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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  September 24, 2018 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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of sexual misconduct. >> for people to come out of the woodwork from 36 years ago and 30 years ago and never mention it, all of a sudden it happens, in my opinion it's totally political and it's totally political. >> over the weekend the new yorker published a story from a new accuser, deborah ramirez, a former classmate of kavanaugh's at yale. in it ramirez accused kavanaugh of exposing himself to her at a party. her claims add to the allegations from christine blasey ford who said kavanaugh assaulted her when they were teenagers. in a staple today kavanaugh said he will -- statement today kavanaugh said he will not back down. he writes, "i will not be in dim take thed into withdrawing from this -- intimidated into withdrawing from this process." ford is scheduled to appear at a senate judiciary hearing thursday, but some democrats including senator dianne feinstein say the hearing should be delayed. she said a letter to the
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committee chairman republican chuck grassley. "i am writing to ask for a postponement of the proceedings and that you have the fbi investigate the allegations of christine blasey ford as well as these new claims." senator grassley said he's looking into the new claims but has no plans to postpone thursday's hearing and today republican majority majority leader mitch mcconnell said there will be a vote to move forward on kavanaugh. >> this fine nominee for the supreme court will receive a vote in this senate in the near future. >> according to president trump's advisor, kellyanne conway, if ms. ramirez would like to participate and testify at thursday's hearing, she can put in a request to the senate judiciary committee and they will determine whether she can also participate in addition to ms. blasey ford in that proceeding on thursday. >> this would call for pure speculation on your part. >> sure. >> how many does it take? you have one woman who said
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this happened. you have now a second person who said this happened before this committee decides that maybe the fbi should take a look at this. do we need three, four? >> i don't know it's a number that's preventing them from asking for an fbi investigation so much as it is the potential delay that certainly republicans don't want to incur if they sort of hand over the proceeding essentially to the fbi and say do an investigation. they kind of don't know how quickly that can be done. so they can't plan appropriately i think for that october session and for the elections coming up. remember these senators need to get back to their homestates and campaign. so that's one big part of why they're rushing through this. >> the house and/or senate could be different then. the hearing before the senate judiciary committee happens on thursday. we will bring you live coverage here on kpix and if you're at work or out of the house, live streaming coverage on all our digital platforms. the stanford law professor behind the recall of judge
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aaron has a new campaign. michelle daubert launched a political action committee against people who don't take violence against women seriously. the enough is enough voter project will be a national effort. dauber was the driving effort in the recall of judge persky who gave stanford swimmer brock turner six months for sexually assaulting a woman. the other big story now in washington, rod rosenstein's job status up in the air. the deputy attorney general will meet with president trump on thursday and there are conflicting reports on whether be fired. this follows a story last week in the new york times that said that rosenstein talked with some colleagues in 2017 about possibly invoking the 25th amendment to remove mr. trump from office. today the president confirmed a meeting is coming. >> we'll be meeting at the white house and we'll be determining what's going on. we want to have transparency.
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we want to have openness and i look forward to meeting with rod at that time. >> today rosenstein met with the white house chief of staff, john kelly, before going to a previously scheduled cabinet meeting. the suspected norcal rapist faced a judge for the first time this afternoon. authorities say he had eluded arrest for nearly three decades. kpix5's juliette goodrich on the bay area victims who were in the courtroom today. juliette? >> reporter: well, liz, two bay area victims came to sacramento. they wanted to look this alleged norcal rapist face to face in the eyes. they did just that today as he faced a judge. >> he looked squarely at us in the eyes when he walked out. the first time i've seen his face ever. >> it's a day we've all waited for for a really long time. >> reporter: today 58-year-old roy waller, the suspected norcal rapist, appeared in a sacramento courtroom. two of his alleged victims sat
