, the man drove off on karen street. the landscaper wasn't injured. starting today, people in parts of southern california will be able to send a text message to 911 for emergency help. but as rachel kim reports there's something people need to do first to use this system. [ beep beep ] >> reporter: when you call 911, this is what you usually hear. >> long beach 911, do you need police? >> reporter: beginning friday, you will be able to text your emergency.
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>> it works. it's efficient. it's quick. and it provides a much necessary, um, service. >> reporter: the new text to 911 system will be rolling out in long beach and other areas in l.a. county. it's designed to help people who are hearing or speech- impaired and those who may be in danger and unable to make a phone call. >> a woman who is in a domestic violence situation. sometimes as well an active shooter situation where people are barricaded inside a room. it would be ideal to be able to text to 911. >> reporter: here's what you need to know. make sure that your phone's location services are enabled. some other things to remember, enter the numbers 911 in the text to field. the first message should include the location, brief description and type of help needed. text simple words. don't use abbreviations, emojis or slang. push the send button and be prepared to answer questions and follow instructions. and, of course, don't text and drive. >> the police are on the wayne. >> reporter: as with normal 911
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calls, dispatchers are prepared to receive pranks and nonemergency texts. >> you're taking away services from someone actually in an emergency situation. >> reporter: rachel kim, kpix 5. >> kind of cool. this morning, an update on two formerly conjoined twins. they are getting the thumbs up on their health from doctors at stanford. in december the 3-year-old sisters eva and erica sandoval were separated in an 18 hour surgery at lucille packard children's hospital last year. yesterday they took part in the ribbon-cutting ceremony for the hospital's expansion. >> very beautiful and active. i love everything. i can't wait to see the rooms. >> doctors greeted the girls as they played in the new hospital garden. seems like they are doing really well. >> look at that. >> nice. >> modern medical miracle. >> of course. >> amazing. we are seeing a lot of nice
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sunshine again, guys. so hopefully you have been enjoying the weather this week. we are going to see it again today. let's look at our conditions right now. so nice and clear across san francisco. there's going to be some patchy fog throughout the area but right now, it's looking like it's only in the areas where temperatures are very cool. so livermore 36. santa rosa 36. cool enough to be close to the dew point which is why there is some fog occurring across eastern portions of the bay area and across parts of the north bay. so let's show you that map show you where that visibility is down low. looks like the south bay still at 10 miles for mountain view, san jose, half moon bay down to 8, not too bad. and to the north, santa rosa three-mile visibility but you're seeing more fog over the last few minutes. looks like the dense fog is expanding. satellite-radar, though, shows no cloud coverage so we have clear conditions out there. all those clouds are to the north and to the east. it looks like nothing but sunshine for your friday. so hey, good time to maybe plan
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for the weekend. it's going to be nice this weekend. cloudy but that's it. no rain in your forecast. so for today, if you are traveling to lake tahoe, 51 degrees and sunshine there. sacramento 61. there is some patchy fog throughout sacramento and the fresno area. a dense fog advisory all the way to bakersfield. along the coast monterey sunshine and 61 degrees for the high. closer to home, concord 64 the high. same with fairfield and livermore. mountain view, as well. san jose a little bit warmer at 66. some areas could get up to 70 degrees. san francisco 62 for the high today. we have this high pressure that's out here in the pacific. and it is causing all of the storms to stay to the north. so as that ridge continues to move closer and closer to california, we'll continue to see more of that sunshine. but first, we do have a chance of just some clouds this weekend because there is a pretty strong storm that's going to impact the pacific northwest. tomorrow morning when you wake up, it may be a gray kind of
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day. by the afternoon, here's some green on the screen. but as you can tell it's staying well to the north of the north bay areas so just close to the oregon border, the only areas getting the precipitation. and then by sunday, we are nice and clear. so it's going to be a nice day for you sunday. here's a look at that seven-day forecast. by next week, that high pressure will really be hovering over california. and as it does that, brings in our temperatures higher so they will be even warmer. we'll see an offshore wind wednesday, thursday of next week. send us your photos. this would be "lady bleah bleah" jaclyn's dog. stop and smell the roses. that's what "lady bleah bleah" is teaching all of us. such a sweet little dog. thank you, jaclyn. we are tracking an accident and this is not really slowing anyone down.
