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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  September 25, 2018 6:00pm-6:59pm PDT

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for us. andrea? "we discovered it at 10. ity." "it supports... and >> reporter: well, liz, it was just around 4:30 this afternoon that the transbay transit center was shut down. workers on the ground level have been telling riders to go back to the old transit center to catch their buses and as you can see behind me, it is completely deserted underneath the transit center except for some of the workers that are looking into this problem. the transbay joint powers authority just spoke to the media a few moments ago. this is what they had to say about the situation. >> we discovered it at 10:00. we asked our designers to come in and inspect it and do some analysis and once we got the findings from the designers it became apparent the bus terminal needs to be closed and the building needs further inspection. because safety is our highest priority, it's a portion of the bus deck and portion of the park. it's a localized area, but out of an abundance of caution we
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need to look at adjacent members to make sure they're not taking additional stress. that's what our designers are looking at right now. >> reporter: workers on the third floor discovered a crack in a steel beam that supports the roof guard. we got this video of inspectors looking at not just one beam, but a second beam next to it on the bus deck. the beam is concealed by ceiling panels and is topped off by about 6 feet of soil. crews are taking everything apart to get a closer look at these beams. riders were shocked to hear about this damage to the brand- new $2.2 billion transit center. >> well, that's distressing and ridiculous. i've also noticed that the escalators were going out of service within about a week of it opening. it's too bad because i do think it's a gorgeous facility, but seems like there are some issues with the construction/architecture for
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the building. >> wow. that's a surprise for sure. i guess i have to go back to the old one. >> reporter: is it shocking to you this facility would have some sort of structural defect this early? >> no. not after millennial towers, right? i mean that's tilting. >> yeah. >> and they said it's going to cost hundreds of millions of dollars to fix it to go down to bedrock and jack it up. >> reporter: concluding that and making those conclusions on their own. people are told to head to the temporary transbay terminal at howard and main street to catch buses. inspectors on main street came down to where the media gathered to move us away from the terminal so we are not directly underneath the structure. back live at the scene here it, is a traffic mess here in down
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-- here, it is a traffic mess in downtown san francisco. the cars are diverted at howard and fremont and told to go around the transit center. that's the same thing going on with the foot traffic in this area as well. nobody is allowed to walk underneath the center. they have to go around the facility to get to the other side. reporting live in san francisco, andrea nakano, kpix5. f right now, it doesn't feel like we know how >> kpix5 and chronicle phil matier first broke this story. phil joins us now by phone. phil, i've got to ask you what is going on on fremont street? you've got the millennial tower, what a 1/2 a block away and now this problem with the stress crack. what's going on? >> reporter: the area is jinxed. i'm not sure if the two are related, it has to do with any kind of shift -- if it has to do with any kind of shifting ground. that's what they'll be looking at. remember the eastern span of the bay bridge, billions of dollars spent, old crack there,
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another problem. in this case, ken, we have panels above the bus bay when they discovered this crack. it's yesterday to be determined exactly how big it is because it's difficult to see because it's up inside the roof. this is between the bus station where people get on ac transit to go across the bay and the rooftop garden which is a mega block attraction that has brought in -- >> no question, phil. i can imagine the main contractor on this -- oh, we lost phil a minute. all right. we'll get back to this breaking story. >> paul rose is standing by with the sfmta. paul, you work with a lot of muni buses in the city and other forms of transportation. can you tell us how this is affecting especially people trying to get out of downtown and up onto the bay bridge because that is one of the main routes is down battery and up on the ramps and you go under
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this thing? what's going on tonight? you can hear there a little feedback. we're trying to reestablish with paul rose as well. i can tell you what i think's going on, liz. i think what's going on is gridlock around that part of san francisco. >> no question. >> you have to head down to the embarcadero to get around this thing. that's the only way you can get up onto the bridge without going which would be westbound and string it around on harrison and come up the -- swing it around on harrison and come up the other way. everybody else is going around. you're throwing all that downtown traffic into this because if people don't know it, it's like a bridgeway. you have to go under the transbay terminal to get up onto the bridge, got to be a mess. >> look at that line of folks waiting to get onto their buses at the old terminal. city buses are being rerouted to the temporary transbay terminal as you see there.
