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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  April 15, 2018 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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. >> announcer: live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. >> now at 5:00 p.m. president trump unleashes a twitter storm. today's attack directed at former fbi director james comey. and thank you for joining us. >> james comey is releasing a tell all book this week. >> reporter: in the span of two hours sunday morning president trump fired off five tweets about former fbi director james comey. one read "slippery james comey, a man who always ends up badly and out of whack (he is not smart!), will go down as the worst fbi director in history, by far!" president trump fired james comey last year citing his handling of the fbi's investigation in to hillary clinton's use of her personal e- mail while secretary of state.
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in a book james comey disclose why he reopened the investigation so close to election day. >> she will be elected president and if i hide this from the american people she will be illegitimate the moment this comes out. >> reporter: president trump saying he was making decisions based on the fact he -- "the democrats sent a very political and long response memo which they knew, because of sources and methods (and more), would have to be heavily redacted, whereupon they would blame the white house for lack of transparency. told them to re-do and send back in proper "slippery james comey, a man who always ends up badly and out of whack (he is not smart!), will go down as the worst fbi director in history, by far!" -- "unbelievably, james comey states that polls, where crooked hillary was leading, were a factor in the handling (stupidly) of the clinton email probe. in other words, he was making decisions based on the fact that he thought she was going to win, and he wanted a job. slimeball!." >> discussing the investigation two weeks out. >> james comey is a good man who made a blunder. >> reporter: james comey describes president trump as a bully who is untethered to truth and compares his circle to the mafia. lying about all things large and small. cbs news. president trump is defending his use of the term mission accomplished to describe a missile attack on
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syria's chemical weapons program. he tweeted the syrian raid was so perfectly carried out with prestition only way the fake news media could demean was my use of mission accomplish. i felt it a great military term it should be brought back. use often. the president said they have been waging a campaign of lies. she said the missile strikes should convince him to stop usings chemical weapons. >> it is now up to syrian president bashar al-assad to receive this message. this is not something we need to do regime change. we have to make sure a process goes through. the yunler is -- inunited
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nations -- the united nations brings all action to the table. >> the u.s. will announce sacks tomorrow for russia's support of the regime. a war rally in oakland. demonstrators want the u.s. it shut down all basis over seas and get rid of its nuclear weapons. many demanding a clear strategy from the president. kpix 5's kiet do asked house minority leader nancy pelosi for her take on the issue. >> i mean, really, what was the mission and what did he accomplish? >> reporter: while visiting san francisco today house minority leader nancy pelosi demade it mince words talking about president trump's comments on syria. >> we want to know, what happened there? he doesn't know. but that the not unusual. >> reporter: this morning president trump defend his
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tweets declaring mission accomplished with the missile attacks on syrian chemical weapons sites. the pentagon showing this on the left and on the right shows the damages after it was struck by 76 missiles. this is a chemical weapons storage facility. the left shows before the attack and on the right after it was hit by two dozen missiles. nancy pelosi at an event to criticize the tax plan calling for a briefing and says the president needs authorization to escalate military force. >> congress would define what the stope is, what soldiers are allowed to do, boots on the ground, secondly, the geography and third time table. we must have that debate, congress must act and the president cannot feel that he -- think he has free rain in that regard. >> reporter: in oakland today anae war rally, organizers say
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the white house needs focus on domestic issues and pull out of syria. >> this is why we are seeing let the syria people take care of their society. we don't want this this government to go and bomb another country. >> reporter: kiet do, kpix 5. former first lady barbara bush is in failing health. a spokesperson said she has been in the hospital and now the 92-year-old decided not to seek additional treatment. the nature of her illness has not been disclosed. bash has been a rock -- barbara bush has been a rock says the family. she is surrounded by family she aders. -- adores. in the bay area weather wise. things changed. we had sunshine for a few
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hours. check out the time lapse video of the dark clouds. rain through ocean beach an hour ago, san francisco. live from our san jose airport camera, you could see the leading edge. blue skies peaking out in some -- peeking out in some areas. a cold front 12 hours ago, sinking in to the central bay area. we have showers over san francisco, not much of it is making it to san jose because you will notice the rain gets up to the santa cruz mountains and then is stopped. that is why they are lagging in terms of rain totals but we will all get wet. east bay. and tomorrow looks interesting. we could get thunderstorms. we will have the details in a few minutes. a fix may be in the works for the sinking millennial tower. the high rise sunk 17 inches since 2009 and now engineers come up with an unusual
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solution. but it won't come cheap. >> reporter: yeah. the proposal on the table to fix the tittle tower issue is unconventional and a pricy one bullet homeowners are hoping that it works to fix the problem. >> i mean, we are just hoping for the best. that is all you can do if you are a resident here. >> reporter: since the tower opened in 2009 it sunk 17 inches and tilted 14 inches to the best and 6-inches to the north. the moment hasn't stopped. >> i am a -- movement hasn't stopped. >> i am a resident here. >> reporter: 300 steel and concrete piles, the goal is to stabilize one side and let the other side sink till it levels off. >> we are trying to have faith in the proposal they have come
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forth with. i think realty is the best we could hope for. >> reporter: test are underway for the project and engineers and contractors are working with the set to get the permits. some are skeptical of the fix but homeowners realize there is no easy fix. >> knowing the way the building was constructed i think it is challenge for anyone to come up with the right measure at this point. >> the project could cost $500 million. if it reaches that price tag it will be $150 million more than it cost to build the building. this project could take 2 to 5 years but this is just a proposal and it is not really in the works at this point. kpix 5. >> expensive fix. a man had to be rescued from a burning building in san francisco this morning. fire broke out about 9 a.m. firefighters say the blaze was contained to one room and they don't know how it started.