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just feet away to see man they say raped and terrorized them. >> when he turned around and looked squarely at us straight in our eyes, i glared right back. >> reporter: one district attorney called waller a real live boogeyman who crept into his victims' homes under the cover of darkness and attacked them when they were most vulnerable. >> there's not a moment you don't forget. you don't forget the details, smells, sounds, sights. you don't forget it ever. >> reporter: investigators say his alleged crime spree started in 1991 in rohnert park and continued 15 years of victimizing women in davis, chico, woodland and sacramento. using the same genetic genealogy website used to catch the golden state killer, investigators recently uploaded the norcal rapist's dna. like with the golden state killer, it allowed them to compile a family tree of relatives with common genes and tracked it back to their suspect in just 10 days. joseph ferina is waller's
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defense attorney. >> until i have the police report i can't say here's how much time you're facing. i don't know what's in the police reports. i don't know the extent of the dna or what other material they might have. >> reporter: waller allegedly bound and sexual assaulted his victims before ransacking their homes. for decades investigators have been collecting dna, but with no known matches it wasn't much help until recent advances in genealogy dna changed everything. >> we were the only ones who had seen his face. this time i get to see his face when he's in fear. >> reporter: police say that waller is linked to at least 10 women in this 15 year sexual assault spree. two of those cases here in sacramento and that is what he is behind bars for now facing 12 counts and he could face life in prison. he's back in court october 30th and those two survivors here today say they'll be back in court as well. in sacramento, juliette
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goodrich, kpix5. bad news, this mri confirms the worst possible news for 49er fans. quarterback jimmy g. will be out the rest of the season. kpix5's len ramirez is at 49er headquarters where the head coach just gave that update within the past hour. len? >> reporter: yeah. certainly not the news 49ers fans wanted to hear. for them the season started with very high hopes with jimmy g. at the helm, certainly not ending that way. with a torn acl his season is over. just back from kansas city 49ers head coach kyle shanahan was talking about losses, the biggest one to his $137 million franchise quarterback jimmy garoppolo. >> jimmy has a torn acl. i know he was very disappointed. i know it was hard for him last night. it's hard today. it will be hard over these next few weeks, but isa tough person. bounce back from this and be ready to go next year.
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>> probably doing about 400,000 reconstructions a year athletes and nonathletes. >> reporter: acl stands for anterior cruciate ligament, the forward ligament in the knee. >> this is the ligament in the front. it rotates out and there's a force where your knee bends sideways and it pops the acl right here. >> reporter: this orthopedic doctor specializes in sports medicine and has treated many patients with the same injury. dr. reynolds said it cannot be fixed, but it can be replaced. >> we take the central slip of the patella patellatendon and turn it into a ligament and put it back into the original location. >> reporter: recovery typically takes about a year and high level athletes can be ready to work out in about nine months. >> coming back from acl athletes and patients are as strong, if not stronger, prior to the injury and typically have a full career after this injury. >> reporter: again we don't know all the particulars with
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jimmy garoppolo's injury, whether or not there are any complications, but there is one good thing to come out of this, if you can say that, and that's the fact that it happened early in the season. so he will have practically a full year to get back into shape to be ready to play against next year. live in santa clara, len ramirez, kpix5. the hopes for the season now rest on the 9ers backup. you'll be seeing a lot of c.j. beathard. here's a look at his numbers. beathard has a total of eight nfl starts, not many more than jimmy, right? his record last year with the 9ers was 1-4. he had four touchdown throws, six interceptions. on the fire watch now for the second time in as many days, a brushfire creates a scare in the san ramon neighborhood. this time a 2-acre brushfire broke out just after 2:00. it forced evacuations for a short time along podaro way south of crow canyon road.
