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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  November 19, 2018 6:00am-7:00am PST

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residents to stay indoors understand once again today, unless you can't d going outside, but there's desperately needed relief finally coming. >> we need it. >> yes. >> bring it on. >> it's coming soon, and we have to get through the day, a day and a half more of the smoke, and then we will see the changes as we are tracking the next weather system to move in, and we are looking at rain coming through late tuesday into wednesday, and then another round of rain as well, and i will time it out for you n a cup -- for you in a couple of minutes. air quality conditions, unhealthy air, and it's the red dots for most of the bay area. santa rosa, unhealthy air for sensitive groups, and we can see from the visibility out there, low visibility, due to the smoke, and it's at sfo, 2.5 livermore, and 3 miles for santa rosa and napa, because of the smoke. the 12th day in a row of
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unhealthy air with the spare the air alert and air quality advisory. most of the day on tuesday, smoky, and late tuesday, we are going to see a change in wind directions, and tuesday, kind of the transition day for us, and it's the rain arriving on wednesday, and so, satellite view showing our next weather system, and that's the cold front, and it's going to move through, and we will time it out for you on futurecast, and when we will see a better air quality and the rain, coming up. gianna? >> thank you, mary. fremont, reports of a brand new crash. it's been busy, south 880, working your way into fremont. a couple of cars working their way into the accident. dakota road, just before 84, and one lane is blocked. speeds down to 21 miles an hour, and our drive times reflect that, and south 880, 238 down to 24, 25 minutes, and elsewhere, 880, you can see the traffic is stacking up here as well. mostly on the southbound side. those are taillights in the southbound direction. northbound, most of the delays
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through hayward. working your way into the south bay, the morgan hill commute in full effect. it's a 14-minute drive time, and we are seeing the delays, south 880, down to hey 237, and you're going to see the accident at 237, and the right lane remains blocked. a vehicle going down the embankment, and they are in the process of clearing it completely from the scene. a crash in the pass. motorcycle involved, and one lane shut down until further notice. 27 minutes, 205 to 680. >> thank you. 6:02 right now, and while we wait out the last couple of days of bad air quality, n95 masks are still in high demand. >> stores across the region are having a hard time keeping them in stock. jackie, you have a hot commodity in your hand right there. >> don't even think about it. >> i won't take it. >> stores are in a desperate situation because there's so much demand, even though we
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have had the bad air for days. over the weekend, people were hard pressed to find masks and air purifiers, and signs in on frederickson's in san francisco reading sorry, no air purifiers or masks, maybe monday. employers at various hardware stores told us once they get the masks back in stock, they will likely keep them behind the counter and limit the number customers can buy. a lot of us were forced to change our outdoor plans. >> i thought we would go out and relax and enjoy better weather than seattle, and then getting down here, it was just staying inside of the hotel, and then now we are trying to find alternative things to do. >> urgent care clinics are seeing more people who don't have asthma complaining of shortness of breath, chest pains, and migraines. the homeless outreach team in san francisco has handed out
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1400 masks. a group called mask oakland will be handing out 50,000 n95 masks on 10th street in the parking lot. volunteers will also show people how to wear them properly. jackie, thank you. some bay area college students are getting an early start to the thanksgiving holiday because of the nasty smoke, but not everyone. campuses that will be open for classes today include san jose state and cal state east bay, and san mateo college, and the college of marin, and chabot college and livermore. the schools remaining closed include uc berkeley, santa clara university, and laney college. it's predicted the camp fire is not even halfway done burning. the death toll now standing at 77 after another body was recovered yesterday, and about
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1,000 people are still missing. the camp fire has destroyed more than 10,000 homes since it broke out 10 days ago, and cal fire says containment is at 60% this morning. ♪ people from the town of paradise are relying on each other for support right now. the community members gathering at a church in chico to pray for those who were killed and those still missing. for many people, the hardest part is not knowing. >> when you don't know, the grief is suspended, and people have said to me, it's like treading water and not being able to go to one side of the pool or other. >> almost like on earth. it's been crazy. >> grief counselors were at last night's event to provide emotional support, and medical professionals were also there to address immediate needs. governor brown and president trump are vowing to support the region during the rebuilding effort.
