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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  December 14, 2018 5:00am-6:01am PST

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>> i'm kenny choi. we'll get a check on traffic but first, dry conditions to start but that could change. so a wet evening commute with a weak front that's going to push across the bay area. right new a live look at the tower cam. temperatures are mainly in the 40s. livermore 42. san francisco 51. san jose 48. first, that light rain moves in. a few showers for the north bay on saturday but mainly dry. tomorrow we'll be in between storms. that stronger storm system arrives on sunday with heavy rains at times. the second storm will be the one to watch. that storm watch scale for today as well as into tomorrow
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morning, we are looking at a low for the rain and wind. for the afternoon and evening commute this looks like a five. it could be a mess on the roadways. we'll time it out on futurecast taking you hour by hour when the rain arrives and talk about the roughest surf of the season with that second storm. details on that coming up. we're going to take a look at the bay area bridges. no accidents no major incidents. traffic is pretty light this friday morning, so a great time to be on the roadways if you want to leave early. golden gate bridge. give yourself about 15 must 15
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minutes. no delays. so traffic is pretty clear. over towards foster city about 15 to 18 minutes and a look at the bay bridge where we are seeing traffic stack up. most of the delays are in the cash lanes it. 's light, only about 12 minutes. that's it to go from oakland to san francisco. once you get into the city, no troubles or delays. so traffic is light and the freeways are dry. michelle. investigators are looking into two separate car crashes that happened early this morning in santa clara county. >> it's been a busy morning. let's begin in campbell just past midnight a vehicle so bad
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di damaged it's hard to tell what kind of damage it was. the force of the impact sent debris employing hundreds of feet in every direction and forly split that car in two. it took firefighters nearly a half an hour to cut the man free. help went to the hospital suffering from significant injuries. campbell police said it appears the man was driving at a high speed. in south san jose this driver was passed out waiting inside his car for an hour before anybody realized what was going on. the call came in as a downed tree but when public works crew arrived, they found the man still inside. firefighters had to cut him out and took him to the hospital in stable condition. >> so we have a vehicle in a tree. this person, this gentleman is lucky to be alive.
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>> yes, he is. >> reporter: and firefighters reported a smell of alcohol coming from that driver. san jose investigating this as a possible dui. a toe truck just arrived. it looks like they will have this open in a couple minutes. we're live here in south san jose. kiet do. a man is in the hospital after finding himself trapped on top of a muni train. the rescue happened just before 8:00 and previously shut down the castro muni station. >> at this time we are experiencing a disruption in service. >> right now you can hear muni reporting the disruption. they announced the service was delayed in both directions due to a medical emergency. officials don't know how the man got on top of the train or
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why. if you look closely, you can see firefighters helping him down a ladder. he was electrocuted. man was rushed to sf general. >> president trump's former attorney moan mon was sentenced to three years. this morning cohen is breaking his silence. he said the payments were made to help the trump campaign. >> nothing was made without mr. trump. >> cohen was sentenced to prison for lying to congress, tacks evasion and campaign finance violations. he said trump directed him to
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pay 13,000 to stormy daniels shortly before the election. and there was a $150,000 payment made to mcdougal -- karen mcdougal. >> what he did was unrelated to me except for the two campaign finance charges. they put that on there to embarrass me. >> america media admitted its purpose was to suppress the woman's story to prevent it from influencing the election. federal prosecutors are also investigating whether the president's inaugural committee misspent some of the money it received. let's go live to union city where work continues on this water main break. this has been going on for about 14 hours. a pg&e crew was digging
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underground trying to do some maintenance work on a natural gasline. this is when the 14-inch water main break. when you turnen your water this morning it may appear brown but water officials say it is still save to drink. i want to give you a look at where this s this will be a traffic hazard this morning. it's a very busy union city boulevard. it's still closed northbound between smith street and whipple road. so that is something we have at this point no time line on when this will reopen but be aware of the water quality. water officials say it's okay to drink and there's a track hazard there in union city. anne makovec at the news desk. it was preexisting defects amend holes cut into the steel in the tracks in san francisco. the beams cracked in september six weeks after the $2 billion
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center opened to the public. contractors sent samples to the east coast for testing. that company said the flaws developed during fab brilcation and got worse as the steel reheated as crews used torches. now they will have to bolt steel plates on both sides of the girder to reinforce it. >> we're already designing a fix for the transit center. that's being reviewed by the experts to make sure that's the right fix for the right cause. >> there's no exact timing for the center's reopening. bay area's waymo said it's closer to getting self-driving cars out on our roads. the new technology could be life changing. kevin andrews is the president of the national federation of the blind. he attended waymo's meeting in mountain view. he wants to be part of the
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group to get the self-driving cars on the road. >> it has it work for bloapped people as well. we want our voices heard. >> waymo ask the first company to obtain permits but it will be awhile before the cars hit the roads without humans behind the whole. they brought out the testing from arizona. a new power partnership is making electronic scooters more accessible. google is teaming up with lime. the app tells you how long this will take to get a rentable scooter or e bike. the new feature is rolling out to 13 cities worldwide. more than00 bikes will join the fleet in oakland, berkeley and emeryville. there will be a press conference at 10:00 in oakland.