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the second burn scar you see is where a different brushfire burned yesterday. san ramon police captain carlson posted a photo on twitter pointing out how close these two fires were. he wrote it was too coincidental to be accidents and asked anyone who saw anything unusual to call police. let's take a live look outside now where the bay area is under a red flag warning. our exclusive sales force tower cam those mount tam which is covered by that warning and dry, windy weather increasing fire danger around mount vaca and mount diablo. >> our chief meteorologist paul deanno checking the current conditions. >> it was in the 90s and the low relative humidity is the key to all of this, the high fire danger in all inland bay area hills. it's an offshore wind. it's drier and hotter outside. relative humidity levels in the hills are right now below 10%. that is critical fire danger and some gusts overnight tonight into tomorrow on the
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hilltops will be 20 to 30 miles per hour. so the fire danger will remain high until we get some rain, which will be a while, but this is extreme fire danger because of those offshore winds and low relative humidity. yeah, it's pretty hot outside, concord, livermore, fairfield in the 90s currently, 81 in san jose, 86 in santa rosa, 70s in both vallejo and oakland. coming up we'll talk about how long the warm weather lasts and something we have not discussed in the forecast in five months we'll talk about tonight. hillary clinton is in san francisco to help raise money for democratic house candidates. the ticket sold out at the fairmount hotel. prices ranged from 10,000 to $34,000 each. house minorities leader nancy pelosi hosted the event today dubbed the ultimate women's power luncheon and issues conference. clinton is trying to help democrats ahead of the november midterms. president trump is talking about a possible second summit
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meeting with north korea's kim jong un. mr. trump was at the united nations today ahead of a speech tomorrow to the general assembly. today he met with the president of south korea about a new trade deal and potential progress with the north. a u-n speech mister trump deli >> we will be having a second summit in the not too distant future. >> i expect i'll be traveling to pyongyang before too long as well to make the final preparations for the second meeting between the two leaders. >> all this is quite a change from last year when the president threatened to destroy north korea and said, "rocketman is on a suicide mission." bill cosby goes back to court for a sentencing hearing, the break he just got from the judge. >> the golden state warriors are back already to defend their title. you'll hear from them coming up next.
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last week "hope village" moved from one spot on ruff drive... to the s-e-i-u s a south bay homeless camp on the move again. last week it moved to the sciu site about 200 feet down the street. today the handful of residents were told move again while the county prepares a lot where another homeless campment is already in place. >> the last thing we'll be doing is we will not be displacing them. we understand that they're in the same situation as the people that are living in hope village and some of them may decide they want to join hope village. >> the plan is to have the lot cleared and ready for the larger joint encampment by thursday. the county would like to keep the village in one place for 18 months, but the city of san jose is only willing to commit to six months for now. in the south bay a sad end to the search for a missing palo alto woman, her body was
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found over the weekend as authorities responded to a separate crash in fremont on highway 84. they discovered her vehicle nearby in some thick brush. the body of 66-year-old wamaitha kaboga-miller was in the driver's seat. investigators checked the license plate, saw miller had been filed as a missing person. authorities are now investigationing when her accident occurred. in millbrae police are on the hunt for three suspects linked on a violent home invasion that happened sunday around midnight. three masked men broke into a home on toya near loyola drive. the armed suspects then tied up the residents inside and demanded valuables. police say one of them hit a victim over the head. the thieves later fled in a u- haul truck. small legal victory for bill cosby at his sentencing hearing in pennsylvania, prosecutors have agreed to combine three counts of his conviction meaning that he now faces a maximum of 10 years in
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prison, not 30 years. the big issue is whether cosby will be designated as a sexually violent predator. that would mean neighborhood warnings wherever he lives. the defense wants cosby to serve his time at home. the hearing continues tomorrow. a bay area company appears poised to become part of the world's largest audio entertainment company. siriusxm announced a deal to buy oakland-based pandora in a deal worth $3.5 billion. sirius is already a leader in subscription radio with 36 million subscribers. analysts say this will help sirius expand its reach among listeners who prefer streaming platforms over payment systems. of oakland... with their third championship in 4 years. now. what? already? yeah. it's been three months since the warriors paraded down the streets of oakland with their third championship in four years. now the dubs are back in the spotlight. >> sport director dennis
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o'donnell is here with the highlights from media day. already? >> you were out there in the streets of oakland, it's crazy. it's game on for the warriors and what better way to close out their history at the oakland coliseum arena than with their fourth championship in five years? that's the goal. it tipped off today with a new face, demarcus cousins, who was the big free agent prize, and while he might be a fan of the warriors, he's no fan of the commute. >> i'm trying to get used to this traffic, man. this traffic is crazy. 8:00 in the morning it's bumper to bumper. so i'm still trying to find the right times to travel. >> cousins continues to work his way back from a torn achille's. he did not put a timetable on when he plans to make his debut. while cousins was the big addition this summer, the team also samed damian lee who joined the curry family earlier this month when he married
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steph's sister sydell. >> the opportunity he has to impact our team it will be fun and obviously i get to keep close eyes on him. >> the warriors are heavy favorites to win the nba championship and it's easy to see why with the addition of demarcus cousins when he returns from his injury. they will have five all-stars on that roster. the rich get richer i think. >> man, yeah. >> can't wait. >> takes money to make money. >> thanks, dennis. golden sunshine throughout the bay area today, but this time of year we can begin to talk about hot weather and rain in the same sentence as we look live outside right now, both hot weather and a rain chance in the seven-day forecast. find out when next. >> and coming up at 6:00 tonight a north bay school dealing with a stinky problem, the smell of sewage drifting their way from the sewage plant across the street, the demand that something be done to fix it.
