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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  September 28, 2018 12:00pm-12:29pm PDT

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our senator walked out on this sham process and i hope that voters walk out and in to the ballot box and cast votes to express their disgust at what is happening in washington dc right now. >> just minutes ago, republican senator said she supports senator flake in delaying a final vote on judge kavanaugh. breaking news, a massive security breach on facebook. the social media giant saying nearly a million user accounts have been affected. the company says hackers targeted the view as feature keth keep peoplelosee eske from it's my job to protect as a public safety,pg&e, keeping the powerlines clear while also protecting the environment. take over the accounts. the company says it has fixed the natural world is a beautiful thing. the work that we do helps protect it. public education is definitely
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a big part of our job, the vulnerability. to teach our customers about the best type of trees we have yet the determine to plant around the powerlines. whether these accounts were misused or information we want to keep the power on for our customers. accessed, we don't know who is we want to keep our communities safe. behind the attacks or where this is our community. this is where we live. we need to make sure that we have a beautiful place they are based. people's privacy and security for our children to live. together, we're building a better california. is incredibly important, says facebook. bracing the fractured section of the trans bay transit center in san francisco. >> reporter: construction workers worked through the night and out here first thing this morning, assessing the work that still needs to be done before the cracks can get shored up. more traffic, more construction, and more kavanaugh's nomination is advancing.. examining, that's the scene at but whether he will be the next supreme court justice - is still free month and howard as crews up in the air. brett kavanaugh's get the under belly shored up. nomination is advancing, whether he will be the next supreme court justice is in the the trans bay joint powers authority said, crews removed air. facebook is hit with a ceiling panels and light security breach. the hack has affected millions. fixtures and relocating the overhead contact system that
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good afternoon. services electric buses. >> reporter: buses continue the >> the confirmation show down , operate out of the temporary the committee voted 11-10 to trans bay terminal. falling back in to the old advance the nomination. routine has gone well. arizona republican jeff flake >> we were easily able to move added a last minute twist service over there and people demanding a delay for the floor have been used to going there vote for a week. >> i have been speaking with a for over 8 years. it was an easy transition. numb of people on the otherside, we had conversations we haven't seen a length of or going for a while with time confused people walking around. >> reporter: just in case you regard to making sure that we need guy dance, ambassadors are do, due diligence here, it saturating the area. >> we have 25 parking control officers and 12 key zones and would be proper to delay the they are helping getting cars floor vote for up to but not and buses through. more than a week. we have a bus inspector out and about and staff members on key conners directing people to the the cision. correct location to grab their bus. >> reporter: they hope to start >> reporter: one by one, putting the new shoring system senators in the pa in place as soon as this weekend. on monday, traffic can start flowing through freemont once lines, to send brett calf gnaw again. supreme court nomination to the full senate. republicans have to make a deal 10 suspects pat of an apple
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to get the votes. >> i will move it out of store robbery ring appeared in committee, but only comfortable on the floor until the fbi has court. each charged in grab and run rip offs. total of 17 suspects tarted apple stores in 19 counties from as far south as san diego done more investigation than they have already. [technical difficulties] aud >> reporter: of sexual misconduct against kavanaugh and north as butte county, they totaled $1 million. bart says sit more that including these of christine doubling the numb of fare inspec toes at the stations. the transit agency came up with a five year safety and security plan including installing security call boxes on ford. republicans made it clear they platforms and expanding digital believe judge kavanaugh when he cameras and adding 90 police denied having ever sexually assaulted anyone. >> there is no reason to deny officers some of whom staff judge kavanaugh a set on the basis of evidence presented to us. >> reporter: with senator flake trains. at the meeting, riders shared now supporting kavanaugh's their experiences whale at confirmation as long as the fbi stations -- while at stations. investigation happens, >> i got roughed up last march. republicans are one step closer to putting the judge on the >> somebody pulled a knife out on the platform and created an supreme court. that leaves senators susan
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incident. i had my daughter with me. collins of maine and leesa >> since march, fare inspectors murkowski of alaska as the last handed out 3800 citations, that are civil offenses and will undecided republicans. they met with joe mansion, also undecided. the white house is confident cost juveniles $55, 75 bucks for adults. we are getting some kavanaugh will win. >> he should be confirmed. sunshine out there, especially we are confident we are going inland and parts of the bay, a big cooldown is on the way to get there. >> reporter: yes donnelly, up for re-election, in a state starting this afternoon and in to the weekend. trump one in 2016, announce we will talk about our shower head will oh oppose kavanaugh's chances coming up in the seven- day forecast. confirmation. angelca alvarez, capitol hill. democrats are hoping republicans will change their minds and bring in the fbi to investigate before the final vote. we caught up with libby to get her take, attending the grand opening of an accra showroom. as for the senate hearings judge kavanaugh, she was disgusted by the atat
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provides power to three states... and water to more than 20 million people. now the's a 3- billionlar plan to bring the power plant into the 21st century and the west hoover dam, there is a $3 billion plan to bring the power plant in to the 21st century and beyond as california and the >> reporter: the mighty hoover dam, a 726 feet high wall of oh
