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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  KPIX  September 3, 2018 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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>> announcer: live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. >> the chp says a person is dead after leaping from a moving ambdeut down traffic in dublin for much of the morning. near the interchange of 680 and
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580. >> katie nielsen shows us how it all unfolded. >> reporter: the near this interchange as the ambulance was transporting a patient from valley kurtz hospital to join george thackeray -- psychiatric hospital. according to barry sutherland, the seat -- the patient was seatbelted onto the gurney and the emt was with her in the back of the -- back, which is standard. the emt told the driver of the ambulance to pull over. just before they got stopped on the side of the freeway, the patient overpowered the emt and jumped out. >> that patient was walking in the traffic lanes and got hit by a couple of cars. she ultimately passed away from the collision and the injuries vestigators. thalquirols and i
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procedures while they were transporting this patient. the are still going to talk -- conduct an internal investigation to figure out what happened. liatelsen,kpix 5. an overnight and battle on a southern california apartment complex. in vegas -- investigators are trying to figure out what happened. the fire started just before 11 last night. in san bernardino. police originally reported 10 people had been shot. have since revised that number to 8. one minor is in grave condition. the shooting reportedly occurred during a dice game at the complex. neighbors say they counted at least three shots at that here bullets flying past their homes. >> it was a lot of gunshots. i can't even count end. -- it's. >> -- . >> units from multiple agencies responded to the call for assistance. when everything kind of is
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settled down, right now, we have a total of 10 victims. crno one is deceased at this time. >> police did not recover any guns at the scene. but they said they found shell casings from handguns and rifles. police also states it's too early to tell if this could be gang-related. officers say that the area is known for gang activity. an officer-involved shooting is under investigation. him and is in the hospital after firing his gun into the air in the middle of a crowd. went to gets to an ice cube concert sold out. it happened at the racetrack. they first tased the man and then opened fire when that didn't stop him. the suspect pulled out a gun near an entrance gate and then fired it three times into the air. >> we her one shot go off. everyone is talking.s.xt t u kn
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or veshots back to back. it was terrifying. everyone was hiding behind stuff. >> reporter: the suspect's condition has not been released. the racetrack continued with thatncert. more than 2000 workers are marchi potential job cuts. protesters lined up just an hour ago. rallying across the street from kaiser on west macarthur boulevard. according to the healthcare workers west union the layoffs include out as -- outsourcing more than 150 kaiser jobs. the workers won't be the only ones affected. >> once you start getting rid of the people who make your company strong and start outsourcing, you're going to hurt your brand. >> kaiser is also speaking out, thing that the healthcare union chose to mischaracterize its commitment to labor.
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kaiser says that the physicians and employees will remain focused on the important work of delivering high quality, affordable care and improving the health of the communities that we serve. more bay area protests have brought union square to a screeching halt. workers from marriott international are blocking powell street and you can here is a live look at that scene. those protesters have gathered to fight for more pay and benefits. we can see more people being arrested right now. taking -- taken away from the area in handcuffs thereby the san francisco police department as we see others in the background continuing to march with their signs and some folks sitting in the middle of the street, which is likely why they are being arrested. it is disrupting very busy area on labor day. holiday. so it looks like the police will continue to make
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those arrests as those protesters presumably marriott workers continue to makemof sta marriott international sent out a statement in response to all this saying, marriott international has long-standing and productive relationships with unite here and is negotiating in good faith and in the timely fashion to obtain the best outcomes for our associates and guests. eighth call for unity within the catholic church was met with protests. >> it happens when the archbishop of washington, dc asked to pray for pope francis. >> reporter: after the interruption during a sunday sermon, cardinal donald apologized for how he and the catholic church handles the clergy sexual abuse scandal.
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last month, a pennsylvania grand jury report found more than 300 catholic priests abused more than 1000 children since 1947 in six states diocese. he was not accused of misconduct that he did oversee the pittsburgh diocese during the time several abuses occurred. sorry and saddened. we are taking the steps to see that it doesn't go on. >> reporter: the church now faces another hurdle. as a former people investors -- ambassador to the u.s. is calling for the hope to step down. alleging pope francis willingly controversy -- controversial clerk kim davis, who refused to issue same-sex marriage licenses. the pope did not know who she was. it is completely unprecedented for an investor from the holy see to publicly accuse the pope of something like this.
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the catholic church normally operates behind closed doors. we never hear about these kinds of controversies. >> reporter: some supporters believe he represents a conservative sect of the church. in a press release sunday, cardinal world -- that it was clear that the pope was the target of a concentrated attack. a final farewell for senator john mccain in -- he's been laid to rest. he was buried after a private ceremony in maryland. it follows a week of national mourning for the former presidential did. one person who is not invited to the memorial, president trump, who has marked mccain's imprisonment in the vietnam war. mccain's daughter spoke. without mentioning the president's name.
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>> we gather here to mourn the passing of american greatness, the real thing, not cheap rhetoric from men who will never come near the sacrifice he gave so willingly. the america of john mccain does not need to be made great again because america -- >> john mccain died on august 25 after a year-long battle against brain cancer. he was 81 years old. >> a washington showdown set for tomorrow over president trump's latest nominee to the u.s. supreme court. mola lenghi on the white house claim of executive privilege. >> reporter: democrats say president trisblocking access to documents they need to properly vet brett kavanaugh. so help me god. >> congratulations. >> reporter: chuck schumer called the decision a friday night document massacre and
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added that it has all the makings of a cover up. the white house that it's turned over more than 4000 documents. >> this isn't normal. it's not normal because we are not able to see 100,000 documents that the archivist -- because the administration has said we can't see them. they've exerted their executive power. >> reporter: democrats will try to make the case that if is affirmed -- confirmed, he will try to shut down the mother probe. >> he's said, you should throw out the special counsel statute. >> reporter: one republican suggested that kavanaugh could try to overturn roe versus wade . that would challenge roe v. wade, he would listen to both sides of the story. >> reporter: there appears to be little democrats can do to lock kavanaugh's confirmation -- block kavanaugh's confirmation.
