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tv   The Late Show With Stephen Colbert  CBS  August 9, 2018 11:35pm-12:37am PDT

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through the fog there. >> fog level, 1,040 feet. salesforce, 1,070 feet. captioning sponsored by cbs >> counter offer in the works. president trump's lawyer ruddy giuliani says they are outlining new terms for a face to face interview between the president and special counsel robert mueller. >> stephen: settle down, settle down, president trump has made clear he's more than willing to sit down with robert mueller. his terms for the interview are simple, straight forward and will flubbing yait wildly minute to minute. currently they are as follows. first, any questions regarding collusion must be asked in the form of a children's rhyme. >> did you collude with a fox? did you collude in a box? did you collude eating glint, did you collude with putin? now to reduce the threatening nature of the special counsel questions must be asked through
11:36 pm
a cheeseburger puppet. >> did you know about donald trump junior's meeting with the russians? dad ya, did ya? >> also, this is a deal breaker. there has to be sheet cake. >> it's the late show with stephen colbert. tonight lost in space force. plus stephen welcomes issa rae. darren kriss and ronny chang featuring jon batiste and stay human. and now live from tape from the ed sullivan theater in new york city, it's stephen colbert! (cheers and applause). >> stephen: whooo! stephen: thanks so much. good times.
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welcome to the late show, everybody, i'm your host stephen colbert. (applause). >> stephen: i just want to say hello citizens of earth. and if this is a rerun from two years from now, hello to all of our fighting boys in the asteroid belt! go give the astro kaiser hell! because tonight there is big news about spaaace force! (cheers and applause). >> stephen: was i looking at the right place? long time viewers of the trump administration will remember that space force is the president's boldest idea that he got from a buzz lightyear happy meal toy. (laughter) and now, now citizens, to refresh your mem rebanks we take to you star date march 13th where supreme leader trump addressed a confused planet.
11:38 pm
>> my new national strategy for space recognizes that space is a war-fighting domain vus like the land, air and sea. we may even have a space force develop another one, space force. we have the air force, we'll have the space force. we'll call it the space force. think of that, space force! >> stephen: yes! think of that. but not too hard because it's stupid. (laughter) we already have nasa. we don't need space force. pleas wait until nasa finds life before you try to kill it. (laughter) and today space force, got a boost from vice president mike pence no surprise. pence say huge fan of space strks the farthest you can get from being alone with a human woman. (laughter) now, yes, in a peach to the
11:39 pm
defense department pence outlined the mission that will take us to the stars. >> president trump proclaimed that the united states stands in his words at the birlt of a new millennium, ready to unlock the mysteries of space. >> stephen: what a stirring call to something we're already doing. (laughter) yeah, since the 1960s in fact, pence's speech reminded me of jfk's immortal words. >> we choose to go to the moon in this decade and do the other things, if the because they are easy but to distract from robert mueller. (laughter). >> stephen: yes. (cheers and applause). >> stephen: 2 is powerful. it is powerful. so powerful. then pence laid out exactly the administration's plan, what they need to put it into actions. >> the second step this report
11:40 pm
calls for cion ofn elite group of joint war fighters specializing in the domain of space who will form the backbone of the nation's newest armed service. space operations force. >> stephen: no, no, no. it is called space force, not space operations force. if you name a thing that dumb, you have sto stick with it. and go back a second. you said we need an elite group of joint war fighters? jeff sessions is already fighting the joint war. and whoever came up with the idea of space force lost the battle. (laughter) then, then pence led our nation in a traditional space prayer. >> if you rise in the wings of the dawn, if you settle on the far side of the sea, even if you go up to the heavens, even there, his hand will guide you. right hand will hold you
11:41 pm
fast. and will hold fast this great nation. and the great beyond. >> stephen: hold on a second. you said his right hand will hold you fast, and he will hold fast this great nation, and the great beyond? how many hands does god have, wait, is mike pence woreshipping vishnu, whoever astro god is, it was a truly eloquent and spiritual benediction or as trump put it, space force all the way. (laughter) space force, you know i love it. i, of course i would join but i have space spurs. i can't. i can't do it. (cheers and applause). >> stephen: and today sky marshal trump--
