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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  December 7, 2018 12:00pm-12:29pm PST

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you and your wife and/or daughter who were all inside and asleep weren't injured in that crash and those are the questions racing through the mind of alfreda reyes after the crash of those cars waking up from a deep sleep last night. police say the driver of this car slammed into and rear ended a second car and those cars spun out then careened into the apartment. >> i was sleeping here next to the window and i heard the crash and the last thing i heard [ l
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i woke up and got out of the bed to see what was wrong. >> the driver of the car responsible for that crash and a passenger in the other car were taken to the hospital to be treated for their injuries. police are investigating to see if speed and alcohol or drugs are factors in this crash. reyes says he will likely have to move out of his apartment temporarily while repairs are made to the inside. an investigation is underway after a man was hit and killed by a car while digging through trash. >> it is trash day here in this neighborhood in san pablo and
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we are hearing from neighbors the man hit and killed was known to come to the neighborhood to pick through these containers for bottles and cans. as one neighbor said recycling sent him to have been. >> some people have to do what they have to do to survive. >> a white pickup truck hit a pedestrian. >> a person was walking in the roadway during dark hours wearing dark clothing so that could have played a factor. >> the victim died at the scene. the driver investing -- is cooperating with investigators. is this enough light for you to tell someone to take another look at this corner? >> that would have to be determined through local city anaddressed. is said the man walking rough ets pushed his car looking like it was damaged. >> it is a bad thing that happened to him because he was trying to hustle to survive. god bless him.
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we are following breaking news in berkeley. an accident involving multiple cars and at one point all lanes on westbound i-80 were closed. at last check just one lane was still blocked. this is a look at the traffic camera earlier where traffic was at a standstill as they worked to move the crash to the right shoulder. new details on the mass shooting investigation at a we ow thetlled eriff deputy cam chp officer. a6 the bullet fatally struck sgt. ron helus coming from a chp officer's rifle. that officer and -- joined sgt. ron helus in the gunbattle. >> tragically that bullet struck vital organs and was fatal. this was a dynamic and chaotic event that led to a brief but
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furious gunbattle between the killer and law men. >> the ventura county medical examiner says sgt. ron helus's other gunshot guand were pontias survivable. the deputy was among 12 people killed in the shooting. the storm blamed for mudslides that closed a southern california highway is on its move towards the east coast. winter storm watches and warnings are up from new mexico to north carolina. >> cleanup is underway in southern california after record-breaking rainfall. rivers of mud shut down highways and overwhelmed neighborhoods. cell phone video captured a geyser of muddy water shooting almost 20 feet in the air. mud flows are rolling through areas recently burned in wildfires. >> we just don't know the stability of our hills anymore. the firecl when r
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stuck in the mud and a this tru >> it felt like the earth dropped on top of me. >> this storm is headed east with heavy rain forecast from texas to georgia and more than a foot of snow could fall in parts of virginia and north carolina. >> i have activated the national guard to help us as needed and i will declare a state wide state of emergency. >> forecasters say the storm will impact millions across the nation this weekend. right now are -- former f.b.i. director james comey is testifying before two house committees. he was subpoenaed by republicans probing the fbi's conduct during the 2016 election which includes the russia investigation and the hillary clinton email server scandal.
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president donald trump just announced his picks to fill cabinet positions. one of them is no stranger to the white house. >> president donald trump has picked former attorney general william barr . >> he is highly respected and will continue to support the men and women in blue. i commend the president for this excellent choice. >> former attorney general william barr has served as the attorney general for former george bush and despite that he is still somewhat of an outsider to the trump administration. >> i did not know him until recently when i went through the process of looking at people. he was my first choice from day one. >> he is still seen more as an establishment pick and will likely enjoy the full support of senate republicans in the upcoming confirmation process. >> there is no one more capable or qualified for this role. he deserves>> tesidenso annou
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he is nomi one now working with mike pompeo and others at the state department. >> the former fox news anchor will replace nikki haley. let's take you live to wall street where stocks are steeped in decline once again. the dow is down about 582 points. opec agreed to cut oil production after u.s. gas prices reached their lowest level of the year. the national average for a gallon of gas is $ in a
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state. opec is still negotiating with russia to cut its output in a bid to boost pres. new at noon world war ii veterans, u.s. and allied service members are gathering to commemorate pearl harbor day in hawaii. today marks 77 years since the attack on the naval air base . more than 2000 americans died in those bombings. taking some of the guesswork out of breast cancer and how a new blood test could help patients learn when there co-disease will come back. plus who is up for this year's grammys? the nominations were just announced and we will tell you who is leading the pack. we are catching a break from the rain and we are tracking our next weather system and i will let you know when the rain will arrive coming up.
