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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  September 20, 2018 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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the clock is ticking for the bay area woman accusing supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh of sexual misconduct. the deadline the senate committee has imposed on christine blasey ford. >> plus, a dramatic twist involving a millionaire defendant in a decades old cold case murder in the bay area. >> good morning, everyone. it is thursday, september 20th. i'm michelle griego. >> good morning. i'm kenny choi. it is 5:00 on the dot as we take a live look outside. traffic on 880 in oakland not looking bad at this hour. jaclyn will get you caught up with some of the trouble spots in the bay area. a live look at the bay bridge from our camera high atop the "salesforce tower" camera. clear conditions this morning. >> it's clear and beautiful and it will be warm. taking a live look out at the different angle from the "salesforce tower," you can see coit tower all lit up and
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beautiful. breezy. right now your current temperatures, 57 degrees in concord. san francisco 55. santa rosa a little cooler just dropping down now into the 40s. 49 degrees in santa rosa. your headlines for the day, mostly clear this morning. maybe a little bit of visibility issues along the coast. that's about it. it's going to be sunny and warm today and that's going to be the story all the way through the weekend. it's going to be sunny, warm and also it's going to be dry. taking a live look at your highs for today, 90s in the north bay. 91 santa rosa. warmer inland. 93 fairfield. 91 concord. 70s and 80s at the bay. traffic is bunching up towards treasure island on the upper deck of the bay bridge. we have a car blocking a lane outside just past the bridge blocking that far left lane. it looks like they may have
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just cleared it. aving the inc so expect minor slowdowns or traffic to be slower at an at the toll plaza, orning. looks like everything is cleared out. we had a big backup starting to develop in some of the cash lanes. but those have emptied out a bit and our drive times are in the green. 580 the eastshore freeway, and highway 4 out of antioch still moving right at the limit. back to you guys. the verdict in decades old bay area murder case is expected today. >> kpix 5 reporter jackie ward is live in martinez this morning with the very latest. reporter: one thing we do knower for sure is that sheryl smothers will be in court this morning. he is in the custody of the contra costa county department. he was arrested tuesday after failing to show up for court. he was arrested at his granite bay home accused of killing marsha carter his girlfriend
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in 1983. dna evidence links him to the case in 2015. carter was brutally murdered in her richmond home stabbed to death while her children were sleeping in the next room. her mother was gone and her mother a bloodiness, knife in the pillow and 10-month-old baby under the bed. verdict was tuesday but when he didn't show up, the judge issued a warranted. >> he might flee. >> reporter: smothers has the means to because he won a $6 million settlement against general motors after becoming partially paralyzed in a car accident five years after the murder. he is now wheelchair-bound because of that accident. this case is also how he was able to post his $1.3 million bail. we reached out to the district attorney and the defense but they won't speak until the verdict is read. that verdict will be read at 9:30. on capitol hill republicans are pressing the
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bay area woman accusing a supreme court nominee of sexual assault to commit to next week's hearing if she wants to tell her story. as laura podesta reports, the attorney for christine blasey ford wants an investigation by the fbi before any senate hearings. reporter: christine blasey ford has until tomorrow morning to say if she will testify about her claim that supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh sexually assaulted her when they were in high school. >> either in an open session or a closed session or a public or a private interview. >> reporter: the chairman of the senate judiciary committee, republican senator chuck grassley, has refused to delay monday's scheduled hearing. last night ford's attorney lisa banks said in a statement, the rush to a hearing is unnecessary and contrary to the committee discovering the truth. >> the republicans and the president as opposed to letting the fbi do what they have done for decades, that's background checks on nominees. >> reporter: president trump says ford needs to make her
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case. >> if she shows up and makes a credible showing, that will be very interesting and we'll have to make a decision. but i can only say this he is such an outstanding man. >> reporter: kavanaugh denies the allegations. laura podesta, cbs news. >> meanwhile, missouri democratic senator claire mccaskill who is in a tough re- election battle has a red state democrat announced she will not vote to confirm supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh. she tweeted out saying her decision is not based on the allegations but because of his positions on several key issues including, quote, the avalanche of the dark anonymous money that is crushing our democracy. in an interview with online newschannel hill tv, president trump slammed attorney general jeff sessions. during the interview, the president criticized him saying, i don't have an attorney general. it's very sad. the president criticized sessions on a variety of issues. president trump said he thought sessions' nomination