11:42 pm
(laughter). >> stephen: yes, sky marshall trump sent his supporters an email letting them vote for the space forces new insignia. they will vote for their favorite and the final choice will be made by the electoral space college. (laughter) but there were six, six, six does not seem like enough options to us. so the late show has made a few of our own. space force, mars has cleaner water than flint. in space no one can hear you collude. and one small step for man, really small hands for a man. (laughter) charys plaws pew pew pew pew. (laughter). >> stephen: would you like to
11:43 pm
know more? >> yes! >> stephen: meanwhile trump remains on vacation but it's a working vacation because he's still lying. (laughter) according to one reporter's tally trump made 132 false claims last week, which is averaging 19 false claims a day, almost five times his average. wow. that is impressive. how does he keep up that pace. does he wear some sort of wrist tracker, the fib-bit? hold on, hold on, yep, i got an alert. hold on, guys, i got an alert. i got to get my lies in, okay, i am the tallest president ever, lincoln was tiny, you know that picture on the penny, it's life-sized. okay. i close my rings, great, we can move on. and he's working on some fresh material including major new lies about car plants opening in pennsylvania, none are, and that
11:44 pm
justice neal gorsuch was number one in his class at harvard, gorsuch wasn't close. not to mention his most glaring lie of all, saying don, jr. is wonderful. with his tendency too cheat on facts it is no wonder trump's lawyers don't want the president to sit down for an interview with special counsel robert mueller and the folks on fox news agree. >> how in the world could he ever cooperate and sit down with mueller for an interview knowing that if you tell one lie to bob mueller he will move to file charges. >> stephen: well, this sounds crazy, but hear me out, he could not lie. (laughter). >> stephen: by his lawyers know that is not an option, just ask man in a kid-- the dog has the diamond, get that dog. >> stephen: ruddy giuliani, giuliani says he might let the president answer questions about obstruction as long as they are ones that mueller doesn't have the answer to, that he really
11:45 pm
needs the answer to, and he hasn't made up his mind that trump is lying. okay. he can ask as long as he doesn't think that trump is going to lie? that is a legal equiv len of i'm going to tell you something but promise you won't get mad first. now axios is reporting the two areas the president will not answer questions about are why trump fired fbi director james comey and what trump said to comey about the investigation of former national security advisor michael flin. those are the two things. that you have to ask, that is like saying look, could you ask my client jeffrey dahmer about anything you want other than murder and dinner. everything else. meanwhile, we're leaving. come on, swrefry, we're going. cheesier plaws. >> stephen: meanwhile in hollywood, the oscars are
11:46 pm
introducing a new category for outstanding popular film. i thought the most popular film already gets an award. money. apparently the oscars are trying to get more viewers to tune in to the annual ceremony, you got to drive, tune in, especially to get the ladies thark is why oscar was one of 9 con tis tenants in thissier's the bachelorette and the sword went right into his hand there, that is nice. i say instead of adding a cat gore, lollee wood should just go back to making movies with artistic merit that also try to be popular, okay. thank you. (applause). >> jon: i like that. >> stephen: yeah, and i'm personally very exkited about the mu movie call me by your name 2, infinity peach. we got a great show for you tonight. hbo's "insecure" isesa rae is here. but when we return, i talk about the most wonderful being in the
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(applause). >> stephen: hey, everybody, jon batiste and stay human, give it up for the man! (applause). >> jon: yeah! >> stephen: jon, you know that guy, that guy drake. >> jon: yairks i know drake. >> jon: >> stephen: that guy drake, used to be on degrassei, he does other stuff now, really popular. >> jon: really 307 lar. >> stephen: it turns that drake is trying to coin the frame goings "god's plan" that
11:52 pm
is' pretty common expression to trademark. i guess someone beat him to how's it going, you up and guac is extravment the phrase became popular after he released hi song of the same name earlier this year and if he gets his way he will use iting for music, clothing, marketing and promotions and a game show to be broadcast on tv and the internet, i can't wait for "god's plan" the game show. no satan, no satan, no satan. stop! oh. >> you burn in the lake of fire. >> no! (applause). >> stephen: i would watch that. i would watch that. still hard to believe drake is trying to trademark god's plan, you have to wonder how the almighty feels about that. >> oh, mime's totally imool t stephen. >> stephen: hey, it's god, everybody, give it up for the lord.
