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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  December 6, 2018 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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and bradley ask millions why the work is not getting done after millions is being spent on road repair. now at 11 pm, the area dispensaries targeted by thieves. one even left a man locked in a safe. and for this year's academy awards in the tweets behind the dramatic fallout. and students slipping outside the university in
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protest and their domains -- demands to ease all the problems on campus. and they claim that it is busted a by game -- busted a violent gang. >> reporter: we are not only talking about the rest of the case but also talking about 100 pounds of marijuana confiscated by oakland officers in this month-long investigation. this release from them, it came with the message about the cease-fire team making multiple arrests today. it leads back to the 21,000 block in hayward. last night seven members of a street gang entered a illegal and assaulted an employee. >> they were locked into a safe as they took the cannabis
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inside the building. >> it turns out that group was already under surveillance and it has been for the past month. in connection with a connection of -- in connection with a string of burglaries around the bay area. warrants were served in three areas. where they gained's hideout was. and -- where the gang's hideout was. and where the arrest took place. >> there were other security members that assisted in the investigation. >> reporter: at this point it is not just the two counties involved. they said the investigation will also lead to cases and san francisco and san mateo county with more arrest likely in the case.
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the suspects names will be announced on monday when it iso. part of reducing gun violence in oakland, melting down the weapons. oakland please send us this picture today. hundreds of handguns, long guns and many used in crimes were reduced to nothing after yesterday. and out of new york were the cnn offices had to be evacuated by a bomb threat tonight. the all clear was given just a few hours ago but the phone and threat forced hundreds of employees out of the building. fire, -- fire alarm bells were going off. cnn then took their broadcast to the streets. this has happened to us not once but twice. once when they had pipe bombs sent to this building and another time when a pipe on --
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bomb was sent to postal facilities. these are the times that we are living in right now. staffers were stuck outside for over an hour while investigators searched the building. this just in, comedian kevin hart stepping down as host of the 2018 oscars. following outrage over the past homophobic comics. -- comments. he tweeted this quote on your screen out tonight. saying his goal is to bring people together and not tear us apart. he said the academy called him and asked to -- him to apologize but he said no. he gave his explanation just hours ago. smith this is not the first time this has come up. i have spoken on it, i said where the rights and wrongs were. i said who i am, i have done it. i'm not going to continue to go back and tap into the days of old and i have moved on.
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and i'm in a different space of my life. smacked the comments use the words gay as an insult. some have been deleted including a tweet from 2011 referring to his son playing with his dollars as gay. -- dolls as gay. and students slipping outside trying to get attention as a -- to a homeless problem on campus. live tonight with the demands for the universities president. >> reporter: i have to tell you these stories are heartbreaking, some of the students cannot afford a roof over their head. he cannot afford even food. now they are reaching out for help asking the university leaders to step up to the plate. >> i was hungry, i was cold. smacked just a few months ago, she hit rock bottom. smacked and started sleeping in my car because i could not afford any rent, phone, food. nothing. smacked she's new she was --
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nothing. >> she knew she was far from a university home. one of the wealthiest cities in the country has more than 4300 students who have experienced homelessness last year. so tonight they set up tents on campus to sleep outside. there goal is to draw attention to the housing face that's the crisis that they face. with an attempt to do more. earlier the president office, other demands parking spots next to the police department for students living in cars and a minimum of 12 beds and dorms for homeless students to stay up to two months. smacked they are asking questions and coming up with thoughtful and interesting solutions. >> the student affairs and liens leaders after the march -- and alliance leaders were spoken with after the march. >> i could not believe i was in the situation. >> and using resources to get
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out of homelessness. she is now months away from graduating and had this message for students. smacked just keep trying. >> reporter: this is what it looks like right now at san jose state. the vice president of the student affairs says he will meet with the students in the next few weeks after he takes a close look at their solution. and if most part it does have a pantry and other resources they said they could do a better job on outreach. tonight the city of oakland has started peering out debris -- clearing out debris. they started clearing out the tents and other debris while police officers stood watch. it served women and children. 15 people living on city property were told to move out.
