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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  September 24, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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the area cleaned up, but just a block or two away the camps are back as bad or worse than before. and now the city's putting up a tough shed village next to laney college by the old kaiser convention center near lake merritt in the hope of cleaning up encampments that have sprung up around the lake. >> the current encampments have caused half a million dollars in damage in the wetlands area. we pull out needles, garbage, a lot of human waste. >> reporter: while some of the homeless we talked with said they are ready to move into the sheds and get help -- >> because it would get me off of the pavement. they have a program where i can get, you know, affordable housing. >> reporter: -- others said no. >> a lot of people say it's going to be like a concentration camp. >> reporter: which begs the question are the sheds tough enough to really handle the problem? >> maybe i can rent a bus and send them back over to san francisco. >> reporter: oakland city
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councilman noel gayo has his doubts and he voted for the shed. how much of this is just getting it out of sight? >> it's getting it out of sight. for me it's not the solution. >> reporter: city officials say while the sheds aren't the long term answer, they are getting results. >> the goal is to meet the needs of the up sheltered and the needs of the rest of the city. >> reporter: a year ago the city cleared up this area on the emeryville border and set up programs and declared no camping. today it's back as big as ever and with city toilets. >> on the one hand we're saying you're not supposed to be here. on the other hand we're putting in the toilets and the wash basins. >> we have to be realistic. i would rather have human waste captured in a porta-potty and garbage cans and needle boxes for people than having them found all over the street. so it's a balance. >> reporter: that balance will have about 40 people living here if it goes according to plan. they'll be getting housing and they'll get service, but it doesn't come cheap. it's about $500,000. so if you do the math, both on the number of people they'll be able to help and the cost, you
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can see oakland has a ways to go. at lake merritt, phil matier, kpix5. a marin middle school has a stinky problem. parents say the smell coming from a nearby sewage plant is making their kids feel sick. the plant is right across the street from mill valley middle school, but it's been there for years. so what's causing the stench now? sky drone 5 and our john ramos found out. >> reporter: the mill valley sewage treatment plant was built back in 1954. in 1972 the local school district constructed mill valley middle school right across the street. you can imagine what that means. >> it smells like raw sewage or an outous that hasn't been taken care of -- outhouse that hasn't bean taken care of in quite some time. >> reporter: lately the smell has gotten worse. the plant manager said that's happening because of a major renovation project that
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includes replacing ironically an old carbon filter exhaust system for removing odors. >> everybody is conditioning to this new technology which is biotowers which is really considered to be state of the art. >> reporter: when the new biotower is completed on this site, there should actually be less odor, but now with the building opened up for construction more unfiltered air is released. the rotten egg smell comes from hydrogen sulfide created in the sewage treatment process. >> there were places inside the plant that you couldn't smell anything, but i got to admit here in front of the school you can really smell that rotten egg odor. >> today it smells quite pleasant compared to every other day. >> reporter: this is pleasant because it's still pretty strong? >> no, no. this is nothing. >> reporter: the air is monitored daily and results have shown no toxic levels of gases, just enough to be a big nuisance. the manager said the odor reduio othe proj has been ved up to
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accommodate the school and he thinks things should improve, but he can't guarantee there won't be any smell because, well, it is a sewer plant. >> what i'm committing to to provide best effort from the staff to contain and make sure that we are not offending anyone with emissions from the facility. >> reporter: in mill valley, john ramos, kpix5. >> the new odor filtering tower should be completed by the end of this year. late this afternoon the supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh's former yale college roommate who lives and works in the bay area is speaking out. james roach says that he shared a two-bedroom unit with kavanaugh on campus but didn't socialize with him. this was his response to new sexual misconduct allegations today involving another yale student. "i did not observe the specific incident in question, but i do remember brett frequently
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drinking excessively and becoming incoherently drunk." just in the last few hours supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh says he wants a fair process where he can defend his name. he was interviewed on fox news. wo >> i've always treated women with dignity and respect. he does not corroborate the incident at all. the incident did not happen. >> you remember him. he was your roommate. >> i do remember him. >> why do you think he would say that? >> i'm not going to speculate about motives. i know i never did that. if i had done that, it would have been the talk of campus. >> deborah ramirez is the second woman to accuse kavanaugh of sexual misconduct. in a new yorker article she said kavanaugh exposed himself to her at a college party when both were yale freshmen. meantime senator dianne feinstein says that she is not pushing for the second woman to be included in a judiciary committee hearing later this week, but she does want the entire confirmation process put on hold to allow time for the fbi to investigate all of these
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allegations. >> kpix5 political reporter melissa caen is here with more on feinstein's ongoing role in the supreme court fight. >> yeah. you might remember when the first sexual assault allegation against brett kavanaugh became public, we also learned that senator dianne feinstein knew about the woman's claims back in july and since then the senator has been locking horns with the president and other republicans who say this was all a plan to stall the confirmation. last sunday the washington post revealed christine blasey ford's allegations against brett kavanaugh. the next day the president took aim at senator dianne feinstein. >> as i understand it, judge kavanaugh spent quite a bit of time with senator feinstein and it wasn't even brought thate ha iohave brought up ford's claims when she met with kavanaugh back in august. >> why didn't senator feinstein bring this up at her meeting with judge kavanaugh?
