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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  February 22, 2018 6:00am-7:00am PST

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failings of people brought out in such a public way. >> a state senator facing accusations of sexual misconduct is now just hours away from learning his fate. the actions his peers could choose to take against him. >> and the discrimination lawsuit google is facing from a former employee. good morning, everyone. it's thursday, february 22nd. i'm michelle griego. >> and i'm anne makovec in for kenny choi. and neda has been very excited this morning. anytime we see snow it's a big deal. >> we are seeing that. it's been happening for the past hour and a half or so. so let's take you to our hi-def doppler and show you where. east of san jose, so look to the hills in milpitas and san jose, we have been seeing this on hi-def doppler since at least 4:30. a dusting on mount hamilton. it could be sticking so that
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could bring us quite an interesting view this morning. also along 152 turning into slush over the last 30 minutes as the rain-snow came down and it's cold enough that along some of the foothills, as low as 1500 feet we are seeing a bit of the turn from the rain to slush and higher up looking at snowfall. you can see plenty of it down south near monterey. santa lucia mountains could get some snow, as well. we are not talking about measurable precipitation. they are getting measurable snow in tahoe. it's moving towards 80 and seeing some snow along those higher elevations east of eureka. we are tracking an head-on crash in palo alto. -- we are tracking a head-on crash in palo alto blocking oregon expressway eastbound. emergency crews are on the scene. this is just off of 101 so it's west bayshore road. one westbound and both eastbound lanes are closed.
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it's involving a delivery truck and another vehicle just before 5:00 this morning around it looks like emergency crews are on scene. they are trying to clear it. so give yourself some extra time. avoid this area if you can. and we'll let you know when those lanes re-open. also, just a heads up for drivers along 101, the oregon expressway off-ramp is currently shut down due to the accident. chp with traffic control in the area. two people were killed this morning in a car accident outside a home in contra costa county in the community of bay point on wharf drive. that's where we find kpix 5's jessica flores. >> reporter: good morning. we're on chicago port highway and wharf drive and this home right here is on the corner. that crash came dangerously close to barreling into this home. two people died in the car crash. those were two people inside
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the vehicles. now, a camaro and pickup truck, those are the cars that crashed at the intersection and swerved into the property but it didn't hit the home. it crashed into a tree and you can see in the video the vehicles hit with enough force that both are smashed and totaled. two people inside the vehicles died. it's unclear how many people were in the car when it happened. the man in the home heard the boom of the cars crashing and said they came dangerously close to going through his wall. >> so all these things are going through your head, you know, man, someone just crashed into my house but now you see all these people hurt and in pain, you just -- you just feel so bad for 'em, you do whatever you can do to help them. >> reporter: this is the scene now. those cars have been removed. you can branches, tree stump, glass, debris. that tree stump is what those cars crashed into when they made their way into the property here. now, again, no one in the home
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has been injured. so you're looking at the -- no one in the home has been hurt but again those two people in the cars died in the crash. he cause is under investigation. we are not told the exact extent of injuries or if there were anybody else in the cars. two people died here in bay point. i'm jessica flores, kpix 5. new video shows flames tearing through an abandoned strip mall in hayward overnight. it happened just after 9:30 last night. fire department says there were homeless people inside when the fire broke out. no one was hurt. crews are still on the scene making sure hot spots don't flare up again. exactly one week after the deadly high school shooting in florida, students who survived the attack spent the day demanding action on gun control. at a town hall meeting overnight, it got uncomfortable for one prominent senator. >> never again!
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>> from tallahassee to washington, dc, students who survived last week's high school shooting spent the day putting heat on politicians to take action on gun control. >> senator rubio, can you tell me right now that you will not accept a single donation from the nra? >> reporter: florida senator rubio would not commit to turning down nra money at cnn's town hall meeting last night where students and parents from marjory stoneman douglas high school questioned lawmakers. rubio did say he would support legislation raising the age limit for buying a rifle. he also agreed to rethink his stance on large capacity magazines. >> that is something that i believe we can reach a compromise in this country and that i'm willing to reconsider. >> reporter: earlier in the day in washington, president trump met with students and parents from marjory stoneman douglas high school, sandy hook and columbia. >> how is it that easy to buy this type of weapon? how are we not -- after columbia, after sandy hook?
