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tv   KPIX 5 News Sat Morn Edition  CBS  September 29, 2018 6:00am-6:59am PDT

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live from the transfixed videos, this is kpix 5 news. a former f.b.i. agent tells us what the feds are looking for. a man is hospitalized with traumatic brain injury after he was sucker punched by the man he thought was is lyft driver. taking safety into their own hands. volunteer escorts are putting riders at ease. it is just about 6 am on this saturday, september 29. we will start with the
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forecast. you may notice as you step outside it felt a little warm. look at these temperatures. we are in the 60s right now in concord, san francisco, 59 in san jose, 59 in send a rose up. this is in part -- santa rosa. this is in part to the cloud cover. we will be below average in san francisco by four or 5 degrees. we will be in the mid 70s for the warmest spots inland. we have a little bit of rain on the horizon. up north you could see a few stray sprinkles with isolated showers today. that is mostly for the north bay. the rest of us could potentially see a few overnight tonight. we have rain for everyone next week. your details on that are right
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ahead. here is a live look at the u. s. capitol where the supreme court fight will continue for at least another week. president trump has agreed to have the f.b.i. investigate his nominee. he tweeted, we just started our seventh f.b.i. investigation of judge brett kavanaugh. he will someday be recognized as a truly great justice of the united states supreme court. we have more on the dramatic 24 hours and what comes next. >> reporter: president trump gave the green light to an f.b.i. investigation, something democrats have been asking for all alone. it happened when republican senator jeff flake joined the call. president trump ordered an f.b.i. investigation into his supreme court nominee, judge brett kavanaugh. the move comes after an unexpected request from the senate judiciary committee. >> you are telling all women thaty don'. reporr: commitmber from protesters after he said he would vote for the nominee and then he had a change of heart, ultimately demanding the investigation in order to support brett kavanaugh. >> this country is being ripped apart.
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>> reporter: his friend, democratic senator chris set -- said this -- >> i suggested we have a conversation without everybody else. >> i think and i hope that next week we have a process that people can be proud of. >> reporter: the f.b.i. investigation will focus on the current allegations against brett kavanaugh and take no longer than a week to complete. >> in a few more days, after a few more delays, the vote will be there to put him there and say enough with the games. >> reporter: a lawyer for dr. christine blasey ford actually welcomes the investigation. brett kavanaugh says he will continue to cooperate. >> all 51 republican members of the senate support the motion to proceed. >> reporter: late friday, senate majority leader mitch mcconnell moved it past a procedural hurdle, but a vote will not happen until the investigation is complete.
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dr. blasi ford's attorney says they are happy about the investigation but not about the one week timeline. security experts expect big efforts by the agency in the coming days. >> to see it in a week is really compressed. the f.b.i. has a lot of resources. they will put tremendous resources into this into getting into the end of it. the f.b.i. will not make any kind of determination as to the validity of the allegations. they are just pulling the information together. there the factfinders. they will pull all the information together. that will be given to the adjudicating body. >> he also says agents may have trouble pinning down the details from the 80s, when most
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communications were not stored electronically. he believes seasoned investigations can get the information they want. a man thought he was getting into his ride chair, but he got sucker punched on a busy street. police need your help finding his attacker. we spoke to the victim's wife who watched her husband get knocked unconscious. >> reporter: the attack happened here on the corner of first and howard as the victim was waiting for a right ear to pick him up and take him home. look at the center top of your screen. this moment right here. what you and i might call a sucker punch is what sfpd calls aggravated assault. >> the victim was fighting for his life. >> reporter: you can see the victim, 39-year-old christopher matthews, as his head hits the pavement with a sickening thud. the assault happened on september 8 around 11:30 pm. christopher matthews ordered a
