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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  September 27, 2018 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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professor accusing him of financial. jason, thank you. you probably noticed driving around town bay area >>beon assault. its way to a major overhaul of roadways are riddled with potholes. it is going to take years and millions of dollars to repair its admissions policies. thanks for joining us. them. the metropolitan transportation commission gave the region a score of '67 out of 100, putting our roads in the fair i'm an makovec. category. that is the same score as last -- i'm anne makovec. year. and up by just a few points two bad beams are located from 2003, when the score was above fremont street in the 63. the gas tax increase is stretch between howard and funneling billions of dollars mission streets. the transit center will remain to highway repairs and $500 closed until at least the end million to cities and counties. >> that has made a difference. of next week. i think we'll see when the 2018 >> reporter: so this is definitely not the news that scores come out a year from now commuters wanted to hear. this is fremont street. it is a major thoroughfare an even greater improvement. >> we hope so. coming off the bay bridge for commuters, and it is closed. dublin and palo alto scored in you can see the fences are 80s. the worst san francisco scored still up. meaning more gridlock, long lines for buses, just a major a 70, and san jose got a 64. headache here in downtown san jacquelyn, you have some
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francisco. this comes after engineers personal experience with found a second cracked steel potholes, popping your tires earlier this week? beam. it runs parallel to the other >> reporter: yeah i got to work last week with a flat tire. so broadway, you know, maybe compromised beam. right where the transit center they could focus some attention crosses over fremont street. structural engineers said a lot of things have to work in there. dublin is where we usually see concert to cause this type of failure. all the potholes on 580 that >> you can have a good design, have shut down lanes of traffic for days in the years past. but if the material is flawed, that can turn into damage. you can have a good design so perhaps they are improving all dismay that is why they got properly built, but you get a a higher score. load you didn't expect. >> she is our pothole expert that becomes damage. and traffic expert. >> reporter: right now we are good design, light loads, slow in some areas. poorly constructed, books we are tracking a few new crashes that could slow you damage. the transit joint powers authority which runs the center laid out a plan to temporarily down. fix the problem. right here 242 interchange, making your way out of concord first is to shore up the area over fremont street, get the and pleasant hill into walnut road open again, then shore up creek you may start to tap the cracked beams to get the those brakes. we are getting report of a new buses moving again. but, unfortunately, those accident. temporary fixes won't be done drive time shot up into the until next friday at the red. it is 9 minutes from 242 down earliest, october 5th. so that means another week and to highway 24 where we are
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a half of exactly what tracking a problem along highway 24 near the tunnel. commuters were dealing with looks like a stalled vehicle. yesterday. gridlock, long lines for those so that is starting to get buses and just a lot of detours slow. 80 at carlson, definitely seeing the sea of red. and closures. >> this is near the millennium those brake lights making their tower, which has sunk several way westbound. a 28-minute ride out of hercules over toward the toll inches. what are engineers saying? plaza. >> they don't think so. the 580 approach seeing those delays and we are tracking i want to show you how close we problems for folks making their are. so this is the millennium way into san francisco along tower, right here. this is the one in question. 280 right at that 101 this is where that third level interchange. let's check in with mary lee bus deck is, where the cracked now. beams are located. >> reporter: thanks jacquelyn. now engineers say that because at 6:49 a beautiful view. it is a localized problem just isn't that pretty? high clouds in the sky. the sun just about to rise. on that third level bus deck, sunrise at 7:02. that is why you have the pink where it supports the rooftop park, they think the two issues colors from the sky there. are not related, at this point. our temperatures out there from but of course, as they try to 56 and concord, oakland 56, learn more about what caused vermore as well. 53 for san francisco. those cracks, that could change. >> the latest on the issue at 57 san jose. here's what you can expect.
