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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  October 26, 2018 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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updates on our social media platforms. we'll have more on the dow still plunging this morning! in the red down by more than 200 now! have a great day. enjoy that beautiful sunshine. good morning to our viewers in the west. it's friday, october 26, 2018. welcome to "cbs this morning." breaking news, authorities find two more suspicious packages including one addressed to senator cory booker. we're at a mail facility in florida where several were processed. >> sources tell "60 minutes" the fbi is investigating the royal catholic diocese of buffalo for an alleged cover-up of sexual abuse by priests. what a whistleblower is revealing about the bishop in charge. >> the midterm elections are approaching. with the heavy focus. and four women about the issues that are driving them to the
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powells. a breast cancer patient streams her surgery online. only on "cbs this morning," we'll talk with her and her surgeon live about the message they want to send. but we begin this morning with a look at today's eye opener. your world in 90 seconds. >> pipe bomb being mailed might wake everybody in my business up a little bit. >> turning to florida. >> another suspicion package found. >> all of these packages have found similar hallmarks. >> president trump is considering an executive order that would shut down the u.s. border to the caravan making its way through mexico. >> another shift in saudi arabia's explanation for the death of jamal khashoggi. >> saudi arabia now says the killing was premeditated. >> one of justice brett kavanaugh's accusers and her lawyer michael avenatti could soon be the targets of a criminal investigation. >> they want to make this an issue, i say bring it. >> megyn kelly will not have her show for a second straight day. questions swirling about whether
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her time at the network is coming to an end. >> all that -- >> the sidewalk collapsed right under these two women in southeast turkey. >> the pair were reportedly not seriously injured. >> a dog in maine is diving head first into fall. yeah, it's fall. >> that's all of us. >> and all that matters. >> this fake bomb stuff is the person behind this just incompetent or are they just trying to scare us. if they're just trying to scare us, mission accomplished. you clearly don't have a worried face. >> gayle, i'm america's sweetheart what do i have to worry about? >> on "cbs this morning." >> the internet was obsessed with this bizarre photo of justin bieber sitting alone on a park bench eating a burrito sideways. here's the photo here. now, we don't know -- we don't know, maybe his burrito started to split at the sides, desposito times call for desposito
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measures. >> brought to you by toyota, let's go places. as you wake up in the west, you're seeing a live picture as a police bomb truck is heading to a new location. in the west, police have now found two more suspicious packages this morning that were sent to critics of president trump and that's why you're seeing those trucks right now. that brings total number to 12. one of them right here in new york city was sent to the former director of national intelligence. that's james clapper. >> another one was found at a u.s. mail facility near miami where investigators suspect other packages were processed. it was addressed to corey boomer. jeff pegues has been tracking this investigation from the beginning. jeff, good morning, what do we know about these two additional packages? >> well, they're fitting the profile if you will, of what investigators have seen with the previous suspicious packagings. let's take a look at what this latest package looks like. it looks the same. with -- though it's addressed to
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ja james clapper. debbie wasserman schultz and the six american flag forever stamps. it looks just like the others that investigators have told us to look out for and the public to look out for and to be vigilant about. and so now investigators, norah, have more evidence to go on. unfortunately, these suspicious packages keep popping up. >> they all look similar. what do they do now with these packages? how do they discover some of the forensic evidence? >> well, listen, it looks like this bomb disposal unit is taking this latest suspicious device found in new york city north to the bronx but eventually we suspect that this will be another one of those devices that ends up at the fbi lab in quantico, virginia where they will deconstruct these devices. trying to figure out where the components came from. then you can broaden your
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investigation out from there and look for perhaps surveillance video and an address potentially of a suspect. >> are officials saying there may still be more packages out there? >> well, that has been the concern all week long, that perhaps there are still packages in the system and they've been asking the public to remain vigilant about that. because even though there have been no injury, and that is a good thing, investigators are concerned that potentially one of these suspicious devices could actually detonate. that's what they're concerned about. that's why they're asking the public, norah, to remain vigilant. >> all right, jeff, thank you. >> yes, and we have director clapper already this morning say that in his mind there's no doubt that this is domestic terrorism. investigators have already moved into that u.s. facility in opa locka, florida, where the package addressed to senator booker was found this morning. manuel bojorquez is there with what we're learning about the
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origin of some of these packages. >> reporter: good morning. we were mere last night and watched as u.s. postal service police as well as miami-dade county police and the fbi conducted a security sweep of behind me, believing that some of those packages did make their way here and, indeed, as we've reported this morning, we have learned that at least one package was found here, one address to senator booker, and we're told it has now been rendered safe. investigators at this point believe at least some of those packages were dropped off at mail facilities in south florida and that is how they ended up at this large processing facility here. it is unclear at this point whether the one that was addressed to senator booker was incoming organize outgoing. you'll recall as we've reported that whoever sent these out tried to make it seem they were coming from the florida office of congresswoman debbie wasserman schultz. one of those offices made it to her office because it had the wrong address for the intended
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target. presumably that package also was processed through the center behind me. >> at this point, do investigators think the bomb maker is from south florida? >> not necessarily. this person could have very easily traveled down to south florida to put those packages in the mail. as you know, this is a large urban center. many major highways and interstates go through this area. and in many previous cases that are similar to this, like the un that bomb, the suspects w s wouo out of their way hundreds miles to put them in the mail just to try to throw off investigators. >> all right, manuel, we thank you very much. sarah sanders says president trump is receiving constant information on this situation. if he has something to say, we'll bring it to you later in this broadcast. for now, president trump may use emergency powers to stop a caravan of migrants from crossing the u.s. border. thousands of people from central america are still more than 1,000 miles away in southern
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mexico. the president wants to deny them any opportunity to seek asylum. weijia jiang is at the white house with the latest on that story. weijia, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, gayle. president trump has expressed his frustration publicly over this caravan several times and now the administration is considering a wide range of administrative legal and legislative action. the president tweeted a message to migrants thursday. go back to your country and if you want, apply for citizenship like millions of others are doing. secretary of defense james mattis is expected to sign an order to send hundreds of active duty troops to the border. the troops will join the roughly 2,000 national guardsmen the president dispatched there in april. the new troops can build barriers and help look for people trying to cross the border illegally. but they do not have the authority to apprehend illegal immigrants. they also won't be authorized to use force except in