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why didn't the democrats? they knew about the letter because she was showing it to democrats? why did they wait till everything was finished and then bring it up? >> feinstein says she kept the story quiet at ford's request tweeting "president trump, i've said many, many times that my actions were motivated by dr. ford's request for confidentiality. victims must be able to come forward only when they are ready." ford's attorney debra katz said feinstein wanted ford to go public from the beginning. >> throughout that process senator feinstein's office was very willing to have her come forward, encouraging of her coming forward. >> the timing of ford's allegations caused the senate judiciary committee to delay the vote on kavanaugh and over the weekend a new allegation by a former classmate at yale. now feinstein has asked for more time. yesterday she sent a letter to the committee chairman, republican chuck grassley. "i am writing to request an immediate postponement of any further proceedings and that you join our request for the white house to direct the fbi
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to investigate the allegations of christine blasey ford as well as these new claims." but with the president and other republicans blaming feinstein for the first delay, her request for additional time has so far been rejected. today senate republican leader mitch mcconnell said there will be a hearing this week and the senate will move ahead to vote on kavanaugh. >> this fine nominee to the supreme court will see a vote in this senate in the near future. >> so for republicans the plan is to move forward, but attorney michael avenatti says he's representing a third woman and he plans to reveal her allegations against kavanaugh in the next few days and that could impact plans for the hearing on thursday. melissa caen, kpix5. sexual assault is a crime many women don't report, but now thousands are telling their stories to the world using the
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#whyididn'treport. kpix5's maria medina spoke to one expert who explained why sexual assault survivors don't always come forward. >> reporter: in fact, seven of 10 sexual assault victims do not report it, but now more people are coming forward to heal and to inspire others. >> i thought this was something that was entirely my fault. >> reporter: author diane chamberlain is one of more than 720,000 women and men who used the #whyididn'treport over the weekend. >> it is so difficult to come out. >> reporter: four words lisa desilva knows all too well, the chief development officer of community solutions, a nonprofit that helps sexual assault survivors. >> there are so many reasons why survivors of sexual assault don't tell and we're seeing those, those painful reasons. people don't believe them. people question them. >> reporter: but his a says many survivors find -- lisa says many survivors find the courage to reach out for help after a case is highlighted in the media because they see other victims are believed. in fact, she said they've seen a steady increase in calls since the me too movement
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began. >> so it's the me too movement and it's the supreme court and it's the stanford case and it's the catholic church. i mean it's been constantly in the news and so it acts as a trigger. >> reporter: last night a large rally was held in support of palo alto university professor christine blasey ford after president donald trump tweeted skepticism over her recent sexual assault allegations against supreme court justice nominee brett kavanaugh. >> we love christine. we support her. >> reporter: lisa says for survivors who kept their silence there is a difference between reaching out for help and coming out publicly, a choice they can make only for themselves, but the first step to healing she says is to get support. >> and it's also oftentimes the first step of going from being his victim to being a survivor. >> reporter: and there are 82 rape crisis centers across california. it is important to note you can remain anonymous. live in san jose, maria medina, kpix5. where palo alto professor christine blasey ford will
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work >> kpix5 will bring you live coverage of thursday's hearing where palo alto professor christine blasey ford will testify and if you're at work or out of the house, we'll have live streaming coverage in all of our digital platforms. the suspected norcal rapist appears in court, how victims say they felt seeing their alleged attacker for the first time. >> why the people who comb their facebook feed for offensive content are now suing the social media giant. >> temperatures are not the only thing high right now. the fire danger is also extreme in our hills because of low relative humidity like 5% currently. we have a nice layer of fog rolling into san francisco, but that's the only place where it is. we'll talk about how long we stay hot coming up.