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sitting with a mother that lost her son. it's still happening. >> reporter: the president spoke of strengthening background checks and possibly arming teachers. >> if you had a teacher who was adept at firearms, they could very well end the attack very quickly. >> this morning president trump disputed the suggestion that he wanted to arm all teachers saying he wants to arm, quote, adepth teachers with military or special training experience. he also said, highly trained teachers would also serve as deterrents to the cowards who do this far more assets at much less cost than guards. a gun-free school is a magnet for bad people. attacks would end. a spokesman for the nra spoke of the flaws in the system that allow methodly ill people to buy guns and pointed a finger at law enforcement for not doing more to act on red flags raised by the shooter leading to the attack. president trump's approval
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rating is down three points. the latest quinnipiac university poll found 37% of american voters approve of president trump's job performance, 58% disapprove. the lower ratings come after rob porter's resignation. he was accused by two women of domestic abuse. nearly 60% of voters said they disapprove of how president trump handled the porter case. it is going to be a very interesting day at the state capital. suspended senator tony mendoza could learn his fate today based on the findings of the sexual misconduct case against him. an independent investigation found, quote, more likely than not the l.a. county democrat engaged in flirtatious or sexually suggestive behavior with at least six women over the past decade. his colleagues could censure, expel or reinstate him. regardless of the discipline, mendoza says his case will set a precedent here in the
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legislature. >> it's important for our democracy to uphold high standards. >> he says he is not allowed to attend today's senate hearing. google getting hit with another lawsuit. this time a former engineer alleging the tech giant fired him for defending diversity. kpix 5's jackie ward live in the newsroom to break down the claims. >> reporter: tim chevalier who gizmodo identifies as transgender, queer and disabled, says he is suing google, he claims he was fired because he spoke in favor of minorities and their rights. this is part of continued fallout following the release of a memo that a now former employee wrote. in august, james damore said that women were biologically less inclined to be successful engineers. tech website gizmodo reports that sheriff here says he was fired in november after writing several internal posts which called out racism and sexism and in one of those posts he compared the reasoning behind damore's memo to that of a domestic abuser trying to justify his actions. google said: a statement .. saying in part: "an important part of our culture is lively debate. but
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like any workplace, that doesn't mean anything goes. all employees acknowledge our code of conduct and other workplace policies, under which promoting harmful stereotypes based on race or gender is prohibited." ier also claims he was target ident transgende >> reporter: chevelier also claims he was fired because of two memes he created that spoke out against racism and white privilege. he is seeking unspecified damages. damages. he says nothing was done after reporting it to his hr department after saying he was discriminated because he is transgender. jackie ward, kpix 5. time now 6:09. the millennium tower condo that's now up for sale despite numerous lawsuits and unresolved foundation problems. >> plus, when san francisco's iconic cable car system could go cashless. >> and we are tracking slowdowns for drivers heading along the eastshore freeway. live look 80 at gilman. how long will it take to get over to the bay bridge toll plaza? we'll take a closer look at those travel times coming up. >> and we are going to show you
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our hi-def doppler where we are seeing scattered showers and snow. we have sierra snowfall coming down, as well. it's all coming up in weather.
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city officials there are still debating how legal marijuana should be regulated. at this 6:13. pot problems continue to burn in american canyon. city officials are still debating how legal marijuana should be regulated. at this week's city council meeting, members agreed to work toward crafting an ordinance that includes rules about home delivery before november. it will also include rules governing manufacturing, testing and indoor commercial growth. members say more information is needed before decisions can be made on the issues of backyard cultivation and retail sales. how much would you pay to
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live in a sinking tower? despite the problems associated with san francisco's millennium tower, another condo is on the market for several million dollars according to the business journal. that union is selling for $5.6 million. the 58-story tower has sunk 17 inches since the foundation was poured back in 2006. that is causing the building to tilt more than a foot to the northwest. at least 20 lawsuits by people who currently own places there have been filed so far. the sfmta could have a cashless fare system for cable cars by 2019. the agency took up the matter at its board meeting on tuesday. the revenue manager said by spring 2018, the agency will require prepaid fares for boarding at cable car turnarounds during hours when ticket kiosks are open. and by fall 2019, the agency will require prepaid fares for all cable car boarding. >> when was the last time you rode the cable cars? >> it's been years. >> but it's fun. >> something that we take for granted just because we have it around here all the time.
