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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  February 8, 2018 6:00am-6:59am PST

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we are in the yellow close to 40 minutes for drivers making their way westbound from 80 to 101. your ride heading along the richmond/san rafael bridge, you may want to use that as your alternate. that's in the green. 8 minutes to sir francis drake boulevard although it's busy. eastshore freeway in the yellow looking good. this is right near carlson. just under 20 minutes over to the toll plaza. then once you get to the maze, you have a slow ride heading into san francisco. that travel time is building, 25 minutes, in the red. some fog in some areas but not now across san francisco. it looks clear out there. you can get a great view of coit tower this morning and beyond. and, of course, our temperatures have been the talk all week, very spring-like, causing a lot of flowers to bloom and here's a view of golden gate bridge and it looks clear right now. earlier we saw some fog trying to come through. no rain in san francisco for 14
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days. today will be 15 degrees above average. we'll drop off 10 degrees by the weekend. for those of you around town, across the south bay, east bay looking okay. livermore visibility down to 5. sfo down to 8. there's a little fog at the coast. fog in the valleys. winds are calm. northeast winds coming through three to seven miles per hour right now through hayward. and that's what's pushing fog into hayward. for the north bay, it's calm and that's not helping as far as the fog is concerned. i'll talk more about your afternoon highs coming up. today is the day congress has to agree on a new budget plan or face another government shutdown while the senate seems set on a plan to move forward two separate groups in the
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house saying not so fast. >> reporter: the senate is expected to vote on and pass a budget compromise today hammered out by leadership from both sides of the aisle. >> no one would suggest it is perfect. but we worked hard to find common ground. >> it is required concessions. sometimes painful by both sides. >> reporter: the crux of the deal raises federal budget caps for two years almost equally on defense and domestic spending. president trump hailed the news tweeting in part: he >> reporter: two groups in the house may be a roadblock. house minority leader nancy pelosi spoke for more than eight hours, the longest continuous speech on the house floor in well over a century. she and some democrats say without a commitment from speaker ryan to put the daca immigration issue to a vote, they won't support the bill. >> what are you afraid of? give us a vote. let the housework its will. >> conservative republicans worry that an increased
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spending is fiscally irresponsible. >> they are selling out our kids and grandkids by making them suffer under the burden of tens of trillions of dollars in debt that they cannot possibly pay. >> the senate deal also funds the government itself for just six more weeks. that's another stop-gap measure though since after that time if they can't agree, the government could shut down. it earmarks $90 billion for areas hit by hurricanes and wildfires. $20billion for infrastructure and $6 billion for the opioid epidemic. a top aide to president trump is resigning amid abuse claims by two ex-wives. rob porter served as white house staff secretary. his two ex-wives say he was verbally, emotionally and physically abusive. porter released a statement denying the abuse claims calling them outrageous and vile. sources tell cbs senior aides to the president knew for months about the allegations. at the state capital a
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decision by the legislature to voluntarily disclose some records related to sexual misconduct investigations could all soon become state law. >> that's if the proposal introduced this week by the assembly judiciary committee gets approval. last week, the assembly and senate released records showing 18 sexual harassment investigations since early 2006. the records included investigations involving four sitting lawmakers. it's overall been a good year but not without its problems in the city of san jose. mayor sam liccardo's expected to talk about it all in his annual state of the city address this evening. anne makovec is live at city hall with a preview of the mayor's speech. good morning, anne. >> reporter: good morning, neda. yeah, san jose is a city that's seeing a lot of great prosperity. but that boom is leaving a lot of families in the dust struggling to survive. and, of course, there are questions about when this silicon valley bubble may burst. mayor sam liccardo doesn't try to predict that stuff, he says,
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because he is always wrong. >> we know regardless of the timing that we have to prepare for it. but we need to be fiscally prudent and have money set aside to ensure that we can continue basic services to residents even during the downturns and that's why we are focused on restoring services in a sustainable way. >> reporter: of course, house something a major issue here. there's not enough of it. it's extremely expensive. the mayor says the plan is to build 25,000 new units in the next five years. a lot of the new homes will be built near public transit with a bart extension in the works. he mentioned high-speed rail trying to get folks out of cars. and when it comes to the environment, the mayor wants san jose to be a model of sustainability for the country. the mayor is also focused on rebuilding the police department. it is it has been severely understand -- it has been severely understaffed since benefits were cut some years ago. so they have added about 150 officers in the past year and a half. there are 100 new officers in the academy now.