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a man was rushed to the hospital. no word on his injuries. chp officers are searching for the suspect who opened fire on a freeway on i-580 near central avenue just before 7:00 p.m. last night. authorities say chp officer was in the middle of a traffic stop when a driver of a white suv started shooting. striking a vehicle. no one was hurt. the motive is unclear but authorities don't believe the officer was the target. we spoke to bay area drivers who are now extra cautious on the roads. >> certain highways i don't like being on, highway 4. the 580 around the richmond park way where there have been a couple shootings. makes me very, very aware and alert. >> i feel like people need a be more cautious. people need to stop being aggravated. a lot of road rage.
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>> the shooting follows three others on east bay freeways last week. two were the result of road rage. still ahead, a boycott against is starbucks grows. >> and from the ash, wild flowers rise in the north bay. the beauty blooming in the community.
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are growing this evening. after two black men were arrested because they had not ordered anything. calls to boycott starbucks are growing after two black men were arrested because they had not ordered anything. dozens of people protested in philadelphia where the arrests took place. demonstrators are demanding the manager of the store be fired. this was the video posted online that shows police handcuffing the two men and taking them away. employees called to say the men
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were trespassing but they said they were waiting for a friend. >> we know we have work to do. we have worked very closely with the community here in philadelphia. it breaks my heart. we work with so many communities to uplift the community to support those that are at risk. veterans, refugees. and i -- i deeply reaggravate the incident that occurred. >> starbucks ceo issued an apology calling the situation disheartening and it led to a reprehensible outletcome. students staged proteges outside a gun show as a gun show went on. they said they have they have drawn inspiration from kids at florida school hit by mass shooting earlier this year. >> they were instrumental in starting this and i think it is important that people come together on their own. i think if we are old enough to
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be effect by all the school shootings and the violence we are hold enough to talk about it. >> several said they are seeking dialogue. well, the new highway segment in the north bay opened up 101, the narrows, has long been a traffic bottleneck and this will help. a southbound segment opened to the west of the new road. features a raised highway with no crossings. it has a new bridge designed to stand above any potentially flooding. caltrans plans to open a north bound segment by the end of the year. and there are plans to add a carpool lane in each direction. in the north bay wild flowers are pluming after fires devastated the area and people are rushing to take a look at the scene. kpix 5's john ramos has the story from sonoma regional
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park. >> everyone left because the air -- you couldn't breathe. >> reporter: in october as the fires burned smoke made it look like a gothic novel. but it has been six months now and today was a good day to take a deep breath. >> air is clear, sky is blew blue. >> reporter: the park was crowded with people, fields that were once ash are now blanketed with grasses dancing in the breeze. and everywhere there are flowers as mother nature shows off her powers of recovery. >> you could see it all around you. wildfires are growing. grasses are growing. only been since october. >> reporter: this path once black and kednow lush and green. only the bushes give a hint something happened here but look closely and you can see
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even they have begun their journey minneapolis back. >> here -- journey back. >> here is rebirth. >> you can see the canopy turning green right now. that is amazing. >> reporter: with yond the beauty the flowers are a reminder that from adverse tesprings new possibilities. >> takes humans more effort to recede themselves. >> they need see recovery is true not only for nature but apply it to themselves. >> themselves and their heart and soul. >> yeah. >> reporter: in nature life isn't a straight line that begins and ends but rather a cycle of birth and death and birth again. it is something those who survive the fires have had to learn. john ramos, kpix 5. well, the wild flowers get help from mother nature today.