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again, start off the day, the transbay center. 3 minutes after 6:00. thanks to onshore flow, morning traffic around there, jacquelyn low clouds and fog along the says not too bad. it is a little bit later in the coast. dense fog along the coast and for the north bay, once again this morning, as we head morning where things really through the afternoon, through stack up. of course once we get are for the bay, inland, mostly closer to the 7:00 a.m. hour, that is when we are really going to start to see those delays on the surface streets and those headaches sunny skies. we'll have the fog along the will begin. but we are keeping a close eye coast. hot inland, mild on the bay. on your ride heading into san cool along the coast. francisco. here is a live look. all of us will cool things this is 80 at fremont. so coming off the bay bridge, down. talking about microclimates, from ocean beach to concord, heading onto the skyway just 40 miles payment a 30- degree temperature difference. portion. you can use the fremont street exit. you are going to be forced to 90 expected inland. in concord there. so here's the reason why. go over to folsom or the high pressure still in place. but it is going to start to harrison exit. a 22-minute ride, so we are move away from us and this area of low pressure is going to be definitely seeing more of the moving in. and that means we are going to crowd develop, making their way into san francisco from the bay cool things down. bridge toll plaza. and also, we are looking at of course those metering lights rain chances for next week. are on. again, all buses will be this is hurricane rosa here. operating out of the temporary that will bring some tropical moisture possibly as we head transbay terminal. again today. through next week there.
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so keep that in mind if you are but for today dry. now, for san francisco, we are planning on using mass transit. looking at below normal fremont street remains shut down between showered mission. temperatures today, but above we are tracking your ride? normal for concord, as well as san jose and right around where and out of san francisco and this is 101, trying to get onto we should be from oakland. heating up in morgan hill, 83 the 101 central freeway. there could be a challenge. it is always slow through that in santa clara. inland 92 brentwood. 93 for a high in livermore and intersection there. let's check in with mary lee 90 for concord and up across now on the forecast. jacquelyn, check out this the north bay, 895 in santa view. this is our sales force camera we are watching the fog on our rosa -- 85 in santa rosa. camera with the transamerica pyramid there, just the top it have above the low clouds and ukaia, a high of 97. fog and that purple glow in the much cooler conditions tomorrow, by about 10 degrees sky. well, our temperatures out there, we are looking at inland. upper 60s for the bay, and 60 for the coast. temperatures that are in the check out the weekend, much 50s for many of us. cooler. mid-70s, mid-60s for the bay. there was a slight chance for a shower from the coast north bay for the weekend -x there we go upper 40s for the north bay. with rain chances late monday then check out a half mile in into tuesday. cool conditions there to petaluma and santa rosa. kickoff next we> our highs today very similar to
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of proposals aimed at yesterday. maybe slightly cooler than yesterday. making the bart system safer it will still be cool along the for riders will be up for debate today. another day of traffic coast. 92 in fairfield, 90 for troubles in downtown san francisco. this, as a second cracked beam is found at the sales force concord, 93 for livermore. transit center. when it could be fixed, just 86 the high in san francisco. we are looking at much cooler weather for tomorrow and even ahead. cooler still for the weekend. ♪ meet george jetson. ryan chances by next week. all eyes on capitol hill ♪ this morning, where the senate ♪ his boy elroy. judiciary committee will hear with instant acceleration, from brett kavanaugh and one of electric cars are more fun to drive the women accusing him of and more affordable than ever. sexual assault. the hearing is set to get electric cars are here. plug into the present. underway in less than an hour. palo alto professor christine ford says kavanaugh attacked her. she said i tried to yell for help. when i did, brett put his hand over my mouth to stop me from
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screaming. kavanaugh said he never did anything like that. the 11 republican men on the committee will have arizona prosecutor rachael mitchell handle most or all of the questioning on their behalf. democrats will ask their own questions. president trump held a rare news conference yesterday and spent much it have defending his supreme court nominee. the president attacked the women's credibility and went on to compare himself to kavanaugh. >> these are all false, to me, false accusations. i have had a lot of false charges made against me. i'm a very famous person. people want fame, they want money. >> reporter: yesterday another woman released a sworn statement alleging in high school kavanaugh would drink excessively and engage in a abusive behavior toward girls. kavanaugh denied that allegation as well. you can see that hearing here on kpix 5. you can watch online and all of streaming
