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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  November 12, 2018 6:00am-7:01am PST

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morning as crews try to get a handle on deadly wildfires in northern and southern c it's not over yet. a dire warning from cal fire this morning as crews try to get a handle on the deadly wild fires in northern and southern california. >> and president trump returns from his overseas trip to face mounting criticism over his acting attorney general. good morning i'm michelle griego. >> and i'm kenny choi. the death toll for the camp fire is now at 29, and it matches the deadliest fire in the state's history. the governor is asking for a presidential disaster for the region. if you thought the weekend was bad, the air quality could get worse for us in the bay area. >> last year we dealt with the
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wild fires burning in wine country, and it seems like it's the new norm. >> everything is so dry out there, and we desperately need the rain. maybe by next week we could see rain, and that would help tremendously, and we are talking about smoky skies, once again, today, and it will likely get worse as we go through the day, and we had some improvement yesterday, with the northerly winds, and now we are looking at north easterly winds, and it will bring in more smoke from the butte county campfire, right into the bay area, and these are the air quality conditions, and currently for the bay area, and unhealthy air right now, and we are looking at unhealthy air through the day today, and likely over the next few days, and a live look at the sales force tower camera, and temperatures in the 30s 40ss, and -- 40s and even the 50s. san francisco, one of the
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warmer locations. concord, 38, oakland, 38, livermore, 46, and santa rosa now below freezing to 30 degrees. hazy, smoky skies, and please be safe out there air quality advisory and spare the air alert for today, and likely through tuesday, wednesday, and thursday, and smoky conditions continue, and coming up in a few minutes, i will show you our smoke model forecast through the next 36 hours coming up. gianna? thank you, we start off with a traffic alert. an injury accident on the bay bridge, and it's causing major delays as you work your way past the toll plaza. a motorcycle involved, and two left lanes are shout down. past the metering lights, and you can see just near the incline, traffic is starting to stack up through here. injuries report in the accident, and it may take time to clear. word of a broken down vehicle, not too far from there from treasure island. the good news, it's still
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pretty quiet off the east shore freeway, and most of the delays past the toll plaza. 29 minutes the drive time from the mcarthur maze to the central freeway. you can always skip the bridge and use barted a -- use bart as an alternate. clear into foster city right now. 13 minutes 880 to 101. traffic clear on the peninsula as well. the dublin interchange, westbound 580, working your way to the westbound connector, so far, so good. most of the traffic stacked up behind there, and 26 minutes as you work your way westbound, and coming away from the 205 connector, busy at the top of the pass, clearing at 680, and we will look at the golden gate bridge coming up. crews batting the deadliest wild fire in california history have to deal with deadly
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conditions this week. the campfire in butte county has now killed 29 people, and the number is expected to rise with hundreds still missing, and the fire has all but wiped out the town of paradise, and search teams found the remains of six people there yesterday, and the flames have scorched 110,000 acres since thursday morning, and pg&e has crews in the area looking into whether the utility company's power lines sparked the fire. 220 people are missing this morning, and search teams have not been able to access much of the burn area yet, and dna experts and anthropologists have been called in to help identify the victims. many are anxiously awaiting word on their loved ones. >> it's worse every day. you try to tell yourself it will be okay, but you don't feel that way. you say it will be, and you pray it will be, and that's what i'm doing. >> governor brown asked president trump to declare a federal disaster to help with
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the hardest hit communities with housing and support programs, and over the weekend, the president threatened to cut funding claiming the state leaders have grossly mismanaged the forest, and the governor accused president trump of ignoring the bigger picture. >> all of the forests everywhere we can, it does not stop climate change, and those who deny that, they are definitely contributing to the tragedies that we are now witnessing. the critics of the president's comments pointed out that the federal government owns more than half of california's forestland. we are still waiting for the winds to shift this morning, to help get help, to get the smoke from the campfire out of the bay area. it seems like we have to deal with it for at least one more day, and that's why jackie ward is back inside with us again today. it's hard to complain what we are dealing with after you see the loss and devastation, and it puts things in perspective for us. the air quality district saying