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concrete, housing 17 power generators. >> when you look up, that's lot of concrete. >> 3.25 million cubic yards of concrete. you can pave a road from san francisco to new york. >> reporter: len manages the hoof dam, supports pow r for 1 million homes , the water is funneled through spinning turbines to create electricity and the water is released to flow downstream. los angeles is its largest customer. >> 25% nevada, 20% arizona customers. >> reporter: the dam was built to tame the colorado river after devastating floods. now the los angeles department of water and power is looking to turn it in to a giant energy storage system, similar to the job a battery performs. >> pump water uphill when there
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is too much energy and let it run downhill when it's not enough. >> reporter: calling for a wind and solar powered pump station, to be built 20 miles downstream, water would be pumped back to lake mead through underground pipes and back down during periods of higher demand. eric is also behind the plan. the western united states might be divide by state borders but we have the same electricity lines and same water, our fates are tied together. >> reporter: a visionary project that some hope will stem the flow of climate change before it's too late. >> reporter: let's get a check for the weekend.. we t ready thn as as for gh the weekend. if you were in san francisco and thought it was cool this month, it has been. the third coldest september to
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date since 1975, with an average high of 66 degrees, normal high is 70. we are talking about much cooler conditions this month, em hi compared to last year. remember last september, triple digit heat, record breaking heat to start off the month. a big different story for us this month and this year. a live look, with our sales force tower camera, the sun trying to breakthrough those clouds across the bay. 69 concord, oakland, livermore 67. 63 for san jose. the satellite and radar view, high pressure out of here to our north, low pressure is dominant weather feature for was the counter clockwise throw around the low, on shore winds, that's southwesterly wi the coo that will continue for the weekend as well. for today, we will see that sunshine inland and also for the bay and coast once
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again. through tomorrow, we are going to see a few clouds and also a chance of showers across the coast and the north bay for tomorrow. a little bit of drizzle and light rain possible. as we go through monday in to tuesday of next week, the possibility of our first widespread rain here, with showers early next week. hoping for that, it's been 5 months since the bay area seen measurable rainfall. daytime highs upper 5s for pacifica. low 60s san francisco. low 70s redwood, mountain view, napa 73. concord 76. 79 for a high in fairfield. daytime highs today in some spots, 10 degrees cooler than yesterday. we will continue with that for mid-70s inlands for the weekend. mid-60s for the bay. 50s along the coast.
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chance of a shower if r the coast in north bay saturday and the rain chances late monday in back to you. premier week continues tonight on cbs with mc iver, hawaii five-o. >> reporter: he calls himself euro, in this video diary, claims to run a mud for hire empire on the dark web. an internet hiding behind the up with we know. he struck terror in the hearts of people. [technical difficulties] [no audio] including 43 year old i'm amy, in cottage grove, minnesota. >> they seemed like an all american church going, caring, loving couple. >> reporter: this prosecutor says in hehusband steven seemed
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shocked when the fbi and police informed them she was marked for murder. someone placed a kill order for $12,000, on a dark web hit man site called base-a-mafia, using the screen name dog day god. >> there was an urgency. >> captain randy says the beefed up security -- they beefed up security and bought a gun. november 13th, 20 search, gwen martin was on the night shift when they not a 911 call. first responders were suspicious, amy had a single gunshot wound inside her right ear. >> it soon became clear,
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someone killed her. was -- hired hit man from the dark web? 4000 miles away this hon don, a white hat hacker named chris, had been monitoring the site. >> what did dog day god want done? >> target kill on a given date. >> reporter: he says it listed dozens of kill orders from all over the world. he tried to alert authorities but they brushed him off. he started passing tips directly to 48 hours. we found ourselves in the middle of an apparent live marketplace for murder. there was only one thing we could do, we contacted authorities. >> they just received a tip for a murder for hire in iran. >> a citizen of taiwan. >> if it wasn't for 48 hours >>eptefar, four ave be arrests from our tips. >> do you understand the terror you have caused with this mud
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for -- murder for hire plot? >> i asked how many they uncovered in this report. >> we uncovered more than 30 in 9 countries around the world, 10 in the united states, by plots we mean where someone called up a target has been identified, information has been shared and money has exchanged hands. we are up to 10 in the united states, more than 30 around the world, all of that led to 4 arrests including a case south of san francisco. >> the season premier of 48 hours is tomorrow night starting at 9:00 wp. sundaytha, god fr got a friend request from god on social media? in the show, miles finer is tempted to accept.
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request from god on social media [technical difficulties] [no audio] >> we have an outpoken atheist by my character that gets friended by god, he becomes a subject of change in the lives around him from the friend suggests that the god account sends to him. >> the show premiers sunday 8:00 here on kpix5. a reason to grab a glass of beer today. details on a celebration for adults only.
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it' t d, w to it fridayday is a celebration for people 21 and up. it's national drink beer day. beer is actually the world's most popular adult beverage whether you prefer an ale, logger or ipa, there are more selections now than ever. beer lovers are encouraged to enjoy a glass at a tavern and tag hash tag drink beer day, when posting on line. >> a lute to that. -- salute to that. enjoy it.
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>> katie: are we, um, allowed to be in here? >> thorne: well, obviously we're expected. >> katie: [ sighs ] right. i mean, if we want to keep the proceedings private to keep it out of the press... >> thorne: i'll get the door. >> katie: okay. >> bill: katie. have you seen the judge? >> katie: no. >> carter: did you know about this? >> katie: what? >> carter: the revised witness list. >> katie: my sister, bill? >> liam: is there where we're supposed to be? >> wyatt: maybe we should wait outside.
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