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out.. for a 6-year- old boy abducted by his father in modesto. modesto police say jayce cosso an amber alert is out for a 6-year-old boy abducted by his father in modesto. police say jace caso was taken from his home this morning. jace is caucasian, 2' 6, 35 pounds, brown hair and brown eyes believed to be wearing a black transformers shirt and faded green camel boxers according to police. officers are looking for this
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man, 41-year-old john caso, jace's father, 5' 11, 190 pounds. the chp says he has a shaved head and tattoos on his case. he's reportedly driving a black 2012 ford fusion with the california license plate 8bdy654. st" -- roy charles waller -- walked into court for the first if you see this car, you're asked to call police. the suspected norcal rapist roy charles waller walked into court the first time today. he faced a judge and some of his alleged victims. he was arrested last week after decades on the run. the first attack was back in 1991 in rohnert park. police believe he then moved through the bay area north to chico and west to sacramento. kpix5's juliette goodrich is in sacramento right now with the latest developments from court. juliette? >> reporter: ken, the alleged norcal rapist was in court to face the judge as you said.
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also in court today, two of his alleged victims who call themselves strong surveyors. they wanted to look at him eye to eye -- survivors. they wanted to look at him eye to eye. >> he looked us squarely in the eyes when he walked out, first time i've seen his face ever. >> it's a day we've all waited for for a really long time. >> reporter: today 58-year-old roy waller, the suspected norcal rapist, appeared in a sacramento courtroom. two of his alleged victims sat just feet away to see the man they say raped and terrorized them. >> when he turned around and he looked squarely at us rate is in our eyes, i glared right back. >> reporter: one northern california district attorney called waller a real life boogeyman who crept into his victims' homes under the cover of darkness. >> you don't forget the details, smells, sounds, sights. you don't forget it ever. >> reporter: investigators say his alleged crime spree started
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in 1991 in rohnert park and continued 15 year of victimizing women in davis, chico, woodland and sacramento, using the same genealogy website used to catch the golden state killer, investigators uploaded the dna. it allowed them to compile a family tree of relatives with common genes and tracked it back to their suspect in just 10 days. joseph faria is waller's defense attorney. >> until i have the police report i can't say here's how much time you're facing. i don't know what's in the police reports. i don't know the extent of the dna or whatever material they might have. >> reporter: waller allegedly bound and sexually assaulted his victims before ransacking their homes. for decades investigators have been collecting dna, but with no known matches it wasn't much help until recent advances in genealogy dna changed everything. >> i was the only one who saw
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his face for a really long time. i had seen his face when i was in fear. this time i get to see his face while he is in fear. >> reporter: waller faces 12 counts of sexual assault. if convicted, he could face life in prison and two of those survivors today from out of the area in other linked cases say they will be back in court as well to see him october 30th. in sacramento, juliette goodrich, kpix5. a new lawsuit filed against facebook, the men and women whose job it is to moderate the site content say they're suffering from post-traumatic stress syndrome. the suit says they suffer psychological trauma from a constant flow of depraved images, everything from child abuse, rape, torture, even murder. it's the moderators job on catch offensive content and take it down from the site. the lawsuit accuses the social media giant of negligence and failure to provide a safe working environment. we reached out to facebook for
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comment and so far we have not yet heard back. facebook and other internet service providers voluntarily set up standards for moderator training and counseling over a decade ago, but the lawsuit alleges those guidelines are not being followed. a brushfire burned 2 acres in san ramon this afternoon. chopper 5 captured the charred patch west of 680 and south of crow canyon road. people were forced to evacuate for a short time. this is very close to where a different brushfire burned yesterday. you can see both burn scars side by side. police say the two fires are just too coincidental to be accidents, but there is a real fire danger across the bay area right now. chief meteorologist paul deanno with the red flag warning in place today. paul? today through tomorrow afternoon it's always important to note that 98% of all fires are started by people. the problem is with the red flag warning is how quickly it would spread if a fire begins and the answer is right now in
