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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  December 2, 2018 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 live news. . now at 5 pm, friends and the country is honoring the legacy of the former president. >> the flag on the roof is a flying at half staff, this will continue for 30 days, to honor the former president george hw bush who died friday night at the age of 94. a special air mission touchdown, tomorrow it will carry his body to washington, d.c., including to a funeral on thursday.
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this will travel to houston to its final resting place at the presidential library. you will be buried next to his wife, barbara. >> reporter: here at the georgia -- george h.w. bush library, people have been stopping by to drop by flags and notes. >> faithfully -- >> reporter: on sunday, his colleagues reflected on his death. >> those words that he spoke, were spoken to george w. bush, president bush 43, he told him how much he loved him and that he would see him on the other side. and 41 said i love you too. >> reporter: the 41st president died friday night at his home in houston. his son neil was among those who were there. >> it was nice to see him in his room surrounded by family.
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it was kind of a wonderful experience. >> reporter: and james baker was the secretary of state and chief of staff during the first presidency. on phrase the nation, he recalled how he said goodbye to his longtime friend. >> he opened both eyes and said where are we going? i said we are going to heaven. >> reporter: president bush dedicated his life to public service, but through it all he made -- he remained a consonant family man to his wife and his children. >> first of all, people know him as a former president, he was the world's kindest man. >> reporter: after leaving the white house, he retired to texas, where he was a revered figure. >> the customers loved him, the second he walked into the door, they would stand and clap. >> reporter: the former president will be buried
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thursday on the grounds of his library and college station. >> reporter: the former president will have two funerals , following the second one here in houston on thursday, his casket will be transported by train to the burial site. in houston, now back to you. the former fbi director james comey has agreed to testify voluntarily at -- before the judiciary committee. in exchange, lawmakers will withdraw the subpoena. he challenged the >>, today he dropped that. comey expressed concerns that they could distort his private testimony. this -- this morning, a monterey peninsula man is behind bars. the 34 year old man was arrested last night in police say that he allegedly started
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throwing punches at one victim at the bar. he was booked in the jail on a and $100,000 bail. two others are under arrest accused of stabbing an employee in santa rosa. the 30 world -- the 33 old man and --, police say that an argument broke out between the suspects. after the two brothers, they eventually -- allegedly made disrespectful comments to a woman in the parking lot. the victim was rushed to the hospital after being stabbed in the chest and is in stable condition. today marks two years since the deadly ghost ship fire. this happen in a cluttered
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warehouse that had been converted into a -- and artists collective. many of the victims were trapped on the second floor. it was full of flammable material and it was given electricity from a tangle set of wires. two men ran the space and have been charged with involuntary manslaughter. the families of the victims are suing pg&e and the owners. they are commemorating the anniversary of the ghost ship fire. today is the third anniversary of the shooting. police opened fire killing the young african-american man. today the cofounder of black lives better said that his
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shooting is part any string of episodes that left people feeling unprotected. >> we all want to feel safe in our communities and if we are not addressing the ways in which the people are not feeling safe, whether it is police killings, we are not achieving the goal of safety. >> last month, a federal judge says that the lawsuit can go to trial, based on new video. temperatures are dropping tonight across the bay area. some people have come up with a creative solution to keep the homeless warm. they have voted to convert the old city hall building into an emergency shelter. the decision is drawing mixed reactions. >> reporter: the berkeley city council has an you use for the old city hall. they are going to use it this winter as a shelter for the homeless. this is tooiment of o >> reporter: this house city -- the city of berkeley government for decades. the homeless are sleeping on the front steps.
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>> the shelters are fine, they need to be off of the street. but they need more. >> reporter: he lost his job and found himself homeless more than one year ago. he applauds the city -- the decision by the city to use the old city hall building as a shelter. >> you need to help these people. you really do, like i said you can abandon them, but it's not going to help. >> reporter: they will be operating the shelter for after 45 days during the winter, when the temperature drops below 45 degrees. some question whether it a shelter is the best use of the building. >> if you are just housing is you short-term people, you could
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build other housing below market value. >> reporter: there are no long- term plans for the building at this moment which needs to be seismically retrofitted at sometime in the future. kpix 5. still ahead , a concert to help the victims of the camp fire. as stunned, absolutely stunned. >> some children were accidentally served pine-sol rather than apple juice. the parents are demanding answers. here is a live look of the bay bridge this evening.