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platforms. deputy attorney general rod rosenste he still has a job today when he meets with president trump. the president said yesterday he has not decided one way or another. a report from the new york times says rosenstein suggested secretly recording the president and trying to remove him from office. rosenstein is overseeing the russia investigation. members of both parties are urging president trump to keep rosenstein in his position. >> if the president fires rod rosenstein, it is exhibit b, in the obstruction of justice case against him. exhibit a being the firing of james comey. >> if he did something like that, it would cause a furor that we don't need right now. this morning a homeless encampment in san jose is on the move once again. this time jackie ward tells us they are hoping this new site f
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awhile. jackie? >> reporter: yeah that's right. third time is the charm for hope village, at least for now. this is the lot where they will be moving to later on this morning. it is situated between both of their former lots. so we'll put this all in for switching to progressive? perspective for you with this [ engine revving ] map. they started off at the state- you cannot hear me at all, owned lot a couple of weeks can you? ago. then they moved where they were able to stay a week. this third spot is right in the midful those two locations, . engineers found a second still on rough drive in san cracked beam here at the sales force transit center. jose. meaning another day of traffic a lease agreement will allow them to stay for the next 6 troubles in downtown san francisco. months for the price of $1 a this is the stretch of fremont street that is closed between mission and howard. it is a major route for month. and the county will pay the commuters coming off of the bay bridge. you can see the fences are still up, meaning more gridlock today and long lines for buses. city. this new encampment will house this comes after engineers potentially 30 people. found a second cracked steel beam that runs parallel to the
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organizers say they'll take it. >> hopefully this is the last other compromised beam. both are on the third floor bus month for 6 months. it is better than a week at a deck right where the transit time, which is what we have been dealing with. center crosses over fremont obviously 18 months would have street. structural engineers said a lot of things have to work in concert to cause this type of been better. >> hope village said there are failure. >> you can have a good design already 20 people living on the lot. their intention is not to but if the material is flawed that ends up damage. displace them, but instead live you can have a good design, with them in the same space properly built but you get a there will be a designated load you didn't expect. border for lack of a better that becomes damage. good design, light loads, poorly constructed, becomes term, between the two damage. >> reporter: the transit joint encampments. they are looking for a longer- powers authority, which runs term solution for hope village. the center laid out a plan to the move starts at 9:00 this temporarily fix the problem. first is to shore up the area morning. these people have been over fremont street to get the getting a lot of help along the road open again, then shore up the cracked beams to get the way. where have they been staying while the work was being done? buses running again. but those temporary fixes won't be done until next friday at >> this is the first government the earliest, which means more sanctioned homeless encampment. problems for commuters. now there were some questions they were issued motel suchers about whether this was related and they have been staying there since monday. back to you. to the millennium tower sink jackie, thank you. this morning the university and go tilting.
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of california the tower right here at fremont and mission street. you can see that is the third toward eliminating level bus deck with the cracked standardized tests for admissions. plans are to cha study beams. engineers say because the cracked beams are a localized aimed at uncovering whether the problem, they do not think it is related to the problems at the millennium tower. sat and act predicts success in live in san francisco, kpix 5. college. more than 1000 universities 6:57. time for your final 56789 bart's board of directors across the u.s. no longer holding a special safety require applicants to take the meeting today. >> they are expected to discuss tests. those schools generally saw a a pair of proposals aimed at boost in black and latino reassuring riders after some applicants as a result. bart's board of directors high profile crimes. the board members are pushing a is expected to consider safety plan to add unarmed bart plans today after some high profile incidents that left ambassadors. that meeting set for 5:00 at many riders a little nervous on pittsburgh city hall. board. a privately-funded homeless if i never get off this island, tell my family i love... encampment in san jose is moving to a more stable location this morning. the tent encampment, called hope village, will be allowed to remain there for 6 months. governor brown vetoed a bill that would have expanded
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who can ask a judge to take guns away from potentially dangerous people. right now immediate family members and roommates can petition. deputy attorney general rod rosenstein could learn whether he still have a job today. he is overseeing the russia investigation. the president said yesterday that he has not decided one way or another. and within the next few minutes, supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh and palo alto professor ford will testify. ford says kavanaugh attacked her when she was 15 and he was 17. kavanaugh denying that allegation. you can see the hearing on the special coverage starting at the top of the hour. you can also watch online. kpix and all of our streaming platforms. slowdowns heading through san jose. a 42-minute ride along 101 to san antonio.