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lyft for he and his wife and thought the car that pulled up was theirs. instead of getting a ride, the suspect is described as a 6 foot tall asian man with a buzz cut attacked and not christopher matthews unconscious and left him bleeding from his ear, nose and the back of his head my. >> one person had come over and told me to lift up his head so he would not choke on his blood. >> reporter: rebecca matthews is his wife and the mother of their two toddlers. >> i told them daddy has a bump on his head. he is in the hospital and the doctors will help them get better. >> reporter: the san jose state grad is struggling with a traumatic brain injury. >> he is bleeding in the frontal lobes of his bring, as well as breeding at the brainstem, which they described as the worst case scenario. >> reporter: this is a closer look at the car in question. it is a white four door de --
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four-door sedan. the vehicle has a distinctive black roof and silver rims. the little league coach is finally awake, but rebecca doesn't know how much he will recover from the attack. >> will i ever be able to leave my husband with the kids alone? i don't know. will i be able to let him drive and not worry? i don't know. >> reporter: she has a message. >> i don't want him to harm anybody else and i don't want him to do this to another family. >> this is not the first trouble related to rideshare mistaken identity. early this month, san francisco police launched an awareness campaign to prevent assault on riders. police arrested a man they say raped four women while posing as a writer driver. into gubernatorial driver was arrested for allegedly assaulting someone while off duty. in san mateo, police released a sketch of a man who posed a wom no arrests in that case yet. some bay area men are
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hoping to improve safety at bart. they call their group #wecare. the volunteers are hoping to get funding for their programs so they can expand it. the #wecare proposal is to hire 15 people to cover three or four bart stations during the morning and evening commute. >> we will be out here and we can be bigger and better if we have the resources. >> bart says the agreement does not allow it to contract security work. the agency is thinking of developing a community ambassador program in response to recent high-profile crimes. a rash of apple store grab and run robbery suspects are still on the run.
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they are all charged with conspiracy to commit grand theft in multiple robberies across the bay area. investigators are trying to figure out if they are connected to a string of apple robberies in stores like this one. $1 million worth of products have been swiped off store shelves. apple is not commenting on any arrests or security procedures. police say data from a fit but -- fitbit helped them lead to a suspect. his stepdaughter was found dead in her home september 13. a police report reveals that the victim's fitbit showed when her heart stopped beating. investigators say neighbor surveillance video placed him at the home at the same time. medical examiners say she died of blunt force trauma. police have yet to release a motive. gun shows will continue at the cow palace. governor brown rejected a bill that would have banned the events in daly city.
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he says the decision should be e cow palace board of directors. guns and ammunition are sold during events held at the venue five times a year. the governor also rejected a bill authored by state senator scott weiner of san francisco that would've let bars stay open later. last call could have come as late as 4 am omight to wiaddi two more hours of mayhem. the brand-new, multi- million-dollar transit center in san francisco is likely to remain closed through the end of nweek. the salesforce transit center has been closed since march.? were discovered in supporting beams we kept -- weeks after it open. structural engineers are scrambling to figure out what
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went wrong. >> the import milestone will be, once the shoring is in place and we offload the support of that been, we can start our analysis of what happened. the design of the shoring system will be finalized within the day, the next 24 hours. >> off-site engineers have designed a new structure that is scheduled to go underneath the deck starting this week. meanwhile, a structure fremont street remains closed in most traffic is being diverted to the old terminal nearby. it is 6:10 am. a strong earthquake rocks indonesia and then a tsunami. the latest on the scramble to rescue survivors. hackers reach 50 million facebook accounts. the feature that made so many people vulnerable.
