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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  December 31, 2017 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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an emotional new year's eve for quarterback derek carr. the oakland raiders tell head live from the cbs bay area studios this is kpix5 news. >> that's what hurts, you know, when something sucky happens to someone you care about. >> now at 11:00 an emotional new year's eve for quarterback derek carr as the raiders tell head coach jack del rio it's the end of the road.
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>> hi, happy new year! >> plus the countdown to 2018, thousands in san francisco getting ready to ring in the new year, but crowds in times square in santa rosa have already said good-bye to 2017. >> well, we've got less than an hour to go until the clock strikes midnight. we'll go outside, take a live look over the embarcadero. chopper 5 is above the big crowds ahead of tonight's fireworks show. it's a partly cloudy night to ring in 2018. >> we have live team coverage on new year's eve and start with kpix5's joe vazquez with the crowd getting ready for the fireworks on the embarcadero. joe. >> reporter: they are getting ready, juliette. they are gathering here along the embarcadero as the fireworks will start about an hour from now on pier 14. if you look closely, you can see a lot of gaps in there, a lot of space between people, a really small crowd compared to years past, much milder and law enforcement hopes it stays that way.
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[ drums ] >> reporter: all along the embarcadero folks are ringing in the new year by dancing away the old one. >> we're looking forward to 2018. >> reporter: why? what was bad about 2017? was there something? >> oh, my god, you don't want to ask. >> reporter: the mood is jovial, but as they wait for the sky to light up at midnight, law enforcement is in big numbers hoping it will stay calm. we've seen police patrolling along the embarcadero and coastguard along pier 39. >> we just want the public to go out, be safe and have a good time. >> reporter: acting mayor london breed met with police officials tonight. fresh on their minds is the thwarted plan to attack pier 39. that suspect is behind bars. >> we're not taking anything for granted, but we have no known credible threats at this time. so we are working with federal law enforcement agencies and others to stay alert of any issue that might come up. >> really i'm not worried. things are going to happen
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anywhere. you never know. i'm just going to enjoy life at the moment and wait for the new year. >> reporter: and we're back live here along the embarcadero. we're pointing our camera the opposite direction to show you they've just blocked off the embarcadero. in years past we've seen mobs of people when that happen suddenly take over the street. that does not appear to be the case today. i should mention, the city, as you heard, there are no credible threats, but just in case they opened the emergency operation center. so far they tell us that they haven't had any problems to speak of. >> so far, so good. it's festive, but like you said, the crowds are smaller than normal this year. any reason why? >> reporter: much smaller. it's really curious. i was talking to a police sergeant who said well, it's sunday night. it's a little colder but not much colder than we normally have out here. it's a mystery to us and, you know, obviously law enforcement doesn't like huge mobs because
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they're harder to control, but the folks out here will get a much better look at the fireworks in about an hour from pier 14. >> looking forward to it. joe vazquez, thank you. our team coverage continues now with cbs reporter wendy gillette in times square. >> i know the fireworks and new year's is part of the story, but the other big part of the story is new york as it is now four minutes after 2 a.m. for you. how cold is it out there right now? >> reporter: it's so cold -- no. it's really, really cold. i'm telling you. the nypd did a fabulous job tonight keeping everyone safe. there were no security incidents whatsoever. the weather, however, a different story. brutal conditions out here. it's 10 degrees right now and with the wind it feels like minus 3, minus 3. that does not feel very good i have to tell you, especially after being out here for hours. with that temperature it is now the second coldest new year's eve here in times square on record.