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it's not blocking lanes northbound 680 transitioning to eastbound 580. so just a heads up. you may see some flashing lights by the time you get to that stretch. westbound 580 is starting to show more brake lights as folks are going into livermore between 205 and 680. you can see we have about 24, 25-minute ride. we'll take it over to antioch westbound 4. you this is slow throughout the morning commute. we are in the green checking in a-okay. through novato this morning at lakeville highway, reduced visibility for your morning commute. hat's a check of your traffic; over to you. time now 4:49. dozens of fire-ravaged properties in wine country just released back to their owners. how one developer hopes to significantly speed up the
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rebuilding effort. >> and a bay area man turns to the internet for help tracking down his stolen car. s-one? yes, but we've got plus-one insurance what's your dream? at ikea, we help you live it. make the dream yours. (cheering)
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photo time! let's show them how deep my new ikea sofa goes! whoa, whoa! i told you to put plastic slip covers! it's fine! i will just slip it off and throw it into the wash. what's your dream? at ikea, we help you live it. is everyone looking? make the dream yours. no one's looking! a warm cup of coffee will make you feel better this morning. cooler conditions temperatures in the 30s and 40s. this afternoon some ice cubes! warm near 70 for morgan hill. across the east bay, mid- to upper 60s. brentwood, antioch, pleasanton, at 67 degrees for the afternoon highs. san francisco 62, three degrees above average. in ukiah, cool. rest in the low 60s. no "friday light"
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conditions at the bay bridge toll plaza. we are seeing a backup on this friday morning heading into san francisco. speeds in the green for your travel time 10 minutes into san francisco. all mass transit on time it. we'll check more traffic coming up. a man's car was stolen in san francisco. someone stole a 19991 land rover from a parking lot on the embarcadero last friday. he filed a police report and posted messages on social media asking for help. then he powsed on read it. >> then i got a private message, hey i'm here with your car. and i'm going to stay here with it until you show up. i called the cops already. come here right away. >> officers got fingerprints after it was found on tuesday. the thieves remain at large. the land rover has some damage. the owner had bought the vehicle in texas in september
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and it was not yet insured. a federal judge has ruled that albany high school was within its rights to suspend five students who "liked" racist posts on social media. that incident sparked protests on campus. in march, administrators found out about images or a student's instagram account including nooses around the neck of a black student and coach. the students who "liked" the post sued saying their free speech were violated since the post was private. the judge said it contributed to the disruption at the school. it's considered an important step in the clean-up after the wine country wildfires. 56 properties in sonoma county have been released back to their owners. they are cleared of debris and passed environmental tests so owners can rebuild right away. emily turner spoke with one developer in santa rosa who wants to put construction on the fast track. >> reporter: with the lots being released, they are able to rebuild and there is a person who is ready to take that lot and turn it into a
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home as early as the summer of this coming year. he was an original homeowner in coffey park and that home is exactly what he wants to see back on this newly cleared lot. >> we have been here 30- something years. yeah. and, um, we just want to get back in it real bad. >> reporter: that's why he is already working with builders to make it happen. one of those builders is john allen, with apm homes. he has nine. original coffey park floor plans and a plan to rebuild 500 lots. >> the emphasis on using the same footprint and floor plans is to fast track the process to the city so we can essentially get an over-the-counter permit and get these homes built. >> reporter: he is talking about next summer with new codes and as well as working with banks to have funding in place for the people who want to build with him. the more he is due, the cheaper
4:56 am
it becomes for everyone. >> if we were take on one single home you could be looking at $350 a square foot. by dividing that cost over 20, 30, 100 homes, you can then get that cost down to $240. >> reporter: he says the contractors are ready. he is just recruiting the neighborhood. for folks like lloyd, it's a no- brainer. >> just want to get it done so we can get in. >> reporter: the city of santa rosa is doing what it can to make sure the rebuilding process moves quickly and efficiently and, in fact, they have brought in an outside contractor who is operating an entirely separate permitting center that's joined with anything and everything fire permit-related. in santa rosa, emily turner, kpix 5. >> some people who lost their homes in coffey park have been putting up christmas trees where their houses once stood. most of the decorated trees are in the middle of empty lots. they are lit up at night. one family who lost a home in the tubbs fire recorded a youtube video and they say that
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putting up a christmas tree amid the devastation sends an important message. >> we're here tonight putting a christmas tree on our lot because we want it to symbolize the hope that our community has instilled within us and how we have come together symbolize we're going to rebuild. >> we are hoping to inspire other people to do this, kind of create a little bit of a movement to just bring a little bit of joy to all this chaos. >> nicely done. the woods family evacuated safely with their pets shortly after the wildfires began in october. it is 4:57. a stalemate in congress could mean two million children and pregnant women across the state could lose their health insurance. coming up, we'll explain what state leaders plan to do. >> reporter: and after a four- week trial, six days of deliberations, the jury comes back with a verdict for the man who killed kate steinle. - everything we stock at grocery outlet
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it's friday, december first. i m kenny choi. and i'm anne makovec in for michelle. let's st outside... good morning, it is friday, december 1. i'm kenny choi. >> i'm anne makovec in for michelle griego. it is friday the first day of december. you can see the beautiful bay bridge there on the left. and traffic moving relatively smoothly there on the right. it's friday. people are starting their weekend and here we'll soon -- i guess in a few hours, not quite just yet. but here's a live look at san jose. fog is building. we'll see more patchy fog in the area. sunshine and 60s this afternoon. and a cloudy weekend but no rain for your weekend. so hey,


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