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the two leaders struck a conciliatory tone as they toured the fire zone along with the incoming governor over the weekend. before returning to washington, the president stop to see the w oosley fire where three people have died. phillips 66 wants to double the number of tankers traveling to its refinery in rodeo. a meet willing be held this morning to discuss the proposal. environmentalists say it will increase the risk for spills and send carbon emissions even higher. this morning, an arrest after a car spun out of control on an east bay freeway. the two vehicle crash 9:
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9:30 in unincorporated -- aroun unincorporated contra costa. there's a boat rescue going on, and the coast guard says a fishing boat made a distress call an hour ago saying it was sinking. at least one person was on board. an alert has been sent to other boats in the area, just off point reyes, in case they can help the person who is in distress right now. it's 2 miles off the coast, and we are going to follow up with the coast guard on how it's going throughout the rest of the broadcast. back to you. >> anne makovec, live from the news desk, thank you. police in the south bay may have gotten a break in the search for a 49ers fan who has now been missing for a week. president trump engaged in a war of words with a former
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navy admiral. why he is criticizing the pentagon's order to kill osama bin laden. we are tracking the return of the rain. i will show you the futurecast and time it out for you, coming up. a busy ride, and a new crash along 880. the top traffic trouble spots, coming up.
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a hazy start to the day, the transamerica cam, and we are looking at the air quality, unhealthy once again across the bay area this morning, but changes are coming, and we will talk about the next weather system and when the rain will arrive for us, coming up. thank you. 6:11 right now, and the retired navy admiral who led the raid to kill osama bin
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laden is responding to president trump's comments. he accused him of having political motives and criticized the military for not killing bin laden sooner. >> he's a hillary clinton backer and obama backer, and frankly. >> he was a navy s.e.a.l. >> wouldn't it have been nice if we got osama bin laden sooner than that? >> he fired back in a statement last night saying i admire all presidents regardless of their political party who uphold the dignity of the office and use that office to bring the nation together in challenging times, and i stand by my comment that the president's attack on the media is the greatest threat to our democracy in my lifetime. developing news, as early as today, the santa clara county medical examiner's office could tell us if a body found over the weekend is that of a missing 49ers's fan. a group of fishermen spotted the body on saturday in san jose, a few miles for levi
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stadium, and ian powers fannished during monday night's game. he was there with his family, but he went to the bathroom, and powers never came back. he was later seen on surveillance video, walking on the gate c. foot bridge to the parking lots. the bridge crosses the creek that runs into the bay. happening today, marriott hotel officials and the workers union will head back to the bargaining table to try to end the 6-week strike in san francisco. workers have been pushing for higher pay, more job security, and smaller workloads, and a deal was reached in oakland and san jose earlier this month, but about 2500 workers in san francisco are still on strike. the santa train is back, just in time for the holidays, and the napa valley wine train will be transformed into the santa train starting tonight. santa claus will take riders to the workshop at the north pole,
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and his friends will serve hot cocoa and cookies. guests are encouraged to donate toys for local children. children in foster care can ride for free. gianna, i happen to know you have tickets for this. >> who doesn't love santa and cookies. >> she will do the live shot from the train. >> i'm in! traffic rolling out there as you work your way. the bay bridge, busy this morning a handful of accidents, and we are starting here, the motorcycle crash, as you work your way past 285. the super connectors into the pass. the drive times now at least 30 minutes, and it's blocking at least one lane, and we will get closer on the maps, looking at sensors, speeds down to 7 miles an hour, especially the connector 205 to 580. once you get past the crash, you're not seeing heavy delay the, and it's a live shot. all the headlines working their
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way to 680. traffic looking okay at 680, itself. the east shore freeway, and a crash westbound 80 at gilman. a busy ride out of berkeley this morning. if you're working your way down the mcarthur maze, that's a 20 ever 25 minute drive time. the skyway, causing a big delay, but it's improving. it 1 minutes over to the central freeway, and the metering lights are on, and slow as you head through there. you may want to skip the freeways, and use b.a.r.t. cal train looking good, and no cable cars for muni. bus shuttles are in place, and we have capital corridor delays, and train number 520, 26 minutes behind oakland and emeryville, and back to the freeways we go, dakota road, the crash to the shoulder, and backed up, and maybe mission boulevard is a better bet. 41 minutes for the drive time through there, and you can see the traffic is busy along 880,
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and that's the hayward commute, busy past the san mateo bridge, and southbound 880, and the crash has been out there for some time, now clear to the center divide, and traffic is slow approaching the area, and south of there, getting word of a new accident. south 880, and that's blocking at least one lane. let's look at the forecast. here's mary. thank you. relief is coming with the skies clearing eventually here, for today, looking at smoky conditions once again, and the air quality this morning, our aqi values for the cities where you live, looking at 176 in san francisco, 163 in oakland. livermore, you're coming in with the aqi value of 155. 129 in redwood city, and aqi value of 150 or higher, unhealthy, and below that, aqi values, around redwood, say 129, that is unhealthy for sensitive groups there. rael at 179. rosa.