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>> and the line is always so long. >> so long. >> but here's the trick. you have to board at different areas. don't board at -- if any tourists are watching, don't board at the powell street turnaround. that's the worst. >> take the one by buena vista. >> but midpoint you're almost golden unless it's already full. >> look at that. all right. speaking of traffic wisdom. >> yes. we are tracking problems and slowing things down this morning for drivers. we have a live look at this accident this is a head-on crash in palo alto and currently has one westbound lane of oregon expressway shut down in both eastbound lanes closed and emergency crews are on the scene again right near west bayshore road so just off highway 101. and chp providing some traffic control. they have the 101 -- the oregon expressway off-ramp from northbound 101 currently shut down so we don't see any more cars trying to get through that stretch and they can work on clearing that scene but do keep that in mind if you typically
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travel this way. you are going to be in for a slow ride even if you are heading westbound due to the one lane closed. so give yourself some extra time. use an alternate. you can always use the embarcadero road there that runs parallel. over along 101, this is right near san tomas expressway we have an accident that's no longer blocking lanes but certainly keeping the ride slow for drivers heading out of san jose. and we are in the yellow now for the san mateo bridge in that westbound direction heading over to san mateo and 880 just trying to get into hayward is going to be a challenge for many drivers in the yellow 18 minutes. hat's a check of your traffic; over to you. 6:16. we want to check in on these live pictures you're watching of the spacex falcon 9 rocket. it is about to launch, i think in about 15 seconds from now. so check it out. this is a live look. mes after the launch of the falcon heavy rocket two weeks ago. the main
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goal for launching the paz radar imaging satellite is to capture images of the earth's surface. >> 3, 2. 1, liftoff! >> and we have liftoff. how cool is that? >> the main goal for launching the paz radar imaging satellite is to capture images of the earth's surface. the falcon 9 rocket is carrying prototypes of satellites for spacex's plan to deliver global broadband internet service. hey, we just saw it live. very cool. neda? glad the weather is cooperating so they can do the launch at vandenberg.
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that's impressive. we have some impressive sights across our hi-def doppler. that would be snowfall that's coming down. this came down since about 4:30 this morning. we started seeing snow flurries popping up near mount hamilton and right now it looks like those flurries are gone. so it was a very fast-moving system that we have been seeing scattered showers throughout the morning hours. it crossed the south bay so don't be surprised if the roads are wet. this is the past one hour loop so you can see how it came from the north to the south. monterey now getting a little light drizzle. there's a lot going on across eureka, garberville area could see a little bit of snow and rain. and you can see those snow levels are fairly low across the mountain ranges and that could be on its way toward us and if it is, that's when we're expecting to see some scattered thunderstorms and ev later on this afternoon. we are also feeling the breeze this morning. west-northwest winds up to 20 miles per hour right now. these are sustained winds for san francisco, oakland, 22, hayward at 13. so this west wind direction is also contributing to the cool factor. it feels chilly out there. gusts could be up to 40 miles