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that's at the corner of howard and main streets, but as you were mentioning, ken, this time of night everybody is trying to get in or out of the city and you close off that main artery, it's going to be good luck. >> they completely shut it off with emergency vehicles there. so nobody can come in on fremont off the bridge heading into downtown san francisco because it forces you to make a left. you stay a fremont and within a block you go right under that structure. >> paul rose is back on the phone with sfmta. what can you tell us about the traffic in the area and what are you telling your commuters now? >> right now traffic is bad downtown. we've got fremont closed between howard and mission. we've got a lot of parking patrol officers out there directing people to get around the area the best they can, but it's pretty bad right now. we're asking anyone that doesn't need to be in the area not to drive in the area and as far as transit commuters, we're
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going back to our old plan for the temporary transbay. we're serving people on the curbside, on beal between howard and folsom. >> the one advantage that you have is that was not taken down when this was completed. you can see the bridgeway that goes across, how buses go through that bridgeway and cars come underneath like a tunnel. they are not allowed now to get through that to get up onto the bay bridge. you have the infrastructure in place, paul, right now to accommodate commuters. it's just a lot of confusion. >> right. that's why we have a lot of ambassadors on the scene trying to direct transit riders where to go. we've got a lot of people as close as we can get to the new transbay center and point them in the right direction to go to the old transbay center. so it's really fluid right now. there is some confusion out there and we're trying to make it as seamless as possible. >> sure. you're handling all this right
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now. paul, looking ahead any kind of timetable on this? what's going on it happen tomorrow for the morning commute? >> right now we're expecting tomorrow to look very similar to right now, but as far as any additional timeline information, i'm going to have to defer to the investigation. >> they are still assessing the situation right now. again, you're just tuning in, you're trying to figure out what's going on, the transbay terminal has been shut down because they discovered a cracked steel beam. now this is above where the buses drive, but below the park that is built over the top of the structure and you can see workmen there going up to inspect it. apparently it was in the final stages of construction and they discovered it when they popped off a couple roof panels. >> one last question for paul. what have you been told about what's going on? have they said anything more about this cracked beam to you? >> oh, what you know, i know and we're just trying to
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monitor the situation the best we can and to adjust to the change in circumstances. right now we're doing the best we can. >> paul rose with sfmta, thank you, paul. >> let's recap a second. if you're trying to get home and your bus goes into the transbay terminal, if you walk to the east 2 blocks, you can get to mission and howard and use the old facility that you used the last several years. howard and main, sorry, and on that corner all the buses will be lining up as they did before the transbay terminal was open a few weeks ago. so walk to that location. find your bus and you can get home. everybody's making adjustments. you can see there are lines. >> you can't miss it. there's going to be a long line of people doing the exact same thing you are. if you're in a car trying to get out of the city, it's going to be tough. you'll be in there a while. >> a car going maybe down the embarcadero to get around it or heading west and then coming back around through harrison street, those would be the only
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ways. you have to get around this facility which tonight unfortunately stretches about 6 or 7 blocks. so commuters, we're out there with you. stay tuned. watch if you've got your streaming device with you, we'll try to get you through this nightmare. a look at the early part the transbay >> of course, we'll bring you any upday as they come in on our and, of course, here live on kpix5. in other news this evening new at 6:00, a community divided over ikea. some fear the megastore will unleash chaos and gridlock on their city. the plan aims at building the store here in dublin off hacienda drive near 580. chopper 5 is live this evening over that location. kpix5's juliette goodrich has more details on what's next. juliette? >> reporter: so chopper 5 giving us a good view of the traffic. that's the commute traffic home and that's the very exit where people will go if they're going
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to shop at ikea let's say if that ever happens down the road. i'm 1 mile from chopper 5 in front of city council here in dublin where tonight the planning commission will make a very serious decision if they think ikea should be in this town. you bet it's a lot button topic, ikea in dublin. >> i say no. >> reporter: but others don't mind the ikea idea. >> i love ikea, but it is like costco and target on crack. you're just going to wander. you'll get lost and you'll just lose yourself and you will buy candles. you will buy candles. >> reporter: ikea owns this 27- acre lot, prime real estate off 580 in the heart of dublin. ikea wants to build a 430,000 square foot store and now it's nearing decision time with the planning commission set to vote. >> my gut feeling is the planning commission would not approve it. >> reporter: this woman running for city council.