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vallejo of 185. san pablo 173 and berkeley 157, and unhealthy across the bay area once again, and a live look at the sales force tower camera, looking to the east of the bay bridge, hazy start to the day. 39 in concord. livermore, 37, and 43 in san jose. smoky, chilly start to the day, and we will see the smoke going through the afternoon, and that will likely continue for most of the day on tuesday, and then, the winds will take a shift, and they will change direction late on tuesday, and that is ahead of the cold front that will arrive, bringing the rain on wednesday, and so, for tuesday a transition day for us, and it's the satellite and radar view, and the area of low pressure swinging the cold front our way, and sweeping away the smoke, clearing out the skies, and also bringing the rain. for today, again, looking at
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smoky skies, and we are headed through tuesday, and again, most of will be smoky, but going through late tuesday, we are going to see the change in wind direction, for better air quality, and then here comes the rain, and it's beginning early wednesday, and wednesday morning, and it's stopping the clock at 7:00 a.m., and you can see the rain from the bay area, and it will continue through the day on wednesday, and a few lingering showers for thursday on thanksgiving, and a bit of a break for thursday in the afternoon, and then our second system will arrive late thursday into friday, and then rain fall amounts, as we go through with the couple of weather systems, more than an inch of rain, and it's impressive rain fall totals here and the north bay, getting a lot of rain, and then up across the campfire in butte county, and also in chasta county, they could see heavy rain. we will watch the potential for debris flows and mud slides. that's the greatest concern over the burn scared areas. sunrise today at 6:54. sunset at 4:55.
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here's the 7-day forecast, again, and smoky skies for today, continuing for most of the day on tuesday. the change in wind direction late tuesday, and that's ahead of the cold front that will arrive on wednesday, with the rain, and a few showers on thursday, and most of the day for thanksgiving, we will catch the break there, and then the next weather system arriving for late thursday into friday, and that thanksgiving forecast, if a few showers, mainly dry, and then temperatures in the low 60s, and let's check in with dennis to look at sports. coming up, the road warriors or road kill? golden state tries to get back on the winning hand, and the thriller in arizona, where the raiders were looking for the first road win of the year, and kick off > before sports, let's look at the golden gate bridge, and some of the traffic coming in, not looking too bad right now, and it's 50 degrees in san francisco, 6:19, and you're watching kpix5 news this morning.
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and it feels even better when you find it for less - at ross. yes for less. the raider game in arizona had raw emotions being played out on tv, but all smiles to show you why. gruden and carr hoping they could reach the end zone for the first time in weeks. the raiders getting the ball back, and 30-10, and the 20- yard game, and setting up the possible game-winning field goal, and the rookie, it's up, good, and the raiders win it, their second win of the year, and steve kerr looking to right
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the ship. san antonio, the rebound and the ferocious dunk. the warriors playing from behind the entire game. thompson cutting the lead to 1 point. under 1 minute left, the former st. mary's star hitting the 3- pointer to ice the basketball game, and the warriors lose 104- 92. that's the worst of the season in the kerr coaching era. they will try again against oklahoma city on wednesday night in oakland. that's the latest. see you tonight. >> dennis, thanks. the play of the day. the redskins taking on the texans. >> smith, to the end zone, intercepted, picked off by justin reid, the rookie, up the sideline, and he is going to go. >> yeah, alex smith had a bad day, and many breaks in that
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one, and justin reid with the long pick 6, and this one, from one end zone, going all the way to the other. 102yards for the score, and the texans get your win and the play of the day. it's 6:25 right now, and people who lost everything in the camp fire are facing renewed problems this morning. why they are once again looking for a place to stay. thousands of n95 masks are being handed out in oakland today as the unhealthy air lingers across the region. another live look outside, and this time, the sun is coming up, and you can see how hazy it is in this picture, a little gray, and it's 6:25, and we are coming right back.
