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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  September 5, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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to miss this face, on top of the nike store. former 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick, who knelt during the national anthem to protest police brutality is a new and controversial face for nike. the company just released it's a dream crazy video ad, with kaepernick narrating the two- minute spot. >> believe in something, even if it means sacrificing everything. >> think they are very smart. they are a $30 billion company. they don't do anything lightly, i'm sure this was heavily discussed and researched. >> reporter: bob has been a sports marketing expert for nearly 20 years. he says nike knew exactly what they were doing, and he believes in the end, nike will come out as the winner with increased revenues and customer loyalty. >> consumers are a little more interested in their brands being in line with the way they think. brands taking a stand, you
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respect a brand a little more for taking a stand and believing the way that you do. >> they thought it was a very brave and bold move. >> we showed the nike video to people here at union square. >> what did you think? >> very inspiring. very great message. >> reporter: but, there are others who don't agree with kaepernick or celebrate his message. >> to neil for the american flag, the star-spangled banner, and then, to play an american sport for an american league? what are we doing here? >> reporter: other people seem to agree, republican congressman lee selden tweeted pat tillman should have been the face of nike, the former nfl star from san jose turned down millions, enlisted in the army, after the september 11 attacks, and was killed serving in afghanistan. his nfl name was created with tillman's face in the nike ad. the congressman said tillman died for our flag and anthem
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while kaepernick protested it. >> reporter: we saw people out here taking pictures of the nike billboard, one man said he even bought nike socks just to support the company. he also spoke to people who had no idea who kaepernick is. reporting live in union square, mary lee, kpix5. >> the broadcast debut for the ad will be during the nfl opener tomorrow night. >> a prestigious south bay school president is resigning after the school is accused of mishandling sex abuse allegations. julie watches outside the school with the details tonight, julie? >> reporter: mary miller resigned today after allegations of mishandling sexual conduct for decades. the school did not make anyone available for an interview today but they did put out a press release, and miller put out a statement, saying, quote, the allegations of past sexual
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abuse continue to be a distraction for the school. and bring negative attention. it is my sincere hope that my absence will bring peace and allow the initiation to focus on the success and well-being of our students which is our common goal. we cannot change the past, but we must dedicate ourselves to the future. miller is a former presentation student, she became a teacher and then served as the principal of the school for the last 25 years, before becoming president. miller was named in a lawsuit filed last month, along with the school's former theater director, who is accused of sexual misconduct. here is what the victim's attorney said last month. >> we have filed this lawsuit against presentation high school mary miller and jeffrey hicks, to see accountability from these defendants, and to make sure these types of acts against children never happen again. >> the victim in this case is one of more than a dozen reported victims who attended presentations dating back to the 80s. they allege the school mishandled complaints of sexual harassment and inappropriate
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advances by teachers, coaches, and other staff. the story surfaced last year when they graduate an op-ed for the washington post accusing her former spanish teacher of sexual assault. the school has consistently defended its handling of the allegations saying in all instances the mistress acted responsibly and followed reporting laws adding they have reported points to authorities when they had a reasonable suspicion of childhood abuse. in a statement, the diocese of san jose bishops says he hopes the announcement today will, quote, allow the victims, survivors and families and the presentation high school community to take the next steps on the path to recovery, and wholeness. the board says they will immediately begin their search for a new principal. in san jose, julie watts. it struck me 6:00, sam has a neighbors are embracing concerns about plans for a freeway overpass cutting into a school playground. the overpass would link that
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what avenue to silkwood lane over i-880. aimed at easing congestion. ramirez has more on why some think the plan will do the opposite. >> you have the overpass coming down here. >> reporter: robin says this quiet neighborhood street next to a school could soon become a major traffic artery if the city gets its way. san jose plans to build the freeway overpass crossing interstate 880 nearby, and the approach would cut into the playgrounds of orchard school, a 900 student k-8 where his daughter is in the great -- first grade. >> this would cut into our property, the trees would be gone. >> reporter: those may be valid points, but the plans for the overpass were here before the school was built. >> we understand that 25 years ago, thouthis would be a good idea. >> reporter: that's right, san jose has had plans on the books for an overpass since 1994 to help ease the choking traffic around one of the cities
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biggest job centers. when the school was built in the 2000's, school officials knew the road would eventually clip the northern cancer -- campus boundary. is the city backing down? >> highly unlikely, this is something that has been in the plans for decades at this point, something we think is necessary to keep traffic flowing at this point, it will be a nice facility for picking -- people walking by as well. >> the plan has shrunk from a four-lane to a two lane overpass, with by clients in crosswalks. even so, critics say moving ahead goes against san jose's other stated goal to reduce pedestrian accidents. >> if you have a vision zero policy that says our highest priority is the safety of pedestrians, i think that is fundamentally incompatible with inducing commercial vehicle capacity. stroop >> san jose says neighbors and parents will have their say during an input., and rorevi. the city's goal is to build the overpass sometime in 2024. in san jose, kpix5.
