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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  September 7, 2018 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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>> reporter: the state attorney general is charging four people, joshua, noel, gerlin and carlina gamos with 15 counts most for human trafficking and labor-related violations. investigators say they exploited possibly hundreds of new immigrants from the philippines over a 10 year period. >> they were forced to work up to 24 hours a day. she slept on the floors and in garage -- they slept on the floors and in garages. they were locked outside sometimes in the rain. >> reporter: investigators say the family took the workers passports and threatened to turn them over to immigration officials to prevent the workers from reporting the abuse. they charged joshua gamo is raping a female neighbor. a next-door neighbor says this is a picture of him and it's hard to believe the charges. >> i like the guy, you know. he's a nice guy. >> reporter: no problems? >> not at all. he's a very nice guy. >> awful, unbelievable that they could do that there in a
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quiet house. >> reporter: investigators say the wage theft amount is roughly $8.5 million. so far they have not filed any gun charges against that family yet. that should follow very soon. by the way, investigators say so far there's no evidence indicating any abuse toward the kids or the adults who are being cared for. live in daly city, i'm da lin, kpix5. elon musk is caught on camera.. more trouble for tesla this evening after the hit heard around the world. elon musk is caught on camera smoking pot on a podcast. kpix5's len ramirez is live at the tesla factory in fremont with the latest in a series of strange headlines involving the ceo of len? >> reporter: that's right, elizabeth. a lot of people are shaking their heads about this. musk is known as a maverick, but he's all the figurehead and face of the company behind me, a lot of employees and shareholders depending on him. many wonder now not so much what he's smoking, but why he's
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doing it. >> it's tobacco and marijuana in there. it's all it is. >> reporter: by the time the smoke cleared on elon musk's now famous pot smoking interview tesla's stock was plunging and two more key executives were leaving the company. >> alcohol is a drug. it's been grandfathered in. >> it's a killer. perception is everything. >> reporter: san jose state lucas college of business professor dr. howard comb said this picture will compete with the image of musk as an innovator and visionary in the eyes of the public and on wall street from now on. >> if people perceive your brand is innovative, creative, visionary, they reward it. we've seen that with amazon, with apple, with tesla, but if they believe you've lost the magic touch and you really are kind of stumbling out of the gate now and not really sure where you're going, they will punish you and punish you severely. >> reporter: comb said it's not just the pot smoking, but a series of recent missteps by musk that have people questioning his ability to lead
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tesla including the recent quiet about taking the company private and having the funding to do it which turned out to be false. he wonders where is tesla's board of directors? >> they seem to have kind of let musk go out on his own and be a bit out of control. so yes, they haven't done the job you would expect them to do. >> reporter: but some of musk's most loyal fans are not as concerned. joel wirek has owned two model s's and sees the pot smoking as an eccentricness, part of what makes risk who he is. >> you've got a guy who is inventing flame throwers and selling them and let's dig a hole with his boring machine, ons he so far out there -- he's so far out there with his creativity, you got to let those guys go out there. they're in a different world and i'm okay with that. >> reporter: the air force is also looking into this incident. musk has a security clearance with the airport because of his
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spacex ventures. one of the terms of that contract is that he cannot smoke marijuana. so the air force is looking into it. it could cost musk if it's proven true some very high value contracts. live in fremont, len ramirez, kpix5. >> thank you. in a company e-mail today musk advised his employees to ignore the "fuss and noise in the media. results are what matter and we are creating the most mind blowing growth in the history of the automotive industry." he also touted what he called the most exciting new product lineup of any company in the world including the model y, the tesla pickup truck, the semi and the new roadster as well as the solar roof and the company's commercial and home battery packs. he added, "and that's just what people know about." investors weren't that impressed, at least not today. tesla shares plunged about 9% in early trading before recovering slightly for a loss of 6%. the two men charged in the
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deadly ghost ship warehouse fire will go on trial in april. ghost ship master tenant derick almena and his partner max harris withdrew their no contest pleas to 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter. 36 people were killed in the oakland warehouse fire in december, 2016. prosecutors argue that almena and harris knowingly created a fire trap with inadequate means of escape. a judge rejected their plea graham last month saying almena did -- agreement last month saying almena did not show sufficient remorse. a man on trial suspected of being the gypsy hill killer lashes out in a redwood city courtroom. 69-year-old rodney halbower shouted to the jury he was not guilty and never raped anyone, but he is suspected of raping and killing six young women during a five-month period in 1976. halbower is being tried for two of those killings. at the time the unknown serial killer was named for gypsy hill in pacifica where one of the