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a live look now in san francisco.
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this is being celebrated in union square. crowds are gathering for a lighting ceremony. we will have more on this event coming up at 6 pm. today musicians gathered in the north bay to raise money for the victims of the camp fire. >> we have a story. >> reporter: this may be far from the ruins of paradise, but today they came here for their love of music and to help their fellow man. the shopping centers are full of people with there's thoughts on christmas, but they were hosting a special event, a 10 hour long concert to benefit those that were devastated by the camp fire. greg is a singer songwriter and a member of the well-known band that he cofounded 20 years ago in chico. he had just finished a session in l.a. when he for -- found out what happened in his former town. >> i felt like i was doing this
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work and everybody else i knew were dealing with some sort of horror movie. >> reporter: he was one of 18 acts performing at the concert today, it -- organized by a bay area music promoter. he says it is tough to put together a event within three weeks, but it was easy to get his musician friends to agree to donate their talent. >> when i saw that, i said we have to do something. this is also for the people up in napa and lake county as well. >> reporter: he was thrilled to break the $20,000 mark this time. he said is also important to remember that the tragedy did not end when the flames went out. >> it is important to do these events even after. these people are still homeless. >> reporter: and while music lovers were in their element today, there was a feel that this may not be the last time that they will help out. >> it is a huge fire last year,
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there may be another one next year. it just to keep in mind that the fires can still be out there. >> reporter: and those people still need help? >> yes, they still do. >> reporter: he said all he did is announce the concert on facebook and then the event blew up. over 2000 people shared the event with their friends. in novato, kpix 5. >> that concert will go on until 10 pm tonight. at a preschool in hawaii, somebody mixed up apple juice with the pine-sol. the health department said somebody mistook pine-sol for apple juice while serving snacks with the assistant took the pine-sol off the kitchen cart. the teacher smelled the cleaning product thank goodness and stop the students from jerking it. >> my first reaction was wondering why they would store the two products in the same area. >> paramedics treated three kids at the school who took sips of the pine-sol.
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brian? tonight there is a huge cleanup in central illinois. there was a string of tornadoes that hit the area. they say that almost 20 people were hurt and dozens of homes were deployed -- destroyed. we have a closer look at the twisters. >> reporter: a tornado outbreak, leaving some parts of illinois flattened and in a mangled mess. >> just total chaos, trash, debris, houses smashed, everywhere. >> reporter: the national weather service says that more than 20 unconfirmed tornadoes were hitting the central part of the state. local officials say that at least 20 people were injured because of the weather. the town of springfield, it's -- in the town of springville, it snapped power lines and damaged buildings. >> i got my kids and went to the basement in about 10 seconds later -- and in about
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10 seconds later it sounded like a train. >> reporter: officials estimated that in springfield alone more than 100 homes were destroyed. as many as 10,000 people without power. >> thank goodness it is gone, my car was in the garage and it is all smashed. the windows in my kitchen all blown out. >> reporter: the 20 went through a car dealership, peeling off a roof. >> the wind must've been pretty strong. >> reporter: along the path of distraction, some rain and snow was expected on sunday as survivors begin to cleanup. david daniel, kpix 5 . a hint of what is going to happen on our weather is coming up. we can see some high clouds. in the meantime, we are mostly in the 50s. concord, 53.
