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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  September 21, 2018 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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waller is the norcal rapist. his alleged crime spree began in rohnert park in 1991 and continued victimizing women in davis, chico, woodland and sacramento. >> those people that you least expect that, you know, sometimes you just never know. >> reporter: neighbors say waller lived here with his wife and like his home was unassuming. >> from a distance he seemed normal. i mean he was cutting down the trees and pruning and they were laughing i think. >> reporter: but in a joint press conference today investigators from across northern california recounted tales of terror. >> the suspect in this case was a real life boogeyman who crept into his victims' homes under the cover of darkness and attacked them when they were most vulnerable. >> reporter: he allegedly bound and sexually assaulted his victim before ransacking their homes, sometimes forcing them to withdraw money from the atm. in one notable case he even posed as a trick-or-treater before attacking his victim in martinez on halloween later calling to apologize.
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investigators gathered plenty of evidence over the year. police released this atm video of the suspect wearing a mask. a neighbor's surveillance camera captured video of his car following another attack. in 2006 they released this sketch of the suspect after a victim caught a glimpse of his face and for decades investigators have been collecting dna but with no known matches it wasn't much help until recent advances in genealogy dna changed everything. >> dna is the silent witness to the truth. >> reporter: using the same genetic genealogy website used to catch the golden state killer, investigators recently uploaded the norcal rapist dna. like with the golden state killer it allowed them to compile a family tree of relatives with common genes and track it back to their suspect. in this case in just 10 days. >> between science and passionate police work, the answer that many have waited so long has come to us. >> reporter: waller is set to be arraigned monday. he's currently held without bail and he does face life in
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prison. >> you mentioned investigators found waller through a genealogy website. does that mean that he submitted his own dna? >> reporter: well, they aren't providing a lot of details about that just yet. the investigation is ongoing, but i can tell you it wouldn't really mart whether or not he submitted his own dna to a -- matter whether or not he submitted his own dna to a genealogy or ancestry website. if any relative submitted dna to them, that would be available. >> this woman had reaction to today's news. >> all i know is wow because finally myself and i'm sure the other victims, we thought this day would never come ever. >> earnest pate lives in
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petaluma. kpix5's wilson walker will have more from the interview at 6:00 today. >> news of the arrest came as a shock to students and staff at uc berkeley where waller worked for decades. kpix5 reporter da lin continues or coverage with reaction from campus. da? >> reporter: liz, a big surprise indeed. the campus sent out this e-mail to everyone on campus alerting them about the arrest. for years waller worked on the third floor of this building here. his job title? safety specialist in charge of keeping people safe, yet he's accused of attacking a number of women. >> so it's really an unfortunate irony, i mean they laid in plain sight. you never know what someone is capable of. >> reporter: for 26 years roy waller worked for uc berkeley's environment, health and safety office. sacramento police arrested him yesterday as he arrived for work. it appears the university has already removed his nameplate from his office. his middle name is charles.
