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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  January 26, 2018 4:30am-5:00am PST

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>> good morning, i'm kenny choi. it's friday, january 26th. >> i'm michelle griego. how is everyone doing? >> happy it's friday. >> yes. >> we're ready. >> ready to get the weekend started. >> we had a wild weather week and it's about to get a lot calmer, so that's good, too. we'll show it in the weather department. right now, here's what's going on. a little chill outside. it's cool this morning. but things are going to warm up very nicely in time for the weekend. today cool morning and clearing this weekend and warming up. temperatures will be on the rise but today, expect cooler than average. then we have a long dry spell ahead as our temperatures will start to rise up. we'll also be seeing some dry, dry air settling in. i'll explain it all coming up. >> we have a full freeway closure. this is along highway 13 in oakland. so if you are heading in that direction, they have a detour
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set up in place for you for north- and southbound highway 13. follow the signs and you can get back on the freeway. making your way along 880, we have an accident that's blocking one lane of the off- ramp northbound 880 at 23rd avenue. it doesn't appear to be slowing anyone down. hat's a check of your traffic; over to you. surrender on the high seas. a coast guard crew from alameda stopped 47,000 pounds of cocaine from entering the u.s. this morning, kpix 5's andria borba shows us it will never make it from the sea to the streets. >> reporter: from the coast guard's own helicopter and on deck cameras, this is what the war against cocaine being shipped into the u.s. by sea looks like. >> it's typically done in open water. it's often times at night. you know, you're trying to catch them before they know that you're there. so it can be very dangerous. >> reporter: this is the bounty
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of a month operation in the international waters in concert with canadian forces. 47,000 pounds of pure uncut cocaine in federal custody. >> these drugs will not make it to the main streets of america which is a victory in one sense. yet as we through that threat through a wider lens we see that the scourge of drugs is a challenge to our nation. >> reporter: the street value of the drugs had they been unloaded on the docks in san diego, about the size of a powerball jackpot. $721million. >> it's my pleasure to welcome back the crew of the coast guard cutter stratton and congratulate them on a job well done. >> reporter: 12,000 pounds of that massive haul you see were busts made by the 100-plus men and women of the stratton, stationed in alameda. the crew has been at sea for months to make the mission happen. >> large seizures like this are done way offshore. many people don't realize the coast guard operates hundreds or thousands of miles south of the border off the coast of
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colombia, panama, ecuador, mexico. >> reporter: the captain of the u.s. coast guard says despite the amount of cocaine you see, the work is not over. >> it's an ongoing effort. there are ships and planes out there tonight doing the mission. >> reporter: in alameda, andria borba, kpix 5. listen to that and look at this. the bay area has experienced a plethora of wild weather conditions including hail and thunder. this video from petaluma's alta drive yesterday afternoon. and east of san jose, the storm brought a light dusting of snow to mount hamilton. and video from chopper 5 yesterday showing us this. there are currently no reported closures along mount hamilton road leading to lick observatory . >> amazing. >> it was a cool day. we saw rainbows. it's about to change. we'll be in for a long dry
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spell. let's show you pictures from our weather watcher group. we have a new one on kpix 5 weather watchers on facebook so the search for that and anyone is welcome to join. will in alameda sent us this picture of wild weather. crazy rain. look at the beautiful rainbow across the bay. this is in tahoe. lauren and her dog enjoying the snow. we got some great pictures. feel free to send your reports and photos and how you're enjoying our weather because we'll have great weather for you to get outside and enjoy here in the next couple of days. for now we are just looking at some scattered clouds out there. that's really it. visibility also right now is going to be impacted it looks like. we are seeing some fog across the north bay. 40 in livermore. so we are in the 40s right now. we may see our temperatures drop off in santa rosa down into the 30s. visibility not
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bad fog not an issue except for santa rosa, napa, petaluma, fairfield, that fog is hanging low in the valley locations. right now variable winds. east winds in hayward at 3. southeast san jose at 3. west wind at 5 miles per hour north- northwest for santa rosa. high pressure is taking over. we'll have more on that coming up. >> now we are going to take it to the roads and see what's happening out there. we are tracking speeds in the yellow for drivers making their way into livermore westbound 205. we have overnight roadwork, caltrans has one lane closed between grant line and north flynn. it's 26 minutes between 205 and 680. an earlier accident still out there but not causing slowdowns
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in oakland northbound 880 at 23rd. it's on off-ramp there and the golden gate bridge, looking fantastic. we can count the cars on there. think there's about four that we can see, nice and "friday light" conditions. from you heading into the north bay, this is what your ride along 101 looks like. we are tracking one lane blocked southbound 101 at kastania road. looks like a car broke down there. the drive times are in the green, five minutes from north petaluma boulevard down to kastania. hat's a check of your traffic; over to you. thank you. president trump is denying a new report he tried to fire special counsel robert mueller. according to the "new york times," the president gave the order last june but, quote, backed off when white house counsel threatened to quit. white house lawyer don mcgahn reportedly said firing mueller would be catastrophic for the presidency. rotect his independence and the rule of law." mueller is looking at whether the trump campaign colluded with russia... and whether the president obstructed justice.