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we are at unhealthy levels here. the enhanced satellite image into our news room from nasa. this is over the wild fire in paradise. the flames were enhanced with infared data, and it shows you how intense the smoke is. the bay area is expected to get worse before it gets better. some people may have felt and seen a slight reprieve yesterday morning. blue skies were poking through, and people like dan young says some are getting too panicky about the air situation. >> it ain't going to kill you it will make you uncomfortable if you're not used to it. >> reporter: you're used to? -- used to it? >> yeah, i still sit around the campfire with my motorhome. >> reporter: the federal
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aviation administration says delays decreased to 15 minutes as the day went on. mountain view announced they have free masks available on a limited basis, and you need your i.d. to pick up one. following the woosley fire, and it's still out of control. 15% contained right now, and live pictures right now, and that's the 101 right now, and it is reopened, and it happened late yesterday, and some of the offramps are still closed, but looking at some of the communities that are still under evacuation orders right now, including calabasus and malibu. 150,000 people are evacuated, and about 100,000 were able to come back, though, yesterday, and it's a mixed bag of good and bad news there, and things calming down, it looked like the fire has not jumped the containment lines overnight, but today, as the sun is coming
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up, the santa ana winds are expected to kick up, and that's going to increase the fire danger significantly, and so far, two people have been found dead because of the fire, and firefighters are afraid going into the remote burned out areas they may find more people dead. three firefighters have been injured, and we are awaiting an update that will probably come around 7:00 as far as the outlook for the rest of the day. we will continue to follow it for you. >> anne makovec live from the news desk. thank you. the weather worked for firefighters in their favor over the weekend for the woosley fire, but the crews said don't let the winds fool you. they are expected to pick up again, and 57,000 homes remain threatened. >> my home survived, and it's a miracle, but i have never felt more alone. >> reporter: as of this morning, crews have managed to
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get 15% containment on the woosley fire racing across the malibu area. president trump is back in the united states after a trip to europe over the weekend, facing more questions about acting attorney general matt whittaker. he will oversea the investigation of russian interference in the 2016 election. top democrats sent a letter to the top ethics official at the justice department, and they are demanding whittaker recuse himself since he publically opposed it in the past. >> we are confident he will lead with integrity. >> if he stay there is, he will create a constitutional crisis, and congress has to act. >> senate minority leader, chuck schumer says the democrats will try to attach protections to things like the spending bill, and it will be more likely to pass. it's 6:09, and the new
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burglary prevention unit, and one bay area police department is already paying dividends. a historic new outbreak of the ebola virus. eve the best technology should feel effortless. like magic. at comcast, it's my job to develop, apps and tools that simplify your experience. my name is mike, i'm in product development at comcast. we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome.
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good monday morning to you. smoky skies, and unhealthy air quality for the bay area, and this is diamond heights, looking down on downtown san francisco there, and you can see it's hazy to start off the day. we will tell you what to expect through the next 36 hours, coming up. gianna? i will take it, mary. health officials in africa are
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trying to get to the bottom of a vicious ebola outbreak. officials said it's the worst outbreak in the country's history, and the minister of public health said the violence against health officials and civilians by militant groups battling for control in the area are hurting the efforts to control the outbreak. a new hospital will be opening, the new morris critical care pavilion will have an expanded floor. each room is single occupancy and will have a day bed for family members to open overnight. the hospital now serves more than 350,000 people. most city, government, and banking offices will be closed as the nation observes veterans day. there's a vigil at the crosses of lafayette starting at 5:00,
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and on the hillside memorial cross across from the bart station, and in danville, military themed exhibits will be opening, commemorating the world war i centennial, and the 50th anniversary of vietnam. it will be off harts avenue. the san jose burglary prevention unit is off to a successful start. they were able to return a green jacket, and it was once worn by president eisenhower. >> they felt violated, and i think they felt a deep loss for some of the materials, the historic materials they had in their museum. and officers from the burglary prevention unit said they ended up arresting the thief after he was caught breaking into another golf course on the same night.