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that's him? >> i used to see him walk around. i'm almost positive he drove the truck. he was very quiet, very quiet. he didn't i mean talk to us ever. >> reporter: waller's co- workers and many university employees were instructed not to speak to the media, but two long time workers off camera say it's scary. >> we have chat here at work and i'm talking from one side of campus to the other side like can you believe this? oh, my god. look at this. do you know who this is? i mean we are just shocked this was somebody in our building. >> reporter: uc berkeley declined an interview and released a statement saying they started fingerprinting job applicants in 2004. waller was hired in 1992 as a safety specialist. waller managed programs to ensure safety and training regarding the use of equipment and machinery. >> the fact that you can't trust who the university is employing or the people that are responsible with our safety is very disheartening. >> reporter: the cases waller are accused of did not occur
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within the campus community, but campus police are reviewing any open sexual assault cases to see if any might be related. the university says waller is on investigative leave from his work. back to you, liz. >> thank you. roy waller is due to make his first court appearance in sacramento monday. stay with kpix5 and for continuing coverage of this case. other news tone, governor brown has now signed a -- tonight, governor brown has now signed a measure into law that allows utilities to pass along some of the wildfire liability costs to you. a key goal is to prevent pg&e from going bankrupt. the utility could face billions of dollars in liability, especially if investigators conclude that its equipment caused last year's tubbs fire in santa rosa. that fire destroyed more than 5,000 homes. it killed 22 people. cal fire already said that downed power lines sparked several other fires in october, 2017. the new law requires utilities
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to harden equipment against wildfire risks. it also aims to make it easier to clear brush and dead trees. a scary scene on the richmond san rafael bridge this afternoon after a school bus caught fire on the span. it was transporting students from the california school for the deaf in fremont. no injuries were reported, but the incident backed up westbound traffic all the way across the bridge. no word on what caused the fire, but the chp says it appeared to start in the engine at the back of the bus. chopper 5 also overhead in oakland where police chased a car into a neighborhood near 10th and chestnut. four suspects jumped out of the car and run. officers caught two. two others got away. we saw a large police presence and several streets were blocked off, but we are still working on getting more information about why they were chasing the car. pittsburg police releasing their own officers' body camera video to make a point. they say cell phone video posted on social media doesn't show what really went down
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during an arrest sunday. kpix5 reporter anne makovec looks at the competing visual evidence. >> oh! >> reporter: this is the cell phone video that sparked outrage among some viewers showing a man being taken down by pittsburg police last saturday leaving him bloody before being taken into custody and last night police released their own version of these events. >> give me your hand. >> reporter: in a social media post police released their body cam footage and explained the man was not handcuffed when they took him down. they say they were responding to a call about a man suspected of stealing gasoline near power avenue. then they saw this 31-year-old man matching the suspect description. >> you haven't been stealing people's gas or nothing? >> no. >> why don't you drop what you have in your hand. >> i can't do that. >> why not? >> because i done trust anybody. >> reporter: the suspect repeatedly said shoot me before finally obeying several orders to let go of a crowbar in his
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hand. police say he continued to be uncooperative as they tried to cuff him, so they used what they called distraction punches to grab his hands. in their facebook post the pittsburg pd says, "by policy officers should use force as a last resort. by its nature it never looks good, but often the use of force is both for public and officer safety." police say the gas stealing case is still under investigation, but they do believe the suspect did it. there is an internal investigation underway here into their use of force. in pittsburg, anne makovec, kpix5. an allegat friends and allies of supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh are coming to his defense trying to cast doubts on an allegation of sexual assault. >> president trump has chimed in with tweets against the accuser. kpix5 political reporter melissa caen is here with more on today's developments. >> it seems like it just changes every minute. today supporters of judge brett kavanaugh came out in force.
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>> those who know him best have stepped forward to say that the allegation being leveled against him is false and we are proud to stand with brett. >> 75 women came together today at a news conference in support of judge brett kavanaugh. >> it seems anyone can launch an allegation without corroboration or evidence and dismantle a person's career and their life and the lives of their family members. this is wrong. >> the white house and republicans are making it clear. they expect judge brett kavanaugh to be confirmed to the u.s. supreme court despite the decades old sexual assault allegation against him. >> i believe with all my heart that very soon judge brett kavanaugh will be justice brett kavanaugh and he will take his seat on the supreme court of the united states of america. >> this morning president trump called out kavanaugh's accuser, professor christine blasey
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ford, in a series of tweets questioning why she didn't go to the authorities after the alleged indent saying, "if the attack on dr. ford -- incident saying, "if the attack on dr. ford was as bad as she says, charges would have been filed to the authorities by either her or her loving parents." the tweets did not go over well with susan collins calling the tweet inappropriate and wrong. kavanaugh denied the allegations repeatedly and says he wants a hearing as soon as possible. blasey's attorneys say she could testify next thursday if her terms are met. they include testifying after kavanaugh, questioning by senators only, no outside counsel and a subpoena for the alleged witness mark judge. >> as you know, usually the accuser goes first because they have to lay out the claim that you can then respond to. ford testifies first and an independent coun >> senate judiciary committee chairman chuck grassley gave a counter proposal, a wednesday hearing where ford testifies