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a reminder this morning, officials are adding another area code to the 510 region. the numbers 341 will serve customers in the same area. resident also have to press one. coming up a an apple store robbery fail in berkeley. the security measure that filed their plan. >> we are tracking two weather systems that will bring the rain. one will pack a big punch. i will time it out for you. >> so far in the pay area bridges. we're getting reports of a trouble spot and we'll check your south bay commute when we come back. get details on this state program. visit right now or call during business hours.
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and accessoriesphones for your mobile phone.
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like this device to increase volume on your cell phone. - ( phone ringing ) - get details on this state program visit right now or call during business hours. police are looking for at least two men who backed a u- haul truck into an apple store. it happened just after 3:00 yesterday morning at a store on4th street. a lot of glass was broken but security measures prevented the men from getting into the display area. >> there's a metal security
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screen that was not penetrated. >> when officers arrived, the truck's engine was still running but the suspects were gone and empty handed. >> the crew on a southwest airlines forgot a donated human heart. upon landing a curer -- courier asked where it was. after an hour into the second flight the pilot turned pack causing a five-hour delay for passenger. >> i've never had anything like that happen. they will make shower this doesn't happen again. >> southwest later released a statement saying the shipment was delivered within the lay lotted time -- allotted time. luckily the organ made it on time to the person it was intended for. scientists from the script
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research said they have created a vaccine that can reduce overdose deaths from overdoses like fentanyl. it's now the leading drug in overdose deaths. a new study finds older adults with type two diabetes experience a decline in brain function. researchers tracked people over five years and found those with type two diabetes had a reduction in verbal fluency. >> baltimore researchers have found good bacteria may decrease inflammation of the gut, which is known to affect bipolar disorder. we have a minor trouble spot. we're getting a report of a possible stalled vehicle. it's not affecting your ride. traffic is light as you make
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your way out of oakland and san francisco. once you get to the treasure island you may run into bit of a snag. elsewhere around the bay, monument on the scene of a chp crash. all clear as you head through concord, walnut creek, no delays on highway 24. if you're commuting through the south bay, traffic will get slightly busy through that morgan hill ride. we're seeing mostly green and right now an easy ride as you work your way from 101 in san jose. you are in the green. you're moving up to speed as you work your way to sfo. we have a surface street problem . i want to give you an alternate. this is between that smith and
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whipple. you can try dire as an alternate. taking a look right new at our freeway, so far, traffic is a little bit on that southbound side. no delays northbound. if you're traveling say northbound all the way into oakland, traffic is light, an easy ride and no construction, so it makes it better. no closures to reports as you head toward the bay bridge. dry freeways but that could change. for more on that, here's mary. >> we're tracking two weather systems. we've been talking about it all week long and they're almost here. a dry start to the day with cloudy skies. a live look at our sales force tower camera and looking south. our temperatures are on the cool side. not as chilly as yesterday morning. livermore 42. downtown san francisco 51. san jose 48 and 40 for santa
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rosa. let's talk about what you can expect, your weather headlines. increasing light rain this afternoon and evening, so a wet evening commute. saturday will be in between that storms. so mainly dry but a few showers for the north bay possible on saturday. then the stronger storm system arrives for sunday. that storm on sunday is the one to watch. now here's the satellite and radar view. there's that upper level low. it will swing a front our way for today. it's a weak front. we're looking at just some light showers. future cast at 10:00ham taking you through the day. some spotty showers are possible. as we go through noon you can see the showers for the north bay first pushing into the bay area. here we are at 5:00 p.m. it could be a mess. give yourself extra time if you're heading out back home from work and school this evening. saturday morning 7:00 a.m., some spotty showers for the
