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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  September 3, 2018 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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that captured the crash. he heard the commotion and ran out to help. he said you can see the car reverse, stop and pause about three seconds before fleeing. >> in those few moments where they paused they could have stopped and done the right thing. >> easily, yeah. they had enough time to pause to realize right from wrong. >> reporter: here's another look at the car, a newer model white four door honda civic with silver wheels and that day had three people inside. >> i hope they get caught, hope somebody steps forward or even the guys in the car will say we did the wrong thing. we should have stopped, you know. let's do right and clear it up, you know. >> reporter: in the couple hours that we've been down here, we've seen some cars whipping down coddle road and cutting the corner here to come into el molina way. the family did not want to talk on camera. san jose police say if you know something about this, give them a call. live in south san jose, kiet do, kpix5. a strange story out of dublin, a patient managed to jump out of an ambulance while
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it was moving. the woman was then struck and killed by a car. it happened near the 580/680 interchange about 7:30 this morning. some connector lanes were shut down a couple hours. kpix5's katie nielsen explains how it happened. >> reporter: the accident happened right near this interchange as the ambulance was transporting a patient from valley care hospital in pleasanton to john george psychiatric hospital in san leandro. the patient was seatbelted onto the gurney and an emt was with her in the back, which is standard during transport. the patient started to fight with the emt. the emt told the driver of the ambulance to pull over and just before they got stopped on the side of the freeway the patient overpowered the emt and jumped out. >> a determined person that really wants to exit a vehicle is going to be able to do that. >> that patient was walking in the traffic lanes and got hit
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by a couple of cars. she ultimately passed away from the collision and the injuries that she sustained. >> we did everything we possibly could to prevent any tragedy. >> reporter: the two cars that hit the patient stayed at the scene and are cooperating with investigators. norcal ambulance says their emts followed all county required protocols and procedures while they were transporting this patient, but they are still going to conduct an internal investigation to try to figure out exactly what happened. in dublin, katie nielsen, kpix5. >> we're learning more about the woman who jumped out of the ambulance. hours earlier pleasanton police arrested her for reckless driving. during their encounter they had to use tasers to take her into custody. workers staged labor day protests on both sides of the bay today and some got arrested. allen martin is here with that story. >> about 500 people marched down powell street and held a demonstration in front of the
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st. francis hotel in san francisco, which is owned by marriott. many held up signs saying one ou ldshun ion are demanding wages that can cover the cost of living. they also want better job security and they're upset about the way contract negotiations have been going with marriott which owns seven hotels in the city. at one point a couple dozen protesters sat in the middle of powell right on top of the cable car tracks. they were arrested after shutting down the normally busy street. workers have been without a contract since mid-august. >> i guess they need to be convinced that we're serious about getting a deal done and if they don't want to work with us, you know, they want to be pushed. so okay. san francisco knows how to push a company to the bargaining table. >> today the same union held similar protests against marriott in seven other cities across the country. marriott says in a statement,
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"marriott international has longstanding and productive relationships with unite here and is negotiating in good faith and in a timely fashion to obtain the best outcomes for our associates and guests." now today in oakland kaiser healthcare workers held a labor day protest of their own. hundreds gathered at mosswood park and mashed across the street to the -- marched across the street to the kaiser medical center. the kaiser medical center is planning to outsource jobs across the bay area including pharmacy warehouse workers and vocational nurses. >> once you start getting rid of the people who make your company strong and start outsourcing, you're going to hurt your brand because we're kaiser employees and we love kaiser. so we do our best for kaiser. you're not going to get that from an outside service. >> the protesters say kaiser's plans will undermine patients and the people who care for them. kaiser says in a statement," it's important for our members and patients to know that this informational picketing is not a strike. it does not impact our care
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delivery or operations." kaiser insists it has a strong commitment to labor and plans to keep adding jobs. it says it's disappointed that the seiu union is taking an "adversarial destructive approach." confirmation hearings begin tomorrow for brett kavanaugh, president trump's nominee for the u.s. supreme court. democrats on the senate judiciary committee are expected to ask him pointed questions on multiple issues including whether kavanaugh would ever support overturning roe v. wade which legalized abortion, where he stands on gun control and how he views key provisions in the affordable care act or obamacare. some of kavanaugh's mentors and protegees are offering words of praise ahead of the hearings. a liberal law professor at yale says kavanaugh has "a combination of smarts, constitutional knowledge and openness." four days of committee kpix5 political reporter melissa caen joins us now with california's part in all this.