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a woman said she feels depraved -- feels betrayed. >> can we talk about upgrading cabinets or doing something more humane rather than evict us? smacked they said the shelter beds available for everyone elected but officials have not said how long those beds will be available. and the city statement says this on your screen. we have offered shelter and social services, we have offered to story -- to destroy their belongings. crews are removing the remaining debris. we will take a live look from the oakland camera where caltrans will be closing lanes and less than an hour. crews they will be removing steel girders from the old the 23rd avenue over crossing all the northbound lanes will be
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close until 5 am and traffic rerouted. the same story tomorrow night. and for the latest on your commute conjoined traffic reporter on your screen, and get the latest headlines starting at 4:30 am. and more than eight million dollars set aside for road repairs but no construction is being done. roads along the panoramic hill are crumbling and filled with potholes like that one. according to berkley's, it may make it more costly by next year. some say they are fed up. >> look at these. >> it is very bumpy and especially after the rain. it is impossible to even walk without getting moneymudd you can just walk right into according to the city
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officials the delay is due to a high turnover of staff in the public works department. in a highly competitive construction market. the mayor's office had this to say tonight. they said it is unfortunate that a multiplication of factors have led to this situation. we are working on repaving projects in 2010, the funds have not been reappropriated and will be spent on the paving plan. and the don't operate, the ultimatum for scooter companies for the city of san jose. they want the companies to create geo-fencing technology to prevent people from writing on sidewalks or parking on them safely. it would work the way that shopping carts lockup when they are gone too far away from a grocery store. the proposal is expected to be heard at a city council meeting later this month. none of the three scooter
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companies operating in san jose gave a an immediate response to the proposal. and making off with stolen goods, the police arrested this man and they said a resident noticed him trying to hide a package inside his jacket. they notified police who later determined the package was stolen. he was booked into the santa clara county jail. and some ways to keep your packages safe during this holiday season. post office officials say track your package closely to know when it will be delivered. if you will be out of town put it on hold until you will be home to receive it. rushing water and rockslides , scenic southern california tonight. this is now, that was then. the san francisco concert venue, seen as a wrecking ball. and hopes and jeans --
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dreams of home ownership crushed . just how much millennial's will need to save for a down payment on a home in san francisco.
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for the concert venue for some of the biggest rock stars in history could suit turn into a condo complex -- could soon turn into a condo complex and showing us how they are trying to prerve hold market street won't be here much longer. if you look closely, no cell front it will but what it doesn't say is that this used to be the fillmore west.
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creedence clearwater revival, fleetwood mac, legendary rock band from the 60s and they probably played fillmore west. >> yes. >> reporter: he said playing woodstock was one thing but the fillmore west was where the san francisco sound was cultivated. the fans later became world- famous. >> the concert promoter ran it from 1960 until he shut it down in 1971. and he says some lifelong memories were made here. smacked this is part of where my childhood is kept. >> now it could be on its way to becoming condos, they want to demolish the property to make our than 1000 housing units and to 100 foot tall towers. >> we are losing too much history in the wrecking ball. >> he said he is okay though the housing he just wants the concert venue where he used to watch rock idols preserve.
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>> they could put a plaque up and remember the place. too unacceptable, not good enough, that won't do it. nobody notices a plaque. how can you have a plaque when you have this massive important ballroom with all these musical events? >> we did not get a phone call from the developer, they are still considering whether to force them to preserve the fillmore west in the hearings planned for the months ahead. in southern california tonight, nervous residence keeping a watchful eyes on the hillside where the ground is saturated from two days of heavy rain. reporter tom week reports. >> reporter: and aries seen tonight in malibu. mud practically swallowed a mailbox where a home once stood. it is burned it ruins now covered in degrees. vigilant residents doing what they can to protect their homes.
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after the fires homes, it lays a good foreground for having mudslides. >> the new pastime, helping friends fill sandbags. people have help out a lot -- helped out a lot and came together and helped everyone out. >> forcing road closure in some areas of malibu. and a car got stuck in a mud. -- in the mud. the driver of this flatbed was traveling along malibu canyon road when he chunk of a boulder came off the cliff and barreled into the trucks will well. >> -- wheel well.enthe dr hipassenger plunging down into the ravine. >> i would've just thought there was more coming. i think that was it. >> today's issues are a reminder of malibu's new reality.