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we started out with sunshine and that is changing and the rain in the bay area is being translated into snow in the sierra. reno. it is not going to come as surprise there will be winter storm warnings. it will take longer going out there now. a cold front pressing south mid- afternoon and rain coming through. and also in the east bay, we have showers around. but as we did point out by all this collides with the santa cruz mountains it gets washed out, and there is not much left behind for much of the santa clara valley. still a wet night tonight for the bay area. and then tomorrow looks like we will get showers in the wake of this and with unstable air a thunderstorm or two around the bay and the same inland. a look over the city of san
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francisco right now. and here is how it looks and the numbers in concord 57 degrees. the numbers take a tumble. 24 hours ago we were in the mid- 70s and now mid-50s. that is what a cold front is all about. winter weather advisory through tomorrow morning. sierra, 3 to 6 inches at lake level. 12 inches at the higher peaks. it will be slippery. the slow trough over northern california, showers tonight as the front heads south and for tomorrow, stormy conditions. low gets closer to had bay area. more moisture around. and so it will be sun and then showers. maybe a thunderstorm. future cast shows this. a break after the front and then more rain tonight. and then commute time together, another wave of showers.
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spring like storm, rain, clears, rains, clears and that is the way it goes in mid- april. cloudy and chilly, showers over night, maybe a thunderstorm tomorrow before we get sunshine on tuesday morning. in the extended forecast a chance of showers tonight and tomorrow. a thunderstorm, tuesday sunshine and disturbance mid- week. for the weekend we clear out and 70s by saturday and sunday. not often the a's beat king felix. another shot on the hill and something happened to lebron james today that had not happened since 2012. two minutes to figure it out.
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the 5th anniversary of the boston marathon bombing. a wreath was laid at the onor of the 3 . >> bells rung today in remembrance of the fifth anniversary of the boston marathon bombing. a wreath was laid at the site of the three killed. athletes ran across the city today and spelled out boston. the 122 running of the race is tomorrow. and tonight on game day, the story on the oldest runner in the boston monitor. >> she -- monitor. >> she is in hearties. incredible -- her 80s.
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incredible. the 49ers sent a statement that reuben foster will not participate in the team's off season program that begins tomorrow. he was charged thursday with domestic violence and possession of an assault weapon. giants hitters probably should have dropped and given that man 20. runners at the corners. pence goes down swinging. and then belt got a run home but that is two outs and then he struck out. they eke out just one run. the rookie needed to keep things to bay. third inning, rips one into the gap. he later homers. he wasn't done. 4th inning, laces one down the line. over the wall in left. another run scores. three of five, didn't make it out of the inning.
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walks three. strikes out six. giants lose 10-1. drop 3-4 and after the game he was sent back to the minor leagues. a's facing feelish hernandez. -- felix hernandez. a green light on 3-0. put it in the bank. 4th home run of the year. plenty of support for that man. struck out four. held seattle it just two hits. and one run over 7 innings. earned run average 1.63. bottom of 9. the final four outs for his third save of the year. the a's come out victorious in the northwest 2-1. sharks have a well deserved day off after returning to san jose with a it- moow that tank. warriors took care of business in game one yesterday.
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and no one had more fun than cook. scored four points in his playoff debut in front of his mom and sister. >> she was happy. she was crying. she is extremely happy. everything i do is for her and my sister and my family. but to have those two there with me, meant it world. we have been through so much. >> coming up tonight on game day more of the interview with cook and vern glenn on the player steph curry named the diffuser. kevin durant set the tone with 11-24 points in the 1st quarter and with leonard out, san antonio doesn't have anybody that can match up with kevin durant and spurs coach knows it. as usual the media took the brunt of his frustration.
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>> started danny green on kevin. did that work? >> did you watch the game? what did you think? we will cell kevin don't be so good. >> lebron james had not lost a first round game since 2012. somebody forgot to tell the pacers. a 33-14 lead after the 1st quarter. cleveland got down to 7 points but he stretched it back to double figures. he led it pacers with 32 points. and they stun the cavs 98-80 was easy. no kyrie irving. celtics and bucks.
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96-96. his replacement stepped back, three. he had 23 but there was just enough time remaining, from mid- court to send the game to over time. 31 points for middleton. 18,000 stunned at the garden but the extra period, the rookie with the tough finish. he had 19 points, 10 rebounds and the celtics take game 1, 113-107. we will be right back.
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news updates are always on cbs-sf-dot-com. thank you for watching. see you back here at 6:00 p.m. for a full hour of news. captioning sponsored by cbs ♪ ♪ >> quijano: a former first lady in failing health. a family spokesman says barbara bush will not seek further medical treatment. she is surrounded by family. also tonight, after the air strikes, our report from inside syria. in a new twitter barrage, president trump said james comey should be sent to jail, plus comey's new revelation about hillary clinton. >> i was operating in a world where hillary clinton was going to beat donald trump. >> quijano: protestors swarm starbucks after the controversial arrest of two black men. lackcountry superstar jason aldean's emotional return to las vegas tonight, six months after the massacre.


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