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>> three, two, one. [ cheering and applause ] >> reporter: the waterford crystal ball glided down a pole high above times square. the confetti rained down and the crowd celebrated 2018. as they finally got to escape the brutal cold. >> slightly brisk. just a little cold out. that's all. >> reporter: this year ranked in the top three coldest new year's eve in times square on record with temperatures in the low teens and the wind chill making it feel below 0, the coldest since the 1960s. one group walked in circles to try to stay warm. >> we're dancing over here. so dancing and just keeping my feet moving. >> reporter: the crowd underwent intensive multiple layers of security screenings to enter times square. the nypd took unprecedented steps this year to prevent an attack including more snipers
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at elevated vantage points and additional police officers with k-9s. >> since they keep coming up and down here every few minutes about dogs and everything, i feel pretty secure. >> reporter: also new this year, all 125 parking garages in the vicinity of times square were shut down and sealed to protect against possible car bombings. if anybody left their spot in times square to warm up, they were not allowed to return. for their dedication they were rewarded with a once in a lifetime experience to usher in a new year. we're on the 10th floor of the marriott marquee overlooking times square and looking down right now you can see there is hardly anyone left. that crowd absolutely scattered right after midnight, no surprise given the conditions. >> wendy, i hope you get to scatter as well. happy 2018 to you. tonight people from fire ravaged areas from santa rosa are holding their own new year's celebration. kpix5's da lin was there when the ball dropped early for the kids. >> reporter: as the sun sets one last time in 2017, many
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people in santa rosa are glad this difficult year is almost over. >> pretty rough year at the end especially, losing and my family. >> reporter: to put it all behind them, volunteers and families that lost homes are celebrating the new year in coffey park which was wiped out by the thomas fire. >> been a bit challenging, but we're ready to move onward and upward. up e globe late this re still evening. >> first time ever doing a new year's building the ball and dropping one. >> reporter: they had live music, food, face painting and a bounce house for the kids. in fact, they have two ball drop ceremonies, one for the adults at midnight and this one for the kids at 9:00. so the kids can get to bed in time. >> three, two, one. [ cheering and applause ] >> i like it. >> it's really cool because i've only ever watched it on tv. so it's really, really awesome to watch it do it right here where i can see it in person.
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>> reporter: their parents say it's a nice way to bring all the neighbors back and to get through this hardship together. >> it's a fresh start. it's hope and you're not alone. >> reporter: just before 6:00 it rained briefly in the fountain grove neighborhood, perhaps a sign of washing away the bad memories of 2017. >> keeping positive and optimistic but knowing that there will still be some challenges. >> reporter: once the ball drops at midnight and the sun rises in morning, folks here are hoping it will be a much, much better 2018. in santa rosa, da lin, kpix5. right now in san jose stylish celebrations along santana row. people are singing karaoke at vintage wine merchants enjoying pricey champagne. some say they hope 2018 will be better than the year that's just ending. >> i hope in 2018 we can all just kind of get along a little bit and not beat each other up.
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>> three restaurants on santana row are holding a block party with music and dancing. people are staking out viewing spots in pasadena for the rose parade tomorrow morning. these are scenes from colorado boulevard which is along the parade route. one man comes along every year with his extended family. some stay in his well stocked rv while he sleeps outside. this is pasadena. other paradegoers say they always look forward to the campout and friendly atmosphere. >> everybody here is from all on the world and everybody is so nice. we always meet new people. >> it's going to be freezing but exciting. >> reporter: is this as much fun as the parade itself? >> definitely is. it's totally worth it. we meet a lot of new people and the cars are totally worth it. our other top story end to, oakland raiders head coach jack dell -- tonight, oakland raiders head coach jack del rio
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hitting the road, vern glenn now with what he had to say. >> the raiders had it all, playoff record, las vegas with big dollars and legitimate super bowl contender tag. in 2017 all it took was a 6-10 free fall including four straight losses. >> we had a great first two years and this year was a big disappointment and i can't disagree with that. >> jack del rio announced his on firing 20 minutes after today's loss with the chargers. >> spoke with mark davis after the game and mark let me know that he's not going to be bringing me back. >> it hurts, you know, when something sucky happens to someone you care about. so we weren't good enough for him. >> the move opens the door for davis to go after one of the most iconic former raider coaches ever, jon gruden. >> i do believe that we have established a solid nucleus. i believe whoever comes in here has a chance to take that nucleus and go to special places and i'll be pulling for
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them. >> gruden reportedly has a $10 million a year offer with ownership on the table. there have been nine raiders head coaches since he was traded. he vern glenn, kpix5. tonight president trump is looking ahead to his second year in office. he rang in 2018 a couple hours ago at his mar-a-lago resort in florida. first lady melania and their son barron accompanied them to their annual bash in palm beach. the president returns to the white house tomorrow. north korea's here says he's got a nuclear button on his desk. kim jong un said the united states should be aware that his country's nuclear forces are now a reality, not just a threat. he says the north has achieved the feat of completing as he put it a weapons buildup. kim made those comments during a new year's address on north korean state television. 10 americans are among the dead after a men crash in costa
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rica. the single engine increase that was bound for san jose when it slammed into a mountain minutes after takeoff. the two crew members were killed. the victims have not been officially identified, but the new york times reports they include a family of five vacationing from upstate new york. the cause of the crash is under investigation. irlifted to then there's this, no word on a mountain biker's condition tonight. as you can see, this biker had to be airlifted to safety yesterday after a bad crash on a trail in martinez. the man was taken to the hospital with a head injury and several broken bones. still to come, terrifying new video, the fireworks show that sent new year's eve revelers running for their lives. >> also tonight the bay area surfer bitten by a shark, what experts say could be luring the predators closer to shore. >> plus we are just hours away from green monday. we have a closer look at the start of the new era in california. >> we are just days away from the return of rain in
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california. we'll have a complete forecast as we look live from sutro toward the bridge. it's all happening after a break.
