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tv   CBS Weekend News  CBS  December 2, 2018 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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thank you for watching us at 5 pm, we will see back here at 6 pm for a full hour of news. captioning sponsored by cbs >> glor: on this special edition of the "cbs evening news" from washington, america remembers its 41st president, and george h.w. bush's closest friends reflect on his final days. bob schieffer on the candidate answering critics who thought he wasn't tough enough. and the father who helped his son through one of the country's darkest hours. all that and more beginning with the headlines in 60 seconds. >> tributes and condolences from around the country and around the world are pouring in following the death of george h.w. bush. >> a life of quality, a life of honor, and a life of honesty. >> perhaps the most modest man ever to hold the presidency. >> a man who in every one of his decisions put country above himself. >> we're also learning more about the former president's
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final moments. >> the last words the 41st president of the united states ever said were to the 43rd president, when he said, "i love you." >> really close to this. >> nearly two dozen tornadoes hitting the state of illinois this weekend. >> it actually put chills up my spine. >> chaos erupting in paris. >> protesters angry over rising taxes and the high cost of living. >> more than 100 people were injured. and more than 400 arrested. >> kareem hunt speaking out for the first time since video surfaced of a violent encounter with a woman in february. >> i just want to let the world know how sorry i am for my actions. >> and today, the n.f.l. stood still as players and fans paid their respects to former president bush. >> our nation lost an american hero and patriot. >> glor: good evening, i'm jeff glor. and we are reporting tonight from washington, where preparations are under way to honor former president george h.w. bush, a man who played a role in so many of the most
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important events of the 20th century, from world war ii to the collapse of the soviet union. he died late friday at 94. today, a presidential plane, often used as air force one, arrived in houston to bring mr. bush to washington, where he will lie in state beginning tomorrow. a state funeral will be held on wednesday. in kennebunkport, maine, neighbors placed flowers outside the bush family summer home. in houston, a passerby spent a quiet moment at a statue of the 41st president. a portrait of mr. bush took up the front page of the "houston chronicle" today. houston was his adopted hometown. bianna golodryga begins our coverage from there. >> reporter: one day after the passing of the nation's 41st president, flags flew at half- staff-- from sacramento, california to sioux falls, south dakota, to kennebunkport, maine where mr. bush spent his summers. makeshift memorials, like the
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one at the family's coastal compound walker's point, grew all day. >> he was a great president, great human being. which probably is why he was in politics so long. he was just a good guy. >> reporter: today, lawmakers of all political persuasions remembered mr. bush as a devoted career public servant. a decent man who put the interests of the country ahead of self. democrat and former vice president joe biden had this to say. >> never, never, never was it about him. it was always about somebody else. >> reporter: fellow texan james baker, once the president's secretary of state but also among his closest friends, was with the president in his final hours. >> he looked up at me, opened both eyes, looked at me, and said, "jim, where are we going?" i said, "we're going to heaven." he said, "that's where i want to go." >> reporter: in houston, neil bush, the former president's fourth of six children, reflected on his father's life, finding comfort in his belief that his parents soon will be reunited.
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>> i want people to remember him for his kindness-- i'm sorry-- for his love, he leaned into everything he did with love. >> reporter: jenna bush hager wrote on instagram of a recent conversation with her grandfather, in which they discussed the afterlife. "i used to worry about death," she said he told her, "but now in some ways, i look forward to it." >> there were some incredible moments. >> reporter: the president's pastor for more than a decade, the reverend dr. russell levenson jr., rector of st. martin's episcopal church, was among those with the former president when he died. can you talk about that moment friday night? >> he left this life for the next. and it is the way, i think, all of us would want to leave this life. surrounded by the ones you love, completely at peace and ready for what follows. >> reporter: incidentally, reverend levenson was also with first lady barbara bush the moment she died back in april of this year.