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>> i think it's unethical to say how i would vote. >> reporter: she walks a fine line sharing her opinion. >> i see some big concerns with the project, traffic and parking. i have big concerns on those, but i also see this is the type of lifestyle retail we've asked for in dublin. >> reporter: ikea says it would create hundreds of jobs and bring in millions of tax dollars to the city and alameda county. ikea also says it would build an underground parking lot and eliminate the hotel for more open space, but some say what open space? >> look around you and all the hills. there's brand-new homes and apartments going in. it's just too much. >> reporter: there's a lot of vocal opposition, even an online no to ikea petition circulating to prevent potential gridlock in dublin, but for some ikea can't come soon enough. >> i love their product. i honestly do. so i just make it my business, okay, this is going to be ikea day and that's what i do. >> reporter: there is a lot of debate in this town and that no
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ikea petition has about 3,000 signatures now. the planning commission meeting is tonight at 7:00. they'll make their decision, but it's not a go thing for them either. they'll then pass it along to the city council in two weeks. they'll make a decision whether or not to have it or to send it off to the voters in this town. in dublin, juliette goodrich, kpix5. our betty yu is at the 7 p.m. meeting tonight. we expect it to be packed and we'll have an update on this story tonight on the kpix5 news at 11:00. air canada jet nearly colliding with two planes at sfo, the recommendations coming from the ntsb today after a scathing report.
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i'm april kennedy and i'm an arborist with pg&e in the sierras. since the onset of the drought, more than 129 million trees have died in california.
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pg&e prunes and removes over a million trees can'ctow lines ncthpg&e prunes and removes onset of droughtrees we've doubled our efforts. i grew up in the forests out in this area and honestly it's heartbreaking to see all these trees dying. what guides me is ensuring that the public is going to be safer and that these forests can be sustained and enjoyed by the community in the future.
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we now know... a near miss at s- f-o last year... was way closer than previously reported. the n-t-s-b says: we now know a near miss last year at sfo was way closer than previously reported. the be in the says an air canada -- the ntsb says an air canada flight crew was tired, confused and came just 13 feet from disaster on a crowded taxiway. lawmakers are horrified by this report. kpix5's melissa caen joins us live now with their plans to prevent future incidents. melissa? >> reporter: yeah, ken, we're learning disturbing new details today about an incident that happened here at sfo a little over a year ago. an air canada plane attempted
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to land on a taxiway where a number of other planes were waiting to depart. the incident didn't turn into a crash, but it still exposed some serious issues thatone congressman is trying to address. >> this was a very close call. >> united one air canada flew directly over us. >> yeah. i saw that. >> reporter: a mistake when landing at sfo last july almost killed hundreds of people and today we learned how close air canada flight 759 came to hitting another plane lined up on a taxiway. >> the distances between aircraft was about 13 feet. >> reporter: the national transportation safety board held a hearing today on the findings of an investigation into the incident. among other things the report said that the canadian pilots were fatigued and one runway was shut down. so they mistook the taxiway for a runway. >> the taxiway with airplanes had features consistent with runway center line, edge and approach lighting.