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as the camp fire rages in butte county, pg&e is under the microscope once again. and president trump issuing a new threat as new restrictions on asylum seekers are challenged in court. good morning it's monday, november 19th. and i'm kenny choi. >> and i'm michelle griego. firefighters are working frantically to get a handle on the deadliest wild fire in state history . it's dark, but you can see the haze in the area. >> there's some relief coming, tracking the next weather system, and it will bring the rain, and i know it's been a long time, for sure, and we are looking at a cold front that will push in, and it will help to clear the skies, and it will also bring much-needed rain.
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the aqi values, that's the air quality index here, and santa rosa 114. 155 in livermore, and 156 in san jose for the aqi values this morning. because of the smoke, the visibility is low. 3miles in oakland, and as well as hayward, and 2.5 for concord and livermore, and 3 miles for santa rosa as well as for napa, starting off the day. smoky skies, and the 12th day in a row of unhealthy air quality, and the smoke will continue for most of the day tomorrow, and the winds are going to change late tuesday, and it's ahead of the cold front that will bring the rain, and that's for wednesday, and we will time it out for you. we will show you the weather system, when the rain will return for us, coming up in a few minutes. a busy ride on the east shore freeway. it's clearing at gilman. slowing your way through
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berkeley. conditions around ashby avenue, and you can see the drive times, on the bottom of the screen, 30 minutes wa 4 to the mcarthur maze. we do have a crash reported here. three cars involved in the wreck, and the left lane is blocked. westbound 580, 80 split there, traffic backed up, headed off westbound 580, especially, meaning once you get past the bay bridge, lighter conditions. 27 minutes from the maze into san francisco, if you're headed into the central freeway and the metering lights are on. slow across the bay bridge, and seeing delays for the san mateo bridge, and 880 to the 101, commuting into foster city. and 27 minutes for the drive time. a crash on the toll plaza, and it's causing spectator slowing, and southbound 880 you have a crash blocking at least one lane, and not causing a lot of delays, and in fact, a crash north of there, and it cleared over to the center divide, and
6:32 am
the 880 commute from 238 to 237, 41 minutes for the drive time, and 1 1 busy out of the south bay anyway, delays out of morgan hill, and 280 out of the green. use that instead. because of the bad air these days, n95 masks are in short supply, but later today, people in the bay area can breathe easier. >> jackie ward is in the studio to explain, and everyone wants one of these. wants them. i'm selling mine for 150 -- no, just kidding. it's not been easy for people to get their hands on these. stores across the region had signs on the doors that said sorry, no air purifiers or masks. maybe monday. in san francisco the p100s were $100, and some people coughed up more money to protect their lungs. the homeless outreach is handing out as many masks as
6:33 am
they can. last night they opened up the winter shelter. >> it's our 30th year of doing the winter shelter between us, and it's especially important this year, opening now, with all the air quality issues we are seeing. >> and urgent health care clinics across the region said they have been seeing a lot more people who do not suffer from asthma complaining of chest pain, shortness of breath, and migraines, and air quality still at unhealthy levels, and it's recommended you wear a mask when outside. happening in oakland at noon today a group called mask oakland is handing out 50,000n95 masks in the parking lot behind the keiser convention center on 10th street. volunteers will also show people how to wear them properly. jackie, thank you. updated air quality information is on our website,, and there's health tips there, and you can find a list of all canceled events. michelle? crews on the front lines of
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the camp fire have more exhausting work ahead of them. cal fire does not expect full containment until november 30th. they have already scorched 150,000 acres, and at least 77 people have now died, and 993 people are still missing. the number was lowered by about 300 yesterday, and authorities managed to track down some of the people who were unaccounted for after getting separated from their loved ones during the fire. pg&e is facing questions why it waited to tell regulators about a second fire that broke out less than an hour after the initial fire was reported. both happening near the pg&e power lines. the first was reported within 12 hours, and the second, nearly a week and a half later. pg&e said they made the second report once they learned of the potential problem. in chico, many evacuees who have been living at a wal-mart parking lot or local churches are looking for a place to stay. this is a live look at the
6:35 am
parking lot, and erl some peopl morning while they figure out the next move, and others have already decided to go to the butte county fairgrounds at the urging of local officials and the red cross, and it will be a huge challenge to find housing space for that many people in an area where it was already scarce before the fire. >> it's challenging. >> it's a huge challenge. it is done case-by-case, individual-by-individual, homes by homes. >> we have applied for fema, and it's a matter of time in getting an answer from them. >> senator harris toured the devastation in paradise yesterday. harris and feinstein are urging congress to include aid for the victims in an upcoming disease relief packages. a lawsuit is challenging new restrictions on migrants seeking asylum. right now they must prove they are not safe in their home countries because of their