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first and where an independent counsel asks the questions. ford has not responded. so grassley says if she doesn't reply by the end of the day today, he will call for a committee vote monday. >> thanks, melissa. up next calling each other clowns, the escalating feud between president trump and gavin newsom. >> plus it was a massive undertaking, a bay area dam that could have crumbled during an earthquake has now gotten a complete makeover. >> also ahead new video coming out of monterey bay, the rare sight captured by one whale watching company. >> and when a win on the football field means free beer for everyone, how one beer company threw a giant party after a very long awaited victory. you could generate your own energy,
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stand on immigration. the president trump taking aim again at democratic gubernatorial candidate gavin
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newsom and his stand on immigration taking a swipe at the lieutenant governor at in this rally in nevada last night. >> how about this clown in california who is running for governor? just think. we got a lot of people from california that moved here, but how about this guy? wait. he announces he wants open borders. then he wants to give them healthcare, education, everything. who is literally locking >> newsom fired back tweeting, "lol, hi, real donald trump. interesting description coming from the guy who was literally locking up kids like pennywise." pennywise is the title character in stephen king's novel it, a creepy clown who preys on small children. newsom recently said in spite of the president's attacks, he's willing to work together. >> donald trump attacks the values and people of this state. i'm going to have the back of
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folks and i'm going to fight like mad, but i'm not waking up every day considering which version of the crowbar i can put in the spokes of his wheel. >> earlier this month newsom slammed the president on his critical tweets. thieves struck again at an apple. witnesses took these photos in an apple store in monterey there time. the suspect runs from a display table out the front door. police say at least three people in hoodies were involved in the robberies today, just the latest in a string of robberies in northern california. suspects have targeted apple stores in santa rosa, and placer county at roseville. a judge is asking to throw out the $289 million judgment against monsanto. last month the former school groundskeeper in benicia was
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awarded more than 200 million after a jury found the product roundup contributed to his terminal cancer. monsanto continues to insist there is no proven link between the active ingredient in roundup and cancer. the company is also asking the judgment be set aside or a new trial ordered. says.. numbers have more than high shocking new stats on vaping among teens in marin county, the state office of education says numbers have more than doubled among middle and high schoolers in the last two years. 11th graders saw the largest jump in active users going from 11% to 28%. the study also finds nearly half of 11th graders in marin county have tried using a vape or an e-cig at least once. a new dam seven years in the making has been completed in the east bay, but we won't have to take seven years to show you how it proceeded. there is a time lapse. the calaveras dam is on the border between alameda and santa clara counties. kpix5's don ford says it replaces an old dam that was at
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risk of collapse in a major earthquake. >> reporter: landscaping and final details are wrapping up. structurally the new calaveras dam is complete. so the san francisco public utilities commission along with its many construction partners performed the obligatory big blue ribbon cutting. >> we're so excited, 17 years. >> reporter: 17 years. >> 17 years. >> reporter: since the last time the water was up. >> yes, that's correct. >> reporter: 20 years ago the original dam built in the 1920s was deemed unsafe in an earthquake. of course, the new dam is much stronger. >> it's been designed to expand the magnitude 7 1/4 from the calaveras fault. that's over 1g of shaking. >> reporter: the calaveras fault line runs under the
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reservoir between these two points of land. here is how you build an $825 million 220-foot high dam in mere seconds, time lapse. watch the dark triangle rise from the floor of the canyon. millions of specially compacted engineered yards of material slowly take shape. hundreds of huge machines sculpt the structure into exactly the right spot. it's truly an engineering feat. then there's this. >> to be able for it to withstand the shaking and to be able to self-heal itself. >> reporter: self-heal you mean like kind of filling in, make itself stronger as it shakes? >> yes. because of the different zones of material. >> reporter: engineers here say that, of course, depending on the weather that this entire area could be completely filled with water in as soon as six months. don ford, kpix5. take a look at this, a white dolphin swimming around in monterey. scientists say it's very rare
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to witness this. the company monterey bay whale watch had their drone flying over head when it happened yesterday. they say the young dolphin is native to monterey. it was first spotted as a baby back in 2014. the cleveland browns won their first game in two years. it was also a huge win for beer lovers. bud light installed these victory fridges around cleveland. they were waiting to be opened the day the browns finally won a game. well, they beat the jets last night 21-17 and the fridges were immediately unlocked. bud lights were handed out to thousands of excited fans. >> it's finally we got a win. >> the best part about it was we were here at home. you got to feel the energy of the crowd, how badly they wanted it as well. >> the browns are looking to pick up a second win next week in the bay area, but they have to get past raider nation who are looking to pick up their first win of the season. here it is friday evening
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right on the cusp of the most important forecast of the week, the weekend forecast, but paul is off tonight. who will we find to do this? stay tuned. >> but first the markets closed mixed today. here's a look at the closing numbers from wall street.