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the hills rather quickly. offshore winds with us all day through tomorrow, hilltop wind gusts 20 to 30 miles per hour. the big problem is relative humidity. this afternoon it dropped to about 3% in some bay area hills and will do the same thing tomorrow. the fire danger which has been high will be extreme in our hills, not everywhere, just in the hills tomorrow where we have the lowest relative humidity. 92 in livermore today, upper 80s for sonoma and san jose, 82 in redwood city, warm there and milder for oakland, 74 san francisco, 66 degrees. let's talk about san jose a second. 161 days without a drop of rainfall. that now puts that particular streak no. 8 all time. by the end of this week san jose will likely jump to no. 6 for the all time longest dry streak. it has norained since mid- april. it's almost october. there's a ridge of high pressure to our north giving us the offshore northeast winds. that's why it's warm away from the water into the 90s and with the ridge moving we can expect the weather to be similar
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tomorrow. a clear night for the most of the bay area. we stay warm tomorrow, wednesday and thursday, but when the pattern changes, it changes with a thud. we'll drop 20 degrees in some locations by the weekend. highs tomorrow are back to the 90s, concord, livermore, fairfield, mid-80s, napa vallejo and san rafael, 86 san jose, another mild day in san francisco with afternoon sunshine, 67 degrees. the warmest day is wednesday. we begin to cool down thursday, significant cooling friday and how about highs only in the 60s and 70s on saturday with a tiny chance of a north bay rain shower. that's your forecast. >> thanks, paul. still ahead an unusual meeting between athletes and police in the south bay. >> there was a major shake-up in the giants organization today. we'll tell you who is going, who is staying and the nri confirms the 49ers -- mri confirms the 49ers' worst nightmare, is colin kaepernick an option? the answer when we come back.
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get / http/1.1 host: user-agent: mozilla/5.0 (macintosh; intel mac os x 10.11; rv:47.0) gecko/20100101 firefox/47.0 accept: á/á connection: keep- alive quarterback jimmy garoppolo tore his acl yesterday in kansas city, he will undergo surgery, and is out for the season,
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the injury occured on his pl 49er quarterback jimmy garoppolo tore his acl yesterday in kansas city. he will undergo surgery and be out for the season. >> it will be hard. jimmy is a tough person. he will bounce back and hope to be ready to go next year. >> the injury occurred on this play in which garoppolo tried to plant his left leg. he is expected to be ready for training camp next august. c.j. beathard will take over as starting quarterback and the search is on for a new backup quarterback. >> i think callan clemons is coming in. t.j. yates might possibly come. in we asked matt moore. i'm not sure if he is or not. that's all i know right now. >> 1 name not on that list is colin kaepernick. shanahan ruled out a reunion with the kapper saying the former 49er is not a good fit for the team's offense. richard sherman will be reportedly sidelined two to three weeks with a calf strain.
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a big flow for the secondary and sherman's bank account. he will lose out on 125 grand per game for each game he misses. bruce bochy will be back next season to manage the giants. the same cannot be said for the team's jeb manager. bobby evans is out as -- general manager. bobby evans is out as gm. he's worked with the organization 25 years and was a key part of the front office during the three world series runs but also oversaw the last two difficult seasons. while the a's could clench a playoff berth tonight even before they take the field in seattle tampa bay is losing to the yankees 3-1 in the 7th. if that score holds, oakland is headed to the postseason. meanwhile back in oakland basketball season is underway for the defending champions, media day today, practice tomorrow and the first preseason game sunday. demarcus cousins is just hoping he shows up on time.