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hearing may have impacted his performance as attorney general. during his confirmation hearing, sessions failed to mention two meetings with russian ambassadors after meeting with the justice department sessions recused himself from the investigation. this is the final day of a three-day summit between the leaders of north and south korea focusing on the ongoing nuclear standoff. north korean leader kim jong- un and the president of south korea visited a crater lake atop a volcano considered sacred in north korea this morning. they have reached agreements on a wide range of topics, although not on the issue of denuclearization. president moon said he will pass private messages about nuclear from kim jong-un to president trump next week. the white house says that the talks are a sign that its approach to pyongyang is working. civil rights activist al sharpton is ramping up the pressure on police and city officials to complete their investigation into the death
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of stephon clark. >> justice delayed is justice denied. when you shoot and kill an unarmed black man and think that we are not going to keep standing up all over the country, then you have another thought coming. >> it's been six months since sacramento police shot and killed the 22-year-old. sharpton says he won't stop until someone is held accountable. developing out of southern california, a car chase that ended in a gunfight in east los angeles has left two deputies wounded and one suspect dead. the deputies stopped four men yesterday when a chase began. as deputies approached the suspects, gunfire was exchanged. officers are in serious but stable condition. two other suspects were also arrested and another suspect is still at large. a young man gunned down in san francisco's outer sunset district has been identified and his family is commanding
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justice. 20-year-old ryan sacdalan was killed tuesday night. he was shot near 46th and moraga. his father said he was out with his friends when gunshots rang out. his family is searching for answers and asking witnesses to come forward. >> i just thought he was the most loving person i have ever met. and i just wish that this had never happened to him. >> my family is in pain. and we just want justice. if anybody knows any information, please, let the police know. >> san francisco police say they are investigating but are not yet releasing any information about a suspect or motive. this just in. fire-ravaged a single-family home in walnut creek. it started just after 8 p.m. last night on susanna drive. no injuries reported. he cause is un octhe bay area have been hurting programs that help the homeless driving nonprofits out of san francisco. but a new center aims to be a more permanent safety net for
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families. the new center is opening on 37 grove street located off market street near city hall. it will house three different programs to help homeless and at risk families. and kpix 5's anne makovec is in san francisco with more. reporter: housing homeless families has been a real priority of the city and a lot of the nonprofits working around here trying to get mainly kids off the streets who are living there with their parents. so this new centralized location on grove street is going to help them in that effort. the three programs will be run by compass family services, which last year helped about 1700 families with services including temporary shelter. caulate on the streets. and there are some family shelters like hamilton in the tenderloin. but still, there are an
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estimated 150 to 200 families needing permanent housing in the city. >> a lack of housing. it's like a puzzle. if we can get housing, it will make a tremendous difference. >> reporter: just accessing these services has been a challenge for many of these families according to the san francisco department of homelessness. that's why they have been working on what they call coordinated entry so families can get into the loop several different ways, having services in a central location will certainly be a big help. the ribbon-cutting ceremony for this new center is set for 5 p.m. the mayor is going to be there, several supervisors, and it's going to be quite an event. in san francisco, anne makevoc, kpix 5. time now 5:10. president trump visited the area hit hardest by florence and makes a promise. >> it is a red flag warning day. i'll tell you how long that will be in effect and what changes are in store coming up. >> and traffic moving in and
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out of the city right now along 101 and i-80. things are good. a little south of here, we are tracking a crash. we'll have the details and what kind of backup it may be causing coming up. well well well, what have we here?