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cbs evening news is up next. jeff glor hello. hi and welcome back on this friday evening. things are shaping up to be a little bit cooler for saturday and sunday, but then there are major changes setting up even now for next week to change things in a big way. in the meantime low clouds really moved up from southern california. the onshore push means temperatures are cooling off tonight and saturday and sunday, but don't be lulled into a false sense of security because while temps fall slightly over the weekend, then they're going to warm up. we'll get to that in a minute. first futurecast shows low clouds, the usual ebb and flow at this time of the year.
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we'll find the back of the shoreline tomorrow as we look there at lake curry and the numbers in the bay area, the fog pulling through the golden gate bridge. so again we've got the big spread between 62 in san francisco and 90 degrees at concord right now even at this hour. forecast for tomorrow shows a few low clouds by the shoreline, by the bay low 70s and then inland about 90 degrees tomorrow in the warmest spots. that's cooler than it was today. it will be mild the next few days as low pressure is going to reset up off the west coast, but that will change. high pressure builds in over the desert southwest, warmer weather due in later in the week. the futurecast shows that by wednesday high pressure reestablishes itself over the desert southwest. that gives us an offshore flow. that's typical for september. that means numbers inland by wednesday, thursday will be near 100 degrees. so it will be breezy tonight, winds to about 20 miles an hour, especially breezy close to the coast, milder this
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weekend, not as warm, but it will be warmer next week. the warming trend begins monday. still a nice weekend for the walnut festival. it will be sunny and 88 degrees at walnut creek. you're taking in a game tonight, oakland a's, first pitch 7:05 p.m. under partly cloudy skies, temps in the mid-60s. tonight we'll be in the mid-50s and tomorrow the numbers will be a bit cooler than today. in san francisco 67 degrees, in san jose 81 and in concord 87, oakland 73. in the extended forecast we'll go with stratus quo for the next couple days, the usual low clouds along the shoreline and then sunshine in the afternoon. look at what happens on wednesday. pressure's up. temperatures follow suit. it's going to be a warm midweek, so enjoy the weekend while you can for now. we'll generate some revenue and be right back. that. i can't tell people to try my bowls? no. check out my bowls? nope. what about my billboard? (sighs)
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what? try my teriyaki bowls.
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now available comwith steak or chicken,s. covered in our teriyaki sauce, plus steamed veggies and your choice of white or brown rice. i've got the bowls to serve something different! (sighs) what? try my teriyaki bowls. thanks for watching at five... the cbs evening news is up next. >> jeff glor is here with a preview. >> up next we'll have more on the report the deputy attorney general suggested shkreli recording the president. >> inside the lab -- shkreli recording the president. >> inside the lab -- secretly recording the president. >> inside the lab that studies fire tornadoes coming up next on the cbs evening news. >> thank you for watching tonight at 5:00. ahead at 6:00, more on the arrested norcal rapist, we hear from one of his victims living
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in the bay area. we're back in 30 minutes. see you then.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> glor: on the "cbs evening news" this friday: we have new reporting on the article that says that deputy attorney general offered to wear a wire to record the president and suggested removing it. there may be a final agreement our brett kavanaugh's accuser to testify. and, steve hartman follows a prayer's journey to the heavens and back. but first, the headlines in 60 seconds. >> the "new york times" dropping a bombshell. >> just look!


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