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in at least two cities, in indonesia. a 10 foot tsunami triggered by a poweouint two ties in innesia. it began with a gnude
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earthquake yesterday. rescue teams are scrambling to get survivors. the earthquake and tsunami are linked to at least 384 deaths in just one city alone. we have an update on a plane crash in the south pacific. everybody was safely evacuate. one man was missing. the flight crashed into a lagoon on an island in micronesian. -- micronesia. all 47 people were initially counted as alive and accounted for. now they are working to find a missing male passenger. facebook is dealing with a major security breach when they exposed the accounts of 50 million users. the full scope of that attack is still somewhat unclear. >> reporter: it is a company's
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biggest security breach and its history discovered earlier this week. ceo mark zuckerberg and ceo -- cco cheryl sent -- sheryl sandberg said this -- >> they used authentication tokens. they tell facebook you are you and diane may. >> reporter: the hacker or hackers found a flaw in the view as feature which allows us to view pages from a friend's perspective. the hackers took advantage of that most -- that vulnerability and other apps connected to facebook like spotify and instagram. >> somebody had to be looking extremely deeply. >> reporter: facebook is already facing scrutiny about how they handled users privacy. they cannot say for sure what the hackers did once they
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gained access or who they even are. >> there is a lot of responsibility on facebook here, but they are taking this step of letting us know pretty early in the process. it will be an interesting test case to see how people respond to that. >> a couple of facebook users have already filed a class- action lawsuit in federal court seeking to represent all users affected by the breach. a massive futuristic arena is set to change the las vegas skyline. workers just broke down on the new building that will go up east of the strip. it will seat more than 18,000 people in will be over 360 feet tall. it will also be fully customizable, completely covered in leds grains. it is expected to be finished in 2021. let's check our our
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weather. it is a little warmer than i usually expect here in the city. >> we are starting off with this cloud deck over san francisco. that will keep us want to start. right now, we are in the 60s area why. this is the bay bridge from our exclusive camera atop the salesforce tower. as we make our way throughout the day, you will notice temperatures move onto the cool side. we are below average, thanks in part, i guess primarily, to this area of low pressure sitting off shore. it is keeping us a bit unstable. here is futurecast. as we advance into lunch time today, you can see we are seeing showers up north. we see some of those spread further south. we have spotted -- spotty showers, isolated showers, what most folks will see is cloud cover. we have a better chance of showers for the north bay. this continues to sunday morning. then it starts to move out. we will keep clouds around. it might feel humid.
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as we move into the work week, we all get rain. we are talking widespread rain. look at this. this is monday night, this is late monday into tuesday when we start to see that transition into wet weather. here are your weather headlines. we have low clouds with fog and patchy drizzle to start. we are looking at a mix of sun and clouds for most folks on saturday with showers most likely in the north bay. we are drier mild for most of sunday. rain is possible i'd late monday heading into tuesday. high temperatures today are well below average, anywhere from five to 10 degrees below average, thanks to that area of low pressure sitting off shore. temperatures will top out in the mid 70s for the south bay. along the coast we have lomoon
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we are 70 in union city, 72 in fremont. east into the tri-valley area, we are seeing temperatures in the low 70s for the most part, mid 70s for brentwood, as well as livermore. 69 in vallejo and around the bay we struggle to hit the 70 degree mark. san francisco 65 and sausalito in the low 70s today. further north we are a tad bit warmer in the upper 60s. as we take a look at the forecast today, pacific coast fog fest is topping out in the 60s today. your extended forecast shows a chance of showers in north bay today. we will likely be drive most of sunday. late monday into tuesday is when we see the chance of showers. we dry out for the end of the week. it has been a long time since we have seen rain. we could use it but not too much all at once. >> i did a double take on the rain icon ys really need it. a new study looks at the connection between smoking and gum disease. the cdc says that glass flu
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season was the deadliest in decades. we take a look at some of this week's top health stories in today's health watch. >> reporter: the cdc estimates 80,000 peo season. that is the highest death toll in at least four decades. there were also 900,000 hospitalizations. the cdc blames the severity on a particularly bad strain and lower vaccination rates in key groups. the cdc recommends getting vaccinatedend of october. a new study finds smokers have an increased risk of developing gum disease. researchers in cleveland found smoking lowers the ability for gums and teeth to fight disease. a new study finds golfing regularly reduces the risk factors of heart disease and stroke. it can improve strength and balance for older players. researchers recommend playing 2 1/2 hours a week and walking
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instead of driving around in a cart. > od morning. i am on a jet plane later today for southern california. i cannot leave without getting you moving pictures. i will give you the story on what the situation is. the a's were in anaheim last night. we will show you the results of that. this is probably a good indication. we will have that and more.
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good morning, everybody.