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station in st. louis. this happened last wednesday... around 1 a-m. 2 cars pull up right next to each other. new video this morning, bullets flying outside this gas station in st. louis. this happened last wednesday around 1 a.m. two cars pull up right next to each other and that's when gunfire erupts. you can see customers ducking for cover. police say thanks to the clarity of the video, they have been able to identify the shooters. thankfully, no one was hurt. it has been nearly one week since hurricane florence made landfall in north carolina and recovery efforts are just beginning. president trump went there to see the damage for himself. >> anything i can do, you all know where to call me. >> the president spoke with state and federal officials in north and south carolina yesterday where people are still grappling with rising floodwaters and massive storm damage. >> washington is with you. trump is with you. we are all with you 100% and we'll get through it.
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>> we'll be there 100% and all of the folks from the federal government that are around the table, they are confirming it. >> now the challenge is providing resources with flooding crippling small businesses and farms there and thousands of people still in shelters this morning. an east bay search-and- rescue team was deployed to the carolinas. this is oakland task force 4 evacuating people from flooded communities helping people onto boats in north korea. today marks a year since hurricane maria hit puerto rico and many there are still struggling. according to a government estimate, nearly 3,000 people died in the aftermath of the category 4 storm and numbers from fema show more than 166,000 homes still need repairs. >> we need to finish the emergency work and develop what's going to be a permanent recovery for puerto rico which is going to last 5 to 10 years if not more. >> they hope to have the center repaired by december
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and have it fully running in a year. 5:15. >> san francisco in september it's spectacular. >> it's beautiful weather and it will be warm and dry and just clear and sunny. very much something to look forward to. that's going to continue through into the weekend. taking a live look out at the transamerica pyramid towards the "salesforce tower," you can it's nice clear and beautiful. 50s in the area. this high pressure ridge is in place and it's been in place. an onshore flow is moving out as this low pressure center starts to drop in. that's going to flatten out the warming trend we've seen.
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they are turning northerly. a red flag warning until 5:00 tonight. that means high fire danger. that's in all the areas of the hills whether you're in the north bay, south bay, no matter where you are especially in napa county seeing a significant risk. it's in effect until 5 p.m. thanks to the low humidity, the winds and the warm temperatures that we're seeing. your headlines for today, sunshine for everybody especially with those warmer temperatures. and that's going to stay dry and keep things dry. into the weekend we'll have warmer than average days continuing with the warming trend for those of you with baseball in your future and you will see the oakland a's play the angels first pitch at 12:35. it's going to be perfect. 80, sunny and beautiful. normal for the coast. mix of 60s mid-60s there, warmer in the south bay 89 in campbell, 91 morgan hill. 88 palo alto. 75 degrees in hayward.
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warmer in the inland areas. 94 in brentwood. 92 antioch. 93 livermore cooler closer to the washington. 87 degrees in vallejo. mix of 70s and 80s right around the bay. 80 in alameda. 73 in san francisco. and sausalito 73. 91 santa rosa warming further north. again getting even higher in the far not bear bay areas. 94 in lakeport, 95 in st. helena. temperatures today and tomorrow. then we cool down a little bit for the weekend. but still certainly above average for the temperatures to begin to take a tumble. i guess i should say a few degrees dipping down toward the beginning of next week. look at that, nice, sunny and clear except for fog and haze at the coast. >> looks like perfect baseball weather, emily. go a's! okay. so right now, we were getting reports of a crash along 101.
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but it was on the freeway. not blocking lanes and not slowing anyone down. as you head further south, we are tracking a pretty easy ride heading to sfo. you can see traffic is doing fine in both directions. and heading over to the san mateo bridge, out of hayward, westbound direction, getting a little heavy but we are still in the green with 13 minute travel time connecting with 101. here's your 580 approach. just past highway 24, and traffic is moving in both directions okay. we had early reports it looks like possibly some debris or there was a lane that was blocked right at the 980 connector ramp to 580 there. so just a heads up for drivers. there may be some debris. over at the maze, we are starting to see that crowd develop as you head over to the toll where we are tracking a full house this morning.