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>> reporter: and the pilots had not dialed in their landing instruments to uency. >> it was both human error and we could have had better technology. >> reporter: east bay congressman mark desalgne said he's been pushing for better safety at sfo. >> better technology and that the people are trained properly. >> reporter: in a new bill for the faa he added several provisions to catch and prevent landing mistakes, to better alert air traffic control, give audible notices to pilots and prevent power outages. >> we came very close to having a very large tragedy at sfo. so we want to learn from those mistakes and make sure that that doesn't ever happen again. >> reporter: the congressman tells us the bill has bipartisan support and he expects it will be finalized sethe ne d the house an live at sfo, melissa caen, kpix5. an arson arrest in the east bay with the suspect caught in a compromising position, william priest was arrested
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yesterday in connection with two suspicious fires in san ramon. the first broke out sunday and burned 7 acres and then yesterday another 6 acres were scorched nearby. police say they caught up with the suspect because of an observant neighbor that saw something unusual. >> a very alert citizen saw a suspicious vehicle in the neighborhood in the early morning hours of monday, reported that to the police. in the afternoon they saw the same vehicle parked again unoccupied. when the resident went and approached the vehicle, the subject came from down from a hilly area where the fire had just occurred. the suspect was carrying a gas can. >> priest is now in custody on $75,000 bail. another man is also in custody accused of recklessly setting fires in danville and blackhawk in the last month. news in san francisco... big time temperature spread today. san rafael did not hit 70
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degrees, but vacaville almost hit 100. let's look at today's highs. we did have some 90s including pleasanton at 93, concord 88, fremont hitting 80, redwood city 72 degrees. the microclimate temperature spread today of more than 1 degree per mile, ocean beach only 57. 30 miles away it was 36 degrees hotter. pleasanton had the high of 93. air quality tomorrow, moderate to unhealthy once again, so a spare the air day for a second consecutive day tomorrow because our wind continues to come from the north and northeast. we have a blocking pattern with neither one of these weather elements moving. low pressure to our south, a ridge of high pressure to our north and west, this is what happens this time of year. this is why this is historically the warmest month of the year in san francisco, because ridges build to our north. we get a north or northeast wind, cuts off the ocean influence and really allows us to heat up even though the calendar says fall. sometimes we go in the other direction. warmest day of the week, tomorrow. we stay warm thursday, then much cooler weather, big time
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pattern change coming friday. not this weekend, but early next week there is a widespread bay area shower chance. if that verifies, we may be talking about the first widespread rainfall in about five months. vallejo tomorrow warm, 84, napa 88, 90s concord, fairfield, livermore, alamo, santa rosa, 86 in san jose and a warm day in san francisco with a high of 70. thursday a few degrees cooler, significantly cooler friday. the weekend nobody hit 80 and early next week we have a widespread shower chance, details why that shower chance is coming in the next half hour. >> paul, thank you. we are monitoring the breaking news in san francisco, another live report from the transbay transit center where a cracked steel beam is forcing some major street closures. >> hey you, you on the couch, i'm going to give you two minutes to come up with the four golfers you would put on the mount rushmore of golf,
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okay? >> and what more could steph curry possibly accomplish?
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were 2 games under .500 and 11 games out of the wild card spot...last night, they clinched a post-season birth and ma just a few months ago the a's were two games under .500 and 11 games out of the wildcard spot. last night they clinched a preseason berth and play have spent more money on champagne than the payroll. >> reporter: what do you think mom and dad are thinking right now? i'm sure they're watching. >> don't get too drunk. >> yeah. they popped the bubbly last night celebrating their fourth postseason in seven years, but one that very few people saw coming back in spring training. >> i didn't know that many guys on the team. i really didn't. i was in the nl a while. i saw their numbers and thought might be all right. i couldn't be more prouder of a group of guys.