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the baseball series are all on the way. i will just rip the band-aid right off the scab. the a's are not hosting a wildcard game. they are playing but not in oakland as a result of what happened friday night. let me show you. the a's in anaheim already down 3-0. there it goes . it is gone. his 39th homer for the year. the a's had already seen the final of the yankees-red sox score. they win this game 8-5. to the aforementioned yankees. rdme host the a's next
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aaron judge, one of the four home runs of the yankees last night. they put up 11 runs to beat the red sox 11-6. they will host ve it. as for the national league and san francisco, say hello to will smith. they hosted the dodgers last night. the dodgers have something to play for. justin turner let them know about it. they beat the giants 3-1. that is sports this morning. i will leave you with san francisco and the logo for the chargers. the two are playing a game on kpix 5 tomorrow. kick off is 1:30 pm. i yours truly will be in the locker room with really tall guys. i will be like this interviewing players to find out how they won or how they lost. the raiders are at home. they will be hosting the cleveland browns. the 49ers are a 10.5 row dog in
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l.a., for those who need that information. that is enough. i will see you later. veteran singer marty balin, who helped to put the bay area on the map for music in the 60s has died. ♪ >> it was cofounder of jefferson airplane. his unmistakable vocals could be heard on countless hits, including kent or me, miracles and volunteers. a cause of death has not been released. there were complications after he had heart surgery in florida in 2016. he was 76. it was a bit cool your traffic situation or stockton. a truck over turned hauling cattle. cars were stopped while cops tried to round them up. the road did eventually reopen. still ahead in the next
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half hour, a smart way to get north bay commuters to the city but the tracks don't go far enough. >> the work being done to close a gap and a guy in l.a. convicted of riding his scooter while drunk. we asked base syria -- bay city area leaders if they would crackdown.
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good morning, i'm devin fehely. and i'm julie watts. let s start k of welcome back.
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>> we will get started this hour with a check of our forecast. we have some rain on the horizon. the north bay could see sprinkles today. here is a live look outside at the bay bridge. clouds are helping to keep us warm this morning. we are looking temperatures in the low 60s for places like concord and san francisco. 59 in san jose and livermore. 61 in oakland. clouds will help keep us on the cooler side. here is average for this time of year, 70 in san francisco, 82 in concord and 79 in san jose. we are five to 10 degrees below average this time of year. we are looking at the chance for showers. here is future cast.
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the best chance of showers will be in the north bay. we cannot rule out a story sprinkle further south. we will talk more about that rain and more rain on the way coming up. here is a new kind of moving violation. someone was charged with driving under the influence while riding an electric scooter. >> reporter: you can see two guys on scooters on the left edge of the bridge. >> reporter: you don't have to look far to find people on scooters behaving badly. even by thosstandards the first
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driving while intoxicating arrest was a lot worse. in los angeles county, a 28- year-old man pleaded guilty to operating a motorized scooter while under the influence of alcohol and hit and run for plowing into a pedestrian. >> we always want people to drive carefully. operating a motor side -- motorized scooter when you are drunk is a bad idea. >> reporter: the city of san jose is in the middle of devising roles. driving a vehicle drunk or while on drugs is unsafe and illegal statewide. whether it is a car, motorcycle or scooter. people convicted of dui, even on a scooter can face fines, be sentenced to community service and loser driver's license. >> it can make an impact when you hit someone at 15 or 20 miles an hour and you can really hurt somebody. they are not expecting an impact. >> reporter: thankfully, there haven't been any serious incidents in this area that he patrols. he wants alcohols and scooters are dangerous cocktail that should not be mixed. >> if you are under the influence of any substance you should not ride a scooter. somebody could get hurt, you could get hurt. >> the santa clara district attorney's office says no one there could ever recall prosecuting a case involving a scooter. more construction is under way in the relatively new smart
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train system. the current project will extend the commuter rail service from san rafael to the larkspur ferry terminal. for now, the project is an inconvenience. the normally busy francisco boulevard west is closed until february of next year. >> we are going through construction right now. we will let -- we will have a lot of detours. forgive us the next few months. this is for generations to come. >> smart train officials say if all goes according to plan, the connection to larkspur should be finished around christmas 2019. police in oakland say many participants inside shows come from out of town. more than 85 vehicles were towed but only five of the cars were from oakland. the majority were registered outside of alameda county.