11:53 pm
>> hey, what's up, my crez-ations, i'm holding in my right hand. >> stephen: god strks always good to you have here. are you fine with drake trademarking the phrase "god's plan" what if you want to use that phrase some day. >> i thought about using it for my own music and clothing line but i didn't have the startup money. i took a real bath on my brother in law's condo deal in tampa. what was i thinking. all that cash went straight up todd's nose. >> stephen: but you do have a plan, right? >> sure, i must, right? >> stephen: wait, are you just winging all of creation? >> well, i do work in mysterious ways. i meen you know how babies are made, it's a mess. >> stephen: which surely you have some plans. >> of course, i have a complete master plan written dune on this cocktail napkin, see? it says nothing with an arrow that points to something. that is the basic guest. >> stephen: that is it? >> yeah, but in my defense i
11:54 pm
wasn't completely sober when i did it. >> stephen: what do you mean you weren't sober. >> well, you know, i'm all about that purple drink, stephen, could dean and-- could deen and sprite, i created everything that moves scz so you have no beef with drake. >> of course not, we coown a club in houston. i'll put you on the list. it's going to be waivery. see you in the trap boy! >> stephen: the lord, everybody. we'll be right back. (applause) (sas-bot) ohh... i love you iphone x. (sprintern) whoah! (sas-bot) nothing. hmm? nothing. (sprintern) iphone x! i love that you can unlock it
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...which means you can saynally hyes... the shoes your family wants. find top brands at big savings... ...for men, women, boys and girls all for a whole lot less... the ross shoe event. yes for less. (applause). >> stephen: hey, everybody. welcome back. folks, my first guest tonight created and stars in hbo's
11:59 pm
peabody award-winning showseelce show issa rae. (applause) >> hey! i just head butted you. >> stephen: did you. >> i'm sorry. >> stephen: that's okay. i went in for the air kiss and you went in and we were just a little vigorous about it. >> like animals in the wild. >> stephen. >> i am glads i could help you. >> stephen: nice to see you again and congratulations, this is your first emmy nomination. >> it is. >> stephen: congratulations. (cheers and applause) >> thank you. >> stephen: you already have the peabody which is kind of the coolest of all the awards is the peabody. >> it definitely sounds cool. when i think about that, i think
12:00 am
about yeah, this is for the rockers thrk is for the rappers but i'm excited. i'm so hyped to be able to have that award. >> stephen: do you enjoy award shows. >> no. >> stephen: why, you don't like the twnsion or because the emmys don't have a bar, what is it? >> i think, they vay bar, right. >> stephen: they don't. >> they don't have a bar. >> stephen: they didn't used to have a bar. last year we made them have a bar when we were the host last year, yeah. >> somebody gave me shots on the red carpet maybe that is why i thought there was a bar. >> stephen: i have to stop by whatever news organization that is this year. >> i usually, it is really, uncomfortable, socially. i get overwhelmed. i get star struck supereasily. >> stephen: who have you run into recently. you were at the met gala. i was there, i saw you there. >> yes, i ran into rihanna, i already met before but i just saw her sitting at the table. and i had a few drinks, met gala they kept the wine flowing but because they barely have food, you know, so you got really, you
12:01 am
got really drunk fast. and so i was like, rihanna is over there, let hee go say hi, she knows me, we home girls. and i went up to her and i was like, you know, talked to her. and i was just, she was so friendly. and nice, i wasn't expecting that. and she was like hey girl, good to sigh. and i was like-- and just excuse myself and walk away. so any chance that we had to be best friends, i ruined it with my drunken nervousness star struck. >> stephen: who were you behind when did you the red carpet because that is critical. because i was behind scarlet johansson. and i don't recommend that. >> no i don't recommend that either. >> stephen: because they're so disappointed when i walked out there after scar-joe. >> it was stoo hours to wait in that line. >> stephen: it is. >> i was behind kiely jenner and travis scots and as soon as i walked out hi to be like hey, photographers please, i'm
12:02 am