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parents are gathering signatures on a petition to fight the city's plan. parents say about one third of the student body would have to cross the new thoroughfare. >> top executive that facebook and twitter stood before congress today. they were grilled on the spread of fake news, and admitted they initially fell short in addressing the problem. >> devon fehely with the tech leaders hotseat. kevin? >> executives admitted today that they were caught flat footed, and they reacted slowly. fake accounts used controversial issues like race and immigration to sow division. some conservative groups figure they are trying to remove fake accounts and offensive content, and that the pendulum has swung towards censorship. >> we were too slow to spot this. and, too slow to act. >> reporter: cheryl samberg and jack dorsey told senators they were ill-prepared to handle how
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their social media platform's were used to sway voters in the 2016 election. >> we are proud of how the free and open -- we are proud of how the free and open exchange has been organized. >> they have worked to delete offensive accounts and remove offensive content. >> hate speech is against our policies, and we work to take it down. >> reporter: some conservative groups say they are not comfortable with the internet giants acting as gatekeepers, determining what is and is not excitable speech. >> they are not neutral. i have heard all the complaints about censorship only from one side of my friend base, the conservative side and not from the others. >> reporter: republican activist who has been invited to testify later this month says there is a lack of transparency in how the tech companies are filtering comments. >> what is insidious about censorship is that you are not told you are being censored,
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number two, if you are being censored, you are not told why. >> the social media executives say despite past missteps, politics play no part in how they handle content. >> our policies don't take into consideration philosophy or viewpoint. >> reporter: dylan was scheduled to appear to schedule before today's hearing. her parents was rescheduled to give tech executives the first opportunity to address the issue. >> thanks so much. google was noticeably absent from the hearing today. empty chair was placed beside two other companies with a glass of water. lawmakers slammed google for not showing up. >> google has an immense responsibility in this space. given its size, i would have thought that leadership at google would have wanted to demonstrate how seriously it takes these challenges. >> on wall street, google, facebook and wall street all closed down with twitter taking the biggest hit during today's testimony, this is the tech sector's worst single day
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decline since late july. >> problems for san francisco's tilted tower, what we are learning today about a cracked window on the 36th floor. shots fired at the south bay restaurant, a child feet away. the search for suspects. >> the russian river is sick, putting dangerous fish at risk. the not so scientific way residents are helping to cure it. >> the oakland a's have been in the bay area for 50 years, but, for the first time ever, at a's hall of fame, the ceremony has begun. we will have it live for you along with your forecast. looking good back in the 90s, your forecast coming up.
