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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  June 25, 2018 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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the twain heart fire department know the situation in spring valley can change in an instant. trees near the ridge line practically exploded sending flames shooting almost 100 feet in the air. >> you got trees torching in the canopies, so keeping an eye out. the wind seems to be blowing it away from us. >> reporter: red flag conditions wednesday afternoon blew the fire directly into spring valley burning 12 homes and 10 buildings. >> there was eight or nine trucks out here. they stood along this road and they saved my neighbor's and my place. >> reporter: but crews weren't able to save his cabin. >> like a war zone, you know. every place you look there was fires all the way around me. >> reporter: i want to show you some of the conditions firefighters are dealing with. look back here. there is a ton of dry brush. these flames are pushing right down into spring valley. if you take a look off to the right, you can actually see the fire making a run up the side of this ravine. cal fire is using every tool
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they have. >> 6321. >> reporter: fire engines park near homes ready to do battle. bulldozers are cutting lines across the steep terrain plus support from the air and almost 250 firefighters on the ground. >> we have really steep, rugged terrain as you can see behind us. so it's a big challenge. >> reporter: earlier this afternoon winds were actually pushing the fire out of spring valley, but now that the afternoon winds have picked up that fire is now starting to move back into spring valley very erratic movement in this fire. there are crews from the central valley up to the oregon border. we are expecting an update tonight at 6:00 at the moose lodge which is near the corner of highway 20 and highway 53. hopefully we'll have some updated information then. back to you. >> katie, it's always at this
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point structure protection, trying to save people's homes, but when the winds are blowing like that, what's the strategy for these firefighters tonight? >> reporter: so, ken, right now as we've been talking about, these winds are very erratic. that's making firefighting efforts very difficult right now. we have the helicopters in the air, tankers going overhead. those will be up until sundown. that's because pilots fly by line of sight and once the sun goes down they can't see. so that's when all of the hand crews, the bulldozers will take over. they're the ones that are going to be on the night shift. live in spring valley, katie nielsen, kpix5. >> katie, thank you. evacuation orders also in place right now for parts of tehama county, two wildfires breaking out near the city of red bluff over the weekend. the stoll fire has burned about 300 acres and the lane fire has scorched 10 times that and is only about 20% contained. back here in the bay area
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firefighters are gearing up for a busy fire season. today santa clara county fire held a training drill in los altos hills. the crews practiced radio communication in the event of the real thing. .how to getting the fi they also had a plan in case a firefighter gets hurt. >> we'll have to prioritize resources and figure out how to address getting the firefighter treated safely, but also putting out the simulated fire. >> crews also want to stress that people need to be ready just in case mandatory evacuations are ordered in their neighborhoods. getting around this summer just got harder for tens of thousands of people in san francisco. a heavily used muni tunnel is closed for the neck two months. muni train -- next two months. muni trains stopped running through the twin peaks tunnel today. there's no passenger service between castro and west portal and that's where kpix5's susie steimle is right now. >> reporter: juliette, muni's director of transit tells me this work will make for a smoother, safer and quieter commute, but for now they're
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just asking the general public to be patient. until the end of summer the only things rolling in and out of the 100-year-old twin peaks tunnel are construction crews. sfmta is spending $40 million on repairing 2 miles of track, closing west portal station to castro market station for two full months. >> clearly when we get this work all done, it will be safer, smoother, quieter and when you add the new trains into it, it will be a major upgrade. >> reporter: john haley, director of transit for sfmta, says the repairs are long overdue. when construction wraps up august 24th, trains will be able to travel at their designed speed of 55 miles per hour, something they cannot safely do right now. >> if you did it now if we went 55 miles an hour, your fillings would rattle in your teeth. it would be an uncomfortable ride. >> it just delays an extra 20,
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30 minutes to my daily commute to work. >> reporter: muni riders are being redirected above ground to take one of three buses which will slow down the entire system. >> you take a couple of buses off 1 line, another off others. so the whole system is impacted to some degree. >> if you just take a deep breath, we're going to help you get where you need to get to in a reasonable amount of time. >> reporter: muni has put in place workers like ken jones who will get you onto the right bus. >> see that group of people over there? that's where you want to be. >> thank you. >> reporter: he said so far things have been smooth. >> people were overprepared. they were kind of expecting doomsday. >> reporter: usually there are about 1,500 train passes that go through this tunnel every single day. obviously that will be halted until the end of august and that is some 50 to 75,000 people daily that are going to be redirected. live in san francisco, susie
