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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  June 29, 2018 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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ranch subdivision. this fire got started probably about 90 minutes, almost two hours ago and in an area that has homes bordering it but is an open space area, as juliette mentioned. you can see it's put up a lot of smoke in the area. if you're in concord, walnut creek, in danville or san ramon or any of the areas even all the way owe in san francisco we can see the smoke -- over in san francisco we can see the smoke coming up from this as all this vegetation starts to go. there's the science of it right there, firefighting. you lay the retardant down, the big red stripe across the southern flank to keep the fire from getting pushed down over some of that vegetation, but the real tense area right now is this funneling line of fire that is coming in just to that subdivision to the right. you can see up on the north side, up on the top of your screen to the left, you can see homes there. they got a scare a little earlier this afternoon when
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fire came up to their backdoors. we also see some fixed wing and helicopters cruising through. they're cropping water and retardant -- dropping water and retardant as well as crews on the ground. >> live chopper pictures now above the montecito drive and crystal ranch neighborhood. if you're just joining us, we want to tell you about the evacuations going on right now covering homes along montecito drive and now we're learning hidden crest court, laurel tree drive, crystal ranch drive. you can see planes have swooped low and dropped fire retardant in the area and also highway 680 you can see all of the smoke along that area. in fact, we might have picture of what drivers are seeing from that vantage right now. also there are ranches in that area. i was told by some friends of mine who own horses and livestock that they're clearing that out. you can see the residential area right there obviously. that's one main concern. a lot of people are being told to evacuate. don't stay because right now the crews are trying to do what they can to get a handle on
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this fire and don't know what's in store. obviously we're keeping a watch on the winds and where this fire is moving right now. i believe we'll go to a live phoner right now. mike marcucci, assistant fire chief of cal fire, will be calling in giving us an update on the condition. you can see a lot of vegetation in that area and that is what's keeping that fire going. >> anybody who has been on ygnacio valley and driven east, you wind through concord on the left, walnut creek and then it heads up into and up over the top and into clayton. that's where the fire is burning right now, just south of ygnacio valley. we want to check in with cal fire. assistant fire chief mike marcucci. this looks like it's stuck in a ravine moving east, but you have homes on both sides, so
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it's a little dicey. >> it is. we are evacuating subdivisions in the crystal ranch and montecito area working with law enforcement to make that happen now. >> does anybody know how this got started? >> we do not. it started right off ygnacio valley road. >> for our viewers right now tuning in, what information can you give them? obviously people in that area are clearing out, but how fast is this fire moving and what are some of the concerns we need to tell our viewers? >> looks like we may have lost our phone hook-up. there he is. >> sorry about that. >> no problem. >> ask that question again. >> i was just wondering for our viewers tuning in right now obviously evacuations are underway, but what do we need to let them know right now about that area and how quickly this fire is moving? >> it is moving quickly. we would like everybody in the area that i mentioned to be prepared to evacuate if they're given notice. law enforcement is working at the plan to determine which homes will be evacuated and which homes will be put on
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notice. >> it looked like earlier the fire had skirted homes along ygnacio and those folk were lucky because -- folks were lucky because it came up to their backdoor. >> a very quick response from contra costa and cal fire which hopefully helped that fire get pushed around there. >> give us the lay of the land because we can see a lot of the vegetation amongst the dry open space. how close is that coming up to the homes in that area? >> it is coming close. the defensible space has been done in a lot of these areas. so that's working for us. it is grass turning into brush as it approaches mount diablo. >> we saw a large jet drop retardant a while ago flying east to west. is that to keep the fire from advancing to the south there? >> correct. we're trying to make a box to box in the fire and direct it away from the homes out into the open space where we can do more quick work with our bulldozers to get around it. >> paul deanno is with us, our
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meteorologist. >> we're looking at the winds blowing west to east. these neighborhoods are kind of tricky because i'm looking at a map and a number of these subdivisions are surrounded by grass on three or all four sides. it looks like some of the fire just jumped. >> probably montecito. >> how challenging is this fire given where these houses are? >> it is challenging. we're trying to get in. there's always traffic on a friday afternoon. it's a hot, windy day. that's an additional challenge. we're doing our best to get resources in through the traffic as best we can. >> we have the advantage of having our helicopter up. there's a spot fire right now. it will last 15 seconds. a spot fire had started on the east side of possibility see the owe and it is moving fast -- montecito and it is moving fast. this is not what you guys wanted to see. >> it's not. actually i've got to get back to it, but we'll give you an update a little later.