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weather is sponsored by mancini sleep world. enjoy huge savings at our labor day mattress sale. visit sleep another program -- problem plaguing census tilting skyscraper, a cracked window on the 36th floor. as phil reports, the major concern is glass. possibly, falling on people below. >> the overall concern is, if these stresses caused by sinking and tilting are affecting one window, could they affect other windows, sending glass down on to the
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sidewalks below? >> reporter: the towers homeowners want answers as well. >> we don't know, but we had our seismic experts and structural engineer go out this morning, and inspect the unit itself. >> the 58 story tall millennium tower in the heart of san francisco. while its height and style are striking, the reason for all the attention is that it is sinking. more than a foot so far, and tilting as well. leading to cracks within the building, and on the outside sidewalks. so, when a window on the 36th floor and excited the cracked over the weekend, alarms went off all the way to city hall. >> this is the most -- congested part of downtown, apostle puts us across the street from the tower, hundreds of thousands of people are there all day long. >> blocking off the sidewalk under the window. >> reporter: an investigation was started by both the city and the millennium him -- homeowners association. so far, it appears to be safe.'s budget is contained in silicone, so it is all holding together very tightly, and safely. we don't have a concern about
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that falling. >> reporter: the preliminary inspection by the city today also found there was little danger of falling glass. still, it is a source of great concern. supervisor aaron peskin has been investigating the tilting tower for over a year. one of his concerns is that the cracked window may be a warning of bigger problems ahead. >> it may have to do with stresses caused by the buildings sinking and tilting. i don't want an earthquake for glass to be knee-deep all around that building. this budget i think it is, but again, without a full investigation and a conference if investigation i don't know yet. >> phil reporting. that investigation is underway to determine exactly what is happening. if other windows in the building could be impacted as well. incredible video shows a brazen shooting last month outside a restaurant in the south bay. check it out. it starts as a scuffle between customers inside the victoria
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tuck arena in san jose. bennett moves outside when a suspect pulls out a gun and starts shooting. three men were shot and taken to the hospital. police say the man in the black baseball cap is wanted for attempted murder. another man and woman captured on surveillance cameras are also wanted for questioning. new 6:00, the russian river is sick, and just like any patient, the russian river watershed association wants to take the rivers temperature. the watershed spans for more than 1400 miles. it is a popular tourist destination, and habitat for dozens of species. kpix5's emily turner on how the community is helping with the cure. emily? >> reporter: el is. if you think about it, when kids are ill, you take their temperatures to see exactly how ill they are. same thing here in this situation. two weekends from now, not the saturday, but next, people will be taking the temperature of the river and its tributaries to see how sick it is.
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>> reporter: the russian river watershed association is asking the public to take the temperature of water in the russian river and its tributaries. it has gotten warmer and warmer over the years, and this bubble supported a spiritual help map it. >> we are trying to get people engaged in the community, and also provide awareness to the general public, that temperature is a concern in the russian river. >> reporter: one of the biggest concerns, actually. temperature pollution, as it is known, can destroy critical habitats for endangered fish species. and up the risk for toxic algae. the data is -- is a scientific study, but it will be the first of its kind, and likely eye- opening for many. >> generally speaking, i think people may be concerned. with what they find. >> reporter: the watershed association says you don't have to have anything specific, anything expensive. something like this from your local pool store is perfect, meant to go in the water and less than $10.
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after you drop it and leave it for three minutes, and when you pull it out, you should have an accurate reading which today is about 75 degrees. send the data to the association via email or online submission. they will make a temperature map with the readings. it won't be the basis for big decisions, but it will, hopefully, scientists say, be the basis for public support and change. >> the public can do small incremental things that will make a difference over time. especially caring for the creeks, the vegetation of the greek. >> reporter: again, it is not just the russian river itself, it is all the tributaries like this, which ultimately doesn't flow into the russian river. there is a whole map of all the tributaries online at the watershed's website as well as more information about how to get involved, and how to submit information once you take that temperature reading. just go to rr reporting live, kpix5.