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steimle, kpix5. santa rosa police say a man who was not invited to a dinner party showed up anyway with a gun and shot three people. police say the suspect, 65-year- old walter ross, wanted to confront his estranged wife. she wasn't home, but their adult son was along with some friends and family. police say the suspect shot the son and 4-year-old grandson and a neighbor who died. one nshot >> in addition, we located mr. ross' vehicle which was parked in the area which was also booby trapped that appeared to be set so if an officer opened the door, that this device would explode there in the vehicle. >> police heard at least one gunshot when they arrived at the home on garfield park avenue. they say the gunman shot himself and is in critical condition. the son and grandson will be okay. in richmond a traffic stop turned into a wild chase. it started on 23rd street over calls of a man with a rifle. the suspect fled on eastbound 80 where an officer believes he was fired at. police shut down traffic to
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collect evidence. the suspect was eventually arrested. in southern california a firefighter was shot and killed while responding to a call early this morning. police say it happened at a high rise apartment building for seniors in long beach. crews were called over reports of an explosion and the smell of gas. police say that's when veteran fire captain dave rosa rushed in to help unaware that a shooter was inside. rosa, another firefighter and a civilian were all hit with gunfire. nd the other >> a group of firemen were bringing one of their personnel down. they were just carrying him. they didn't even have time to wait for a stretcher and they loaded him right onto a fire truck. >> firefighters do a tremendous job and they deal with fire. they don't deal with bullets. >> the civilian and other firefighter are expected to survive. police are now investigating to see if that explosion was triggered with the intent of harming first responders. there's a new phone scam targeting members of the
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chinese community and it cost one victim millions. orks: victims the san francisco district calls it the chinese embassy phone scam and here's how it works. im they need to send m over victims get a phone call from someone claiming to be from the chinese embassy or consulate. then they tell the victim they need to send money overseas immediately to avoid being arrested. almost three million dollars to >> they're incredibly disastrous to the financial stability of the victims. in fact, just yesterday at richmond station we had someone come in and report that they lost $240,000. >> one victim in san francisco lost almost $3 million to the scammers. wall street had its worst day in months. fears of a trade war sent stocks tumbling. the dow lost 328 points, a little over 1%. netflix and twitter and amazon took a hit after president trump announced plans to limit chinese investments in tech. the president's trade policy has backfired on harley- davidson as well. the iconic american motorcycle
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company which was honored at the white house just recently says it plans to move some production out of the u.s. that's so it can avoid these retaliatory tariffs imposed by the european union. one local harley owner worries more companies will follow suit. ed that harley-davidson, of all companies, would be the >> harley moving some of their manufacturing overseas is just one example of a lot of displacement that's going to happen to get around these really horribly misguided tariffs. >> president trump tweeted, "surprised that harley-davidson of all companies would be the first to wave the white flag. taxes just a harley excuse. be patient." as for the president, once again he's doubling down on his zero tolerance policy. last week he signed an executive order to stop >>a stemwhe when egally to be q
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people come in illegally, they have to go out. >> there must be a way to both keep families together and enforce our country's immigration laws. >> house republicans reportedly working on a new bill that is narrowly focused on addressing child separations. that's after two broader proposals failed to get enough support. the white house press secretary is firing back after being kicked out of a restaurant this weekend. steven portnoy reports now the president is weighing in. >> reporter: white house press secretary sarah huckabee sanders addressed the media about her ouster from a restaurant in lexington, virginia, friday night. >> i was asked to leave because i work for president trump. we are allowed to disagree, but we should be able to do so freely and without fear of harm. >> reporter: the co-owner of the red hen, stephanie wilkinson, has not commented to cbs news, but she told the washington post she and her staff were concerned about sanders' defense of the president's positions like the
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transgender ban in the military and the separation policy at the border. wilkinson said, "we just felt there are moments in time when people need to live their convictions." this appeared to be one. the incident prompted a mixed reaction in the lexington community. >> i think it was courageous for her to speak out against injustice. >> if that had been someone from the obama administration, i would be just as upset. >> reporter: sanders said debate on policy is just as important but harassment of administration officials is unacceptable. just last week protesters drove homeland security secretary kirstjen nielsen out of a mexican restaurant near the white house. president trump weighed in on twitter advising the red hen to focus more on cleaning its filthy canopy stores and windows rather than refung to serve a fine person like sarah huckabee sanders. a sign in the front window of the red hen reads love is the only force capable of transforming an enemy into a
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friend. steven portnoy, cbs news, the white house. a great white shark only feet from a kayaker, coming up the incredible video of sharks closing in on the santa cruz county shore. >> a headache after touchdown, the ride share pickup changes confusing travelers at sfo. >> and sky drone 5 takes us over a silicon valley estate with an ice hockey rink, a pizza room and jaw dropping price tag.