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>> we want to go to paul now and the wind conditions. >> we have the flames advancing in the same direction as the smoke is blowing. right now that is a west to east direction, not the best news for the montecito and crystal ranch neighborhood because see the road and all the fire crews stuck in the middle now. embers from the left side of your television screen went up and over that perceived fire line and the road and it's now burning on the other side of the road and will now have the opportunity to advance. >> the worst possible situation when you have a spot fire pushed by the wind and you get embers that blow over. that's a 24-foot wide roadway of concrete. they couldn't stop it there. now it starts to move up into the foothills that start to head over to clayton. >> we have a number of neighborhoods that are in clayton to the right of your television screen farther off to e east. you have the crystal ranch neighborhood at the bottom of
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your screen. if the chopper could zoom out, you'll see about 100 homes sitting right there. they'll have to come up with a new defensible stop, a new line, because that line was certainly just breached. >> just what they didn't want to have happen. this is really visual because if you're watching it with us, you saw how fast that fire jumped the road and went off to the right. it's probably in 200 yards at this point from our altitude looking down, that quick on that grass. >> absolutely. within the last few minute because of this fire jumping the roadway there have been expanded evacuations ordered in the crystal ranch neighborhood, also covering homes along montecito drive, hidden crest court, laurel tree drive, crystal ranch drive. if you live in that area, you're clearing out. if you're heading home from work or anywhere, don't go near those areas. they're told to evacuate now. you can see the pictures. again we'll show you this, montecito drive, hidden crest court, laurel tree drive and
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crystal ranch drive. those are the evacuation orders now. it looks like it is expanding. >> this is the walnut creek concord area rate here in our back -- right here in our backyard in the east bay. >> people may wonder why the plane is dropping retardant from the other direction of where we see flames advancing. just to the south of where this fire is burning is a rather significant portion of walnut creek, the oak grove neighborhood if you're familiar with the boundary oak golf course. this is burning kind of close. let's get some perspective zooming out. that's concord up top, ygnacio valley road going left to right. we're on the right side of the road going away from the city. if this thing were to burn to the south, it burns into walnut creek. if it were to breach ygnacio valley road, it burns into concord. right now it's heading toward clayton. you have three different cities which may be impacted and look at the size of the development where the flames are burning towards right now. that's crystal ranch. that's montecito where the wind is blowing the flames. >> we want to thank mike
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marcucci for spending a few minutes with us, the assistant fire chief. this thing is moving and he had to go. he said it's moving rather quickly before he had to go. that's not good news because you've got to move people to head it off. now it's heading back up into an area where we've got more homes. >> we'll continue to stay on top of this fire burning in the concord area and keep you posted on the evacuations. we have chopper 5 there. we'll stay in touch with the fire chief as well. we have ground crews to bring us live reports. we are going to cover other news of the day, but we'll be back with this major development and will closely watch this as well. in other news today, we want to get towards another closely watched criminal case. kpix5 has learned the two men charged in the ghost ship warehouse fire have made a deal with prosecutors. we want to get to kpix5 reporter da lin outside the courthouse in oakland with more on that. >> reporter: a source very close to the case tells me all
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sides have come to a preliminary agreement. the judge did not announce that agreement in court this afternoon and will not make any public announcements of the plea deal until next tuesday. the source tells me that's because they want to allow the prosecutors to first share that information, that agreement, with all 36 victims' families out of respect for them. as for the plea deal, i understand master tenant derick almena and max harris plan to plead no contest to the manslaughter charges. it was previously reported a plea deal would be for both defendants to be sentenced to eight years, but i am told by the source that has changed and it's not the agreement they have come to late this afternoon. here's what the defense attorneys said walking out of the courtroom about 40 minutes ago. >> we are forbidden to talk until tuesday. i'm sorry. >> no statements today.