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police say if you come to oakland for this, you could be arrested and your car could be impounded with a 30 day hold. dozens of families will have to pack up and move out of their homes in the east bay. tenants living in parkside gardens apartment complex in concord have until the end of october to leave. the building's new owners plan to do required renovations on the property and they will put in a new pool and build a park. once the renovations are complete, residents will be able to move back, but likely with higher rent. >> it is easier for me to move
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across the state then to stay here. my daughter is searching on her phone for a place for us to live. that is not something a 12-year- old should have to worry about. >> the owners say they will offer up to $3000 to help families with the move. the owners have given tenant an option to move into a sister apartment complex. a fierce three-year battle over rent control is heating up in mountain view and will likely stretch into the 2020 elections. the argument stems from capping annual rent increases on properties built before 1985 at 5% per year. some property owners were not pleased and began campaigning against measure bay. now affordable housing activists claim people are using tactics they shouldn't be. >> if someone assaulted you, would you like to support rent control in mountain view? we have rent control. all of this is for improvement. she met the campaign to repeal or amendthe laws missed the deadline for the november ballot. they are setting their sights on 2020 and have denied being dishonest with voters. a privately funded homeless encampme
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hope village residents will be allowed to stay for six months and then officials will evaluate if it is working. >> this is the last move in six month. we have thought 18 months would've obviously been better. >> hope village first opened without permission on state land but the state evicted them and residents were given hotel vouchers until the new site became available. governor bill -- governor brown signed a bill involving special events. it grants local jurisde venues can hold events. the temporary cannabis events must still respect any local and state ordinances regarding secondhand smoke. many travelers flying out of los angeles international airport can pack marijuana, according to a new policy by year for -- airport police. >> reporter: liquids are not
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allowed but airport police will let up to 28.5 g of marijuana roll by on your cattery on at lax. it is a little-known rule that is been in effect since january when pot became legal in california and police at the airport started deferring to state law. >> i think it is interesting. i think a lot of people already do it. you might as well have regulations. >> i would be scared of getting caught with the tsa. i am just trying to get on my flight. >> reporter: marijuana is still banned under federal law and what hapfis it is ill a eaarea. smtyfficerth will notify local law enforcement and leave it up to their discretion. >> there are a lot of people who use it for medicinal purposes. they have to make accommodations, otherwise, if they are relying on it for cancer or other problems like glaucoma, how are they supposed
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california, it may not be an issue. land in a state where it is illegal? those federal rules still apply. >> california has a law that allows you to smoke marijuana but i think they should keep it at home. a new push this morning for urban areas in california to force a mentally ill to get help.
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the bill creates a five-year program to strengthen conservatorship laws. san francisco, los angeles and san diego counties now have greater power to get people with mental illness or addiction issues off the street and into programs. the san francisco mayor testified in favor the bill in sacramento and said quote, i look forward to moving quickly to implement this legislation on the local level so we can start providing care to those in need. governor brown also vetoed a bill that would have kept federal ice agents out of state courthouses. the legislation would've prevented immigration authorities were making arrests inside court rooms. ice argues it is a safer way to take suspects into custody. governor brown says he supports the intent of the bill but worried about unintended consequences. pg&e says thousands of trees will need to be cut down in northern california this year. they plan to prevent wildfires by changing the landscape. >> this pg&e has a look of a disaster response, giant stacks of water bottles, work lights, tents, heavy equipment , ent wildfire. >> reporter: this is the new normal for pg&e in california's extreme wildfire climate.
6:40 am
supplies delivered to new staging areas where hundreds of pg&e contracted tree cutters are being hired to trim or remove trees along thousands of miles along pg&e power lines. there is lots of work and even laundry services at this base camp. >> crews that come to this camp are all tree crews. they are certified tree crews that are able to do work near and around our &eba california mountains where the fire danger is high. >> this area has been especially bad. >> reporter: this is a community of pine grove, they are always in fear the next big wildfires. >> you sorting your mind all the time. >> it is always in the back of
6:41 am
your head. >> reporter: pg&e identified and cut down several trees close to power lines on their property. >> they obviously have to become proactive. being reactive in the past hasn't worked. lots of people have lost their properties and their livelihoods. >> reporter: the new effort by pg&e comes following the 2015 fire . cal fire determined it was parked by pg&e power lines hitting a tree. new pg&e base camps serving wildfire prone communities , taking a proactive approach before a different -- before disaster response is required. >> pg&e says besides identifying and cutting down trees that are dangerously close to power lines, it is also removing the debris unless property owners say they want the wood. with rain on the way, we catch up with great growers. how it could help this years harvest. according to a new law in california, what taxpayers have to pay for plant-based meals. what when community is planning to do with the church.
