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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  September 19, 2018 1:37am-2:11am PDT

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sexual assault-- now says she wants an f-b-i investigation. now at 11:00 professor accusing brett kavan ah gh of sexual assault. she is saying she wants an fbi investigation. good evening. it is the talk of capitol hit right now. a potential hearing between the tphopl me and -- nominee and
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the woman who says he assaulted her when they were in high school. we go to the news room with how this new twist could effect her senate testimony,. >> reporter: she says the testimony will not happen until the fbi steps in to investigate. >> in 48 hours the supreme court nomination fight has seen the unmasking of the woman accusing him of sexual assault, christine blasey ford and an invitation for her to testify. tonight on cnn her attorney shot that idea down. >> that is right. premature b frdwiththesalhours since that time she has been dealing with hate mail, harassment, death threats. she has been spending her time trying to figure out how to put her life back together, how to protect herself and her family.
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and, there has not been an investigation. these are serious allegations. so, if the senators who have come forward and say they want to treat it seriously mean that, then they will have an investigation. >> reporter: banks called for the fbi to step in and investigate. >> it is. the investigation should occur before the hearing. the hearing should be as a result of the investigation it should not be a substitute for it. and so, if there are other witnesses, absolutely. those witnesses should be investigated, their testimony should be heard, the committee should hear from them. all -- all of the information gathered so we can get to the truth here. >> reporter: this letter was sent to iowa senator by banks asking for an investigation that quote would ensure the crucial facts and witnesses in this matter are assessed in a nonpartisan manner. on capitol hill texas senator said this. >> this is primarily to hear her. if she is not planning on
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attending then i don't know what the point of going forward would be. >> reporter: the back and forth is going on, the senator tweeted out this clip of him back in 2015, what happens at georgetown prep stays at georgetown prep. it has been a good thing for all of us i think. >> reporter: new york senator called for the senate to look further into the claims. >> both can't be true what dr. ford is saying and what judge kavanaugh is saying can't be true. >> reporter: because of the death threats ford and her family moved out of their palo alto home trying to find safety. live in the news room, back to yowe should honor her wishes and delay this hearing, a proper investigation must be completed. witnesses interviewed, evidence reviewed and all sides spoken to, only then should the
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chairman set trump said he feels terribly for his supreme court pick. >> i feel so badly for him that he is going through this to be honest with you. so bad low for him. not a man that deserves this. >> they are comparing the case and ford's allegations to the anita hill accusations against justice clarence thomas in the 1990s. writing in the "new york times" today, hill said quote there are ways to do better than in 1991. the weight of the government should not be used to destroy the lives of witnesses who are called to testify. but there are key differences in the cases. back if 1991 democrats controlled the senate when hill alleged verbal sexual harassment by thomas and hill had a witness who testified that she told that witness of the sexual harassment at the time. so far there are no witnesses that have agreed to testify yet
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for ford against kavanaugh. word that north korea is open to dismantle the nuclear complex. trump tweeting quote the news is very exciting. the agreement came out of a meeting between north and south korea. south korea's president said that kim jong-un agreed to dismantle the site if the united states will take measures. he also growed to shutdown a missile and test site and launch -- agreed to shutdown a missile and test site and launch pad. further reduce military tensions. and, they will look to cohost the 2032 summer olympics. a bay area airport with a history of security breeches is now ground 0 for the tsa to test new security technology. kpix5 with the big boost at the international airport. >> reporter: it was theince
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tkhaepbt made national headlines? the bay area teen who jumped the fence, showed away in the wheel well and survived. >> reporter: weeks later this woman known as the serial stow away was able to get on a plane without a boarding pass. she tied for the 5th most perimeter security -- it tied for the 5th most perimeter security. >> we must have more security than other people. you keep hearing about maneta where they did it. apparently they must of fixed it. >> reporter: she is right. over the last couple of years they improved the perimeter with higher fencing and more surveillance cameras. and now -- >> and we were the candidate selected. >> reporter: the tsa just announced it selected them to test new airport perimeter technology. >> they will determine what else we can do here to continue to enhance our program. >> reporter: among the equipment that the tsa is