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we'll be back on july 3rd at 2:00. we haven't give any statements right now. >> reporter: apparently the judge, judge morris jacobson, brokered this package deal meaning both defendants had to accept this deal or it would be off. as for the victims' families, i talked to one attorney, mary alexander, who is representing 12 families. she says the families trust the prosecutors and they would be satisfied with any type of plea deal that the prosecution would agree to. >> da lin, thank you for that live report. we have much more news ahead plus bay area weather forecasts. it is heeding up. we'll -- heating up. we'll take a quick break and come back.
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today... on the suspect who is accused of a brutal murder 44 years ago... on the campus of stanford
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university. we have new information today on the suspect who was accused of a brutal murder 44 years ago on the campus of stanford university. santa clara county sheriff's department confirms officers were prepared to arrest 72-year- old steven crawford at his apartment yesterday. when police approached him, crawford said he wanted to get dressed first. when he didn't reappear for some time, police entered his apartment and that is when they saw crawford sitting on the bed with a gun. he killed himself with one bullet in his apartment. police found some noteworthy items there. >> no. 1, in a box in a closet with some other important papers was a copy of a book called the ultimate evil and that looks like it talks about serial killers and why it was there, we thought that was unusual and the second item, there actually was a suicide note. it was rambling. it was very short. it appeared to be very hastily written. it was dated in 2016.
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>> that suicide note did not detail what happened that night in 1974 when 19-year-old arlis perry was sexually assaulted and murdered at the school's chapel. investigators say the motive might never be known, but they are certain this cold case is finally closed. the busiest single day ever. the transportation security administration says today might set a new record for the busiest single day ever. taking a live look at local airports now, sfo, oakland airport, the bay ridge toll plaza a still looking clear along with the richmond bridge. leave plenty of extra time for getting through airport security. the tsa estimates about 2.7 million passengers and crew will pass through security checkpoints across the country today. we found it busy at manetta san jose. >> what's happening here is travelers are on the go. summer is here. those long awaited plans for summer are now coming to
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fruition. >> beyond today tsa projects that we're entering what will be a busy travel period stretching until july 9th. 7 tons of illegal fireworks seized from a house in stockton, it is one of the largest busts of illegal explosives in the state in years. look at this stuff. the haul includes mortars, roman candles, other illegal devices estimated to be worth in excess of $100,000. and selling the fireworks on craigs list. clark's bail has bee 40-year-old steven clark stored it all in a residential neighborhood near a preschool and olding the fireworks on craig list -- and selling the fireworks on craigslist. clark's bail has been set at more than $2 million. another 4th of july tradition could be on the way out in sonoma county. so-called safe and sane fireworks are currently legal in four cities in sonoma. those are fireworks intended for personal use, but some are now calling for an end to all fireworks sales and use in the county after last year's huge
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wildfires. fire officials say the area remains vulnerable. >> this community has been through a lot, especially since the october wildfires and we're already seeing significant fires around northern california this early in the season. that highlights the significance and severity of the potential source of ignitions. >> petaluma, sebastopol, rohnert park and cloverdale all currently permit fireworks. most 4th of july fireworks sales in the county are run by nonprofits as fundraisers. i want to get back to our breaking news, the grassfire we've shown you at the top of our newscast burning in concord. this is at ygnacio valley road in the lime ridge open space. crews now say about 150 acres have been scorched. you can see the smoke in the area billowing up into the sky as flames creep closer to homes in that area. within the last few minutes there have been expanded evacuation orders in the crystal ranch neighborhood.