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per hour for some of those higher elevations. here's a great looking live view of san jose. you can see the clouds out there. still going to continue to see those storm clouds across our area today but you may also see the sunshine, as well. windchill factor this is how cold it feels in fremont. 33 degrees. livermore feels 30. mount diablo down into the teens. mount tam 21 degrees. because the winds blowing so it definitely contributes to the uncomfortable chilly conditions but our actual temperatures are in the 40s for most us. 47 in san francisco. san jose 41. santa rosa 36 degrees. so here's your futurecast. to show you when we're going to see some continued chance of showers. you may get some throughout the north bay hills as far as thunderstorms. that's likely this afternoon. north bay hills and the east bay hills could see a hail coming through. so don't rule out the chance of thunder and lightning today. we have unstable air out there. that's why we're also going to see some snowfall as well across the sierra. temperatures look like this. low to mid-50s. very similar to yesterday's conditions but again, with that
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wet weather and the winds, it's going to feel a lot colder than what these temperatures are showing. so let me hop over to the sierra and show you what's going on there. we do have snowfall -- first let me show you the sunrise, excuse me. and here's that snowfall. so right now it is coming down across donner summit at 80 and baxter and blue canyon so not quite grass valley yet but grass valley sunday that winter weather advisory because of low snow levels. now, things are going to dry up for your friday, saturday and sunday and, in fact, we'll warm up a little bit by then and then on monday we could get another chance of showers. michelle. all right, neda, thank you. snapchat is now promising an update after users started a petition which sought a reversal of the messaging app's latest redesign. they are not agreeing to the demand. but they say it will make some changes to the friends and discovery section in the app in the coming weeks. facebook is getting unfriended by millennials. according to a survey, facebook
6:21 am
will lose 2 million users age 24 and under this year. but all isn't lost. facebook's photo sharing site instagram is expected to benefit from the defections. steve kerr weighs in on the school shooting in florida. but this time, he takes a different tone. and matt williams is back in the bay. this time, with the a's. we're up next. ♪
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following the deadly wine the warriors are back on the floor today against the clippers after a week-long break for the all star game. now, last we heard from head coach steve kerr, he was blasting politicians following the high school shooting tragedy in florida. yesterday, the warriors head coach expressed pride for the students that marched in tallahassee to demand new gun laws.
6:25 am
>> you know, historically, it's a young generation that has to initiate change, you know, you think about the vietnam warm, all the old white guys who kept sending troops over to fight this ridiculous war and all the young people who protested who had to make change. they made change. so it's the young people in the country now who are going to create the change that we need. giants hall of famer orlando cepeda is hospitalized in critical condition after undergoing a cardiac incident monday in fairfield. word of his health made it to spring training in arizona. >> you know, comes here for hall of fame get-together, in the clubhouse, um, he has fun with the players. yeah, our prayers are with him. >> heavy heart. anyone who knows orlando now is pulling for him, thinking about him today. and we're wishing him the best. >> he and matt williams combined to hit nearly 500 home runs during their time in a
6:26 am
giants uniform. cepeda had a brief career across the bay with the a's and now matt williams is beginning his stint with the oakland a's as their new third base coach. he chatted with vern glenn yesterday. >> have you run across the kid that comes up to you and says, wait a minute, you played? who are you? >> all the time. >> really? >> oh, yeah. these kids these days, it all happened before they were even born. a lot of them on the team. >> you know, it's interesting, matt williams and bob melvin both began their major league careers with the giants and now coach and manager of the oakland a's. and congratulations to the usa women winning gold over canada. i'm dennis o'donnell. see you tonight. this morning, new fallout following the deadly wine country wildfires. the sonoma county emergency official that's being
6:27 am
reassigned amid public criticism over the october fire alert. >> plus, amid a sanctuary city showdown, sacramento gives its position as a safe place for illegal immigrants.