wearing michael korss and they will so mad if i don't get a picturek and its with a wrap for me. >> stephen: they are like you can move on. >> they are like please do move on. because we-- got enough. >> stephen: there is one exciting thin happen although it didn't actually happen, this, e news, you responded to t you responded to te news tweeted that issa rae might have turned down drake at the golden globes party. okay. so there is a different award show but you, so they are saying that drake hit on you. >> that is what they are saying. >> stephen: and were you like no, i'm not having it. >> yeah, i'm so glad my friends are there, they would have been like bitch what are you doing. they were behind me when it happened. and what actually happened. >> stephen: its did happen. >> i did not turn him-- stop, stop. no, we were walking, the golden globes were over, insecure was on hbo so i was headed to the hbo party as i should. and he was leaving the hbo party and so we crossed paths and he
12:03 am
said the most magical words ever. >> stephen: what. >> it was like i have been looking for you are all night. and i was like-- and he was like i'm about to go to this netflix party do you want to g i said have i to stop in the hbo party because they are the network that puts my show on, i couldn't just ditch the party and go to the netflix party even though that is what i really wanted to do i was like i will catch you at that party. that was t then i went to the party and all ever a sudden, blogs were reporting that i turned him down, which would-- come on. that would never happen. >> stephen: well, you know, your show insecure strks very personal. you use a lot of your own stories from your own life. does your family ever see themselves in the show and get offended that they are in your show? >> offended, yes. they're not in it-- my mom is you know, i have four siblings, we're a family of seven.
12:04 am
my mom is the only one that did stakek some getting used to. >> stephen: what upset her. >> well, there are sex scenes, surprise, you know, hbo. it does happen, that is how i got here, which is what i want to heller. but-- tell her but she, the fourth episode of our second season was a bit racy. and she text me after and was like you're basically making porn. i don't know-- if this is hbo doing this or this is you, but i can't watch this any more. and i was like mom, if you don't like this episode, you definitely shouldn't watch episode six. and she was like well, i wouldn't. and i thought she was joking. i thought she was doing that thing that moms do, just like hmmm, i'm making a fus for my friended. and she wasn't. >> stephen: maybe it was just a show. >> so her friends wouldn't think that she wasn't putting her hammer down on her secretaries ultly active daughter. >> but. >> stephen: is she very
12:05 am
traditional. >> you know, i couldn't watch pg-13 and rated r movies until i was the appropriate age. >> stephen: and now are you making up for lost time. >> yes, according to her. and so then we watched like the secretary to last episode at her house as a family. and you know, my brothers came over. and she went upstairs. she didn't watch it. she was like i can't, huh-uh, huh-uh. and so i was genuine leigh hurt, wow, you really not going to watch this show that i made. and then just last month she caved and she was like okay, i decided to watch all the episodes. i love it. it wasn't too much for me. and now she likes the show. so i did it. >> stephen: that's nice. because ultimately it's all for mom. >> do i it all for mom. that is all i want. >> stephen: well, the season three of insecure is starts this sunday. >> start this sunday, 10:30. >> stephen: what is this season about, give us some idea. >> this season is about
12:06 am
adulting, you know, about our characters learning how to know better and do better. because they have made a lot of mistakes. they made a lot of poor decisions which may or may not be based on decisions i made with my friends.4ojof but when are you in] n÷$ai yours peopleh8 20s. you forgive her.#i3a @&c have tocorú7 >> lika!en: sure, a you actually have to deliver on the promise at some point. >> that sounded so wise. i wish you were around. >> stephen: i'm right here. here all the time, every night, five nights a week, right here, just call. >> now i know, thank you. >> stephen: so what is the clip about. >> this clip, so issa's best friend molly has just come back from vacation. and she is explaining you know how she just, i don't remember, what-- (laughter). >> stephen: i think this is the porn part, sth the porn. >> this is porn. we're going to watch pornography. >> stephen: okay, jim. >> just focus on giving us money
12:07 am