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we are in the yellowing into san francisco. could see are mounting for the california bullet -- costs are mounting for the california bullet train as plans continue. the rail authority is pro he is pentagon plans for the train's mostly -- is proposing plans for the train's most costly route from burbank to palmdale including going from san gabriel and the mountains which would cost up to $45 billion. state officials say this costly segment of rail would be the easiest to build but it could affect homes, businesses, ranches and schools and is likely to garner intense opposition. martinez is approving the first medical marijuana dispensary. back in july, firefly received a conditional permit for a site on sunrise drive. an appeal filed by power endurance training claimed it qualified as a youth center. therefore could not operate there. however, the planning commission determined that the gym is not a youth center. there was a shutout at the
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we are down to ten games left in the regular season for
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the athletics and there's very little wiggle room left if they want to host the wild card game. the stanford tree and band watching the a's chase the play-offs and henderson became the first oaand stter 26 games to throw more than 6 innings. he pitched 6 2/3 shutout innings with three strikeouts and no walks. he got plenty of run support from his lumberjacks. bottom 5, piscotty three-run home run. he had 5 runs batted in. a's win 10-0. in san diego, bottom of the second tied at three. the padres' will mayer took chris stratton deep for a two- run home run. san diego beat the giants, 8- 4. on sunday, the 49ers visit kansas city and quarterback ichis first year as a starter. this guy has thrown ten touchdowns for the chiefs in two games. he also turned 23 on monday
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and was asked what he did to celebrate. >> watching film and then -- when i went home, i went -- i didn't want to go to dinner. my girlfriend had gotten me a cake. i ordered a ride to go with postmates. she said that's fine with her as long as that's what i want to do. she doesn't like that, but i like -- after i'm done here, i don't like leaving the house. >> mahomes back to back afc offensive player of the week in just two weeks of football. i'm dennis o'donnell. see you tonight. play of the day now, major league baseball, jason coming up to the plate in the bottom of the 9th with the indians trailing by one. >> deep right, grand slam good night! >> what a way to finish it. the walk-off for the 1,000th career hit. the walk-off grand slam. it's gone. that is your play of the day.
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helping the most vulnerable of san francisco's homeless population. families that's what a new center opening up today aims to do. we'll tell you about it next. >> 35 years after a brutal murder in richmond, the verdict against the accused killer is being read this morning in martinez. ♪ ooh, baby, do you know what that's worth? ♪
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still flat. here. try this. and... ♪ ooh, heaven -- nailed it. plus: a shocking admission from a federal agency .. about the number of migrant a bay area judge fires back after being accused of harassment inside the courtroom. >> a shocking admission from a federal agency about the number of migrant children it lost track of. >> good morning, it is thursday, september 20th. i'm michelle griego. >> good morning. i'm kenny choi. it is 5:30. first let's start with a live
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look outside as we take a live look from our exclusive "salesforce tower" camera. one cool thing about this camera, it can zoom in and we're taking a live at city hall in san francisco. clear conditions. look at that. >> yeah. >> beautiful day. >> it's going to be an absolutely beautiful day and an absolutely beautiful weekend. you're welcome, everybody! >> thank you. >> thank you! >> we should have you here every day. >> i don't have a pool anymore. >> anybody want to step into that role? i'll be here. if you are looking for a pool -- as far as the weather is concerned, it will be beautiful. it will be warm, even hot in some spots. taking alive look out of our exclusive "salesforce tower" camera -- taking a live look out of our exclusive "salesforce tower" says, it's beautiful this morning. 40s and 50s in the area this morning. your headlines for the day, mainly clear this morning.
