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tv   KPIX 5 News Sun Morn Edition  CBS  January 28, 2018 7:30am-8:31am PST

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of "the open road with dr. chris", dr. chris takes the plunge into mysterious waters. dr. chris: that is absolutely incredible. announcer: he cruises down china's longest river. dr. chris: this is qutang gorge, and it's so high, it's actually generating its own weather system. announcer: he sees if he's got what it takes to be an olympian. dr. chris: this is what you call olympic qualification. is it almost bedtime for these guys? brett: yeah, it's bedtime. announcer: and dr. chris helps out a few future athletes. dr. chris: i'm veterinarian dr. chris brown, and when i'm not taking care of creatures large and small, i love to pack my bags and head out to visit the far corners of the world.
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i'm always looking for the road less traveled, for the people, places, and animals that capture the imagination and find their way into my heart. so, join me, as together we travel the open road. dr. chris: around here, sinkholes are everywhere. they even move roads for them, but i've been told that i'm going to be the one moved, emotionally, by a couple of sinkholes that apparently provide one of the most incredible underwater experiences anywhere in the country. mount gambier is almost smack-bang in between melbourne and adelaide, just on the south australian side of the border. this town is famous for its volcanic crater lakes, its caves, and multiple sinkholes, and when i heard you can actually swim in a series of three limestone sinkholes just south of here, i just knew i had to take a trip to ewens
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ponds. and this is where the magic happens. i was expecting a little more than what looks like a farm dam. looks like i'll need a local, like ross, to explain what makes these ponds so special. ross, have i just traveled all this way to swim in a farm dam? ross: definitely not. this is what we call a cast spring, and this is where the groundwater comes to the surface, and it has done over thousands of years, and it's really clear. dr. chris: but we need to talk about the temperature. exactly how cold is it in there? ross: fourteen degrees. dr. chris: it's 14 degrees. ross: oh, a wetsuit, i guess. dr. chris: yeah, definitely wetsuit. there's no doubt about that. i'm just going to go and change. ross: right-oh. dr. chris: yep, so, it's all right now.
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then it starts to drain in, and then the water starts to fill it up, and oh, yeah. we're acclimatizing. but i'm in now, so let's see what all the fuss is about. putting your head underwater for the first time is amazing and completely unexpected. the water is so clear, it looks like air, so it actually feels like you're floating above a meadow. this could be the closest i've come to actually flying. but swoop down a little deeper, and you come across creatures you wouldn't normally find in a paddock. this guy is a glenelg spiny crayfish, and they're actually endangered. down here, the water is so crystal clear, the sunlight can penetrate all the nooks and crannies.
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so, the plants that grow here are some that you would never normally find underwater, and if you look closely, it even seems like they're breathing. well, that is absolutely incredible, but now, time to take it to a deeper level. it's about nine meters to the bottom of these basin-shaped sinkholes, so if i'm going to see it all, i'll have to strap on some scuba gear, and experienced cave diver tim has offered to guide me around. so, i'm guessing these ponds are essentially like diving into a big cave, but just with an open roof. tim: it is like that, but because it doesn't have that roof, there is so much more life in here. dr. chris: so, it's back into those chilly waters we go, but this time, we can take the sightseeing through what they call the races. they're the small channels that link these three
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ponds together. the second pond is a lot smaller than the first, but then an absolutely vision. the third pond really does feel like something from another world and is an opportunity to catch a glimpse into the life of a cave-diver without any associated claustrophobia. what a privilege to be part of this crystal-clear oasis. oh, wow. you know, i never thought stepping into a pond would be a portal into this amazing underwater world. it's like an alien landscape under there and just has to be seen to be believed. tim, thanks so much, buddy. tim: it was a pleasure. dr. chris: when do i get back down there? tim: let's go. announcer: coming up, dr. chris takes a journey back through time.
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dr. chris: it's 5:00 a.m. that's peak hour in yichang, and i'm about to embark on an epic five-day adventure up the mighty yangtze river. so, this is the third longest river in the world. in fact, it is much longer than australia is wide, and on this cruise, hopefully, over the next few days, i'll uncover the secrets on the water and also on the land. my chinese adventure began with a flight to chongqing, and after traveling around china, we're headed back along the yangtze. i'm exploring the river on board the yangtze gold. it's got everything you could expect from a floating palace and more.