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chief meteorologist paul deanna, big hall of fame celebration, hopefully the fog is holding off. >> low cloud cover rolling in. >> reporter: that's par for the course here in oakland, we are minutes away from the inaugural first ever oakland a's hall of fame ceremony. dennis eckersley is part of the crew, charlie finley, the owner that brought the team from kansas city to oakland, part of the inaugural class, and of course, ricky henderson, stolen base king of major league baseball, three of the six individuals being inducted tonight in a matter of minutes, we will likely be bringing you part of that ceremony live with my next weather cast, but the preparations are underway right now, a beautiful day for baseball, here are high temperatures today, not that one, it is about 7 degrees below average. livermore at 81 degrees, san jose 78, fremont, you hit 74 today. oakland at 66, and san francisco
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seasonably chilly. 62 degrees. speaking of, that will be the temperature at 7:05 for the first pitch tonight, breezy and pool for the game against the yankees, big playoff indications, it would be nice if we could get that wildcard playoff homer even when the division. showing you a ridge of high pressure getting closer, it wasn't close today. we got a southwest wind flow, that is why temperatures were below average. that begins to change tomorrow as the ridge gets closer, more of a westwind and then on friday in northwest wind. we will be above average by 5 degrees especially inland. your weather headlines, fog pushes locally in overnight tonight, it will be warmer for most of the bay area tomorrow, temperatures will hit their peak on friday. highs tomorrow in the 80s, san jose and 81, santa rosa 85. 65 and seven cisco, and 71 in oakland. your highness for the next seven days will stay in the upper 80s to low 90s with one exception, that's friday near the bay, we stay at the 70s at the coast, notice a pretty
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significant cooling trend by the middle of next week. guys, the oakland a's franchise has nine world series championships, but they have never had a hall of fame ceremony. that changes tonight, looking forward into the future, new members will be added every year, we will have that coming up in 20 minutes. back to you. still ahead, artificial intelligence, how the technology could be a game changer. the vikings new quarterback might be a game changer. the 49ers will find out on sunday. and, a former ritter linebacker arrived in chicago with the shirt on his back and nothing else. what he wants most might surprise you. the nature of a virus is to change. move. mutate.
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today, life-changing technology from abbott is helping hunt them down at their source. because the faster we can identify new viruses, the faster we can get to stopping them. the most personal technology, is technology with the power to change your life.
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life. to the fullest. and went to the nfc championship..and with the addition of a new quarterback, they have their sights set on the super bowl... finally, the 49ers kickoff sunday in minnesota against a vikings team that had the best defense in the nfl, and went to the nfc championship.
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with the addition of a new quarterback, they have their sights set on the super bowl, kirk cousins is the vikings new starting quarterback. shanahan coached him in washington and wanted him in to discuss her badly that shanahan was a morning when it became clear that jimmy g was the quarterback of the future. >> i told him how bad of a choice it was. i understand what he was trying to say. i'm very happy for him for what he's been there and i'm actually happy with what we have here, and where we are at, the decision we made. >> it's been a hectic few days for khalil, traded to chicago, signed $141 million deal, and was in such a hurry to get to chicago he didn't pack anything. >> i flew in from new york. i just put on socks and left. >> when will you find the time to have a place to live.
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>> no time for that now. i have to get on my phone with my financial advisor to see what i can do. >> pretty much anything. medicine she's taking on carlos , keyes, who lost to sloan stevens in the finals last year looking to get back there. she beat navarro in straight sets and will face a sucker in the semifinal. on the men's side, knocking off marion village in five sets to reach the semi finals. our catch of the day goes to 60-year-old austin miller who pulled in a 4 pound largemouth bass wearing a fishing shirt. the box on the left says your mom the box on the right says my mom and she's holding a
6:26 pm
monster fish. send us your fishing pictures and the story that goes with them to the catch of the day at my wife bought a fishing shirt that says quit staring at my best. -- bass. which i thought was tasteful when you're pulling out a 6 pound bass. >> i'm sure you get a lot of looks. >> that's my catch of the day. coming up on our next half hour, a bombshell at the white house, a senior ministration official slams president trump in an op-ed, the president's response. grilled on capitol hill, the special question the supreme court nominee refused to answer. investigators trying to figure out what caused this plane to go down, and up close look at the wreckage.