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>> i'm trying to get used to this traffic, man. this traffic is crazy. 8:00 in the morning and it's bumper to bumper. so i'm still trying to find the right time to travel. and in case you missed tiger, check out the scene as he walked to the 18th green yesterday. >> have we ever seen anything like this in golf? well, look at this scene. >> tiger won for the first time since 2013. see that arrow? that is tiger woods in the throngs of the crowd and even in his heyday i never saw anything quite like that, incredible comeback for tiger woods and i never have seen an athlete own a sport like tiger owns golf. now it's on to the ryder cup. his next shot at a major will be next year's master's. >> wonderful. great comeback. >> huge crowds there, i'm sure. thanks, dennis. coming up in our next half
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hour an unusual meeting today between san jose police and college athletes, why both sides say they have a lot to learn from each other. >> masked suspects tie up a family, ransack their home and flee in a u-haul, the wild armed robbery on the peninsula. >> does he have a job or not? the back and forth today over the fate of the u.s. deputy attorney general. this is customizable streaming tv for your family.
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minutes can mean the difference between life and death. proposition 11 saves lives by ensuring medical care is not delayed in an emergency. proposition 11 establishes into law the longstanding industry practice of paying emts and paramedics to remain on-call during breaks and requires they receive fema level training in active shooters and natural disasters. vote yes on 11 to ensure 911 emergency care is there when you or your love one need it.
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6:30: a dialogue between bay a hletes. you're watching kpix5 news. our top story at 6:30, a dialogue between bay area police and athlete in the black lives blue lives era. they're coming together to discuss some serious issues. san jose police invited the san jose state football team to talk. kpix5's kiet do tells us what both groups found out is that they have a lot to learn. >> reporter: here at the stadium not your typical community meeting. >> we're talking about the special team! >> reporter: the san jose state football team invited san jose police to their weekly speaker series. chief eddie garcia told the mostly young minority athletes we need to talk.
6:31 pm
>> men hate each other because they fear each other. they fear each other because they don't know each other. they don't know each other because they don't talk. >> reporter: officers got an earful. isaac tongia described being roughed up while in handcuffs. >> i looked at the other guy and i'm not trying to bring race into it. he was caucasian and they weren't doing the same thing to him. >> reporter: roberts was driving home from hand surgery when an officer in southern california pulled him over for explanation. >> i only had one hand, so i guess i was taking to long. so he was like could you step out -- too long. so he was like could you step out of the car and he was squeezing it and i was like oh and he said stop being tough. >> reporter: officer jackson explained to the wide receiver the gang infested neighborhoods. >> if you're in a high crime neighborhood, you're going to get stopped. that's why i tell everybody if you get stopped, just be cool. if you're cool, we generally
6:32 pm
figure out this guy is an athlete, he's okay. >> reporter: it seemed to work. in a text message based poll they were asked how do you feel after the discussions? 92% said they feel better about sjpd, but roberts is still skeptical. >> let's say somebody is setting here and had a great conversation with a cop, but the moment he feels a cop doesn't respect him, i feel like all the conversation will go out the window. >> you did open my eyes to see a bigger pit. >> reporter: trey walker was surprised that he changed his mind. >> i was overwhelmed just them saying how much they care about us and community and care about what we think they should do. police are looking for three suspects involved in a violent home invasion in millbrae sunday around midnight. three masked men broke into a home on toyan near loyola drive. the armed suspects tied up the residents inside and demanded valuables. police say one victim was injured after being hit in the head by a suspect.