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evacuations cover homes along montecito drive and now hidden crest court, laurel tree drive, crystal ranch drive. crews are doing structure protection near those homes. we want to get some new information about the evacuations now. lieutenant joe dunleavy from the walnut creek police department is on our phone. lieutenant, thanks for joining us this afternoon. what can you tell us about evacuations underway? >> the walnut creek police department has been requested to assist with evacuations of the montecito and crystal ranch neighborhoods by the concord police department and we are doing that. we have approximately eight police officers with four police service officers either assisting with evacuations or traffic control. we are diverting all vehicular traffic at eastbound ygnacio valley road at oak grove away from the area of the fire. >> in a situation like this is it we'll give you a few minutes to grab a few belongings or is
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it knock on the door and hey, you got to go now? >> it's knock on the door and hey, you got to go now. >> really. how many people do you think are in that immediate neighborhood you're working in? >> i couldn't begin to speculate. that's concord's jurisdiction. we're just responding to the areas they're telling us to, to do exactly that, knock on the door and tell people they need to leave immediately. >> we're looking at pictures from chopper 5. it look like the fire jumped the roadway heading towards clayton, but it looks like fire crews have gotten a handle on part of it. is that correct? do you know the status of the fire now? >> i don't know. i don't have any updates on the status of the fire. really it's a rapidly developing situation. i have not spoken directly with anyone from the fire department. again all the requests are coming directly to us from the concord police department and it's simply to deal with evacuations and traffic control. i have no updates on the status of the fire or the containment at this point. >> lieutenant, when you're dealing in this high stress environment, you guys are first
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responders and you run across somebody who says no, i'm not going and we've seen this before, how do you deal with that? >> our job is to knock on the door and to get in touch with anybody there and tell them they need to leave. we cannot spend time arguing with people. we're not going to drag them from their homes. we have to notify them it is a life threatening emergency and they need to leave and then we need to get to the next house. unfortunately if there are people who say no, i'm staying, there's not much we can do about that. we have to move on. hopefully people understand the urgency of it given the santa rosa fires from last year. i would think people would be wise that when someone from the fire department or police department is knocking on the door saying you got to grab your things and go, they grab their things and go. >> tell us about some of the challenges in the lime ridge open space. you have a lot of urban areas every direction. >> that really is a challenge. it's blowing away from walnut creek in the direction of
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concord towards say pittsburg. it is challenging. you have the whole crystal ranch, montecito neighborhood and beyond that you have cal state, east bay and their facilities. >> lieutenant, thank you so much for your information. i know it's very busy right now in the walnut creek area. we appreciate your time with us this afternoon. >> thank you. >> we're going to continue covering the fire coverage and get back after this break and check in with paul deanno about the wind conditions. we will be right back.