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but it's outside where the magic happens, and the yangtze provides it in spades. it's surrounded by spectacular scenery and stunning gorges. there are a lot of gorges on this cruise, but it's easy to see why everyone has got their camera out right now. this is qutang gorge. it rises more than a kilometer up into the air. it's so high, it's actually generating its own weather system. the water vapor is coming up, condensing, and forming that cloud up there. the yangtze stretches across more than half of china and was flooded in a controversial move to generate hydroelectricity, and while the main river is so vast, it can take ocean liners, there are heaps of smaller tributaries full of history and mystery which can be explored on daytrips using smaller vessels. taking me on my expedition is guide george, and he's wasted no time in introducing me to a lovely local lady. george: people call this sleeping beauty mountain. you see the lady hair, the lady hand.
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big feet for the ladies. dr. chris: if i had a sister, she'd look like that. george: right. dr. chris: big feet. george: big feet, right. dr. chris: you can see eyes and a nose and a mouth. this side trip is taking us off the beaten path and down the qutang gorge. it's an area believed to have been populated for over 15,000 years and dotted with caves that hold something truly remarkable. george: look back. dr. chris: it's a large collection of coffins perched high into the mountain face by the mysterious ba people. george: the ba people were a minority 2000-3000 years ago, but now there's no more ba people up here right now. dr. chris: where did they go? george: they disappeared mysteriously. dr. chris: that hasn't decomposed. that coffin still looks almost brand-new, and it's 2000-3000 years old. george: the coffin is made by wood. we call it petrified. dr. chris: the amazing thing to me, though, is you look at that, and even with modern climbing techniques and ropes and abseiling and all the rest of it,
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you couldn't get that in there. george: it's hard work. dr. chris: and as we travel further away from the mainstream, our boats get more traditional to match. here, it's easy to imagine what much of the yangtze may have looked like many years ago, and the locals, they love to set the scene. george: that's a music man. he plays the music for you right here. dr. chris: i'm under no illusions about the scenery. it is truly spectacular. it's really only now when you're actually on this small boat that you get a feel for the power and the history of this area, because those rocky towers are so high, and they really lean right over the top of you. it's peaceful, yet it is also quite powerful. announcer: coming up, dr. chris hits the slopes. [jacqui laughing] jacqui: you are hopeless!
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dr. chris: i've journeyed to an olympic training camp somewhere deep in the austrian alps in a bid to realize my winter olympic dream, and i've heard on the grapevine that many olympians have spent time at pension grimus, a traditional austrian guest house. definitely in the right place. if they can make olympians out of dogs, this is going to be easy. giving visitors a healthy dose of european hospitality is innkeeper hans, owner of that skiing dog. [dr. chris speaking german] dr. chris: guten morgen. hans: guten morgen. dr. chris: now, if a dog can be taught to ski,
7:47 am
how do i become an olympic athlete on the mountain? do you have a coach around here that i could potentially use? hans: you need the right coach. there is a very famous one, very good one that's sitting right behind you, jacqui cooper. dr. chris: looks like the snow gods think this is a good idea. jacqui, how are you? jacqui: i'm great. dr. chris: what are you doing here so far from home? jacqui: home? this is my home. i'm at mount buller, australia. dr. chris: ah, that would explain why the flight was so short. i'm in australia, not austria, in the victorian ski fields at mount buller. i did think it was strange there was gum trees outside. jacqui: everywhere. dr. chris: yeah, that actually makes sense. well, this will be a lot easier. apart from being a winter playground for skiers and snowboarders with 22 lifts, mount buller is also a popular training ground for olympians, like my friend, five-time world champion jacqui cooper. i have a dream. you've been to five winter olympics.
7:48 am
i'd love to go to just one. jacqui: the first step will be to get you on a snowboard. [sinister laugh] dr. chris: jacqui, i have nightmares about t-bars. for a snowboarder, there is nothing more scary than a t-bar. jacqui: if you can't ride a t-bar, you have no business being on a snowboard. that's fair, right? dr. chris: i reckon i fall off about 90 percent of t-bars. jacqui: i'm not riding with you. dr. chris: t-bars were designed for skiers, so for them, it's a walk in the park, but for snowboarders, it can be carnage. my olympic dream is looking about as shaky as my takeoff. [dr. chris yelling] dr. chris: you never think those things, but... [jacqui laughing] dr. chris: oh. jacqui: get off the side. dr. chris: eventually, it's time to impress jacqui with my shredding prowess.