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considering video cameras that can be used remotely. software to detect threats, infrared, laser, ground sensors, fence sensors that detect intruders and gunshot detectors. >> regardless why we were chosen we are pleased. when federal money is invested in an airport what it does is enhances the security and the safety. >> that is great. that is great. that is an important thing for everybody. you just don't know what is happening out there. >> reporter: the study costs $4 million of federal funds. travelers tell kpix5 it is worth every dollar for their safety. >> i think it is great. we should have -- it is silicone valley we should have the best technology. >> reporter: 14 million passengers fly through every single year. the tsa study is expected to last until next year. kpix5. a jury found the suspected
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gypsy killer guilty of killing two teenage girls. he raped and killed six young women during a five month period during 1976. prosecutors say they charged him with two of the killings. those with the strongest evidence. the investigators say that the break in the case came after testing dna samples from cigarette butts. he was in an oregon prison for attempted murder at the time and he could not face life in prison. a judge declared a mistrial in the case of a fremont man accused of trying to aid a terrorist group. adam shafy was arrested in 2015 after agents stopped him from boarding a flight from sfo to istanbul. he was planning go to syria and join an al-qaida-linked group. he was going to help refugees. no word yet if he will be
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retried. we are learning new details about a plan accused of killing a sacramento sheriff's deputy in a violent gun battle. 38-year-old lemon-moore is under arrest tonight. the deputies were responding to a disturbance call at a pep boys auto show in rancho cordova yesterday. when they got there the sheriff's department said moore came out and started shooting. two deputies were hit. 27-year-old deputy died from his injuries. the other is expected to recover. a bystandard was hit in the cross fire, moore was shot multiple times by responding deputies and is expected to survive. once he leaves the hospital he will be taken into custody and chargeddism charge -- charged. we need a 408. i have a white female adult ... >> reporter: today, the department showed off the virtual training simulator. it can run trainees through 200
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interactive scenarios of suspect confrontations. the tool gives the police instant feedback. tracking rounds fired and where they went. >> just the ability to replicate this incident over and over and over. how we would work in conjunction with each other in it. it is -- it is something that you just basically can not replicate. >> use of force was down nearly 16% between 2016 and 2017. a packed crowd in cupertino. mostly speaking out against one developer's plan to build hundreds of new homes. those homes would be whwas the on north wolf road. kpix5 betty yu with what could be a test case for fast tracking affordable housing, betty? >> reporter: a new state law may allow a developer to move forward with the plan if it does not go with what the city presents. at this hour the city council
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is still meeting and the public comment section is expected to last throughout the night. >> reporter: the mall in coppertino brought people here. a mixed use development project including 2400 housing units. half of which would be designated affordable. it says under a new state law called sb-35 it can move ahead with its plans as long as it meets the criteria. the law makes it easier for developers to build more affordable housing more quickly and harder for cities that have historically resisted low income housing to block it. >> i just think it is not something that fits in the scale of the city. it is not kind of cupertino everyone is used to. >> reporter: it would be the first major test case of sb-35 in the state. tonight, the city talked about its vision of the shopping
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mall. one option under what it calls the specific plan would create nearly 3,000 units of housing but includes a community benefits agreement. >> what i am hearing in general is that they are afraid that cupertino will be overdeveloped, more traffic and for a small city it can not handle this development, what is your response to that? >> we have gone through the process under the plan to analyze all of the impacts and there are solutions out there for them. in addition our community benefits package goes directly to areas of resident concern. >> reporter: alex shore with a nonprofit group supports the project. >> this is what people my age and a lot of people want to live in. we have to create dynamic communities, they are enticing. we can not just build single- family homes or stick our head in the sand and say no to development. >> reporter: if they move ahead with plans citizens group called a better cupertino is threatening to file a lawsuit to stop it. >> reporter: the city will
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reconvene tomorrow at 5:00 p.m. to consider the adoption of that specific plan. now, either way the developer says that it is moving forward with a proposal and it does have plans to break ground later this year. we are live in coopertino, betty yu, cbs 5. laying down the law for scooters on the other side of the bay. the tough new rules and why some say they do not go far enough. rescued. coast guard helicopter called in to hoist a woman off of a what have we here?
