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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  September 26, 2018 1:37am-2:12am PDT

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down... after a crack is found in a steel suppor san francisco's brand-new trans patrons center after a crack is found in a steel support beam and it is expected to have a major impact on tomorrow morning's commute. >> we have team coverage tonight including the closures
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you need to know about. we begin outside the transbay terminal where work is going on right now to figure out what happened. >> reporter: some of the surrounding streets have opened but the main road that goes under the heart of the transit center remains closed. will stay closed until crews get a look at the crack on the support beam that was discovered this morning. this is the beam in question. crews found a crack when they were installing ceiling panels around 10:00 in the morning. the beam supports the roof garden. workers tonight were also inspecting a second beam. bus riders were shocked to hear the news. >> the building has only been open for three months. crazy. >> i don't know what else can happen. >> you would expect that everything would be good to go after all this time. >> reporter: it cost $2.2
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billion and opened on august 12 of this year. the trans-bay joint powers authn transit center. >> i am sorry for the inconvenience. the beam is cracked so the beam is unpredictable. the engineers are cautious. >> reporter: it has engineers looking into the possible cause of the crack. according to structural engineer, if a crack is visible with the naked eye, it's a big concern. >> something they had gone wrong. it may have been in the design or it may have been in the construction. it may have been inadvertently overloaded. we don't know yet. >> reporter: as inspectors try
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to get to the bottom of the issue, bus riders are being diverted to the old transit center. they hope the new facility will be back open soon. >> i have noticed that the escalators were going out of service within about a week of it opening. it's too bad because it's a gorgeous facility. it seems like there are some issues with the construction or architecture. >> reporter: the transbay joint powers authority estimates this will remain closed at least until noon tomorrow. >> commuters this afternoon were forming along lines outside the temporary transit terminal. if you think this looks bad, it may only get worse tomorrow morning. officials asking people if they can to avoid driving downtown. we have a closer look at the traffic impact. >> reporter: from chopper five to traffic mess around the temporary transbay terminal is
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the stuff of commuter nightmares. buses jammed into rush-hour traffic. >> the transit center is closed. >> reporter: on the ground the situation was less serene with traffic cops arguing with drivers. and mta workers clad in orange trying to get confused riders to their ride home. as yellow caution tape turned major arteries like fremont street into no go zones. >> what will the city do if there is a natural disaster or terrorist attack? >> reporter: as of this newscast, fremont street is closed between howard and mission choking a direct offramp from the bay bridge. instead of going to the new transbay terminal, commuters and buses will go to what was the temporary transbay terminal at howard and main street. and if all that was not enough, traffic south of market street
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was already at nightmare levels with the dream force conference closure of howard between third and fourth. >> hearts of fremont street will be closed to pedestrians and this is the second embarrassment for the transit center this month. a visitor walkway around the rooftop park started crumbling about two weeks ago. a spokesperson said they would patch up the eroded sections as needed. managers at the millennium tower are a step closer to submitting a report on the cause of the cracked window. the owner of an apartment on the 36th floor noticed the crack on september 2. it has since been taped up. today in engineering inspector went up to get a closer look. the external inspection is one of the last steps before management submits a report to the city. it is expected to be completed by next week. the city wants to know if the crack is related to the sinking
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and tilting of the tower. a developing story in the city of dublin. a vote could happen at any moment over plans to build an ikea in this giant e planning commission has wrapped up the public commentary portion. the store would be built just off interstate just off interstate 580. traffic in that area is a major concern for critics of the project. we are live at dublin civic center keeping an eye on the meeting. >> reporter: people spoke passionately on both sides of the issue tonight. during the public comment section. it went on for about two hours. the planning commission is expected to vote on this any minute tonight. at tonight's dublin planning commission meeting, they carry signs and wore t-shirts that said it all. no to an ikea in dublin. >> we have a petition going around with thousands of people voice concerns.
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>> reporter: they are against a proposed ikea on monday seven acres of land the company owns. right off 580. the ikea store would take up 317 317,000 square feet shopping center would occupy another 97,000 square feet on the property. there would be six acres of open space and an underground parking lot. >> i come here pretty much on a daily basis. my round-trip commute is three hours. >> reporter: residents feel the gridlock would only get worse if the city council approved the project. >> what do you say to people who feel that this is too much development, that it will bring traffic? >> what i would say, we have spent several years learning the community and making sure that we felt we c >> reporter: after receiving a couple of in the environment intact report, ikea said he it has really that's agreed to work with the city to mitigate traffic.
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>> another good thing for residents to know is that we don'en10:00 a.m. we don't have anything to do with increasing the rush-hour traffic. our afternoon peak also will not coincide with rush-hour traffic. >> reporter: he has lived in dublin for more than 30 years. he serves on one of the volunteer commissions for the city. >> it helps our jobs and housing balance. it gives revenue to the city to maintain our parks and other city services. and i think it adds a little bit of class to the city. dublin was the poor cousin of pleasanton for a long time. >> reporter: in the last minute this meeting just wrapped up in the planning commission voted 3- 1 to recommend denial. it goes to the city council and it will do a final vote on october 16. ikea said it could take six months up to one year to break ground.