so i can get up out of there, and you know, it's been two weeks already. she just have just stayed with me. >> nah, girl, just saying you broke my date. >> okay, i don't need your side about it. >> i remember now, exactly. >> stephen: exactly right there. >> yeah. >> stephen: your friends have to recognize themselves, right. >> my friends totally do, yeah. >> stephen: your character is name is issa and are you issa, does that ever get confusing because have i played someone named stephen for a long 250eu78, does it ever confuse your fans in anyway? >> it absolutely does. you know, they is attack me personally via social media. >> stephen: no, really? >> they call me names and things. >> stephen: i don't go on social media. >> i try not to i try to take
12:08 am
breaks t is hard for people to separate you. it is my fault, i shouldn't have named the character after me, i wasn't thinking. >> stephen: it is not too late to give your character a nickname. >> what do you recommend, molly and buddy. i will consider t i think it is too late. >> stephen: now that you are an established award-winning aw tur in your own right, do people come up asking for advice from you? >> they do. i really don't know what to tell them because everybody's journey is different. but i'm always like be yourself, i actually vay great group of women i seek advice constantly. >> stephen: who do you ask for advice, other than me. >> no, god, are you first and fore most. when i can't reach you, which i never can, guys, people that i admire like shonda reim, ava do veufer veurn a, debi allen, because i'm very-- i tend to be afraid of like upsetting people.
12:09 am
and that will get now where here, especially when are you trying to create a show. >> stephen: as a show runner. >> being in the industry, just as a woman, once are you labeled like difficult, you your career is kind of over. because then it is like everybody is saying oh, she's hard to work with, beware, and then you done get many chances to fail. >> stephen: so what is the advice. >> the advice from them was don't be afraid to be a bitch. (applause) and it's so true. >> stephen: season three of "insecure" premiers sundays, issa rae, everybody. we'll be right back with darren criss.
12:10 am
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i'm ready. but, clearly, i'm a little nervous. there are so many expectations. like, on the sticker, "city mileage this, highway that." uh, that's a lot to live up to. but i heard no gas gets better mileage than chevron with techron.
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yeah, no better mileage. it's proven. so that's a confidence builder. it's proven; no gas gets better mileage than chevron with techron. care for your car. so much for my new car smell, guys. >> stephen: hey, everybody. folks, you know my next guest tonight from "glee," now nominated for an emmy for his role in the assassination of gianni versace, please welcome darren criss.
12:15 am
>> so happy to be here. >> do you believe that he's playing the piano for you. >> stephen: jon batiste. >> the jon batiste. >> stephen: i'm very lucky to have that band over there. very lucky to have that band. (cheers and applause) >> hey, man. >> stephen: well, nice to meet you. >> nice to meet you. >> stephen: nice to meet you, congratulations on your emmy nom. >> yeah, thank you so much. >> i don't know. >> stephen: five or six weeks, from now. is this your first nomination? >> no, st my second. >> stephen. >> the first time was more music, last time i got nominated was for a song i wrote. >> stephen: were you nominated ford writing a song. >> yeah, i do things. >> stephen: i'm threatedenned by young people with talented, but you go ahead. >> i'm leer to make some noise. >> stephen: did you win? >> no, i'm a proud emmy loser. they say. >> stephen: they say it is an honor just to lose. >> what i realize by the end of the slow is that most people
12:16 am
walking out, the majority are actually losers. i was if good company. >> stephen: five, 5/6 are losers. >> all lossers. >> stephen: the winners went to a better party bns but we don't want them around anyway, get out of here. >> stephen: how do you deal with the loss, because i enjoy drinking. >> yes, drinking is fun am hi a cool moment on the way out of, when i said exodus from the emmys where i was walking with my fellow losers. and thing like kenmoreino and we started singing en masse, feel free to join. >> i'm loser baby. ♪ so why don't you kill me. ♪ yeah, it was. snas' what we did this time i will tell who are you nominated against. >> tell me. >> stephen: tell me if you can take them, a percentage chance, are you nominated against antonio banderas. >> puss in boots, very slim chance. >> stephen: cumberbatch.