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self-defense. president trump has turned immigration into one of his top campaign issues heading into the midterms and critics say all these potential moves to stop the caravan are only for political gain given the timing, just 11 days before election day. >> his executive order may face legal challenges as well. weijia, thank you. well, attorney michael avenatti and one of his clients could face a criminal investigation stemming from the brett kavanaugh supreme court confirmation. his client, julie swetnick, is one of several women who accuse kavanaugh of sexual misconduct. senate judiciary chairman chuck grassley claims avenatti and swetnick made false allegations. paula reid is at the justice department with the latest. paula, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. senator grassley is asking the justice department to look into whether avenatti and swetnick intentionally lied to the committee in an effort to interfere with its investigation into kavanaugh. but avenatti says he welcomes the probe as an opportunity to
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vindicate his client. >> thank you, senator grassley. thank you. it is christmas in october. >> reporter: michael avenatti says senator grassley opened a pando pandora's box by asking the justice department to investigate whether he and his client violated federal law during kavanaugh's confirmation. >> we're going to put kavanaugh on trial and test his credibility against that of me and my client. we welcome that fight. >> reporter: swetnick alleged kavanaugh and his friends drugged female students at house parties so they could gang rape them. kavanaugh vigorously denied the allegations. >> the swetnick thing is a joke. that is a farce. >> reporter: in his 12-page letter, senator grassley says there is simply no credible evidence that ms. swetnick ever met or socialized with judge kavanaugh. avenatti is considering a potential run in 2020. >> i'm getting more serious by
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the week because people are encouraging me to do it. >> reporter: comments he made this week will likely rile some of his supporters. he said the nominee in 2020 better be a white male because, quote, when you have a white male making the arguments, they carry more weight. >> i don't think there's anything wrong with calling out people that look like me for not doing enough to defend women and minorities and people of color and i'm going to continue to do that. >> reporter: the justice department has not said whether or not it will pursue this. if it does, avenatti will likely try to paint it as a politically motivated investigation. many republicans believe it is kavanaugh who is the true victim here and would like to see this referral pursued. >> will be interesting, thank you. "the new york times" reports that google has quietly protected at least three male executives from sexual misconduct claims over the last decade and two of them left with massive payouts. in one day, a co-worker claimed executive andy rubin coerced her
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into performing oral sex. google investigated and found the claim to be credible. the paper says rubin, the creator of android, was asked to resign but he was given a $90 million exit package. the spokesperson for rubin tells cbs news the allegations are demon staably false and the relationship was consensual. >> "the times" says a second executive was accused of globing a co-worker at a company party and let go with a multimillion-dollar exit package. a third executive remained in a highly paid position despite having a relationship with a subordinate. she says she was later forced out of the company. cbs news has obtained an e-mail sent by google's ceo to employees. in it, the company claims to have fired 48 people for sexual harassment in the past two years, including 13 senior managers. it says none received exit packa packages. megyn kelly remains in controversial days after she
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suggested putting on black face as a halloween costume is not necessarily racist. a source tells cbs news her employment status at nbc news has not changed. jericka duncan is here with why her career there is still in jeopardy, jericka, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. that same source tells us reports that kelly's show will be canceled and she's seeking a $50 million settlement, quote, sound untrue, but for a second day in a row megyn kelly today is a rerun, adding to the speculation of her imminent exit. >> thank you for listening and for helping me listen too. >> reporter: megyn kelly choked back tears when she apologized wednesday, but it may not save her job. her staff has been told she is not returning to the show according to hollywood reporter editorial director matthew belloni. >> i would not be surprised if nbc decided to pay her out, let her go and move on. >> reporter: what message does this send if she is not fire
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order she does stay? >> that there's a tolerance for inappropriate comments if the person apologizes. >> hello, everyone. >> reporter: kelly signed a contract reportedly worth $23 million a year. she was lured away from fox news where the prime-time star has a history of making racially insensitive comments. >> jesus was a white man too. >> they were willing to take a risk on her and this is what happened. >> reporter: "the wall street journal" reports some nbc executives were irked by kelly's coverage of sexual misconduct allegations against tom brokaw and matt lauer. >> no employer should make you have to choose between your job and your honor. >> reporter: and her suggestion nbc may have blocked r eed rona farrow's investigation into harvey wweinstein. >> i've been that the table before and sometimes i thought, girl do you know your bosses are watching? >> reporter: chief television
7:15 am
critic james ponewiek. >> whether this is an excuse for nbc, i don't know, but she doesn't have the protection that ratings success sometimes affords. >> well, kelly's first season averaged nearly 2 million viewers, 375,000 viewer than the "today" show 9:00 a.m. hour had before she arrived. nbc news has not said anything publicly about her long-term future. she has reportedly hired a prominent attorney who is meeting with nbc executives today. there's new information on a shooting at a kentucky super market, suggesting the gunman may have been targeting african-americans. gregory bush is charged with murdering a black man and woman, 69-year-old marie stollard and a 57-year-old vicky lee jones at a kroger store near louisville. a bystander said bush said whites don't shoot whites before he was arrested. police say bush tried to enter a
7:16 am
predominantly black church just minutes before the shooting. police have not identified a motive but say bush had a history of domestic violence. he's being held on $5 million bail. sources tell cbs news cia director gina haspel has briefed president trump about what she learned from turkey about the murder of "washington post" contributor khashoggi. saudi officials now call his death premeditated after originally denying he was captured inside the consulate more than three weeks ago. khashoggi's body still has not been found. a source tells cbs news khashoggi's son has withbeen ald to leave saudi arabia for the u.s. after the saudi king and crown prince met with him this week to pay their respects. the ashes of matthew shepherd are being laid today at washington, d.c. cathedral. in 1998, the 21-year-old gay
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college student was beat, tied to a fence and left to die in wyoming. the grewsome murder drew attention to violence against gay people. shepard's family has been holding on to his remains because they worried his resting place would become a target for vandals. the smithsoniasmithsonian's nat museum of national history recently contacted his parents about creating a display for shepard. coming up with the idea of the cathedral as a possible resting place. chip reid spoke to the shepards ahead of today's service. how do you think matt would feel about this? >> he'd be on cloud nine. what greater stage in the world than this building, this town. it attracts people from all over the world which would appeal to matt. just absolutely perfect, just perfect. >> the smithsonian accepted the donation of items from the shepards yesterday. that must be -- give them some peace thinking that. >> i remember that, when it happened. it was such a horrible, terrible story. we all remember. so it is nice to see that it's ending up this way.