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north bay primarily. we're looking at dry conditions so catching a bit of a break on saturday. here we are at 4:00 p.m. you can see a few showers on saturday. here we go for sunday. you can see light rain for even sunday morning but check this out. we'll see heavy rain with the action getting going by six p.m. it's lighting up the radar. that's moderate to heavy rain pushing across the rest of the bay area. even by sunday night still looking at that wet weather. with the second storm on sunday we'll see the roughest surf, northwest swells 17 to21 feet. use extreme caution. we're looking at increasing rip currents and sneaker waves. daytime highs today upper 50s from san francisco, pacific -- pacifica. low 50s in oakland.
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62 in fremont. mountainview as well as redwood city and talking about the big game, the 49ers taking on the seattle seahawks. be prepared for that rain. so wet game day there for sunday. here's the seven-day forecast, a few showers from the north bay on saturday. looking at a stormy day on sunday with heavy rain at times. drying out for the rest of monday into tuesday, wednesday and next thursday. let's check in with dennis for a look at sports. >> showdown in the afc west last night. a gamble at the end of the game you have to see to believe. another amazing performance by the kid but was hebert than river -- was he better than rivers. coming up.
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good. we're seeing cars making their way out from oakland. there may be traffic hazard near treasure island. no metering lights. traffic is light and easy as you work your way into the
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city. not seeing delays, 580 looking good as well as 8078 and the nimitz freeway. here's dennis with sports. >> the oakland raider cost decide the home advantage. two candidates going at it patrick mahomes and phillip rivers. looks like he will throw the ball away and then touchdown, 7- 0 chiefs. they led 28-21 with 8 seconds left. l.a. was down 28-27. so you're going to go for the extra point and time, right? no. they decided to go for the win. someone forgot to cover mike williams. a stunner. the victory and they're now
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tied with kc. man, did anybody get license of that mac truck that ran over the warriors two night ago, 20 point blowout and it want that close. steph curry woke up from that nightmare. >> not really. >> he's doing his hockey version. san jose on the break. a little give and go action. the second goal of the game. it's meyers second straight. then joe thornton. the sharks hung on to win. san jose has won five. group hug all the way around. if you don't have tickets at the hill top, nate ren fro. good thing help didn't break this backboard. they are 9-1, their best start
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since the clinton administration. the women's team back. winning in straight sets improving to 3-1. they will face nebraska in the national championship on saturday. if they win that national championship, it will be eight. they're currently tied with penn state at 7. i'm dennis o'donnell. have a great weekend. here's the play of the game from the nba. the los angeles lakers taking on houston. >> what a move. >> march albert with the -- marv hall better with the call. 126-111. >> reporter: it's been busy morning for firefighters here
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in the south bay who have had to cut suspected drunk drivers out of their cars after getting trapped inside and crashing. i have kiet do. we have a live report straight ahead. this little home of mine, ♪ i'm gonna let it shine. ♪ it's energy saving time, ♪ i'm gonna reduce mine. ♪ californians all align ♪ to let our great state shine. ♪ let it shine, ♪ the power's ours to let it shine! ♪
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live from the bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. >> when employees could head back to work at kaiser perm then tai. >> dozens of calls tying up police and how a hoax pose as danger. >> the teen who planned to commit violence on his peers was stopped. good morning. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. >> it's friday light but that could change. a dry start in the
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forecast. cloud as we go through the afternoon and evening. we'll see light rain. let's take you out to the south bay, san jose. temperatures in san jose 48. so we're looking at cool conditions. definitely not as chilly has yesterday morning. livermore 42. downtown san francisco at 51. we're looking at 43 for san jose. increasing light rain moves in this afternoon and this evening. a few showers for the north bay tomorrow but mainly dry. tomorrow will be in between storm systems. that stronger storm arrives for tomorrow with heavy rain at times. let's talk about the first storm system for today. it's going to be a weak front. so we're talking about just lows, so a 2 on the storm watch scale. the rain, the wind a 1 for flooding but a five for that commute. we are talking about a wet afternoon and evening commute today. we'll time it out on futurecast