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got a little bit greedy. >> i guess so. 6:15, and gianna has her eyes on the roads for the morning commute. >> a traffic alert on the bay bridge, but they have now canceled the traffic alert, and all lanes clear from the earlier motorcycle accident. they did a great job of getting it out of the roadway quickly, but the damage is done. look at the live shot of the bay bridge toll plaza here. getting busy quickly. slow conditions through there, and back to almost the maze at this point, but maybe that will get better as things get to normal. slow across the upper deck of the bay bridge, working your way through there. all lanes are now reopened. this is past 17 street into san francisco, traffic is light, south 101 down to sierra park parkway, and it's quiet through san francisco, and most of the peninsula is problem free this morning, and if you're working your way southbound burling
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game, down to university avenue, that's a 16-minute drive time, and if you have an early flight to catch, you're good to go, with no delays along the 101. jumping over to the san mateo bridge, off to a great start. 15-minute drive time, and easy ride through there, and 880 itself, looking good in both directions, and if you're commuting, so far so good. 238 down to 84, looking good. traffic in fremont, light in both directions. here's mary with weather. we are talking about more smoke likely going through the day, and the air quality will get worse, and we are expecting smoky skies, not just today, but over the next few days, and air quality forecast, we have the spare the air alert, and an air quality advisory, and the air quality is unhealthy for all of the bay area today, and a live look with the sales force tower camera, and you can see the hazy conditions to start off monday here, and it's
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looking east at the bay bridge, and the temperature in the 30s, 40s, and even in the 50s, and san francisco, looking at 50 degrees, and 38 for you in concord, oakland, 38, livermore, 46, and santa rosa, below freezing at 30 degrees, and here's what you can expect, hazy, smoky skies, and again, unhealthy air, and the air quality advisory and spare the air alert for today, and the smoke will continue for at least through the middle part of the week. the satellite and radar view, high pressure in control with us for the clockwise flow around the ridge. we are getting offshore winds, and it means more smoke in the bay area. the high resolution rapid forecast, showing the smoke moving into the bay area, and it's here, and this is our 36- hour forecast, and there we go with the campfire, and there we go as the smoke moves right into the bay area, as we go through the day today, and then likely as we head into tomorrow, and wednesday as well
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as for thursday, and futurecast, next 10 days, and that's a lot of us, we are hoping for the rain, and we are hopefully hearing about it next tuesday, wednesday, thursday, and by thanksgiving, and we could see rain, and we definitely and desperately need it, and our sunrise at 6:46, looking at sunset tonight, and at 5:00, and we are seeing hazy sunshine, and we will continue to see the smoke filtered sunshine, and mid-60s, and cool conditions in san francisco, and upper 60sin oakland, and san jose, and santa rosa, and napa, and of course, the 49ers taking on the new york giants tonight, and today at 5:15, at levi stadium, and the nfl saying when the values are 200 or higher, they are be canceling or postponing the game, and it looks like it will not be that bad today. unhealthy, but likely not as high as 200 for the aqi value. daytime highs, again, cool
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conditions, hazy sunshine continuing for tuesday, wednesday, and thursday, and hopefully catching a bit of a break with the air quality as we head through the end of the week, and hopefully some rain by next week, and here's dennis with a look at sports. there was smoke at the oakland coliseum, and did they play football? well, here's your answer. at least one team did. we will kick it off, coming up. and let's head outside once again, and this one from high atop of mount vaca, looking at the sunrise, and that's coming up in a few minutes. 6:20 right now, hope you're having a great monday morning. we are coming right back.
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the air quality index was 159 at kickoff at the coliseum, and had it been 200, the game may not have been played, and that could have been good news for the raiders. jon gruden hoping to have more points on the board than they did against the 49ers. 66-yard, and that's the lead. oakland going for it on 4th and 5, and carr, under pressure, and throwing into the ground, and they turn it over on downside, and the chargers win 20-6, and oakland is 1-8. teeth the celebrating the touchdown, giving the ball to floyd mayweather, and jared, turning it just in time, and they are 9- 1.
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on the ice, the sharks' fans jacked about the 6-game home stand, and 50 seconds in, it's good to be home. evander with his sixth goal of the year, and san jose wins it 3-1. the giants and 49ers in monday night football tonight, but again, keep your eyes on the air, and that's because the game could be postponed if it is declared very unhealthy, and that is the latest in sport. -- sports, see you tonight. here's duke versus army. >> the blue devils, lays it up, williamson throwing it down. >> when you give, you get in return, and two of two, and the blue devils' freshman for the alley-oop. williamson with the steal, and gets it back, and duke with the win, and that's your play of
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the day. it's 6:25 right now, and the deadly wild fires burning across california this morning have utility companies under the microscope, and the drastic changes one bay area lawmaker is pushing for. and spoke from the campfire in butte county has an impact in the area. how people are coping with the unhealthy skies, next. smoky conditions out there, and it's all across the bay area. the fire is burning in butte county, and it's 6:26, and you're watching kpix5 news this morning. i am a family man.