6:33 pm
the thieves later fled in a u- haul truck. in the south bay a sad end to the search for a missing woman, she may have driven off the road and crashed. it was by chance her body was found and it was found in her car. police were actually responding to a separate crash in fremont off highway 84. they discovered her vehicle nearby in some very thick brush. friends and family have been looking for wamaitha kaboga- miller since last month. the 66-year-old was last seen at a convenience store. authorities are now investigating when her accident occurred. embattled california congressman duncan hunter appeared in court today. [ chanting ] >> the republican from a conservative district near san diego was greeted by protesters. hunter and his wife are facing charges they used campaign money to pay for lavish
6:34 pm
vacations, private school tuition and costco charges totaling more than $11,000. hunter maintains his innocence. in spite of the scandal there is a strong chance he will win reelection. if comedian bill cosby ends up serving prison time, it might not be as much as he thought. prosecutors agreed to combine three counts of his conviction meaning he now faces a maximum 10 years in prison, not 30. at today's opening of the sentencing phase a woman he was found guilty of drugging and assaulting told the court the jury heard me, mr. cosby heard me. now all i'm asking for is justice as the court sees fit. another alleged victim wants to see him behind bars. >> he should do time like everyone else. he's already been home. i don't think most folks who have had this kind of situation get to go home for six months. >> the defense wants cosby to serve his time at home. the hearing will continue tomorrow. misconduct.
6:35 pm
and he says he will not withraw meanwhile supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh is again denying allegations of sexual misconduct and he says he will not withdraw from the confirmation process. in an interview with fox news kavanaugh says the incidents being described by two different women never happened. one says kavanaugh exposed himself to her when they were both freshman at yale. separately christine blasey ford of palo alto said he sexually assaulted her when they were both teen-agers. she is set to testify before the senate judiciary committee on thursday. marching from a senate office s of the today women's rights advocates demonstrated in washington marching from a senate office building to the steps of the u.s. supreme court. they held up signs expressing support for victims of sexual assault, but this evening kavanaugh says he intends to press ahead. >> i'm not going to let false accusations drive us out of this process.
6:36 pm
we're looking for a fair process where i can be heard and defend my integrity. >> late today a key senator said the second woman accusing kavanaugh of misconduct should be interviewed under oath. senator susan collins of maine said an interview by the judiciary committee should be separate from the upcoming hearing thursday. another development in washington, deputy attorney general rod rosenstein's job status appears to be in jeopardy. as jim acosta explains, meet with president trump later on this week. >> reporter: arriving at the united nations where he likes to throw his weight around with world leaders, president trump is treating one matter delicately, that is whether to fire deputy attorney general rod rosenstein. >> well, i think it's a very sad story. we are looking into it, but it's a very sad state of affairs when something like that can happen. >> you must be unsettled about it. >> i'm not unsettled about anything.
6:37 pm
>> reporter: amid revelations rosenstein once talked of secretly recording the president and removing the president from office using the 25th amendment, the deputy attorney general paid a visit to the white house this morning with reports swirling he was on his way out. cnn has learned rosenstein talked about those revelations with top white house officials over the weekend. he denied the allegations, a denial have a chance to repeat to the president on thursday. >> i'm meeting with rod rosenstein thursday when i get back from all of these meetings. we'll be meeting at the white house and we'll be determining what's going on. we want to have transparency. we want to have openness and i look forward to meeting with rod at that time. >> reporter: advisors to the president seem to disagree how to respond to the rosenstein story with some warning mr. trump firing the deputy attorney general could have unintended consequences. the president's outside attorney jay sekulow argued rosenstein's departure could lead to a pause in the russia investigation. >> i think it's really important that there be a step back taken here and a review
6:38 pm
and basically a timeout on this inquiry. >> reporter: it's a tricky decision for the president as rosenstein oversees the special counsel's russia probe after attorney general jeff sessions recused himself in the investigation. at a speech in alabama sessions seemed to hint that perhaps the chess pieces were in motion. >> going back to washington, you never know what's going to happen next in the capital city. that's for sure. >> the president's republican allies are urging him not to fire rosenstein, at least for the time being, as the midterm elections approach. coming up they have the jobs. they need the workers now. >> want to climb 61 flights of stairs? the mega run for cancer coming to the sales force tower. you could generate your own energy,
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(((stocks))) oakland-based "pandora radio" is poised to become part of the world's largest audio entertainment company. sirius x-m has announced a deal to bu oakland-based pandora radio poised to become part of the world's largest audio entertainment company, siriusxm announced a deal to buy pandora in a deal worth $3.5 billion. sirius is a leader in subscription radio with 36 million subscribers. analysts say this will help sirius expand its reach among listeners who prefer streaming platforms over payment systems. think of jobs here in the