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an acntreportedalong 280, heywa pretty. 880 at highway 92 as you are getting over toward the san mateo bridge. it is going to be a slow ride. we are in the red on many of our bay area majors, heading over to 101. we are keeping a close eye on the traffic, getting heavy near fremont street. we are looking at areas of low clouds and fog along the coast and parts of the bay. mostly sunny for the bay and inland, although foggy along the coast. so along the coast, we are looking at 63 in pacifica, 73 in oakland, and heating up into the low 90s. 92 in fairfield, 93 for livermore all right. cooling down tomorrow, 10 degrees cool foretomorrow inland. much cooler for the weekend. talking mid 70s for the weekend, rain chances for next week. that is going to do it for us. continuing coverage of the court nominee brett kavanaugh and the hearing about to get
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underway. stay tuned here on kpix. this is cbs news coverage of the kavanaugh hearings. i'm john dickerson with gayle king in washington. norah o'donnell is reporting from capitol hill. she'll join us in a moment. our chief legal correspondent jan crawford is with us as well. we're about to hear some of the most high-stakes congressional testimony in decades. the senate judiciary committee is about to question christine blasey ford, the california professor who claims that supreme court nominee, brett kavanaugh, sexually assaulted her during a high school party 36 years ago. t andudge
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saving people money on car insurance. laura podesta reports: the boy's parents say he has autism... and for some r .. too . the search for a missing 6- year-old boy in north carolina continues today. the boy's parents say he has autism and took off, running away from a park. >> it has been 6 days since 6- year-old maddox rich has been seen, and his parents are asking the public for help. >> i would appreciate it if you were at the park saturday and saw maddox to please, urgently, please call the tip line, please. continue praying for him. because i just want my baby
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home, please. >> maddox, who has awe tis and i'm does not -- autism, and does not speak, was with his father and his father's girlfriend when he took off running, following a jogger. ian rich asked how his son got away. >> reporter: you are a grown man, he is a little boy. how did he out run you. >> he can run. he can run. i couldn't keep up with him. not that fast. >> reporter: the rich family is cooperating with authorities. posters like these are being hung up around gastonia, north carolina and in surrounding towns. the fbi is offering a $10,000 reward for information that leads authorities to maddox. laura podesta, governor brown has vetoed a bill that would have expanded the law to allow judges to take
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guns away. law enforcement can petition a court for gun restraining orders t bans a person from having a gun for up to a year if they are believed to pose an immediate threat to themselves or others. yesterday governor brown vetoed a bill that would have allowed teachers, principals, co- workers and employers to ask for such orders. safety proposals today will be discussed. bart police will ask the board to hire 54 more officers and two board members are expected to propose a plan to add unarmed bart ambassadors. san francisco has its own program where community members trained in conflict resolution are hired to patrol the muni system. the board wants to hear from people who can't attend the normal daytime meetings as well. >> that is good. getting feedback. 16 minutes after 6:00. jacquelyn has her eye on mass transit this morning. >> reporter: things looking
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good for bart. on time, definitely a great way tracking a couple of if e geg problems. those are slowing things down for drivers heading into san francisco along 280-6789 this is a northbound direction just before 101. two lanes remain blocked, so traffic is backing up beyond geneva and we can see your speeds are starting to slow below 15 miles per hour. that is your cruising speed, as you are approaching the 101 interchange there. then as you continue further on 28 on down the extension, it is getting slow as you are approaching, which is typical for this time of the morning. this is right at the intersection where you are getting onto the freeway, and it is slowing things down on the surface streets on market and octavia. so be advised of delays, if you are getting ready to head out the door. and an injury crash is blocking
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the intersection, at page mill road. it looks like emergency crews are on the scene and may have some lanes blocked as well. that intersection is completely blocked at this point. keep that in mind. let's check in with mary lee now on the forecast. >> reporter: thanks, jacquelyn. 6:18 and a gorgeous view if you are getting ready for work or school, check out this view. spectacular with the patchy low clouds over san francisco. above that, mount diablo. our sunrise officially coming in at 7:02. the sun is getting redding to rise this morning. 56 in concord, oakland as well. livermore 56 and 53. 57 in san jose. your weather headlines waking up to areas and low clouds along the coast. parts of the bay. dense fog along the coast and for the north bay once again this morning. as we head through the afternoon, hot temperatures,