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tonight bill cosby is spending his first night behind bars at a state prison in suburban philadelphia. the man was once known as america's dad, he will now have to register as a sex offender. today a pennsylvania judge sentenced the 81-year-old to serve 3-10 years in prison. cosby left the courtroom handcuffed and surrounded by police escorts. he is convicted of drugging and sexually assaulting andrea constand in his philadelphia mansion in 2004. 60 women have accused the comedian of sexually assaulting them. some came today to show support while cosby spokesperson vowed to appeal. >> what i d i hoped ought and i everything that i thought was right to support him going to do. >> mr. cosby has clearly been denied his right to a fair trial. these injustices must be >> cosby is the first celebrity to be convicted in the me to
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era. andria borba spoke with one of cosby accusers who lives in the bay area. >> this is the image bill cosby accusers has been waiting for. the convict in handcuffs. heading to prison. >> i flipped around on the tv and i saw it happen. i lost 30 pounds. it is unbelievable. >> reporter: helen hays is the oldest of the cosby accusers the woman said at a tennis tournament in pebble beach the comedian stopped her and groped her breasts. >> at 38 i said, what do you think you are doing? he turned around weekly and said, have a nice dinner lady and he was gone. i have never seen him to this day. >> reporter: she wrote a book called secrets, shame and silence and promised her attorney gloria allred she would not give cosby a full chapter. she said she decided against going to see the trial in pennsylvania. >> i was going to and then i
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thought, i will not give him my time and money. >> reporter: she remains in close contact with the other women who appeared on this famous new york magazine cover. and said the joy over the sentencing was palpable. >> for ray and your phone will explode. >> reporter: she said she hopes bill cosby stays behind bars for his full sentence and that she will never stop crusading for the victims of sexual abuse. >> as long as i am on this earth, i will do what i can. 13 feet from disaster. the unfortunate chain of events behind the dramatic near miss at sfo. what is being done to stop it from happening again? a suspected arsonist arrested in the east bay. police say in neighbor caught him red-handed. more bright lights in the bay area's biggest city. how a new policy on billboards could chan
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the senate judiciary committee is set to vote on supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh friday r a bay area a live look at the u.s. capital tonight. the senate judiciary committee set to vote on supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh friday morning. one day after a bay area woman is scheduled to testify about his alleged sexual assault. california senator dianne feinstein said the decision to schedule the vote is outrageous . she tweeted, first republicans demanded christine blasey ford testify immediately.
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now they don't even need to hear her before they move ahead with a vote. senators are gearing up for thursday's judiciary committee hearing. the 11 republican man on the committee have asked rachel mitchell, a veteran secs crimes prosecutor to conduct the interviews for them. tonight on twitter president trump urged people to pray for kavanaugh. he accused democrats of destroying his character. >> democrats are playing a con game. they know. they know he is high quality. >> the full senate could hold a confirmation of vote on kavanaugh sometime next week. tonight we learned a near miss at sfo last year way closer than previously reported. the ntsb now says an air canada flight crew was tired, confused and came just 13 feet from disaster. lawmakers are horrified and say
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something needs to change. >> this was a very close call. >> reporter: a mistake last july almost killed hundreds of people. today we learned how close air canada flight 759 came to hitting another plane lined up on a taxiway. >> the distances between aircraft was about 13 feet. >> reporter: the national transportation safety board held a hearing today on the findings of an investigation into the incident. among other things the report said the canadian pilots were fatigued and one runway was shut down. they mistook the taxiway for a runway. >> the taxiway with airplanes had features consistent with runway centerlinege and approach lighting. >> reporter: the pilot had not dialed in their landing instruments to the sfo frequency. >> there was human error and we could've had better technology. >> reporter:
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congressman said he has been pushing for better safety at sfo. >> it's a balance between the best technology and the people are trained. >> reporter: in a new bill for the faa he added several provisions to catch and prevent landing mistakes. to better alert air traffic control, gave audible notices to pilots and prevent power outages >> we came close to having a very large tragedy at sfo. we want to learn from that and make sure that does not happen again. >> reporter: the faa bill has bipartisan support and he expects it will be finalized and passed in both the house and senate in the next few weeks. tonight police say in arsonist in the east bay was caught red-handed. william priest was arrested last night in connection with two suspicious fires. the first broke out on sunday and burned seven acres and then yesterday another six acres was scorched nearby. police say and neighbor saw the suspect's car parked both days.