12:17 am
>> dr. strange and sherlock hold ems, double no chance wrz. >> the guy who poops himself in dumb and dumber, high broa, no low chancer. >> stephen: he won an oscar. >> jesese clemens. >> amazing human being. >> jon: john legend who is in for an he got emmy granny, oscar tony. >> you are denying him if you win. >> before i rob him of his egot, no, i don't know if that will happen, big john legend fan. >> stephen: are you going to throw a party, your owe piano bar in los angeles. >> you know about my piano bar. >> stephen: i heard about this place called tramp stamp grannies. >> you heard it baby, that's the name. >> stephen: that is your bar. >> me and my fiance strks really her bar, mi just the meanist. >> stephen: how did it get the name tramp stamp grannies. >> justobecause every time you say it it puts a smile on your face.
12:18 am
people me chanically politely ask me, you are you you openingt sap gnniesnd they remember it. g tramp stamps with stns a piano bar, in honor of the piano bars in new york city, we play a lot of show tunes, contemporary hits if i am on the piano,. >> stephen: you play. >> there most nights, come on by any time are you in hollywood. >> stephen: what am i going to hear? >> what is funny is that people ask that expecting to hear something different from the sort of 2340r78al are-- normal cliches tand is so funny if i play like two notes of piano man or tiny dancer, people lose their minds as if it is never been played in a piano bar ever before. >> stephen: they like it. >> they love it so much. but for me because i'm a 90s kid, i usually and i say this as a millenial hipster equivalent of dropping a dubstep if i play two nights of any disney song,
12:19 am
people just, it's lit, i believe the kids say, that's what happens. ♪ i can show you the way. ♪. >> oh my god, i love this song. shots for everybody, everybody is singing a long trk say big one. >> stephen: is there one of those disney -9d 0s, animated movie songs you hear it and tears, water work starts. >> every one. i was talking earlier, howard ashon is one of my all-time favourite people, which wish i could have met him when he was living. parts of your world is one of the best ever written. i cry every time i hear that. >> stephen: part of your world s that shall-- i want to be where the people are, that's it, is that the one that gets me. >> yeah, could you keep going. >> stephen: my wife laughs at me when that song comes on. ♪ i want to be where the people are snot i want to see them, see them dancing. ♪ laughing. >> that is equalitily as fun. >> i want to see them dancing. >> stephen: what is it. >> strolling along down, what is
12:20 am
that word again. >> stephen: boulevard. >> what is the name feet. >> yes, exactly, upthey walk, up where they run, up where they stay all day in the sun. ♪ hit me. he doesn't know it wandering free wish i could be part of your world, amazing tune. we just screwed that up, the ease tait of howard is-- . >> stephen: disney sharpening a sword right now. the disney lawyers were taken out of their script. >> kill, kill, must kill, destroy. >> stephen: now in the assassination of gee annie versace you do in the sing and dance. >> well, i actually do. incidentally there are seens where i do but it is probably in the in the same context as most of the delightful musical theater we subscribe to. >> stephen: you play a mentally deranged killer. >> yeah, that's-- exactly. >> stephen: what did you, how did you, what was it like to northbound that head space because i assume you went on set and go okay, that i like to kill me. >> it is actually the opposite.
12:21 am
i am one of these guys that it all begins at action and ends at cut. some people like to tor actual themselves in that character. i am pretty much a goof ball on set and maybe like a defense mechanism to deal with the darkness. so the majority of take thases where i shall-- is just me, any stairs to fall down, for instance, everything is a gag take so give me a serious dramatic line, give me anything off the top of your head, a lyric, anything, can i demonstrate for you what most of the takes for this show mr.. give me any line. >> stephen: a serious line. >> anything, just anything. >> stephen: i would noted cry if you died tomorrow. >> see, i just want to let you know that i would not-- die-- if i died tomorrow. >> stephen: be careful, we're not ensured. >> but see-- this was, this was, but an act. >> stephen: if you win your emmy, will you please fall down
12:22 am
the stairs. >> i should, right, i should, that would be the ultimate. >> stephen: good luck. darren criss, everybody, we'll be right back with daily show correspondent ronny chang. plaws plawls whirlwind in your stomach? that's your body calling. answer the call with whole grains and fiber to support digestive wellness. special k probiotics cereal has both. and real peaches and berries. special k. powering you.