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it should get interesting. >> absolutely. our folks will be front and center. we have four days of committee hearings starting tomorrow and both of california's senators are on that senate judiciary committee and they made it clear it will not be a smooth ride for brett kavanaugh. both of california's senators agree the confirmation of brett kavanaugh would be a crisis. >> we don't want our response to simply be how we felt. our response is going to be what we did. >> and what the senators will do is fight. in 2006 senator feinstein voted against making kavanaugh a federal judge. >> it's very difficult for some of us to know what kind of a judge you will be and whether you can move away from the partisanship into that arena of objectivity and fairness. >> as the most senior democrat on the judiciary committee, feinstein will be the first member of the opposition to speak. >> we're going to be obviously doing a lot of research.
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we will point out all the pitfalls and all of the problems. >> the most junior democrat on the committee is harris and she will be the last member of the opposition to speak. >> it's a yes or no answer. do you believe -- >> a former prosecutor, harris has been tough on other presidential nominees like cia director gina haspel. >> just answer the question. >> senator, i think i've answered the question. >> no, you've not. >> democrats alone cannot stop this confirmation. so moderate republicans like susan collins of maine and lisa murkowski of alaska are crucial swing votes and both californians will be trying to win them over. >> we will not tire in this process. there is so much at stake. >> hearings start tomorrow morning at 6:15 a.m. our time and will be live streamed on the senate judiciary committee website where you can also find thousands and thousands of documents about the nominee. >> kavanaugh comes from the washington d.c. circuit and they don't typically see issues like abortion or immigration
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issues come up, right? >> that's right. the d.c. circuit is special. that's where you go to sue the federal government. so the judges in d.c., they rule on cases about federal agencies like the irs or the epa. they just don't see as many cases about affirmative action or the death penalty, those issues most of us recognize. that's one reason why there are so many questions about where he stands on certain issues because he's been sitting on this d.c. circuit where they just rarely come up. >> thank you. we are following some breaking news out of the sierra nevada getting word of a new wildfire that's broken out. this one is in placer county. this video is just coming in from the sheriff's department. it is burning near interstate 80 and immigrant gap. the sheriff's department is evacuating some campgrounds in that area as cal fire crews get on the scene. that fire already covers about 200 acres and is moving fast. we will keep monitoring the story. some developing news right now, a fire has just been
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contained in the outer richmond this afternoon. the one alarm blaze burned two floors of a residential building on cabrio street in san francisco. firefighters were able to get the fire under control. no one was injured. the fire is now under investigation. the haze around the bay area won't be lifting right away. this is a look at san jose. you can see the air quality. managers are calling a spare the air alert for tomorrow, but our chief meteorologist paul deanno says it is going to get better eventually, paul. >> yeah, ken. we had unhealthy air quality in the santa clara valley this morning. the air quality right now thankfully because of the ocean breeze has improved. we have gone to good air quality in fairfield and vacaville, otherwise moderate air quality throughout the rest of the bay area, but that's a step forward after unhealthy air quality in the south bay today. the reason why? the ocean breeze is on the increase. that will help us avoid a spare the air day tomorrow. good to moderate air quality is forecast for tuesday.
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so likely today's spare the air day will be the only one this week. coming up we'll talk about a warm-up. one day really stands out as the hottest. coming up a middle school student biking home in the east bay says she was run down by robbers who stole her stuff including her epipens. >> well, i'm very angry because of this mural. >> the artist checks out the blank wall that used to be his mural. now he says he wants those who are responsible to pay. struggle... and turns it -- into inspiration. >> colin kaepernick again the face of nike, a new ad campaign that takes his struggle and turns it into inspiration. this isn't just any long-distance relationship.
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this is long distance with the best wifi experience, plus the most free shows to stream. and with savings on wireless, this is a relationship with more money to spend on the important things. this is how xfinity makes life... simple. easy. awesome. xfinity delivers the fastest, most reliable internet learn more, or get started for $29.99 a month for 12 months. click, call or visit a store today. for an eighth grader in berkeley. she was riding her bike home from school... en she was rob a pretty scary start to the school year for one 8th grader
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in berkeley. >> she was riding her bike home from school when she was robbed and hit by the get-away car. >> kpix5's juliette goodrich spoke to the girl who is okay today. juliette? >> reporter: yeah. fortunately she's okay today. she had today to rest before school starts again tomorrow. her backpack was stolen right out of the front basket of her bike and then the driver managed to run her down after. >> like i hit my wrist and mostly this side of my body, so this knee, this elbow, this elbow, too, but less than this one and like a big scrape on my shoulder and back. >> reporter: cassie was riding her bike home in her first week of middle school when she was robbed and run down by a car on wheeler and russell streets. >> i was just biking like normal and a car came up by me and the front passenger window rolled down. an arm picked up my backpack. then the car sort of sped off and hit me.