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one of several subjects he is expected to touch on tonight, the state of the city address starting at 6:30 p.m. at city college here in san jose. anne makevoc, kpix 5. the driver of a dump truck that caused a 10-car pile-up in santa rosa says that the crash was caused by failed brakes. the santa rosa police say that investigators have not ruled it as the cause yet. the crash happened on monday. the total of 10 cars were involved and 6 cars burst into flames. three people are still in the hospital. according to police, the driver, francisco rodriguez, was not under the influence of any drugs or alcohol. this morning a teenager is behind bars charged with murder. san jose police say the 17-year- old suspect shot and killed someone early tuesday morning near the california car wash. that's on keys street. the victim's identity hasn't been released. bart's crackdown on fare cheats is being delayed by at least a week.
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they are planning on using portable ticket readers to check whether riders have paid the fares. but it sent the machines back. it expects to be on track to beginning the crackdown next week. several cities across the bay area are still scrambling to implement local rules for recreational pot sales. mountain view is asking for input when it comes to drafting their regulations. the city is hosting a meeting next thursday night at city hall just weeks after the city council voted on extending a moratorium on new marijuana retailers. it's been a decade in the making but the giants mission rock development is up for approval by san francisco supervisors next week. the development would transform the area just south of at&t park on a site referred to as seawall lot 377. the 28-acre project calls for
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homes, office and retail space. 40% of the homes will be for low income families. the cost will be $1 billion. it's something we are most likely all guilty of doing at one point or another, driving drowsy. aaa says it's extremely dangerous even more so than what we once thought. >> we know it's a slow ride for drivers heading westbound on highway 4 but now expect some delays heading eastbound. we are tracking a new accident that has three lanes blocked. we'll have the details coming up. >> and drivers will have to be dealing with some patchy fog out there. but not around the bay. it's looking good across the bay bridge with clear conditions this morning. we'll have the forecast coming up. >> plus, in our tech report, google's new proposed plan that aims at cracking down on fake news on social media sites. -hey, did i mention i can save you $620
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for switching to progressive? [ engine revving ] you cannot hear me at all, can you?
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sleep and a new study finds drowsy driving is leading to many more car crashes than previously thought. americans aren't getting enough sleep and a new study finds that drowsy driving is leading to more car crashes than previously thought. kpix 5's jackie ward reports from the bay bridge toll plaza with the findings of this new study by aaa. >> reporter: guarantee there are a lot of sleepy drivers behind me making their way through the tolls right now. so this new aaa study says that drowsy driving is impaired driving and that cab be very dangerous. dashcam video tells the story of a tired driver and what it looks look behind the wheel. it's bad. you can see the car drift over and just hit another car. no injuries in this video but sometimes, driving while drowsy can have deadly consequences. this woman, jennifer pierce, says her sister nicole was killed 10 years ago when she
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and friends were coming home from a ski trip. everyone in the car fell asleep and the car hit a tree. >> for 10 years we have had to deal with her loss and not just the loss of who she was at 18 but the loss of the many years and who she would have become. >> reporter: previous studies said 1 to 2% of accidents were from drowsy driving but aaa says it's up to 10% of accidents from drowsy driving. so get more sleep, easier said than done. sleep experts want us to be getting 7 hours or more a night. but only 35% of americans are doing that. at the bay bridge toll plaza, jackie ward, kpix 5. 7 hours sounds so nice. >> luxury. >> definitely. >> this morning, we have a traffic report, an accident in the east bay. >> lots of incidents on highway