7:18 am
>> his parents have been fighting for his family. >> a long time. >> for so long. >> we should mention, you can see are mo of chip reid's interview with the shepards tonight on the cbs evening news with jeff glor. in the first ever auction of its kind, a painting created by artificial intelligence has sold for a whole lot of money. how about this, nearly half a million dollars. when we showed you this unique piece, titled a portrait, we got to see it live and in color. a computer uses special algorithm to generate the image after scanning human-made paintings. christie's auction house estimated the ai portrait would sell for between $7,000 and $10,000. that's what they told us at the time. yesterday an anonymous buyer bought it for more than $430,000. so it's the first of its kind auction for a one of a kind painting. somebody's thinking, i got a deal here. it will be interesting to see who bought it if their identity
7:19 am
will be reveal zblld someone with a lot of money. >> a lot more than they thought. >> exactly. scientists are out with a new worning about the dangerous volcanoes in the u.s. which parts of the country face the
7:20 am
we've got much more news ahead. a whistleblower revealing church documents that suggested an official allowed a priest
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good morning. it's 7:26. i'm michelle griego. this more, a suspected kidnapper is dead this morning after a police chase in fairfield ended in a crash and shooting. police say the man crashed on east travis boulevard after a woman inside the car shot him. officers say they were in a relationship. the justice department plans to file a lawsuit against the navy contractor hired to clean up the former naval shipyard at hunters point. the feds accuse tetra tech of fraud. the company was hired to locate radioactive contamination so new housing developments could be built. neighbors of santa rosa's coffey park are celebrating a
7:27 am
big milestone today. pg&e has completed its electric and gas line overhaul to replace vital electrical equipment that was destroyed in last year's october wildfires. we'll have news updates throughout the day on your favorite platforms, including our website,
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. welcome back. i'm gianna franco in the traffic center. we start off which trouble in the south bay on 880 northbound. an accident right around 101. it is blocking lanes two lanes. chp is on scene. delays from 280 to brokaw, 17 minutes. 880 at the alameda you can see the backup there. here's mary. a gorgeous sunrise. a live look from the "salesforce tower" camera of the sunrise. here's what to expect. sunny warm, warmest day out of the week today 70 san francisco. 60s and 80s today. cool next week.
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♪ i i i am every day people >> you guys have been friends for a long time. here you are -- >> oh, that's golden globes. >> just recently. >> yes, golden globes. >> there are the buddies. but i love this photograph. what year are we talking here? >> you're just mean. >> why am i mean? it's beautiful. look at the two of them together. >> see, they're laughing. yeah. that's probably 1976 and the little dog there, she gave the dog to me so that was -- that was oliver. she was moving. >> where is this? >> this is in baltimore. we were both working at the
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baltimore tv station. i didn't like the name oliver so i named him christopher. >> i know one of the things -- >> i didn't know you had a dog named oliver. >> i had an oliver too. norah has an olly. i like christopher better. christopher and i, to show you how close we were, he was my christmas card. >> yes. >> oh, you and the dog? >> yes, yes. that's when you can tell somebody's really lonely. this is me and my dog. but i love that dog. >> my i ask a question, did she give you the dog as a present or it was her dog and she was moving and therefore -- >> yes, it was her dog. >> you were regifted the dog? >> i don't mean to spoil it for you. >> took that dog gladly. we had many, many years together. yes, she was. >> what kind of dog was it? >> a little lapsa apsa. i love, love, love dogs. >> we love oliver/christopher. >> stephen colbert really loved that story. he just gets, like, how much longer is this going on?
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a good time. i had a good time. >> i love that story too. >> yes. moving on. >> all right, back to work. welcome back to "cbs this morning." here are three things you should know this morning. president trump rolled out an initiative to attempt to lower prices for drugs administered by doctors under medicare. it would not cover drugs people buy at the pharmacy. the administration wants to peg u.s. drug prices to lower costs in countries where governments strictly control prices. it could save medicare $17 billion over five years. drugmakers are pushing back. arguing the plan amounts to price controls. >> the federal trade commission says reported losses from imposter scams regarding gift cards have hit $53 million in the first nine months of 2018. the scams involve con artists who pose as government officials and demand payments for bogus bills. the losses have more than doubled since 2015. now, we've reported extensively on these types of scams. the ftc reminds consumers that
7:33 am
government agencies do not take, again, they do not take prepaid cars or gift cards as payment. >> and the first nor'easter of the season is set to pound the eastern seaboard this weekend with drenching rain and snow in higher elevations. major cities like new york and philadelphia could see strong winds and rain starting as early as tonight. the remnants of hurricane willa are fuelling this potentially disruptive storm. faces its biggest crisis in the united states since the boston sex abuse scandal. 13 states and the district of columbia are now investigating whether abuse was concealed by church leaders, including bishops. the highest-ranking clergy in the catholic diocese. one place under scrutiny is buffalo, new york. "60 minutes" has learned the fbi is interviewing church insiders there. buffalo bishop richard malone is accused of allowing priests
7:34 am
accused of sexual abuse to stay on the job. the deacon was the first member to call on the bishop to step down. he spoke with bill whitaker for this sunday's "60 minutes." >> bishop malone called it a crisis. you called it a scandal. what's the difference? >> a crisis is we look at the home and it's burning to the ground. the scandal is you know how to put the fire out but you don't tell me. so you pretend to grieve with me about the fire but the problem is you caused it. >> snider showed us some of the 400 notes and e-mails he has received since calling for the bishop to resign. >> they want to be part of the solution but they think this bishop is preventing that from occurring. >> many are from victims. this month, snider sent letters and documents to prominent bishops, demanding an investigation. why do you have faith that the bishops are going to handle
7:35 am
this? >> well, i don't have faith right now that any particular bishops have the courage to do the right thing. i mean, we all praise our martyrs on sunday and we praise and we sing. but, boy, it sure as hell is hard being a saint when it's your ass on the line and i want the cardinals and bishops to start putting their ass on the line and start protecting their people. >> bishop malone declined "60 minutes" request for an interview. he did speak to buffalo cbs affiliate in an interview that aired last night, saying, in part, i have apologized for mistakes i made in how we handled allegations of a cleric getting involved in misconduct with an adult. i have never, ever knowingly and intentionally left a priest in ministry who i knew had abused a child or moved him from one assignment to another or let him stay in ministry, ever. bill whitaker joins us. good morning. >> good morning. >> what do you make of that
7:36 am
statement? >> we do know that this year, once the allegations have started to percolate in buffalo, the bishop has taken some actions. but we also know from the documents and from our reporting that for years there were priests who had credible accusations of sexual harassment and in one case, statutory rape. and little or nothing was done. and it was only once they started to come to light that the church in buffalo started to take some action. >> well, one of the whistleblowers you talked to was bishop's executive assistant. you don't get much closer to a person than their executive assistant who normally knows everything about what's going on. why did she decide to speak up now? >> she told us that she felt compelled to speak, compelled by her faith and by her religion to
7:37 am
speak up. she went into the job. it was her dream job. she was working for the bishop. she's a very faithful person. and she started to see things that just didn't seem right. >> did she say something to him about it? >> she did. she was getting phone calls from victims. she was answering the phone and she would hear repeatedly of these stories of people who had been abused by priests. she tried to get the bishop to address this. and she also -- she always felt as though she were getting the brushoff. not now, not now. and this went on for a while. and she felt the only way she could handle this was to start to leak this information she had. >> you could sense the anger from the deacon. what finally motivated him to call for the resignation of bishop malone? >> first of all, the information, he didn't know who the whistleblower was.