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it's time for elon musk to go. the securities and exchange
6:44 am
commission sued the tesla asked a feder federal regulators say it is time for elon musk to go. the securities and exchange commissioner sued the tesla ceo and asked federal court to force him out as chairman of the company after he threatened to take the company private and walked away with a potential settlement with the sec this week. one official told us if the sec gets its way could hurt tesla and tesla shareholders. >> it is fairly standard for them to asked that when they file a lawsuit like that. the risk for changing ceos at a time they are just getting the pointey can produce enough cars where they can be profitable is huge. if i was a member of the board, i would be very cautious about trying to replace them with
6:45 am
somebody else. >> the board is backing musk. in a statement, the board of directors said they were fully confident in elon musk, his integrity and leadership of the company. we have a statement from elon musk saying quote, this unjustified action by the sec leads me deeply saddened and disappointed. integrity is the most important value will show i never compromised this in anyway. students in california might not have to worry about the dreaded essay to exam much longer. university of california leaders announced they were looking into whether sat and act exams actually predict success in college. some say who -- those who cannot af a disadvantage. many schools no longer require the exams. google is buying up more real estate in downtown san jose. the tech giant's latest deal is all in a church near a transit station. it is unclear how much google has agreed to pay for the the church, but the company has
6:46 am
already spent $234 million on various properties near this station. the new california law is changing the menu at state prisons. inmates will now be allowed to request vegan meals. governor bill signed a bill this week requiring vegan options be made available to inmates. inmates who observed a vegan diet also -- often existed on scraps according to one lawmaker. >> we want them to have a health, environmental or religious choice and we went to make sure our facilities honor that. >> the vegan meals are required to cost the same as a standard the middle of fall harvest. as they pick the grapes, they are keeping their eye on the forecast for potential rain. winemakers are taking it in stride.
6:47 am
>> reporter: beautiful vineyards, great grapes and cool breezes. the great harvest is in full swing. that could all change or not. >> maybe a 10th of an inch. that is not enough to get us excited. >> reporter: during harvest, it is important to keep the grapes dry so mildew does not set in. been your professionals keep a close eye on the weather because it sets the pace of the harvest. >> we are just picking the grapes the best we can. hopefully by the end of october, all the grapes are and whatever it wants. let the rain come because we need rain for next year. >> reporter: he says over 400 acres and there is a true wine cave holding over 1500 barrels with a year-round temperature of 53 degrees. there is a tasting room deep
6:48 am
inside the hillside. he says a little moisture early in the year may even be helpful. >> it is what we call a just settlor. it cleans up the leaves in the grapes from the dust. everything look so pretty afterwards. >> reporter: as long as it dries up by the afternoon. >> it is not enough to get people excited around here, at least me. >> reporter: all low -- although it is expected to be minor, anytime you use the word rain, it gets your attention. >> the vineyards will face a bigger test when the rainy season begins in ernest. let's get a check of our weather. >> we have some rain, we are looking at some north bay sprinkles. it is not much. we are not talking significant rainfall, at least not yet. let's look outside, this is a live look at the bay bridge from our exclusive you at the
6:49 am
salesforce tower camera. temperatures are the 60s area why. concord is 63, 63 in san francisco, 59 in san jose. we had clouds to instantly -- insulate us. we will be cool for the first half of the weekend. the whole week and will really stay cool. in futurecast, you can see we have the potential for scattered showers. we are not talking widespread rain. you could see isolated showers from time to time this weekend, mostly in the north bay. we have the possibility for a few stray showers further south. anyone could see showers between now and sunday morning. the second half of sunday, future caches we dry out and keep clouds around.