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to help residents and electric scooters... co- exist. tonight the city of oakland laid out new rules for scooters. the road to regulation may have a few bumps ahead. >> call it the wild west of scooter shares. oakland just opened its doors to an unlimited number of scooter companies. not everyone is happy about and not subject to many rules in the city of oakland. >> there is no law. we see people riding on sidewalks, impeding pedestrians, it is a real concern. >> reporter: last night, oakland city council pushed through rebecca's ordinance, regulating e-scooters against the objections of members that
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claim the scooters are dangerous. >> i am learning that they are being used in the commission of robberies. >> why don't we do it the right way? why don't we send them cease and assist. >> reporter: reid wanted a temporary moratorium on scooters. instead, they rubber stamped an ordinance prohibiting riding on sidewalks, blocking wheelchair ramps or doorways and improper parking. the law will create a regulation system so that we can make sure the scooter companies are behaving properly. >> reporter: unlike san francisco that banned scooters and slowly ndg out permits. oakland placed no limits on the number of companies that can operate here. though, to get permitted the companies will have to follow strict guidelines, making half of their fleet available in underserved oakland and giving discounts to low income users f. they break the rules they will risk losing their permit. >> do what you want to do. just be irresponsible.
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>> reporter: reid argued some of the rules will be tough to enforce. his biggest objection that the scooter companies will be able to operate permit free until the law goes into effect n. oakland, ktix-5. new video showing coast guard crews swooping down to rescue a woman on a cruiseship. it happened this morning about 35 miles southwest of the golden gate bridge. crews say the 76-year-old woman was having some stomach issues. the coast guard hoisted the woman to a helicopter. she was taken to the hospital. no word on her condition. also tonight, one man is behind bars after nearly a month long burglary spree in san francisco. identified as 61-year-old george lemi. he was suspected of stealing $115,000 worth am items from multiple businesses including bicycles, laptops, cash, electrics. trouble for tesla tonight,
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they are talking about musks tweets about going private could be considered fraud. it fell 7% just before noon. back in august he tweeted that he was thinking about taking tesla private at a price of $420 a share. he also said that he had funding secured. he since announced he no longer plans to take the company private. here is what the feds want to know. did his actions directly effect the stock price and stock holders? and, did he break the law? >> if it can be proven that he purposely lied in order to make the investors do something, that is fraud. >> they confirmed the department of justice did reach out to them. in a statement the companied quote tesla received a request for documents from the doj and cooperative in responding to it. we have not received a
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subpoena, a request for testimony or any other formal process. legal analysts say it is unlikely he will face charges because it will be hard to prove he didn't have funding. julie chen is stepping down as her role as host on "the talk". >> right now, i need to spend more time at home with my husband and our young son. so i decided to leave "the talk". >> she announced her departure in an emotional pretaped message today. she has not appeared on the show since her husband, former cbs head les moonves left. he denied allegations from 12 women reported in "s new yorker" she signed off with her married name at the end of "big brother" last week. she will continue her role as
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host of the reality series. mcdonald's workers walked off of the job today with many of them saying "me too." [speaking in spanish] >> they marched outside of san francisco's mission district location. they want improvements in the company's sexual harassment procedures. better training for managers and employees. this is the first time a walkout like this one has been organized since the me too movement started. in a statement mcdonald's said quote we have strong policies, procedures and training in place designed to prevent sexual harassment. to ensure we are all doing what can be done we have engaged experts to evolve our policies so everyone who works at mcdonald's does so in a secure environment. forecasters now saying that some of the worst is still to come even though hurricane florence is gone by. floodwaters are expected to rise in the coming days. according to the weather