7:49 am
jacqui: chris, you are hopeless! announcer: coming up, the verdict is in on dr. chris' olympic future. dr. chris: have you seen enough to know what my olympic event is going to be? jacqui: chris, i have seen more than enough. announcer: but first, it's time for you to hit the open road with road trip trivia. when did the first winter olympics take place, 1911, 1924, 1933, 1941? the answer when "the open road with dr. chris" returns.
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announcer: welcome back to "the open road with dr. chris". when we left off, we asked, when did the first winter olympics take place? the answer is b, 1924. the first winter olympics was held in france, and medals were awarded in five sports, including bobsled, curling, ice hockey, skating, and skiing. dr. chris: i've journeyed to an olympic training camp in a bid to realize my winter olympic dream. jacqui: chris, you are hopeless! dr. chris: we've ruled out snowboarding, so it looks like i'll be packing my skis for south
7:53 am
korea, but jacqui just wants to see me in action before she puts the call in to the olympic committee. all right, jacqui, i'm feeling the pressure. it kind of feels like my last chance. jacqui: it is your last chance. dr. chris: the fact that we've already crossed skis i know is really a perfect start. you weren't actually a skier originally, were you? jacqui: i was recruited from a trampoline. i was a kid that was fascinated with acrobatics. someone told me that i should become an aerial skier and come up here to mount buller and learn how to ski with the vision of one day being a world champion. dr. chris: so, it all starts with acrobatics, because i've already done that down at the -- at the t-bar. i just did that. [jacqui laughing] dr. chris: all the different places you went around the world, did you have a favorite place to compete? jacqui: my favorite was for sure here at mount buller, at home. it had the most pressure, because everyone on the mountain wanted me to win. you know, the feeling, you just can't get it anywhere else. you might maybe. i'm hoping. dr. chris: about that, it is probably time for me to
7:54 am
show you what i've got on the skis. jacqui: stop the talking. let's just do it. dr. chris: should we just do it? jacqui: let's just do it. dr. chris: okay, stand by. jacqui: enough already, okay. dr. chris: this is what you call olympic qualification. in my head, i ski like this, and this, but in reality... dr. chris: oh! no, i'm good. i'm good. well, have you seen enough to know what my olympic event is going to be. jacqui: chris, i've seen more than enough. i want you to go home and sleep on it, and tomorrow, i'm going to reveal how you are going to make the olympic team. dr. chris: see you in the morning.
7:55 am
dr. chris: i barely slept, jacqui. come on, tell me, what is it? jacqui: okay, well, chris... dr. chris: yeah. jacqui: all starts now. let's head through the door. we're going to start training, and we'll get to it. dr. chris: yes! jacqui: ready? dr. chris: so excited. jacqui: skinny cap. it goes up, in, and twist. dr. chris: feel quite at home, actually. skinny cap for jacqui. jacqui: mm. dr. chris: mm. bronze medal? jacqui: no. dr. chris: oh, it's silver. it's gold, isn't it? jacqui: it will be a gold. dr. chris: yes, it will. jacqui: it will be a gold. dr. chris: look out, south korea. announcer: coming up, dr. chris learns the secrets of the slopes... dr. chris: so, that is actually a snow factory. paul: that is it. announcer: ...when "the open road with dr. chris" returns.