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>> mueller is looking at whether the trump campaign colluded with russia and whether the president obstructed justice. and for the first time the president is offering to back down from his threats to deport almost 2 million "dreamers." they could even become citizens but as kpix 5's maria medina reports, the president has his own demands. >> this is the only home i know. >> reporter: flora martinez calls the bay area home even though others would argue her home is in mexico. >> mexico would be an unfamiliar place to me. >> reporter: flora is a dreamer. but her two-year period of protection expires in april. now she is hoping lawmakers can get an immigration deal passed that would give her the chance to stay for good. >> i think the path to citizenship is very much in the realm of possibility. >> reporter: the white house released an immigration plan giving immediate protection to nearly 2 million "dreamers" brought to the u.s. illegally by their parents. >> it's going to happen at some point in the future, over a period of 10 to 12 years. i think it's a nice thing to
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have the incentive of after a period of years, being able to become a citizen. >> reporter: but the deal would come with conditions. the white house wants $30 billion in new border security funding, $25 billion to build the wall. >> i think i feel like he wants us to choose ourselves over our people. >> reporter: she says it's a debate among "dreamers" now. give our president what he wants to get what they want even if they don't agree with it. >> some of us are like, you know, this is better than nothing. >> reporter: she says the "dreamers" will continue to fight to stay even if some don't believe they belong. >> do you feel american? >> i feel very american. mexican-american. [ laughter ] >> reporter: maria medina, kpix 5. >> the president's plan would also dramatically scale back immigration for family members of u.s. citizens, limiting it to spouses and underaged children and it would eliminate the visa lottery program. house minority leader nancy pelosi had this response: hostage to a hateful anti- immigrant scheme." and from senator dianne feinstein:
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"president trump and republicans will not be allowed to use dreamers as a bargaining chip for their wish list of anti-immigrant policies." right now, president trump is in davos, switzerland... for the world economic forum. time is 4: wire ling >> right now, president trump is in davos, switzerland for the world economic forum. time now 4:39. wireless carriers are installing millions of cell phone towers in neighborhoods across the country. why local governments are largely powerless to stop it. >> plus, a proposed change of bart parking prices has many riders up in arms.
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a new parking plan at bart stations. the idea is to ease congestion.... .... by charging more during peak hours to free up parking s a lot of opposition against a new parking plan at bart stations. the idea is to ease congestion by charging more during peak hours to free up parking spaces. bart workers say that they would use license plate readers to enforce fee collections. no word yet on how much more money it would cost if the plan is approved. it would be another year or two before they could implement
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this if the board decides to go in that direction. a cell tower may soon be going up in your neighborhood if it isn't already there. wireless carriers are installing millions of them across the country to enable the new faster 5g cell phone technology. this morning, julie watts asked the question you're not supposed to ask: are there legitimate health concerns? >> reporter: it's keeping john up at night this new pole outside his bedroom window where verizon will soon install a next generation cell tower just feet from a school. >> this would be a big tower push out radiation outside our window for years. >> reporter: it's called a small cell or distributed antenna system similar to this one in san francisco. the industry says they are safe, many in piedmont aren't convinced. >> our daughter is a cancer survivor. >> reporter: 13-year-old sophia has been one of many petitioning the city council to deny this cell tower and others. >> i'm also a brain cancer
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survivor and i am against the cell towers. >> i mostly talk -- >> reporter: but according to federal law, the city simply can't consider health concerns. it's outlined in this small section of the telecommunications act based on science from 1996. >> to turn your phone on or off -- >> reporter: back when this was the height of technology. but if cities do consider health the cell companies can sue. so with few legal arguments to deny a cell tower, they are popping up outside bedroom windows and school campuses, despite objections from across the country. >> 5g can be a tremendous boon to california but only if it can be put up quickly and easily. >> reporter: hayward assembly member bill quartz coauthored legislation to make it harder for cities to object. >> you wouldn't have to go through the planning commission or city council. >> reporter: the former nasa scientists say he may resurrect the bill recently vetoed by the governor. >> i know scientifically that putting up these cell phone
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towers is safe. >> reporter: but the international association of firefighters disagrees. they began opposing cell towers on fire stations after firefighters complained of health problems. >> these firefighters developed symptoms. >> reporter: this doctor conducted a pilot study on firefighters at a station with cell towers. >> the symptoms included problems with memory, problems with confusion, problems with weakness. >> reporter: he says their brain scans suggest even low level rf can cause cell damage and he worries about more vulnerable groups like kids. >> so we found abnormal brain function in all of the firefighters we examined. >> reporter: so following lobbying by firefighters they exempted fire stations from the bill making them one place cell companies couldn't put a tower. this is the first piece of legislation where something got an exemption because of health. did they tell you about -- >> all i know is when the