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4 and 680. so if you are make your way in that direction, be prepared. eastbound 4 just past bailey road this accident has three lanes blocked. we already are used to the slowdowns westbound. but you can see those delays building in the eastbound direction so if you would like to exit the freeway before that crash, you can always take willow pass road over to railroad and then get back on the freeway. that will put you right past the scene of that accident or you can take leland. those are two frontage roads that run along highway 4 there. we also had a problem on the antioch bridge. one lane is blocked past the toll plaza. there's only one lane in each direction on the antioch bridge. and 680, this is right at north main street. we're tracking an accident northbound. southbound direction, commute direction, we are still dealing with the usual crowds for those making their way into walnut creek. we'll have more on this backup coming up in the next traffic
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report but for now, over to you. let's look at our vaca cam. look how pretty that is. temperatures this morning in the 40s and 50s with patchy fog. calm winds, high pressure is weakening. so temperatures livermore 43 degrees. some of these areas are noticing temperatures as well as the dew point which is why the fog is forming. you can see the visibility map working its way around. then livermore visibility down to five this morning. stockton and modesto dealing with dense fog. petaluma down to four-mile
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visibility there but north bay valleys will have plenty of fog. calm in the area with you overall the offshore wind. it's not as strong. gustier yesterday and the day before. clear and sunny conditions, the high pressure is weakening with clouds at the coast from the south. you can see it work its way up towards the north. and yes, i am pacting our coastline, as well. sunrise happening this morning 7:06 a.m. overall as this high pressure ridge weakens it will bring temperatures down ever so slightly today and tomorrow just a couple of degrees. you probably won't notice it. we are still sunny and 70s and then by this weekend it's going to allow for a low to dip down. so i'll show that you in a moment. for now temperatures today in the low to mid-70s. 76 for san jose. 72 in san francisco. we are still well above average so even though we are slightly cooler than yesterday, we are
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still looking 12 to 15 degrees above normal. so your futurecast now for the weekend, so on saturday this low is going to dip down as high pressure moves out. and that's what's going to lead our temperatures to drop slightly. actually into the 60s for saturday and sunday. and then on monday, we'll get an increase in winds, a slight chance of rain for northern california but not for the bay area. it's looking like we are staying sunny and dry for the next several days. clouds on monday and windy. but yes, 60s in your forecast starting the weekend. google could soon be taking a huge step in fighting fake news. several attendees from last month's world economic forum say that google executives floated the idea of a software system that could alert facebook and twitter users when they are seeing or sharing links that are false or untrustworthy. in just over an hour, two bay area tech giants will return to federal court in san francisco. former uber ceo travis kalanick is the star witness in the trial. that's expected to shape the self-driving car industry.
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google claims one of its former engineers stole the company's self-driving secrets before he left and then took them to uber. be russ hancock is the ceo of joint venture silicon valley. he says that uber and google are in a race to see who can lead the industry. >> they aren't just fighting over a small dispute. they are talking about a major industry that's about to change the world. >> uber argue that is it did nothing wrong and that it only used technology that's common knowledge. it will be up to a jury to decide. but if uber loses, it could cost them more than $1 billion. delays in production for tesla's model 3 coincide with record losses for the company in the 4th quarter of last year. the electric carmaker announced it lost $675 million in the last three months of 2017. tesla has struggled to keep up with production targets for the model 3. the ceo still says his company will still be able to
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reach its goal of 5,000 model 3s per week by june. man, it's going to be some sweet music this morning at pebble beach. they are teeing off and can you guess how many game winning shots lebron has had in his career? a chance for another last night. [ music ] who are these people?
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people are gathering now in philadelphia... to celebrate the let the eagles madness begin! taking a live look over philly. what a day for a parade! and that's exactly what they are doing. hundreds of thousands of people gathering right now in philadelphia as we are looking from this aerial shot. they are celebrating the eagles' first-ever super bowl victory. it's cold there.