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mild for the bay. cooler at the coast, rain chances next week. so we arexpectaswe throysbig cooldown in store for us. this is the reason why. a ridge of high pressure that brought the very dry and warm temperatures is slowly moving out of here. an area of low pressure is moving in. with that, much cooler cons, and also we have the chance of rain in the forecast. >> because of next week. and that will bring heavy rain to the southwest and the possibility of showers for us in the bay area. temperatures along the coast on the cool side, foggy, cloudy. >> 63 for a high. for the bay 73, the east bay at oakland. and check out our inland locations, low 90s con ford, fairfield, and the north bay, mid-80s. much cooler for tomorrow, about
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10 degrees cooler inland for tomorrow. we are looking at much cooler conditions for the weekend. of a slight chance of a shower for the coast and the north bay this weekend. rains chances monday night into tuesday. let's check in with dennis for a look at sports. a's fanscardplayoff tickets just yet. chris davis is doing everything in his power to make it happen. we'll tell you the latest, next.
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" " . a couple of chips left on the table. could they chase down the yankees? fans in the cheap seats looking down at seiko field, i wonder if they could see this? that is matt olsen. his first career grand slam. chris davis continued his push for american league mvp. that is number 47. the a's have 132 home runs on
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the road and that leads the majors. they win 9-3. former giant sergio romo gave up 4 runs to the yankees in the ninth inning but held on when miguel popped out to win the game and the a's moved to within a game and a half of the yankees. the incredible hulk threw out the first pitch at at&t. 2-0 san diego. seventh inning when janekowski hit one onto the tin roof. padres win 3-2. the giants lost 6 of their last 7. dodgers coming in town to close out the season. nick mullins was promoted from the 49ers practice squad yesterday will serve as the team's back-up against the chargers. head coach kyle shanahan is convinced this is a much
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improved quarterback. >> when he eventually was benched and we put jimmy in, you would think a guy would be less confident after this. i truly believe he was more. across the bay in oakland, the raiders are preparing to have an old friend for dinner. hugh jackson and the browns come to the black hole sunday. jackson coached the raiders in 2011 when gruden was still doing monday night football. but they both come from humble beginnings as assistants way back in 1989. >> we used to be office mates. he taught me football. we used to argue every day. so i know him extremely well. he is extremely competitive and he doesn't like losing no more than i do. trust me, his team will be ready to go and we have to be ready to play. >> the amazing thing is, it is not hugh jackson looking for his first win, it is jon gruden. the new $2 billion sales
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force transit center and fremont streets both closed yet again this morning. what it means for traffic and when it could reopen, just ahead. senators are set to question judge brett kavanaugh and his accuser. a look at what to expect from today's hearing
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targeting apple stores... and it appears that california's gas tax hike may be here to ... weathe %c1. investigators say they have made an arrest in connection with a string of grab and go robberies targeting apple stores. and it appears california's gas hike may be here to stay. hot inland, cool at the
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coast. and keeping a close eye hea francisco. details, coming up. it is thursday, september 27th, i'm choi. >> and i'm anne makovec. >> in just a half hour, supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh and professor christine ford will tell their stories to all of us. >> all eyes on the washington d.c. and the capital this morning. it has been a tumultuous 8 days since dr. ford went public with sex assault allegations. this is a live look inside the senate judiciary committee's room. will be the first witness to testify before the supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh testifies as nuteouts
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from this high stakes, what is expected to be a high stakes showdown on capitol hill this morning. this entire confirmation process, including the allegations and who lawmakers seem to believe, have really fallen along party lines. president trump accusing the democrats of already ruining judge kavanaugh's reputation. the judge will have a chance to defend him. arizona prosecutor rachael mitchell will be the face of the republican party today when she questions christine ford and brett kavanaugh at the senate judiciary committee. >> i would like to see dr. ford treated as if she were my daughter and judge kavanaugh treated as if he were nigh son. why are my republican colleagues hiding behind a