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yesterday he watched him walk back from the hills with a gas can and his hand. william priest is in custody being held on a $75,000 bail. apple store thieves strike again. this time in the east bay. this happened this afternoon in emeryville. police say the suspect grabbed merchandise and fled the store on bay street. it comes after two robberies within 11 hours of the palo alto store this weekend. tens of thousands of dollars worth of electronics were stolen. thieves hit and apple store in the santa rosa plaza mall on sunday. you can see a group of men ripping phones off displays and running out of the store. that same location was also robbed just last month. new billboards could soon be popping up in downtown san jose. city council voted tonight to allow some new billboards and electronic signs on some city- owned land. the decision marks the end of a decades long ban on billboards dating back to the 1970s. many city officials say the
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change to bring more revenue. >> i think a lot of great cities around the world have electronic signage. it is important for us to do this carefully. and knowing there is likely a strong reaction if we stray far from the most urban parts of downtown. >> as part of the next step the city will send out a request of proposals and then select companies to advertise. we have a look at the weather. >> the billboard for the weather would be, rain chance early next week. there is a bona fide rain chance coming to the bay area. first time since april. it is foggy in seven cisco. 55 in the city. 51 in santa rosa. 55 four san jose. san francisco 54.
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pleasanton hit 93 today. ocean beach had a high of 57 degrees. we have the offshore wind but it's not making it all the way to the immediate coastline. the majority of the bay area above average yesterday, today and tomorrow. and coming up on thursday. we have a ridge of high pressure to the north. that eliminates the influence of the ocean except along the coastline. we stay warm for the next few days. let's talk about the rain chance. we will cool down on friday and stay dry of the weekend. early next week when what is left of what is now a tropical storm seem to be hurricane, it's name is rosa, will hang out in the eastern pacific. watch the turn to thnorth the hurricane will dissipate. the water gets cold. the tropical moisture can still
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travel. it likely will travel into southern california and arizona where flooding is possible early next week. some of the tropical moisture may make it as far north as the bay area. it just so happens there is a cold front coming down from the north at the same time. the climate prediction center has said, northern california, the bay area has the highest likelihood of wetter than average weather for the first week of october. a chance coming to the bay area early next week. tomorrow, no rain. concord 95. well above average. fremont 81 with sunshine. dublin at 90 degrees. walnut creek 93. a nice day in mill valley with a high of 79. oakland at 76. wine country in the upper 80s. santa rosa 92. we begin to cool down thursday. much more significant cooling friday and into the weekend. yesterday we talked about a
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rain chance for saturday in the north bay but it's gone. 60s and 70s over the weekend. y may be looking at widespread scattered showers. it will not end a drought or change much but it would help out the air- quality. it would be a nice reminder that next week is october. >> there is ransomware. -- there is rain somewhere. coming up. it's a thought- provoking commentary on race in america. director spike lee in the bay area tonight showing the film that is getting a big buzz. here are tonight's guest on the late show with stephen colbert.
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newest film: " spike lee in the bay area tonight for a special screening of his newest film, blackkklansman . >> the film is set in the 1970s
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. it's about an african- american detective who manages to infiltrate the local ku klux klan. >> this film is not just about reacting to it, it addresses it all over the united states of america. >> this film really speaks to the heart of who we are as a community. >> after the film, spike lee joined the crowd for an in- depth conversation over his creative process. could bumgarner when it for san francisco? the oakland a's are on the verge of another win when this happened. how that play changed the
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card spot..the yan the champaign celebration, the oakland a's are in the race for the top wildcard spot. the yankees play tonight. oakland needed a win. hopefully the oakland a's have recovered from the celebration. bottom of the ninth, oakland leaving. matt chapman booted the ground ball. the mariners keep hope alive. next batter, what is going on? i am blaming the champaign on everybody. still tied in the 11th. this was a walkoff to run home run.
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seattle comes back to be the oakland a's. what does it mean? the yankees were in tampa. this was clocked at 109 miles per hour. new york won the game. 9-2. they leave the ace by two and have games for the top wildcard spot. the giants and padres tied at the 10th. this they said to leftfield is a walkoff. what i like about th the giants win in dramatic fashion. 5-4. with jimmy g out for the season, it's back to the future with cj.
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he was a rookie started last year. the 49ers are hoping for better numbers beginning this sunday. >> we threw him into a tough position. i said that last year. he had the craft kicked out of him a bunch and never flinched. he wanted to be in. i was disappointed when we took them out and put jimmy in. that is the competitor he is and he believes he can do it. nick mullins is the backup. a lot of guys came in to camp today an unsigned yet. but that could change tomorrow.
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we've been following out of the new transbay terminal is shut down. crews discovered a crack in a steel support beam, in the ceiling of the third lev an update on the breaking news in san francisco. the new transbay terminal is shut down. crews discovered a crack in a steel support beam in the ceiling of the third level boss deck. >> tomorrow and until further notice, all bus service will run out of a temporary transit center at howard and main street. we will have a full report well well well, what have we here?
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a magical place... that's lookin' to get scared! (laughter) halloween time is back in disneyland and disney california adventure parks! for the nv real estate academy's fortunes in flipping system. (bass warbling) - this is nick vertucci and this is the real estate investing hour. we're here live. we are right now buying, rehabbing,


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