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how is it that easy to buy this type of weapon? how are we not stopping this after columbine, after sandy hook? >> families of shooting victims make emotional pleas for action on gun control during a listening session with president trump. the push he says he will now make. >> the man was seeking to comply and his hands were coming up and he gets shot. >> the family of a man shot and killed by a bart police officer is demanding answers as the department releases body camera
6:31 am
footage of the shooting. >> and more fallout from the deadly wine country wildfires. the action being taken amid public criticism over an alert sent out during the critical first hours. >> but first, a tragic scene in contra costa county after a car crashed outside of a home. it is thursday, february 22nd. i'm anne makovec in for kenny. >> and i'm michelle griego. it happened early this morning on wharf drive in bay point. jessica flores is there live with the latest. >> reporter: it happened around 1 a.m. this is near port chicago and wharf drive. this intersection that those two vehicles crashed right here. and then it came swerving dangerously close to this home behind me. that cars are gone and the debris is left. two people inside those vehicles died. those people in the vehicle. no one in the home hit. that home was not hit in this crash. as you can see in the video, those vehicles hit with enough
6:32 am
force that both are smashed in and totaled. two people inside those vehicles died. it's unclear how many people were in the cars when it happened. the man who lives in the home spoke to us. he said he heard that loud boom of those car crashing and says the card came dangerously close to going through his wall. >> it was one of the loudest -- shook the whole house. and i -- i thought it was almost a dream until i heard a man screaming. no one is hurt inside the home. take a live look at what you're looking at. you're seeing tree branches everywhere and you're also going to see a stump. that tree was taken out by the crash that came swerving near this home. chp is still investigating the cause of the crash at this hour. it's unclear how exactly it happened but again, those two vehicles camashing into each other at this intersection port
6:33 am
chicago and wharf drive swerving dangerously close to the home. two people dead this morning. jessica flores, kpix 5 . time is 6:33. good morning, silicon valley. our live shot there on the left- hand side of your screen. a great shot of the right side of the golden gate bridge where things are moving smoothly but it's chill will you enough. >> eases of san jose we saw snow -- east of san jose we saw -- east of san jose we saw snow showers. in the sierra you can see the storm clouds in the sierra-at- tahoe camera and yes, visibility will be impacted this morning. that area under a winter weather advisory until 10:00 tonight for lake tahoe, but as low as 2,000 feet in elevation from the sierra foothills impacted by the storm coming
6:34 am
through. a little action to the north of us to eureka. if your route takes you near 80, if you want to get some of the fresh powder, bring your chains. it's as low as baxter and blue canyon. that's 4,000 to 5,000 elevation. the mother lode placerville area, the foothills could see no from the system because it's cold enough as we were talking about. this is coming down about 4:30 with snow in the region and very light scattered showers. >> we have been tracking a head- on crash that has been causing delays for drivers through palo alto. this is just off 101. so you can see that traffic very slow one westbound lane closed both eastbound lanes of oregon expressway currently shut down.
6:35 am
emergency crews are working their investigation on this crash. to get around it, use embarcadero as an alternate and cut over on grier also on 101 your starting to see some slowdowns through that stretch right near oregon expressway. that's the oregon expressway off-ramp has been closed. chp surviving traffic control. hat's a check of your traffic; ove r to you. today bart's board of supervisors is set to discuss a fatal shooting by one of the transit agency's police officers. that video is disturbing. >> let me see your hands now. both of you! both of you! let me see your hands! >> family members and suters oshaleem tindle killed in this confrontation are expected to attend this morning's bart board of directors meeting in oakland. it happened near the west oakland bart station january 3rd. tindle was in a scuffle with another man and was shot after refusing to drop his gun. >> i believe that the individual that's trying to
6:36 am
fight for his life has already been shot by mr. tindle. >> tindle's family claims he was not given enough time to react. today president trump meets with state and local officials to continue a discussion on school safety. yesterday, the president held an emotional listening session attended by school shooting survivors including those affected by the tragedy at marjory stoneman douglas high school in florida. mr. trump floated the idea of arming teachers and staff as a way to keep students safe. >> this would obviously be only for people who are very adept at handling a gun. it's called concealed carry where a teach we're have a concealed gun on them. >> this morning, president trump took to twitter to dispute the suggestion that he wanted to arm all teachers. in another tweet he said, i will be strongly pushing comprehensive background collection with an emphasis on mental health, raise age to 21 and end sale of bump stocks. congress is in a mood to
6:37 am