6:32 am
special prosecutor? >> reporter: democrats will ask their own questions. >> i could be persuaded also. >> reporter: president trump says he will listen to ford today, but added democrats have destroyed kavanaugh's reputation. they know it is a big, fat, con job. >> reporter: ford says i believed he was going to rape me. i tried to yell for help. when i did, brett put his hand over my mouth to stop me from screaming. democrats are expected to press kavanaugh on his history of drinking. furthering today's hearing are new claims. in a sworn statement julie alleges in high school kavanaugh would drink excessively and engage in
6:33 am
physically abusive behavior against girls. kavanaugh says it never happened. >> chairman chuck grassley insists a committee vote on kavanaugh will happen tomorrow. guys? >> reporter: we know the democrats have been asking to delay this confirmation process for kavanaugh, while the republicans want to forge ahead. >> once today's hearing is over, where do we go from there? >> reporter: democrats are calling for the committee to slow this process down, allow them to investigate more, allow law enforcement to investigate, perhaps even the fbi. again, chairman grassley insists a vote will happen tomorrow. so at this point a vote is expected tomorrow. but it will be interesting to see if anything said today, if anything learned today will impact whether or not they choose to vote tomorrow. but at this point, it is set in stone according to chairman grassley that a vote is happening. >> the hearings get underway in less than 30 minutes. thank you. drivers could be in for
6:34 am
another tough commute in san francisco today, after a second cracked beam was discovered at the sales transit center. it remains close this had morning. the two bad beams are located above fremont street, so the stretch between howard and mission will remain closed at least through next week now. katie neilsen is there now. traffic expected to pick up throughout the morning, how is it now? >> reporter: right now it is actually not too bad. you can take a look back behind us. this is the section of fremont street that is closed. you can see traffic moving as the cars are coming off the bay bridge. there is a little bit of traffic stacking up around the harrison street entrance on to fremont street. now this is all because of a problem of a second cracked steel beam here at the transit center. it is on the third level bus deck, very close to the other
6:35 am
beam. both provide support for the rooftop park. during a press conference yesterday, the joint powers authority said the fact the two beams are now cracked is not a fluke, it could have been a fabrication issue or even a design flaw. the plan now, shore up the area over fremont street to get the road open again and shore up the two cracked beams so the buses can start running again. >> if there is a crack or a damaged structure, that is going to have to be repaired and replaced. but before you repair something that is going to be damaged again, you want to make sure you understand what happened. that is going to take some time. and very disturbing you would think for $2.2 billion you would get something that is perfect. >> the transit center just opened last month. the beams were inspected in july of 2016. engineers did not see any problems at that time. but that was before the weight of the 5-acre rooftop park was
6:36 am
added. again engineers have a plan to temporarily fix this problem but all the support and construction needed for that isn't going to be done until next friday at the absolute earliest. so that means another week and a half of some of the gridlock and traffic problems we saw yesterday. that is just a temporary fix. a permanent fix seems really far off, at this point. >> reporter: yeah, right now there isn't a timeline for that, just because engineers don't know what caused the cracks in the first place. until they can figure it out, they can't come up up with a personal solution. that is fremont and howard. traffic isn't that light there. that is a road that is closed. but if you are getting ready to
6:37 am
head into downtown, again, rdan we also have, of course, that bus lane that is on the fremont off-ramp that remains closed. but drivers, traffic can use the fremont exit, although it is going to back-up quite a bit, because right when you exit at fremont there, you will be forced to then head over to folsom or harrison, because fremont at howard, that remains shut down. so keep that in mind. it is going to be another challenging day out on the roadways in downtown san francisco. if you can avoid driving in that area, i strongly encourage you to use mass transit, and again, all of the transit agencies that operate out of the sales force transit center will be operating out of the temporary transbay terminal. thanks jacquelyn. a beautiful view with our sales force tower camera. low clouds and fog out there.