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near santa cruz. at's not so imagine you're out on the water and you see this. keep looking closely. a great white shark circling a kayaker. that's near santa cruz. that's not the only shark lurking in the water right now. kpix5's maria medina reports nearly two dozen of them have been spotted close to shore. maria? >> reporter: well, there are warning signs all along the
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beach, but it is not stopping pool from going into the water including one local marine biologist. a massive great white just feet from a kayaker, it likely would have scared the average beachgoer. >> it's amazing and exhilerating. >> reporter: but not john carlo tomet, a local marine biologist who studied great whites the last four years. >> four years ago when their populations first started coming back, we'd see eight or nine or so. over the last four years we've been seeing more sharks and they're getting bigger. >> reporter: he said this past weekend he spotted two to three dozen of the sharks at anew brighton state beach park and he said -- at new brighton state beach park and he said this is the new norm. >> they'll come in the afternoon shallows to warm up. >> reporter: he believes the great white population is making a comeback after years oaching. >> ever since the movie jaws was released most of the poacher hunters wanted to go
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out and kill all of the great white sharks they could find. they've been protected in california since 1993. these sharks produce very slowly and very late in life. >> reporter: does that make our waters here more dangerous? >> the sharks have always been here and there's always been big sharks. these sharks play a critical role maintaining the ecosystems and food webs in the ocean. >> reporter: so that marine biologist knows what he's doing, but coming up at 6:00 what happens when he puts his friend into a kayak, what he captured on video? that's coming up at 6:00. live in santa cruz county, maria medina, kpix5. the woman seen in a viral video allegedly calling police on a girl selling bottled water is getting death threats and losing business. >> this woman don't want to let a little girl sell some water. she's calling the police on an 8-year-old little girl. the whole world is going to see you. >> yeah. illegally selling water without a permit? >> on my property. >> it's not your property. >> the woman in the video,
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alison ettel, has been dubbed permit patty. ettel is the ceo of treat well health, a san francisco edibles company and today open dispensary magnolia announced it will no longer sell treat well products. a massive pot bust, a police k-9 helped locate $10 million worth of marijuana coming from california. police say that the dog sniffed out the drugs after officers pulled over a vehicle last week. from shasta county -- was they found more than 1,500 pounds of marijuana in a trailer. the driver, a 42-year-old man from shasta county, was arrested. a change at sfo caused confusion today. it has to do with how a lot of passengers get picked up. kpix5's mary lee is at sfo to sort it all out for us. mary? that's right, juliette. the new changes have to do with uber pool and uber express pool. starting today you'll no longer be picked up or dropped off here but across the street at this parking garage.
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>> it says to go to the parking garage level 5 on the fifth floor on the parking garage, yeah. are you lost? >> reporter: adrienne and awilda are back home after flights to chicago and canada. they say it was easy to figure out the new pickup and dropoff locations for uber pool and uber express pool, but it was a little more difficult for their uber driver. you talked about how easy it was for u to find out where to go but not so much for your uber driver, right? >> i guess. it was kind of difficult trying to explain to him where i was at because i don't really know how to explain where the parking garage was at. i would assume follow the signs. >> reporter: airport officials admit there has been some confusion today. passengers will now meet their uber pool, uber express pool and limo drivers at the domestics parking garage on the fifth floor. signs are now at the airport
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telling people exactly where to go. experts say this will free up congestion during peak summer travel. >> traffic continues to grow at sfo. there's more passengers than ever before. with that comes more cars than ever before and we've only got about a mile and a half of roadway at sfo. >> reporter: to be clear, this does not affect regular uber x, just uber pool and uber express pool lift. we'll have a similar system in place next month. by the way, starting today as well all hourly garages will be free the first 30 minutes. live at sfo i'm mary lee, kpix5. a mansion in palo alto could set a new real estate record. you got to see this place. this house just hit the market. almost $100 million, four level home owned by former sun microsystems ceo scott mcneilly. it sits on 13 acres. it's just about everything you could dream of and then some
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including a movie theater, big swimming pool and got to have your own ice skating rink. if it sells at the asking price, it would be the most expensive home sold in the bay area in the last decade. for the first time in over a century a san francisco brewing company is going aluminum on an old classic. anchor brewing just released their new flagship brew for summer, anchor stein beer. the first time in 122 years it will be packaged in a 19-ounce can in addition to a bottle. a roller coaster ride in temperatures, triple digits on saturday, up to 25 degrees cooler today. when are we going back up on that ride? it's coming. triple digits again. it's a beautiful monday evening in san francisco looking over north beach and the pyramid. we have your forecast coming up. >> also coming up all new at 6:00 tonight an original report, a crash course in the business of evictions, our hidden cameras caught realtors
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openly teaching buyers how to move in and legally kick people out.