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26 degrees right now. but that's not stopping these partiers. all city offices and schools are closed. the parade starts at 8 a.m. pacific time but they have been lining up for hours now. people from all over the country to be there and now here's dennis o'donnell with more on this morning's sports. how about great weather the greatest field ever, the at&t pro-am that teed off this morning on the monterey peninsula. who is up for a clambake, huh? spyglass the place to be this morning. rogers, fitzgerald, johnson, gretzky, jordan spieth, phil mickelson, rory mcilroy, alex smith and steve young, they are all teeing off in the two-hour window between 8 a.m. and 10 a.m. that's where you want to be. now, the tournament began as a party with bing crosby and his friends and according to jordan spieth, some of that frivolity lives on. >> i'm looking over and jake's, like, grabbing two beers off some lady over to the side that is at a party and he is just, like, bringing back one to the tee and drinking one while he tees off. this isn't just a normal golf tournament, is it? >> he is talking about the country music star.
6:24 am
the warriors might be struggling. man, the cavs are in a complete fee fall until last night. >> to the frontcourt. >> here's lebron james, it's in! he did it! [ applause and cheers ] >> lebron james wins it for cleveland! >> he did that and more. 37 points, 15 assists, 10 rebounds a triple digits for lebron james. and more importantly a much- needed win for the cleveland cavaliers. golf round one all the highlights tonight and reaction on the 6:00 news. i'm dennis o'donnell. have a great day. thank you. play of the day from college hoops. ohio state taking on purdue. the boilermakers up one with time winding down. [ play-by-play ]
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>> tips it in with 2.8 seconds to go! >> matthias has to get it in. the long pass inbounds, with the catch, toss, the fadeaway, no! ohio state is the leader in the big 10 conference with three weeks to play! >> what a dramatic finish. the final score the buckeyes upset purdue 64-63. now, it is 6:26. this morning, there is new fallout falling the coyote creek flood in san jose. how many victims are filing suit against city and county agencies? >> plus, the push three anti- fascist demonstrators are making now to have charges against them dropped following a riot at the state capital.
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liccardo has a positive outlook, as he prepares for his state of the the county filing the latest lawsuit against pg&e following the deadly wine country wildfires despite an official cause not being determined. plus -- >> i am voicing some of the concerns today largely through the voices and stories of our dreamers. >> representative nancy pelosi makes a record-breaking speech on capitol hill as lawmakers work to avoid another government shutdown. >> and california pushes back against the crackdown on sanctuary cities by the federal government. but first, san jose mayor sam liccardo has a positive outlook as he prepares for his state of the city speech at city college tonight. it is thursday, february 8th. good morning, i'm kenny choi. >> i'm neda iranpour. michelle is off today. kpix 5's anne makovec joining us live from city hall with more. >> reporter: in his state of the city address, tonight, of
6:30 am
course, for those of you watching at home, your vie on the state of the city probably has to do with how much money you're making. silicon valley is booming but families are struggling. the mayor when we spoke with him yesterday said that's what ----that's what he calls the paradox of prosperity. >> there's no doubt prosperity is choking families with housing could see so we are become with -- with higher and higher housing costs. so we're pushing hard on an affordable housing plan that i launched a couple of months ago to build 25,000 units of housing focused overwhelmingly where we have transit so we can keep folks off the roads but get a roof over their heads. >> he is really focused on public transit with a bart extension in the works. traffic is a nightmare. he mentioned high-speed rail. when it comes to the environment, the mayor wants san jose to be a model of sustainability for the country. he is also focused on rebuilding the police department.