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i am a techie dad. i believe the best technology should feel effortless. like magic. at comcast, it's my job to develop, apps and tools that simplify your experience. my name is mike, i'm in product development at comcast. we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome.
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"...nats explosion" a frantic search for hundreds of missing people in
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butte county this morning as the wild fires rage out of control across california. what led to this this frightening scene. good morning i'm kenny choi. >> and i'm michelle griego. exhausted firefighters will not get a break this week. things could get worse before they get better, and we will be feeling the effects in the bay area once again. >> last year when the wild fires were burning in the wine country, we saw ash on the cars in san francisco, not as much this year, but unhealthy conditions. >> you know the fire burning 200 miles away, and we are looking at a lot of smoke moving into the bay area once again. the air quality will worsen today. better yesterday, but not today. more of a north easterly offshore wind today, and it's carrying all of that smoke into
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the bay area, and current air quality, unhealthy this morning, and you can see it. a live look at the sales force tower camera with the hazy, smoky skies to start the day. temperatures 30s, 40s, and 50s. 38 in concord, and 36 in livermore, and san francisco at 51. san jose, 38, and below freezing in santa rosa. hazy, smoky skies, unhealthy air quality for the bay area with the air quality advisory and spare the air alert today, and the smoky conditions will continue, and not just today, but at least through the middle part of the week, and i will show you our smoke weather model forecast, taking you through the next 36 hours, and i will show you futurecast, taking you through the next 10 days, and if we will see any rain. details on that in a bit. back to you. and let's get a look at the roadways right now. better news at the bay bridge,
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and we started the morning off with a motorcycle accident, blocking lanes past the metering lights, and there's a backup there, and it's improving commuting out of oakland into san francisco. 19 minutes from the mcarthur maze, and a crash on 880 carlson, and it's slow to the east shore freeway, and other than that, quiet westbound 80 at ashburn by, and -- ashby. we don't have any accidents along 101, and if you're coming 580 south into san francisco, a 15 minute drive full-time this morning and the richmond san rafael bridge, slow at the toll the plaza. conditions are not expected to improve this morning as the
6:33 am
crews battle wild fires hitting both ends of california. >> the death count of the camp fire is now 29, and in addition to becoming the deadliest wild fire in the state, it's now the most destructive with 6400 homes reduced to rubble already, and the most immediate concern right now, searching for 220 people who are still considered missing. pg&e did report a power line problem just minutes for the fire broke out on thursday morning, and now senator jerry hill said he is looking into legislation to break up the state-owned investor utilities or making them public. he said it's not clear if the power lines did spark the fire, but the utility responded saying they are devastated by the disaster, and 61 employees lost their homes in the fire, and right now crews are investigating near camp creek road, and it's the name sake of the fire, searching for the origin, and the area is covered
6:34 am
with power lines in every direction, and cal fire is blocking off the area this morning as officials search for evidence. >> in the meantime, evacuation centers for victims are nearing capacity this morning, but volunteer groups from all over are coming together to help out where they can. >> we heard there were people gathered in the parking lot who were not in the shelter, and we wanted to come out and serve those who didn't have the resources they would get from the red cross or salvation army. this morning we have learned several businesses in butte county, including target, wal-mart, and lowe's are organizing events to help victims get what they need. as mary was talking about, the smoke from the camp fire is expected to stick around longer. jackie ward is back inside with us this morning for that very reason. >> just an annoyance for us in the bay area, fortunately. some of us got a break in the
6:35 am
smoke over the weekend, but it's expected to get worse again. these flames were enhanced, and it shows us how intense the smoke is. we found people out and about across the east bay trying to get a little time outside. some people said the smell of smoke was definitely in the air, but it didn't burn their eyes and throat too badly. >> we are spreading awareness of the air, meaning people will try, hopefully to stop it, and they will make the air at least better. >> there is a spare the air alert in effect through today, and it's expected to look and smell worse than the weekend, as winds out of the northeast blow the smoke across the bay area, and that's where they will get trapped. the air quality district recommending staying inside as much adds possible while the air levels are at an unhealthy
6:36 am
level. if you have to go outside, it's strongly suggested you wear a mask. there's several ways to help the fire victims, 1-800 red cross for a monetary donation, or you can text butte fire to 91999, and the salvation army has its own hot line number, and you can help them as well by dialing this number on your screen, and it's 800-sal-army, and finally, airbnb asking users to list any properties they have available for evacuees. i'm anne makovec, following the latest out of southern california this morning, and the 130 square mile fire continues to burn. the woosley fire on the ventura- l.a. county line, here's the live look from above, and you can see the smoke is hanging around the canyons, and this is the time of day, yesterday, whether flareups began, and that's the
6:37 am
concern going through today, and the santa ana winds are expected to whip up. the good news from overnight, that the fire did not jump any of its containment lines, and it's now 15% contained, and 150 people, or 150,000 people remain under mandatory evacuation orders, including the communities of calibasus and malibu over the weekend. 100,000 people were able to return home. the assess. -- assessment of of the damage continues today. we will continue to follow the threat for you. kenny and michelle. ann, thank you so much. new video showing scary moments outside of a cal fraternity house. the r.v. catching on fire just before 11:00 last night.