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bodies was found. the killings were a mystery until 2014 when investigators found a match for dna samples taken from cigarette butts at one of the crime scenes. halbower says he is being set up. in a phone call he said, "that's a bunch of crock. i welcome them to take me to court. let them have 10,000 lawyers, 10,000 attorneys general. bring them on. i'd love the opportunity to be in the spotlight and let them know what's been going on." halbower was serving a prison sentence for rape and attempted murder when investigators found the dna match. find the author of the anonymo on piece president trump is pushing for a federal investigation to find the author of the anonymous new york times opinion piece about the president's erratic behavior. as reporter mola lenghi tells us, a former president is also weighing in. >> reporter: president donald trump told reporters on air force one tracking down the writer of an anonymous new york times opinion piece could be a
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matter of national security. the president continues to publicly fume over the op ed in which a senator administration official claims to be part of a quiet resistance in mr. trump's administration. some republicans on capitol hill defended the president against the article. house majority leader kevin mccarthy wrote a letter to the times saying the author should be exposed and fired. senator lindsey graham linked the op ed to special counsel robert mueller's investigation into russian collusion. >> if you can't get him on colluding with the russians, the new line of attack is going to be he's just not fit for office. if you don't believe me, believe anonymous. >> reporter: former president barack obama also weighed in during a speech that was highly critical of the president and current republican party. >> the claim that everything will turn out okay because their people inside the white house secretly aren't following the president's orders, that's not how our democracy is supposed to work. >> reporter: president trump hit back. >> isn't this much more exciting than listening to
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president obama sing? >> reporter: president trump says attorney general jeff sessions should join the hunt for the anonymous author. the department of justice is not confirming or denying it has launched an investigation into the matter. mola lenghi, cbs news, the white house. >> besides weighing in on president trump, mr. obama was rallying support for democrats ahead of the midterm elections. reporter hena doba was at today's campaign style event. >> reporter: in a rare public speech since leaving office, president barack obama stepped back into the political spotlight with a simple message for students at university of illinois urbana champaign. >> you need to vote because our democracy depends on it. >> reporter: obama is heading out on the campaign trail to fire up the democrats base ahead of the midterm elections. he says the stakes are high in november. >> the consequences of any of us sitting on the sidelines are more dire. >> reporter: the nation's 44th
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president unleashed on his republican successor saying president trump's policies were not conservative but radical and dangerous. he called mr. trump a symptom, not the cause of division in the country but accused him of sowing racial and ethnic tensions. >> we are americans. we're supposed to stand up to bullies, not follow them. we're sure as heck supposed to stand up clearly and unquivocally to nazi sympathizers. >> reporter: obama all called out the gop for standing by and participating in the unraveling of international alliances. >> they're undermining our alliances, cozying up to russia. what happened to the republican party? >> reporter: the republican national committee responded to the speech saying in a statement, "democrats may have a new resister in chief on the campaign trail, but they'll need more than a message of resist and obstruct to win this november. mr. obama urged all americans to work together to find common
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ground and restore decency to government. burning out of control in shasta county. it broke out on wednesday... ... interstate 5 will stay closed until at least monday because of the delta fire burning out of control in shasta county. it broke out wednesday. so far almost 25,000 acres have burned alongside i-5 north of redding. the fire shut down a fortify mile stretch of i-5. -- 45- mile stretch of i-5. it will remain closed over the weekend. containment stands at 0%. evacuation orders are in place in very remote areas. happening right now crews battling a fire at a metal business in san leandro. you can see from chopper 5 huge plumes of back smoke going up. a smelt -- black smoke going up. a shelter in place advisory has gone out for the area. alco metals is located in the area. the blaze broke out about an hour ago. chopper 5 is showing you the last two remaining piers
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caltrans is set to implode between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. caltrans has been demolishing them more than a year now. this is what it looks like. tomorrow crews will have to stop traffic which could mean major delays if you're trying to get across. unching a new investigation san francisco an update on wells fargo, the justice department now launching a new investigation into the san francisco-based company. according to the wall street journal, employees in one department may have fraudulently filled out customer documents to meet deadlines. investigators want to know if the unethical behavior could be tied to pressure from wells fargo management. up next you don't see arrests like this every day, the wild scene that played out on the top of a police cruiser. >> and the group now calling on the federal government to step in to stop san francisco's safe injection sites from ever opening their doors. >> young visionaries helping the visually impaired, why these bay area high school grads are rubbing elbows with
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silicon valley elite. >> weather is live tonight for friday night football. we are live in concord. jv action going on now, a top 10 norcal match-up coming up tonight. it's pretty hot away from the water. that's going to change. find out when coming up.