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firefighters ask, you know, i do what they ask me to do. >> reporter: because they're strong lobbyists? >> yes. >> reporter: so if say schoolteachers and parents had a strong lobby and they asked to you pass something that would prevent these from going up near schools, would you do that? >> if i couldn't get the votes any other way. >> reporter: firefighter and cancer survivor tony stefani knows -- >> it's the people that live in the vicinity of these towers as well. >> reporter: current regulations don't take into account continuous low level exposure from these small cells 24 hours a day. >> more of these studies have to be done. >> reporter: there are 230 scientists from 41 countries who have apparently reviewed more than 2,000 peer reviewed studies and they are calling on the world health organization to do more studies. they are not convinced that -- that -- this safe. >> i think doing more studies is always a good thing. >> reporter: do you think that maybe you should consider putting a pause on legislation that speeds up these towers until there's definitive evidence that there is no harm? >> you can do a lot of studies
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and there are people right now, believe it or not, who show the world is flat. >> reporter: in a statement, the wireless industry says it defers to experts when it comes to cell tower safety and according to government agencies the scientific evidence shows no known health risk. but what about the unknown? well, back in piedmont, they don't want to wait around to find out. >> we're going to get some meters and we're going to measure the microwave radiation today and when the cell towers go up, we can measure it and see how dangerous it is. >> reporter: he says, if he has to, they will move. >> for my daughter's health, definitely. >> piedmont did block some cell towers and is now being sued. meanwhile, new government research set to be published next month could radically alter the debate. it's expected to link rf radiation to health problems in lab rats. we have more information on our website, traffic between the bay area and the tahoe/truckee area
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has worsened so a new company hopes its travelers will turn to its luxury buses. tahoe convoy is set to begin limited operations next month with service from fairfield, el cerrito and san francisco. the destinations are in truckee, squaw valley and tahoe city and they plan to expand. a big party bus. >> traffic is the hardest part of get there is. >> it is. >> but very tempting to go up there this weekend. >> i would love to go this weekend. let's talk about the conditions now. we are going to see clear skies and temperatures will be on the rise. so it's perfect if you like sunshine on ski slopes with fresh powder. that's what we'll have. here's hi-def doppler. there's a few light showers north. it won't reach the bay area. the storm is wrapping up. storm totals look like this:
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there was rain, thunderstorms, lightning, hail, rainbows, all kinds of weather in the area. it was wacky. those are the 48-hour storm totals and now we have a few clouds and cool temperatures this morning in the 40s. 40 degrees for livermore. 46 in san francisco. san jose 44 degrees. and your visibility isn't too bad across the south bay. we are looking at clear conditions just a few areas of some fog but it shouldn't impact your commute unless you're going through the north bay. santa rosa down to a third. petaluma 0 visibility. napa about a half mile visibility. here's your wind speeds: right now, temperatures this afternoon will be cool. but then these numbers will
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start rising. so today will be a chilly day. 50s. if you are traveling anywhere across northern california today it will be cool in redding in the 40s. lake tahoe 37 degrees the afternoon high. nighttime in the teens. here's the bigger picture. high pressure coming from the south. no storms dipping down. we'll have dry warm weather for the weekend into next week. a few clouds until 11 a.m. this afternoon clear. saturday, sunday, sunshine. mostly sunny for several days. warmer. here's a look at some of the snow totals:
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so the tahoe forecast looks like this. 37 degrees there today. tomorrow, sunday, temperatures in the 40s and then on sunday in the 50s. but again at nighttime it will be cool, so that snow don't expect it to melt much. and then look at our temperatures inland. by the time we get to monday, we could be near 70 degrees for some inland spots because of that high pressure taking over. there's a whole lot of sunshine after just a few clouds this morning. jaclyn. thank you, neda. yes, i believe that a lot of people will be heading up to the sierra this weekend. right now chains required on 80 from baxter to truckee. 101, this is north bay the fog that neda was talking about. this is near wilfred avenue right in rohnert park. you can see or not see there's some reduced visibility out there. travel times remain in the green and we are checking in
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problem-free there. 101, this is near poplar, if you are heading through burlingame, san mateo, along the peninsula, your ride looking okay for the start of this friday morning commute. and san mateo bridge, everyone on their best driving behavior in both directions, we have an easy ride across the span. shouldn't have any troubles making your way through hayward at this point. we are still in the green in both directions on 880. starting to see slowdowns on 280 and part of 101. we'll check this with chp and find out what's going on. we haven't seen any accidents there. 280 at 85, your ride in the clear. no delays as you are making your way along highway 24 but we're tracking an overnight closure. caltrans should wrap it up by 5:00. this is on 13, closed in both directions between moraga avenue and broadway terrace. follow the signs for the detour to get right back on the freeway. at the bay bridge toll plaza, not "friday light."