6:25 pm
i honestly maybe get depressed like other teams get. we just win ballgames and we'll keep doing it. >> and they aren't done. the a's want that top wildcard spot so they can host that game, but the yankees lead the rays 8-2 in the 6th. oakland is a game and a half behind new york for the top wildcard spot. warriors held their first practice of training camp earlier today. steph curry entering his 10th season. can you believe that? after winning three titles and two mvps steve kerr has gone from giving him on court advice to on course goals for his star point guard. pep in >> he said he wants to make a hole in one on his golf simulator in his garage. so my goal is to help him make a hole in one on the 7th hole at pebble beach, a little downhill 100-yard shot. any golfer knows exactly the hole, one of the most famous holes on earth.
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ryder cup fans, parents, tiger woods definitely has a little extra pep in his step after winning the tour championship. he was asked about who he would put on the mount rushmore of golf. >> my all time mount rushmore of golf, okay. well, probably snead, jones, nicklaus, me. >> that last me, that is an air of confidence. tiger is back. watch out at the ryder cup. now, sure, tiger can author the biggest comeback in sports history, but can he fish? >> good night, that is a huge fish. >> of course, he can. tiger gave himself a birthday fishing trip a few months back, reeled in a colia and an amberjack. i don't know if you can see this. he's got a lot of cuts on his
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left leg, pretty gnarly scratches suffered bringing in that catch, but tiger woods can do it all. you think you can do better than him? send us your fishing pictures to ratings were up 206% from a year ago when he didn't play, by the way. up next more on our breaking news coverage from san francisco, an emergency order to close the brand-new transbay transit center, plus a look back at its early construction. >> and we hear from victims as bill cosby is cuffed and led away to prison.
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san francisco rminal. you're watching kpix5 news. we begin with breaking news at 6:30, a structural defect exposed at san francisco's new transbay terminal. a major steel beam is cracked and the entire building is now shut down. buses have been diverted away from the terminal and a few streets around the building are shut down. those are major streets in and out of the city. building engineers are on scene now and so is our andrea nakano. andrea, what have you learned? >> i'm sorry for the convenience. it's a safety matter and we take it seriously and felt out of an abundance of caution to close the transit center until we exactly determine the cause of the crack and what measures we need to take to fix it. >> reporter: what is the safety issue? >> well, the beam is cracked.
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so the behavior of the beam right now is unpredictable and that's why our engineers want us to close the area. >> we'll get back to andrea in just a minute. there's a big traffic problem as you mentioned in that area as people try to get out of san francisco. they have to go around the transbay terminal. kpix5's wilson walker joins us now on the set. wilson, this new center was years in the making. it's still not complete. what have you learned about what happened? >> i've been trying to track down people who know this building better than and i think it's a fantastic headline, but let's start with what we don't know right now. what we don't know, much about the severity of the crack itself. we do not know what caused it and we certainly do not know that it is in any way connected
6:32 pm
to other notable engineering issues in that area. you probably know what i'm talking about. those are the things we just don't know yet. what do we know? well, this was found by accident. they literally stumbled across it while working on ceiling tiles. so it was not found during any kind of inspection. this thing sort of bubbled up. that's one cause for concern. this was a u.s. steel component. it was not china steel in case you were curious and the fissure is in, as i mentioned, a steel component itself, not a weld. now welds can often fail. people will tell you there's no such thing as a perfect weld and they can be easily repaired when a weld fails. so a piece of steel itself failing is more complicated and thus more worrisome. so what happens now? obviously it's a bit like the millennial situation. you have this incredibly complicated engineering question and not a lot in the way of answers. you have to go entirely through that building and figure out whether or not the failure in
6:33 pm