finally do something on this issue, i hope. california congressman adam schiff says he hopes to release a democratic memo refuting a gop memo this week accusing the fbi and department of justice of surveillance abuses. republicans and president trump released the original memo three weeks ago. lawmakers voted a week later to release a democratic memo. the president blocked it. the document needed sensitive information redacted first. pushing back against sexual harassment claims, democratic assemblywoman cristina garcia's campaign is now alleging the claims that garcia harassed legislative staffers is part of a smear campaign to discredit her. her camp says they have evidence of a concerted effort to find damaging information about garcia's personal life. garcia has taken an unpaid leave of absence while the allegations are investigated. as president trump's
6:38 am
administration cracks down on sanctuary cities, sacramento city leaders held a public forum to give an update on their position as a safe place for immigrants. >> we'll do everything in our power to stand with hard working people with "dreamers" with people just want their part of -- of happiness and success in our sacramento, their sacramento, it's all our sacramento. >> last year the sacramento city council voted to set aside $300,000 for legal and educational help for immigrants facing deportation. immigrants with violent criminal records are not eligible for that help. in less than two hours, immigrant rights advocates are set to rally behind a lodi mother who has been in i.c.e. custody for 11 months. she was detained by officials at a local ihop. her three children, u.s. citizens, are hoping for a
6:39 am
positive outcome today that will reunite them with their mother. a big change has been made in sonoma county after a state review claims that the county was unprepared for their emergency response to the deadly wine country wildfires. according to the "pressdemocrat, an emergency official has been reassigned to a new position as a result of those claims. officials says that a year before the wildfires, christopher helgren ruled out use of wireless alerts to cell phones to warn people of an emergency. at least 42 people died and thousands of buildings were destroyed in those fires. time now 6:39. amid new drought concerns, the california water agency is getting scolded. the new calls for it to start spending billions on new reservoirs. >> plus, the fcc takes the final steps to eliminate net neutrality. the lawsuits now that are expected to be filed. >> the market just opened up about 10 minutes ago. let's get a quick look at the big board here. the dow is up 200 points. coming up, we'll get an update from kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks.
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regulations. this morning, the f-c-c published a final notice... announcing removal of the the federal communications commission has taken another step to end net neutrality regulations. this morning, the fcc published a final notice announcing removal of the regulations from the federal register. in december, the fcc voted to end the rules that required all internet traffic to be treated equally. net neutrality protections are set to end in 60 days. there could be more trouble for google this morning. a former engineer says he was fired for something he described as a cruel irony. kpix 5's jackie ward live in the newsroom with details on the new lawsuit. reporter: tim chevalier was an engineer at google and he says he is fired for defending women and minorities. this lawsuit stems to a memo written in august in which now former employee james damore said women were biologically less inclined to be successful
6:44 am
engineers. well, this morning, tech website gizmodo reports that chevalier took a stand against that memo and called out damore's words. chevalier says it's his liberal views that got him fired in november. google responded to gizmodo's report with a statement saying in part: >> reporter: chevalier also claims he was identified for identifying as transgender and even after reporting it to the human resources department nothing was done. he is speaking unspecified damages. in the newsroom, jackie ward, kpix 5. time now for a look at what's coming up later on "cbs this morning." gayle king joins us now from new york.
6:45 am
good morning, gayle. >> reporter: hey, michelle. always good to see you. ahead, a nationwide show of force as students rally for stricter gun laws. we're at the white house with changes proposed both by the president, the student and family members impacted by gun violence. plus, dr. david a gust is here in studio 57 with how artificial intelligence can help diagnose and treat patients with breast cancer, pneumonia and heart disease. and a moisturizer, this guy knows who to apply his makeup. cosmetics, we find out why men in south korea are spending more on beauty products than any other country on the planet. wow. all that plus the eye-opener, your world in 90 seconds. we'll see you at 7:00. so, michelle, when kenny comes back, you have to ask him what's his beauty routine. >> i know. i always ask him. did you steal my makeup? i have to tell you quickly, gayle, all the ladies are in red here today including anne and i love to see you in red, too. it's awesome. >> you know what's funny, michelle this dress is actually a pumpkin color and i know it's
6:46 am
reading red, but it's driving me nuts. but it's actually a pumpkin spice. >> okay. well, it looks great. >> i know it's reading red. >> it is. >> part of the sisterhood, i'll take it. >> bye, see you at 7:00. >> she is so much fun. well struggling toy retailers shutting down more stores and the surge in popularity for the streaming service pandora. joining us with the details is kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks. >> reporter: good morning. tough times for toys 'r us. the toy company is going to close another 200 stores this after it closed 180 stores affecting about 4500 employees. now, with the new closures, this would drop toys 'r us total store count in the u.s. to below half of what it had before entering into bankruptcy. the journal says that toys 'r us is pulling back on an original plan to give severance
