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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  June 6, 2018 5:00pm-5:29pm PDT

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the school administration who investigated and said there was credible evidence that it happened. the district has a policy against so-called hate motivated behavior.teacher was administrative leave. would you want to see him lose his job? >> personally, i would never want someone to lose her job. all i can say is his actions have a consequence. >> reporter: the superintendent released a statement saying, i am deeply disturbed and troubled by the allegations and the investigation findings. the district is committed to redoubling its efforts in working with community stakeholders to ensure that harassment and bullying are removed from our campusesassrms rk. and students of color say they don't feel welcome at santa h sl >> i haven't seen any evidence that they are doing things to address the root cause of why it's a occurring -- why it's occurring in the first place. >> now the case is in the hands of the district attorney. they will be making a decision on whether or not to file
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charges in the future. we have new information on the danville students found dead at the bottom of his high school pool last month. we're live with the autopsy results that put the tragedy in a en -- >> reporter: this autopsy report gives us the first real glimpse of what happened to ben curry at the pool that day. it's raising questions about transparency at the school and may lead his parents to take legal action. >> we are confused, especially his friends. we are like, he seemed fine. he seemed happy and now he's gone. >> reporter: it's been nearly one month since 15-year-old benjamin curry died during slim class -- swim class. students are still wondering when the school will provide answers.
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to i think it would have been nice if the school would have updated us. >> reporter: we now know the death was ruled an accidental drowning. the 16 page autopsy report ruled there was no indication he intended to drown himself. investigators say than was in pe class from 11:40 to 12:30 and the teacher is supposed to check the pool area and close it off at the end of class. instead, ben was left in the pool for over an hour and the next class of students found him. >> the day after, it was really hard to go to school. >> reporter: rumors quickly spread throughout the school and in some news reports about than being suicidal. these are rumors that the school never publicly corrected. now his parents are working with a lawyer and want to set the record straight that this 15-year-old was just going for a swim, not trying to harm himself and a terrible accident happened. students say they wish the adults of the high school would have let them in on the truth all along.
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>> that was althe information we were given. a student around. we weren't given his name. that was it. >> i was a little frustrated that they didn't announce it to us so that we would know. >> reporter: we also learned today from this report that these surveillance cameras at the pool capture the moment when ben curry went under and never resurface. that video was given to investigators that they and this report says it corroborates what they found which was that this was an accident. we're live in danville, susie stein kpix 5. a violent confrontation in east oakland. a car goes airborne landing on the house and the driver attacks first responders. it happened at about 6:00 this morning across from roland park in -- and the oakland zoo. here is the scene that stunned neighbors. >> an interesting morning,
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that's for sure. we woke up one we heard knocking on our door. >> reporter: from chopper 5 did you can see what happened just feet from his front door. a sedan was balancing on part of the garage and a smashed fence. >> it went flying over the fence into our neighbor's roof down the hill. >> reporter: this happened at about 6:00 this morning. police believe the driver was traveling very fast. it made a turn off of the 99 block and launched into the air before landing on the garage. nothing shows that the driver tried to stop. there were no tire tracks to be found anywhere. >> it's very common to have an accident of this nature where the vehicle is hanging off the side of the garage. >> reporter: amazingly, the driver was able to get out of the car on his own. once the first responders arrived, that's when they began giving him medical treatment. that's when he grabbed a medical backboard, hitting them with it. >> he's being treated for his
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injuries. he sustained injuries to the face and head, significant injuries. >> reporter: as bad as this looks, officers say it could have been worse if it wasn't for the tree that took most of the impact. verlikely the car have continue to plow into a house if the tree wasn't there. the driver is now facing assault charges for attacking police officers, firefighters and emt's. charges involving the accident itself have yet to be determined. a man expected -- suspected of driving drunk, injured a five-year-old boy and killed three in a crash. the force of the impact caused the suv to flip over. a third card was also hit when the suv rolled over. the driver is suspected of dui and will be formally charged when released from the hospital.
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now to campaign 2016 -- 2018, the race for mayor heating up. the two front runners are now neck-and-neck and tens of thousands of ballots are left to be counted. we're live at city hall with the very latest numbers. >> reporter: inside they are still counting this as you said, because of an unexpected surge at the ballot box in yesterday's election. the latest count is we have mark leno at about 50.4 percent and london breed is just narrow we -- narrowly trailing at 49.6 percent. there's 85,000 votes still to be counted. many came late. some were dropped off at the ballot box by those who had signed up to vote by mail. it could take till next week to sort out.