6:38 am
it was on piedmont avenue. the fire was contained to the rv. it appears the vehicle overheated. nearly a week after midterm elections, four of the biggest races have yet to be called because officials are still counting votes today. razor thin margins in florida triggered a recount in two races. the race for governor, ron desantis leading andrew gillum by .4%, and in the senate race, rick scott is leading democrat bill nelson by just .1%, and there's concerns that the tallies will not be done by thursday afternoon, which is the deadline. in arizona, voters are still waking up, not knowing who will replace senator jeff flake. sinema eels lead over mcsally -- sinema's lead over mcsally has increased. in georgia military and
6:39 am
provisional ballots are being counted, and stacey abrams is refusing to concede in the rate against brian kemp, and it may result in a runoff in december. three house races in california have not been decided, and it is possible that democrats could flip all three of those seats. as we observe veterans day today, events are being held across the bay area to honor those who served in the military, and this morning a commemoration is planned for the korean war memorial in san francisco, and it will begin at 11:00. the u.s. servicemen and women were also honored in san francisco yesterday, and this was an event honoring the historic all black buffalo soldier army units, stationed there in 1809 to 1902. just hoping they are somehow watching or someone has seen them and they are watching. amid the heart breaking loss, stories of home from the fire zone, and we will hear
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good monday morning to you. we are looking at another day of smoke, and the air quality will be worse compared to yesterday, and you can see the live look with the sales force tower camera looking north at coyt tower, and how hazy and smoky it is to start off the day. we will talk about the smoke weather forecast, showing you the next 36 hours, and what you can expect coming up in just a bit. today the hero foundation is hosting a march in honor of alaina housley. the 18-year-old student from napa was killed in the mass shooting in thousand oaks, and the heroes march will be a tribute to all affected by gun violence and the event is
6:44 am
planned for 10:00 this morning at memorial stadium in napa, and alaina is one of 12 victims in the borderline shooting last week, and cbs this morning sat down with her family. >> her voice was so resinate, and i can still hear her call for me at times and talk to me, and she was so loving. >> i think she would want us to unite, and she wouldn't want this happening to anyone else. >> you can hear more from alaina's family on cbs this morning, starting in just about 15 minutes, right here on kpix5. it's 6:44 right now, and another bad sign for apple, and the oil prices are bouncing back. >> joining us right now, jason brooks. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, and another tough day for apple, and as a result, the february sector as a whole, after a key iphone supplier cut its earning forecast, and they make the lasers keyed for apple's face
6:45 am
i.d., and it didn't name the supplier, but if said a major customer cut the 3d sensor orders, and apple is believed to be the company, and similar situation on friday, and skyworks solution, another key iphone supplier cut its forecast, and apple the stock falling for the second straight session today, down another 4%, and it's an even worse day for lumentum, stock diving 28 percent. oil prices are bouncing back. saudi arabia announcing a supply cut to boost prices, and we are seeing that happen this morning. tobacco stocks are plunging on a report that the fda is considering a ban on menthol cigarettes. apple is a big reason for the tough start. the dow dropping 160 points, nasdaq down 98 points, and the s&p down by 20 points.