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60% of women are wearing the wrong size pad and can experience leaks discover always my fit. find the number that's right for your flow and panty size on the top of any always pack. the better the fit, the better it protects. always. dr. chris: there's no better place for winter fun than the slopes. i'm in the village of mount buller in the victorian ski fields, and it seems appropriate that my quest to meet the secret snow folk starts with an encounter of the furry kind. i meet the mountain's resident husky whisperer, brett, just as he's putting his puppies to bed for the night. [dog barking] dr. chris: is it almost bedtime for these guys? brett: yeah, it's bedtime, and we're going to put them away, and they're going to have a nice sleep on their nice straw bed or hay. dr. chris: and so, these guys will grow up to be -- to be sled dogs? brett: next winter, they'll be running. dr. chris: one of the most amazing adaptations that these dogs have is a little quirk of their
7:57 am
circulation. what they do is actually send warm blood constantly from their heart through their arteries to their pads, and what that does is actually makes sure their pads never get frozen, and essentially, never get cold, and therefore, never get frostbite. if i lift up thor here, and those feet have been in the ice, and i do this, his feet are warm. that's actually not cold on my face. should we take these guys to bed? brett: we should -- we should do that now. dr. chris: i, on the other hand, need some protection for my pads. are you ready for bed? oh, yes, yes. come on, bed, bed, bed. even though you cope with the cold, you'll still take a warm bed, won't you? bedtime has never looked cuter. bedtime soon, guys. you get to stay up a bit later. while a good night's sleep looks pretty tempting, i'm on a mission. i've got my sights set on mingling with the nocturnal mountain folk, and they don't come more mountainly or nocturnal than snowmaker paul. paul: hey! dr. chris: what are you doing here?
7:58 am
paul: this is the home of the new snowmaking factory. dr. chris: that is actually a snow factory. paul: that's the snow factory. that is it. so, this is pumped out on all our runs all over the hill. dr. chris: this is where it all ends up. paul: this is where it's coming out, and we're moving it around the hill with our kassbohrer. dr. chris: once it's all spread out like it is now, what's the next step? paul: the next step is, hopefully, it freezes up overnight, and hopefully, we don't get anybody skiing on it. dr. chris: honestly, that would be so rude. but oh, so tempting. just look at that fresh powder but these people, they're my friends now, and it looks like paul has got something in common with that husky pup i met earlier. i'm here struggling, and look at this. paul: you might be better off in the cab. dr. chris: you don't mind? paul: you go and warm up. go on. dr. chris: it's all right? now, i may be more familiar with dog grooming, but my new mate, mikey, is an expert at manicuring the white stuff. mikey: after a slope has been skied all day... dr. chris: yeah. mikey: creates these bumps from the skiers and snowboarders.
7:59 am
basically, what i'm trying to do is make it all nice and flat again with my blade on the front, and then my tiller on the back puts a nice finish on it and makes perfect corduroy for skiing on the next day. dr. chris: what's the -- what's the corduroy? mikey: corduroy is the lines that we leave in the snow after we're finished with it. dr. chris: corduroy, i do love the feel of soft, manicured corduroy. mikey: watch out for the fresh slope on your way down. dr. chris: don't worry about that. i'm just going to stick to the path. dr. chris: later, guys! [alarm siren blaring] mikey: i just groomed that.
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killing one person... and displacing several others. plus - a family worried t d... flames rip through this santa clara home killing one and displacing several others. >> a family worried they'll be separated after ice agents detained their father. their appeal to the white house. >> in and out, former san francisco acting mayor joins us speaking out about the vote that took her out of the city's top job. good morning. >> we begin this morning in the south bay. a man has died after a town house caught fire in santa clara. you can see massive flames shooting out of the roof. crews say that the three alarm blaze broke out around 2:00
8:01 am
this morphing on clyde avenue. firefighters responded a few minutes later but it took a while to get it under control. >> fire got in the attic and spread laterally. >> there is no word on what caused the fire. a richmond police officer was badly hurt while responding to a side show. it happened just after 1:00 on marina bay parkway. about 40 to 50 cars were in the area and an officer tried to stop a vehicle when the driver slammed into him. the officer is an eight year veteran and suffered serious injuries. he was tape to the hospital for -- taken to the hospital for treatment. president trump offering to provide a path to citizenship for dreamers but his proposal comes with conditions. it would cover millions of undocumented immigrants but the president wants $25 billion for a border wall and wants to
8:02 am
limit family based immigration. one dreamer opposes the limitations. >> reporter: a dreamer, came to the u.s. when he was 3 years old. this week president trump tweeted support for those like manny who came as young children. he tweeted a wonderful deal including doubling in the number of recipients and 12 way pathway to citizenship for two reasons. one, because republicans want to fix a long time terrible problem. manny works for immigrant legal resource center and says it's not that democrats don't want to solve daca but he is worried it will put his family in jeopardy. >> it's forcing people to put the undocumented youth against their parents. >> in return for a dream act president trump wants money for border wall, end to the visa
8:03 am