6:36 am
race, religion, or other factors in june the trump administration said victims of domestic and gang violence will no longer qualify in most cases, and the aclu filed a lawsuit on behalf of 12 parents and children who said they were wrongly denied asylum. in el salvador, a new migrant caravan started its journey to the u.s. the first wave of migrants filling out paper work at the border, despite the warnings from the president. >> when you look at the caravans, and when you look at the mess. when you look at people coming in, this would be a very good time to do a shutdown. protesters in tijuana are also calling for them to retreat. additional caravans are expected to leave in the coming weeks. an investigation is underway after police found two people dead in the south bay. it was yesterday just before
6:37 am
3:00 a.m. on shawcroft drive. a woman was found dead in the home, and a man was found suffering from a gun shot wound in the home, but he was taken to the hospital, where he later died. no word on the names of the victims. we are going to try to check back in with anne makovec in a bit. a bay area nonprofit is getting ready to feed a lot of needy families this holiday season. >> the organization needs people like you to help it meet its goals, and right now volunteers for sacred heart in san jose are busy assembling thanksgiving food boxes for 4,000 families, but the organization is about 2,000 turkeys short of its goal for this week, and if you would like to help, you can make a donation to sacred heart online or in person. the donation state will be
6:38 am
open today, tuesday, and wednesday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. evacuees from the woosley fire are preparing for problems this week, how they are planning for mud slides. huge news for parents with children with peanut allergies. a shortened week on wall street, but kicking off this monday morning, the dow is in the red again, to start it off, and it's down 68 points, and coming up, we will get an update from jason brooks.
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all right, here is a live look from beacon hill, and you can see just how hazy and smoky it is to start off the day, and the air quality is unhealthy,
6:42 am
and you can see overlooking san francisco this morning, and we will talk about when we will finally get relief in a few minutes. i'm anne makovec with pictures just from guatemala. it's known as the volcano of fire, and it last erupted in june, killing 200 people, and now 2,000 people are being evacuated from the area around the volcano, and it's about 40 miles away from the capital of guatemala city, and ten communities are being evacuated right now, and there is concern it could blow, but it's really difficult for authorities at this point to predict when and how bad the eruption will be. kenny and michelle? anne makovec live from the news desk, thank you. fire victims in southern california could face a burn areas.
6:43 am
ras expected to roll in late wednesday afternoon into wednesday evening, and the greatest threat is along the pacific coast highway and canyon roadways. >> we went through the corral canyon fire, and we have seen what -- the road just turns into a river of mud. >> the national weather service in los angeles says there's a potential for rock slides, mud slides, and minor debris flows across the wooles fire and hill fire burn areas. the president says a full report on the murder over jamal khashoggi is coming today or tomorrow, and in an interview with fox news yesterday, mr. trump said he was briefed on the audio tape, but he doesn't need to hear it. he did not say if the report on khashoggi would be made public, but cbs news confirmed u.s. intelligence agencies connected the crown prince to the killing last month, and it's unclear exactly what role he played. cnn's jim acosta has his press pass again for now.
6:44 am
the judge issued a temporary restraining order that will allow him to keep the press pass until the end of the month. the washington post says unless a permanent order is issued, white house officials said they will suspend his press pass again, and cnn argues the ban is a violation of his constitutional rights. it is a move sure to make moves on wall street this morning. nissan's chairman is out, and more iphone demand concerns. >> joining us jason brooks. good morning. >> good morning michelle and kenny. a shocking development in the auto industry with the nissan chairman being forced out, and the company allegations of financial misconduct, and he is a legend in the auto industry, a force shaping the partnership with nissan and mitsubishi, and now it's under threat with him being out. there's reports he's under arrest in tokyo because he
6:45 am
didn't declare as much income in security statements, under $44 million. shares will be down from that story. apple continues to cause concerns for the tech industry, and the wall street journal reporting that apple has cut iphone production orders even deeper with the newest iphones, and that's causing supplier problems, and we saw a number of key iphone suppliers over the last week report weaker earnings because of softer iphone demand, and that has really hammered apples stock over the last few weeks, and again down today by about 2.5%. that's a big drag on the blue chips and the tech-heavy nasdaq. let's go to the board to see how we are doing this monday morning. the dow losing over 60 points. the nasdaq down 55, and the s&p falling by 7 points. michelle and kenny, back to you. >> jason brooks from kcbs radio, thank you. it's a good time to check traffic, starting in the east bay. >> we have better news.