6:46 am
michelle and kenny, back to you. it's 6:45 right now, and we check traffic, and a lot of activity on 101. we are just getting word of a brand new accident on 101 on the peninsula, and commuting through redwood city into palo alto, and southbound 101, delays because of the crash, and two left lanes completely shut down, and look at the flashing lights, and activity there on the scene, and it will be slow as you pass the accident, and your drive times will get much better past there and 21 minutes from the broadway area down to university avenue, and you can use 280 as an alternate, and hopefully clearing the roadways quickly, and again, south 101 at marsh road, two left lanes completely shut down, and busy headed through there, and we are getting word of a headon collision westbound 92, and that's before skyline boulevard, and they do have all lanes shut down in the westbound direction, and a lot of activity in and around the area, and taking a look at traffic, as you work your way through the south bay, and
6:47 am
later on, seeing busy conditions on 237, 101, and 880, and if you're headed to the giants and niners game, alternate traffic there 280 connector, northbound to san antonio avenue, 30 minute drive time, and a lot of delays for the folks headed to levi's, and a quick look at 880, not too bad in both directions. i wish i had better news for you, but another smoky day across the bay area, and air quality conditions likely worse than yesterday, and so, unhealthy air for all of the bay area today, and it's spare the air alert, and the air quality advisory, and it's still in effect, and you can see the reason why, and this is our sales force tower camera, looking to the east, and a smoky start to the day, and the temperatures, in the 30s, 40s, and even in the 50s this
6:48 am
morning, and from 38, chilly for you in concord, and oakland, good morning to you, and livermore, 36, san francisco, 46, and below freezing at 30 degrees in santa rosa, and the weather headlines, hazy, smoky skies, and unhealthy air, and it's the spare the air alert with the air quality advisory in effect and the smoke will continue, not just today, but likely, at least through the middle part of the week. high pressure is in control for us, offshore winds with the clockwise flow around the ridge, bringing in more smoke from the butte county campfire, and this is the high resolution rapid refresh forecast, and it's 36, our forecast, and just to show you what you can expect, as we go through the day, and there we are, the camp fire, and the smoke is moving right into the bay area, and as we go through the day today, likely through tuesday, wednesday, and as well as for thursday, and not a lot of relief here, and futurecast, within the next 10 days, and we
6:49 am
could see some more rain for next week, and it's possibly next tuesday, wednesday, thursday for thanksgiving, and that's our next shot at some rain, and we desperately need it for sure, just to help clear the skies as well as provide at least some moisture, because it's dry out there, and 66 for the temperature in san francisco, and hazy, smoke- stilled sunshine today, keeping us on the cool side. 68 in oakland, and 71 in fremont, and 70 for napa. the 49ers taking on the giants today at levi stadium, 5:15, and the aqi value of 200 is the nfl's criteria for postponing a game. it will be bad, but not 200 or higher, but we will monitor the situation for you. throughout the week, hazy sunshine, and tuesday, wednesday, and thursday, and still likely a spare the air
6:50 am
day or or spare the air alert through the middle part of the week, and hopefully improvement by the end of the week with rain chances for next week. back to you. mary, thank you. families continue to search for loved ones this morning as the massive campfire rages in butte county. >> just hoping that somehow they are watching or somebody is watching that has seen them. >> john warner's grandparents live in paradise, and they don't drive. in the mad dash from danger, family members were unable to reach them. on local news last night, he begged for help, and a shelter worker heard his plea. >> overwhelming joy, just so ecstatic, like didn't know if they were alive, and they are alive. another family member, who works for the paradise police department was able to drive the grandparents to safety, and hundreds more are unaccounted for. the fires in northern and southern california have crews in the bay area on extra high
6:51 am
alert, and officials in fairfield have closed regional park until further notice. the park north of interstate 80 has been closed since friday. similar precautions in the south bay, when the brush fire broke out in east san jose yesterday. we saw an all-out assault from firefighters. the crews quickly cleared out the temple, and thankfully the two-alarm response kept the flames contained to the drainage ditch, and no word yet on the cause. it's 6:51, and another live look from southern california, and the weather helped crews as they battled the woosley fire. we will have the latest on the massive wild fires burning across california. and because of those fires, the air quality continues to be bad across the area. spare the air alert remains in effect as the smoke fills the skies. good morning ahead on cbs this morning, and we are on the
6:52 am
front lines in california as the firefighters work to contain the deadly fires that have forced hundreds of thousands of people to evacuate. in our profiles in service series, we will introduce you to the first female executive office of a nuclear warship. what her mother taught her that inspires her service. see you at 7:00. 6:52, and a live look to the north, and you can see the hazy conditions in san francisco and across the bay. it's 6:52, and we are coming right back. janice, progressive can help you save over $650 on car insurance.