lottery program and stop family based immigration. that means putting a limit on the number of family members brought to you u.s. to just spouses and minor children providing no legal protection for parents. >> it comes it is cost of having ice and immigration enforcement in general go after parents. they are still vulnerable. >> reporter: as lawmakers try to draft a bill, it is feared lumping all issues under one umbrella may be the downfall to getting a deal done. manny hopes each issue is negotiated separately. >> you can have a clean dream act. mitch mcconnell has to get behind it, democrats, conservatives, republicans have to be on board. a southern california father detained by ice is fighting to stay in the u.s. yes morning 30 year old torres walked into the arms of his family. the school football coach was brought to u.s. illegally when
8:04 am
he was two. ice agents picked him up two weeks ago. his family thinks he was targeted because a got a dui more than a decade ago and marijuana possession charge as a teen, a criminal history historian calls minimal. >> demonstrating behavior over a period of many years, coaching kids, having other parents trust him has made everyone known to him that he can earn their respect. >> according to his lawyer, ice agents did not have a warrant when they took him in. president trump's plan for a $25 billion border wall is facing another obstacle. if it is built it would run through stretch of arizona desert that belongs to one of america's largest indian tribes. it would divide thousands of members living in arizona and mexico. >> we just want to follow our traditional ways. we have a unique culture, and
8:05 am
we still practice those. >> the indian nation is roughly the size of connecticut and many members believe they were born to protect their land and have vowed to prevent president trump from building a wall. sexual assault allegations, this time against casino mogul steve win. they forced him to step down as finance chair of the republican national committee. wall street journal reported accusations saying win pressured women into sex acts. in a statement he says the idea that i ever assaulted any woman is present progress on salary russ. we find ourselves in a world where people can make allegations and a person is left ... actor nelly is fighting back on claims of sexual
8:06 am
assault. nelly is denying all allegations and seeking to have the complaint against his dismissed. a north bay mother and son under arrest accused of running a prostitution ring. police say the two kept several young women at their home in santa rosa and shuttled them to an apartment. police say the investigation started when they got complaints from neighbors that led them to the apartment on snyder lane. >> all through the night, you see different guys coming and going. you hear thumping and all sorts of noises. >> some were there a couple hours. some were there all day. some stayed 24/7. >> they're both held on about a quarter million dollars bail. police are investigating a series of vehicle break ins. windows from seven cars were smashed in five hours. the burglaries were in parking lots across the city between
8:07 am
4:30 and 9:30 friday. in five of the seven thefts electronic items and purses were in plain view. police stress that people should not leave valuables in their car. the city of san francisco appointed a new interim mayor. he was sworn in tuesday and will hold the post until the june election. it was not a vote without controversy. i asked san francisco's former interim mayor london breed, who was also board president, about the move that pushed her out of the top job. >> i am not going to speculate on what happened behind the scenes with the vote. at the end of the day, i am still board president. i am still going to do the job. we have pressing issues that we need to take care of, homelessness, housing. people are counting on us to lead the city and do the right things, take care of folks. >> let's roll back a little bit. we have policy here and politics. when you were in the board chambers and this was being
8:08 am
debated, one of the things brought out was the idea that you were somehow in the clutches of tech billionaires and millionaires. what was your feeling? >> i was offended. as someone who grew up in the environment i grew up and went through obstacles and challenges and faced adverse tielmann in some of the most worst ways possible, to be accused of what i was accused of, because someone is supporting me, to imply that someone owns me because of contributions i received, it was offensive. >> okay. at the same time we had a policy situation here where there was concern that said you had too much power as acting mayor, board president, supervisor. it was too concentrated. your reaction? >> i was doing the job. i was taking care of the city. as i said, whatever decision my colleagues wanted to make, i would support the decision. i may not agree with the decision but i support it, and
8:09 am
my goal is to focus on doing the work, running for mayor, making sure that we are going to have a mayor that isn't going to divide people but bring people together so we can solve our city's most pressing issues. >> the vote to remove her and put in supervisor farrell who is not running was made to quote unquote level the playing field. it was done by lefties on the board. >> that's right. >> you were in the room. what was the feeling? >> stunned. actually a number of breed's supporters were so upset they had to shut the meeting down. if you were watching, it went black because they had to stop and clear out. people were very upset and really surprised. this was one of the many theories we heard about things that could have happened but when it happened, a lot of us, even those in the press box that heard rumors. >> never be surprised when it comes to power and politics of whatever rule may be made. that's rule number one in san
8:10 am
francisco. never be surprised. meanwhile we have other news on health news. >> hospital visits are on the rise as deadly flu outbreaks spread across the country. it's not just people getting sick. this morning, the warning for your pets. >> space x launch that's about to make history. the world alleys most powerful rocket and -- world's most powerful rocket and the mission that's out of this world. at stanford health care, we can now simulate the exact anatomy of a patient's brain before surgery. if we can do that, imagine what we can do for seizures.