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bay area and everyone thinks tech, but there's good pay to be made using your han and you never have to touch -- hands and you never have to touch a keyboard. kpix5 reporter anne makovec explain where to find them. >> you got to get up and go to work every day. >> reporter: it's a good time to be a skilled laborer. trajon latin is a skilled laborer in a tight market forcing contractors to offer better pay and benefits. >> it's the easiest and highest paid type of trade you can get with a bare minimum of having a diploma or ged. >> reporter: today 10 skilled labor unions got together in oakland to try to spread the word about some of the free training programs they have available including hands on demonstrations. according to an industrywide survey, 80% of construction firms report having a tough time filling positions from iron workers to carpenters as older workers are retiring and high school grads are choosing
6:43 pm
college over construction. here in the east bay contractors are competing for workers with those in the north bay where construction workers are paid top dollar to help repair communities lost to last year's fires. >> we have constant calls on the books from our contractors. it's a good problem to have, but at the same time contracts need to be fulfilled. >> reporter: the hardest jobs to fill? brick layers, installers, pipe layers and carpenters. >> working hard all day going to school at night keeps the youth busy and wears them out. so they won't have the time or the activity to get out and get into things they shouldn't. >> reporter: the way things look for trejon the sky is the limit. >> i'm very serious about it and i'm very serious about going up. >> reporter: in oakland, anne makovec, kpix5. rescues, injuries, even deaths on the rise at some of california's most beautiful places because of selfies. we'll explain. >> speaking of california and beautiful, there it is.
6:44 pm
it's not 90 degrees and sunny everywhere. as a matter of fact it, is downright chilly and foggy in the city of san francisco. we'll talk about how long we continue with this 30-degree temperature spread and a chance of rain. what? all coming up next. departme
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falls and rescues... because of social media. just last week... ale woman slip one california sheriff's department said we're seeing more cliff falls and rescues because of social media. last week a sunnyvale woman slipped and fell to her death while taking a selfie in michigan. she was on the edge of a 200- foot cliff at pictured rocks national lakeshore. an israeli teen fell to his death while taking a selfie at the top of yosemite's nevada fall earlier this month. reporter lori perez spoke to l.a. county sheriff's rescue crews on the danger of getting that perfect picture. >> reporter: it's fitting. this is a social media post of a rescue of two men who got seriously hurt at hermit falls as witnesses say the duo tried to get video of themselves no doubt to post on social media. deputy steven doucet is with l.a. county search and rescue team. he says the county is spending hundreds of hours and thousands
6:48 pm
of dollars per hour when selfies go bad. there were 681 missions in 2017, the most in five years, up nearly 40% since 2013 and doucet largely blames social media. a. search for eaton canyon or malibu rock pool and you'll see people pushing the limits selfie sticks in hand. >> they go up there and do it and realize wow, that water wasn't quite as deep as i thought and typically we get the broken leg, broken back, broken head and then they're in a remote location. >> reporter: just yesterday matt gambino's girl friend took this extreme shot hanging from a santa monica streetlight. he said she was a trained athlete, but he was thinking as he took the video from below -- >> i hope she doesn't fall. >> doucet wants you to do more than hope to stay safe so the best shot of your life isn't the last. >> for every rescue you see that we do, there are ones we don't make. >> reporter: his best advice
6:49 pm
be smart, be prepared so you can take lots of pictures safely. lori perez, kpix5. who wants to climb 61 flights of stairs? well? you're going to get your chance in the new sales force tower. it's hosted by the damon runion cancer research foundation and 100% of proceeds will go towards supporting young scientists at the cutting edge of cancer research. the race is a race, yeah, kicks off october 21st. it's open to everyone 18 years and older. paul, i see you signing up for that. >> you know, i did climb floors 59 through 61 which officially doesn't count because that's only like three. >> but it sounds great. >> it sounds a lot better than it was. it's like going upstairs in your house, a few more steps, not that impressive. the view from the sales force tower is impressive tonight, a little finger of fog making its way through the golden gate on the top left of
6:50 pm
your screen or smartphone or ipad. it's stretching over towards el cerrito and berkeley. that's the only fog we will see tonight. it is 60 in san francisco, still 85 and clear in livermore, 79 in santa rosa, 84 in concord, upper 40s sonoma county and points north overnight. vallejo 55, san francisco dropped to 50 overnight last night and tied a record le. tonight you'll drop to 54 tying -- low. tonight you'll drop to 54 tying you with mountain view and san jose. wednesday likely will be the hottest day with widespread low to mid-90s inland. the air quality taking a turn for the worse. fires are burning to our north and east. that will be the are so of our air tomorrow, -- will be the source of our air tomorrow, so moderate to unhealthy air quality. we're right along the coastline still chilly, but inland we're 10 to 15 degrees above average. look where the ridge of high pressure is.