6:50 am
moving into monday and tuesday, however, that is when the rain returns. we are looking at a little bit more rain, not superheavy, but certainly more widespread by late monday into tuesday, impacting more of us around the bay area. in the meantime, your weather headlines show low clouds and fog to start with patchy drizzle. a mix of sun and clouds for most of us but north bay showers are possible. we are drier mount sonder, at least for the second half of the day. rain is possible once again late monday into tuesday. high temperatures around the bay anywhere from five to 10 degrees above average. highs are in the mid 70s for the south bay. santa clara and morgan hill are in the 60s. we are near 70 degrees for union city in fremont today. further inland, livermore and brentwood are 75. 69 in vallejo. around the big cooler still, 65 in san francisco, hovering just below 70 degrees in alameda and berkeley today. wine country is in the low 70s. up north we are looking at upper 60s with a chance of showers for the north bay.
6:51 am
pacifica -- pacific coast fog fest will be chilly. this work week we have something for everyone. we are looking at showers in the north bay for the most part this weekend, mostly dry sunday. monday night into tuesday is when we see the possibility of more widespread rain. than we see some drying out as we go through wednesday and friday. i am looking forward to this. >> i am always ambivalent when i see rain forecast on a day off. >> i would prefer rain on my day off because nobody likes driving in the rain. we may still be weeks away from halloween, but we have some new candy canes heading our way. one company is getting a little crazy with them. >> a novelty shop is selling unusual flavors like mac & cheese. a box of those will
6:52 am
cost you $6.00. they will ship across the country. there is also rotisserie chicken, bacon and clam candy canes. >> okay. clams. >> i don't even see how they get those flavors into a candy cane. still ahead, a bay area champion for mental health, our jefferson award winner is next. you could save energy by living off the grid. completely. or... just set the washing machine to cold.
6:53 am
do your thing. with energy upgrade california. that's according to the national institute of mental health. but sharon chin has the story of a young woman determined to ease the burden for them. nadia ghaffari felt compelled to break the silence on teenagers' mental health struggles. "clip 726 at 1:41 my friend was 1 in 5 teenagers lived with the mental health condition according to the national institutes for mental health pickups >> one young woman is determined to ease the burden. >> if you have more questions -- >> she felt compelled to break the silence on teenagers' mental health struggles. >> my friend was living with depression and her parents did not know. she was silently suffering to a point where she attempted suicide and they had to intervene and get her professional help.
6:54 am
>> reporter: soon after, she founded a nonprofit to help others. she was a junior at los altos high school. two years later, her website gets more than 2000 visitors a week. young volunteers across the globe tell their stories on video and share resources for help. >> the stories are really meant to show young people at large they are not alone. >> now we will hear from our wonderful panelists. >> she norm -- she also organizes a national teens wellness conference. this years event was held at googles sunnyvale campus. in the end, students were asked to take some kind of action or mental health. they post notes on a board, some pledged to reach out to
6:55 am
friends in need. others promised to see a counselor. she inspired this lee high school junior to share with the audience her struggle with anxiety and depression. >> to come to a conference like this where everyone is openly talk about it is bringing my anxiety level down already. >> reporter: the teen wellness center opened on this teenagers -- teenager's campus. >> reporter: she still runs teens talk. she is expanding its message to college students and young adults.
6:56 am
did you see it, the reboot
6:57 am
of "murphy brown"? she had a surprise guest in the first episode of the classic tv comedy this week. >> reporter: former presidential candidate hillary clinton made an appearance on the show wednesday night playing a woman applying for a job at the fictional cable news show. >> i want you to know, i am not afraid of hard work, i am qualified and ready on day one. >> i also assume you have had previously secretarial experience. >> absolutely. 44 years i was the secretary -- i was a secretary of a very large organization. >> you have all the requisite skills, computer, emails? >> emails. i do have some experience with emails. >> start candice bergen said in an interview there would be no "murphy brown" revival if
6:58 am
hillary clinton was in office. president trump was mentioned frequently in the episode. it airs thursday night right here on kpix 5. it is time for a final checkup your forecast. we will be on the cool side temperature-wise. anticipate a mix of sun and clouds and temperatures five to 10 degrees below average. mid 50s and 60s to start and 60s and 70s for a high today. we are looking at the best chances for scattered showers up north. the rest of us could see showers as we head into the work week, likely midweek. it is time for us to call it a morning. thank you for watching kpix 5 news this morning. >> we will be back here tomorrow morning at 6 am. enjoy your saturday.
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