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fog and marine layer at the coast. sunny and warmer today. the weekend is going to be dry, warm, sunny, even hot in places. coming up, i'll tell you just how warm it's going to be and how long this dry sunny trend is going to continue. jaclyn? >> well, here's a pool. a carpool! ha ha! i'm here all week. okay. so 205 as you are making your approach towards 580, the tracy triangle, look at this. it's jammed up. we have speeds in the red. about 35 minutes for drivers heading out of lathrop from 5 towards 580 there to the altamont pass. so expect delays and if you travel this route, you know the drill. it's always like this or it has been for the last couple of months with caltrans roadwork going on. we have 580 heading into livermore. things start to pick up. your drive time in the yellow about 30 minutes over towards 680. hat's a check of your traffic; over to you. it's a bay area cold case
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more than 30 years old and today, the jury will hand down its verdict. kpix 5's jackie ward is in martinez this morning with more. reporter: the verdict in this case was supposed to be read on tuesday. but when sherill smothers didn't show up, richmond police were afraid that he jumped bail. so the jump in this case issued a warrant and he was arrested at his home in granite bay on tuesday. the upscale sacramento area where he lives. he is accused of murdering a woman in her richmond home in 1983. he was her boyfriend back then. in 2015, investigators linked him to the case through dna evidence. while they can't provide details of the investigation until after the verdict is read, investigators say they are feeling optimistic about what happens in court. >> this was a case where the investigator had gathered all the facts and knew that she could put a case together.
5:33 am
>> reporter: smothers was partially paralyzed as a result of a car accident five years after carter was murdered. he won a $6 million settlement against general motors because of that and is now wheelchair- bound. that case is why he was able to post his $1.3 million bail and why the judge in this case was concerned smothers might flee. we reached out to the defense attorney and the district attorney and neither will comment on this case until after the verdict is read. that's happening at 9:30 this morning. in martinez, jackie ward, kpix 5. a contra costa county judge is denying allegations that he sexually harassed women in court and his attorney says it's all a ploy to get him off the bench. judge john laettner faces nine misconduct allegations ranging from abuse of power to sexual harassment. his attorney says that the allegations are an attack on his character and come after he clashed with a public defender's office over whether defendants should have to pay
5:34 am
cash bai >> i see character. judge laettner applied the law and the public defender didn't like it. >> the commission on judicial performance is expected to hear the judge's case in december or january. it has the power to remove him from the bench. new details on the vallejo woman who was kidnapped from her own home, raped and held for ransom. denise huskins and her fiance, aaron quinn, are being subpoenaed to testify in solano county where she will come face to face with her attacker matthew muller. he may cross-examine her during his preliminary hearing. muller is representing himself in the case. the illegal immigrant accused of killing mollie tibbetts is pleading not guilty. christian bahena-rivera worked at a dairy farm in iowa near where tibbetts disappeared. medical examiner said she was stabbed to death. rivera waived his right to be tried within 90 days and a trial starts in april. this morning, a possible motive for a shooting in
5:35 am
pennsylvania. the gunman opened fire outside a courtroom. reporter laura podesta picks up the story from there. reporter: terror outside a pennsylvania courtroom. >> the gentleman comes in, sweeps the room with the gun, and it ends up being on me. and, um, i'm staring at this gun, staring at him and praying, dear god, don't let this be my day. >> reporter: police in masontown credit one of their own for stopping a mass shooting when shortly after 2 p.m. yesterday, a man walked into the lobby and opened fire. >> as the gunman began shooting, officers rapidly entered the lobby in an attempt to save lives. >> reporter: one of those officers shot and killed the gunman. but not before two men and a woman were injured by the gunfire. a police officer was also shot in the hand. all are expected to survive. the suspect was due in court that day on charges related to a domestic violence incident according to police. it remains unclear who exactly
5:36 am