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president trump firing back at a high level administration official w you are watching kpix5 news. if top story, president trump firing back at a high level administration official who is calling out to the president in the new york times. the anonymous offers as people -- writer says people
6:30 pm
immunization feel the need to protect the country from the president. president trump wrote if the gutless person does a indeed exist, he must be turned over to the government at once. the op-ed was written by a senior ministration official who says, quote, many of the senior officials in his own admission are working diligently from within to frustrate parts of his agenda and his worst inclinations. the official also writes about wanting the menstruation to succeed, and says, but we believe our first duty is to this country, and the president continues to act in a manner that is detrimental to the health of our republic. the author then adds, there are adults in the room and we are trying to do what is right, even when donald trump won't. this afternoon, president trump fired right back. >> nobody has ever done in a less than two year period, would we have done, so when you talk about some anonymous source within the administration, probably he was failing, and probably here for
6:31 pm
the wrong reasons. the new york times is failing. if i weren't here, i believe the new york times probably wouldn't exist. they have an anonymous editorial. anonymous. meaning gutless. a gutless editorial. we are doing a great job. >> president trump made his remarks in front of an audience of county sheriff's meeting at the white house. the op-ed comes on the heels of a new book by veteran journalist bob woodward painting a chaotic image of the trump white house. reporter nicole killian on the president's reaction to the book. >> reporter: president trump is trashing bob woodward's upcoming book entitled fear, trumping the white house. >> the book means nothing it's a work of fiction. >> reporter: in the book published by simon & schuster, a division of cbs, woodward writes chief of staff john kelly said of president trump he's an idiot, it's pointless
6:32 pm
to try to convince them of anything. he has gone off the rails, we are in crazy town. washington post journalist also writes defense secretary james matus told his closest associate president trump had the understanding of a fifth or sixth grader. kelly and matus denied making statements. the >> general matus has come out very strongly, he was insulted by the remarks that were attributed to him. >> reporter: president trump is reacting by questioning the watergate reporter's credibility, even raising the possibility that woodward is a democratic operative. in a recorded confirmation -- conversation between the two men after the book's completion, president trump expressed his admiration for woodward. >> i'm very open to you, i think you've always been fair, but we will see what happens. >> reporter: and in a 2013 tweet, he wrote, only the obama white house can get away with attacking bob woodward. the president was not interviewed for the book. woodward said he tried through six different people to arrange
6:33 pm
an interview with no success. nicole killian cbs news, the white house. >> one of the former staffers, bob woodward spoke to was a former press secretary sean spicer. local reporter melissa caen asked him about the book last month. >> reporter: woodward also has a book coming out, did you talk to him? >> yes. >> reporter: what did you say, just between us? >> reporter: spicer admitted to speaking with the author but would not reveal what he said. let's take a live look right now, the supreme court confirmation hearing is happening in washington, california senator, harris -- kamala harris has started questioning. >> i take your point, and i appreciate it. >> thank you. >> reporter: in griswold, the supreme court said as the
6:34 pm
supreme court could not prohibit married or unmarried people from using contraceptives. do you believe griswold and eisenstadt were correctly decided? >> those cases followed from the supreme court's recognition of unenumerated rights in the peers and admire cases earlier. so, with what those cases held is that there is a right of privacy. >> do you personally agree that those two cases were correctly decided? i am asking not what the court held, but what you believe. >> to go back to pearson meyer, does cases recognized a right of privacy, the ability for family autonomy or privacy under the liberty clause of the due process clause of the 14th amendment. >> with due respect, judge, i am asking, do you agree that those cases were rightly decided? >> on griswold, i think justice white's concurrent is a persuasive application.