7:38 am
this information was being revealed on television, in buffalo. one of the priests in the documents was the priest in his parish. and the documents and that evidence about that priest just was -- it was the last straw for him. so he's taken the -- within the catholic church, the extraordinary step of calling for the bishop to resign. >> it's been 16 years since the church scandal in boston that started all of this. the movie "spotlight" if everybody remembers that. what makes this different in terms of what we learned about buffalo? >> what makes this one different is we've got this whistleblower inside who is revealing this information, and the information -- it's hundreds and hundreds of pages of memos, e-mails, personnel files, that show that the church knew that these activities were going on and took steps not to address it
7:39 am
but to, in her words, cover it up. >> i'll be watching on sunday, always. incredible reporting, i know, by you and the producers of "60 minutes." you can see bill's entire report on "60 minutes" this sunday right here on cbs. new research names the most dangerous volcanoes in the u.s. we'll reveal where they are and why scientists are concerned about the threat to people. reat to people. olay deep hydrating eye gel breaks through the competition
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♪ ♪ don't look ♪ don't look new research looks at the potential risk of the volcanoes in this country. the survey says the most dangerous is kilauea. lava has destroyed about 600 homes so far. a total of 18 volcanoes in the u.s. are classified as very high threat. they are potentially disruptive because of what's happening inside them and how close they are to people. don dahler's here with the scientist's concern. this wasn't even on my radar.
7:44 am
>> mine either. good morning. believe it or not, the u.s. is one of the most vol canically active countries in the world. there's a growing risk to lives and property. kilau kilauea's devastating lava flow started in may and didn't stop for weeks. geologists say there are multiple factors that make a volcano like kilauea especially threatening. this is a volcanologist with the u.s. survey. >> volcanos that tend to erupt in a big way and they also tend to be volcanoes that have a lot of people and infrastructure nearby and many airplanes that are typically flying overhead. >> reporter: he is the chief author of a new report that confirms 18 u.s. volcanoes are in that very high threat category. they include four in washington state, including mt. saint helens, which erupted in 1980. there are five in alaska. the redout volcano there sent an
7:45 am
ash cloud 35,000 feet in the air in 1990. it clogged a jet's engines, forcing the plane to make an emergency landing. there are even three very high-risk volcanos in california. when state's lassen peak started erupting, it lasted four three years. while the risks are very high, geologists don't know when the next eruptions will occur. because it's explosive eruptions, we're putting what can be vast amounts of pulver e pulverized rock into the atmosphere and this is going down wind and falling on people and cities and whatnot. >> reporter: different volcanoes pose different threats. while kilauea poured lava for miles, eruptions on the west coast can cause mudflows and spew ash over greater distances. >> because the prevailing winds over north america really blow from west to east, a volcano erupting in the pacific northwest or in california, you know, that can send ash all the way to east coast.
7:46 am
>> part of the importance of the study is so scientists can ask for funding, more monitors in needed areas. without those, they say they might miss early signs a volcano is reawakening with possibly devastating results. >> you can see how wide ranging those results are too. >> really is, especially, as they said, in the northwest, it's very active. >> must be cool to be a volconogist. >> just saying it. >> halloween costume opportunity. >> don, thank you. >> sure. up next, a look at this morning's other headlines, including the dramatic rescue of two women trapped in a burning suv by a polic
7:47 am
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7:51 am
around the globe. our partners at the bbc report ethiopia elected its first female president. she was sworn in yesterday. the veteran diplomat promised to work gender equality a reality in ethiopia. cbs san francisco station kpix reports a couple apparently plunged to their deaths from taft point, an iconic landmark in yosemite national park. the national park service said the unidentified bodies of a man and woman were spotted yesterday and are under investigation. last week this image went viral after a photographer captured a couple's wedding proposal at taft point. new jersey star ledger reports a couple of strangers joined together to help save two women from a burning car. police office's body camera captured this dramatic moment on wednesday after an suv crashed into a tree and caught fire. the officer and the good samaritans worked together to open a jammed door pulling the trapped occupants to safety.
7:52 am
and the morning call of allentown, pennsylvania, says a piece of history was discovered at a goodwill donation center. they found the rebel newspaper date from the year 1774. it's frayed pages feature the iconic snake design and has three articles signed by john hancock. the piece is valued at between 6 and $16,000. i would think it's worth more than that, that's real. >> that's very cool. some of the mail bombs sent to critics of president trump came from florida. democratic senator mark warner has just arrived. hello, senator, in the green room. we'll talk to him after the break. ♪
7:53 am
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it's 7:56. i'm kenny choi. google has reportedly fired 48 people over the last two years for sexual harassment. the ceo says that 13 of them were high level employees. and according to him, none received exit packages. three of california's volcanoes are most at risk for catastrophic eruption. the usgs listed mount shasta, lassen and long valley because of the devastation during an eruption the first-ever terror vault is open at the san
7:57 am
francisco mint in downtown. it runs through next saturday november 3rd. we'll have news updates throughout the day on your favorite platforms, including our website,
7:58 am
good morning from the traffic center. let's get you rolling on those freeways this morning. we start off in oakland this time around. you can see traffic in our live shot here is stop and go. on the brakes past the coliseum. 238 to the maze 30 minutes. at the bay bridge, 34 minutes from the maze into san francisco. you're backed up into the maze at this point. the metering lights are on. better news though in san francisco, earlier crash cleared off of 101. how's the forecast, mary? >> gianna, beautiful! we have sunshine and we are catching it right now. a live look from the "salesforce tower" says. a beautiful start to the day.
7:59 am
8:00 am
we made it. how secure is your vote? we'll talk with a top democrat on the senate intelligence committee senator mark warner about protecting the election. and only on cbs "this morning," we'll talk to a patient.
8:01 am
the caravan heading to u.s. has the administration considering administrative action. michael avenatti could face a criminal investigation. >> avenatti says he welcomes the probe as an opportunity to vindicate his client. >> it's christmas in october. for a second day in a row megyn kelly today is a rerun, adding to the speculation of her imminent exit. >> they were willing to take a risk and this is what happened. >> president trump dispute ago new report that china and russia are listening to his iphone calls. >> he wrote "i rarely use a cell phone and when i do it's government authorized, i like hardline. just more made up fake news." except right in his own tweet is the tag "twitter for iphone."
8:02 am
come on! [ laughter ] >> i'm gayle king with john dicker son, norah o'donnell and bianna golodryga. the fbi says two more suspected mail bombs have been discovered, bringing the total to 12. a bomb directed to james clapper was found just this morning, another in florida was addressed to democratic senator cory booker at a u.s. postal center in opa-locka near miami. >> investigators say it appears the packages went through the u.s. mail system at one point. homeland security secretary kirstjen nielsen confirms some were mailed through south florida and processed at that facilit facility. the fbi and miami-dade county police are searching for clues. every piece of u.s. mail is photographed and its origin and destination are logged. investigators are using the data to determine if remaining packages are still in transit.