6:46 am
an earlier crash through the pass, and good news, all cleared. it was a motorcycle accident. for the commuters making the tracy connection to the pass, the 205 to 68, 31 minute drive times, better passing vasco road, and the dublin interchange, not too bad. the headlights working their way over to 680, shouldn't be a problem. 31 minutes, 205 to 68. the accident with westbound 580 at the 80 split, headed into the mazeand at least one lane blocked, but it looks like the speeds are improving, just a little bit through there, and hopefully they will get it cleared out of the roadway. westbound from the maze over into san francisco, taking you 30 minutes. business as usual, meter lights turned on at 5:19 this morning. a new accident 101 at the 280
6:47 am
connector. chp headed to the scene. so far green on the sensors, and traffic is moving okay through there. b.a.r.t. on time, but we are hearing of m.u.n.i. delays. no cable cars today, bus shuttles in place, and train 520, about 47 minutes behind schedule, right now going through berkeley. slow for the capital corridor if you're taking that this morning. a lot of brake lights along the 880 commute this morning, working your way southbound 880. tapping the brake lights into union city, a bit of a break, and slow conditions into fremont, and if you're happening across the san mateo bridge, things are slow as well. this is about 28 minutes, and your drive time on the san mateo bridge, 880 to the 101, there's rain in the future. >> that's right, relief is on the way for sure, and today, we are dealing with the smoke with unhealthy air quality for the
6:48 am
bay area, and current a.q.i. values out there from san francisco. 155 in livermore. 156 in san jose, and 119 in redwood city. aqi values 150 or higher, that's unhealthy air. 179 in san rafael. berkeley 157 for an aqi value. just showing you how unhealthy the air quality is this morning. going on 12 days in a row of spare the air alert in effect and air quality advisory. that's new record for the most consecutive days for the spare the air alert for the bay area. the old record was set in october 2017, and it was during the wine country wild fires, likely going into tomorrow with the 13th day of spare the air
6:49 am
alert. live look with the mount vaca cam, a smoky sunrise, and we are starting off the day, and here's a live look with the sales force tower camera, and you can see how smoky it is this morning. some locations dealing with fog as well as smoke, and that is not a good thing, because the fog just kind of traps in the smoke, and we are looking at temperatures in the 30s, 40s, and 50 in san francisco. 39 for you in concord. oakland at 45, livermore, 37. 43 in san jose, and freezing in santa rosa, down to 32 as we start off monday. chilly, smoky start to the day, and areas of fog mixed in with the smoke, and we are looking at the smoke continuing through the day on tuesday. tuesday will be a transition day because we are going to see the winds changing directions, and that's late tuesday, and for tuesday night, we are going to see southerly winds, and that should help the air quality with the rain arriving on wednesday. satellite and radar, there's the low pressure swinging the
6:50 am
cold front our way, and bringing relief for sure, with the better air quality, and the rain. timing it out for you on futurecast, and the rain will begin early on wednesday. wednesday morning, we are going to see the ra the bay area, brief, heavy downpours possible doing through the day on wednesday, and a few lingering showers for thursday, and that's in the morning, catching a bit of a break for thursday, in the afternoon, and then our next round of rain, that will return late thursday into friday, and that's for our second weather system, and so, rain fall futurecast amounts, more than an inch of rain. for the north bay, greater rain fall amounts, and we will be watching the butte county campfire and chasta county. they could see heavy rains, and concerns of debris flows and mud slides. that's the greatest concerns over the camp fire for the burn scared areas, and so smoky conditions for today, and for most of the day on tuesday, and rain arriving wednesday, and
6:51 am
then catching a bit of a break, for the most part for thanksgiving, and then rain back in the forecast on friday, and the thanksgiving forecast, low 60s a few showers, and mainly dry, but thankful to be getting the rain. back to you. >> thank you, and time check is 6:51. new research this morning showing being exposed to peanut powder could help those allergic to allergies. after being exposed two-thirds could eat two peanuts without symptoms. researchers said it's not a cure but a step in the right direction. p developing out -- developing out of florida, the state is suing walgreens and cvs over the opioid crisis. the lawsuit accuses the pharmacy giants of dispensing unreasonable amounts of the painful painkiller and ignoring the suspicious orders. cvs says the suit is without merit, and no comment from
6:52 am
walgreens. time now is 6:51, and a week after a 49ers fan went missing, police are trying to determine if a gruesome discovery is connected to the case. and relief is on the way, in terms of air quality across the bay, but until then, it's smart to wear a mask. we will tell you where you can find one today, next. good morning ahead here on cbs this morning. the number of people missing from california's deadliest wild fire is nearing 1,000. we will look at rescue efforts and the physical and emotional toll that firefighters face year round, and about 5 billion robo calls were placed last month. how phone companies are trying to bring them to an end, and what you can do to stop them now. we will see you at 7:00. a quick peek outside, and this is from beacon hill, one of our photographers out there, showing you all the smoke in san francisco, yet again, for the 12th straight day, and it is 6:52, and thank you for watching kpix5 news this morning.