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as for what happens next, the president's body will be flown tomorrow on a government 747 to washington d.c., where he will lie in state at the u.s. capital rotunda through wednesday. he will then be flown back here to st. martin's church thursday for a private funeral service, and then finally buried in college station alongside his beloved wife barbara. jeff? >> glor: okay, bianna, thank you very much. and cbs news will have live coverage as former president bush's body is flown to washington tomorrow for a public viewing at the u.s. capitol. our coverage begins with "cbs this morning." after the bush family moved to texas in 1948, eventually settling in houston in 1959, a remarkable bond developed. today, the city's largest airport is named after the former president, a library is named after his wife barbara, a dog park after their pooch millie. here's omar villafranca. >> reporter: as the custom-made funeral train, which will take former president george h.w.
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bush to his final resting place arrived, a steady flow of people continued to pay their respects at his statute near downtown houston. outside mr. bush's home, flags and flowers draped the entrance. tiffany utterson and her family were friends with the first family and laid a wreath to honor him. >> really great people, kind, gone out of their way for us, personally, our family as well as the community. so we felt like it was a good thing to come, pay our respects. >> reporter: mr. bush was a regular at houston sporting events, and at today's houston texans' game... >> in memory of president bush. >> reporter: the team held a moment of silence for their most famous fan. mr. bush wasn't born in texas, but he moved to the lone star state in the late '40s-- first to west texas, before settling in houston. he returned here after his presidency and became part of the fabric of the community. >> for those of us in houston, he wasn't just a president, he was our neighbor.
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>> reporter: houston mayor sylvester turner keeps a picture of himself with the first family on his desk. turner says the 41st president was always ready to use his considerable platform to help his adopted hometown, most recently after hurricane harvey. >> he embraced the city, and the city embraced him back. >> reporter: the city of houston plans to honor the late president with a tribute concert tomorrow. and since the president was known to wear colorful socks, they're asking people to bring a pair to donate to the needy. jeff? >> glor: that's pretty good, omar, thank you very much. president trump has offered kind words for former president bush. in sharp contrast to some past comments about the bush family. weijia jiang is at the white house with more on this. >> he was a terrific guy, and he will be missed. >> reporter: president trump this weekend praised former president george h.w. bush, and ordered the u.s. flag outside the white house be lowered for 30 days-- putting aside the contentious relationship between
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him and the bush family. in july, the president mocked mr. bush's famous phrase, "thousand points of light," that celebrated american progress. >> "thousand points of light," what did that mean? >> reporter: and he frequently attacked political rival jeb bush during the 2016 campaign. >> poor jeb bush, i mean-- this poor guy with this low energy. >> reporter: but mr. trump says he spoke with both jeb and former president george w. bush after their father's passing. >> we discussed, actually for quite some time, the father and how much they loved him and how much that he loved them. >> reporter: president trump plans to attend president bush's state funeral at the national cathedral on wednesday, after his body is transported from houston to washington tomorrow. >> we'll be sending air force one, which is a special tribute that he deserves very much, and it's my honor. >> reporter: in august, the president was criticized for how he handled republican senator john mccain's death, including
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refusing to acknowledge his military service. this week, president trump declared wednesday would be a national day of mourning, and he signed an executive order directing federal departments and agencies to close on that day as a mark of respect for president bush. jeff? >> reporter: weijia, thank you. bob schieffer covered president bush's runs for president in 1980 and '88, and remembers him as one of the most experienced men to pursue the white house. >> reporter: as a navy pilot, he was shot down in combat during , fod successful business, had six kids, was a congressman, ambassador to the u.n., head of the c.i.a., and our first envoy to china. and in 1980, he was ready to go for the big prize: the presidency. he got off to a great start. he won the iowa caucuses. i interviewed him the morning after, and, frankly, i couldn't figure out what he was talking