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taking you hour by hour when the rain will return for us. we'll also talk about the roughest surf of the season with that second storm coming up. let's geek in with gianna -- check in with gianna. what we do have is a heads up. i do know 586, 580, the dublin interchange is doing good. it's foggy but traffic is moving. we did check travel times. there is a report of boxes near livermore, just a heads up through there. here's a camera that's not fogged in. metering lights were turned on a couple minutes ago. so far business as usual. we had the minor spot. that didn't cause trouble. it's about a 15-minute ride
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from the maze into san francisco. right now traffic is light. 15 must from hercules into emeryville. all is in the green. taking a look at traffic across the san mateo bridge, nice and light into fortunate are city and 101 is moving at the limit. i'm anne makovec back at the live desk. we got con pir payings from -- confirmation from police that a 21-year-old student was stabbed as she was studying abroad in the neglecter lands -- neglecter -- netherlands. she went to foothills high school. she was in the net they are
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lands -- netherlands. she died in her apartment in rotterdam. her father committed suicide, so loss for that family. >> anne makovec live at the news desk and thank you. two separate car crashes in santa clara are being investigated as possible dui cases. kiet do explains what happened. >> reporter: good morning. not one but two suspected drivers crashing their cars getting trapped inside both within an hour of each other as the bars closed. let's begin at campbell at hamilton and bass kin avenues.
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the vehicles batly damaged that it's hard to tell what kind of car it s the force of the -- it is. the force sent debris including bottles of alcohol and nearly split the car in two. the man within the to the hospital cover-- went to the hospital covered in blood. it appears the man was driving at a high rate of speed. this driver was passed out waiting for an hour. the call initially came in as a downed tree but they found the man had knocked down the tree and the man was inside. firefighters took him to the hospital in stable condition. here's the san jose fire captain. >> this gentleman is lucky to be alive. >> yes, he is. >> reporter: and firefighters reported a smell of alcohol coming from that driver. san jose san jose -- san jose
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police investigating this as a possible dui. >> thank you. san francisco based pg&e is waiting for regulators to increase the bills. if approved, pg&e customers can expect to i an average of 1 -- to pay an average of $12.55 more per month. some involved safety measures and wildfire prevention. the increase who not include money pg&e would have to pay in connection to lawsuits over wildfires this year and last. public hearings will be held before a decision is made. >> keyser mental health therapists say the fight isn't over yet. >> workers are demanding the hospital increase staffing and
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cut down long wait times for appointments. in a show of solidarity, nurses joined protesters on the picket line. mental care workers are expected to return to work tomorrow. the fbi is searching for the source of email bomb threats that flooded inboxes. dozens were sent to institutions here in the bay area. one was sent to the jewish center in san francisco. all of the messages were the same. a poorly worded message for $20,000 via bitcoin. all came to the same conclusion. >> this is false. it's not real. it's fraudulent. please do not respond to these people. >> cbs news has learned that local police departments were warned by authorities about these types of threats after 15
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states including california received similar messages between august and november of this year. a tipster may have saved the life of a teacher and students in indiana. students between the ages of 10 and 14 were trapped with a gunman. the school in indiana was on lockdown. a 911 caller likely saved lives by telling police who to look for. >> had they not made that call, there's in doubt in my mind that we would be having a much different conversation right now. >> as soon as police confronted the 14-year-old suspect, the boy shot his way into the school, changed shots with officers and shot and killed himself. thousands more vehicles are being recalled this morning. we go live to the new york stock exchange with that story and more from the business
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world. diane? >> reporter: rising interest rates continue to weigh on investigate -- investors. toyota is recalling nearly 143,000 suvs and pickups to fix airbags and brake issues. they land crewsers -- cruisers. toyota said a seat belt sensor can malfunction deactivating the airbags. the others recall 47,000 tacoma pickups, 2018 and 2019 with a brake problem that can reduce performance. the deadline to sign up for the affordable care act commonly known has obamacare is tomorrow. few are people have been signing -- fewer people have been signing up.