8:03 am
with just 11 days before voters head to the polls, we're looking at election security in our series "issues that matter." earlier this year, congress approved $380 million to help safeguard voting systems against cyber attacks. the threats of hacking and continued foreign interference continue to be major concerns. democratic senator warm warner of virginia is a leading voice on election security. he's the vice chair of the senate select committee on intelligence. good morning. thank you so much for joining us. we've learned the u.s. cyber command launched an operation to combat russian interference in our elections and this spreading of misinformation that they are involved in. how effective do you think that will be? >> i want to get to election security but imexpres express s of relief that so far this act of terror has not caused any harm, personal harm, yet. i've been very concerned about the president's tone, not being
8:04 am
willing to call out and call up for that matter the two former presidents who were going to be victims of this kind of attack and one of the things about this president is i don't think he understands that words matter. i was governor of virginia when we had the sniper incidents years ago and how leaders respond in these moments of crisis in reassuring the public and trying to bring us together -- >> because you're on the intelligence committee, you get a lot of briefings. are you convinced they will find this culprit? >> i believe we will. but i think in a time when our political debate has gotten so rough and, frankly, when the president at times calls out and impugns the integrity of the fbi, impugns the integrity of the justice department, in many ways this is an assault on the rule of law and that brings us to the election security piece. >> before you move to that, a lot of people feel the way you
8:05 am
do, that words matter. why don't a group of you all confront him and say mr. president, this is not helping, you have to stop it. so many people come on this program and say exactly what you're saying, this is wrong, this is bad, what are we going to do? it's very tit for tat. but i know there are people who
8:06 am
within question now know this person is in custody. that person, according to our cbs news sources, was taken into custody at this location that you see here. this is near an auto parts store and at an auto parts store. you see in the the middle of your screen and according to investigators it was broward county sheriff's deputies that moved in and made the arrest. it happened in the last few minutes, maybe in the last hour or so at a location near or in plantation, florida, which for any of you who are familiar with that area, there's near ft.
8:07 am
lauderdale and north of miami, florida. investigators are still on the scene. we're told there was some sort of confrontation when the arrest was made. some sort of explosion. it may have been some sort of flash bang which investigators use as they move in on suspects to stun them a little bit, to get them off balance so they can make the arrest. no indication at this point that the suspect, whoever it is, was putting up any sort of resistance. but these are obviously questions that we will continue to ask. but, again, summarizing, one person in custody now confirmed by the department of justice and there is a press conference upcoming at 2:30. >> well, there was a task force in place, a counterterrorism task force, a joint force headq
8:08 am
new york city led by the fbi but you had the atf, the secret service, new york state police, nypd so this was the result of a ton of information sharing. that's why those task forces are so important when it comes to investigations of this scale. as you noted, norah, there were 12 suspicious packages, the latest two coming this morning but throughout the week these suspicious packages were turning up in mail systems across this country confined to washington, d.c., north of new york city and new york city itself, then l.a. as well. but this was a large undertaking, this investigation, led by the feds but, of course, local and state police involved as well. >> all right, jeff pegues, i know you're continuing to do reporting there, we should point out, too, again, this arrest made of one person in florida, remember that all of those 12 packages that were sent were
8:09 am
very similar, they looked similar. they had the six american flag stamps, then they are purportly from debbie wasserman schultz, congressman from florida, her name misspelled there. and yesterday we learned that investigators centered in on south florida. that's where manny bojorquez is today, outside the u.s. mail facility in opa-locka, florida, near miami where there was a search overnight that found that package that was addressed to senator cory booker of new jersey. manny, what can you tell us? >> that's right, norah, for the last 24 hours law enforcement officials have been telling cbs news that they were zeroing in on florida and we found them at this processing center where they were conducting a sweep and that's revealed, the latest package that you talked about, the one addressed to senator booker which we're told has been
8:10 am
rendered safe. this isn't a facility where someone can drop off packages, this is a processing center. everything here appears calm. it looks like workers are able to go in and out so the threat appears to be no longer happening in this area. but clearly just about half an hour from now is where police are concentrating all their efforts right now as they have secured at least one arrest in connection with this case. >> we've been saying all morning, thank you, manny, that we predicted an arrest would happen quickly. there has been a news conference at 12:30 and we'll bring it to you when it happens. coverage will continue throughout the day on this station and our 24 hour streaming network. watch it at and there will be a full wrapup on
8:11 am
the cbs evening news with jeff glor tonight. this has been a cbs news special report, i'm gayle king with norah o'donnell and bianna golodryga here in new york city in the midterm elections, and they tell us that they're paying a lot of attention, too. >> what is your message to people who are undecided who may sit this one out? >> too important, don't. >> right. >> if you want the country that we're meant to have, then you have to ask. >> what side of history do you want to be on? >> fascinating conversation. ahead, we sat down from women with both parties in a contested district to find out why they say the stakes are so high. you're watching "cbs this morning." morning." pped, and pre seasoned. it's just the right amount of help to make a wholesome meal. that's what it is. and her meeting just sofie'sgot moved up...sandwich to now.
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8:15 am
that's why tony thurmond is the only candidate endorsed by classroom teachers for superintendent of public instruction. because keeping our kids safe and improving our neighborhood public schools is always tony's top priority. around one in eight american
8:16 am
women will develop breast cancer in their lifetime. texas doctors performed breast cancer surgery yesterday on 50-year-old sonia johnson. she broadcast her surgery live on the hospital facebook page to raise awareness. >> in preparation for today's surgery, she has completed chemotherapy to create shrinkage of the tumor to allow the doctor to do a check of the lymph nodes. that's what we're currently seeing and observing. >> only on "cbs this sonia and her surgeon join us live from dallas. good morning to you both. you both look great. sonia, especially you. how are you feeling? >> i'm okay. i'm just a little sore. i'm just working through it. so it's doable. surgery went well. >> i can't imagine. we're happy that it went well
8:17 am
and that you woke up this morning to join us so early. 45,000 people watched you live on facebook as you underwent this operation. what made you decide to do it live? it's such a personal move and a personal surgery, obviously. >> for me, it wasn't really a question, it was how i can pay back. so this, to me, was an opportunity to pay it forward to hopefully to reach someone to let them know that this is a journey but you have to be able to take the first step to get tested. and even though it's scary and we know we've met people along the way, we've lost people along this journey, it's doable if you get tested early. >> well, it certainly does send a powerful message, sonia, i marvel and i applaud you for doing this. doctor there are question is for you. have you ever done anything like
8:18 am
this before? i know you've done the surgery, but have you ever done anything lye like th live like this and were you worried if there were complications? >> i would think that tv cameras would make you nervous? >> no, i've never done this before, but this wassing some that i w -- was something i was willing do because social media is to powerful. i took precautions like i do every day. the focus was getting her out of that surgery cancer free. >> did you have any complications? >> absolutely none. >> when you say you want to raise awareness, what do you want people to be more aware about? >> i want them to see this operation and say, wait, i guess i haven't gotten my mammogram in a couple of years and going and getting that. just getting that mammogram is early detection and can help save lives. >> that's such a good point, because october is breast cancer awareness month, it's the reason
8:19 am
i went and got ny mammogram this month. it does help to remind us to help one another. how often should a woman get a mammogram? >> women should start at age 40 for average risk. meaning, that if you don't have a family history of breast cancer or any other high-risk features. and every year they should get a mammogram. now, if you have a family member, a first degree family member who has had breast cancer you go ten years prior to that to start your imaging. >> you also recommend them for men as well? >> well, men should get mammograms if they have a problem, if there's any sort of changes in their breast tissue, they should bring this to the attention of their physician and undergo diagnostic testing. >> sonia, you said with you were doing this to help other
8:20 am
survivors. what's your message? >> get the test in first. this is doable. it's not that -- it's never too late. it's never too late to get the testing, never too late to start. i just wanted to let people know that you don't necessarily need to have a double mastectomy or a mastectomy. there are options, there are more options available now than there were i would say 20 years ago. if you just take that first step and just join the sisterhood, i know that this is a scary moment for a lot of people. >> yes. >> but to just join it, you might -- your friend or your coworker or your mother or sister, just do it to join it. you will learn a lot along the way. >> and you like saying that you had cancer where before you said i have cancer, is that true? >> this is so true. so prior to the surgery i told everyone that i have cancer.