that steel is unique to that piece of steel. i'm told there are other pieces of steel comparable to or exactly one. it is not a unique component in this building. so you've got to figure out whether other ones are failing in the same way. that will take time. >> is it actually a steel problem or a whole building problem? >> again we should go back to all the things we do notten and we've known about this for a couple hours. what do we know? it's a piece that has failed. so it doesn't appear to be a construction flaw. it does appear to be a failed component is. that something that will surface in other comparable parts of the building? that's just something they don't know and again it wasn't found during an inspection. it popped up suddenly. so now you have to mobilize an inspection which theoretically would have caught this earlier on. >> right. you have to wonder what other issues may be going on. >> again, it's how many more questions do they need to answer? >> who knows? i think what we'll be seeing is
6:34 pm
what we're looking at right now, which is people crawling through the nooks and crannies of this thing and you're right. they will have to go from a to z in term of the structure of this thing -- terms of the structure of this thing and examine everything that's already been covered up and put into service. remember, this thing has been open several weeks now. they'll have to check the integrity of the steel. >> not to draw parallels with millineum and no reason to believe yet this has anything to do, but millineum happened and everybody immediately wanted to know what's going on and here we are great a bit removed from the discovery of millineum and there's still no solid answer to how that building was performing. >> they were questioning the construction of the transbay as being related on that. >> ken and i were standing in the basement of that building when they were talking about how much water they were pumping out of the bottom of that building. >> that's a good point. this thing goes down 100 feet below street level and they were constantly pumping water out. who knows if that water intrusion is having an impact
6:35 pm
now. the millineum is 200 feet away from where this is going on. what is going on on fremont street? i asked phil matier. everybody has questions. wilson, thank you for that. thanks for the insight and we'll just have to stay tuned and find out. >> the big concern now, of course, for a lot of commuters is traffic. streets are closed in the area. we've been warned the morning commute tomorrow is going to be pretty much the same, traffic backed up as buses detour to the old dropoff site at howard and main. people have been lined up for buses the past couple of hours. our crews are still digging into this story. we'll bring you updates as they come in. how is this for ironic? san francisco's millineum tower we just spoke about is only a couple hundred yards of this thing and itself the subject of an intricate inspection itself today. the reason? this cracked window in a 36th floor apartment. the owner noticed it back on
6:36 pm
september 2nd. it's been taped up so it won't rain glass on the street below. today an engineer rode a window washing rig to the side of the high rise to take a closer look. the city wants to know obviously if the crack is related to the sinking and leaning of the building at mission and fremont. we already know that's happening. the inspector's report is expected next week. in other news this evening, the man who at one time was known as america's dad is going to prison for sexual assault. bill cosby learned his fate at a hearing in suburban philadelphia this afternoon and was slapped with handcuffs and led away. kenneth craig has more from the courthouse. >> reporter: bill cosby walked out of court in handcuffs heading to prison for three to 10 years. the disgraced comedian was convicted earlier this year of drugging and sexually assaulting andrea constand 14 years ago in his pennsylvania mansion. >> someone who is famous, someone who can get a lot of
6:37 pm
attention all over the world just by showing up someplace to eat shouldn't be given a pass for their crimes and allowed to walk free. >> reporter: when handing down the sentence, judge steven o'neill said, "it is time for justice. mr. cosby, this has all circled back to you. the time has come." judge o'neill also read from constand's victim impact statement when she wrote the entertainer took her beautiful young spirit and crushed it. cosby's attorneys asked for house arrest arguing the legally blind cosby is too old and helpless to do time in prison, but the judge said no one is above the law or should be treated differently. the judge also declared cosby a sexually violent predator. that means he has to register as a sex offender the rest of his life and undergo monthly counseling. >> this has been the most racist trial in the united states. dr. cosby has been one of the greatest civil rights leaders in the united states over the
6:38 pm
last 50 years. >> we simply follow the evidence where it takes us and it doesn't matter who they are. >> reporter: through two trials cosby has strongly denied any wrongdoing despite at least 60 women accusing him of sexual misconduct. kenneth craig, cbs news, norristown, pennsylvania. >> cosby never testified in his own defense. he also did not address the court before learning his sentence. attorney gloria allred said victims are very happy judgment day has come. >> i am free of bill cosby. i won't ever forget what he did and there will be times that i will feel sorrow and pain, but he will never control my life. >> i was young and innocent, only 17 years old. why should he receive mercy just because he is 81? >> since andrea constand went to police in 2005, more than 60 women have accused cosby of