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>> reporter: she fell off her bike onto the pavement. her bike is now totaled. her backpack and school supplies are stolen. >> it's pretty frustrating, you know, because her first week back to school, we were so proud of her because she's really fierce out there riding her bike and being independent and it's discouraging this can happen. >> they didn't really score anything that had any value. i'm obviously a kid. what did they think i was going to have? >> reporter: the suspects did manag to take some things, -- manage to take some things, things they likely didn't need or want to do. >> they got my homework and an ipod i used to communicate when i had wi-fi and my epipens because i'm allergic to bees. >> reporter: this area is known as bicycle boulevard. few cars travel down it. >> it's blocked off every couple blocks. you can't drive down it. you have to be there on purpose and so it's always been like this is the safest place you can go, sweetie, you know. >> i would say that this is
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like a fairly safe area, but also you always have to be vigilant. >> reporter: the silver lining in all of this according to the family is that when the community heard about what had happened, they wanted to help. they stepped in. they actually donated school supplies, a backpack, even a new bike, liz, and that bike is expected to arrive at her home any day. >> juliette, did cassiopeia always ride her bike to school in the past and is she going to do that again with this new bike? >> reporter: this is the first time that she went to public school. she was home schooled, but she rode her bike around the neighborhood all the time. so she says that she plans to get back on that bike and ride to school when it comes to her house, when it arrives that day. >> good for her. thank you. apple stores around the bay area are being targeted by thieves. we've told you about them. the most recent was in burlingame. police say the suspects ran into the store on burlingame avenue yesterday morning. they grabbed iphones and ipads
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before dashing to a get-away car down the street. this is just the latest in a string of these thefts all across the bay area. just last week three men in hoodies stormed into an apple store in santa rosa and took off with more than $35,000 worth of merchandise. four days before that a group of thieves rushed into a store in walnut creek and took $30,000 worth of iphones and laptops. police are looking to see if these three robberies are somehow connected. after a routine traffic stop one bay area thief was caught in possession of tide pods. take a look at this. a san ramon police officer pulled over the suspect for a registration violation and found nearly $2,500 worth of stolen merchandise including almost a dozen containers of tide's popular detergent pods. lide mountain area of the mount rose wilderness.... just south of reno. plane crash near reno starting a wildfire in the area, this is the slide mountain area of the mount rose
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wilderness just south of reno. the slide fire is at 80 acres today, 10% contained. fire officials say flames started when an aircraft crashed yesterday into the side of the hill and exploded. so far no word about the pilot or the aircraft. a board member with san francisco's transportation agency is questioning the permit process for electric scooters. this is after only two of the 12 companies that applied were approved to operate scooters on san francisco city streets. an sfmta board member told the chronicle a lyft lobbyist said lyft was at the top of the list. that is, until the transit board told staff to consider lyft's history of doing business in the city. so far mta officials are denying this ever happened. the only two companies given a permit to operate are scoot and skip. while uber might not get to operate electric scooters in san francisco, its jump bikes will soon be available at the
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per percidio -- percidio. the bikes will be available friday, but the bikes will need to be parked at a bike rack or they will be removed. a san jose muralist is fighting back after a beloved piece of his work was erased in the night. old newspaper reports say the artwork dates back to 1985. the artist, jose mesa velasquez worked with local teens on this project and donated $25,000 and donated the mural. it had become a local landmark of sorts depicting 500 years of chicano and east san jose history. the mural was suddenly and possibly unlawfully erased last week when a work crew painted it over. the law does not prevent murals on private buildings from being destroyed, but the building owner could be subject tofines
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for not notifying the artist. >> i need the people who destroyed my mural to pay. >> velasquez wants answers from the building's owner. he's looking to preserve and create cultural icons in san jose. nike selected former 49er quarterback colin kaepernick as the face of its just do it campaign. the new ad reads "believe in something even if it means sacrificing everything." this is in reference, of course, to kaepernick's controversial kneeling during the national anthem before games to protest racial injustice. nike released this statement, "we believe colin is one of the most inspirational athletes of this generation who has leveraged the power of sport to help move the world forward." last week the courts ruled the collusion case against the nfl of kaepernick could move forward. he argues the league and team owners conspired to keep him
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from playing. if kaepernick wins this case, he would be eligible to receive the money he might have earned as a signed free agent. kaepernick has not played in the nfl since march, 2017 when he opted out of his contract. hazy sunshine has been the rule the entire holiday weekend, temperatures super close to average. there's one day coming up where that is going to change. we will see some widespread 90s for just one day. we'll talk about which one it is next. . >> coming up at 6:00 tonight it's a sign of the times, bay area businesses boarded up and closed down, but now a renewed effort to preserve their past and keep their beloved billboards standing tall.