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we asked the candidates what they thought of this latest delay. >> patients shall be rewarded. i wouldn't be surprised if we saw some zigzagging and seesawing. >> as we watch the results go in, that sounds allowed message and i am really grateful to the voters of san francisco. >> reporter: it's interesting to note that london breed who you just heard from, was initially the frontrunner. she got the most in first-place votes but in second place and third place votes, put leno on the top. in order to get where he is now, we will talk about the play he made coming up. kevin knutson will face republican john cox come november. he led in the polls leading up to the primary and finished
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with 33% of the vote. cox surged past the other democrat after he was endorsed by president trump. he vanished in second place with 26%. coming up at 6:00 we will hear from both of the candidates about last night. the bay area campaign that attracted national attention has ended one man's judicial career. judge aaron persky was overwhelmingly voted to be recall. we have more on the campaign that took them down. >> reporter: this is where it all started almost exactly 2 years ago. the palo alto courthouse where judge persky heard the case of brock turner in the stanford rape case, now judge persky has been recalled in one a lot of victims advocates are calling a major victory. judge aaron persky denied all media requests for interviews on the morning after he was recalled from the bench by santa clara county voters.
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we are obviously very pleased with the outcome. >> reporter: the stanford law professor who successfully orchestrated the recall campaign called it a victory for women and survivors of sexual assault. >> i think the voters are very clearly saying that they do not support impunity for privileged perpetrators of sexual assault and domestic violence. >> reporter: judge persky was targeted for recall after he sentenced brock turner to 6 months in jail after he assaulted an unconscious woman in 2016. prosecutors were pushing for a longer prison term. >> we have to take sexual violence seriously. >> we must follow the rule of the law. >> reporter: after nearly 2 years of silence, judge persky spoke out, calling his sentencing lawful but it was too little too late. >> it's very scary because it's a big threat to judicial independence. >> reporter: this retired judge
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to let them know recall campaign said judges coast to coast are watching closely what happened here. >> a judge with a stellar record to did something waffled was targeted for recall because he issued a decision that was unpopular. >> reporter: judge persky is still a licensed lawyer in santa clara county and so he is still free to practice law, either private practice or possibly with the county as a deputy district attorney. reporting live can palo alto, len ramirez kpix 5. a great grandmother's emotional release from prison thanks to president trump and one very famous reality tv star. > it's like a scene from a rodeo right in the middle of the road. you won't even where it happened. willoughby domination domination in cleveland? -- will it be dove nation domination in cleveland? hey, want the fastest internet?
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do your thing. with energy upgrade california. killing this pit bull puppy in san francisco. the body of 4- month-old skunky was found back in november.. ar. a suspect has been arrested, accused of beating and killing this pitbull puppy in san francisco. the body of four-month-olds conkey was found in november at laguna and turk streets. mark allen haberman has been charged with felony animal cruelty. if convicted, he could face fines or jail time. it's unclear if the suspect was his owner. most bay area voters said they were okay with shelling out more money for bridge tolls. there was a 60% support in the nine county region. seven counties voted yes but there were two notable holdout, commuters in contra costa and solano county who voted no.
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it will look like this. a one dollar increase in january 2019. another dollar increase in 2023 and another dollar and 2025. after that the rates will be increased based on inflation. a recall vote over the gas tax, nearly 2/3 of all -- voters in the fullerton area recalled state senator josh newman. ling ling chang will replace them which means senate democrats do not have a super majority needed to pass tax and fee increases. republicans targeted newman because he voted for the degas tax hike. the gop wants to repeal that law during the november election. president trump granting clemency to a great grandmother who was serving a life sentence for a first-time drug offense. 63-year-old alice johnson ran with open arms to waiting family just a few hours ago,
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unable to contain her excitement. she was released from the alabama prison where she had been locked upfor more than two decades. her case was highlighted last week when reality tv star kim kardashian west met with the president to discuss sentencing and prison reform. kardashian was a first person -- the first person johnson thanked upon release. >> thank you! thank you! i have so many people today. i just want to thank you. i feel like my life is starting over again. i am so thankful. >> kim kardashian tweeted afterward, best news ever. she thanked president trump and hopes the move gives hope to others who deserve a second chance. and sonoma county, several tips from the public led to an arrest in an assault case. the suspect, 44-year-old matthew madrid. rohnert park police say he chased a teenager last month and attempted to
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grab her. authorities released the sketch on the lendthat led authorities to madrid to was arrested after he was recognized by the victim. he has a history of harassing women and making statements about wanting to harm children. scary moments for south bay firefighters when a car slammed right into the back of their engine overnight. this happen your capital expressway and tourist road. the car almost to the firefighter who was working to put out a small brush fire along the road. the driver of that truck was hurt but he is expected to survive his injuries. not your average fight, you are looking at it. police came across these two bowls fighting -- bulls fighting luckily the owner arrived soon afterward. he did receive a fine . plans to revamp the
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downtown area is getting a new life. this is on the corner of fourth and a street. they want to remove large trees as well as these concrete benches. critics say the project is not necessary and ill advised. san francisco 49er reuben foster is waiting to find out if the nfl will punish him after he was sentenced on a weapons charge today. his video shows him practicing -- this video shows him practicing with the niners yesterday. he may have to serve probation after an assault weapons possession charge. this involved his girlfriend. domestic violence charges were dropped. the nfl is still considering a multi-game suspension for foster. nfl officials are now looking to see if he broke the league's personal conduct guidelines.