6:47 am
to employees laid off in these closures. pandora turned in mixed earnings results but investors initially were really excited when the oakland-based internet radio firm reported a 25% increase in paid subscribers to about 5.5 million from a year earlier. stocks were shooting higher overnight. but now that the market opened, it turned around shares are down 10%. overall the market is rallying after two rough sessions. the dow is up 160 points. nasdaq up 41. the s&p is up by 15 points. michelle and anne, back to you. >> thank you, jason brooks from kcbs radio. boy, some trouble in the north bay. a car crash and a possible fire. >> yeah. we are getting reports of a structure fire lots of smoke said to be seen from the freeway. here a live look at 101 at ignacio. the southbound traffic on the right side of your screen is
6:48 am
slow. the fire is reported near rowland boulevard so heads up there. it's about 12 minutes down to 580. trying to get the cross the richmond/san rafael bridge, here's a live look at the toll plaza there. it's about 16 minutes from marina bay parkway on over to sir francis drake boulevard. in the red. eastshore freeway is a challenge for many drivers heading westbound 80. we are about 30 minutes from highway 4 over towards the maze. and then at the bay bridge toll plaza, slow. those metering lights are on. it's about 28 minutes heading across the span. 880, we have new reports of an accident in the southbound direction right near "a" street. this is a little north of there and you can see that southbound direction getting very slow. it's about a 25-minute ride on down towards highway 84. hat's a check of your traffic; over to you. i want to get right to hi- def doppler to show you where we're seeing some snow flurries since 4:30 a.m. there is still a sign of snow flurries right there east of
6:49 am
san jose. so this includes mission peak, mount hamilton, the hillsides right there milpitas and fremont. we were seeing this happen a little stronger at 4:30 this morning. it's very minimal. you can see the direction of the precipitation that's coming from the north to the south. so the south bay still scattered showers throughout the day today. places like monterey, the mountains could see a dusting of powder. so if you see it, please take a picture and send it to us. you can see snow north of the bay area in places like eureka, redding, those high elevations. and here's that fresh snow, sierra-at-tahoe. look at that. it's coming down there, as well. those are storm clouds. we'll see more continued snowfall for the sierra for quite a while. so that is where the winter weather advisories are in effect. showers and snow likely in our
6:50 am
area. tahoe could see three to six inches of snow. this afternoon expect thunderstorms and hail. we are going to see a little bit of instability out there. here's a view from san francisco. clouds in the distance, clear skies over the bay. oakland 46 degrees. wind speeds are contributing to the cool factor. winds in oakland now 22 minutes. these are sustained winds. and they are coming from the west-northwest so that's adding to the colder air that's in place right now. and the winds are definitely causing our wind chill. so i want to show you our wind chill in fremont feels like33, livermore feels like 30. gusty winds in the hilltops throughout the day all associated with this storm. we are going to expect to see continued chances of scattered showers through noon to 2 p.m. right as our high temperatures do arrive. that's when we can get more of that instability so don't rule out the chance of hail possible with thunder and lightning also
6:51 am
possible later on this afternoon, as well. but then by tonight, tomorrow, things should be dry, clear skies, temperatures for today look like this. low 50s for san francisco and san rafael. santa rosa in the mid-50s. also the south bay and the east bay temperatures. the afternoon will be in the mid-50s today. so now i want to show you where the snow is falling on interstate 80 through truckee. they are getting some flurries. look how low it is as well as blue canyon, immigrant gap, that's about 5,000 feet in elevation but they are expecting to see low snow levels down to 2,000 feet. not quite reaching 89 or south lake tahoe just yet but that whole area is under this winter weather advisory. so again, snow levels could drop low. they could even see flurries down to 1,000 feet. so snowy roads expected. here's your tahoe report. heavenly up to 3 inches. sugar bowl 3 inches. and squaw, alpine, all could get about 6 inches. and it's going to last through friday morning. and let me hop over to the seven-day forecast. you can see dry conditions by friday for most of us and then saturday, sunday, also staying
6:52 am
dry with temperatures warming monday with another chance of rain. michelle. legislators are demanding the california water commission release a $2.7 billion bond in funding for dams and reservoirs. the move comes as the commission originally only awarded money to projects with public benefits which left out several individual water agencies. temperance flat dam was deemed ineligible for money and sykes reservoir a $5 billion-dollar project seeking $1.6 billion was eligible for only $660 million. eight minutes before 7:00. up in flames. what we are learning about an overnight fire at a bay area strip mall. >> reporter: chp investigating the cause of a deadly car crash here in bay point. those cars came dangerously close to smashing into the home behind me. i'll have details coming up. it's time for the 'ultimate sleep number event'
6:53 am
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on the only bed that adjusts on both sides to your ideal comfort, your sleep number setting. does your bed do that? right now, save 50% on the ultimate limited edition bed. ends sunday. visit for a store near you.