6:35 pm
that specifically routed the griswold -- >> each senator gets half an hour to question the nominee, and a lot of people expected a tough line of questioning. kavenaugh did face of the tough questions today, including some about the president who nominated him. cbs recorder has more. >> no one is above the law and our constitutional system. >> reporter: supreme court nominee brett kavenaugh pledged to be independent from president trump on the second day of his confirmation hearing. >> what sort of loyalty do you hold to the president? >> if confirmed to the supreme court as a sitting judge, i know i owe my loyalty to the constitution. >> reporter: lawmakers pressed the 53-year-old conservative on executive power. >> can a sitting power -- presidents be required to respond to a subpoena? >> i can't give you an answer to that hypothetical question. >> reporter: dick durbin challenged kavenaugh until -- to stop the proceedings until
6:36 pm
all documents from george w. bush's administration are released. >> i don't believe that is consistent with prior nominees. >> reporter: lawmakers on both sides each got 30 minutes to question kavenaugh on issues like gun rights and abortion. >> can you sit down with you and for other judges and overrule roe v wade just because you want to. >> it is an important precedent to the supreme court. >> reporter: protesters repeatedly interrupted the hearing, but kavenaugh pressed on. >> one of the reasons people objected to your nomination, i believe you have republican blood flowing in your veins was the quote. >> i've been a judge for 12 years and an independent 12 -- judge for 12 years. >> reporter: if confirmed he would replace retired justice anthony kennedy. cbs news come capitol hill. >> republicans are working to get a full senate vote on kavenaugh's nomination by the
6:37 pm
end of the month. if that happens, kavenaugh could take his place in time for the supreme court's full term. investigators are carefully collecting evidence at the site of a deadly plane crash in palo alto. kit shows us what exactly they're looking for. >> reporter: the ntsb granted cruz up close access to the wreckage. from our vantage point feet away, you could see how the force of the impact ejected the engine and instrument panel, crumpled the nose, the left wing, and the body. ntsb investigator mike here is examining the instrument panel looking for clues as to what the pilot was doing just before he ran into trouble. in this recording of the radio communications with the control tower, spencer needed help finding the runway. >> could you give me directions to that? i'm not familiar with the field. >> the towers at your 12:00 two and half miles, just before the shoreline at the edge of the
6:38 pm
bridge, overfly the dunbar bridge. >> roger, overflowing dunbar bridge. >> reporter: did anything raise a red flag? >> i don't know if he's been into this airport before, but it was apparent from what i read, again an unofficial transcript, from what i read, that he had been unfamiliar with the air force -- airport, but that's not so unusual. >> reporter: i go around was recommended, where the plane touches the landing before going around for another attempt, that's when he crashed. >> it is hard to find the airport sometimes. the airport itself is a 2400 foot runway, a little bit on the short side, but, not particularly difficult. >> reporter: the organization the pilot was flying for released a statement saying, john began volunteering as a pilot for angel flight west in 2014. he has served more than 75 families with 125 flights to help them receive the care they
6:39 pm
needed. he will be greatly missed by the staff at angel flight west and his fellow volunteers. in palo alto, kpix5. huber is not done with self driving cars, the ceos push to get back to testing.
6:40 pm
6:41 pm
the news comes just months after the company suspended its training program... when a pedestrian was killed in na. she was st huber is putting it self driving cars back on the road. the news comes month after the company suspended its training program. when a pedestrian was killed in tempe arizona. she was struck by a self driving your car -- huber car while crossing the street. despite having the accident letter to the pullback, to really look at processes, so that when we get back on the road, we are going to get back on the road, with self driving, and start testing our technology again, we do so with the safeties -- the safest manner possible. >> huber is implanting a safety feature called a ride check activated if it detects a possible crash, it will also conceal pickup and drop off addresses.