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*hot weekend. this is a timelapse video from our ex definitely a bit cooler today for most of the bay area after the wonderful warm weekend. this is a time lapse video of our exclusive sales force camera looking over the bay bridge. nobody likes the hot weather, but i do. i kind of like it. >> that's not nobody, then. >> there you go. in the city it was beautiful today. >> the joke is in the summertime it's going to be 75 degrees somewhere. sometimes it's livermore which means everybody else is chilly. sometimes it's ocean beach which means everybody is baking. >> you can find it somewhere. >> this weekend it was beautiful in the city, but about 103 degrees in pleasanton and antioch and we have cooled down today. yes, it is chillier outside and let me show you exhibit a as to why that is happening. there's sutro tower sticking out, a different view from ours sales force tower network of cameras. this is looking west. there is the marine air poised to spill over into san
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francisco this evening where it's only 61 degrees right now. we are cooler in concord but still close to average, 82. it is 72 in santa rosa, 50s tonight, oakland for you 54, vallejo 54, san jose 57. it has been a roller coaster ride. the average high in livermore is 84 degrees, friday, saturday both near, if not exceeding 100. much cooler on sunday and the cooldown continued below average today with a high of only 83 degrees. this is a look at the satellite and radar review which has a low pressure area to our north giving us an ocean breeze which means the days will be cooler. as long as we get the breeze from the ocean with highs in the 50s over the water, we'll see temperatures staying on the cooler side of average and they will the next couple days until another ridge builds in. so futurecast will show you not that much low cloud cover depicted on our futurecast, but trust me, it's going to be there. plan on low clouds and fog overnight tonight. as we look toward the afternoon sunshine, but continued cooler weather, lot of low cloud cover on wednesday as well with
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temperatures staying near or below average. friday by the end of this week here comes a new ridge of high pressure. this will cut off the onshore flow and that means more heat moving in friday and saturday for the second straight week will be our warmest days. fog and low cloud cover likely tomorrow morning. we'll stay near normal the next couple days. if you like pleasant, average weather, that's what you get tuesday, wednesday and thursday. then the next warm-up with widespread 90s inland on friday and saturday. your highs tomorrow pretty close to average. that will be 80s inland, napa 82, livermore 87, san jose 83. san francisco seasonably chilly, 66 degrees, oakland 69, fremont and mountain view upper 70s and only upper 50s at the beach. your extended forecast staying near normal through thursday. as we head toward the weekend, here we go again, warmer near the bay, hotter inland. once again the cooldown begins on sunday. the two hottest days of the week will be friday and saturday. that is your forecast. we'll be right back.
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a soccer match - and refused to leave! they had to pause the game while only australia a kangaroo hopped its way into a soccer match and refused to leave. they had to pause the game while the animal played by its own rules even laying down in front of the goal net so players had some fun and kicked soccer balls to it. it eventually left the same way it came. look at that. >> take a shot. i dare you. >> good defense. >> don't jump out of the way, kangaroo. block it. >> thanks so much for watching us at 5:00. >> it will be allen and
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juliette back in 30 minutes with more local news. cbs evening news is coming up next. >> we'll see you then. ♪ ♪ y captioning sponsored by cbs e >> glor: on the "cbs evening news" tonight, from los angeles, poe current political hostility hits a new level. the white house press secretary kicked out of a restaurant. a congresswoman calls on people to confront the president and t.binet. the president goes after her on twitter. all while thousands of immigrant children are waiting to be reunited with parents. tlus, a teenager's simple act reminds us all of the power of kindness. but first, the headlines in 60 seconds. >> i was asked to leave a restaurant this weekend where i attempted to have dinner with my family. >> democrat congresswomen maxine itters encouraging the public shaming.
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s they're not welcome! >> i think civilis


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