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new video from austraila. a fireworks show earlier in new south wales ended in a huge explosion. [ screaming ] it all ended happily, but at that moment people were terrified in australia. a fireworks show earlier in new south wales ended in a huge explosion that sent people running for cover. turns out the barge the
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fireworks were shot from caught fire. two people who were part of the fireworks show, though, were hurt. it's not clear what caused the explosion. witnesses say the fireworks appeared to be firing very low as soon as it started. a shark attack in marin county today, a surfer bitten near drake's beach. the shark may have thought the woman was a seal. kpix5's katie nielsen shows us the closure now in place. >> reporter: this is a common time of year to see elephant seals on the beaches here in marin county like this 3,000- pound bull. researchers say it's also something that attracts sharks. >> this time of the year a lot the great white sharks will follow the seals in and we have a lot of harbor seals that will enter drake's and that's the spot they come in and out of, so that's a until hunting ground for sharks. >> reporter: rangers say the woman hadn't been in the water long before a 12-foot shark bit her foot. >> i hesitate to say it was an
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attack, but it was very inquisitive, but it was mouthing the surfer's foot and when you have a mouthful of razor sharp teeth it's hard not to do damage with that. >> the woman said she did not need an ambulance. the ranger thinks the shark might have confused a surfer with a seal. >> they look for the silhouette of seals and quite often a surfer on a board has the same sort of silhouette a seal would have. >> reporter: but rangers say sharks would much rather snack on seals than people. >> an elephant seal is much like a corn dog. there's all that meat surrounded by the tasty coating. >> reporter: just to be safe, the beach was closed. >> for a holiday weekend we didn't want to take chances having people out in the water. >> reporter: with temperatures in the 50s today, most people said it's the an issue. rangers say no one will be allowed into the water until
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tuesday at the earliest, but it all depends on the amount of shark activity they see in the water. >> park rangers tell us they aren't certain what type of shark bit the surfer's foot, but it was most likely a great white given all the recent sightings in the area. there could be flooding around san francisco bay to welcome in the new year. that's because king tides are expected tomorrow morning. the extreme high and low tides will likely bring flooding to low lying areas like the embarcadero and san francisco. high tides will occur mid- to late morning both tomorrow and tuesday. check this out. it's not much, but it's the first raindrops we've seen in weeks. sprinkles started falling a little earlier tonight in the north bay around santa rosa. raindrops i guess i should say. >> i guess. i didn't see any. >> i saw them. >> i believe you. you know, there's a super moon
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tomorrow and on the last day of january, two in one month. so that makes the second super moon also a blue moon and we aren't done yet. there's an eclipse later in january, total eclipse of the moon. so there's a lot happening in january. >> wow. >> as we have a look at the new year's eve forecast along the embarcadero, partly cloudy conditions around the bay area. there's a little fog in napa. the fireworks display should look mighty nice. the numbers now, 47 in concord, 48 in oakland, san francisco 54. air quality is suffering because of the high pressure over the west coast. spare the air again for the 1st day of 2018. here's what's happening. high pressure subsiding to south and east. the low pressure on the left- hand side of your screen will be right near san francisco thursday. that's where the computer models are putting it. so the six to 10-day outlook says it will trend whether than average. beginning wednesday we pick up rain in the bay area and
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unsettled conditions thursday and friday, more showers coming in. tomorrow looks okay, partly cloudy and cool tonight. hazy sunshine begins 2018. rain returns wednesday. overnight lows tonight in the 30s in santa rosa, just a degree above freezing. 35 in livermore and the forecast highs tomorrow 5 degrees warmer than average in san francisco if we hit that 61. we'll get sun and clouds, not unlike today, but it seems like a few more rays of sunshine tomorrow. low 60s in the north bay. ukiah will be 62, same for lake port and st. and -- st. helena 62 degrees. thursday and friday looks like showery conditions before the first weekend of 2018. have a happen and safe one
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tomorrow! -- have a happy and safe one tomorrow! up next going green in 2018, why it's going to be a very recall -- very early morning for hundreds of bay area pot smokers. >> initially the idea was for them to get rich. >> but first why a medical professor is slamming medical pot tonight.