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gordon. dump the gulf coast is bracing for heavy winds and severe flooding tonight from tropical storm gordon. the system is expected to dump as many as 10 inches of rain in the south florida in the keys. residents are still recovering there from last year's
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hurricanes. kind of weird. i heard a quote today on kcbs from the governor of wisconsin who was saying it hasn't stopped raining in two weeks and they're sick of it. people are sick of the rain. >> we think of when our pattern is locked in place here in the summertime which usually means a ridge. that means somewhere downstream, aka, the rest of america, it's locked in the wet pattern. it seems like those extremes and lockings have become more common and, yeah, you can get inches and inches of rainfall which become feet of rain. the weather is getting very active in other parts of the country. for us kind of pleasant for labor day, 60s, 70s and 80s. oakland and san francisco are the 60s, santa rosa and san jose the 70s and concord and livermore the 80s. 90s come in on friday. friday will be the hottest day of the week. overnight tonight, kids back to school, you heading back work, oakland 56, napa 54, san jose 58 degrees. september, look at all these numbers. which number is the lowest?
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obviously san francisco, average high of 70 degrees, but it's odd san francisco is one of the only places in the country where the warmest month is september, not june, july or august like the rest of the country. san francisco's warmest month is september and even that only an average high of 70. morning clouds only near the water. tonight the light ocean breeze stays with us keeping temperatures average the next three days, 60s at the coast, 80s and 90s inland. this is key. think about this all month long. if the ridge is to our south, we keep the onshore breeze. we won't see a big heatwave like last september. when the ridges start building to our north, that's when the winds turn to a north or north east wind and we see 80s or 90s, even at the beach. we won't be there this week. futurecast, not much cloud cover, just filling in the bay, sunshine in the afternoon, same story wednesday. notice the bay is just barely filling in maybe from fremont and points north up toward vallejo. we're staying pretty dry. friday the ridge builds as far
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north as it's going to get as close as it will get. that's why friday will likely be the hottest day, but the heat will only be inland, 90s away from the water. santa rosa 83, fairfield hitting 90 degrees tomorrow. a couple degrees cooler wednesday and thursday. look how friday sticks out, mid- 90s inland, but we trail off for the weekend back to the upper 80s to low 90s. near the water we'll stay in the 60s and 70s. that is your forecast. we'll be right back.
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wildlife officia check out this massive bear roaming in an l.a. neighborhood this morning. wildlife officials had to tranquilize the animal, but it will be back in the wild after it wakes up. this is the third bear sighting in los angeles this summer. cbs evening news is up next. >> jeff glor is here with a preview. >> up next tonight on the cbs evening news labor day storms bring dangerous flooding to the midwest and a hurricane watch on the gulf coast. >> dr. jon lapook on genetic testing that's forcing patients to make life changing decisions. >> and actors rally around a former star of the cosby show after job shaming allegations coming up in a few seconds on the cbs evening news. >> obviously it's not jeff glor. he's taking a vacation. it's labor day. thanks for watching at 5:00! >> allen and i and paul are back in 30 minutes. see you then.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> dubois: on the "cbs evening news" this labor day: dramatic rescues today as floodwaters rise in the midwest. and now a hurricane threat along the gulf coast. new genetic testing can help prevent cancer but leaves patients with a life-changing choice. but first, the headlines in 60 seconds. >> tropical storm gordon bringing heavy rain and gusty winds to florida. that storm heading for a northern gulf coast landfall tomorrow. >> a very wet holiday for much of the midwest. a lot of areas already waterlogged after some powerful storms over the weekend. >> at least six states are under flood watches or advisories. >> washington, d.c., archbishop cardinal donald wuerl confronted at mass on sunday as he asked for prayers for pope francis.
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