6:39 pm
sexual misconduct. none of those claims have led to criminal charges. the senate judiciary committee will vote on supreme court brett kavanaugh's nomination friday, one day after a bay area woman is scheduled to testify about his alleged sexual assault. on twitter senator dianne feinstein blasted that decision to set a date calling it outrageous. she tweeted, "first republicans demanded dr. blasey ford testify immediately. now they don't even need to hear her before they move ahead with a vote." senators say they're eager to hear what christine blasey ford has to say, but both sides are accusing the other of playing politics in this whole thing. majority leader mitch mcconnell called the accusations a smear. >> that vague, unsubstantiated and uncorroborated allegations of 30 plus-year-old misconduct is no where near grounds to nullify someone's career or
6:40 pm
destroy their good name. >> to say they're making it up, to discredit their sincere testimony is nothing more than a partisan hit job. leader mcconnell owes an apology to dr. ford for labeling her allegations a smear job. >> senate republicans will not personally question blasey at thursday's hearing. they've hired an attorney to ask the questions for them. today is national voter registration day. if you were online, you probably were bombarded with invitations or links to go register. here at home the department of elections cut out the middle man with registration pop-ups throughout san francisco. >> we're basically sharing election information and make sure people are registered and ready to vote in november. >> meanwhile a new report shows california teens are on the ball. the california secretary of state announced owed more than 209,000 16 and 17-year-olds have preregistered to vote, but the political atmosphere appears to be taking a toll.
6:41 pm
according to reports, those teens registered with no party preference. if you have not registered already, the final day to register online or by mail is october 22nd or you can do it in person on election day, tuesday, november 6th. (((stocks))) (((sto olive oil prices are about to go up. what's driving a dip in olive production this year? this is customizable streaming tv for your family.
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california farmers are about to deliver one of their lowest yielding olive crops in recent memory. >> that means higher prices and fewer bottles on store shelves. reporter christina janes with what to blame. >> reporter: it's a significant setback for a growing industry. california olive farmers say this year's yield could be the lowest in recent memory. >> most people are down anywhere between 15 to 40%. there are some that are actually down 100% and they aren't even going to harvest this year. >> reporter: karen bond is president of the california olive oil council. she says weather is on blame. first above average temperatures last february confused the crop. >> the olive trees thought that it was springtime and they should start blooming. >> reporter: then the winter weather returned. >> when the frost hit, a lot of the blossoms were destroyed. >> reporter: the result, a dramatic drop in olive oil output is expected this season.
6:45 pm
in 2017 california farmers produced nearly 5 million gallons of olive oil. >> we're predicting this year about 3.5 million gallons. so that is down significantly. >> reporter: that's expected to lead higher prices and a scarcity of olive oil on the shelves. >> i'm sure some brands will run out. >> reporter: betty farmer switched to olive trees in the last decade because they're drought tolerant that coincides with nationwide demand for california olive oil. >> california is the best climate in the u.s. for olives. >> reporter: despite this year's losses growers say the unseasonable weather won't permanently impact the health of the trees. >> olives are phenomenal in wanting to live. >> there are more than 400 olive producers here in california growing more than 75 different olive varieties. well, a positive step forward for homeless advocacy groups in san jose, the tent encampment called hope village
6:46 pm
is now being turned into a six month pilot program. it was approved today after the tent camp had previously moved in without permission. the camp is located off ruff drive off interstate 880 and will first house 14 people starting on thursday. lost at sea for 49 days, one teenager's incredible survival story. val. >> mother nature is absolutely, positively showing off right now. look at the presunset over san francisco with the fog at the bottom and the sun about to set at 1 minute after 7:00. what does tomorrow have in store? and another chance of rain to talk about, we'll have it all next.