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it's monday which is okay because it sounds like it's going to be a nice week. >> it's going to be a tale of two weather halves. for folks that like it warm, the first half of the week you want to get outside because by this weekend it's going to change. >> fall. >> it's going to feel like fall outside with cooler weather and the tiniest chance of a north bay rain shower coming up on saturday. right now it's all about the temperature spread and boy, do we have one, about 27 degrees separating you in livermore where it's 91 and sunny and here the fog is moving into san francisco where it's 64 and breezy and plan on fog around the city overnight tonight. in between we found oakland 73, santa rosa 76. vallejo tonight 55, fremont 53, san francisco 54 and pacifica 52 and sunrise is getting later, 7:00 sunrise tomorrow. your microclimate forecast, we'll take you to the beautiful
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city of dublin where you were in the mid-80s today. you'll be in the upper 80s tomorrow. you will be in the low 90s coming up wednesday, wednesday likely the warmest day of the week and with these offshore winds air quality was not great today. it was moderate. tomorrow it goes moderate to unhealthy which means tomorrow is a spare the air day. the east bay and the south bay will be the two areas where air quality will go from moderate to unhealthy tomorrow. let's talk about why we have an offshore wind. the past couple weeks we've talked about a ridge of high pressure centered to our south. we kept the flow from the ocean. look where the ridge is now. it's built to our north and the same clockwise flow around our ridge is giving us a north to northeast wind, kind of cuts off the flow from the ocean. you're in dublin, vacaville or napa, your flow of air is not from the chilly pacific ocean. that's why you're in the 90s for the next couple days because the ridge is not going to move. minimal low cloud cover and fog coming up tomorrow moving through the golden gate. that's it. everybody else is sunny start to finish including tomorrow
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afternoon. as we head toward wednesday, the least amount of fog, even san francisco will be completely sunny start to finish. then mother nature flips everything over and by friday the ridge is gone replaced by an area of low pressure which will make landfall in northern california, the first time this happened in about five months and that right there is a tiny rain shower chance for those of you in north sonoma, mendocino and lake county saturday. it's not much, but any rain chance in late september is noteworthy and that is the beginning of the weekend. it's a little fog next couple nights, warm to hot the next few days, much cooler by the weekend with that tiny shower chance in the north bay on saturday. tomorrow low 90s fairfield, concord, livermore, upper 80s for san jose and santa rosa, 83 in vallejo, 74 in oakland, 79 in redwood city and 60s for san francisco and pacifica. extended forecast notice the change thursday to friday, much cooler, nobody even hits 80 over the weekend and next week we'll stay cloudier and cooler with that tiny rain chance on
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saturday. that's your forecast. we'll be right back.
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"..." ahead at the cbs evening news is coming up next. >> jeff glor is here with a preview. >> up next supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh speaks out after a second accuser comes forward. >> the medical break-through that has some paralyzed patients walking again. >> and how a teen said he survived 49 days stranded at sea coming up in a few seconds on the cbs evening news. ahead at 6:00 an unusual
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team meeting for the san jose state spartans. >> we'll show you the face-off between football players and police officers. liz, paul and i are back in 30 minutes.
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♪ ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs >> glor: on the "cbs evening news" this monday, supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh defends himself if a tv interview, vowing he will not drop out after a second accuser comes forward. icd the breakthrough medical device that got paralyzed people aanding and walking again. but first the headlines in 60 seconds. >> brett kavanaugh and his wife sitting down for that joint interview. >> i never sexually assaulted iyone. i'm not going to let false accusations drive us out of this process. i'm not going anywhere. >> the fate of the deputy eytorney general rod rosenstein very much in the air. >> that's after reports that rosenstein was at the white house to either resign or get fired. >> at this very moment... ...he is still on the job. >> now we know the president b. going to talk with him on thursd


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