6:38 am
but above that, those golden colors in the sky and gorgeous mount diablo as well. sunrise at 7:01 this morning. now san jose and the south bay, with a cloudy start there. now let's show you the visibility out there. along the coast and parts of the bay, dealing with dense fog, about a mile at half moon bay, looking at a half mile from petaluma. dense fog, once again, for the coast and for the north bay. as we head through the afternoon, very similar conditions to what we saw yesterday. maybe even a little bit cooler. so along the coast, still cool for the bay, mild and heating up once again inland. 90 in concord, 92 in fairfield. 92 in napa. and 85 in santa rosa. 73 in oakland. 67 in san francisco and read wood city coming -- redwood city coming in at 81. back to you. mary, sounds good. we are getting a better
6:39 am
sense of how people in california will vote when they get a chance to decide the fate of the gas tax hike. a new poll found more than half of proposed proposition 6 would reverse the tax hike and 39% favor it, 8% are unsure. today a homeless camp is moving to a new spot and they are hoping this new site will be a long-term fix. jackie ward is in san jose. >> reporter: it has been a game of back and forth with hope village caught right in the middle. starting this morning they should feel some sense of stability. this all started a couple of weeks ago when they moved on to a state-owned lot without permission. when they got kicked out, they moved a few hundred feet. this third county and city approved lois right in between those two locations, still on rough drive in san
6:40 am
jose. this is a temporary solution the city and county agreed to on tuesda the next 6 months. after that, hope village is not sure. the county is continuing look for a more permanent, long-term solution. hope village says the lot already has about 20 homeless people living there. for now, no one plans on kicking them out. the last thing we will be doing, we understand they are in the same situation as the people are living in hope village and some of them may decide they want to join hope village. santa clara has spent the last three days prepping this new lot for hope village and says it will house 14 people with the potential to expand to 30. the 20 living on this lot already were given vouchers a have been aying in motels since monday.
6:41 am
so this third move in a matter of weewiart at9:00 this morning. jackie ward, kpix 5. we are learning more today about several arrests made in connection with apple store robberies throughout california and right here in the bay area. the alameda county sheriff's department confirms 7 people were arrested tuesday in oakland. police have not said yet exactly which robberies they are linked to, but this comes after crooks hit an emoryville apple store this week. that is one of half a dozen stores ripped offer in the last month alone. the grab and go robberies happened at least 9 times at 6 bay area apple stores in the past month. it is 6:41. a new report ranks the best and worst spots for potholes all across the bay area. why there is reason for optimism you could generate your own energy,
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after a series of close calls at s- f-o: a new aviation bill is passed... to prevent future accidents on the runway. ba ongressman: new this morning after a series of close calls a new aviation bill is passed to prevent future accidents on the runway. the new amendments have goals of making a safer aviation. there has been an 83% increase since 2013 in runway incursions. last year's very close call at s fo, was actually much closer than we thought. the air canada flight came been 13 feet of hitting another plane on a taxi way. the u.s. economy is growing, but analysts say there is also an increase in jobless claims. joining us live now jason brooks. >> reporter: good morning. the government reaffirmed its outlook on the economy in the second quarter, said it was up
6:46 am
by 4.2%. consumer spending a robust 3.8%. you can thank the very strong job market for that. there is also heavy demand for exports and federal and state government spending was up. now, the economy not expected to continue growing at that clip in the third quarter, but there is a positive signal. the commerce department says durable goods orders in august rose 4.5%. the strongest gain in 6 months. the big reason for that was soaring civilian aircraft orders. as far as the job market goes, jobless claims rose this past week for the first time in several weeks, up by 12,000 and 214,000, after claims fell to their lowest level since the end of 1969. trading on wall street today expected to be fairly quiet, as the cavern hearing gets close to opening up. and right now, after the market opened up for the opening bell, at least, it is in positive ll off, the dow is up just over 40 points, nasdaq
6:47 am
gaining 33 and the s things
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