6:31 am
it's understaffed since benefits were cut a few years ago. is he they have added 150 officers in the past and 100 new officers in the academy now. [ pause ] >> the rebuilding obviously can't happen fast enough for many of our neighborhoods that would like to see more police patrols, but we're rebuilding very quickly. and we have the leadership in place and chief garcia that has really boosted morale and i think improving outcomes. >> a lot of questions about when the silicon valley bubble will burst around here. the mayor's not making any predictions on that. he sails the key is to prepare in the future for that to happen. so that all of the city services can continue to be sustainable. we'll hear more from him tonight in the stay of the city address. the program starts at 6:30. the mayor is expected to speak for 30 minutes. live at san jose city hall, anne makevoc, kpix 5.
6:32 am
tonight the san francisco mayoral race takes center stage. the firefighters local 798 will host a debate at 6 p.m. tonight. it's held at the archbishop riordan high school. there are four of its top candidates here -- here are the four top candidates: let's take a live look outside-- the morning rush is about to start... with drivers hitting the roads heading to work.. we're monitoring what you can expect ... time now 6:33. let's check the traffic report. definitely morning rush hour as we take a live look at the dublin camera. 580/680 interchange on the right. a lot of cars there. and on the left a nice shot of downtown san jose as we get ready for the thursday morning commute. >> it could be worse. you could be stuck in rain or something. >> we don't have that to worry about yet. >> something to be thankful for. let's check traffic, then. right now, we are looking pretty busy but foggy, as well.
6:33 am
[ crosstalk ] >> let's go to neda. let me correct myself. >> we have the forecast to tell you all about and yes clear conditions for most of the bay area this morning but some patchy fog so that may impact your drive. here are three things to remember. warm weather through friday. sunny and 70s is sticking around for a couple more days and then we cool off this weekend with our highs in the 60s. no rain for another week. here is a view from the vaca camera. low visibility in the valleys. looks like 680 may be a little bit better heading northbound. we just saw the tow trucks pull away from the scene of the crash we have been tracking
6:34 am
northbound. you can see flares on the road. southbound direction is where we're seeing the major slowdowns. that's the traffic on the right side of your screen there. from willow pass to 24, just under a 15-minute ride. so slow going heading out of pleasant hill into walnut creek. and then your ride heading out towards antioch, slow, as well. we usually talk about slowdowns in the westbound direction but we have eastbound opposite commute delays as well due to an earlier accident that someone point had three lanes blocked past bailey road. so do expect some residual delays in pittsburg. back to you. a new survey finds california voters are split on a proposal that would repeal the state's recently implemented gas tax. according to the public policy institute of california, 47% of likely voters support the repeal. 48% oppose it. funds from the tax are used to pay for road and bridge repairs as well as improvements to mass
6:35 am
transit. enrollment in "covered california" is down this year. state officials say 1.52 million people enrolled for 2018 health insurance down about 35,000 or 2% compared to last year. nationwide, 11.8 million got health insurance plans this year on exchanges through the affordable care act. this morning, there's new fallout following the deadly wine country wildfires. napa county is now planning to sue pg&e. the suit is seeking millions of dollars to repair fire damage. a napa county report gave a rough estimate of $6 million in expenses from the fires. sonoma, lake and mendocino counties have also announced they will sue the power company. cal fire still investigating to determine the cause of the fires. it's been a year since last winter's storms devastated san jose's coyote creek. now an attorney representing more than 150 families says the flooding there should have never happened. and later today attorney amanda haas and some clients are
6:36 am
expected to discuss a lawsuit being filed against multiple local county and city agencies. the attorney says the santa clara valley water district, san jose and santa clara county are responsible for poorly managing the anderson rescore. president trump is calling on congress to support the bipartisan budget deal reached in the senate last night. it funds the government for the next six weeks and raises spending on military and domestic programs over the next two years. two groups in the house may be a roadblock. house minority leader nancy pelosi spoke for more than eight hours yesterday, the longest speech on the house floor in well over a century. she and some democrats say that without a commitment from speaker paul ryan to put the daca immigration issue to a vote, they won't support the bill. >> what are you afraid of? give us a vote. let the house work its will. >> congress has until midnight to pass a deal or another