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up onto the patrol vehicle to catch the guy... but... it's an o who grabs hi it's a police car there. watch as officers climbed up on the patrol vehicle to catch this guy, but it's an officer on the ground who grabs his leg, yanks him down. this was in fresno earlier this week. the suspect spent a little over a half hour on top of the car causing thousands of dollars in damage. the 23-year-old is now behind bars facing numerous felony charges. a restaurant worker shot while taking out the trash in
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san francisco's marina district during an attempted robbery on local board street at 3:00 this morning. the victim -- local board street at 3:00 -- lombard street at 3:00 this morning. the victim was taken to the hospital and is recovering from his injuries. anti-drug groups calling on the justice department this evening to stop a safe injection site from opening in san francisco, the groups including drug free america claim the sites will only increase the number of drug dealers, addicts and the homeless, but supporters say the sites could help addicts get treatment and prevent deadly overdoses. ascgovernor has to sign a bill locao opand he has until the end of the month to approve it. it's the final chapter for the urban shield program, at least in its current form. the event brings law enforcement personnel from all over the country to take part in mock terror attack exercises. it takes place this weekend at
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the alameda county fairgrounds. protesters have long criticized it claiming it contributes to the militarization of police. urban shield will return next year but with more focus on national disaster training. one bay area group of teens is now mingling with silicon valley top dogs. the recent grads from lowell and dublin high schools created a device that helps the visually impaired. kpix5 reporter julie watt shows us how it works. >> reporter: in a room filled with tech giants of the bay area elite these teens are getting a lot of attention. these recent high school grads landed a coveted spot. >> it will guide his arm using the arm band system. >> reporter: the idea was inspired by their friend's dad who lost his vision to yeah coma and had to buy a 10 --
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glaucoma and had to buy a $10,000 device to help him get around. it's called blind sight, a wearable device paired with an app that helps the visually impaired with daily tasks. >> there's a bunch of different features to recognize objects, read text, et cetera. >> reporter: the device uses vibrations to guide the user towards objects and machine learning to guide the user towards faces and uses open source technology to help make payments and shop which is how they won the visa challenge. >> when we heard about the idea and the fact that there are millions of visually impaired people around the world, we felt like this solution would be able to help bring payments to that population. >> reportevisa is not alone. the team made it to the semifinals at tech crunch disrupt and hope to someday make it to market. >> we hope to slim this down into more of a smart watch profile. so we're trying to get it down to like maybe an apple watch size. >> reporter: after winning the
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visa challenge and making the semifinals here at tech crunch disrupt, unfortunately we just found out the team didn't make the finals, but they are still hopeful they will get funding and eventually bring this product to market changing the lives of millions of people who are visually impaired. in san francisco, julie watts, kpix5. chief meteorologist paul deanno is live at clayton valley charter high school ahead of a big game tonight. >> nice weather out there, paul. >> reporter: yeah, big football game, hot football game. this is the time of year it can still get into the mid 90s. we are halfway through the 2nd quarter and clayton valley with the red jerseys are winning 40- 0 and antioch is not a pushover. their varsity teams are both top 10 in northern california rankings. clayton valley has won their last two games varsity by a
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combined score of 104-0 and their jv team is not that far behind winning, 40-0 right now in the 2nd quarter. kickoff tonight is at 7:00. we will show you the pregame coming up at 6:00. your current conditions outside, the hotspot is concord, 94 degrees, a couple miles up the road at buchanan field, livermore at the airport it's 91, santa rosa 84, san jose 79, much cooler near the watering oakland 67, san francisco only 60 degrees -- water, oakland 67, san francisco only 60 degrees right now. 67 degrees for the first pitch which is a few minutes after 7:00, the rangers in town for three games this weekend. overnight lows tonight 50s, san francisco 55, concord and livermore 58, mid-50s for vallejo, 59 degrees the low for mountain view. air quality, moderate the past couple days. we have had hazy sunshine. it will improve a little bit this weekend as we grab more ocean influence, good to moderate air quality likely