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the sandbags will be as visible as the ocean for months to come. >> in the midst of having fires, it is apples and oranges. >> the southern california weather may also need to blame for a near disaster any airport runway. it was southwest airlines of fly 278 coming in from oakland and it skidded right off the end of the runway as it landed in burbank after 9 am. 117 people on board putting crewmembers and the airport was slow by special material installed at the end of the roadway. the safety feature that step the plane decide to stop the cast test free. , is called ema ascot made up of thousands of little concrete tiles designed to collapse under the plane's weight. upon impact and slowing it down. >> is essentially a bed of
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crushable concrete. a good analogy is it is like a runaway truck ramp for aircraft. and these are commonly found on shorter runways that don't have a lot of a national -- of additional space on the end. >> the system installed and the runway is a bit longer in santa fe does not have it. another shocking example of how hard it is to crack the housing market these days. nearly all of the mineral annuals -- of the millennial's were surveyed by an apartment list. but only about 11% have more than $10,000 saved. with a 20% down payment on a medium priced condo, that would mean they would need more than $175,000 cash up front. that would take the majority of millennial's 20 years to save up. a final farewell in texas for the former president george
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hw bush. our reporter shows us the crowds stood along a 70 mile route to watch a specially painted train carrying his casket. >> a funeral train pulled by engine number 4141 hearing the nations 41st president to the final resting place on the campus of texas a&m university. thousands of mourners line the tracks for a chance to say farewell. and mr. bush was buried on the grounds of his presidential library. alongside his wife barbara who died in april and their daughter robin who died in 1953. the end, navy jets flew overhead in a missing man formation. a tribute to the late presence service as a world word to combat pilo smd and for the week of
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morning, for the president who died last friday at the age of 94. >> reporter: at a church service on thursday morning, george bush remembered his father. smacked the most humble man that i will ever know. the honor of a lifetime to share his name. >> saying goodbye to the president extended far beyond texas and washington. at 5:30 pm eastern time, some 250 bugler's spread across the country playing taps in memory of george herbert walker bush. cbs news, houston. today's funeral train was the first 41st former u.s. president and the last half a century, it last carried the body of dwight eisenhower in 1969. you can see that it was so clear outside. smacked the air quality is no longer an issue. we are thankful for that. and the rain is gone for the next several days. it is getting cold out tonight and down to 43 and of course it
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is december with clear skies and we will get you with that tonight. and napa county, 39 and radar is clear. we will stay that way until sunday night until the next weather maker gets wet by the minute. and we went seven weeks without a drop of rain and much better things to the next few weeks and san jose 80%. and remember the storm that gave us the rainfall yesterday and the day before? it was a glancing wall. it was passing by to the west. new york's flash flood severe thunderstorm warnings, flood warnings for los angeles county. he saw the mudslides. and we had just a big mess in southern california which continues tonight. we continue rolling through su
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sunshine and keep going for a reason because sunday things will change. an increase in cloud cover. a front that will fizzle out the time it gets here will bring rainfall to portions of the area by sunday morning -- sunday evening. highs tomorrow are above average with the sunshine. morgan hill 62. san mateo 59. and pittsburgh 59 degrees with such an. 57 and 57 degrees and extended forecast cloudier on sunday. maureen chance, we are going drive very well. monday morning before we clear out with any more sunshine. enjoy the sunshine because we did get some rain in the past two weeks. >> thank you. a chief steps down to take his dream job. why this cop is turning in his badge for a job in silicon valley.
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santa cruz fire chief says that he is retiring. taking on his dream job of facebook. smacked he has been chief for 3 years, he got the offer from facebook this week to take on a lead role for the company's emergency management preparedness. calling it a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. >> and i had, moving with the girlfriend breaking her silence again. and a night to remember and in the national football league.
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yes! it feels even better when you find it for less-at ross. yeah! that's yes fesrtaiin s season long. yes for less. nfl up top, and the continuing saga. the 49ers charges of domestic abuse and in an interview today on good morning america, his ex- girlfriend said members of the 49ers tried to discredit her to police. yes, i felt like they did not believe me even when i called them the 49ers came up there. they came up there trying to talk to the police and saying i'm the x go for in and sit there and lie. >> in the previous abuse accusation that she later recanted in order to protect his career. although he wa released by the redskins, he is on the exempt
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list as this unfolds. and the underdogs when they host the broncos on sunday. a fan of the broncos because of his dad mike wants to sue rules there. could is debbie back to coaching? i think that as the years pass. i think he is very content with where he is at and enjoying life. and being a good grandpa. >> readers say less than touchdown to the pittsburgh steelers. college football item. assigning justin wilcox to a new five-year contract. keeping him at berkeley through 2023. and broke his leg three weeks ago -- leg three weeks ago. as he was hospitalized due to an infection. and there is concern that his career could be over. the next man up is mark sanchez with the 2012 got that follows
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him wherever he goes. >> did that bother you that it comes up still to this day? >> is a low hanging fruit so it's easy to reach for you. i'm just kidding. if you can give it to me i can get right back. >> they are hosting jacksonville, from the one cannot look at this, henry to the tent. and at the 20, midfield and he is gone. 99 yard run for the alabama heisman winner. during the exclusive winter. the longest run and like history. 39 yards and four touchdowns, titans rule 30-9.
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colbert is next. we will join you with the next newscast at 4:30 am. have a good night. captioning sponsored by cbs >> announcer: "huffington post" is facing blowback from conservatives after the site reported that are you to have the red nosed reindeer is probably natic due to what some see as a cartoon is bullying and sexism. donald trump tweeted liberalism is a disease. ♪ ♪ ( christmas music ) >> we appreciate the help, donald trump, jr., but don't you have better things to do like focus on the mueller investigation? yes, some people don't believe in santa, but everyone believes you told your dad about that trump tower meeting with the russian lawyer. >>d to


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