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service eight trillion gallons of water were dumped on north carolina. don't ask me how they figured that out. cape fear river is expected to crest at a whopping 62 feet. at least 37 people died including two prisoner ins being transported in south carolina. oakland's california task force 4 is assisting with 911 calls for people trapped in floodwaters. this is rescue video yesterday in sampson county. north carolina the team rescued two stranded national guards man and two adults. >> unbelievable what is going on there, paul, makes you grateful. >> how thankful are we that we don't deal with hurricanes around here. the california 5 year drought was 11 trillion gallons of water that we needed for the entire state. they got that in the carolinas in 3 days. that is how much water fell over there. 56 degrees in livermore and san
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francisco. fog free. it is pleasant. san jose, 67, concord, 71. the cool spot here once again. 47 for a low in santa rosa. 52, redwood city, 52 degrees. winds change tomorrow. we are warmer. in the mountains of the north bay the fire danger goes up from high to critical and haoupidity and tomorrow and thursday we drop below 13% and some of the mountain ridge wind gusts will be up to 35 miles an hour. so, extreme fire danger in napa county and lake county tomorrow into thursday. the weather pattern is changing because the ridge of high pressure which is way off to the west it is getting closer. this is moving. this low pressure wraeur to the north. giving us the sunshine, but rather chilly weather. the -- is far to the north. giving us the sunshine, but rather chilly weather. changing the wind from a west wind to more of a north wind and hang out for an extra day.
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we thought thursday, friday then gone, now it is thursday, friday, saturday then gone. we will have warm weather with lower 90s inland starting thursday and lasting 3 days. minimal fog. average tomorrow starting thursday. we are right on tap for average. concord, 85 degrees, oakland, 1 degree average. beautiful day in campbell, sunshine, 82. redwood city, 80, half-moon bay. lower 80s south of kentfield. lower 70s richmond, alameda. we are looking at middle to upper 80s. warmest weather on thursday, friday, saturday. middle 70s at the bay. middle 60s at the coast. lower 90s with modest cooling sunday into next we
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it's been illegal to sell most food n home kitchen victory tonight for moment cooks across california. >> it has been illegal to sell most foods made in kitchens but the governor signed a bill that
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allows small scale home food producers to sell up to $50,000 a year. the cooks will have to undergo regular kitchen inspections. there is a wild card race cooking up in the coliseum tonight. did the a's have
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three in tampa over the weekend, lookin' to rebound in their final homestand of the seaso op wild card s the a's picked a lousy time to kick off. over the weekend, looking to rebound over the home stand of the season. top wild card spot on the line.
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to hometown crowd, the players who are supposed to make the catch, not you. that gave them a second chance to simmons, this time he hit it where the fan ain't. two angels are crossed. a's lead down to 1. two batters to 1. three runs batted in this season. taking him deep. go ahead grand slam. he had 5 runs batted in. angels win 9-7. astros and yankees won tonight. 5 games behind. 2-1/2 behind the top spot, a's magic. clinching the spot remains at 7. these fans, jacked out of their minds. top of the 8th. san francisco leading 4-3. blooping one down-the-line. 2-run score. i got breaking news. they win their 3rd straight. giants 5-4 the final. 2 weeks have gone by and raiderination is still scratching their heads on why the team traded mack. the coach is not among them.
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>> no it does make some regret. >> after the game mack had 0 interest in talking about his former team and their coach. >> after the game he said -- >> i can not answer -- i don't care about that. i don't care about that. i only care about what is going on here. >> here is the deal. gruden will hear these questions for 10 years? he has 2 number ones in the return on that. but, it will take time to get those players and find out if they are any good. >> yes. could be two macks. >> exactly. >> yes. exactly, exactly. the nature of a virus is to change. move. mutate. today, life-changing technology from abbott is helping hunt them down at their source. because the faster we can identify new viruses,
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the faster we can get to stopping them. the most personal technology, is technology with the power to change your life. life. to the fullest.
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a magical place... that's lookin' to get scared! (laughter) halloween time is back in disneyland and disney california adventure parks! morning at 4-30. good night. our next newscast is tomorrow morning at 4:30. have a great night. see yo


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