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oakland, 52. livermore, 59. here is another series of storms coming in, not massive rainmakers, but we have one storm starting on tuesday. it will begin to head south. it will favor the southern half of the bay area on wednesday. showers will linger on thursday with more rain next sunday. so a week from tonight there is more rain. the stages getting set for a wet midweek. tomorrow is okay, tonight some high clouds. the future cast, here is monday, not really a hint of anything. but as the day goes on, the clouds increase over the northbay. tuesday, in the early hours everybody gets wet. you can see bay wide that we
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will be getting some showers. and then wednesday, the focus is on the south bay. this does not mean that the northbay gets way unscathed. let's run it through the first storm for tuesday and then take us through wednesday at 9 am. about .5 inch of rain coming in on tuesday. and then the rain relents. the rain is back in the forecast for tuesday and wednesday. in case you missed it the first time, there is no rain tomorrow. it will be chilly tonight, mostly in the 40s. there is a freeze warning for solano county. forecast highs, we are looking at the mid-50s for the bay area. the east bay, and the northbay, mid-50s, this is just that time
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of year. and in the extended forecast, tuesday, this is when the rain comes. wednesday, were dacian more rain for the bay area. thursday and friday we get a break. the weekend, it looks dicey for sunday. and stay tuned. the 49er quarterback past 414 yards. the raiders win against the kansas city jeeps. -- chiefs. sfx: tinny headphone music sfx: feet shuffling life can change in an instant. be covered when it does... ...with a health plan through covered california. we offer free expert help choosing the best plan for you. and all of our plans include free preventive care. financial help is available, so check for yourself to see what savings you qualify for.
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i tell you what folks, gives the raiders a little bit of credit. the chiefs lost their star running back. we had a game. he ended the chiefs starting lineup. 7-0, chiefs. 13-7, chiefs. and then he throws to kelton again. 19-10, chiefs. touchdown. 16 points, the chiefs s 26-1, chiefs. three rater running backsn pass
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chiefs. the raiders are down by 3. but he put the game away on a pass to conley in the rate -- raiders lose. but at least -- >> we had them backed up, he had -- you have to credit that young quarterback because this is his first year starting. and he ticked me off today. >> good news for the 49ers. just 11 passes, but the bad news
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is that four of those completions were not for touchdowns. he got a warm welcome from his former head coach. 6-0, seahawks. a 52 yard touchdown. 13-0. right before halftime, he had a touchdown pass this time to baldwin. mullins to the rookie. a 17 yard score, 27-10, seahawks. he steps up for the second time , making it 34-10. a little over four minutes left. mullins who had played pretty well in the second half, only mullins can catch it. wagner
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returns it, 98 yards. the seahawks win 43-16. dropping the 49ers to 2-10. in the last play, he takes the reverse throws it, gametime touchdown. 187 total yards. fourth-down for chicago. he knocks the football away. the giants win 30-27 to stop the bears five when streak -- win streak. they will not have to worry about the frozen tundra in the postseason. the cardinals win 20-17. green bay has lost three straight games. college football, stanford
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will play pit -- pittsburgh. as for the playoff, it is alabama an oklahoma. in clemson -- and clemson. the warriors lost more than a game last night. he will likely miss the rest of the regular season due to a torn pectoral muscle. he has started 22 of 24 games in the season. >> he did have a setback last night. >> yeah, right. and we will be right back.
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dateline new york, a very romantic moment almost slipped through one couples hands. >> a case of butterfingers turned into an international
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search. this is when a man popped the question in time square last night. before he could put the ring on his fiancis finger he accidentally dropped it. the couple who was visiting from england tried to find the ring, but had no luck. so they flag down the police to help. >> maybe he was nervous. >> maybe he was looking at the lady. >> i really hope you guys insurance. >> he said yes. >> the nypd was not successful at first, but they did retrieve the ring next morning -- the next morning. said look at this, they turned to social media to find the couple and now they are sending the ring back to the couple. >> you know, with stories like this, i am always amazed by this. there are came >> , ye >> they have video of the guy dropping the ring. >> oh, yes.
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thank you for watching us at 5 pm, we will see back here at 6 pm for a full hour of news. captioning sponsored by cbs >> glor: on this special edition of the "cbs evening news" from washington, america remembers its 41st president, and george h.w. bush's closest friends reflect on his final days. bob schieffer on the candidate answering critics who thought he wasn't tough enough. and the father who helped his son through one of the country's darkest hours. all that and more beginning with the headlines in 60 seconds. >> tributes and condolences from around the country and around the world are pouring in following the death of george h.w. bush. >> a life of quality, a life of honor, and a life of honesty. >> perhaps the most modest man ever to hold the presidency. >> a man who in every one of his decisions put country above himself. >> we're also learning more


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