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coming up saturday. here's the satellite review. a ridge of high pressure made its closest pass today. that's why temperatures jumped by up to 10 degrees away from the water, but now it will slide back to the south tomorrow. that will i go us more ocean influence, -- give us more ocean influence, allow more marine air to move inland. that said, fog and cloud cover pretty much near the water tonight. tomorrow not as warm with significant cooling, 10 to 20 degrees cooler coming up next week. your highs tomorrow, 72 in san francisco, 89 in concord, san jose 84, pacifica 65, redwood city 81, highs in the mid- to upper 80s in most inland locations including napa at 86. extended forecast, we'll stay near average through the weekend, low 70s near the bay, low 90s inland, low 60s at the coast. look at the change next wednesday and thursday. there will be a few days where temperatures are running about 10 degrees below average especially inland with highs in the mid- to upper 70s. i cannot do this live shot,
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guys, without referencing the color of the grass. it is black out here at clayton valley. they call football fridays black friday. we have been reassured by the team because our photographer asked them hey, is this going to be too hot with the black turf and they say it's a couple degrees hotter but not a problem. it's hot now because of the sunshine. it's about 95 degrees here in concord. back to you in the studio. >> it's hot everywhere. >> got to respect the school colors. thanks, paul. up next stepping out of the office for lunch, does that seem nearly impossible? a close look of the impact of eating meals at your desk. >> coming up new at 6:00 tonight, a brand-new railway built with used parts? what we're learning today about the screw-up on the b.a.r.t. tracks to san jose.
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it's the first national p 50 of uber's jump bikes are now in san francisco's presidio park. it's the first national park in
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the west to offer electric dockless bikes. the park says the bikes will need to be parked at a bike rack or they will be quickly removed. uber already has 250 jump bikes around the city. if you find it nearly impossible to sneak out of the office for lunch, you're definitely not alone. >> reporter hillary lane shows us the positive and negative effects of skipping your meal break. >> reporter: liz angel is a digital media director. she says she's just too busy to stop for 30 minutes to eat lunch. >> there's too much to do and i find if i take a break and i leave my routine, it's hard to get back in. >> reporter: angel is not alone. a new study finds 50% of u.s. workers don't take a full lunch break. >> i like breakfast. i kind of skip over lunch and then dinner. >> reporter: the majority of people surveyed saying leaving work behind to eat is unrealistic because of intense workloads and pressure to perform. robbie cadizia is a human resources management professor
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at temple university. >> we wear our business as a badge of honor. we kind of also like to be seen as a person who is working right by their computer. >> reporter: experts say eating while working is actually good for some people driving the energy back into their work while helping them focus, but that's not the case for everyone. >> the negative side it leads to burnout. this is the real question. there's this double edged sword of i'm going to perform better, but i might be coming home at the end of the day kind of depleted. >> reporter: the professor says if a 30 minute lunch break is not an option, try to take several smaller breaks during the day to clear your mind and fuel up even if you have a lot on your plate. hillary lane, cbs news, new york. >> the study also finds more people are snacking to stay energized. 44% of people surveyed say they have a snack drawer at work to keep them going. i think we do. >> got to stay alive. we'll be right back.
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at five... the cbs evening news is coming up next. >> jeff glor is here with a preview. >> hi, liz n. up next former president obama goes after his successor and rallies democrats before the midterms. >> the highly unusual garbage collection system for trash in the pacific ocean. >> and why this community is literally tearing down walls coming up in a few seconds on the cbs evening news. . to dis >> thank you for watching tonight at 5:00. ahead at 6:00 an unusual gathering in san francisco today, priests coming together to discuss the broadening abuse scandal in the catholic church. allen and liz, back in 30 minutes with that story and much more news coming your way.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> glor: on the "cbs evening news" this friday, dueling presidents hit the campaign trail, and take turns blasting each other. the east coast could be hit by a major hurricane next week. and, steve hartman proves the power of the heart can change the mind. but first, the headlines in 60 seconds. en it was a split-screen moment. >> former president barack obama rebuking the current presidency. >> it's not conservative. it sure isn't normal. it's radical. s here's how trump responded: >> i watched it, but i fell asleep. i a dallas police officer is on veministrative leave. t investigators say that the officer was coming home from work, walked into the wrong apartment, and shot a man. >> firefighters are battling the


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