6:47 pm
in an emergency, minutes can mean the difference between life and death.
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6:49 pm
18 year old aldi novel adilang from indones a teen was lost at sea for 49 days. 18-year-old aldi novel adilang from indonesia was rescued near guam after a storm sent his wooden fishing raft adrift. within a week he ran out of food and survived on nothing but the fish he caught and cooked using wood from his raft. he drank rainwater and then the rest he strained the seawater through his clothes to drink
6:50 pm
that as well. he lit a lamp on his raft every time he saw a passing ship and that happened more than 10 times. finally after drifting some 1,200 miles from indonesia to guam a panamanian vessel and crew rescued him. the crew hauled him onto the ship where he was given a blanket and some cookies. the teen is back home, but there are questions about his employer. this was the third time his fishing vessel went adrift. >> wow. tell you what, he drifts past guam, he's out there for a while. >> yeah. that's what we call the point of no return, 49 days seems like a few hours. love this sunset tonight! amazingly even though it's after the autumn equinox today is the day where we're getting 12 hours of daylight and 12 hours of darkness, sunset tonight 7:01 p.m., sunrise tomorrow 7:01 a.m.
6:51 pm
that looks awesome. the sun reflecting off the low clouds and fog now moving into san francisco where it is 58 degrees, 85 in livermore, san jose 71, santa rosa 71, concord 83 degrees, upper 40s again for sonoma county overnight tonight, 48 santa rosa, vallejo 54, redwood city 53 degrees. we are the odd spot again in the country, super warm september for the entire united states, not the bay area. we are running cooler than average by almost 2.5 degrees in san francisco and more cool weather is coming, but likely for the beginning of october, which is next week. low clouds and fog near the water tonight. we'll stay clear inland, one more warm to hot day tomorrow, then a cooldown beginning. how about this? tropical moisture from the remnants of a hurricane may giv rain chance in five months early next week. let's talk about why we're warm now away from the water. our ridge of high pressure which has been somewhere to our west is now to our north and
6:52 pm
west. that's a big deal. if it was to our south and west, we'd stay chilly. it moved north. we're getting a different wind direction and an offshore wind will take the 70s and make them 90s near the water, takes the 60s and makes them 80s. that's the next few days. let's go to next week. this is tropical storm rosa. there's cabo san lucas. it's very far away from us, but sometimes the tropical moisture or what's left can make it to california. the storm is forecast to turn left, perhaps make landfall over baja, california. early next week what's left of the storm after the wind is gone and the tropical moisture may make it into southern california and arizona where heavy rain is possible and some of the showers may make it here. we'll wait and see. it's a 20% now, but it's the highest rain chance in a ow93 morgan hill, los altos 83, 61 with morning clouds in pacifica. low 90s walnut creek,
6:53 pm
and pleasanton, pittsburg 92, vallejo 84, 79 in mill valley with sunshine, 89 petaluma, 92 tomorrow in lakeport. we're hot tomorrow, not as hot thursday, much cooler friday, cooler still over the within and then we're talking about the rain chance -- the weekend and then we're talking about the rain chance, scattered showers possible over the bay areas on monday. that's your forecast. we'll be right back.
6:54 pm
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6:56 pm
crews have discovered a crack in steel support let's check back on that breaking news from san francisco's transbay terminal. crews have discovered a crack in a critical steel support beam. the beam is in the ceiling of the third level bus deck. that's on the eastern side of the transit center near fremont street. >> commuter buses have to be diverted. service including ac transit, san trans will run out of the nearby temporary transbay terminal at howard and main streets until all the inspections have been completed. for news throughout the evening the latest always on >> join us for nightbeat at 10:00 on kbcw 44 cable 12 and right back here at 11:00 for more on that developing story. this is customizable streaming tv for your family.
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