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it's 6--- time for your final five... today, president trump meets with i'm jessica flores in bay point in contra costa county where chp is investigating a deadly car crash that came dangerously close to swerving into this home behind me. now, take a look at the video. you can see from the vehicles the force of the crash destroyed them. two people inside the vehicles died. unsure how many people were in the cars when it happened. no one in the home injured. we spoke to the man who lives in the home here on port chicago and wharf drive. they came close to going into his house. >> i opened up my window and two cars were there, smashed, the camaro wiped him out. >> reporter: we do not know the identities of those inside the
6:57 am
car. chp investigating the cause of the crash. reporting live here in bay point, i'm jessica flores, kpix 5. it's time for your "final 5." today president trump meets with state and local officials to continue a discussion on school safety. yesterday the president held an emotional listening session attended by school shooting survivors including those affected by the tragedy at marjory stoneman douglas high school in florida. mr. trump floated the idea of arming teachers and staff as a way to keep students safe. this morning, president trump took to twitter to dispute that suggestion. at the state capital suspended senator tony mendoza could learn his fate today. the decision will be based on the findings of the sexual misconduct case against him. today bart's board of directors is set to discuss a fatal shooting by one of the transit agency's police officers. family members and supporters of shaleem tindle killed in the incident are expected to attend the meeting in oakland. new video shows flames
6:58 am
tearing through an abandoned strip mall in hayward overnight. the fire department says there were some homeless people inside when the fire started but no one was injured. the sfmta could have a cashless fare system for cable cars by 2019. by spring 2018, the agency will require prepaid fares for boarding at cable car turnarounds during hours when ticket kiosks are open. and we continue to monitor this accident that we have just confirmed has one fatality involved along oregon expressway right at west bayshore road. bode lanes of the eastbound -- both lanes of the eastbound direction of the oregon expressway are closed for a few more hours. use embarcadero as an alternate route. oregon expressway off-ramp from 101 currently closed, as well. neda. our hi-def doppler showing a lot calmer skies out there. we are still seeing snow flurries though east of san jose. it is very light. and, of course, if you happen
6:59 am
to see any of that please send us a picture. just in the past hour loop you can see that we did get a little precipitation so don't be surprised if the roads are wet. in the sierra snowfall and remember today's going to be windy, as well. some exciting news to share about our photographer, brian kiley and his wife had a baby daughter last night. this is penelope grace kiely, 6 pounds, 12 ounces. adorable. congratulations to brian and his family. we wish him the best. >> yeah. congratulations and nice work, nickie, his wife, who also works here in our sales department. >> only really a short labor he said. he texted me this morning.
7:00 am
>> we have babies coming out of our ears on kpix 5. >> "cbs this morning" is coming up next. good morning to our viewers in the west. it is thursday, february 22nd, 2018. welcome to "cbs this morning." students take their demands about guns straight to the people in power. the survivors from the school shooting confront senator rubio on live tv. while parents ask president trump how many children have to be shot. the president said it may be time to arm teachers. >> plus, we'll hear from a teenager credited with preventing a school shooting in vermont. she said a friend sent her messages about a sinister plot. police found a gun, ammunition and attack plans. >> will artificial intelligence one day save your


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