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how do you take two selfies with one phone? -what? -[ scoffs ] never mind. [ camera shutters click ] smoky skies yet again this morning .. and it may be a few more days i'm jack ye ward in the news -- jackie ward in the news room, and people are waking up to hazy skies, and it may get worse before it gets better.
6:56 am
people may have felt a slight reprieve yesterday morning. blue skies were poking through, and people like dan young in danville believe some are getting too panicky about the air situation. >> it ain't gonna kill you. it will make you uncomfortable if you're not used to it. >> reporter: you're used to it? >> yeah, i still sit around a campfire up in the woods with my motor home. >> sfo had continued flight delays over the weekend because of the smoke, and especially saturday, and arriving flights were reportedly delayed by an average of 48 minutes, but the federal aviation administration says it decreased as the day went on. mountain view announcing they have free face masks on a limited basis, but you need your i.d. to pick them up. the camp fire has a grim
6:57 am
distinction, 29 now are dead, matching the deadliest wild fire in california history, but the number is expected to rise, and butte county officials said 228 people are still not accounted for, and the campfire has destroyed more than 6,000 homes and thousands more are in jeopardy. crews near camp creek road, the name sake of the fire are searching for its origin. downed power lines scattered throughout the area, and pg&e reporting a problem minutes before the fire started, but the exact cause of the fire is unknown. in southern california, the weather worked in firefighters' favor, helping them battle the destructive woosley fire, but winds will pick up again as 57,000 homes remain threatened. after a weekend in paris, president trump is back in washington this morning, and it's amid the calls for his new acting attorney general, matthew whittaker to recuse himself from the russia probe. florida is recounting
6:58 am
thousands of ballots in two races, and president trump said the florida election should be called in favor of the republican front runners. looking at the roadways right now, south 101 past marsh, two lanes are shut down, and chp issued a traffic alert. you can see the activity in the live shot. slow and go conditions approaching the accident, and use 280 as the alternate. the drive time now 26 minutes down to university avenue, and slow for the commute this morning, and westbound, bay bridge, mccarthur to the maze, not backed up quite to the maze, but the metering lights are on. 92 before skyline, all westbound lanes blocked, and emergency crews expecting delay through there. 92, the bridge portion, looking okay. 880 to 101. 14 minute drive time to 101, and westbound 37, 80 to 101, give yourself time to make the
6:59 am
drive. gianna, check out the sunrise there, and you can see how smoky it is, live look with the tower camera, and we are looking at the air quality unhealthy for sensitive groups and everyone. we go through the day with an air quality advisory. spare the air alert likely through thursday. hazy sunshine, mid-60s in san francisco, and upper 60s for oakland, concord, and low 70s redwood city, san jose, santa rosa, and napa, and there's the 7-day forecast, and not a lot of change, still looking at the light, offshore winds for us, and that's really ushering in the smoke from the butte county campfire, down into the bay area, and so, hopefully we will get some relief by the end of the week, and maybe some rain chances next week. >> yeah, just be careful if you're going outside, and you have outdoor activities planned for today. >> good advice. thank you for watching kpix5
7:00 am
news this morning as we take a live look at the city of san francisco, and it's smoky and hazy out there because of the fires burning to the north. >> and cbs this morning is coming up next. have a great day, everyone. good morning to our viewers in the west. it's monday, november 12th, 2018. than 13 million people in california are bracing for some of the most destructive wildfires in state history. it gets even worse. at least 31 people are known dead and more than 200 others are unaccounted for. jeff glor leads our coverage from the fire zone. >> the youngest person killed in the thousand oaks bar shooting is honored by her hometown in california. alaina housely's family tells us about the outare poing of respect and what they hope people can learn from this tragedy. >> first on "cbs this morning," new government fitness


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