8:21 am
now that i've had the surgery. >> right. >> now i say that i had cancer. it makes a difference. >> we are praying that it stays that way. >> may it stay in the past tense. thank you for bringing the sisterhood to us this morning and dr. allison dipasquale, thank you also. you might say a man who ended up in the hospital after a bad fall had a lucky break. ahead, how he won more than $4,000 in the mega millions drawing without buying a ticket at a store. you're watching "cbs this morning." that's why there's otezla. otezla is not a cream. it's a pill that treats moderate to severe plaque psoriasis differently. with otezla,75% clearer skin is achievable. don't use if you're allergic to otezla. it may cause severe diarrhea, nausea, or vomiting. otezla is associated with an increased risk of depression. tell your doctor if you have a history of depression or suicidal thoughts, or if these feelings develop. some people taking otezla reported weight loss. your doctor should monitor your weight and may stop treatment.
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8:23 am
big corporations are making and just got a huge tax break. but the middle class is struggling. prop c is a common-sense plan. the top 1% of businesses pay their fair share to tackle homelessness for all of us. companies with revenue greater than $50 million pay, not small businesses or homeowners. the prop c plan is supported by the democratic party, teachers, and mental-health professionals. vote "yes" on c. big corporations pay for it, not you.
8:24 am
one new jersey man is enjoying some good luck this morning after suffering a serious fall. earl livingston fell and broke his hip while walking to a store to buy his ticket. eight 7-year-old was taken to new jersey stratford hospital. members of the staff let him
8:25 am
join the pool. one of the tickets won a million dollars and that's a little over $4,000 for everybody and they included him in the pool. so he got a lucky break. thank you. lucky break good morning, it's 8:25. i'm michelle griego. today attorneys for derick almena are expected to argue the judge in august wrongly rejected the agreement which was reached with prosecutors. almena was charged in the deadly ghost ship warehouse fire that killed 36 people. starting in february, bart will begin a seismic retrofit of the transbay tube that will delay service. trains will start running at 5 a.m. instead of 4 a.m. during weekdays. bart plans to run 41 shuttles during that hour. and neighbors of santa rosa's coffey park are celebrating a big milestone
8:26 am
today. pg&e has completed its electric and gas line overhaul to replace destroyed equipment last year in the wildfires. we'll have news updates throughout the day on your favorite platforms, including our website,
8:27 am
good morning from the traffic center. the fog is back. it is affecting your drive over the golden gate bridge right now. chp has issued a fog advisory as you work your way across the span. here's a live look. you can see that fog just covering the span of the golden gate bridge. your drive time a little slower about 18 minutes from 580 into san francisco by 101. so plan for that this morning. we have reports of a brand-new
8:28 am
crash westbound 4 at pine street. it is blocking at least one lane. highway 4 busy anyway from loveridge to 680. that's about 29 minutes. new crash also reported along 880 northbound at "a" street. live look at 880 near paseo grande not too far from there still sluggish in the area. tracking that fog along the coast around the golden gate. otherwise sunshine. through the afternoon enjoy the sun and warm temperatures. today likely the warmest day out of the week all thanks to a strong ridge of high pressure in place. 70 in san francisco. 72 for a high in oakland. 78 in vallejo as well as for san jose. 80 santa rosa and napa. 83 in livermore and fairfield. 80 in the warmer spots. mid-60s at the coast. warming up tomorrow. 60s to 80s. sunday cooler. cooler monday, warming back up through thursday.
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪ welcome back to "cbs this morning" on this friday, as bianna said, we made it. we're so happy about that. right now time to show you some of this morning's headlines from around the globe. "the wall street journal" reports that twitter and the "wall street journal" and twitter continue to shed users. twitter reported its steepest hicline ever, using more than nine million accounts as it purged scores of fake users. snapchat lost 2 million daily users and said it expected the trend to continue but twitter shares surged more than 15% on a big jump in revenue. rse company is extracting more innings from current users to an increase in ad sales and this
8:31 am
is all good news for instagram. anning ttune" reports hershey is lanning to raise chocolate prices. highompany is blaming record-high shipping costs and an increase in the price of itsedients for all of its coniic candy. the chocolate giant says it time fe time for a price hike because there's been an increase because n consumer spending. britain's telegraph reports n a royal air scare today. video from inside a charter jet princeg prince harry and meghan markle, the duchess of sussex, tows it approaching sydney australia but the pilot spotted a plane on the runway and aborted the landing. she circled around and landed land safely. the prince and duchess are on a tour of commonwealth countries. been there. ndven't you been coming down and then it goes up? somebody tell me something was happening? situatioit's not a good situation. > quick eagle eyes from the pilot. control of congress is at stake in the midterm elections less than two weeks from now and
8:32 am
closearties are courting women voters in close races across the orrisry. we visited morris county, new voter, in the state's 11th angressional district. voters elected a republican to congress by a margin of 20 ent trumut president trump carried the district by only four points. democrats hope to turn it blue vember.vember. we spoke with four college ucateded suburban women. uburbaa and natalie are republicans while cheryl and jessica are democrats and while mocratmen differ on politics, o sitagree there's too much on on? line to sit this election nut. >> what do you want to do going into this midterm election? >> check on the president and return to civility, in addition to health care. th i would say i'm more actualld with results and i think the country needs to be less politically correct. >> checks and balances. it's o it's out of control. > any elected official or eirdidate running for office
8:33 am
also just their stances on local government because politics is local and we tend to forget that. yearsthis country better off after this president has been elected from the economy standpoint? >> you should the trump admini administration, the stock market, for example, has continued to grow, if you will. >> i would say yes he has been or the r the economy. he's removed a lot of restrictions on business. >> i'm pleased with the tax reform he has made. this is the lowest unemployment >>te we are enjoying. >> if the economy is doing so well, why do you think that assionis so much passion going into this midterm? from both sides. lik think people don't like rump and that's beenette fr ev from the moment he took office and it's built up to a fever the ontch. the press coverage of trump is overwhelmingly negative. is onls really his own press coverage, though. one do you follow him on twitter? he tweets these ridiculous things. >> i am a minority and honestly
8:34 am
i am not fond of his language. one last what the country needed. l one last quick thing. what of people feel at what cost? y behow long can this be sustained? and sometimes people are making - pdeoffs and if we have -- people have money in their rioets but yet there are fights and riots in the street, at some point that's going to impact our economy. istoryt side of history do you want to be on. wa >> are leaders from both parties in congress doing enough to bring back civility? > i would say both parties are not doing enough right now and i think the democrats are more culpable. >> i just feel like the republicans are -- and i've rson, been such a party-line cans areut i feel like the republicans are selling their souls. >> we need more people like senator flake that did end up heinging some unity to the country at a time that it just esperately needed it. >> we're guilty on both sides.