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enrollment is down 12% in 2018. it helps to keep premiums in check. >> we understand a certain could have fee giant is starting delivery service now. >> that's right, the java giant starbucks is kicking off a delivery service in the u.s. and china. starbucks said it's expanding service following its pilot program in miami. it's partnering with uber eats to make deliveries here in the u.s. kenny? >> for those on the morning show we may need that delivery to start at 3:00 a.m. >> yes. i need it. >> all right. diane king hall, enjoy your weekend. happening today, michelle obama is taking her book tour to san jose. the former first lady will be at shape to promote her book "- - sap to promote her book"
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becoming." >> look out in and out. a look at the first shake shack opening in the bay area. >> plus, danger coming to the beaches. why one expert said walking on the sand is too risky. >> taking a lock at traffic on -- look at traffic on 880. gianna's got you covered. it's 47 degrees in oakland.
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good friday morning to you. it is 5:43. looking east at the bay bridge and mt. diablo range. downtown san francisco we're tracking our first weather system, another one right behind it. we'll time out the rain on
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futurecast coming up. kenny? >> 5:43. big waves like these are predicted along the california coast and the national weather service is warning people to stay away. >> don't go out to the beach. it can easily drag you out to see -- to sea. >> they're predicting waves between 40 to 60 feet high could pelt the shore. some of the best surfers are on alert. the event is held only if the waves and weather conditions meet the specific standards. and taking a live look now at sfo and the oakland airports calm this morning.
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this is sfo but the crush is coming. holiday travel numbers are expected to set new numbers. aaa predicting 112 million people will be traveling in the coming weeks. that's the highest since 2001. aaa said this will be the seventh straight year. just in time for the holidays, shake shack is opening its first bay area store tomorrow. they have a big following on the east coast and southern california. many people compare it to in and out. shake shack representatives said they will partner with local growers to bring product to their customers and they also sell beer and wine. so we asked which one is better. >> shake shack fries, in and out burgers. >> it's a toss out.
5:46 am
shake shack has grone -- grown on me. >> everybody likes the new thing. many shake shack fans it's nice to have one in the bay area. i bet the line is going to be as long as every in and out. >> around the corner. >> shake shack fries, shake shack burgers. the buns are so good. >> i don't know if i've ever had it. >> i love my in and out. >> i predict a field trip. >> tomorrow. >> all right. tomorrow morning. you might be crewing on the -- cruising on the freeway. westbound 37 right now a 31- minute drive time. so if you're headed westbound
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on the east side of the 37 area you'll see traffic slow. once you get on 37 toward 101 you're pretty clear, so not too bad. a live look at that. traffic is doing okay. overall it's light pass you make your way into richmond from san rafael. no delays on the southbound side of 101 as you head into san francisco, looks like pretty easy. a trouble spot on harrison. we'll get more inknow next -- info next time around. from san jose to sfo 40 minutes. east shore freeway no delays. only about a 16-minute drive time. westbound 580, altamont pass
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commute. just a heads up we're getting word of a minor trouble spot at north livermore. it is a broken down vehicle or possible delay block the number three lane. we're not seeing major delays. traffic is squeezing by with no trouble. elsewhere just a heads up, there is a bit of a snag in union city. a water main break on union city boulevard, smith street to whipple. use dire. that is your best bet as an alternate. if you want to skip the roadway and use mass transit, everything is on time. 45 trains are running, capital corridor and no trouble for muni. the roadways are dry. that will change later on. here's mary. a dry start to the day but as we head through the afternoon, some changes for us.