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kavanaugh will take his seat on the supreme court if he gets 50 votes. mola lenghi, cbs news, capitol hill. >> a couple of democrats who are up for reelection in red states that vote yes as well. -- could vote yes as well. priceless artifacts go up in flames at brazil's national museum. fire in lake tahoe sparked by a plane crash. what we're seeing is hazy skies. we're looking at some great conditions out there. not so much from the cloud covers, but more like smoke in the air. i'll have your 40 -- full forecast coming up.
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night. check out these flames. more than 20 million historic relics in the national museum of brazil. going up in flames last night. officials say a fire engulfed a 200-year-old building in rio de janeiro. the museum held an extensive
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collection of brazilian artifacts but also featured items from around the globe. no reports of any injuries. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. a wildfire is growing near lake tahoe after a plane crash sparked a place in the mountains. it started in washoe valley around 2 yesterday afternoon. it's now 80 acres large. a plane crashed in that area where the fire happened. rescuers say that they are struggling to reach the crash site, which is rough, steep terrain. the fire started creeping toward the ski resort. officials say that a shift in the winds seems to have ended that threat for now.'s >> we did have a wind shift, which pushed the fire from north to south. recently stopped the vertical climb. >> it's still not fair how many people were on board the plane or if anyone survived. >> we still have several fires burning around northern california contributing to our
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bad air quality. >> not so good today. you can see that here in our dublin camera. usually we see that diablo range. but not so much today. on this day, that a lot of people have off, he wants to be outside. what a lot of people are doing instead is staying indoors because this doesn't feel very good and not very healthy for you to stay outside. smoke and smog that's leading to our air quality to look like that. we still have an onshore breeze. temperatures feel more comfortable. a little full. on wednesday, we will notice in the air is going from the low 90s today. tomorrow to slight cooling on wednesday and thursday. before heat right back up again. looking towards the east bay, look at that. it is great over oakland. -- gray over oakland. it looks a little bit better. you can see haze the distance. san jose, you are at 71 degrees.
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comfort.concord, livermore, temperatures arming on up now that the cloud covers dissolved. air quality moderate to unhealthy. that's why the spare the air alert has been issued. wind speeds are picking up a little bit more than where they were before. that's contributing to bringing smoke in from the mendocino complex fire to those in the and spots. that's also why it's more for in the and spots. not quite above average. we are going to be about 86 degrees in concord. it puts you 83 degrees below average. 77 in mountain view today. 89 in morgan hill. across the east bay, this is where you may see some 90s. so that's where that heat will continue. 67 in south toledo. lake oconee area mid 90s you guys there. that's definitely going to be warm. seven-day forecast, sunset
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tonight at 7:35. sunrise tomorrow at 6:42. now for that someday. low 90s again -- seven day. low 90s again. really the beaches, the baker staying very, very consistent. very summerlike. >> and with a day like this, you should also not use as much hairspray. that's why they -- what they say. >> it's also important to not have had here, right? >> that's true. an unusual guest caused quite a ruckus in a southern california neighborhood. this 350 pound bear appeared to be a little out of sorts after it was tranquilized in a driveway in los angeles county. it had been wandering around the neighborhood for about a half an hour before wildlife officials arrived. crews say the bear will be just fine. it is now being relocated and
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especially basketball but as c with us: today's scholar loves sports, especially at the ball. >> olivia is now shooting for a career in science. >> reporter: deep inside a lab,
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olivia conducts a top-secret study on how the body reacts to medicine.'s >> i'm looking at how to optimize dosing of the medicine . >> reporter: it's a far cry from what she dreamed of doing as a child. >> i wanted to go into the wnba. >> reporter: dreams inspired by her's -- her father. >> he was my coach and everything. >> they were closed. her dad struggled with addiction and they lost touch her freshman year of high school. then came some devastating news. olivia's father had passed away. a teacher encouraged olivia to join students rising above. >> time and time again, they've reassured me that i am enough. >> reporter: she stumbled across a t.e.d. talk online about a man who built his own legs.
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>> i want to go into prosthetics because i feel that those people have had ob placed in their lives and i want to help them live their lives to the fullest by enabling them to be mobile and do things that they never imagined possible. >> reporter: olivia is now a double major, mechanical and bioengineering. she landed a highly competitive summer internship at genentech. >> you meet her and you say, oh, god, we have to help that person. >> it's been unbelievable. i look forward to coming to work every single day. >> reporter: olivia says her father is still in her heart and in her passion for sports. for students rising above, i'm kristin. >> impressive young lady. you can catch up on any individual alums or scholars and learn more about azore by going to our website, we will be right back.
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♪ >> liam: it might...go...all the way down! >> steffy: [ chuckles ] >> liam: fever's gone. >> steffy: [ gasps ] oh, that's so good. >> liam: right? >> steffy: oh, thanks to her daddy. >> liam: mm, well, i'd like to take more credit, but, uh, i think the medicine had something to do with it, administered by her mom, by the way. did you set an alarm for the next dose? >> steffy: yeah. >> liam: yeah? so... what have you been doing out here? >> steffy: just thanking god for


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