8:35 am
>> as mothers is the country moving in the right direction in fu terms of your children's future? no. >> no, i'm very concerned about their safety and i think the comblican party is committed to ofping the upper echelon of income and to the expense and dvantaget of people from less-advantaged communities. >> i think when obama left felte something like 28% of the ingulation felt this country was moving in the right direction. that number is now in the 40s. t themajority of people, and i'm n ong them, think the country is turning itself around. >> i'm worried for my children's future. don't think the country is going in the right direction at all. re i sense some pain when you en.e talking about your children. i don't know if there is more of a story you're concerned about. they daughter had two incidents during the election where she was called the "n" word twice and that never happened. e lived in -- i don't want to
8:36 am
et emotional. >> it's very real, though. y yeah. >> very real. nd ind that never -- >> your husband is puerto rico? >> yeah. none of my kids have ever had any issues and then twice in the same year. so you can't tell me it's not because of trump. you can't tell me. >> we spent all this time ,alking about president trump. would this election as he would like to say a refer dumb on him? >> arguably it is. it is somewhat. >> yeah, i think so. > it's really precarious for eemocrats and republicans alike. the fight is on. i don't know any other way to put it. >> such an impressive group of women and we spent over an hour women. talking. ofould say 15 minutes of that was about kavanaugh and the kavanaugh affect and the womenican women saying that crats - the democrats overplayed 's why ynd and that's why you'll e a r republican resurgence at the polls and democrats continue to talk about what effect and to ad ont that had on democratic whileand why you'll see them
8:37 am
come out to the polls. >> and why did you choose that district? >> that district is in a heated election right now. se have a -- the current congressman there is retiring. ypically that district leaned w it cican, now it could be leaning democrat so that will be a tight race to watch. inll be covering that in two weeks. goohey all had a lot to say, very good conference. >> comedian hassan ma imagine the -- minaj is in the green room to talk about his investigative series
8:38 am
big corporations are making and just got a huge tax break. but the middle class is struggling. prop c is a common-sense plan. the top 1% of businesses pay their fair share to tackle homelessness for all of us. companies with revenue greater than $50 million pay, not small businesses or homeowners. the prop c plan is supported by the democratic party, teachers, and mental-health professionals. vote "yes" on c. big corporations pay for it, not you.
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warning, california. a handful of billionaires have spent over $70 million on campaigns to undermine our public schools. and electing a former wall street banker named marshall tuck to superintendent of public instruction is all a part of the billionaires' plan to take money away from neighborhood public schools and give it to their corporate charter schools. that's why tony thurmond is the only candidate endorsed by classroom teachers for superintendent of public instruction.
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because keeping our kids safe and improving our neighborhood public schools is always tony's top priority. ♪ look, i if you're mohammed, go by mo. salma, your name is sal. fatima, your name is craig. >> craig? this seems humiliating hassan. >> it is. call me cody, john. >> that was former "daily show" correspondent hassan minhaj on being muslim in america. his standup special received a peabody award. he shared his experience as a first generation indian american. his new weekly series on netflix is called "patriot act with hasan minhaj." >> i've been in prep classes
8:42 am
where i've been told not to check my race. if you're asian, don't check the box, it will hurt you. you know what i'm talking about. the penalty, right? and when i was in high school i bought into that. i thought i wasn't going to get into stanford because some black kid was going to take my spot. but i didn't get into stanford because i was dumb. [ laughter ] >> hasan minhaj is also the executive producer of the series. good morning. there is nothing dumb about you. >> i bare mid-sod my s.a.t. sco. people get very judgy. >> what is it? >> i won't say but it divided the audience. >>? why. >> because some people were like wow, that's really good. you gave it the good college try and other people are like "you are an idiot." >> they can't be that bad. >> but you call it patriot act but you said it's not about
8:43 am
politics but you want to start with affirmative action. is there comedy in affirmative action? where is it? >> well, if you talk about yourself and put yourself in the narrative, like i talked about being in college prep classes and the anguish you go through, what your parents are telling you and the pressure you have to go through, but to me it's a bigger discussion on meritocracy, who gets what and why. and i wanted to pick topics that have to do with the news but then happen to alar larger -- >> do you believe in a meritocracy? >> is america a meritocracy? >> yeah. >> well, the photo of the dalai lama is this big in the green room and the photo of djt is this big. you tell me, is the world a meritocracy? do things work out always? always? >> the dalai lama has no pride so for him that picture -- >> right, right. >> he's got my back. >> very good. >> is there a meritocracy in comedy?
8:44 am
>> i think, like anything, yes and no. there are certain systems in place that benefit certain parties and then there's also things within your control that you can do to become the best comedian you can be. >> because a lot of times in comedy it comes out of underrepresented groups who have a side ways look on american life and its pretensions and it's sometimes a great place. >> yeah. >> you are one of the underrepresented groups. >> oh, that's right. that's very nice. got it. thank you, thank you. >> we like to bring news. >> that's a long-winded way to say minorities are good at comedy. they seem to have again through a lot. but i agree that great comedy comes from sort of pressure or sometimes feeling like an outsider or how do i get through this situation? and a lot of times there's hue more to that. so that was my superpower.mor in that. so that was my superpower.