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then this is at the arena were the dubs will be taking on the cavs once again. >> reporter: we are at the pregame party. everyone is doing this live shot with me. we are right outside the cube where cleveland is going to try to get back into this series. do they have any chance at all? >> we will go for straight. >> warriors are going to win them all. the cavs are going to have to do this. [ laughter ] the cavs are down to money zero -- 2-0. >> we have to play better.
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>> we know how the atmosphere is. we know how cleveland here's -- plays here with a lot of energy. >> reporter: it's like groundhog day for the cavs. they dropped the first two games that oracle for the third straight year. >> reporter: are you tired of the cavs getting their butts kicked in this series. >> [ laughter ] cleveland will need all of the help they can get because all signs point toward on rather medulla returning in game 3. >> [ inaudible ] >> i guess lebron james. >> that came from -- just came
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from inside and he looks great. he's going to play. i will tell you what. this is a grind it out scene and they're going to bring it tonight. you get the feeling, watching the players, i don't think it's going to be four >> we are going to win tonight. it's all cavs. >> you heard it. i will be back here at 6:00 him on the throngs of cavs whole goals. >> [ laughter ] put the microphone down and work on your jumpshot. he's been there so many times he walks the streets of cleveland and they say hi dennis. there's a good-looking shot, sunshine. we will talk about when this is going to change, by up to 30 degrees, coming up. all new at 6:00, we visit
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one bay area city that will be feeling the most pain over the bridge toll hike. how measure 3 will be a double whammy for some commuters. by the time that we got up there,
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his room was filled with smoke. the wind had blown and drifted the snow up agains the side of my house e alar blocking the exhaust m my son would not be here today. had it not been for that carbon monoxide detector, they would come to school and not have their teacher there. i grabbed my fire extinguisher and put out the fire.
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bay; i felt it in the car. already winning 51-69. that's just the temperature. ocean, southwest flow which is bringing in the cloud cover an preventing us from getting very warm. san jose concord, not even 70 degrees. oakland 61, san francisco 69. sonoma county checking in at 75. lots of low cloud cover, even toward the tri-valley, livermore 51 for your low, san
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francisco 52. weather headlines, low cloud cover tomorrow morning, chilly breeze from the ocean continuing, afternoon high's below average yet again. warmer weather is on the way next week, certainly not warm in pacifica, 57 degrees tomorrow and friday, a chilly breeze and minimum -- minimal afternoon sunshine. in miami, it keeps everything warm or hawaii. it's the opposite here. our ocean is 51 degrees and that's a lot cooler than normal. we are going to be a was as chilly as the water when the wind comes in. the air above is only 53 thflow continues tonight and tomorrow, lots of morning cloud cover, afternoon sunshine. even with the breeze, the sunshine isn't going to do much to get us above 70 degrees. more clouds on friday, likely not as much right along the coastline. the clouds will continue to for and we will up on friday,
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likely to be a couple of degrees cooler than average. 69 degrees for vallejo with afternoon sunshine, fremont low 70s and a few mid-70s here in vacaville, fairfield and santa rosa. san francisco, only 62 degrees tomorrow. it will warm up on friday. we will lose the extra degrees on friday. afternoon sunshine and nice to get outside but then the ocn br we are anywhere from the 70s to 90s for highs next week with warmer weather coming up about five days from now. hey, want the fastest internet?
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"..." ahead at six... "cbs evening news" is up next. >> here's jeff moore with the preview. >> we will go inside the preparations for the president trump and kim jong un summit in singapore. and john dickerson looks at rfk's emotional final journey 50 years after his death. reporter: push protopwant to sell f kitchens. we will be back in 30 minutes.
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♪ ♪or by cbs >> glor: on this wednesday ofening, the president comsthe g nvt afppfr kim kardashian. and the investigation after graphic tape emerges of four arizona officers making a violent arrest. but first, the headlines in 60 seconds.arrest. >> president trump has commuted ree life sentence for alice marie johnson. -t a first-time nonviolent drug ofnd who heen serving a life sentence. >> kardashian wrote on twitter, "best news ever." >> i said we're not going to have a summit under those strcumstances. kim jong-un got back on his hands and knees and begged for it. >> it's probably not the mood fsic you want for the summit. >> reporter: i'm manuel bojorquez in guatemala, e fallye communities that were largely cut off by the volcano's explosion. >>ha


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