6:53 am
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how do you take two selfies with one phone? -what? -[ scoffs ] never mind. [ camera shutters click ] i'm jackie ward in the news room, and with the unhealthy air lingering for the next few days, a group called mask oakland is handing out thousands of masks to the east bay residents today. that's good news for people still looking for one. hardware stores across the bay area had signs similar to this one that said sorry, no air purifiers, no masks, maybe monday. employees said once they get the masks back in stock, they will likely keep them behind the counter, limiting the number customers can buy. because of the continued unhealthy air, a lot of us were forced to change our outdoor plans, including tourists. >> i thought it would be better
6:57 am
weather than seattle. getting down here, it's just staying in the hotel, and we are trying to find alternative things to do. >> reporter: urgent care clinics report seeing people without asthma complaining of chest pains and shortness of breath. happening in oakland today at noon, a group called mask oakland will hand out 50,000 n95 masks, and volunteers will show people how to wear them properly. jackie ward, kpix5. it's 6:57 and time for the final five. >> the unhealthy air is giving bay area college students a head start on their thanksgiving break. schools canceling classes include, c berkeley, santa clara university, and laney college in oakland. the campfire in butte county is now blamed for 77 de9 still unaccounted for this
6:58 am
morning, and the fire has burned 234 square miles, but firefighters are gaining ground. it's 65% contained. right now volunteers are assembling thanksgiving food boxes at the sacred heart community center in san jose. the goal is to distribute them to 4,000 families. we could learn if the body discovered this weekend is that of a 49ers's fan when went missing last week. the fishermen found it 3 miles for the stadium. ian powers mysterious livanished from the game. at this point there's no indication that the body found is that of ian powers. marriott hotel officials and the workers union are headed back to the bargaining table to end the 6-week strike in san francisco. thousands of san francisco marriott workers pushing for higher pay and more job security. to the roadways we go.
6:59 am
earlier crash, westbound 58at the maze has been cleared off the roadway, and things are getting better, working your way to the bay bridge. 31 minutes from thma to the central freeway, and slow across the upper deck into san francisco, and busy off the east shore freeway as well. trains, bart trains on time. we have the t3 line, and no cable cars, bus shuttles, rather in place. capital corridor in berkeley, 47 minutes behind schedule. another day of thick smoke across the bay area with unhealthy air quality and current aqi reading values 150 or higher. they are the red dots on your screen. unhealthy air quality, stay safe, limit your outdoor exposure. low to mid-60s for many locations across the bay area, continuing with the smoky skies for most of the day on tuesday, and the winds change direction late tuesday, and rain on wednesday, and a few showers for thanksgiving, and more rain
7:00 am
on friday. >> mary, thank you. thank you for watching kpix news this morning. the next update coming up. >> have a great day, everyone. > good morning to our viewers in the west.our viewers welcome to cbs this morning. california's largest utility now says two of its lines failed in areas where the deadly camp fire may have started. officials ask why they kept the power on? more than 5 billion robo calls was made last month alone. now pushing the phone companies to stop the spammers. we visit a lab to see what it's doing and why the company says it's been an arms race. a salmonella scare could
7:01 am
ruin thanksgiving. how to handle a


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