6:37 am
government shutdown will happen. russian hackers did indeed break into voter databases ahead of the 2016 election. now, that's the word from u.s. intelligence officials. yesterday the head of cyber security for the homeland security department confirmed hackers targeted voter registration rolls in 21 states including california. there is still no known evidence that hackers did anything at all. this morning, vice president mike pence says that the u.s. will soon hit north korea with the toughest and most aggressive sanctions yet over its nuclear program. >> we'll continue to seize every opportunity to ensure that north korea doesn't use the powerful imagery and backdrop of the olympics to paper over an appalling record of human rights and a pattern of developing weapons. >> meantime, north korea held a military parade and rally a day
6:38 am
before south korea holds the opening ceremony for the winter olympics. it's unclear if kim jong-un spoke during the event. the state attorney general xavier becerra filed a suit against the u.s. department of justice pressuring the federal government to explain why they impose conditions on law enforcement grants. this follows a request becerra filed last september under the freedom of information act. a man arrested after clark with protestors outside the state capital is facing a felony ashot charge in connection with a riot. his case comes after a superior court judge will decide whether to drop assault and rioting charges against three antifascist demonstrators. among them, yvonne felarca the berkeley teacher. in just a few hours, a man accused of killing a chp
6:39 am
officer is expected in court for a bail hearing. 22-year-old muhammed ali is facing secondary murder charges. he was driving drunk and high when he was involved in a crash that killed officer andrew camilleri on christmas eve on the shoulder of 880 in hayward. a second officer was injured in the crash and will be okay. ali is held without bail. time now 6:40. the search for survivors under way right now in taiwan following that deadly earthquake. >> drowsy driving is as bad as driving drunk. that's according to a new report out by aaa. we have the rest of the data next. >> amazon is adding delivery service for whole foods groceries. we'll check the list of cities that applies to. >> the market just opened up. the dow is down about 100. coming up, we'll get an update from kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks. it's time for the 'ultimate sleep number event'
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at home.ld generate your own energy, or to save energy, unplug unused appliances. do your thing, with energy upgrade california.
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taiwan. workers have now installed steel beams in hopes of stabilizing a tilted building after an earthquake hit taiwan. meanwhile, rescuers keep search for survivors more than a day after the deadly quake. the 6.4 quake hit the east coast of taiwan. the death toll is nine with more than 260 people injured and 62 unaccounted for. time now for a look at what's coming up later on "cbs this morning." norah o'donnell has more from new york. >> reporter: good morning. ahead, big developments on the korean peninsula overnight. what north korea's military parade just before the olympics says about its approach to a diplomatic resolution over nuclear tensions. plus, we sit down with some of the parents of larry nassar's victims, how they found out about the sexual
6:44 am
assaults and who they think still needs to be held accountable. >> and we look into a story that you have been covering, the effort to serve your morning cup of coffee with a cancer warning in california. well, the lack of science behind the claims and what our doctor thinks about them and how starbucks is fighting back. all that plus the eye-opener, your world in 90 seconds. we'll see you at 7:00. >> thank you. got to listen to that coffee study. the nationwide flu outbreak is continuing, 127 people have died in california. medical professionals are still urging people to get a flu shot. amazon is launching free two-hour delivery from whole foods today in four cities. the service is available to amazon prime customers in austin, texas, cincinnati, ohio, dallas and virginia beach. shoppers will be able to order produce, meat, seafood and
6:45 am
other items but not everything that's in the stores. amazon bought the grocery chain last year for almost $14 billion. we are expecting another volatile day on wall street as the markets look to recover from this week's losses. >> what a roller coaster! joining us now with what to expect kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks. >> reporter: it's been a wild ride and it's not over. we saw a promising rally torpedoed late yesterday due to a sell-off in tech stocks and we have seen more flip-flopping this morning. futures are heading higher and as soon as the marked opened, the numbers headed lower -- as soon as the market opened up, the numbers headed lower. the bottom may not be reached yet. a couple of bay area companies are posting their results. twitter had posted quarterly losses. it had an ad revenue gain and