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>> stephen: hey, everybody, welcome back, my next guest tonight is a daily show correspondent and a standup comedian, please welcome ronny chang.. >> thank you, thank you. >> stephen: nice to meets you. >> very nice to meet you t is so cool to be here. >> stephen: it is cool to you have. you have my old gig. >> i do have your old gig. >> sph: iwas a correspondent on the daily show for many, many years. >> yes, i wamped many tape of you trying to prepare for a job. i just want to say, i did a
12:30 am
standup show in boston about two years ago. and after the show someone came up to me an said your standup was okay. but i want you to give there to stephen colbert if you ever see him, because apparently on the colbert report you used to give this out, these are rich strong silicon wristbands and at the time you broke your wrist and told you to give it to someone plor famous than him, sow gave it to me, shout out brian, specifically give tell moog he to give it to you, and i'm giving it to you and i hope one day you can give it to donald trump. >> stephen: it's been a long time, it's been a long time. >> has onive come back to you. >> stephen: i don't think have i ever gotten one back before, not from like, because the whole thing was to give it to the most famous person that person met to go up the chain of famousness because i wanted it toned on famous people. i will attach this to a pair of handcuffs and give it to the
12:31 am
president. >> (cheers and applause). >> stephen: allegedly. you lived in malaysia, you lived in new hampshire. you lived in singapore, then melbourne but three years ago you moved back to america. how do you feel about your timing of when to return. >> yeah, so i have been trying to come back to america for a long time, three years ago i got to come back to america to get, take a job on the daily showment and i thought september 2015, i thought i got here just in time for that last bit of obama's america. and instead i got here just in time for donald trump's america. and that is like buying tickets to beyonce and instead it is donald trump. >> stephen: true. >> and i really wish he would just hurry up and end the country already, because all this, will he, won't he. >> stephen: did you grow up here, you said you were born in malaysia.
12:32 am
>> yeah, born in malaysia and my parents came after i was born, three years old, they moved to america to attend college because they went to college very late in life. they were good immigrants because after college they left. and they went back, we went back to singapore and were there for ten years and i went to australia for law school. i was in australia for ten years and then moved back here three years ago. >> stephen: a long way around. did you go, you know, west. >> i kept moving west, like columbus and try totion come back to america. >> stephen: are you in one of the movie events of the summer, crazy rich asian. it has got eye hundred-- (applause). >> stephen: i think it is very popular book, i think right now it has a hundred, 100 percent on rotten tomatoes right now. >> yes. >> stephen: now a lot is made about the fact that this is an all asian cast. what does that mean to you as an asian performer. >> look, crazy rich ash-on--- asians, the movie, is a real honor to be part of
12:33 am
telling a story of the more underrepresented in hollywood today. and of course i'm talking about rich people! yes! we need more rich people movies. i'm sick and tired of these token rich people showing up occasionally in a marvel movie. look, rich people, we're more than just stereotypes, okay. we're not just supervilans and superheroes, tony spark in marvel. when was the last rimp person move year, the top 1 percent what was that, wolf of wall street, that was like two years ago, okay. more rich people movies. >> stephen: clicheed freed. >> that was covered by-- it wasn't just about rich people, they had stuff too, i am talking about just pure, pure rich wealth. >> stephen: they did they did you also have your own special now called ronny chang international steuld, what is
12:34 am
that? >> that is a sitcom that is going to be on comedy central on august 13th t is a sitcom i wrote with my cocreator decklynn fai and we wrote it in australia it is a sitcom about asian international students studyingg in australian universities. so very relatable to americans. >> stephen: all right, good, say i had to everybody over ste daily show. >> will do. >> stephen: so nice to might, ronnie chang, international student, is available monday on the comedy central app. we'll be right back.
12:35 am
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