8:45 am
>> how do your parents feel about this? >> they really were hoping that i was going to go to law school. i remember i had this interview with preet bharara and they were like wow, you could have been him. [ laughter ] >> well, now he has a podcast. >> i know, i tell him this all the time, now you have a podcast. >> but you used to sneak out of the house because you wanted comedy so badly and you didn't want your parents to know. >> correct. i would sneak out. >> they must think pretty good, son. >> i remember looking at my mom and dad at the white house correspondent's dinner and they were in the audience. my mom was in a sari, my dad was sitting there and i was like this is pretty cool, right, dad, i'm making fun of wolf blitzer in front of wolf blitzer? >> so they've come to terms with saying my son is a comedian? >> yes. >> you snuck out of the house to do what? >> to do standup comedy. and one time i came back and my
8:46 am
dad thought i was -- he was like -- i was just hoping you were doing drugs. [ laughter ] >> hassan, you're the first indian american to have a show like this. are you feeling pressure, do you feel i have to be good? are you feeling i'm just going to be me and see how it goes. >> i want to take swings. share stories that i think haven't been heard before and sort of -- there's been a lot of stuff that doesn't exist. you know the way covering news is in this business. there's only certain stories that make the front page and there's a lot of stuff on the front page that aren't attached to tweets and sort of that sort of nonsense. i want the bigger conversation about bigger issues and take swings. >> and what's nicki minaj like at thanksgiving dinner. >> she's great. just wonderful. [ laughter ] >> congratulations. >> i want to know your s.a.t. score. >> i do, too. >> hasan minhaj, thank you for joining us. today on the cbs "this morning" podcast, john talks to
8:47 am
"national review" executive editor about his new book editor about his new book "melting pot or civil proposition 11 solves two issues. first, it continues to pay paramedics while we're on break. second, it ensures the closest ambulance can respond if you call 9-1-1. vote yes on 11.
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california's public schools rank 44th in the nation. 44th. i'm marshall tuck, i'm a public-school parent, and i know we can do better. in the public schools i led, we got more funding into our classrooms, supported our teachers, and we raised graduation rates by 60%. that's why president obama's education secretary endorses me. we've done it before. now, let's do it for every public-school student in california. i'm marshall tuck. i'm running for state superintendent. proposition 11 "a common sense solution" to protect public safety. it ensures the closest ambulance remains on-call
8:50 am
during paid breaks "so that they can respond immediately when needed." vote yes on 11. well, it's sad to say that does it for us. let's take a look back at all that matters this week. >> have a great weekend. we'll see you monday. breaking news, there's another possible bomb that was found in new york. most of those were sent to prominent democrats, including former president barack obama and former presidential candidate hillary clinton. >> the nypd's bomb squad and bomb truck moving in to take control of a suspicious device. >> what are your sources tell you about the sophistication? >> they described them as crude and low ordnance. it tells youing some about the bomb. >> they're not going to risk the u.s. border. >> i will seal off the border before they come and i'll bring out our military.
8:51 am
some believe the prince was culpable. >> the execution was horrible because it should have never happened. and sandra day o'connor has dementia. >> it attorneys out you can't power through dementia andalitiand agents heim alzheimer's. a replica of the titanic. >> i wouldn't do it. what a wonderful night it was for someone who's about a billion dollars wealthier than they were 24 hours ago. guess i can do this now, right? >> you absolutely can. >> my dreams gone last night. one can try. you want to read this part? go ahead. >> be proud. the news is back in the morning. mark, bring back some bananas
8:52 am
when you're done there. >> i saw that. the latest project is encouraging millennials to vote. >> my grandmother was a share cropper in aberdeen, mississippi, and she didn't have the opportunity to vote. >> john grishham joins our terrible. >> i wrote a sex scene and i gave her this chapter with the sex scene and i heard her laughing upstairs. >> norah and i are the old timers and i think it expand to the knowledge of what we do there. >> john dickerson will scratch your eyes out. >> i got the winning ticket right here. how do you think i got this show? i won it in a dice game against john dickerson. if it wasn't for that 7 on the rollout, i'd be hosting face the nation right now. >> does that mean you'd be hosting late night? >> yes, and they'd have two viewers. >> we won the lottery with that
8:53 am
one. >> well done. that's also how he woman the millennium falcon. that's another story. >> now you lost me. >> becau eleni kounalakis owns this building. profited millions from tobacco, oil, and wall street. as a rich developer, she violated clean water laws. now she's trying to buy this election. the lt. governor's office isn't for sale. i'm dr. ed hernandez. as state senator, i worked across party lines. held drug corporations accountable.
8:54 am
invested in schools and middle-class jobs. our campaign's people powered by firefighters, teachers and nurses. because i'll put you first - not big money. "look what she's accomplished... she authored the ban on assault weapons... pushed the desert protection act through congress, and steered billions of federal dollars to california projects such as subway construction and wildfire restoration." "she... played an important role in fighting off ...trump's efforts to kill the affordable care act." california news papers endorse dianne feinstein for us senate. california values senator dianne feinstein
8:55 am
good morning. it's 8:55. i'm michelle griego. this morning, a suspected kidnapper is dead after a police chase in fairfield ended in a crash and shooting. police say the man crashed on east travis boulevard after a woman inside the car shot him. officers say they were in a relationship. the justice department plans to file a lawsuit against the navy contractor hired to clean up the former naval shipyard at hunters point. the feds accuse tetra tech of fraud. the company was hired to locate radioactive contamination so new housing developments could be built. marin county's plan to convert the san geronimo golf
8:56 am
course into a park have been thwarted. a judge ruled in favor of blocking the purchase of the golf course until an environmental review is complete. ews updates throughout the day on your favorite platforms, including our website, we've had a homeless crisis in san francisco for a long time. and half-measures haven't fixed it. homelessness doesn't just hurt homeless people. it hurts all of us. that's why we're all voting "yes" on c. the plan is paid for by corporations that just got a massive tax break. it's time for them to give back by helping all of us to fix our homeless crisis. with more affordable housing... expanded mental-health services... clean restrooms and safe shelters. vote "yes" on c. it helps all of us.
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for switching to progressive? [ engine revving ] you cannot hear me at all, can you? good morning, from the traffic center, we still have some delays along 880. a handful of accidents actually through hayward, san leandro and oakland all morning long. the latest is 880 near "a"
8:58 am
street. it's clearing. a bit of improvement through san leandro. southbound from 238 to highway 84, 36 minutes northbound most of the delays are through oakland. if you are heading to the san mateo bridge this morning, looks like it's still a little slow from 880 to 101. so out of hayward to foster city, that's still about 21 minutes. and not too "friday light" at the bay bridge. metering lights are on and slow to the maze. sunshine and areas of patchy low clouds and fog along the coast and parts of the bay mainly across the golden gate bridge there. and you can see patchy fog out on our "salesforce tower" camera but also blue skies as you can see the bay bridge and the mountains. a pretty sky. plenty of sunshine through the day. warming up with above average temperatures. so the warmest day out of the week will actually be today thanks to a strong ridge of high pressure. 70 in san francisco. 72 in oakland. 79 for you in san rafael. and 80 santa rosa as well as for napa. warming up tomorrow and then
8:59 am
cooler sunday. have a great weekend.
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