6:42 pm
reporter chris vancleave sat down with the ceo to see what is next for huber, you can watch that interview tomorrow on cbs this morning. on monday, we aired a story about the effort to preserve midcentury signs from businesses in san jose which have closed or plan to close soon. that story included video of the western appliance sign on west san carlos street. we want to be clear, western appliance is still very much open for business. western appliance has no plans to close up shop. it might surprise you, coming up, the most contaminated germany spot at the airport. we are live outside the oakland coliseum as the a's get ready to unveil their first hall of fame class ever. i'll have your forecast of the game through the weekend coming up.
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(music throughout) declared a medical emergency onboard a flight from dubai. passengers and crew members on board an emirates flight reported feeling sick. tense moments at jfk airport in new york today after a pilot declared a medical emergency on board a flight from dubai. the flight reported members seeing -- feeling sick with flulike symptoms. the plane was quarantined on the tarmac. health officials evaluated more than 500 -- more than 100 of
6:46 pm
the 520 people on board. people were taken to the hospital and we are told they are in stable condition. there was at least one celebrity on board, rapper vanilla ice among the hundreds of people quarantined on that plane, he says he did not get sick. he tweeted that he was happy to be on the top level of the double-decker plane. next time you go through airport security, you may want to wash your hands. a new study finds those bins you use at the security checkpoints are covered with germs. researchers tested the plastic bins during peak flu season. they say half of the bins carried evidence of at least one respiratory virus. >> the passenger has a virus and a brief down into that, they can deposit virus along with their shoes and their luggage into the bins. >> that's gross, i don't like that. >> get this, researchers also examined the surfaces of handrails, toilets, and kiosk touchscreens. they found security trays have the most contamination.
6:47 pm
the company that makes hearing aids in the bay area uses artificial intelligence to do more than improve hearing. it is caused -- called the livio ai, besides offering state-of-the-art sound quality, it can also stream phone calls, television, and music, directly into someone's ears. the dual hearing aids record movement so they can track physical activity just like a fit bit in your head. they also monitor social engagement. the company starkey hearing technologies just start -- started selling hearing aids. time for a look at the weather, paul diener in the colosseum for us tonight. >> reporter: hey guys, we are outside of the stadium now, we got booted from the field a couple minutes ago because of broadcast rules. i would love to show you the ceremony live, i can show it to you going on, outside with the food trucks folks going inside the stadium, that right there is the owner of the oakland a's, charlie finley, who
6:48 pm
brought the team from kansas city to oakland 15 years ago, one of six new members, inaugural members of the oakland a's hall of fame. five players and an owner. dennis eckersley, rollie fingers, catfish hunter, and reggie jackson, amazing baseball players who, combined, one three sal young awards, one for mvps, and 21 world series rings, the most recent, the 1989 bay bridge series which coincided with the earthquake. right before game two. looking at weather maps, we have 74 degrees in concord, 63 in oakland, 59 in san francisco. san jose in the 60s, santa rosa in the 60s and livermore 69 degrees. as we look at the forecast for the baseball game tonight, if you are lucky enough to get inside the stadium, 7:05 first pitch cool and breezy has the unveiling of the a's hall of fame this evening.
6:49 pm
overnight lows in the 50s, pacifica 53, oakland 57, vallejo 54. moderate air quality in your forecast for tomorrow, we will likely once again have hazy sunshine once the morning clouds burn off. we will have less cloud cover tomorrow even less coming up on friday because of a ridge of high pressure which is moving closer. less in that influence especially inland will increase our temperatures tomorrow, increasing further coming up on friday. low clouds and fog will return overnight tonight happening right now, we will be warmer in most locations tomorrow, but the warmest day will be friday before we cool off back to average by this weekend. pleasant weather for the next few days. highs tomorrow, pacifica 59 degrees, cupertino at 81, union city 76. 90 is your height and livermore, 87 antioch, 88 in concord. afternoon sunshine in san leandro at 72, cloverdale 90, lakeport 94. friday sticks out especially inland, will be warmer by 70
6:50 pm
degrees even mid to upper 90s, cooling-off 5 degrees on saturday, and leveling off through monday. 60s to low 70s, 50s to low 60's at the coast, a cooling trend next tuesday through wednesday. the a's have 50 years in oakland finally as of tonight and will have a hall of fame with some amazing baseball players. live in oakland, paul diener, that's your forecast. we'll be right back. paul, thanks. when we come back, she offers kids comfort with the help of giants. we will meet this week's jefferson award winner.