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about. >> we will have forward big mo on our side, as they say in athletics. >> big mo? >> yeah, "mo," momentum. >> reporter: unfortunately for bush, ronald reagan reorganized his campaign and bush's "big mo" became "little mo" as reagan won the nomination. in a move that surprised everyone, he chose bush as his running mate. bush ran for president when ronald reagan left office, but his campaign got off to a terrible start. george bush was a nice man, the kind who wrote thank you notes, but some mistook niceness for weakness. the question "are you tough enough?" was asked repeatedly. >> i equate toughness with moral fiber, with character, with principle, with demonstrated leadership in tough jobs where you emerge not bullying somebody, but with the respect of the people you lead. that's toughness. that's fiber, that's character. i've got it, and if i happen to be decent in the process, that
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should not be a liability. >> reporter: the one-time fighter pilot found himself accused of being a "wimp." to change his image in new hampshire, he traded the coat and tie for a tractor hat and windbreaker, and drove every piece of heavy machinery he could find. it worked. he won the republican nomination, and made two promises. first... >> read my lips, no new taxes. ( cheers ) >> reporter: and second, an administration based on american values. >> i want a kinder and gentler nation. >> so help me god. >> so help me god. >> congratulations. ( cheers and applause ) >> reporter: bush won in a landslide, but the world was changing-- the berlin wall fell and the soviet union was imploding. but bush put the damper on belligerence and bragging, and kept the situations cool. ( explosion )
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when saddam hussein invaded kuwait, bush put together a remarkable multination coalition that drove him back to his own borders. but as the nation's deficit ballooned, he raised taxes, which he had promised never to do. the economy did get better, but many republicans never forgave him, and he lost his re-election bid. in time, he would see sons george and jeb elected to governorships, and george as our 43rd president. >> do you think you would have been president had it not been for him? >> well, i wouldn't have been born if it had not been for him. >> there you go. >> glor: and there's that humor. bob schieffer is here now along with susan page, washington bureau chief for "u.s.a. today" and author of "the matriarch: barbara bush and the making of an american dynasty." welcome to both of you. bob, first, i want to talk about president bush's role in the fall of communism, because you talk about in that piece, reagan got the praise for saying, "gorbechav, tear down this wall." but mr. bush played a huge role.
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>> well, it all actually happened on george bush's watch. and people were saying, you know, you should get out there and talk about how we whooped the communists and all that kind of stuff. and he said, "no, we need to--" this is when the berlin wall fell, he said, "this is a moment for germany." he said, "this is not a place where i should be right now." and, because he was able to do that, to keep the damper down, and keep this situation calm, we were able to deal with gorbachev after that. you don't want to forget that great britain and france were not all that keen about reuniting germany. but his hand, slowly and carefully, made it possible for that to happen. and it had to happen. >> glor: the moral fiber, susan, that everyone has talked about hecl his frip policyt just fut doic. >> you know, the attitude he brought to dealing with people, with reporters, and with
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waiters, and with sports stars, all the handwritten notes that people have talked about in the last few days, that is the same attitude he took to dealing with foreign leaders. and one of the things that he told his aides was, he didn't want to have his first call to a foreign leader be one where it was a crisis or you need to ask for something. he wanted a relationship with that person beforehand, which is one reason he had a practice of making calls to foreign leaders to say, "how are you doing? how can i help?" he had the other guy in mind. he wanted the other guy to feel like he or she could win in a way that also let the united states benefit. >> glor: remarkable that somebody has a book of thank you notes-- right, instead of writing an actual book about themselves-- we talked about that last night, that was just the modesty. >> yeah, it's hard not to go in a house here in washington, especially where there are republicans, where you don'tann. and he had many, many friends. more friends i think than probably anybody that's held the office in modern times.