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and all of our plans include free preventive care. financial help is available, so check for yourself to see what savings you qualify for. open enrollment ends january 31st, so don't miss out. because you never know when life... ...will change. get covered today. 91-year-old ingvar kamprad died peacefully in his home yesterday in sweden. kamprad founded ikea in the 1940 years new, the founder of sweden's ikea furniture chain has passed away. he died peacefully in his home. he founded ikea in the 1940s when he was 17 years old. over the decades, he grew the company into a global brand with 355 stores in 29 countries. state health department says nearly 100 people in california have died of the flu so far this season, including
8:13 am
18 in the bay area. the cdc says it's seeing the highest rate of hospital visits for flu since 2009. it is projecting 34 million people will be sick by the end of the season. at least 700,000 will end up in the hospital. there are also concerns over dog flu. the canine strain is spreading around the bay area with cases in the south bay and san francisco. dozens of dogs lined up outside mission pet hospital to get their shots yesterday. the hospital is offering walk in vaccine clinics for patients over the next two weeks. but if your dog is already coughing, keep it home away from other animals. a plan for a new mosque and community center in east bay has neighbors upset. the multi use project would be built in oakly on a 14-acre site north of highway 4. the ground has produced an animation showing how it would look with mosque, islamic private school, housing for seniors. many neighbors say it will
8:14 am
cause too much traffic. darker comments have appeared on the newspaper website. some compare muslims to terrorists. one calls the project frightening and unimaginable. >> most of this as you mentioned comes from not knowing. i don't want to say ignorance. it's lack of knowledge and understanding. we are here to coexist. >> oakly planning department put out a notice to remind everyone that the city cannot turn down a project based on religion. city council will likely have the final stay. san jose's main airport angling for another expansion to try to keep up with the strong passenger growth. airport directors want to expand to the south adding ten more gates for a total of 40. passenger has been growing for the past five years including
8:15 am
double digit percentages in the each of the last two years. >> our airport is growing by leaps and bounds. we need to expand our facilities in order for customers to have the same level of service that they're used to. >> the airport aviation director will layout details for city council in march including a possible way to pay for the expansion. the price tag can reach $1 billion. if we are taking to the air, let's go all the way. a powerful space rocket is set to be launched in over a week. elon musk says it will be a test for the falcon heavy rocket. it is going to carry a sports car from musk's personal collection and could begin carrying commercial satellites into space. now let's check on the forecast. >> good morning. with the forecast for a mostly sunny day, your sunday looks
8:16 am
nice. how about rain? we are in a deficit even though in january we picked up an average amount. we are only 2/3 of average since the rain season began in october with 67% in san francisco and 62% and not much prospects for it changing as high pressure parked over eastern pacific will keep us dry for a while. it looks like all the way into the first week of february, there is no rain on the way. futurecast today shows mostly clear skies, few low clouds up north and a few by tonight. that's not going to do anything. what we are expecting is a sunny sunday. it will be sunny and mild, clear and cool tonight with no rain in sight all week long. heading out, you will hit some fog in the night and early morning hours. temperatures are almost uniformly in the 60s department in the mountains.