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evacuations cover homes along we want to update you on a situation going on in the concord area right now, concord, walnut creek border, the lime ridge open space. you can see a lot of smoke coming up from that grassland there, a very popular park. a lot of people hike there. we got off the phone with fire officials who tell us they believe that fire may have started along ygnacio valley road just to the north. you can see active fire burning
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right now, flames coming up from that area. there are evacuations that have been ordered, emergency evacuations in the neighborhood of crystal ranch and also the montecito neighborhood. you can see montecito drive. there are evacuations on hidden crest court, laurel tree drive, crystal ranch drive. those are all in the same subdivision area just the top of ygnacio valley as it starts to peak up and go down into the clayton area. crews are doing structure protection near those homes, a lot going on on the ground right now. >> let's go to the phone again and robert marshall is the fire marshal in contra costa county and he is on the fire lines as we speak. can you give us the latest update on this fire? thank you for joining us. >> yeah, absolutely. we are currently at four alarms. we have several strike teams that are en route which are additional engines to try and help us get this fire under control. we have a lot of air resources on the fire, several
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helicopters as well as air tankers. cal fire is on the scene assisting us as it is right against state lands as well. as i mentioned, we're at four alarms. the last estimate that i have is that the fire is about 150 acres. we do have two subdivisions that are evacuated currently and we should be getting another update as to the size of the fire here shortly. >> robert, we aren't seeing the black, black smoke that was coming up 40 minutes ago, but we are seeing a lot of white smoke still coming up and we're also seeing a lot of open fire, flames in that area. we also saw it looked like it jumped montecito drive there and started burning to the east. what can you tell us about the progress of it? >> we're trying to make as good of progress as we can make. the air tankers are really helping us in that regard as well as the helicopters. so we are kind of strategically placing resources to do the
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most good for the structures at this point. once the structures are out of danger we'll concentrate more on the open fire lines and getting into the areas and stopping the forward progress of the fire, but the structures are really our primary focus at this point. >> we've had the evacuation orders up there for our viewers. robert marshall, fire marshal with contra costa county. thank you for joining us. we're going to head over to paul at the weather desk to talk about the wind conditions and how things are fueling this fire. >> if this were tomorrow, the wind could potentially be twice as strong and blowing things a lot quicker with a lot more force toward those two neighborhoods. so i'm thankful right now the wind in and around concord and clayton is only 10 miles per hour. that said, it's not good. it's probably a little stronger near the fire itself. given a late june afternoon, that's not that bad, but it is windy. it is blowing west to east, smo those neighborhoodbls ang d inthe city of clayton in that general
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direction, not toward concord or walnut creek, both of which are knocking on the doorstep of that fire. red flag warning is in effect. the fire danger will hit its peak tomorrow. that's when the winds will be their strongest, relative humidity about 10% to 20%, extreme fire danger in the north bay mountains. napa county, sonoma county, lake and mendocino county and the central valley. it's hot outside but not everywhere. it's only 69 degrees in san francisco, but it's 89 in livermore, 94 in concord and 88 in santa rosa. quickly going through the next 24 hours, overnight lows tonight, vallejo 69, san francisco 55 degrees. we'll skip ahead now to the highs tomorrow. we will hit triple digits in places like fairfield, concord and livermore and be close to 100 degrees in santa rosa and napa. san jose will hit 93, but if you want to cool off, san francisco is a decent choice, 78. if you really want on cool off,
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pacifica would be your choice. we will stay in the mid- to upper 60s right at the beach. your extended forecast is calling for the cooling influence of the pacific ocean to roll back in sunday where highs near the bay are only in the 70s and it will be markedly cooler next week july 4th , highs low 60s at the beach to low 80s inland. the peak of the heat is tomorrow. we come off this heat sunday and next week we are back to average. talking about the fire itself, west wind blowing the smoke, blowing the flames to the east and we'll likely see the wind regime continue throughout the evening. >> you've got it at 94 degrees in concord right now. those guys on the ground and women working that fire are working hard. >> another live look at the firefight right now before we go, 150 acres, evacuations underway. it's jumped now to 175 acres, a huge contrast from the top of our show when it was thick black smoke. things hopefully are getting better. we'll have more for you coming up at 6:00 on kpix5. in the meantime thanks so much
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for joining us! ♪ ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs >> glor: on the "cbs evening news" this friday, the long heat wave just beginning to hang over much of the country. excessive heat warnings have been issued for tens of millions. and, steve hartman has the remarkable story of a woman who lost her memory and fell in love with her husband all over again. but first, the headlines in 60 seconds. >> reporter: the suspect in the deadly newsroom shooting appeared in court. >> journalists, like all americans, should be free from the fear of being violently attacked while doing their job. >> reporter: today, we say, "hello, heat." >> reporter: two-thirds of the country is in this heat wave. >> it feels like you're melting. >> reporter: severe weather in montana; at least four reported tornadoes yesterday. >> holy smokes!
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>> reporter: president trump says he wot


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