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we've been talking about the two weather systems. the first one arrivals today. a live look at our sales force camera. the temperatures are on the cooler side, not as chilly. concord 45. livermore 42. downtown san francisco 51. san francisco at 48 and santa rosa at 40. increasing light rain. a wet evening commute. be prepared about that. saturday in between storms. mainly dry a few showers. that stronger storm system and it looks like this will pack a punch for sunday. we're watching sunday's storm. satellite and radar view, it will swing a weak front. that mr. bring the light rain for today, increasing light rain as we head through the afternoon. some spotty showers are possible but as we go through
5:50 am
the afternoon, here we are at noon. you can see the light rain for the north bay and pushing into the rest of the bay area by this evening. at 5:00 p.m., there we go with that likely mess for the evening commute. as weed had through saturday morning showers on the north bay and dry for saturday. you can see some lingering showers. as we head through sunday we're looking at that light rain but that stronger storm system that moves in with heavier rain will get going as we go through 6:00 p.m. on sunday. you can see moderate to heavy rains with the orange colors. so sunday is the storm to watch. because of sunday's storm we're locking at the roughest -- looking at the roughest surf
5:51 am
with waves up to 40 feet. use extreme caution. we're talking sneaker waves and rip currents. the sunset is 4:51. upper 50s san francisco, pacifica, san rafael. mid-60s? san jose, redwood city, mountainview and livermore. here's the seven-day forecast. increasing light rain. a few showers for the north bay tomorrow. oils mainly dry -- otherwise mainly dry. then could see strong winds as well. some lingering showers machine day morning, drying out after that and dry next tuesday, wednesday and for thursday. kenny? >> thank you. the education department is following through with an obama era plan to cancel millions of dollars in federal student loan debt whose schools were shut down before they which
5:52 am
graduate. secretary of education betsy devos said it was too lenient. the process will take 90 days to complete. a new study shows things like text bachs, snacks and afterschool soccer clothes can take their toll on the back. carrying too heavy backpacks stresses the area of the spine and core that's still growing. >> if you carry 1 pounds, then the force is 70 pounds of force. if you're struggling uphill 20 degrees, then the forces become 120 pounds vive force. >> experts recommended young kids carry no more than the equivalent of 10% of theired di weight. 5 pounds for a 60-year-old. a 150-pound teenager, 23-
5:53 am
pounds. a 200 pound adult, 40 pounds. cloned from some of the world's oldest and largest trees, how bay area scientists created a super grief of redwoods. you've worked so hard to achieve so much. perhaps it's time to partner with someone who knows you well enough to understand what your wealth is really for.
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they may look like redwood sapplings but they are carbon
5:56 am
copies. it was 3,000 years hold when this was chopped down in 1890. now they're planting 75 of the lab growing clones later this morning in the presidio to help fight climate change. they will be highly resistant to wildfires and disease. >> all that fog helps those trees grow tall. >> for the first time since his guilty plea what michael cohen is saying about his former boss. >> reporter: right as the bars closed in the south bay not one but two suspected drivers crashed their cars and get trapped insight. we have a live report coming up.
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live, from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. >> another bay area apple store
6:00 am
is targeted for a smash and grab burglary. why the thieves went away empty handed. >> california could take a huge step toward more environmentally friendly mass transit. >> i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. it was friday light but it is changing. >> that's traffic for you. >> as soon as you say it's looking good, then boom. >> a lot of changes for the forecast this weekend. >> dry right now but we'll see big changes as we head through later on today. tracking two storm systems. the first one arrives today. the second one will really pack a punch. let's get first to outside, a look at the tower camera under cloud skies, some areas, some patchy fog as well. concord 45. downtown san francisco 51. san jose 49 and


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