8:17 am
in santa rosa 38, fremont 42, san jose 42. the sun will be up at 7:17 to start the work week. forecast highs today, we will be looking at san francisco notching 61. in concord 58, oakland 60. all the numbers are a little bit above average for late january. san jose will hit mid 60s. morgan hill plenty sun and 65 degrees. the east bay is off to a chilly start but then a sunny finish. temperatures will warm to 65 in san ramone. the north bay is looking nice, chilly to start off. later in the day san rafael is up to 57. petaluma will be 61, 64 clover dale, 68 wind sore. in the extended forecast, we'll be looking for clouds from time to time but no rain.
8:18 am
numbers all week right through friday and saturday will be in the 60s with dry conditions all the way to february. have a great sunday. as the movie said, if you build it, they will come. baseball can be an expensive hobby to keep up with. how our jefferson award winner found a way to let kids play ball at no cost. >> straight ahead this morning, how are you doing? i have a minute of sports from last night that you are going to want to see. steph curry, i'd say he had a pretty good night.
8:19 am
8:20 am
good morning everybody. forget about another cleveland golden state possible nba final. how about the boston celtics as eastern conference representative? last night steph curry had all they could handle. boy they put on a show last night. he scored 37, gave celtics one point lead late in the game.
8:21 am
yet tied at 96, steph curry got hot and scored the next five points from way downtown. next possession curry on the inside game, a lay up, scored season high 49 and warriors won a thriller 109-105. a huge crowd in san diego for tiger woods. pga stop, a pleasing short game here with a round of 270, he is three under for the tournament. that's great. eight behind the leader. the best female tennis player never to win a grand slam, that streak was halted when she was in front of her fiance and she won the australian open. she is single champion and number one in the world. it's a pretty good run for the favorites at the australian open as they wrapped up in
8:22 am
melbourne australia. that's sports at this hour. i will see you around. have a great sunday. >> more sports for you. a high school baseball player saw how few little league players went to play in high school and he took action. >> the jefferson award winner created a nonprofit offering free baseball academy to help the young players. allen martin on how they nurtured the love of the game. >> how is it going everybody? thanks for coming out. >> tyler fell in love with america's past time when he was four. >> i could barely hold the bat and i remember going home saying dad, i love baseball. >> reporter: he has been smitten since. the senior in oakland decided three years ago to share his love of the game by starting a nonprofit called greatest game baseball academy, a free three day clinic for boys and girls ages 11 to 14.
8:23 am
>> 92% of youth baseball players quit the game before high school. >> reporter: he believes a reason many kids give up is they can't afford to play on expensive club or travel teams. that's why his academy is free. >> they have the same love of the game as me. they have the same talent. but they couldn't play. >> reporter: the academy uses volunteer coaches and tyler's teammates to teach skills to the players over three sundays in january. >> tyler is the kind of kid that anybody will want to come out and do something for him. >> nearly 150 young players have attended the academy so far. gabrielle mohawk didn't need much encouragement. >> the field is like my house. >> reporter: it's his second year at the academy. >> i learned better ways to catch fly balls and grounders. >> reporter: as for what the academy is teaching tyler.
8:24 am
>> i have been giving the gifts of baseball, great friends, travel teams, equipment. it's shown me i can't take what i've had for granted. >> helping players stay in the sport and nurturing the love of the game, this week's jefferson award goes to tyler. nominate your local hero for a jefferson award online at we'll be right back.
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it's the first time in *15 years award show ret the biggest names in music are gearing up for tonight's 60 60th annual grammy awards. >> it's the first time in 15 years the award show returns to new york. stars to watch for include 19 year old kaleed, up for five awards including best new artist. also julia michaels scored with a song issues. jay z leads nominees with eight nominations including record and album of the year. grammy awards air tonight on kpix5. red carpet starts at 3:30 followed by awards show at 4:30. stay tuned for a special edition of kpix news after the grammies. >> we hope to see you later for the grammys. >> face the nation is next on
8:28 am
kpix5. have a great sunday.
8:29 am
8:30 am
>> cordes: today on "face the nation." trump makes a big concession on immigration. but will he stick to it? as the president prepares for his first official state of the union address he gives republican leaders what they have been begging for, his proposal to protect young immigrants. but some conservatives think it goes too far. plus, the "new york times" shakes up washington with a report that mr. trump ordered top white house lawyer to fire special counsel robert mueller last summer. >> fake news, folks. fake news. fake stories. >> cordes: we'll get reaction to that report and go behind the scenes on immigration with maine republican susan


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