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just days after being named the host for the 2019 oscars kevin hart is stepping down after some past homophobic tweets and comments resurfaced. >> one of my biggest fears is
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my son growing up and being gay. keep in mind i am not homophobic. >> the tweets are from 2009 and 2011. he deleted them but they had already been screened captured and killed -- shared online. >> i will pass on the apology. not the firsmehis has come up and n id i have sa rights and wrongs were. i have done it. >> shortly after that instagram post the actor tweeted saying he was stepping down from hosting this year's oscars and said he does not want to be a distraction and apologized to the gay community for insensitive words from the past. the academy has yet to decide who will replace him. grammy nominations were alive to live this morning and kendrick lamar leads the field with eight.
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women are some of the top contenders also this year. >> -- >> janel monet got choked up on cbs this morning after norah o'donnell announced she was nominated for the grammys album of the year award. >> i am sorry. it is not about me it is about community of dirty computers and being a young black [null] woman in america. >> kendrick lamar's black panther soundtrack is also up for album of the year. the star earned the most nominations with eight. drake followed closely behind with seven nominations including album, song, and record of the year. rounding out the list for best out them cardi b , brandi carlisle and post malone.
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shawn mendez earned his first two ever nominations including song of the year for in my blood. >> you aren't expecting it to feel so crazy and then you are really super emotional. >> he is up against kendrick lamar . is one of six women com and women also account for five of the best album nominees which is a change from last year when women were mostly overlooked in the top categories. >> this is the first year the grammars have expended -- grammys have expanded the nominees in the grammys are live february 10 right here on kpix 5. the generic drug maker sandoz says it plans to selling
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an alternative to the epipen early next year. it will cost $250 for a pair without insurance. the company my lan was blasted for raising the price of epi- pens from $94 to $600 and now sells a generic version for $300. breast cancer survivors have no way of knowing whether their cancer will come back or spread but now researchers are developing a new blood test to change that. they are recruiting 500 breast cancer patients from early to late stage and extracting their returnse patis have any recurre in toteathigh sk onc they have let isgoto back wh a
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nationwide later this year. some bay area companies are stepping up to help families in need as part of our food for bay area families drive. i went to sonoma county to learn how far the donations go. >> this is the largest hunger relief organization from sonoma county all the way to the oregon border and here to help the food bank is andy with earth tone construction. you are making a good sized donation today. $17,000? >> that's right. that is for our fuel our mission campaign. >> why was it important to give? >> our mission was to have a charity to sponsor and redwood empire food bank stood out to us for the work they have been doing. >> david what kind of impact can a donation like this make?
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>> the impact is huge. here 1 in 6 people are struggling to get the food they need. we have generous volunteers and the food people have contributed. earth tone construction has generally provided this money so we can get the food to the people in need where they needed. >> the fuel our mission campaign, what does that do? >> it is helping us to and hunger in our community. -- end hunger in our community. >> if you would like to help out just go to our website. this is a live anch of e baa a beautiful day all across the bay area and hopefully you are enjoying that s earlier thi week brought flash flooding and mudslides to southern california. we are looking at a ridge of high pressure that will be
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dominant over the next few days with plenty of sunshine and mild temperatures. taking you through our by our here we are at 4 pm today and you can see sunshine as we go through saturday plenty of sunshine as well with mild temperatures. sunday we have dry conditions but we will see increasing clouds as we go through sunday. then as we head through sunday night we are tracking a cold front that will push through ringing rain first for the north bay then pushing across the rest of the bay area overnight into monday. it could be a wet morning commute monday as you head back to work and school. sunset tonight looking at 4:50 pm. our daytime highs today right around where we should be this time of year. 58 degrees in san francisco and 60 degrees in oakland. 59 degrees in santa rosa and
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napa. here is your 7-day forecast and what you can expect as we are looking at plenty of sunshine today and tomorrow. dry sunday but rain chances sunday night for the north bay first then across the rest of the bay area monday morning. plenty of sunshine tuesday through thursday of next week. still ahead a holiday surprise for customers and industry donor that paid off layaway items ahead of christmas.
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tyler perry is playing santa claus not on the big screen but in real life. he just paid off $434,000 worth of layaway items at two atlanta walmarts. baskets were filled to the brim and some parents say before this they weren't sure if they could make the holidays happen for their families. >> everyone at work said god blessed me today.y m was ngbeca going to do for my birthday.
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>> tyler perry showed video online at walmart -- and walmart thanked him for his generosity. we will be right back.
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checking in on wall street again you are taking a look at the big board and the dow is filled down about nine -- 593 points at this point and we have seen the stock market plunge all week long due to fears of the trade tension not
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being diffused between the u.s. and china. we will continue to watch this and see how it is doing. that will do it for kpix 5 news at noon.
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>> ridge: you're quiet tonight. >> brooke: lucky you. >> ridge: i like the sound of your voice. i like when you talk. >> brooke: even when we're disagreeing about something? >> ridge: well, we can't agree on everything all the time. >> brooke: yeah. i have a feeling that this is gonna be one of those moments. i need to talk to you about s-- >> ridge: all i want to say -- >> brooke: who's gonna say it first?


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