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>> glor: what a wonderful legacy. bob schieffer, susan page, thank you both very much. hopefully we'll be seeing more of you in the coming days. we appreciate it. we will have more on president bush later in the broadcast here. but up next, hundreds are hurt in paris after the worst rioting in paris in half a century. and later, the new scar for the n.f.l., what a star running back is doing now to win his job back. and neither will i. and i treat my mbc with new everyday verzenio- the only one of its kind that can be taken every day. in fact, verzenio is a cdk4 & 6 inhibitor for postmenopausal women with hr+, her2- metastatic breast cancer, approved, with hormonal therapy, as an everyday treatment for a relentless disease. verzenio + an ai is proven to help women have significantly more time without disease progression, and more than half of women saw their tumors shrink vs an ai.
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more than 400 people were arrested, and 133 people, including 23 police officers, injured. parts of paris this morning looked like a war zone. president emmanuel macron toured the damage, including this graffiti on the arc de triomphe, calling on him to resign. the so-called "yellow vest" protests, named after the safety vests worn by demonstrators, began three weeks ago. they were fueled by an increase in gasoline tax... ( explosion ) ...but have grown into a fierce fight against declining living standards. authorities are accusing extreme political groups of hijacking these protests. president macron must now try to prevent these demonstrations from entering a fourth week. jeff? >> glor: jonathan, thank you very much. still ahead here tonight, tornadoes slice through the central u.s. u.s. that's not what it says here.
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5:53 pm
more than 20 people hurt. tornadoes were also reported in arkansas and oklahoma. anchorage, alaska is still shaking two days after the magnitude-7 earthquake. >> oh my gosh, there it goes again. >> glor: more than 650 aftershocks were recorded in the first 30 hours after the quake. highways near anchorage were severely damaged, but no deaths or serious injuries have been reported. pro running back kareem hunt apologized today to the woman he shoved and kicked in a video that surfaced on friday. the incident happened in february. the kansas city chiefs cut him after the video went public on friday. in an interview with espn, hunt said the woman did not deserve it. >> honestly, i just want to let the world know-- know how sorry i am for my actions. and, you know, it's been a tough time for me. and i'm extremely embarrassed because of that video. >> glor: hunt has not been charged.
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the n.f.l. said today the investigators want to speak with hunt and the woman in that video. now, the story of a diamond ring that came full circle. a newly-engaged british couple accidentally dropped their ring into a utility grate in new york's time square on friday night. they asked the police for help, but didn't leave their names before they flew back to england. she did say, "yes," by the way. the n.y.p.d. fished out the ring this weekend. they have now tracked the couple down on social media, and are shipping them that ring back. case closed. up next here, a father's touch and what it meant to a son. son. . time to open the laptop... ...and compare medicare health plans. why? because plans change, so can your health needs. so, be open-minded. look at everything - like prescription drug plans... oh, and medicare advantage plans from private insurers. use the tools at or call 1-800-medicare. open to something better?
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>> glor: we end tonight with a moment the 41st and 43rd president, father and son, shared in one of america's darkest hours. norah o'donnell has the story for "60 minutes." >> reporter: the love of the father was never more important to the son than in the days after september 11, 2001. >> on tuesday, our country was attacked with deliberate and massive cruelty. >> reporter: 9/11. >> yeah. >> reporter: you speaking at the national cathedral, and your parents there. >> yeah. that was a hard speech to give for starters. the country was very emotional. the national cathedral was full. to the children and parents whose spouses and families and friends of the lost, we offer the deepest sympathy of the nation.
5:58 pm
and i knew not to look down there to see laura, mother, and dad-- the emotions were unbelievably high. i thought, "i better focus on this baby," because there's nothing worse than a blubbering president. and so i got through the speech. and i got-- i sat down in the pew there, and i felt his hand, my dad. it was very comforting. it was just a beautiful gesture, and it was captured on film, and so i'm able to reminisce about that moment, and the emotions of it are still with me. >> glor: and three former presidents-- george w. bush, bill clinton, and barack obama-- remember president george h.w. bush tonight on "60 minutes." that is the "cbs evening news" tonight. i'm jeff glor in washington. a reminder we will have live coverage of the farewell to president bush beginning during the 10:00 a.m. hour in the east. we will be back here again tomorrow night. good night. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by
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