6:46 am
its user base was up 12% with a good report. twitter stock is soaring up by more than 20% on that news to its highest level in three years. tesla topped expectations although it posted a big quarterly loss at $675 million due to the model 3 production backlog. but they are picking up the pieces and expect production to get back on track to 2500 per week by the end of the quarter. tesla stock is a little lower. let's go to the big board and see how we're doing so far this morning as the market is going all over the place once again. now the dow is down by over 150. nasdaq down by 22. s&p down by 10. and selling picking up speed and tesla now lower by over 3%. neda and kenny, back to you. >> oh, boy. still in the red but i have a feeling it will do a lot of this. >> oh, yeah. >> thank you. new this morning, getting behind the wheel when you are tired can be just as bad as drunk driving. that's according to a new study
6:47 am
by aaa. jackie ward reports from the bay bridge toll plaza. >> reporter: that report tells us that impaired driving or drowsy driving, i should say, is a much bigger problem than we originally thought. i'm sure a lot of these drivers behind me at the bay bridge toll plaza can attest to that. so obviously a lack of sleep is the biggest reason we get tired. so in the past, there have been studies done by the federal government that say that drowsiness is only a contributing factor in about one to two percent of crashes four hours of sleep a night is similar to driving drunk. but now aaa analyzed dashcam video and researchers say 10% of crashes are from drowsy driving. >> one in ten. >> one in ten. >> that's a lotof crashes. >> definitely. so i think that underscores the significance of this safety concern on the roads.
6:48 am
>> owe said only 35% of people get enough sleep a night but clearly i need more sleep or more coffee or something. aaa says 35% of drivers in the u.s. are not getting 7 hours of sleep a night and that's a contributing factor to car crashes that may be caused by drowsiness so besides sleep next to impossible for a lot of us, aa says drink caffeine, put the window down when you say to get that fresh air in your face, aaa says turn up the music, open the window, or pull over and take a nap. they say that can be beneficial. at the bay bridge toll plaza, jackie ward, kpix 5. >> no one wants to drive drowsy but it's a reality. a lot of people have two jobs, kids, can't get to sleep on time, a morning show. we're all guilty of this. >> bump up the music. ♪[ music ] right now, we are tracking some slowdowns and no word if
6:49 am
these are due drowsy drivers, hopefully not. we have hot spots to tell you about. we are going back over to the east bay. now, we have had a number of problems here. we are tracking a new accident westbound 4 at harbor street. it has one lane blocked. so traffic backing up towards lone tree and we continue to see those slowdowns as you make your way on over towards 680, 30 minutes from 160 to 680. a new accident southbound 680 as you approach north main street. now, we had an earlier crash in the northbound direction. now we have some over in the center divide southbound. expect delays out of pleasant hill into walnut creek. that's a check of your traffic. let's check with neda on the forecast. thank you. so it is a little bit hazy out there. gray skies in some spots. we are noticing some fog right along the coastline and in the valley locations. but yeah, we saw that haze
6:50 am
yesterday afternoon as well so let's get right into your visibility map. it's not bad across mountain view, san jose, half moon bay definitely cleared up. it was definitely pretty low earlier today. but we're seeing some of the haze along the coast and throughout the bay. oakland airport visibility down to six. petaluma dropped to 3. stockton, modesto, sacramento have dense fog forming in the valleys and look at the beautiful view. a great start to the day as we wait for sunrise. san francisco now 54. 43 livermore. 49 concord. 49 oakland. santa rosa 43. because it's been so warm and sunny, linda sent this picture in of a flower blooming in san rafael. it's that time of year already. it shouldn't be. it definitely feels spring- like. that's why we're seeing this. thank you, chris in vallejo sending this photo in of
6:51 am
blooms. this is rainy season. it's supposed to be wintertime. and cool conditions. bubbles the "spare the air" dog sent that photo in. and ariel sent this picture in the park. join us on our weather watcher group on facebook and send us your pictures. temperatures cooling this weekend. we'll start to notice our temperatures dropping from the 70s to the 60s. our highs today in santa rosa 76. san jose most likely also expected to hit 76 degrees. and the higher elevations of course we want that sierra snowfall. those ski resorts need it but it's going to be sunny and beautiful up at squaw valley today. temperatures will be in the upper 50s. they are still cold at night so that snow hasn't disappeared. and here's what we're watching. as the high pressure weakens, this low is going as to start to drop and that's that's what going to cause our temperatures to drop by saturday, sunday. we'll have an increase in wind.