6:51 pm
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6:53 pm
this week's jefferson award winner was inpsired by her father to live a life of service. no he growing up, this week's jefferson award winner was inspired by her father to live
6:54 pm
a life of service. >> now she is dedicating her time to helping young people in need. >> good job. >> reporter: all smiles as he completes his weekly horseback ride. his mom patty is smiling too. >> she takes a lot of pride in writing. -- riding. it is thing. >> reporter: he has autism and is nonverbal. his right is not just for fun, it is therapy. >> getting them to work with things that get him to use his fingers and hands, that is why we get him to stretch his arms the whole way out, to build that core strength. >> reporter: peak is a volunteering riding instructor in training. for the last three years she has given riding instructors to other adults with us special needs. >> i love where they are at in life, that final age of development. really at the last point you can catch them and turn their
6:55 pm
life around. >> reporter: that passion extends to helping other young people. three years ago, steph founded the rusty halo foundation. through it, steph hopes to give girls in the foster care system a chance to ride and build confidence. >> that is huge, especially for teenage girls to be able to control something in their life, to have empowerment over something in their life. this gives them the chance to take control. >> the program was a success. >> they learn to muck out stalls and groom and do all the work with a horse, we gave each one of them their own horse, so they were able to bond with their horse, and they took that horse through the program. >> reporter: steph's mentor, haley warnock is impressed. >> she is patient, it takes a lot of patience to work with animals and students that we work with. >> horses are amazing creatures, that we can bond
6:56 pm
with. you take a foster teen that is shuffled from place to place, you know, area to area, never really settling, they can come and bond with the creature like this. >> reporter: for helping underserved young adults, this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to staff peak. along with the rusty halo foundation, steph hopes to eventually open a ranch where foster girls can live and work with those horses year-round. if someone you know is reaching out to help others like she is, send us a nomination for a jefferson award online at >> horses can be so therapeutic. for news throughout the evening, the latest always on >> we are right back here at 11:00. >> have a good night. oh!
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announcer: it's time to play "family feud"! give it up for steve harvey! [cheering and applause] [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: how y'all? thank you very much. how y'all? thank you, folks. i appreciate that. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man--steve harvey. [cheering and applause] got another good one for you today. returning for their third day, with a total of 20,980 bucks, from chicago, illinois, it's the champs. it's the crawford family. [cheering and applause] and from ames, iowa, it's the owings family. [cheering and applause] everybody's here trying to win theirself a lot of cash, and somebody might have a shot at drivin' out of here in a brand-new car. [cheering and applause]
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let's go meet the owings family. ellen, how you doing? ellen: i'm doing well, steve. so nice to meet you. steve: well, nice to meet you. what do you do, darling? ellen: i am a registered nurse of 39 years. steve: mmm. ellen: yeah. steve: that's great work. all right, introduce everybody, ellen. ellen: ok. this is my daughter maura, my son-in-law nate, my only son brian, and my hunky husband dennis. [cheering and applause] steve: hey, look, i'm gonna meet everybody as the game goes on. seem like a real nice family. ellen, thank you for all you do. listen to me. they've already got over 20,000 bucks. they almost won another 20,000. that's a good team over there. you're gonna have to play well. have fun. win some money today. let's go! give me ellen, give me kahmeelah. top 5 answers on the board. here we go. we asked 100 married men: what do you wish your wife would wear more often?


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