6:51 pm
it was to our south and west recently. it's now to our north and west and the clockwise flow around it is giving us a north or northeast wind. this time of year that can get us hot. it was a strong offshore wind, you'd be in the 90s in pacifica, but it's light to moderate and will keep temperatures elevated everywhere except the immediate coastline and kind of minimizes the fog because the wind is blowing the other direction, not from the ocean. everybody with sunshine in the afternoon and wednesday the hottest day will be the sunniest day. we're clear along the san mateo coastline wednesday morning and afternoon as well. then like that the pattern completely flips. now we have an area of low pressure moving in on saturday. there's even a chance of a few isolated north bay rain showers and weather will be much cooler to the tune of 20 to 25 degrees cooler by this weekend. not much fog the next couple night, warm to hot a few more days -- nights, warm to hot a
6:52 pm
few more days. concord 92 degrees tomorrow, 9 degrees above average, morgan hill 89, fremont 80, redwood city 79. lots of low 90s from pittsburg south to san ramon, pleasanton, 60s for daly city and stinson beach, 76 in kentfield, 85 sonoma, 87 the high tomorrow in cloverdale. extended forecast, we're hot through thursday, much cooler friday, cooler over the weekend and we stay cooler than average into early next week. that is your kpix5 forecast. >> thanks, paul. coming up a one of a kind proposal involving a woman in distress and a helicopter.
6:53 pm
6:54 pm
6:55 pm
chopper to save her. it sounds like a movie. a woman in distress, a man rappeling to the ground from a chopper to save her, it sounds like a movie. >> yeah it, does. here's what became a one of a kind marriage proposal. >> reporter: what was supposed to be an air ops demo by the placer county sheriff's office turned into an epic marriage proposal roger makashema and his fiancee will never forget. >> keeping the element of surprise was really important. so i wanted make sure it was something really special to her. >> reporter: roger volunteers for the agency's search and
6:56 pm
rescue team. his plan saturday was to get his then girl friend to play a lost victim. he would rappel down from this helicopter and pretend to rescue her and then pop the big question. >> i went down to a knee and acted like i was fidgeting around in the medical bag which is supposedly part of the demo. i said i was blessed that i found her and then i presented the ring. >> i was overwhelmed. >> reporter: his fiancee is still processing the last 24 hours. she knew something was going on but had never imagined her boyfriend of 2 1/2 years would get down on one knee. >> it all happened really fast. it was a big surprise. >> reporter: a dream proposal two months in the making coming to reality thanks to the placer county sheriff's office air ops team. >> the fact that he and his friends put that together is just a testament to how amazing he is. >> it's a once in a lifetime opportunity, you know, to do something like that. >> so romantic. >> news throughout the evening,
6:57 pm
the latest on
6:58 pm
my name is chris hughes and i am a certified arborist for pg&e. i oversee the patrolling of trees near power lines and roots near pipes and underground infrastructure. at pg&e wherever we work, we work hard to protect the environment. getting the job done safely, so we can keep the lights on for everybody. because i live here i have a deeper connection to the community. and i want to see the community grow and thrive. every year we work with cities and schools to plant trees in our communities. so the environment is there for my kids and future generations. together, we're building a better california.
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