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it's crowded. no metering lights just yet. there are a few slowdowns. time now 4:51. extra precautions are in place at half dozen bay area schools after test results show unacceptable levels of lead in the water.
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schools... here's your afternoon highs today. temperatures will be cool. mid- to upper 50s for the east bay and around san francisco, 55 degrees alameda 56. so yes a couple of degrees below average. westbound 580 drivers we are taking a look at your ride along the stretch between 205 and 680 right at north first street. your ride heading through
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livermore looking okay. but you will have some slowdowns heading out of tracy where we are seeing the biggest bulk of delays at this time. things pick up and go back into the green once you get past north first street. 25-minute travel time. some water fountains at six schools in the berkeley unified school district are now shut off because of lead contamination. the fountains now off limits are at berkeley high, willard middle school as well as three elementary schools and a preschool. the fountains were found in violation of district guidelines for drinking water. one fountain had lead levels 17 times higher than what's acceptable. the schools did the testing last month and turned off the fountains last week when the results came in. >> in the utmost of caution we're little naturing those and replacing them and we anticipate that when we retest that any potential risk will be gone. >> letters sent to parents contained information about the test findings and the district's plans to correct the
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problem. this morning, police blame street racing for a high-speed crash in sonoma county. a 14-year-old boy is in critical condition. police told us he had some pliers and has been cited before for his driving. the front end of this white bmw was smashed in the crash. police say the driver was drag- racing in petaluma yesterday then hit a third car a mercury. that crash happened just before 3 p.m. yesterday on sonoma mountain parkway. at last check all three of the occupants inside the mercury are in the hospital this morning including the 14-year- old boy. he was riding with his grandparents. his grandfather sustained broken ribs, his grandmother is also hurt. there were two other juveniles inside the bmw. they were treated and released from the hospital. this morning police are searching for the driver of the other car involved in the street race and they are asking witnesses to come forward. a driver from southern
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california is recovering from minor injuries after a frightening freeway incident. javier sparrow says he was driving under a los angeles overpass wednesday night when his windshield shattered. someone apparently threw a large object from the bridge. never got a good look at what it was. sparrow was able to steer his damaged car home. >> as a mother, i was terrified. i mean, um, i didn't care about the car at all. i was grateful that he was alive. >> they were, like, you're pretty lucky. they said if i was going downhill, it could have been a lot worse. >> so far, police have no suspects. it's 4:57. an investigation by the "sacramento bee" reveals the millions of tax dollars spent on settling sexual harassment suits. >> the president's plan for immigration that provides relief for "dreamers." we'll tell you what democrats claim.
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i'm michelle griego. and i'm kenny choi. let's start with a live look outside... good morning, everyone. it is friday, january 26th. i'm michelle griego. >> good morning, i'm ken bastida. let's start with a live look outside. on this friday morning, a live at traffic in the east bay 880 in oakland not bad at 5:00. on the left a shot of the transamerica pyramid in san francisco. a little cloudy and cold out there to start this morning. >> chilly. >> it is. [ crosstalk ] >> look at the beautiful view. we are not seeing low-lying fog across san francisco but we are seeing it in some other spots. today a few clouds out there and then later on this afternoon, clear conditions. get ready for a clear weekend.


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