the man was targeting in his rampage. laura podesta, cbs news, new york. >> sources told cbs affiliate kdka they believe the civilian woman injured in the shooting was the suspect's wife. news from the federal government. a federal agency says it has lost track of more than 1,000 migrant children. these children were placed in sponsored homes around the country but the health and human services department says that that case managers could not find nearly 1500 children. this came to light after making follow-up calls to check on the children between april and june. a report from u.s. customs and border protection finds the designs for president trump's border wall could actually fail! the report revealed that every prototype of the wall was deemed vulnerable. tactical teams who scaled or breached the prototypes found damage caused by at least one breaching technique. sky high rents have been hurting nonprofits in san francisco driving many out of the city. but a new family services
5:37 am
center aims to be a more permanent safety net. it's located off market street near city hall on 37 grove street. it will house three different programs to help both homeless and at-risk families. and kpix 5's anne makovec is live at city hall. and anne what can you tell us about this new center? >> reporter: the location is going to be key right here by city hall and the message is that while it is tough for nonprofits here in the city, we see you, we are here, and we are here to help. that is their message with this prime spot on grove street, where they will house three different programs that would otherwise spread out throughout the city. these programs are going to be run by compass family services, which last year heabout mies, helping th totoul and there are family shelters like hamilton in the tenderloin. but still, there are an
5:38 am
estimated 150 to 200 families needing permanent housing. and accessing services has been a challenge for many of these families. according to the sf department of homelessness -- >> we have heard stories where people weren't able to access services and, you know, as we roll coordinated entry out, families are going to be able to access the system from a number of different points. >> reporter: and having these services in one central location will certainly be a big help when it comes to that. this is a public-private partnership with donations combined with tax credits. but they still do need money to actually operate the center. there's going to be a ribbon- cutting ceremony tonight at 5:00 and the mayor will be there. live in san francisco, anne makevoc, kpix 5. fall starts this weekend which means it's time to redirect your attention to your money issue before the holiday weekend sucks you in. cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger here this morning with some financial pitfalls to avoid before the end of the year. so jill, a lot of families are thinking about colleges right
5:39 am
now. what should they know? >> reporter: i think too many of us wait until well into next year to apply for education aid. in fact, october 1st, that's when the free application for federal student aid or fafsa is available for the 2019-2020 academic year. here's some good news. the department of education has a brand-new website as well as a new app that many say is a lot easier to use. now, if your kids are not yet old enough to apply to college, don't avoid having the tough talk about the financing behind college. according to a recent fidelity study, a whopping 40% of parents with high school sophomores are older have not discussed with their kids that they are expected to contribute to college savings. another 43%, they say they have not even tackled how much education debt that the kids may incur. so bottom line, have these conversations now. >> start thinking about as well as taxes now even though
5:40 am
tax due date is seven months away. >> reporter: i know. but this is a perfect time to avoid the dreaded april 15th surprise. so here's what you need to do. check to see how much money you have withheld from your income for tax purposes. then just hop onto the irs website. they have a nifty withholding calculator. see if the amount you have set aside is sufficient to cover your needs. you have to do this now because you may not have enough time to make a change later in the year. so check with the tax preparer, cpa. maybe you need to change course. a bit of a corollary here. a lot of taxpayers filed for an extension in the spring. i know you paid what you thought was due. but october 15th, that's your drop dead filing date so come on, get on it. for more financial pitfalls to avoid including a real big one about retirement, go to >> thank you.
5:41 am
. 5:40. bay area drivers face a new toll in the future. >> plus, a new approach to crime-fighting. police launching their own podcast to try to catch a killer. you could generate your own energy, at home. or to save energy, unplug unused appliances. do your thing, with energy upgrade california.