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proposition 64... >> closed captioning for this newscast is sponsored by living spaces. new at 11:00 tonight a ucsf professor of medicine is slamming proposition 64 which
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voters passed last year making marijuana legal. >> the initiative was basically written by the marijuana industry in order to legalize themselves so they could get rich and the public health perspective was really completely absent. s... he was helping craft prop-64 in it >> stanton glance is also director of the center for tobacco control research and education. he said he was helping craft prop 64 in its early stages. his recommendations never made it in because he says the people who ended up writing the initiative were marijuana industry insiders. e in their mouths think nothing of smoking a .. marijuan >> marijuana should be treated like tobacco. people can use it without getting thrown in jail. people can sell it without getting thrown in jail, but the social acceptability of it is falling. the use is falling. very relatively few kids are using it. in fact, here in california kids who would never think of taking a cigarette and putting it in their mouth think nothing of smoking a joint.
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>> glance says marijuana ties to medical use give it a stigma that it's totally safe. he said it can help with certain diseases but is not healthy for everyone. he said legal pot should come with many more warnings. like it or not, the sale of marijuana will be legal in a little over a half an hour. >> kpix5's kiet do shows us some bay area pot shops that will start welcoming what they think will be big crowds. >> reporter: here at buddy's cannabis in san jose it's the night before the big day and they do not want to repeat colorado's mistakes and sell out. >> lessons from colorado, it's to stock up. >> reporter: and boy, have they. owner matt lucero just bought another quarter million dollars worth of marijuana to get ready for the rush cramming it all in five safes. with new recreational use customers lucero thinks customers will jump 30%. >> my goal is to be like the high end craft brewer, not anheuser-busch making low end
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product for the masses. >> reporter: matt quit his corporate job in law in 2010 and since then has been hashing it out with the city and state helping to craft regulations. buddy is the first dispensary to be licensed by the state's bureau of cannabis control. his permanent number is 1. how does it feel to be licensed? >> it's amazing. it's the culmination of years and years of hard work. we worked hard and long hours to get here. >> reporter: san jose's ordinances are some of the tough he is in the state limiting operating hours -- toughest in the state limiting operating hours, location and even total number of dispensaries to 16. matt has taken it a step further and is going to write about the dangers of smoking and driving. >> we think if we lead the way acting responsibly, acting transparently with the city of san jose and the police department, we will gain that accept an and get the eser. >> reporter: -- credibility we deserve. >> reporter: because of all the new taxes going into effect tomorrow, expect to see prices
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go up. however, some of the dispensaries will absorb the costs. some will not. expect prices to go up 5 to 15%. here at buddy's the big day starts at 9 a.m. new year's day. in downtown san jose, kiet do, kpix5. >> tune in tomorrow for a kpix5 special report, the golden state green rush 6:30 here on kpix5. we'll have answers for you. coming up what the bay area craved the most in 2017.
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according to the food delivery service grub-hub... poki bowls were the most commonly ordered take-out item nationwide. a lot of eating going on in 2017 according to the food delivery service grub hub is that poki bowls were the most commonly ordered takeout food nationwide. buttermilk fried chicken topped the list followed by steak fries and fried chicken sandwiches and two movies went head to head for the top earners in 2017. >> it was between star wars the last jedi and beauty and the beast. star wars made 570 million, beauty and the beast 304. the last jedi was only in theaters three week. >> we'll be right back. really?
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