6:52 am
then sunday into monday, rain chance possible right by the northern california-oregon border, not to the bay area and not quite bringing sierra snowfall. the precipitation is going around us, not to our area. no chance of rain in the forecast. that's why our seven-day forecast looks like this. sunny skies this weekend, mostly sunny and then monday partly cloudy conditions with our temperatures dropping. >> thank you. time now 6:53. the protests planned today against plans to change restrictions on offshore drilling. and how state lawmakers are now pushing back. >> reporter: silicon valley is booming but a lot of families are feeling left behind. we have a preview of the san jose mayor's state of the city address next.
6:53 am
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6:56 am
i'm anne makovec live in san jose, where the mayor is set to deliver his state of the city address tonight. >> the biggest challenge we face is how we can have a place in san jose for everyone at a time of such great prosperity that's choking thousands of families with higher housing costs. we have to do more to make housing affordable in our city. >> reporter: the plan builds 25,000 new units in the next five years to be built near public transit. with the bart extension in the works, the mayor trying to get people out of their cars. he mentioned high speed raim yesterday. when it comes to the environment, he wants san jose to be a global model of sustainability. the mayor also focused on rebuilding the police department. it is severely understaffed since benefits were cut a few years ago. they have added 150 officers in the past year and a half and
6:57 am
100 officers are in the academy now. the mayor didn't want to venture to guess when the tech bubble may burst. we are going to hear about all those subjects tonight when he delivers that address at city college starting at 6:30. live at city hall, anne makovec, kpix 5. time now 6:58. it is time for your "final 5." president trump is calling on congress to support the bipartisan budget deal reached in the u.s. senate last night. the massive agreement funds the government for the next six weeks and raises spending on military and domestic programs over the next two years. congress has until midnight to pass it or risk another shutdown. today protestors are planned in sacramento ahead of the only public hearing scheduled to discuss relaxed restrictions on offshore drilling. state lawmakers just approved a bill opposing the trump administration's plan to open up the california coastline to offshore oil leases. canada's prime minister justin trudeau will be at the "salesforce tower" in san francisco late this morning. he will attend a roundtable
6:58 am
discussion on diversity and equality with marc benioff and other tech leaders. it's been one year since last winter's storm devastated san jose's coyote creek. now an attorney representing more than 150 families says the flooding there should never have happened. and bart's crackdown on fare cheats is being delayed by at least a week. the transit agency says it expects to be on track sometime next week. and you're definitely going to want to avoid ashby and california. we have an ac transit bus into a house. we have reported injuries, three cars reported to be involved. you can see that there's quite a bit of emergency crews on the scene. and blocking lanes along that stretch. this is in berkeley. thank you for watching kpix 5 news this morning. "cbs this morning" is next. ♪[ music ]
6:59 am
good morning to our viewers in the west. it's thursday, february 8th, 2018. welcome to cbs this morning. the president's gatekeeper to the oval office is resigning over allegations he abused two ex-wives. new questions this morning about how the white house handled the accusations against rob porter and how his departure could impact the president and chief of staff john kelly. north korea parades its arsenal of intercontinental ballistic missiles down streets of pyongyang on the eve of the winter olympics. just 120 miles away, vice president pence is urging south korea to take a tougher stand against the nuclear threat


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