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all flights at this airport in florida are suspended due to a security breach. authorities say a student pilot boarded a passenger jet in the ea.. at melbou right now all flights at the airport in florida are suspended due to a security breach. a student pilot boarded a passenger jet in the maintenance area at melbourne international. the airport is locked down right now. a california police department is putting out a podcast to catch an accused killer called countdown to capture, the subject a newport beach man who police say killed his wife. the million area real estate investor was in crime for the jail but paid $2 million in bond and hopped on a plane. he could be anywhere in the world. they created the podcast to spread the word globally. prosecutors say that they have identified three more possible victims of this
5:44 am
newport beach surgeon and his girlfriend. grant robicheaux and cerissa raley are charged with raping two men. the d.a. says they are expecting thousands of videos and images of robicheaux' phone. both robicheaux and riley deny the allegations. if the convicted they could face more than 25 years in prison. on the fire watch now, the biggest wildfire in state history is now fully contained. the mendocino complex fire started in lake county in july. the fire destroyed more than 150 homes and burned and area about 4 times the size of san jose. stanford university researchers are raising alarms about a state water management proposal. the state is doling out over $2.5 billion in state funds for new water storage projects. officials are considering storing water in underground aquifers but researchers say human activities can introduce chromium into the ground water
5:45 am
supply a toxic form of the element can trigger asthma symptoms, facial irritation and lung cancer in extreme cases. watch out. >> oh, boy. speaking of dry, it is going to be dry today. and into the weekend. we have no end in sight as far as that is concerned but it is going to be sunny so that's the upside to that, sunny, clear and beautiful. taking a live look out right now to your san jose skyline, it's clear. temperatures in san jose, 57 degrees. santa rosa 49. san francisco at 55 degrees. this high pressure system in the pacific is what we have to thank for the warm temperatures as well as that offshore flow that kept everything dry but also nice and clear. that is going to slowly start to change as it moves further to the west. this low pressure system right now that's over vancouver will drop in and bring a little bit
5:46 am
of a break from those above average temperatures but not a lot. in the meantime, those winds are going to turn northerly and remain dry certainly through 5 p.m. this evening which is why we have this a red flag warning which again is in effect until 5 p.m. which means extreme fire danger in the area of the hills. all bay area hills are under this red flag warning. most especially take a look at napa county, lots of red up there so be aware there is a high fire risk in the areas. your headlines for today, sunny for everybody. warmer temperatures. dry through the weekend and beginning of next week. we'll have warmer than average days into the weekend. that's going to continue and we'll slowly start to dip down. so how warm are we compared to average? here are average temperatures for this time of the year: here's your highs for the day:
5:47 am
warmer in the north bay in the 90s. 95 in ukiah and st. helena. cooler in rohnert park at 85 degrees. your seven-day forecast shows a similar temperature story and pattern tomorrow. then moving into the weekend, it's still going to be above average but just a few degrees cooler. nice clear sunny and beautiful. and then same story moving into the beginning of the week although it will continue to be sunny and clear. our temperatures will dip down closer to average for the beginning of next week. jaclyn? thank you. and right now, we are tracking an accident on 680 in the northbound direction. if you are getting ready to head out, the delays that we are tracking are in the southbound side the commute direction. so this may slow you down. it looks like it's a semi and
5:48 am
another truck got into it there. again, it's not blocking lanes. but definitely a visual distraction and if they have to bring a tow truck out there they may have to block a lane. southbound the usual slowdowns as you make your way down towards 84 there. we have a drive time under 10 minutes. oh, here we go. 880, we are tracking those brake rights heading southbound in the yellow from 238 to 84 there. just about 17 minutes. so give yourself some extra time heading along that stretch. eastshore freeway, definitely starting to see the crowds develop in hercules right near highway 4 heading westbound making your way over towards the bay bridge toll plaza. we are tracking a crash. this is at appian. it's again not blocking any lanes. but you can see that backup that's stretching into hercules. hat's a check of your traffic; over to you. there is a new toll coming to the bay area for drivers at treasure island. thousands of new homes are planned for the area as well
5:49 am
as retail stores and hotels. the toll will take effect in 2021 when the first housing developments will be ready. it will be as high as $3.50 during peak weekday hours. drivers coming from the east bay will get a discount since they are already paying the bay bridge toll. the money will go toward a new ferry service linking the island to san francisco. the cupertino city council is moving forward with a massive housing development plan. the proposal includes nearly 3,000 housing units and retail space at the site of the vallco mall on north wolfe road. some units will be affordable housing. officials deliberated more than 5 hours before the vote. the plan sparked a heated debate among neighbors, who said it would create more traffic and overcrowding. meanwhile, another victory for the developer. the project has qualified to be fast tracked under a new state law. you might start to see your pg&e bill go up. governor brown signed legislation to ease the
5:50 am
impacts from the shutdown of the diablo canyon facility. that's california's last nuclear power plant. pg&e plans to phase out the reactors of the plant. last month pg&e also said that legislation would increase power bills for many of its customers. time now 5:50. california police chiefs taking on cannabis. their battle to ban unregulated deliveries. >> and the bay area t-mobile store robbery caught on camera. janice, progressive can help you save over $650 on car insurance.
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how do you take two selfies with one phone? -what? -[ scoffs ] never mind.
5:53 am
[ camera shutters click ] good morning. for those of you living in the bay area hills, take note, we have a red flag warning in effect today until 5 p.m. a dry north wind 20 miles per hour, gusts up to 35. everybody be careful. we have to make it until 5 p.m. it's dry. we have that onshore flow. it's going to be risky until evening hours. >> we are tracking an accident now southbound 880 at industrial parkway. so we are seeing the backup stretch clear into san lorenzo. westbound 80 approaching 580 reports of an accident blocking two lanes. so if you are trying to get
5:54 am
over to the bay bridge, it's going to be slow. we'll monitoring it coming up. new video of a brazen smash-and-grab at a t-mobile in concord. take a look at this. police are looking for the three suspects. thieves walk into the store and take thousands of dollars worth of phones. it happened monday night an willow pass road. if you recognize them, police do want to hear from you. it's california police chiefs versus cannabis industry. top cops want unregulated marijuana deliveries band. a state rule is being proposed that would allow unchecked home marijuana deliveries statewide even where cannabis sales are banned. an online petition was launched against marijuana deliveries that don't comply with local regulations. one cannabis store owner doesn't disagree. >> they have a point. delivery drivers are the way
5:55 am
that the black market is getting product to folks. there's tons of delivery businesses that are illegal and it's hard to tell difference for consumers between the legitimate and fly by night guys who are going as to have maybe product that's not safe. >> regulating home deliveries like dispensary is the path to take to build a relationship between marijuana and state and local leaders, they think. a new report says a safe gun restraining order law is rarely being used. this 2016 law allows families, roommates and police officers to request court orders preventing people believed to be dangerous from having guns but the "l.a. times" reports fewer than 200 gun restraining orders were issued in the first two years of a law being in effect. california doctors will now have to tell patients if they are on probation for sexual misconduct or any other wrongdoing according to a new bill just signed into law by governor brown. patient can already find information online about which doctors are on probation.
5:56 am
the new bill forces doctors to tell patients about their probation status and basic details. it is 5:55. we are learning more about what might have gone wrong when two mental health patients drowned in a transport van in the wake of florence. >> reporter: plus, after an unexpected delay, the verdict in a 35-year-old cold case murder is expected to be read today in martinez.
5:57 am
5:58 am
5:59 am
sexual misconduct after republican lawmakers impose a new deadline... and a bay area family is desperate the clock is ticking for the woman accusing supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh of sexual misconduct after republican lawmakers impose a new deadline. >> a bay area family is desperate for answers after a college student is gunned down on the sidewalk. good morning, it is thursday, september 20th. i'm michelle griego. >> and i'm kenny choi. time now is about 6:00 right now. as we take a look at weather and traffic, let's start with
6:00 am
emily turner with what should be a beautiful day today. >> yeah. as far as your skies are concerned, nice and absolutely beautiful and clear. those temperatures are going to start to climb as soon as the sun comes up. taking a live look now at the "salesforce tower," i love this shot, so quintessentially san francisco. your temperatures in san francisco right now, 57 degrees. same in san jose. santa rosa 50. climbing one degree in the last hour. concord 58. oakland 52 degrees. your headlines for today mainly clear this morning as we have seen in those live cameras. and it's going to be sunny and clear all day certainly warmer as well above average temperatures. this weekend the trend will continue. warm inland in the 90s. cooler at the bay


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